29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Image by Caraway
Image by Caraway
29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Image by Girlfriend Collective
Image by Girlfriend Collective

30 Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Sustainable Loved Ones

The SJ Team

Nothing brings gift-giving cheer like knowing your eco-friendly gifts are supporting a better world. 

Let’s face it. Many gifts end up unloved or unused, making the over-consumptive holiday season anything but a holiday for our planet. 

Do something different by filling your reusable advent calendar and stockings with sustainable Christmas gifts (or simply eco-friendly gifts, if Santa isn’t your thing). 

From zero waste gifts to ones made with all natural materials and minimal packaging, choosing eco-friendly holiday gifts can help support people and our planet—and even encourage our loved ones to go green. 

Get your zero waste gift wrapping paper ready and let’s dive into the best eco-friendly gifts.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through a brand link below. Learn more here.

1. Slow Fashion Sweaters

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by tentree
Images by tentree

What would an eco-friendly Christmas gift list be without mention of a responsible and sustainable sweater?

Sure, grandma may have owned this niche knit-gift for many a season but does she plant ten trees in addition to the gifting? And does she ensure only the most sustainable materials are used in her no doubt crafty patchwork?

Unlikely. But we know someone who does.

It’s time for you to own this sustainable gift idea by supporting tentree*, the slow-fashion-lovers staple.

Specifically their Highline wool, recycled polyester and organic cotton sweaters and turtlenecks for men and women are a slam dunk eco-conscious winter gift.

Did we mention they’re a Certified B Corp, or that they partner with Fair Trade certified factories and suppliers, and are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation?

*Sponsored inclusion. Learn more here.

2. Pro Planet Pajamas

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Sijo & Boody
Images by Sijo & Boody

Between snow days, breakfasts in bed, and that much-anticipated day of gift giving itself, sustainable pajamas are a winter’s delight.

We won’t tell if you stay in them all day—but we will tell you about some that make for the best sustainable gifts.

For dozing off in bamboo created in a closed loop process, put a bow on Boody’s

You can combine the Goodnight Ankle Sleep Pant with the Goodnight Raglan Sleep Top to keep them warm on those cold winter nights.

Or help them stay cool in the silky-soft TENCEL eucalyptus loungewear by Sijo.

The FineSlumber Nightdress is a year-round winner, but they offer many more of the best eco friendly gift options for both men and women. 

Mornings can get a little chilly, which is why we (and no doubt your giftee) would love to receive the Dillon Organic French Terry Cardigan by Coyuchi. It’s both GOTS and Fair Trade-certified and made using 90% recycled water.

3. Snuggly Slippers

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Nootkas & Baabuk
Images by Nootkas & Baabuk

We’d all love a heated floor installation, but since that’s a bit above and beyond the call of Christmas, the next most affordable sustainable gift idea?

Sustainable slippers.

An award-winning pair by Baabuk is designed to be loved for years—not worn out by next fall.

Put’s new meaning to the word “stocking stuffer” with their secure, high-top Yves wool slippers, made of felted New Zealand ethical wool.

Nootkas’ Carson Wool House Shoe pairs dye-free Mongolian Merino wool with an outdoor natural rubber outsole so your lucky recipient will never need to swap shoes when going out to fetch the mail.

4. Stunning Jewelry

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Catbird & Atypical Thing
Images by Catbird & Atypical Thing

Looking for environmentally sustainable gifts for minimalists?

A bow on bling never gets old. Especially when it’s from a minimalist jewelry brand like Atypical Thing.

Their Abstract Wire Hoops put a unique spin on classic earrings, both in look and the fact that they are made of 100% recycled 9ct solid gold.

For more luxury eco friendly gifts, you’ll be tweeting over the rings, earrings, necklaces, and more from Catbird.

If you’re looking to give the ultimate gift this Christmas—the promise of forever—consider their ethical engagement rings. The Swan Solitaire features a classic silhouette that combines a recycled brilliant-cut white diamond and recycled precious metals.

5. Ethical Sneakers

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by 8000Kicks & Allbirds
Images by 8000Kicks & Allbirds

For the fitness fanatic in your life, a new pair of sustainable running shoes might be just what the personal trainer ordered.

