27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Image by Atypical Thing
Image by Atypical Thing
27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Image by Conscious Chocolate
Image by Conscious Chocolate

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas

The SJ Team

Every time you give an ethical gift it’s not only the recipient who benefits.

The best ethical gift ideas not only put a smile on someone’s face on Christmas morning but also support artisans with fair trade practices and safe, supportive working environments.

Think of these as presents with a positive impact.

Ethical gifting may also mean charitable contributions to social or environmental organizations every time that zero waste gift wrapping falls away.

No need to wait for Santa! 

We now present (pun intended) you with 27 ethical gifts for anyone and everyone and all occasions, too.

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1. Chocolate

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Conscious Chocolate & Vine to Bar
Images by Conscious Chocolate & Vine to Bar

For affordable ethical gifts that fit snug as a bug in those stockings, nothing is as tasty as ethical chocolate.

Female-founded and Certified B Corp Conscious Chocolate appeases all dietary needs with their raw, mostly-organic four-bar Love Collection.  

They’re made with Peruvian cacao from farmers who are paid a higher-than-market price (think: fair trade gifts without the fair trade certification). 

Combining the best of both worlds, Vine to Bar’s chocolate incorporates the beneficial nutrients and flavor of Chardonnay grapes upcycled from the wine industry. 

Our pick: the Vine to Bar Holiday Gift Bundle which includes a mouthwatering assortment of the company’s dark chocolate varieties.

2. Wine

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Cono Sur & Tinto
Images by Cono Sur & Tinto

Cheers to conscious wine! 

For responsibly sustainable sipping this holiday season, the Organic Grapes Sampler from Tinto Amorio provides the perfect palette to enhance your Christmas cuisine whatever that might be.

It features three vegan, certified organic, and zero sugar wines: Glou Glou Red, Orange Wine, and Rosé.

Cono Sur is more than a clever name. The Certified B Corp has a Chilean Organic Pinot Noir that we just can’t get passed.

Made with BCS ÖKO-GARANTIE-certified organic grapes, uncorking with an eco friendly gift will at least remove one kind of headache the next morning.

3. Watches

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Decideandact & Solios
Images by Decideandact & Solios

The holiday season is the perfect time to gift an eco friendly watch

Canadian company and Certified B Corp Solios can give you a (minute) hand with The Solar Black for men and The Mini Solar for women. 

They’re both solar-powered, water-resistant, and made with recycled (and infinitely recyclable) stainless steel.

Selling the “Swisstainable” watch, Decideandact’s watches are made with 80% recycled stainless steel, use low energy, and come with PETA-approved vegan straps made of recycled PET fiber and cactus leather.

Now is the hour of the Dawn Peace Bomb—of which 10% of the purchase price goes to your choice of select charitable partners.

4. Perfume

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by The 7 Virtues & Heretic
Images by The 7 Virtues & Heretic

Complementing aromas of pine and mulled wine, non toxic perfume is one of the best ethical Christmas gifts that keep giving long after the snow melts.

With gender-neutral bouquets free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, synthetic colors, SLS, palm oil, and animal byproducts, The 7 Virtues’ Peace Perfume Discovery Set can’t help but leave the lucky stocking smelling fabulous.

Gifting something made with ethically-sourced ingredients that provide fair wages and livelihood opportunities in war-torn countries, just makes scents. 

Heretic Parfum’s genderless and beyond clean Bergamusk Eau de Parfum is USA-handcrafted in small batches with 100% naturally-derived ingredients.

5. Jewelry

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Atypical Things & Brilliant Earth
Images by Atypical Things & Brilliant Earth

For that special someone, sustainable jewelry brands are a go-to giving partner. 

Perfect for ethical Christmas gifts in the UK, Birmingham’s Atypicalthing uses recycled precious metals, sustainable/ethical stones, and upcycled materials. 

For understated but no less stunning, their recycled sterling silver Daisy Chain Hoop earrings and recycled gold or silver Pressed Flower Chain Pendant would sure make us feel loved.

To demonstrate your love for your giftee as well as the planet consider minimalist jewelry where less is so much more. The Aster Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet from Certified Carbonfree® brand, Brilliant Earth* embodies this aesthetic. 

Avoiding human rights abuses and environmental degradation, these 18K White Gold links are crafted from recycled precious metals sourced from Responsible Mining Initiative and London Bullion Market Association audited refiners.

Did we mention the pear cut lab diamond in a three prong setting at the centre? Or what about the FSC-certified wooden box your gift will come in?

*Sponsored inclusion. Learn more here.

6. Winter Accessories

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Anchal
Images by Anchal

Gifting sustainable accessories can warm your recipient’s heart —without warming our planet. 

Especially those made by Anchal.

