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11 Refillable Cleaning Products Wiping Away Your Toxic Woes

The SJ Team

Single-use plastic bottles taking up precious real estate in your kitchen cabinets? Have sprays and liquids you can’t live without but that can’t be replaced with bars either?

Refillable cleaning products are the zero waste cleaning solution you didn’t know you needed. 

We can’t just sweep 35.7 million tons of USA-discarded plastic every year under the rug (or into the ocean), so how do we clean our house while “cleaning house”? 

Simple: we shop with eco-friendly cleaning brands that offer eco-friendly reusable cleaning products.

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Eco-Friendly & Reusable Cleaning Products We Love

Blueland is reducing waste and saving water with their dissolvable cleaning tablets. Their Forever reusable bottles and compostable packaging for the tablets make for a sparkling zero waste duo. 

For the best reusable cleaning products in the UK, Miniml Refills offers a closed-loop system, encouraging you to send back your containers for cleaning and reuse. 

Between their concentrate refills and water soluble wrapped cleaning tablets, Grove Collaborative carries a huge range of sustainable cleaning products in small and large sizes.

1. Blueland

11 Refillable Cleaning Products Wiping Away Those Toxic Woes Image by Sustainable Jungle #refillablecleaningproducts #bestrefillablecleaningproducts #refillableglasscleaningproducts #ecofriendlyrefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablerefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

*Note: Blueland uses RSPO-certified products in some of their refillable cleaners.

Blueland’s Refill Cleaning Products

Blueland is making a cleaner world with their sustainable cleaning alternatives. 

A cruelty-free and vegan brand, they offer a starter kit in the form of The Clean Essentials, which comes with spray bottles and pumps you’ll only buy once and use forever.

Fill up your forever bottle with warm water, drop in a tablet, and start cleaning! The Tritan and glass Forever Bottles are BPA and antimony free.

Or you can jump straight to buying refills of whatever individual products you need: multi-surface, bathroom cleaners, dishwasher tablets, and natural laundry detergent that’s free of PVA, and refillable glass cleaning products

To make sure the dissolvable tablets (which come in compostable paper packaging) don’t succumb to humidity, they sell steel tins to keep them safe. 

No more jumbled mess (or toxic chemicals) under your sink with one spray left in each bottle.

About Blueland 

Started by a mother inspired to raise her children in a plastic-free, non-toxic home, Blueland has diverted nearly 1 billion single-use plastic bottles since 2019. 

Offering eco-friendly personal care products as well as their sustainable reusable cleaning products, they ship in thoughtful compostable or recyclable packaging. 

Save money with their subscription options or simply buy as needed—and don’t forget any compostable tools you might need like their eco-friendly sponges.

As a Certified B Corp, they also claim Climate Neutral, EWG, and Leaping Bunny Certifications, covering all of their green cleaning bases (and floors). 

They try to avoid palm oil as much as possible, but when it’s needed, it’s RSPO-certified.

Available: Blueland

2. Grove Collaborative

11 Refillable Cleaning Products Wiping Away Those Toxic Woes Image by Grove Collaborative #refillablecleaningproducts #bestrefillablecleaningproducts #refillableglasscleaningproducts #ecofriendlyrefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablerefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Grove Collaborative

*Note: Grove Collaborative carries both vegan and non-vegan cleaning products, as well as those with and without palm oil.

Grove Collaborative’s Reusable Home Cleaning Products

Grove Collaborative is groovin’ its way to being 100% plastic free by 2025 with its refillable house cleaning products—though they’re already plastic-neutral. 

Their sets come with refillable bottles made from glass and a multipurpose cleaner concentrate in a 1oz bottle (30ml) but the whole range covers all-purpose cleaners, hand wash, and eco-friendly dishwasher tablets as well as an aluminum bottle option.

All refill tablets come in 100% water-soluble paper packing which majorly cuts down on soft plastics or the need to recycle packaging! 

