9 Fair Trade & Sustainable Blankets For All The Conscious Cozies Image by Coyuchi #sustainableblankts #sustainablethrows #sustainablethrowblankets #fairtradeblankets #handwovenfairtradeblankets #fairtradethrows #sustainablejungle
Image by Coyuchi
9 Fair Trade & Sustainable Blankets For All The Conscious Cozies Image by Bearaby #sustainableblankts #sustainablethrows #sustainablethrowblankets #fairtradeblankets #handwovenfairtradeblankets #fairtradethrows #sustainablejungle
Image by Bearaby

9 Fair Trade & Sustainable Blankets For All The Conscious Cozies

The SJ Team

We don’t like blanket thieves but we hate unethical practices of stealing from our planet—which is why we’re wrapping up in sustainable blankets

Just call us sustainable sloths because we’re always looking for ways to “just rest our eyes for a minute”

Instead of lounging around in petroleum-based products, we’re opting for materials that keep us warm and the planet cool, while also trying to avoid nightmares of exploitation and unfair pay. 

So where can you buy eco blankets?

Let’s begin by uncovering our favorite covers.

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The Most Eco-Friendly Blankets For You & Planet Earth

The snuggle is real with the uber-comfortable eco-friendly blankets from Coyuchi.

Brands like Bearaby ease nerves at naptime with their weighted sustainable blankets.

You shouldn’t have to choose between fuzzy and fair trade, and with Boll & Branch’s fair trade alpaca blanket, you won’t have to.

Cudde up with our cozy blanket criteria at the end of the article.

1. Coyuchi

9 Fair Trade & Sustainable Blankets For All The Conscious Cozies Images by Coyuchi #sustainableblankts #sustainablethrows #sustainablethrowblankets #fairtradeblankets #handwovenfairtradeblankets #fairtradethrows #sustainablejungle
Images by Coyuchi

About Coyuchi

Inspired by the natural wonders of the brand’s California home, Coyuchi’s mission is to change the way sustainability “should live in our homes and our hearts”.

As if a lazy Sunday spent in their sustainable pajamas wasn’t good enough, they have some of the best sustainable blankets to bundle up in with a good book.

That includes organic baby blankets, organic hand-stitched quilts, light-knitted throws, and everything between the sheets—in a variety of earthy, different colors.

If you have a soft spot for those extra soft sustainable blankets, check out the Mariposa Supersoft Blanket or their Blanket Guide if you need help choosing one that suits you’re internal heating needs.

Coyuchi’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The snuggle-star of the Coyuchi collection is the Full Circle recycled cotton blanket, made with GRS-certified recycled cotton (made from recycled Coyuchi products) and 48% organically grown material.  

Their many others are mostly made of 100% GOTS and Fair Trade organic cotton softened with plant-based softeners.

Only some feature a blend of 70% organic cotton with 40% Argentinian wool.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The sustainable throws are made possible through a cotton-sourcing partnership with the Chetna Coalition, an organization dedicated to sustainable farming in India.

It’s then woven in either Germany, Portugal, or India.

Their Fair Trade-certified partners provide income equality, fair wages, and employee empowerment opportunities and Coyuchi pays an additional amount into worker-managed Community Development Funds. 

Green business practices:

Rest easy knowing Coyuchi recycles 98% of manufacturing wastewater. 

Their 2nd Home Take Back product recycling program has turned 83% of the hundreds of thousands of pounds of textiles into new Coyuchi products.

Sustainable packaging includes organic cotton bags for sheets and blankets, FSC-certified boxes, and pre-consumer recycled plastic poly bags.

Community & charitable giving:

As a member of 1% for the Planet, a portion of annual sales goes back to regenerative agriculture operations like White Buffalo Land and Fibershed to promote soil health and carbon sequestration.

Available: Coyuchi

2. Bearaby

9 Fair Trade & Sustainable Blankets For All The Conscious Cozies Images by Bearaby #sustainableblankts #sustainablethrows #sustainablethrowblankets #fairtradeblankets #handwovenfairtradeblankets #fairtradethrows #sustainablejungle
Images by Bearaby

About Bearaby

We all need a little stress relief these days—and Bearaby has sustainable weighted blankets and sensory pillows to help.