Their fair trade scarves are a thoughtful and affordable ethical gift .

Their 100% GOTS certified organic cotton Eclipse Colorblock Scarf is made by Fair Trade Verified artisans in Ajmer, India.

7. Skincare And Spa Products

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Common Heir & Wildling
Images by Common Heir & Wildling

Thinking of something for someone who needs a little self-care? 

There’s really only one type of sustainable and ethical Christmas gift we’d recommend. And that comes in the form of self-love skincare.

Made by Fair Trade workers in small batches using organic and biodynamic ingredients, Wildling’s Empress Collection contains a complete facial gua sha system.

Common Heir is thinking about future generations with their zero waste, vegan, and biodegradable capsules of glow-boosting Retinol Serum.

8. Gadgets

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by House of Marley & Nimble
Images by House of Marley & Nimble

Some of the best ethical gift lists in 2022 are sure to include ethical electronics.

So we thought we’d include our own.

Climate Neutral and Certified B Corp Nimble has an APOLLO Wireless Pad charger that works with nearly any device—and is made from recycled plastic and recycled silicone.

It comes with a biodegradable bag that can be filled with old tech to be responsibly recycled. 

Complement the annually anticipated Spotify Unwrapped by ensuring your music-lover unwraps House of Marley’s Rebel True Wireless Earbuds. 

They’re sweat-proof, water-resistant, made with natural wood and solid bamboo, and support reforestation and ocean preservation projects.

9. Bedding

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Ethical Bedding & MagicLinen
Images by Ethical Bedding & MagicLinen

Sure, hearing reindeer on the roof is unusual. But hearing reindeer on the roof while you’re snuggling in sustainable bedding?

Now that’s the stuff of holiday dreams.

Hence our love of MagicLinen’s Beige Waffle Blanket made with safe-for-workers OEKO-TEX linen for the conscious cherry on top. 

With some of the best ethical vegan Christmas gifts, Certified B Corp and Vegan Society-approved Ethical Bedding has an organic eucalyptus silk Bed Sheet Bundle.

It’s made in family-owned factories by people receiving higher than living wages.

10. Shoes

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by 8000Kicks & Nisolo
Images by 8000Kicks & Nisolo

Who wouldn’t love kicking off Christmas with a pair of shoes?

Your giftee will run a mile for that new pair of ethical sneakers under the tree, like 8000Kicks’ hemp Explorer V2s for men or Seekers for women.

For dressier occasions, the Everyday Ankle Bootie and the All-Weather Andres Boot are Certified B Corp Nisolo’s way to ensure your giftee’s feet are protected from the elements while workers are protected with 100% living wages.

11. T-Shirts

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Colorful Standard & Threads 4 Thought
Images by Colorful Standard & Threads 4 Thought

If there’s one gift that won’t disappoint it would surely be organic cotton t-shirts.

Ok, maybe socks also make for a sure-to-be-loved ethical gift for Christmas.

Get creative with the Unisex Organic Cotton Tee from Colorful Standard and you can choose from 55+ environmentally-friendly dyed colors. 

They’re made ethically in Portugal and a portion of each sale supports an all-purpose activity center in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Providing long-sleeved ethical essentials, Threads 4 Thought offers the women’s Invincible Scoop Neck and men’s Leeroy Slub Henley.  

Both are Carbon Neutral and responsibly made with 100% organic cotton in factories backed by ethical certifications like WRAP, SEDEX, and BSCI.

12. Sweaters

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Naadam & Outerknown
Images by Naadam & Outerknown

How about unwrapping just to wrap up in a fair trade sweater?

Especially when it’s Naadam’s $75 cashmere Sweater, available for either women or men.

Affordable, sustainable, and ethical, this cozy cashmere garment means sustainable Mongolian goat herders are paid fairly and additionally supported through community projects. 

The Blanket Shirt from Outerknown is anyone’s answer to conscious comfort—in a huge range of plaid color palettes.

These timeless flannels are made with 100% organic cotton and locally-harvested corozo buttons that safeguard South American rainforests from deforestation.

13. Underwear

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by MeUndies & Tomboy X
Images by MeUndies & Tomboy X

Another ubiquitous wearable that anyone would appreciate. Enter: the humble underwear. 

Certified B Corp TomboyX is one non binary brand covering our behinds with closed-loop and compostable TENCEL trunks—in sizes up to 4X (or 6X in other styles).

For ethical boxers, LA-based MeUndies works with global factories that go above and beyond paying fair wages, and providing safe working conditions and benefits. 

Available in sizes up to 4XL, try the MicroModal 6-packs of Boxer Briefs for men and Hipsters for women—in matching patterns, of course.

