28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping SimpleImage by Sustainable Jungle#zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping SimpleImage by Sustainable Jungle#zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

27 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple

Scrolling through zero waste online stores is the closest you’ll ever get to ‘responsible retail therapy’.

Essential food, gifts, home, and self-care for low-waste living—just a few clicks and you can get all this without the oversized packaging and plastic.

“But I typically recycle the packaging,” you say.

Sadly recycling is far from the solution Mother Earth needs. Hence the emergence of the zero waste movement.

Buying from a zero waste online store or bulk store online (or in person) is the future. It has to be.

That said, not buying anything should still be your first consideration. The ultimate zero waste goods are those already in your possession, after all.

The next best is buying mindfully from one of the best online zero waste stores the next time you need zero waste groceries or a new shampoo bar.

After trying several of the shops on this list (you can watch our video above), we’ve rounded up our very favorite package-free stores online to make your sustainable shopping experience a zero waste one.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

1. EcoRoots

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping SimpleImages by Sustainable Jungle#zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

We believe down to our roots that EcoRoots is one of the best online zero waste stores, stocking a wide range of sustainably and ethically sourced and plastic-free products for home, kitchen, bath, and beauty—like their delightfully scented and effective Rosehip Facial Cream.

All are free of SLS, animal byproducts, and of course, plastic. Most products are palm oil free, too.

If you’re looking for a zero waste gift for yourself or someone else, you can find curated kits (or build your own) with the essentials for shaving, skincare, or cleaning. 

The Colorado company donates 1% of profits to Ocean Conservancy and ships using reusable and recycled non-plastic packaging—like 100% compostable packing peanuts.

Also available on Amazon

2. ZeroWasteStore.com

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

No surprise here but ZeroWasteStore.com is one of the best zero waste online stores

Put simply, they have a huge selection of zero waste products that are both plastic-free, and ethical. 

Here you can shop for zero waste makeup, haircare, cleaning products, baby care, and much more, either from their in-house carbon-neutral ZWS Essentials line or those from other zero waste companies.

Plastic pollution, animal rights, conservation, racial justice, human trafficking, and unethical labor are but a few causes the zero waste online shop holds close to their heart. 

Everything is compostable or reusable, as well as cruelty-free, natural or organic, palm oil-free, and mostly vegan.

All zero waste products are sent via carbon-neutral shipping and support their contributions to 1% for the Planet

3. EarthHero

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping SimpleImages by Sustainable Jungle#zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

With more than 250 sustainable brands, Colorado-based EarthHero is the closest (and most ethical) alternative to Amazon we’ve found. 

If your Google search for “zero waste store near me” turns up zilch, click on this Certified B Corp instead.

Their range is huge, including bath and beauty essentials, compostable trash bags, cleaning products, zero waste school supplies, and anything else you might need to kick the plastic habit. 

Some of our favorite zero waste brands like Meloria’s household cleaning products and Marley’s Monster’s organic cotton disposable paper alternatives are featured on this waste-free shop’s online shelves. Your next plastic-free polish will be a breeze. 

Their thoughtful range of curated eco-friendly gifts make birthdays, Christmas, and other celebrations a breeze too. After all, who wouldn’t love an aromatherapy travel kit or vegan makeup brush?

They use sustainable packaging, partner directly with Climate Neutral to offset 100% of operations and shipping, and are a member of 1% for the Planet.

4. etee

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

For zero waste personal care and plastic-free home products, the homemade items from zero waste online shop etee are here to help.

You’ll find everything from: eco-friendly cutlery to eco-friendly loofah alternatives. With a 90-day risk-free guarantee, you have the freedom to try these zero waste products without worrying about waste, or wasted money. 

Everything etee ships is plastic-free, including their cellulose packing tape. Between their refills and their plastic-free products, they join many of the other zero waste stores in Toronto who are saving millions of pieces of single-use plastic.

Their factory is powered by renewable energy, and they regularly support organizations like Hue Man Race.

5. Package Free Shop

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Package Free Shop #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Package Free Shop

Founded by Lauren Singer, a pioneer of the zero waste movement and voice behind one of our favorite zero waste blogs, this next NYC IRL and online plastic-free shop considers sustainable products as a basic human right.

Committed to making plastic-free products more convenient and accessible, Package Free Shop sells health and body products, home goods like laundry bags and a complete bamboo cleaning brush set, every day reusables, and gifts, to name but a few.