Not all of Grove’s cleaners are refillable, but they also offer bulk options from 33oz. up to 68oz. for products you use more often than others.

With flexible monthly subscriptions, they have a minimum order to make shipping more eco-friendly. Explore new monthly products or refill your regulars. 

About Grove Collaborative

Find all your plastic-free cleaning refills at this one-stop shop for eco-friendly cleaning products

But that’s not all. At Grove, personal care, wellness essentials, and home goods join together to create a greener home. 

Grove Collaborative is a Certified B Corp that partners with 150 brands like Caldrea, Molly’s Suds, Dirty Labs, and Dr. Bronner’s who join the ranks of sustainable cleaning brands.

Those, of course, aren’t counting Grove’s own in-house line of mostly vegan, all-cruelty-free, natural products that are absent a whole laundry list of ingredients to avoid in skincare and cleaners like parabens and chlorine.

Some are palm oil-free but you’ll find sustainably-sourced palm oil in many. To combat any potential deforestation from it, they also plant trees through Seeding Up.

All products shipped by Grove Collaborative are carbon neutral and packaged in FSC-certified sustainable materials.

Read more in their yearly sustainability reports.

Available: Grove Collaborative

3. Miniml Refills

11 Refillable Cleaning Products Wiping Away Those Toxic Woes Image by Miniml Refills #refillablecleaningproducts #bestrefillablecleaningproducts #refillableglasscleaningproducts #ecofriendlyrefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablerefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Miniml Refills

*Note: Miniml uses some RSPO-certified palm oil. We are confirming policies directly with this brand.

Miniml Refills’ Refillable Cleaning Products UK

When looking for the best refillable cleaning products in the UK, you’ll only need to do a Miniml search. 

Miniml Refills are proudly zero-waste and offer a closed-loop system, encouraging you to return your 5L or 20L bottles to them (or fill up at one of their local stockists if nearby). 

Bulk cleaning products include dishwashing liquid and powder, floor cleaner, white vinegar, multi-surface cleaner, and washing-up soap. 

All cleaning product refills come with the choice of plastic or reusable glass bottles, (except for their bulk refills). Obviously, we recommend the reusable glass cleaning products

With delicious scents including apple orchard, rhubarb and lemon, blood orange, nutty almond, or peppermint (to name a few), you may want to give their Cleaning Essentials Sample Kit a go with five of their most popular items in 100ml bottles.

About Miniml Refills

The founders of Miniml Refills believe their products shouldn’t cost the Earth (or us), so they keep things affordable and local. 

They currently only ship within the UK, but are working on expanding their reach.

As a 100% vegan and cruelty-free business, all eco-friendly cleaning products (for your body and home) are paraben and sulfate free. 

They have a completely transparent ingredient list telling you in layman’s terms why each item is in your product. 

When a business cares about your health as much as you do, stick with them, and wash away the rest. 

Available: Miniml Refills

4. Common Good

11 Refillable Cleaning Products Wiping Away Those Toxic Woes Image by Common Good #refillablecleaningproducts #bestrefillablecleaningproducts #refillableglasscleaningproducts #ecofriendlyrefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablerefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Common Good

*Note: Common Good Uses RSPO-certified palm oil.

Common Goods’ Refillable Cleaning Products USA

For the Common Good of all, this US-based brand is tackling plastic waste with refillable home cleaning products that have 86% less plastic than traditional containers. 

Carrying green household products such as laundry detergent, multi-purpose cleaner, zero waste hand soap, and dish soap, your first cleaning set purchase comes with glass refillable bottles with spray spouts or soap pumps.

Enjoy a variety of scents including lavender, bergamot, tea tree, or unscented. 

Eco-friendly refills come in a plastic pouch (34oz). While they are looking for alternatives to the plastic pouches, they have instructions for what to do when the pouch reaches the end of its life: cut off the plastic tube, clean excess soap out, and recycle at a local store that takes soft plastics. 