Choose between chunky-knit Nappers or opt for the packable Travel Napper or bed-sized Hugger. Weights range from 10-35 pounds.

In addition to adult weighted eco-friendly blankets, the Nappling is a safe, weighted option just for kids who struggle with bedtime anxiety.

Bearaby’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Instead of the plastic pellets that fill most weighted blankets, Bearaby uses layers upon layers of different fabrics to create weight. 

The Velvet Napper is made with GRS-certified recycled marine plastic (about 900 bottles per blanket).

While Organic cotton and FSC-certified TENCEL™ lyocell costar in the Tree Napper, the Cotton Napper is made with Fair Trade and GOTS-certified organic cotton and 5% spandex.

All products bear a MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX certification.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Bearaby sources its organic cotton from sustainable farms in India. The cotton is third-party verified to ensure they meet strict international standards. 

The TENCEL™ lyocell fabric is sustainably milled in Austria, which is also where the glass beads are sourced.

We’re not sure where their weighted blankets are hand-knit, but all Nappers are Fair Trade-certified.  

Green business practices:

Bearaby is committed to a production line that’s plastic-free, so they don’t use plastic wrapping or plastic packaging material. Instead, they use 100% organic cotton bags. 

Community & charitable giving:

On a seasonal basis, Bearaby has rotating charitable campaigns tied to specialty collaboration products. These campaigns have helped them support organizations like Ocean Conservancy, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Action Against Hunger, and more. 

They also plant a tree through One Tree Planet for every Tree Napper purchased.

Available: Bearaby

3. Saatva

9 Fair Trade & Sustainable Blankets For All The Conscious Cozies Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainableblankts #sustainablethrows #sustainablethrowblankets #fairtradeblankets #handwovenfairtradeblankets #fairtradethrows #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Saatva

From sustainable bed frames underneath their organic comforters and blankets that go on top, this ethical blanket brand can responsibly deck out your bed, head(board) to foot.

Saatva offers a snuggly range from lightweight knit blankets and throws to the heavy-duty Velvet Diamond Quilt, you can find a blanket for all climates and seasons.

For particularly stressful times, their eco-friendly weighted blanket at least removes a few of eco anxieties by utilizing all-natural glass beads instead of plastic.

Saatva’s Ethical & Sustainbility Practices


Both quilts are 100% organic cotton (batting included) while the lightweight eco-friendly blankets are either 100% OEKO-TEX cotton knit or a cotton and viscose gauze blend.

Since we’re not sure how their viscose is processed, we recommend bundling up in pure cotton.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Saatva’s organic blankets and throws come from a Fair Trade Indian factory.

Their mattresses are made in the USA.

Green business practices:

Saatva utilizes over 140 fulfillment centers in the US, which means most products travel under 100 miles to buyers, reducing shipping impact.

Community & charitable giving:

NYC-based Saatva supports the local organization PENCIL, which provides scholarships and career opportunities to disenfranchised students.

They also donate bedding and funding to Austin Pathways and the City of Austin’s Housing Authority.

Available: Saatva

4. Boll & Branch

9 Fair Trade & Sustainable Blankets For All The Conscious Cozies Images by Boll & Branch #sustainableblankts #sustainablethrows #sustainablethrowblankets #fairtradeblankets #handwovenfairtradeblankets #fairtradethrows #sustainablejungle
Images by Boll & Branch

About Boll & Branch

We didn’t need to branch out too far to find this one—why?

Because Boll & Branch is well-known in the world of sustainable bedding.

Across their range of sheets, organic mattress protectors, pillows, and bath textiles, you’ll find transparency and organic materials to boot (or bed, rather). 

They’ve got an impressive and extensive range of eco-friendly throw blankets in cable, sweater, waffle, Aran, or herringbone knits and patterns.

Start by checking out the Waffle Bed Blanket, a classic eco blanket that will functionally add texture and style to any couch or bed.

Boll & Branch’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


You’ll feel warm and the planet can stay cool with 100% organic cotton, 90% of the time.

The rest are fair trade alpaca blankets made using 100% alpaca wool or baby alpaca wool, humanely sourced with certified traceability through a partnership with Pacomarca.

Everything is OEKO-TEX 100-certified and free of toxic chemicals.

Supply chain & labor practices:

As the first manufacturer of linens to become Fair Trade Certified, they make from of the best fair trade blankets available. 