Shop easily with categories like 100% Package Free and Compostable, and properly dispose of hard-to-recycle objects by adding on a Terracycle box.

Aside from shipping plastic-free and carbon-neutral, this shop helps their vendors strive toward greater sustainability, donates to a range of organizations, and dedicates at least 15% of their stock to black-owned businesses, as per their commitment to inclusivity.

6. Common Good

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

At Common Good, every product is made with people and the planet in mind—or should we say, for the common good. 

Ingredient lists are proudly published, and you’ll never see parabens, sulfates, phthalates, harsh chemicals, and anything other than RSPO-certified palm oil on them. That’s because each ingredient is carefully considered in regard to The Environmental Working Group (EWG).   

Their range includes zero waste cleaning products for hands, dishes, laundry, and surfaces, all cruelty-free, non-GMO, vegan, and 100% biodegradable. 

All products—like bathroom cleaner and laundry soap—come unscented, or scented with aromatic bergamot or lavender essential oils.

While the refillable cleaning liquids are contained in plastic bottles, they’re recyclable or refillable in several of the package-free shops that NYC and other major cities have to offer. 

If you opt for their refill boxes, you can return the plastic liners for them to be washed and refilled. This closed-loop program uses 86% less plastic.

7. SuperBee

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping SimpleImages by Sustainable Jungle#zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

What’s all the buzz about SuperBee?

The package-free online store sells plastic-free food storage (like unique beeswax wraps), eco-living supplies, and sustainable travel accessories handcrafted in the hills of Northern Thailand. 

Their page is swarming with a hive of elegant zero waste coconut bowls, bamboo travel mugs, and toothpaste tabs waiting to find homes. 

Not only does the zero waste online shop provide sweet deals to shoppers, but they also create employment for women in rural areas. Labor laws are always enforced, and all workers are paid 20% above Fair Labor Association guidelines. Many of the female employees have participated in leadership training and now work in management roles. 

The social enterprise and plastic-free shop is Bee-Corp certified and works with a number of organizations supporting education, healthcare, and clean water in developing areas.

8. Full Circle Home

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Full Circle Home #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Full Circle Home

Full Circle Home is perfect for sustainability newbies wondering where to shop zero waste online. 

They take everyday essentials for every room in the house and make them a little more eco-friendly.

Some of the products from this low waste shop online do contain plastic, but their Zero and For Good ranges, in particular, provide plastic-free alternatives like biodegradable sponges, paper towels, and adorably cactus-printed plastic-free sandwich bags to fill your eco-friendly lunch bag

All materials in their zero waste products range are carefully vetted based on durability. They prioritize options with sustainable materials that take less energy and produce less greenhouse gasses. Bamboo, cellulose, glass, and PCR materials are among their top choices. 

The Certified B Corp is both plastic-neutral and carbon-neutral.

 For every ounce of plastic the shop uses, the same amount is recovered and recycled in partnership with Plastic Bank. Meanwhile, carbon emissions from international shipping are offset via Pachama.

9. Tiny Yellow Bungalow

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Tiny Yellow Bungalow #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Tiny Yellow Bungalow

This blog-turned-zero waste store online gets its name from its humble origins, but it’s grown into so much more.

At Tiny Yellow Bungalow, you’ll find an assortment of zero waste beauty, cleaning, dining, kid + baby, and bath products, as well as unique pre-loved pieces in their vintage section—the perfect zero waste online store and online thrift store combo.

Founder Jessie is a plant-based nutrition graduate and author of The Zero Waste Vegan Cookbook.

No wonder they’re the best online zero waste shop for vegan options, too: vegan shampoos and conditioners, vegan toothpaste, and plenty more.  

Every order is shipped plastic-free and comes with complimentary tree planting.

10. Life Without Plastic

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Life Without Plastic #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Life Without Plastic

Life Without Plastic is one of the best online stores for zero waste living with non-toxic and ethically-made items for the zero waste kitchen and home.

The eco-conscious co-founders are creators of the Amazon best-seller, Life Without Plastic. The zero waste book outlines a step-by-step guide to cutting plastic from your lives to keep your family and the planet healthy. 

Some of their zero waste bestsellers include stainless steel folding forks, cotton mesh produce bags, and versatile stainless steel tumbler cups. 

Shop their Plastic Pollution Coalition Store if you want to openly support a zero waste lifestyle or their sustainable subscription boxes for seasonal shipments of sustainable goods.