They also have bulk options at 2.5 gallons coming in stackable cardboard boxes so you can make a refillable station.

About Common Good

Common Good knows what’s good for the planet and your home. 

Started by Sacha Dunn, a mother who noticed her family’s excessive plastic and harsh cleaning chemicals, she wanted to keep her family safe and help the planet by producing less plastic waste. 

Their cleaning line is completely vegan, 100% biodegradable ingredients, and Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free.

All ingredients are paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free. 

Currently, they only ship within the U.S., and they use plastic-free recycled materials with natural, non-toxic ink.

Available: Common Good

5. etee

11 Refillable Cleaning Products Wiping Away Those Toxic Woes Image by Sustainable Jungle #refillablecleaningproducts #bestrefillablecleaningproducts #refillableglasscleaningproducts #ecofriendlyrefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablerefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

*Note: Some products are vegan and palm oil free, but others are not, including their refills which come in beeswax tubes.

etee’s Refillable Cleaners Canada

If you’re looking for the best reusable cleaning products in Canada, look no further than etee

Taking a unique approach to zero waste, their single-stick BeePods are made from beeswax and tree resin meaning you can toss them straight in your home compost bin. 

Get started on your eco-friendly cleaning journey with a starter set that includes either aluminum or glass spray bottles. Simply shake water and one pod together which will give you 400ml of chemical-free cleaning goodness.  

Sustainable cleaning products with refills include all-purpose, window, and floor cleaner. 

Their toilet bowl cleaner and eco-friendly laundry detergent comes in a crystallized powder form in recyclable paper packaging.

About etee

Canada is lucky it has etee at its disposal—but with US shipping, they’re not the only ones. 

From zero waste starter kits and reusables to dental products and other eco-friendly toiletries, etee makes sure everything is sustainably sourced and cruelty-free.

They endeavor to keep business waste to an absolute minimum by packaging with reusable, recyclable, or compostable materials. 

As part of their charitable efforts, they donate a portion of profits to Good Shepherd Ministries, Michael Garrison Hospital, Montefiore Medical Center, and others. 

Available: etee

6. Supernatural

11 Refillable Cleaning Products Wiping Away Those Toxic Woes Image by Supernatural #refillablecleaningproducts #bestrefillablecleaningproducts #refillableglasscleaningproducts #ecofriendlyrefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablerefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Supernatural

*Note: We are confirming policies directly with this brand.

Supernatural’s Refill Cleaning Products

When a brand ticks every box of our criteria, it truly is Supernatural

Wanting incredible smelling environmentally-friendly cleaners that were effective as conventional ones but without the harsh chemicals and carbon footprint, Suzy Batiz set out to create what is now a world-renowned brand. 

Supernatural will equip you with a robust range, tackling your counters and granite, glass and mirrors, wood and floors, and bath and tiles. For all of these, just use distilled or filtered water, add a bit of concentrate, shake, and power scrub away.

The Supernatural Cleaning Starter Kit (four bottles and concentrates) and the Sustainable Bundle (five bottles and concentrates) will cover most of your cleaning needs. 

All containers are screen printed, glass bottles which are 100% recycled and recyclable as are the cardboard boxes they come in.

About Supernatural

Supernatural ethically sources all ingredients from sustainable farms and distills their concentrates in the US. 

Their refillable cleaning product reviews are as sparkling and clean as their ingredient lists, which contain no parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances—only 100% organic essential oils. 

Explore their range of other products like pure essential oils and hand-dipped incense. 

While they aren’t offering a return-for-refill option for cleaning supplies, the materials are built to last and can be easily recycled if needed. 

Sign up for their subscription-based service, and determine your own frequency and products. 

All carbon emissions are offset by planting two trees for every starter set sold.