And because sneakers are something almost everyone uses regularly (and commonly need replacing), they qualify as some of the best gifts for sustainable living.

Allbirds makes eco-running shoes and casual trainers alike. 

Featuring materials like ZQ merino wool, TENCEL lyocell, recycled bottles, and even a partially biobased midsole, the Tree Flyer is built to withstand even long-distance running.

Even if you’re shopping for someone who only enjoys a marathon of the Netflix variety, anyone will say “hemp yeah” to the casual waterproof hemp shoes by 8000Kicks.

The Explorer V2 is their ultralight and breathable sneaker for casual and activewear. Its hemp upper and algal bloom soles make these sneakers greener than your naturally-grown Christmas tree.

6. Sustainable Gift Sets

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by EarthHero & Beauty Kitchen
Images by EarthHero & Beauty Kitchen

If you can’t decide on one gift, give something that contains multiple environmentally friendly gifts in one…a gift box!

For cheap eco-friendly gifts that will get used year-round, the Bars Not Bottles Gift Set by Beauty Kitchen seeks to remove plastic from presents and everyday life.

It includes natural and cruelty free soap and shampoo, soap pouch, reusable face cloth, and reusable cleansing pads. The Certified B Corp behind it makes everything in the UK.

Similarly for those in the US, EarthHero’s Eco Living Gift Box contains reusable swaps for everyday kitchen products like plastic free food storage, beeswax, wraps, utensils, and metal straws.

7. A Plantable Card

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by WEmade Boutique & Marissa Kay Apothecary
Images by WEmade Boutique & Marissa Kay Apothecary

Sustainable gifts are a non negotiable but what about sustainable well wishes?

WEmade Boutique covers your personalization needs with their Plantable Seed Paper Holiday Cards.

Not only are they handmade of elegant, recycled paper, but they’re embedded with pollinator-friendly wildflower seeds so your gift recipient can still think of you when summer rolls around.

Marissa Kay Apothecary also offers plantable seed cards for every occasion, but their Holiday Plantable Seed Paper Cards pair perfectly with eco-friendly Christmas gifts.

Since both of these make the list for best sustainable Etsy gifts, you’ll also be supporting small businesses doing better.

8. Better Gadgets

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Nimble & House of Marley
Images by Nimble & House of Marley

Is your giftee a high-tech nature lover?

While eco-friendly products in the tech sector are limited, it’s exciting to see more and more ethical electronics brands plugging in—especially because they make for some seriously cool eco-friendly gifts.

Like the music legend himself, House of Marley has One Love for a healthy planet, which they show by using sustainable materials for their nature-inspired collection.

For solo listeners, they offer earbuds and headphones, though the Stir It Up Turntable can start the Christmas party off on the right (eco) foot. These make perfect minimalist gifts for him.

For accessories to go along with the tech your loved one already has, Nimble offers the WALLY Pro Portable Wall Charger—a two-in-one plug and portable charger made of recycled materials.

Plus, their shipping bag solves the problem of disposing of old electronics. Make sure your gift recipient knows they can use it to send back old tech for free recycling.

9. Comfortable Underwear

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Knickey & Savara Intimates
Images by Knickey & Savara Intimates

If you’re in the market for sustainable Mother’s Day gifts and you’re overwhelmed by the many eco-friendly gift options (been there), the ubiquitous fail-safe gift we’d recommend: organic underwear

Boody covers all the basics with their boody-licious collection of bamboo underwear. You won’t go wrong with the Classic Bikini for women or the Original Boxer for men. 

Knickey combines certified organic fabric with empowering and body-inclusive imaging to show that non-toxic, safe skivvies should be available to everyone.

Their Starter Set will mean a sample of all their different cuts–each in a different color of your choice—so your loved one can find their favorite.

For the best eco-friendly Christmas gifts for that special someone, the High Waist Slip by Savara Intimates isn’t just sexy but sustainable. It’s made from recycled polyester and lace.