“From day one, we have engaged a supply chain we’d gladly take home to our mothers.”

We’d bet founders Missy and Scott Tannen’s moms must be proud (and not just Mother Earth) because everything they do ensures a fair supply chain. 

Their Portuguese, American, and Indian factories only employ adults who are treated with respect and paid fairly and they’ve supported their organic farmers with nearly half a million dollars in additional wages to sustain a thriving life. 

Green business practices:

Organic cotton means water savings of 90% when compared to conventional cotton. 

While that’s enough to make us sleep soundly, this brand goes beyond by freight shipping their goods (instead of flying) which has saved 21,252 metric tons of carbon emissions. 

They also use 100% recycled and recyclable packaging and FSC-certified outer shippers. 

Community & charitable giving:

B&B has donated more than 8,000 new mattresses to families in need through their Helping from Home program. 

Available: Boll & Branch

5. Parachute

9 Fair Trade & Sustainable Blankets For All The Conscious Cozies Images by Parachute #sustainableblankts #sustainablethrows #sustainablethrowblankets #fairtradeblankets #handwovenfairtradeblankets #fairtradethrows #sustainablejungle
Images by Parachute

About Parachute

Good sleep is a lifesaver—so no wonder Parachute is one of the best eco-friendly blanket brands.

They provide our home with sustainable rugs, bedding, and more with items that might just save our planet from free-falling from an airplane.

Available in a range of sizes (sustainable baby blankets to California King size), they offer all kinds of blankets from lightweight coverlets to the Organic Cotton Puff warm sustainable blanket

If you prefer your blanket to be wearable, check out the range of organic robes.

Parachute’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Parachute uses mostly natural fabrics (organic cotton, regular cotton, and linen), which are sometimes combined with a little bit of polyester filling. 

Only the Organic Cotton Puff specified that this full is made of GRS-certified recycled polyester, making this an ideal vegan alternative to ethical down blankets.

While each cotton blanket is not organic, that’s because they know of the limitations of being “GOTS-certified”.

Instead, all products are OEKO-TEX-certified non-toxic and naturally dyed and softened, without any synthetics, silicon, formaldehyde, or other toxins.

Supply chain & labor practices:

When you look through Parachute’s blanket selection, you can see where each is made. 

While some are made in certified Fair Trade factories in India or the US, most products are processed in a family-owned factory in Portugal.

As for materials, their flax comes from Europe, their Percale and Sateen from Egypt, and their other cotton from Turkey.

Green business practices:

Parachute ships exclusively with carbon-neutral shipping and 80% recycled mailers.

Some products are made using partially renewable energy.

Community & charitable giving:

Through their partnership with the United Nations’ Nothing But Nets campaign, Parachute donates mosquito nets to people at risk of contracting malaria. 

They also have a Home for Dreams Initiative where they work with Black entrepreneurs to help them overcome business injustices by providing business grants and marketing/finance support. 

Available: Parachute

6. Anchal

9 Fair Trade & Sustainable Blankets For All The Conscious Cozies Images by Anchal #sustainableblankts #sustainablethrows #sustainablethrowblankets #fairtradeblankets #handwovenfairtradeblankets #fairtradethrows #sustainablejungle
Images by Anchal

About Anchal

As a nonprofit social enterprise, Anchal has a novel approach to providing comfort.

This sister-founded brand aims to create employment opportunities that address the exploitation of women around the world. 

Admirable mission aside, they offer a beautiful range of boho-inspired eco-friendly pillows, sustainable scarves, and more.

Their hand-woven fair trade blankets can stylishly adorn any chair, bed, couch, or sleeping body. 

Anchal’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Anchal’s quilted eco-friendly blankets are made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and feature a hand-stitched signature of the maker. 

Some instead feature layers of recycled cotton from vintage saris. 

They also only use non-toxic, sustainable dyes

Supply chain & labor practices:

Since they’re a nonprofit, Anchal has designed everything around being transparent and fair. 

Through economically empowering work, Anchal employs former commercial sex trade workers. This provides them with fair pay that supports their entire family, including health care and education for their children. 

Green business practices:

By partnering with the retailer Made Trade, they’re ensuring their fair trade throw blankets can be shipped via carbon-neutral shipping.