You’ll find mostly plastic-free packing materials, like compostable cornstarch peanuts. 

However, because they reuse boxes and materials sent to them where possible, there may be some residual (but recycled) plastic.

11. Plastic Free Pursuit

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Plastic Free Pursuit #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Plastic Free Pursuit

Driven by a love for our planet and a love for providing products that make a real change, Minnesota-based Plastic Free Pursuit is dedicated to being a totally plastic-free online store. 

Shopping their zero waste products online gives you access to 500+ unique or essential goods across categories like holiday, home goods, health & beauty products, and travel essentials.

They’re one of the few plastic-free companies offering additional services like gift and wedding registries, a wishlist, and rewards program

With patterned recycled canvas duck bags, cheese food covers, and vegan foundation all in one place, the online market is truly a one-stop-shop for all things zero waste. 

All products are carefully vetted to be free of toxic, harmful, and wasteful ingredients, and for ethical making and ingredient sourcing policies.

They come shipped in recycled, recyclable, and compostable shipping materials.

12. A Drop In The Ocean

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by A Drop In The Ocean #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by A Drop In The Ocean

A Drop in the Ocean stocks zero waste essentials for the home, along with refillable personal care and cleaning products, starter zero waste kits, and holiday goods. 

We’re talking a veritable sea of all-purpose cleaning concentrates, natural deodorants, and instantly-relaxing eucalyptus shower steamers—all which are made with natural ingredients and without plastic.

The Ethical Guarantee label on each product means it is cruelty-free, vegan, fair trade certified, palm oil-free (some do contain RSPO-certified palm oil), or made locally or in the USA.

They’ll also note if the product is from a B Corp or a brand that gives back

If you’re a Washington local, keep an eye out for pop-ups where you can get product refills in your own container.

Even if this isn’t a ‘zero waste shop near me’, 100% plastic-free shipping is used (including paper tape), much of which is reused or recycled.

Ten trees are planted with every purchase and 1% of profits are donated to marine-specific environmental non-profits.

13. Dry Goods Refillery

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Dry Goods Refillary #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Dry Goods Refillary

How do you buy things with less packaging?

By plastic-free shopping from zero waste grocery delivery services like Dry Goods Refillery

The family-owned refillery houses all of your zero waste pantry staples, from baking ingredients for your best non-toxic bakeware to your favorite fruits and nuts. 

Don’t worry about your refrigerator running empty; they’ve got that covered, too. Their zero waste groceries include cold goods like butter, cream cheese, eggs, hummus, and dairy and non-dairy milks alike—including tasty flavored varieties like Chocolate Oat and Matcha Latte.

Among a feast of fresh foods you’ll also find refillable zero waste home goods like soaps, body wash, and surface cleaners. 

14. Zerovana

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Zerovana #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Zerovana

Zerovana is the family-owned package-free store online based in Texas.

Sourcing from small, domestic businesses, Zerovana stocks categories like kitchen, cleaning, to-go, zero waste kits, bags, and palm oil-free refillable beauty and personal care.

Not only do they have amazing zero waste gifts for your next conscious Christmas, but they also have zero waste gift wrapping, too. The holidays just got a little less seedy with adorable plantable seeded holiday ornaments, gift tags, and greeting cards. 

All products are shipped with 100% plastic-free, recyclable, and compostable materials. 

A total of 1% of their profits go to the National Forest Foundation, which plants one tree in US National Forests per dollar donated.

15. The Good Fill

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Nashville readers, your search for a “zero waste refill store near me” is over.

The Good Fill is a refill operation with both a brick-and-mortar location and an online refill shop for home and zero waste bathroom products, such as lotions, zero waste deodorant sprays, organic body wash, floor cleaner, and more, all in simple, classic scents like Lavender and Citrus to fill your home with nature’s best aromas.

That’s on top of other reusable items offered by this no plastic shop online.

Online order refills come in recycled, compostable paper bags for powder goods and BPA-free plastic liquid pouches. 

These are made with 93% less plastic than a bottle and come with a prepaid return envelope, so they can be sent back to be refilled or recycled through TerraCycle

16. Saffi Saana

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

These package-free stores online are great for personal and home care products—but what about when it comes to zero waste grocery shopping?

Thanks to the Saffi Saana zero waste store, online shopping for premium oils and vinegars is a piece of savory cake. 