10. Delicious Body Care & Beauty Products

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Wildling & Elate Cosmetics
Images by Wildling & Elate Cosmetics

Looking for stocking sized eco gifts for the woman in your life?

We’d suggest a thoughtful gift of beautification in the form of natural and eco-friendly makeup for Christmas morning.

If you’re not sure what cosmetics they use, the Ritual Bamboo Palette from Elate Cosmetics is up there with the best of them.

This reusable bamboo case is refillable with any of their favorite Elate eye colors, brow balms, or concealers.

Winter is hard on the skin, so surprise your friends with sustainable skincare from Wildling. The Empress Collection is their all-in-one facial gua sha system complete with massaging stone.

Tap Tap Organics offers numerous sustainable gift sets, but their Mini Rose Skincare Set features a handful of nourishing balms, butters, and oil.

11. Health Supplements

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Plant People & GEM
Images by Plant People & GEM

The best eco-friendly gifts would surely be good health (metal and physical). 

But since that’s not possible (we wish), you can certainly help by way of zero waste vitamins and supplements.

The Balance Bundle by Plant People targets one of the most common causes of ailments: stress. 

Your loved one will find extra calm knowing their Be Calm capsules and Mind + Body CBD drops are made of regenerative, non-GMO ingredients.

Any one of GEM’s Daily, Calm, or Sleep Essentials packs a powerful punch with 15+ superfoods and whole-food derived minerals, vitamins, and probiotics.

They also have gift cards if you’re not sure which one your loved one would like.

12. Non-Toxic Perfume

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by The 7 Virtues & Heretic Parfum
Images by The 7 Virtues & Heretic Parfum

Scent serves as one of the best memory-makers, so your loved one will always remember this next gift. It’s the gift that keeps on… smelling?

Non-toxic perfumes are far better than chemical-laden fragrances that have been tested on animals. 

The Peace Perfume Discovery Set from The 7 Virtues ticks all our sustainable beauty boxes and supports farmers in war-ridden nations with higher wages. 

At only $29, it’s a cheap eco-friendly gift if you’re on a budget (or have to buy another 20 eco christmas gifts).

For something clean and genderless, we recommend sniffing out the Dirty Hinoki by Heretic Parfum.

13. Comfy T-Shirts

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Threads 4 Thought & Allbirds
Images by Threads 4 Thought & Allbirds

Essential clothing pieces like eco-friendly t shirts are another fail safe—sustainable eco friendly gifts you could give to basically anyone.

Allbirds offers the Allgood Cotton Tee for both men and women. Made of 100% organic cotton, it’s soft and “drapes just right”.

UK readers can delight in the organic cotton, Lenzing modal, and recycled polyester of Thread 4 Thought’s many t-shirt offerings.

For women, the Invincible Cropped Crew Tee can be dressed up or down with ease while the men’s Triblend Henley sees seven recycled plastic bottles put to better use.

14. Ethical Watch

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Original Grain & Solios
Images by Original Grain & Solios

There’s no time like the present to give some environmental presents.

And what better than a solar-powered eco-friendly watch?

All Certified B Corp Solios’ watches are elegant and efficient (just two hours of sunlight will power it for six months), but we’re particularly fond of the Solar Mesh series.

A recycled stainless steel case and recyclable, interchangeable silicone straps provide extended durability.

Original Grain’s Modern MNML line contains a recyclable stainless steel band and frame and a battery that lasts over two years.

Thanks to the unique, sustainable wood face, these sustainable gift ideas look good under the tree and on the wrist alike.

15. Stylishly Slow Fashion

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by wearwell & Urbankissed
Images by wearwell & Urbankissed

Gifting anything garment-related can be tricky in our fast fashion-saturated world.

Slow things down with eco gifts from a slow fashion brand.

Buying fashion-related gifts online can be hit or miss (sizing and fashion preference for example), so the safest way to give garments as environmentally friendly Christmas gifts is to buy your giftee a gift card.

Urbankissed and wearwell both offer your loved ones something they’ll actually wear from a wide selection of sustainable partners.