Available: Supernatural

7. Branch Basics

11 Refillable Cleaning Products Wiping Away Those Toxic WoesImage by Branch Basics#refillablecleaningproducts #bestrefillablecleaningproducts #refillableglasscleaningproducts #ecofriendlyrefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablerefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Branch Basics

*Note: Some refills come in recyclable soft plastic bags and they use RSPO-certified palm oil.

Brand Basics’ Reusable House Cleaning Products

Branch Basics is your go-to for refillable cleaners made with plant-based ingredients.

Their concentrates have a gentle chamomile scent and can be used for everything. One 32 oz refill bottle can make 12 various cleaners (all-purpose, bathroom cleaner, foaming, and streak-free glass cleaner) as well as 64 loads of laundry. 

Opt for a subscription or dive in with a Cleaning Essential Kit or Premium Starter Kit. Fill with water to the water line marked on the label then do the same with the concentrate to the soap line. 

Products come in options of glass or plastic bottles (phthalate and BPA-free).

You’ll also find plastic-free dishwasher tablets and the Oxygen Boost powdered concentrate in the refillable cleaning line but these come in recyclable soft plastic bags. 

About Branch Basics

This family-run business began when they turned to a natural, holistic lifestyle after a series of health scares. 

These green household cleaners are fragrance-free, contain no harmful preservatives, and are Leaping Bunny Certified. 

Any coco-glucoside or decyl-glucoside ingredients do contain palm kernel oil feedstock, but they source only from RSPO suppliers.

We do know, however, that Branch Basics is MADE SAFE® Certified, meaning their cleaning product refills are made without any of the 5,000 listed chemicals harmful to humans and the environment.

They donate on a weekly (!) basis to various nonprofits, such as One Warm Coat, Green Bronx Machine, Documenting Hope, and Unblind My Mind.

Available: Branch Basics

8. Zero Co

11 Refillable Cleaning Products Wiping Away Those Toxic Woes Image by Zero Co #refillablecleaningproducts #bestrefillablecleaningproducts #refillableglasscleaningproducts #ecofriendlyrefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablerefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Zero Co

*Note: Zero Co uses RSPO MB certified palm oil.

Zero Co’s Reusable Cleaning Products Australia

If the colorful, minimalist packaging of Zero Co doesn’t inspire you to swap all of your household cleaning supplies, then maybe the fact they’re vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic will.

They provide the best refillable cleaning products in Australia meaning you can ditch single-use plastic in your household for good. 

All deliveries come with a prepaid return mailer so you can send back their bottles to be cleaned and refilled.  

Their recycled packaging is made from ocean, beach, and landfill-bound plastic.

Inside each air freshener, dish soap detergent, laundry soap, toilet cleaner, and multi-purpose cleaner, incredible Aussie scents rise up, like lemon myrtle, Australian grey gum, earl grey, and Jasmin. 

The complete Home Cleaning Starter Pack is an easy way to get started.

About Zero Co

From body wash refills to zero waste laundry detergent, Zero Co is all about the refill.

Started by a couple with a passion for traveling and keeping our planet free from plastic, this eco-friendly cleaning brand aims to remove 1.5 million plastic bottles from the ocean by the end of this year. 

Home cleaning aside, discover their supply of body care products such as deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, and more. 

Each one is all-natural and non-toxic but they do use RSPO MB-certified palm oil (meaning some is sustainable palm oil but not all).

Zero Co runs a subscription program or you can buy one-offs, but either way, all shipping is carbon negative. 

We had the opportunity to chat with the founder, Mike Smith, which you can check out on our podcast.

Available: Zero Co

9. The Good Fill

11 Refillable Cleaning Products Wiping Away Those Toxic WoesImage by The Good Fill#refillablecleaningproducts #bestrefillablecleaningproducts #refillableglasscleaningproducts #ecofriendlyrefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablerefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image the The Good Fill

*Note: Most products are palm oil free, but they claim about 1% of them contain sustainable palm oil.