High-quality oils and vinegars are sourced from Chile, Spain, Mexico, and various locations throughout the United States. The likes of zero waste and EVOO olive oils, canola oils, sherry vinegars, and more. 

Turn your next meal into a MICHELIN-star masterpiece with these international, award-winning flavor boosters. 

They partner with restaurants to collect used glass bottles and repurpose them into containers for their plastic-free products. 

Transparent about what goes inside their bottles, Saffi Saana zero waste products only use natural ingredients, free from fillers, additives, and preservatives. 

We’ve tested just about all their products—for which their MICHELIN Star sampler is perfect for—and while we’re fans of everything, their avocado oil goes particular well with some of our favorite sustainable snacks.

17. The Refill Shoppe

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by The Refill Shoppe #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by The Refill Shoppe

This member of 1% for the Planet and award-winning Certified B Corp is perhaps the most unique of all no packaging stores online and in California.

The Refill Shoppe specializes in mostly-vegan refillable bath/beauty products (in customizable scents), essential oils, gifts, and home cleaning items, like room spray in a huge variety of naturally-derived scent blends (Ohai or Woodsy, anyone?).

If you order a refill pouch, send it back with prepaid postage, and they will pressure wash, UV sanitize, and refill it for the next person.

They ship via USPS with minimal packing materials that are both reused and reusable. In some cases, second-life bubble wrap might be included to protect glass bottles. 

18. Eco Collective

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Eco Collective #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Eco Collective

Along with the many other zero waste stores Seattle has to offer, Eco Collective is a top online zero waste store for USA-based self-care enthusiasts. 

While they focus on zero waste essentials for zero waste skin care, hair care, and wellness, you’ll also find a range of other products—from refillable pens and planners to plant-based eye creams and eco-friendly deodorant

Their beauty and personal care products are cruelty-free, and each product description specifies where it’s from, who makes it, and what to do at its end-of-life.

All products are mailed in either reusable/recyclable cardboard, crinkle paper, or kraft paper, sealed with paper tape.

19. Ecoternatives

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Ecoternatives #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Ecoternatives

Is buying zero waste cheaper? 

With most economical eco stores like, Ecoternatives, it can be.

The package-free online shop stocks affordable zero waste products that won’t burn a hole in your sustainable wallet. Plastic-free alternatives for your kitchen, bathroom, and shower can be found at incredible prices. 

Now, your greenwashing red lights may be flashing. Usually, cheap prices come at a cost to someone in the production line. Ecoternatives cuts costs by simply charging less, focusing on alternative advertising, and deal shopping at wholesale events—absolutely no exploitation in the mix. 

Ethically sourced zero waste toothpaste (in convenient tablet form), shampoo bars, and bamboo brushes lie waiting to be put into your zero waste online cart.

During checkout, you can round up to the nearest cent to donate towards cleaning plastic pollution in our Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

20. Sun & Swell Foods

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Eating whole foods is good for you. Eating whole foods without plastic packaging is good for you and the planet!

Sun & Swell Foods makes it easy to get pantry staples, grab-and-go snacks, and goods for the kitchen, home, and self-care—all with way less waste.

This mini online zero waste grocery store sources their plant-based products from mostly-US and always-organic farms. Everything is free from added sugars, preservatives, and flavors. 

That doesn’t mean their snacks are any less tasty. We can hardly stop once we start on their organic pineapple rings or Fudge Brownie Energy Bites.

Everything is sold in 100% compostable packaging or reusable glass jars

If you haven’t made the life-changing decision to get an indoor compost bin yet, you can send back the packaging to be responsibly composted.

Orders are shipped in sustainable packaging materials and carbon offset shipping is available.

One last bite for you: this package-free grocery store is a member of 1% for the Planet and a Certified B Corp.

Zero Waste Online Shops In The UK

21. Jungle Culture

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping SimpleImages by Sustainable Jungle#zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Jungle Culture’s range of zero waste goodies is unique while still impressive. 

Think: from zero waste razors and accompanying shaving soap bars to bowls, cutlery, and ethical gifts.

All products are sustainably made, plastic-free, and ethically sourced, oftentimes supporting small, rural manufacturers in developing communities. Their award-winning bamboo straws, for example, are a product of family farms in Vietnam. 

While UK-based zero packaging shop, online orders are shipped worldwide in biodegradable or recyclable materials. 