Community & charitable giving:

Money from each Anchal sale goes directly back into their mission. 

In the US, they’re transforming underutilized urban lots into herb gardens (which they then turn into natural dyes) while also providing training and employment opportunities for locals.

In India, they’ve worked with more than 400 women artisans through their Stitch x Stitch program. 

Available: Made Trade

7. Ten Thousand Villages

9 Fair Trade & Sustainable Blankets For All The Conscious Cozies Images by Ten Thousand Villages #sustainableblankts #sustainablethrows #sustainablethrowblankets #fairtradeblankets #handwovenfairtradeblankets #fairtradethrows #sustainablejungle
Images by Ten Thousand Villages

About Ten Thousand Villages

Imagine decorating your home and body with artisan jewelry and homewares that help to break the cycle of generational poverty.

That’s what you get with Ten Thousand Villages.

It’s one of our favorite sustainable home decor marketplaces because of its unique artisan investment model which prioritizes the maker of each product in a way that goes beyond fair labor. 

While only offering a small selection of ethical blankets, there’s something to suit your snuggle needs.

Ten Thousand Villages’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Choose from either a 100% fair trade alpaca blanket, one made of 100% rPET, or the Sacred Sari Throw (also available as a sustainable baby blanket) made with 100% upcycled cotton saris. 

We recommend avoiding the one made of 80% acrylic and 20% wool, as acrylic is not what we consider a sustainable material.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Ten Thousand Villages has invested more than $99 million in artisan communities since operations began. 

Unlike some other fair trade initiatives, determining a price isn’t a top-down approach. They actually have a conversation with the artisans and agree on a price that will not only cover their costs, but will also help them build sustainability into their businesses. 

Their fair trade blanket partners are the women makers of Prokritee, in rural Bangladesh. Not only does Prokritree provide skill training for women to learn traditional techniques, but they also provide safe workplaces and fair wages. 

No surprise, TTV was a founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization and currently partners with the Fair Trade Federation, Level Ground Trading, and Equal Exchange

Green business practices:

This home decor brand works with its artisan partners to promote energy-efficient practices and the reuse of materials. 

Community & charitable giving:

92% of TTV’s revenue is reinvested into their maker-to-market mission, meaning every ethical blanket purchase directly supports the person who made it, most of whom are women. 

This supports things like interest-free microfinance options, payments before export (which removes any risk for the maker), and a financial safety net for artisan communities. 

Available: Ten Thousand Villages

8. Newly

9 Fair Trade & Sustainable Blankets For All The Conscious Cozies Images by Newly #sustainableblankts #sustainablethrows #sustainablethrowblankets #fairtradeblankets #handwovenfairtradeblankets #fairtradethrows #sustainablejungle
Images by Newly

About Newly

Contrary to the name, Newly’s products are anything but new—which is what makes them so snooze-tacular.

Their home goods—cutting boards, glassware, and other kitchen accessories—are made from 100% recycled or repurposed materials. 

Their sustainable throw blankets come in a variety of styles and geometric patterns and range in size from 50” X 60” to 107” X 72”. 

Newly’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Most comfortable sustainable blankets are made with 51% recycled cotton and 49% recycled plastic. 

Some, like the Counter Balance Throw Blanket, are made of 100% “recycled thread from Spain”, though we’re not sure what exact material constitutes that thread.

By using ~12 recycled plastic bottles, each blanket saves about 2,250 gallons of water.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Newly is a Certified B-Corp and all their manufacturing vendors are located in Europe or the United States, meaning they’re subject to tougher labor standards.

You’ll find some sustainable blankets made in the USA.

Newly also requests up front for a living wage statement from each factory and holds them to their own Code of Conduct.

Green business practices:

Not only does Newly use recycled materials (for products and packaging), but they also prioritize resource efficiency by minimizing water use, greenhouse gasses, landfill waste, and waterway pollution. 

Thus far, they’ve recycled 55,000 plastic bottles, diverted 14 tons of textile waste from landfills, and saved over 10 million gallons of water through their manufacturing process.

Available: Newly

9. Stray & Wander

9 Fair Trade & Sustainable Blankets For All The Conscious Cozies Images by Stray & Wander #sustainableblankts #sustainablethrows #sustainablethrowblankets #fairtradeblankets #handwovenfairtradeblankets #fairtradethrows #sustainablejungle
Images by Stray & Wander

About Stray & Wander

We’d love to wander our way toward Stray & Wander’s curated collection of eco-friendly towels and organic blankets.