The Good Fill’s Reusable Cleaning Products USA 

As far as green missions go, The Good Fill is here to “help throw away wasteful thinking by providing alternatives to the disposable items we use every day”. 

A 99% zero waste company in its entirety, the USA-based shop ensures all materials are compostable, recyclable, recycled, or upcycled. Most product containers are amber glass bottles with pumps or spray tops.

Refills come in BPA-free, plastic pouches that are 93% less plastic than a plastic bottle. You’ll receive pre-paid postage as part of their closed-loop refill system so they can empty, clean, and reuse the pouches. 

Find all your basic sustainable cleaning alternatives from hand soap, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner concentrate, and glass cleaner.

The laundry products, dish detergent, baking soda, and Oxy detergent all come in powder form in clear glass bottles. 

About The Good Fill

With both a zero waste online store and brick-and-mortar locations in Nashville, Tennessee, this bulk refill store will give your bag a good fill of anything but plastic. 

Carrying everything from beauty products and feminine hygiene to reusable kitchen wares and dental alternatives, we love seeing the variety and dedication to consciously reducing waste. 

Not to mention, it’s all vegan and cruelty-free. 99% of products are palm oil free and they use sustainably-sourced palm for the other occasional 1%.

Items are shipped in recycled and recyclable boxes, and refillable glass bottles are wrapped in post-consumer newspaper, able to be composted or recycled at home. 

Between planting trees, offer community recycling services, and donating to environmental causes, The Good Fill’s cup overflows with compassion.

Available: The Good Fill

10. The Refill Shoppe

11 Refillable Cleaning Products Wiping Away Those Toxic WoesImage by The Refill Shoppe#refillablecleaningproducts #bestrefillablecleaningproducts #refillableglasscleaningproducts #ecofriendlyrefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablerefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by The Refill Shoppe

*Note: All cleaners are vegan and palm-oil free, but their honey face wash contains honey and their bar soaps use responsibly-sourced palm oil.

The Refill Shoppe’s Refillable Eco Cleaning Products

If the name doesn’t clue you in on what The Refill Shoppe specializes in, we’ll give you a hint.

Kitchen and all-purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, dish and hand soaps, as well as sanitizer spray bottles all sit in their refill repertoire. 

The refillable plastic pouches are closed-loop, so you can send them back with a prepaid shipping label to be refilled and sent right back to you. 

If you want to recycle or compost, just throw them right into your compost bin.

Some of their other less wasteful cleaning solutions include soap nuts, laundry powder, and toilet bombs. These come in paper bags with a plastic window. If you want to recycle or compost them, just remove the plastic window and put it with your soft plastics. 

All products are ethically-sourced from rigorously vetted suppliers, cruelty-free, and vegan (except for a Honey Face Wash, which contains responsibly-sourced honey and is made in small batches).

Their bar soaps (which are currently only available in-store) contain responsibly-sourced palm oil, but other products are palm oil free.

About The Refill Shoppe

This California- run business puts out a truly laid-back vibe with its minimalist, bare essentials packaging and handwritten labels. 

Living up to the idea behind the scenes has always been a core principle at The Refill Shoppe,” which is why their shop and office is as zero waste as possible.

As a multi-award-winning Certified B Corp, The Refill Shoppe carries bath and beauty products (in over 57 different scents to choose from), gifts, and mini travel kits in aluminum bottles. 

They currently only ship to North America (US, Canada, and Mexico) with 100% recyclable or compostable packaging, including the PLA-based window bags.

For every purchase, they plant one tree and also donate a portion of proceeds to 1% for the Planet. 

Available: The Refill Shoppe

11. Local Bulk Store

11 Refillable Cleaning Products Wiping Away Those Toxic Woes Images by ZeroWasteStore and EarthHero #refillablecleaningproducts #bestrefillablecleaningproducts #refillableglasscleaningproducts #ecofriendlyrefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablerefillablecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by ZeroWasteStore.com and EarthHero

In need of a quick refill cleaning solution?