16. Non Toxic Kids Toys

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Tender Leaf Toys & PlanToys
Images by Tender Leaf Toys & PlanToys

Playtime should be fun and safe, so turn the parents in your life onto the world of eco-friendly toys.

For organic baby toys, Lovevery’s are specially designed to support stage-based play—the only tools needed for tots ages 0-4! 

Both parents and kids will enjoy unwrapping sustainable Xmas gifts from PlanToys, whose sustainable rubberwood and upcycled sawdust Mini Foosball Table will keep kids occupied for hours so you can get Christmas dinner on the table.

UK parents with kids on the ‘nice list’ should check out Tender Leaf Toys. They use reclaimed rubberwood and toxic free paints and glue to craft adorable toys of all kinds.

The Greenhouse and Garden Set is a good launchpad to start teaching some sustainability lessons for kids during your holiday festivities.

17. Earth-friendly Camping Gear

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by MSR & BioLite
Images by MSR & BioLite

How about wrapping up eco-friendly sustainable gifts that protect nature and encourage your giftee to get outside?

Yes please!

Here we’re talking about eco-friendly camping gear.

The BioLite Camp Stove 2 cooks food using twigs rather than fossil fuels (and charges your devices at the same time) while MSR offers recyclable stainless steel cookware to use on it in the form of their Alpine Pot Sets.

BioLite is also Carbon Neutral certified and MSR has been pioneering eco-camping gear long before it was cool.

18. Portable Solar Panel

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by BioLite & Goal Zero
Images by BioLite & Goal Zero

There are few more fitting gifts for the eco conscious than something that helps them reduce their carbon footprint.

Which is why portable solar panels are on-point for this list. 

Making that environmental present feel extra good, BioLite wants to provide your recipient with clean energy, and communities all around the world with sales of their ultralight and backpack-ready solar panels

For a wider set of offerings, Goal Zero has anyone’s portable power needs covered. 

The Boulder Briefcase series—available in various wattages—is a reliable step up for those who might need a little more juice, like van lifers and avid campers.

19. Reusable Drinkware

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Welly & Always the Adventure
Images by Welly & Always the Adventure

The best gifts for eco-friendly people are those that also help them live more sustainably.

If you want to spark a sustainable shift for a loved one, a plastic free water bottle from Welly is one of the best eco gift ideas.

Their Traveler reusable water bottles not only keeps water cold thanks to a stainless steel insulated body and bamboo cap, but will help curb the 1 million single-use plastic bottles purchased every minute.

If you prefer your water steeped in some strong single-origin beans or sustainable tea, put a bow on the colorful, powder-coated travel mugs and tumblers from Hydro Flask.

Looking for unique eco-friendly gifts for the beer or kombucha lovers in your life?

How about the 100% Recycled Climbing Rope Can Cozies by Always the Adventure. Hand scrubbing with eco detergents ensures only the most colorful range of ever-changing colors.

20. Non Toxic Candle

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Siblings & Keap
Images by Siblings & Keap

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”

Okay, fine, Robert Wells and Mel Tormé probably weren’t talking about sustainable candles, but we think these are the perfect eco Christmas gifts to set the festive mood.

Siblings’ Nostalgia Pack features three house-warning scents contained within its coconut wax. 

As if Siblings vegan candles alone weren’t enough of an environmentally sustainable gift, they come via carbon neutral shipping and eco friendly packaging—AKA a refill bag that can be returned and reused.

Certified B Corp Keap’s Gift Box Candles or Gift Subscriptions combine non-GMO regenerative palm wax and organic fruit extracts.

When it’s all burned down, your loved one can reuse the drinking glass it comes in.

21. Safe and Sustainable Yoga Mats

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Jade Yoga & Bean Products
Images by Jade Yoga & Bean Products

Get into the festive spirit (er, flow) by giving an eco-friendly yoga mat as an eco-friendly gift for your favorite yogi.

Jade Yoga’s Harmony Mat—along with the rest—is made in the USA from 100% sustainably sourced natural rubber.

Add on any one of their sustainable yoga props for a full Gomukhasana gift.

Bean Products offers many mats, but the OMphibian mats make for by far the best sustainable gifts. It features a natural rubber core with a non-slip PU surface.