In case their sustainable beach towels aren’t enough for you, take their eco-friendly picnic blankets with you from the bed to the beach and everywhere in between.

They come in a variety of cozy styles. 

Stray & Wander’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Like their organic towels, you’ll be getting 100% hand-loomed organic Turkish cotton with each of S&W’s affordable sustainable blankets.

Supply chain & labor practices:

S&W supports women’s cooperatives and family-run businesses as much as possible.

Not only do they want to bring beautiful products to customers around the world, but they’re also committed to preserving ancient traditions and supporting workers with fair labor conditions and sustainable livelihoods for people in rural communities.

They let makers set the prices for each hand-woven fair trade blanket (because some are more time intensive than others) to ensure they’re always getting fairly compensated.

Green business practices:

In addition to using sustainably-sourced natural materials, S&W believes in “buying ethically and buying less”, one of the greenest things a business can promote. 

Available: Stray & Wander

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How We Found The Best Sustainable Blankets

While it’s hard to find something worse than a blanket thief, we think we might have. Many blankets (especially those cozy fleece ones) are made from acrylic, polyester, and other plastic components. 

These synthetic fabrics are processed with toxic chemicals (like flame retardants, PFCs, and formaldehyde), some of which can be released when you’re napping.

Nothing like toxins to put the “na” in “nap”. 

Then, what is a sustainable blanket?

While we don’t technically “wear” blankets (well, maybe back in 2008 when Snuggies were all the rage) we used our sustainable and ethical fashion criteria.


What are eco-friendly blankets made of?

Curling up on the couch with a material that is natural, organic, or upcycled is way nicer than curling up with plastic.

For this reason, synthetic materials got a big “no” from us (unless they were recycled materials). Even then, there’s still the issue of microplastics with every wash, so a GuppyFriend is a must.

When it came to semi-synthetics, we cozied up to brands using TENCEL™ lyocell fabric because it’s made with sustainably-harvested tree pulp and uses a closed-loop process.

Then we get to our favorite sustainable fabrics: those that grow naturally in ways Mother Earth can snuggle up to. 100% organic cotton was the clear winner here, along with linen and recycled cotton.  

Eco-friendly wool blankets or alpaca wool blankets are okay, as long as brands fully trace their ethical wool back to cruelty-free farms.

Supply chain and labor practices:

Blankets handmade by grandma aside, the best fair trade blankets are made by brands that are actually certified fair trade (or equivalent).

If not, we expect a brand to be extra upfront about its practices.

Although we choose not to think of it when we doze off, all areas of the textile industry are tarnished by exploitative practices and human rights abuses. So, we wanted to throw those to the curb and choose fair trade throw blankets instead. 

Thoughtful employment opportunities, transparency, and traceability are best for napping, as are brands that steer clear of child labor, forced labor, and unsafe working conditions.

Green business practices:

Sustainable home textiles start with sustainable materials.

But we love brands that weave in extra green practices like recycled/recyclable packaging, eco-friendly manufacturing (i.e. solar power, water recycling, non-mechanized making), carbon offset programs, and making in small batches. 

Community & charitable giving:

Ethical blankets are even more so when made by a brand that gives back.

While this isn’t a necessity for companies to make the cut, we were happy to see things like donations to charitable organizations and tree plantings.

Final Thoughts On Fair Trade Blankets & Throws

If you’re ready for a nap (aren’t we all?), pause for a second and ask yourself: What materials am I bringing into my home and what practices am I supporting by doing so? 

After all, that Sunday afternoon nap should be 100% guilt-free. 

Before you jump on the brand-new blanket bandwagon, dig deep into your linen closet to see what forgotten blankets are stashed there. 

Then try to find one secondhand via local or online thrift stores, especially if you’re in the market for an eco-friendly electric blanket, as there aren’t many sustainable options on the market yet.

Once you’ve exhausted those options, you can take a breather with one of these eco-friendly blanket makers.

You know how it’s fun to share weird dreams with your friends and loved ones?

Well, it’s also fun to share your knowledge of sustainable brands and products so that we can all have healthier, happier homes.

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