22. Ecosal

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Eco-sal #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Eco-sal

If you’re looking for a zero waste shop in London (or at least somewhat in area) be sure to check out Portsmouth-based Eco-Sal and their range of cruelty-free, mostly vegan, and palm oil-free products, many of which are sourced locally in the UK.

These include household goods, on-the-go essentials, gifts, and products for pets (zero waste dog care, anyone?), kids, self-care, and hair care. 

Their best-selling product page is regularly updated with customer’s favorite buys. Reappearing products you’ll almost always see are natural latex rubber gloves, prevented ocean plastic spray bottles, and wooden dish brushes. 

Upcycled and plastic-free packaging is used, so you might receive orders in an old cereal box! 

As a Just One Tree partner, a tree is planted for every purchase. 

23. Earthbits

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Earthbits #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Earthbits

Earthbits believes in the power of both individual and societal choices, and they’re trying to help make those choices better for at least one side of the equation.

Their range of zero waste bathroom, cleaning, kitchen, skincare, on-the-go, makeup, and gift products are designed to make sustainability a little easier and a lot more affordable, thanks to the lowest price guarantee!

If you’re new to the zero waste game, we recommend taking a scroll down through this waste free store’s online Easy Swaps collection, filled with the owner’s favorite alternatives to get started on your zero waste journey, like reusable produce bags, eco-friendly sponges, and bamboo cutlery. 

All eco-friendly packaging is plastic-free and completely recyclable (not to mention a touch decorative).

24. Do Lil Things

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Do lil things #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Do lil things

Do Lil Things knows the power of small acts, especially if lots of people jump on board.

That’s why they make Lower Impact Living (aka LIL) easy by offering a lil’ bit of everything: plastic-free pantry staples,kitchen and bathroom goodies, recycled wool fair trade blankets, gift and party items, and organic fruit and veggie boxes.

They offer subscription boxes and unique products like a pollinator seed bomb (to help you increase biodiversity in your backyard).

Each order comes mailed with plastic-free packaging. For pantry items, choose between a reusable cotton bag or a paper bag.

Scotland-based Lil is a social enterprise and Community Interest Company, meaning all profits go toward things like hosting sustainability education seminars for kids, funding food waste reduction initiatives, or supporting their buy-one-gift-one bamboo toothbrush program.

They also regularly participate in eco events and workshops.

Zero Waste Online Shops In Australia

25. Biome

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Biome #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Biome

As one of the oldest online zero waste shops Australia has to offer, Biome has been tackling issues like greenwashing to promote safe, natural, ethical, vegan, organic, palm oil-free, and low-waste products for almost 20 years.

With more than 400 zero waste products, the store covers categories like body + beauty, slow fashion, clean, pet + home, baby + kids, and books, and food + wellness (think zero waste supplements).

While not everything is plastic-free, they do have a specific plastic-free category that holds common and unique items alike—like a 100% natural Banksia Aroma Pod to diffuse your favorite essential oils.

Some items can be sent back to Biome to be responsibly recycled (including difficult-to-recycle items like pens, bread tags, and contact lenses).

The woman-founded Certified B Corp uses eco-friendly packaging and carbon neutral shipping.

26. Zero Co

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by Zero Co #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by Zero Co

A low waste online store with a purpose, Zero Co aims to stop a total of 3 million water bottles from entering the landfills by the end of this year. 

With their zero waste supplies for body care and home cleaning, you can ditch plastic from your kitchen, zero waste laundry room, and zero waste bathroom for good. 

When you order your lathering liquids, you’ll be sent a bright-colored forever bottle made from repurposed plastic waste, a set of refill pouches made from recycled plastic, and a postage paid return mailer. 

Simply fill your forever bottle and ship the refill pouches back; they’ll clean, refill, and reuse the pouch for another order. 

Committed to curbing plastics for good, Zero Co has dedicated themselves to 100 years of beach clean ups

In one year, they’ve removed over 15 million water bottles of plastic waste from around the world. Join the cause by participating in cleanups or sponsoring a rubbish bundle at checkout. 

27. The Source

28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Images by The Source #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Images by The Source

The Source is one of Australia’s top zero waste food shops, online or otherwise. 

With more than 50 physical eco-friendly grocery store locations (including in New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, and Singapore), they’re also the biggest.

Perfect for foodies and finicky eaters alike, their product range includes nuts, beans/pulses, dried fruit, herbs/spices, superfoods, flour, grains, coffee/tea, confectionery, seeds, cereals, bush tucker, oils, pasta, rice, snacks, and much more. 