22. Eco Activewear

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Girlfriend Collective & DK Active
Images by Girlfriend Collective & DK Active

The holidays are an excellent time for indulgence (read: eating copious amounts of ethical chocolate and sustainable wine) but after New Years, those resolutions come home to roost.  

Help your loved ones stay the course with eco conscious gifts in the form of sustainable activewear.

Girlfriend Collective’s FLOAT Ultralight Split Skort paired with the Luca V-Neck Tank allows the lady in your life to seamlessly transition from the gym to drinks out.

Both are made with mostly recycled plastic bottles and can be recycled through the ReGirldfriend program—be sure to tell your gift recipient!

If your loved one wants to work off those Christmas cookies, Certified B Corp Tomboy X also knows that all bodies are beautiful and fitness has no specific form.

Their Streamline 7/8 Legging is made of OEKO-TEX certified partially recycled plastic water bottles. It comes in sizes up to 6x making it some of the best eco friendly gifts for anyone.

For Australians who wish to purchase from a locally manufactured brand, DK Active takes discarded nylon to make 100% recycled leggings, shorts, and tops—like the stylish yet supportive Ignite Crop.

23. Stylish Sunglasses

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Sunski & Proof
Images by Sunski & Proof

Waiting for the summer sunshine to return or have a holiday booked in a sunnier destination?

Celebrate prematurely by helping your loved one score the perfect pair of sustainable sunglasses.

Sunski uses recycled materials AND offers a lifetime lens replacement service so scratches don’t doom your recycled metal Astra sunnies to the landfill.

For something made of natural materials, Proof wants to lighten the world’s waste by using renewable resources and sustainably sourced wood in their frames—like in the classic Carver Wood.

Just remove the lenses and metal and they’re completely biodegradable.

24. Cozy Winter Accessories

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Aura Que & Patagonia
Images by Aura Que & Patagonia

Nothing screams “sustainable christmas gift ideas” like winter-ready sustainable accessories to keep your loved ones feeling warm—both inside and out!

Naadam is pioneering the ethical cashmere industry with its collection of sustainable scarves, hats, and gloves. 

Their Cashmere Solid Scarf not only feels soft, but has a soft impact on the planet and those behind making it.

Aura Que’s fair trade artisan co-op creates adorable sustainable gloves using non-mulesed merino wool and azo-free dyes. 

Patagonia offers accessories for all body parts, casual and technical. Their Powder Town pom beanie is somewhat of a legend in outdoor circles but it’ll keep someone equally warm while strolling around to look at Christmas lights.

25. Silky Smooth Bedding

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Ethical Bedding & Eucalypso
Images by Ethical Bedding & Eucalypso

Wrapping up a box of sustainable bedding means your loved one can wrap up in something organic, non toxic, but no less comfortable.

Both Eucalypso and Ethical Bedding offer premium eucalyptus lyocell sheets made in a closed loop production process.

They also ensure you can sleep well knowing your eco-conscious gifts are being made fairly by companies that are Fair Trade and B Corp certified, respectively.

26. Non-Toxic Cookware

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Caraway & Our Place
Images by Caraway & Our Place

What’s one thing we all agree on during the holiday season? 

That it’s time for good food! 

For forward-thinkers who want to contribute to a happy, healthy planet on which to celebrate next year, give your loved one non-toxic, eco-friendly cookware rather than standard PFOA and PTFE-leaching non-stick options.

Caraway keeps it clean with non-toxic, ceramic pans and non-toxic bakeware designed for everything from Michelin-star meals to boxed mac-n-cheese.

By gifting their 11-piece Bakeware Set, you might even just get some home-baked goodies in return—easily one of the best eco-friendly gifts for you, too!

Our Place’s non-toxic Always Pan is multi-functional, minimalist, and comes in classy colors to complement the theme of any kitchen.

27. Indoor Compost Bins

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Bionicraft & Bamboozle
Images by Bionicraft & Bamboozle

If your giftee happens to be a green thumb, do they need a compost bin?  