14. Blankets

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Boll & Branch & Buffy
Images by Boll & Branch & Buffy

If you’re looking to lighten Santa’s load on Christmas eve, consider The Buffy Cloud from Buffy

This organic comforter is made with TENCEL lyocell and BPA-free recycled PET fill—which upcycles approximately 50 plastic bottles.

Our pick for a fire-side ready fair trade blanket goes to the 100% organic cotton Waffle Bed Blanket by Boll & Branch which is made in a Fair Trade Certified factory.

15. Cookware

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Caraway & Kana
Images by Caraway & Kana

‘Tis the season for shared meals courtesy of eco-friendly cookware.

Since the best ethical gifting also comes without toxins, Caraway’s ceramic-coated aluminum Cookware Set (which by the way would look beautiful in any home) is a winner, being free of PTFE, heavy metals, PFAs, and PFOA.  

Equip your favorite chef with the 3-Piece Cast-Iron Cookware Set from Milo Cookware. It’s made with partially recycled cast iron in ethical, BSCI-certified factories. 

It’s not only safer for the gift recipient and their dinner guests, but for the BSCI/SMETA factory workers, too.

16. Dinnerware

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Our Place & Itemerie
Images by Our Place & Itemerie

The best ethical gift ideas bring the world a little closer, and the same can be said for a hearty meal together. 

But you might want to make sure you have enough settings for the whole family by gifting eco friendly dinnerware

Using recycled porcelain and glass and no artificial dyes, the handmade and painted Host With the Most set from Our Place just needs a bow to complete the picture.

For fun Friday nights and New Year’s Eve, toast with Itemerie’s Recycled Copper Shooter Cups—which are ethically made by skilled artisan partners in the US and Mexico.

17. Handbags

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Image by Caraway
Images by Parker Clay & Carry Courage

To make sure your giftee remembers exactly what you got them, how about a keepsake in the form of a luxury eco friendly handbag?

Leather bags, like the Merkato Signature Tote and Austin Messenger, from Parker Clay fight exploitation and human trafficking by providing fair employment to at-risk women in Ethiopia.

The byproduct-only leather is tanned using organic, vegetable dyes and recycled water.

If your giftee is an essentials-only minimalist, Carry Courage’s cork GIVER Card Wristlet is ethically and fairly made in Portland, Oregon.

18. Gift Card To An Ethical Marketplace

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Made Trade & wearwell
Images by Made Trade & wearwell

We all have that one friend or family member who is impossible-to-buy-for.

Stop looking and let them choose for themselves with a gift card to an ethical alternative to Amazon.

Offering both physical and digital gift cards, Made Trade gives anyone access to a near-unlimited range of ethically and sustainably made products for the home, kitchen, closet, and more.

For slow fashion enthusiasts, a wearwell gift card provides one-stop shopping for ethically made and inclusively-sized womenswear.

19. Loungewear

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by MARY YOUNG & Boody
Images by MARY YOUNG & Boody

Encourage a loved one to maximize their holiday R&R with sustainable loungewear.

A bamboo rayon Oli Robe from MARY YOUNG is like sipping warm cocoa for your skin.

Made without harmful chemicals and by workers receiving fair wages in Montreal, Canada, it nullifies at least some of the guilt from your all-day Netflix binge.

If you’re looking for ethical Christmas gifts in Australia (or nearly anywhere else in the world), bamboo-loving Boody can also help.  

Their Downtime Lounge Set for women is made with organic bamboo and supports Thread Together, a charity that provides clothing to Australians in need.

20. Home Decor

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by The Citizenry & Parachute
Images by The Citizenry & Parachute

If you’re giving to new homeowners and recent renovators, there are sustainable home decor brands you’ll want to add to your shopping list.

One of the more unique ethical gifts we found is the hand-crafted natural clay Summer Vase (and matching bowls and bookends) by Parachute

It’s sent via carbon-neutral shipping and supports the brand’s Home for Dreams initiative, which provides Black-owned businesses with advisory meetings, capital, and brand amplification.

The Citizenry keeps prices low and wages for makers high so gifting something like their Ugandan women collective-made Karibu Table Baskets was an easy inclusion for us.

21. Lighting

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Recreated Lighting & GOODEE
Images by Recreated Lighting & GOODEE

Illuminate the holiday season with ethical presents in the form of sustainable lighting.

POC-founded GOODEE is a good marketplace to support—especially because they sell The Muse by Tala, a multi-purpose lantern made with easily recyclable components. 

For every lantern you buy (or any product for that matter) supports causes like carbon reduction, community engagement, and nature and wildlife conservancy. 

For ethical Christmas gifts in the USA, Oregon-based Recreated Lighting transforms antique glass insulators and other recycled materials into products like their Vintage Single Insulator Table Lamp.

22. Everyday Home Essentials

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by etee & Public Goods
Images by etee & Public Goods

Don’t give a dust-collector.