We’re licking our low-waste lips at the looks of their Easy Meal Kits, which precombine in glass jars, so you can quickly whip up anything from Coconut Curry Lentil Soup to Chocolate & Walnut Brownies.

Everything is totally plastic-free and ready for your reusable containers (or one of their compostable paper bags). Liquids you’ll receive in reusable/recycled bottles and jars.

They deliver Australia-wide in biodegradable boxes and recycled cardboard “bubble” wrap.

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What Is A Zero Waste Shop Online?

Zero waste online stores and package-free grocery stores are much the same as conventional stores. They stock essentials for our homes, bodies, and bellies, but do so without unnecessary packaging. 

But that doesn’t always mean literally zero waste, but neither does zero waste living. It isn’t about being perfect; it’s about being better.

Plastic packaging is a prime place to start, considering of all plastic produced, 40% of it is… packaging. 

While literally zero packaging-free stores online are tough to find, we look for those that have compostable or reusable packaging.

By selling in bulk or refillable containers, like the many zero waste stores NYC is home to, or by using compostable or reusable packaging, zero waste businesses are making a sizable dent in the proliferation of single-use plastics. 

Beyond packaging, many zero waste online shops are also committed to ethical sourcing and organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and palm oil-free products. 

Really, they’re just an all-around better way to practice conscious consumerism.

How To Shop Zero Waste

Even if you’re not shopping from a zero waste grocery store online, you can still consider the following sustainable shopping tips to help reduce waste:

  • Bring a bag: Avoid using produce bags and always have a reusable bag handy when you’re out and about. Forgot it? Don’t be afraid to say “no thanks” when a cashier automatically bags up your purchase. Instead, carry your purchases, take them directly to your car in a cart, or see if they have a box you can use. 
  • Choose better packaging: If you can, opt for packaging made from glass, aluminum, or paper. Glass and aluminum are easier to recycle for longer (and are more likely to have been made with recycled materials). Paper is generally compostable or at the very least recyclable.
  • Think big: Sample or travel-size goods may be small but they’re a big waste. Try to get the largest container possible (especially if that container is plastic).
  • Reuse containers: There’s no reason yogurt containers need to end up in the recycling bin (or worse, trash, since most yogurt cups are the #5 type of plastic, which is generally not recyclable).
  • Don’t buy it: Food packaging is relentless. Try your hand at easy-to-make things like your own chips, crackers, and cereal, then store it in a plastic-free food storage container.

Final Thoughts On The Best Zero Waste Stores Online

If you were to google “zero waste store Canada” or “zero waste grocery store USA” just five years ago, options would be few. 

Now (if you made it all the way to the bottom of this guide), it’s clear conscious consumerism is taking off in a big way. It’s even motivating the most conventional, mega companies

And if we keep supporting these zero waste and bulk food stores, we can reduce plastic and our impact even more—no matter if you’re a seasoned plastic-free vet or just building your zero waste kit.

Spread the word by sharing this with friends and family and let’s keep building the zero waste momentum.  

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28 Zero Waste Online Stores Making Package-Free Shopping Simple Image by Eco-sal #zerowastestoresonline #zerowastestoreonline #packagefreestoresonline #packagefreeshops #onlinezerowastegrocerystores #zerowasteonlineshops #sustainablejungle

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  1. I know this is constantly updated. I have been shopping Net Zero Co for years now. Worth looking into. They have great sales also, so you can only buy what you need, but enough of it to only purchase once

  2. Love this list! My favorite online zero waste shop is Ware – they ship to the US and Canada. In case you want to check them out: wareavl.com

  3. Great list! I think Eco Now based out of Costa Mesa, CA is worth a shout out. They even refill any bulk orders using reusable containers in Orange County! Very eco-friendly and zero waste.

  4. Hi there! We loved your article and would like to introduce you to our store Eat Terra. We offer organic food products in bulk as well as zero waste eco friendly products. Please check us out!

  5. Dang. People leave some pretty pushy comments. This was a fantastic read. I learned a lot and thanks so much for all of the wonderful resources!

      • I very much appreciated the info, I was asking because I’ve bought from the Package free online shop a few times and I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem with it (greenwashing or something)! Thanks 🙂

  6. This was super helpful, but you completely forgot The Earthling co. They are zero waste and all of their products are ethically sourced


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