If so, then make the white season a little greener by gifting one of the best eco-friendly gifts for plant lovers or those who just want a more sustainable lifestyle: an indoor compost bin.

While rotten food may not scream “Christmas” it’s hands-down one of the best gifts for sustainable living, as composting can vastly help reduce waste and one’s ecological footprint.

Your loved one can spend winter turning fruit and vegetable peelings and other food scraps into nutrient rich natural fertilizer for next summer’s traditional gardening (read: chemical free) using Bionicraft’s odorless and stylish Living Composter.

For friends you haven’t yet jumped aboard the composting train, give them a nudge in the right direction with a Bamboozle bamboo compost collector bin for elegantly stashing food waste on the kitchen counter.

28. Unique Upcycled Fashion

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Paneros & Rentrayage
Images by Paneros & Rentrayage

How about preventing fast fashion and satisfying the fashionistas in your life?

Unique eco-friendly gifts from an upcycled clothing brand will do just that.

Creating “wearable art” out of luxury deadstock fabrics, Paneros adds floral flair to the dim winter months with their line of boho-chic dresses like the Solstice Dress.

For a luxury eco-friendly gift, Rentrayage’s creations are one of a kind—just like the person you’re giving their elegant Goody Danceteria to.

29. Online Thrift Store Gift Vouchers

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Beyond Retro & Swap
Images by Beyond Retro & Swap

Another way to ensure slow fashion makes it into the stocking is by giving a voucher to an online thrift store. That way, your loved one can find that perfect vintage piece they’ve been searching for.

Swap’s digital gift vouchers will give your loved ones access to all kinds of men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing—meaning they also cover all your sustainable gifting needs. 

Boasting “premium & designer finds, $15 or less”, these affordable sustainable gifts are real bang for your buck.

With 73 million sellers and at least that many items available, anyone is sure to find something they’ll treasure through thredUP.

In the UK, Beyond Retro lives up to the name with an ever-revolving range of rare clothing, sportswear, and denim.

30. Tree Planting

29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Images by Syahrin Seth & Olena Sergienko via Unsplash
Images by Syahrin Seth & Olena Sergienko via Unsplash

The most sustainable Christmas gifts aren’t those that go under the tree (or what’s inside the eco-friendly Christmas crackers)—they’re the tree itself!

Here’s a sampling of the many organizations to help you gift a tree (and the increased biodiversity and carbon sequestration that comes with it):

  • Greenpop SA: A tree planting organization that greens urban communities in South Africa, while educating and bringing people together (see our podcast episode with the founder and “TREE-E-O”, Misha Teasdale).
  • National Forest Foundation in the USA: Just $1 plants one tree in a National Forest in need of some greenery.
  • The Woodland Trust: Allows you to dedicate an existing tree (or trees) to someone special, which helps fund the planting and protection of trees and woods across the UK.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Sustainable Gifts

Giving one of these environmentally friendly gifts will do more than put a smile on your recipient’s face. 

Still, remember the best sustainable gifts can’t be wrapped, and they certainly won’t fit under any tree. 

Your time and love are by far the best eco-friendly gifts (not to mention the one that will fill your loved one’s heart with the most joy).

If you love watching them tear open the paper of an actual gift, get creative by buying second-hand, making something, or even re-gifting—contrary to popular opinion, it’s not thoughtless, it’s sustainable.

If you’re still at a loss, have a look through our other sustainable gift guides which might spark just the inspiration you need: gifts for minimalists, ethical gifts, and gifts for vegans

And one little gift for us, share this list of eco-friendly gift ideas with friends and family so that together, we can make gift-giving greener.

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29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Image by Caraway
29 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Low-Impact Loved Ones #ecofriendlygifts #bestecofriendlygifts #ecofriendlygiftideas #ecofriendlychristmasgifts #sustainablegifts #bestsustainablegifts #sustainablegiftideas #sustainablejungle Image by Keap

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  1. Wonderful ideas in here, thanks for the inspiration! I usually give homemade things like marmelade with fruits from my garden. Love the idea to gift a tree that is planted! Will try to remember that for next year 🙂


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