Instead, turn to ethical online shopping platforms for useful home essentials.

The Everything Set from Public Goods and its consciously-packaged and non toxic body wash, toothpaste, moisturizer, lotion, candles, and more is a contender for the most thoughtful ethical gift.

For plastic-free presents (and a reminder of your love in every load of laundry), etee’s Laundry Starter Set might not be the flashiest but it’s guaranteed to be waste free.

23. Pet Products

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Petaluma & West Paw
Images by Petaluma & West Paw

Fur babies are part of the family and if they’re included in the Christmas list then we may as well make sure they’re getting an ethical gift too.

Start with eco friendly pet products, like the mentally stimulating (and responsibly made) QWIZL dog toy from West Paw.

Play fetch or occupy your best friend for hours by stuffing the recycled Zogoflex body with their favorite treats.

To satisfy drooling that can only mean dinnertime, check out Petaluma’s dog food.

Their 100% plant-based Roasted Peanut Butter & Sweet Potato baked dog food supports dogs of all breeds—and our planet.

24. Zero Waste Kits

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by ZeroWasteStore & EarthHero
Images by ZeroWasteStore & EarthHero

How about jumpstarting someone’s low-impact lifestyle with a zero waste kit?

Climate Neutral-certified ZeroWasteStore allows you to custom-build your own kit or make shopping simple with their own pre-made Zero Waste Starter Kit.

For an already eco-conscious loved one, the Sustainable Expert Kit from EarthHero can help optimize their green efforts even more.

25. Rugs

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Cold Picnic & Lorena Canals
Images by Cold Picnic & Lorena Canals

Leave an interior design-inclined loved one floored when you give them an eco friendly rug.

Using New Zealand wool, Beauty Is A Dangerous Thing—available in multiple sizes and shapes—by Cold Picnic is more artwork than floor covering. 

It’s made in a Care & Fair and GoodWeave certified factory in India, too.

Woman-owned Lorena Canals offers the RugCycled Washable Azteca Rug that’s ethically made in India using upcycled cotton and sustainable dyes.

26. Toys For Kids And Babies

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Finn + Emma & PlanToys
Images by Finn + Emma & PlanToys

No gift list is complete without considering the most important giftees of any Christmas.

To light up the eyes of little ones (or rather their parents), consider a non toxic play mat. One of our faves is the 100% organic Macrame Round Play Mat & Play Gym Bundle from Finn + Emma.

With a range of eco friendly toys, PlanToys leaves all toxins out of playtime by using sustainable rubberwood finished with formaldehyde-free glue.

Made in an SA8000 certified Thai factory, their Sensory Blocks for tots 12-months+ is our top pick, while their Kitchen Set for kids at least two years old is perfect for a chef-in-the-making.

27. Handmade Gifts From Etsy

27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Images by Parwana Paper & Mind the Cork
Images by Parwana Paper & Mind the Cork

For ethical handmade Christmas gifts when you don’t have time to get crafty, turn to Etsy.

Like PARWANA Paper’s ethical gifts from Canada which are as thoughtful as they are useful. Their recycled paper and newspaper pencils are small-batch and handcrafted by local artisans.

As one of our favorite Black-owned Etsy shops, Mind the Cork deserves a place under the mistletoe–or at least may land you there.

The minimalist yet functional design of this UK shop’s Atlas Cork Hanging Planter and Cork Vegan Leather Cardholder would certainly make our Christmas a special one.

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What Exactly Is An Ethical Gift?

When a reason to celebrate rolls around, we typically have one person in mind: the gift recipient.

But what is ethical gifting?

Ethical gifts ask us to think of more than one recipient—like those involved in their production or who might be impacted by what the gift is made from.

Ethical gifting means support for artisan communities through fair wages, access to services, education, and health care.

Similarly, an ethical gift might mean that a portion of the sale is donated to charity or funds philanthropic or environmental initiatives.

In other words, the best ethical gifts support people and the planet as much as they support those on Santa’s nice list.

Final Thoughts On The Best Ethical Gifts

That’s a (gift) wrap! 

We hope we’ve inspired you with our selection of eco-minded ethical gifts (zero waste gifts, ideally) that give back to the people who made them.

As the days inch closer to December and all the gift-giving that comes with it, feel free to share this article with those beginning the daunting task of finding that perfect present. 

Or sneak it into your loved one’s inbox if there’s a certain gift YOU have on your wishlist.

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27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Image by Cono Sur
27 Ethical Gifts For A Conscious Christmas #ethicalgifts #bestethicalgifts #ethicalgiftideas #ethicalgifting #ethicalchristmasgifts #sustainableandethicalgifts #sustainablejungle Image by Conscious Chocolate

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