Your local bulk store likely has everything you need! 

The demand is growing for plastic-free and eco-friendly packaging, not only for our food but for our cleaning agents, which means more zero waste and bulk stores online (or in-person) are cropping up. 

Bring in your own refillable containers and fill to your heart’s content (or brim of the jar). You’ll find liquid and powder laundry, dishwashing soap, and plenty of body cleaning options like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. 

Shopping at a local bulk store cuts out the carbon emissions of shipping, but if you aren’t close to one, there are plenty of online options like: 

  • EarthHero: Explore the range of eco friendly cleaning supplies on offer by EH, most coming from Earth Edith’s.
  • A Drop in the Ocean: The All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate comes in a glass bottle with an aluminum cap and has a grapefruit and lemon scent. Just mix 16oz of water with ½ ounce of the concentrate.

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Why Use Refillable Or Reusable Cleaning Products?

If you’re wanting to save time, money, and storage space, joining the refill movement is next up on your to-do list. 

With the efficiency of tablets and concentrates, you’ll have one product creating many, meaning you don’t need tons of containers cluttering up your cabinets. 

Refilling your household cleaners curbs countless plastic bottles from ending up in the oceans or landfills.

Plastic waste aside, most plastic cleaning bottles will be left with some residue, which is usually classified by the EPA as “Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)”—meaning they often shouldn’t even be put in the trash.

Most refillable cleaning alternatives are made with natural ingredients which reduce harmful chemicals to yourself, aquatic life, and the whole food chain when those chemicals enter our waterways through means of laundry, cleaning dishes, and washing our hands and bodies.

Some of these chemicals—like ammonia, lye, sulfuric acid, and sodium hydroxide—have been linked to all kinds of negative health effects, from respiratory irritation to breast cancer.

A 20-year study on the effects of household cleaning product chemicals found that prolonged use of these items is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day! 

The EWG also determined that 53% of conventional cleaners contain ingredients known to harm the lungs. 

Is that the “clean” air we want to be breathing in?

How We Found The Best Refillable Cleaning Products & Brands

In an ideal world, refillable cleaning options would be the norm, and we’re glad to see so many new brands dusting off a long overdue change in the industry. 

In the quest to discover the best eco friendly refillable cleaning products, we implemented our sustainable and ethical beauty criteria which covers six areas : 

  • Vegan: No animal derivatives were used in the products. We only make exceptions for products that can be sourced cruelty-free, like ethical beeswax.
  • Cruelty free: No cleaning products should be tested on animals. They clean themselves!
  • Palm oil free: Palm oil harvesting contributes to the deforestation of habitats. However, palm alternatives may also do this so we focus on finding sustainably-sourced palm (RSPO-certified) and other oils.
  • Non-toxic: As with all non-toxic cleaning products, products must be free from harsh and harmful chemicals to humans and the environment. Plant-based ingredients are most ideal.
  • Ethical ingredient sourcing: Transparency on where ingredients come from.
  • Thoughtful packaging: Compostable cleaning product refills are best, but other closed-loop options that are still zero waste include refillable and reusable packaging. Plastic-free is ideal, but if the plastic is reused over and over again we’ll allow it.

Final Thoughts On Refillable Cleaning Products For Your Home

How can we truly believe that our homes are clean when the products we’re using point to toxicity and packaging, to overconsumption?

Less should always be more, and minimizing the collection of plastic bottles in our households is a clear path toward conscious cleaning.

So why not join the cause and support these brands? Or if you have the time, make your own DIY zero waste cleaning products using common household ingredients like vinegar and baking soda.

Then you can really break out those eco-friendly mops, reusable paper towels, and a little elbow grease to scrub the grime away, guilt free. 

Now help us spread that all-purpose love around and share this article with anyone who needs a Home Edit of their sustainable spring cleaning cabinet.

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