13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Image by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Image by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing

Hailey Carrillo

Why have a daily routine filled with products that contain toxic chemicals and are packaged using single-use plastic?

We’d rather stay consciously clean with eco-friendly bathroom products or sanitary wares that don’t risk our health, or the planet’s. 

Especially considering women spends an average of 770 days of their lives in the bathroom—and men a whopping 855! 

Fortunately, between zero waste bathroom swaps and sustainable bath products, it’s easier than ever to transform our arguably most essential room in the house into an eco-friendly space.

Get ready to lather up, because here are some sustainable bathroom products to help with exactly that.

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1. Shampoo & Conditioner

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

There are two main plastic-free bathroom products for your eco hair care routine: shampoo and conditioner bars or refillable options of your favorite planet-friendly ‘poo. 

For the former, Ethique ensures luscious locks in a consciously concentrated way. Their handcrafted Live and Let Shine™ pack has all you need for balanced hair. 

The restoring and palm oil-free shampoo and conditioner duo features cocoa butter and coconut oil to support smooth tresses. The zero-waste bars replace EIGHT 350ml bottles, supporting a healthy planet.

Sister-owned Plaine Products provides a refillable alternative to plastic shampoo bottles.

The scent options—Rosemary Mint Vanilla and Citrus Lavender—are courtesy of essential oils and the plant-based ingredients are also vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, biodegradable, sulfate-free, color-safe, silicone-free, and palm oil free.

Everist also offers a zero waste liquid alternative to shampoo and conditioner via 100% recyclable aluminum concentrated tubes.

Switching to zero-waste shampoo and conditioners is an easy first swap on the journey to more eco-friendly sanitary wares.

2. Soap & Body Wash

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Everist and Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Everist and Sustainable Jungle

Eco-friendly bath products aren’t just better for the planet, but they’re often better for your skin, being absent all kinds of synthetic fillers that are (at best) useless and (at worst) toxic.

Carbon Neutral Everist helps keep plastic waste out of the shower by prioritizing recyclable packaging materials and ingredients that are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of synthetic fragrances. 

Low-waste lather is available in the form of a Body Wash Concentrate Tin, an aluminum tin filled with 3x concentrated plant-based ingredients. Read: an entire bottle of body wash in a 100ml travel-friendly tin.

Providing concentrates without a container at all, Ethique’s back at it again with their Invigorating Bodywash Concentrate. Suitable for all skin types, the Orange & Lime body wash makes 350ml of liquid in a plastic-free way. You just add the water 😉

Another option to leave yourself smelling sustainably sweet is using body wash refills, either from brands who offer mail-in bottle returns or at a local zero waste store.

Don’t forget the zero waste hand soap, consider you’ll be using this multiple times a day.

3. Deodorant

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Alpine Provisions and Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Alpine Provisions and Sustainable Jungle

Talking of sweet, how do we get clean ‘pits without stinking up the planet in the process? 

With zero waste deodorants, of course! 

For eco-friendly bathroom products in the USA, EarthHero is a go-to marketplace for the bathroom and beyond. 

Stocking a variety of things to tackle stinky ‘pits, their deodorant lineup includes Colorado-based men’s bathroom essentials brand Alpine Provisions.

Their Cedar + Sandalwood Magnesium Deodorant features cruelty-free, vegan, organic, and baking-soda ingredients—making it gentle on the most sensitive skin. 

It’s packaged in a plastic-free paper tube, made in the USA, and helps fund the Colorado Outward Bound School Scholarship Fund. 

Sustainable packaging is EcoRoots’ specialty, and it’s what you’ll get in their eco-friendly alternative to deodorant in plastic packaging: their Zero Waste Deodorant. 

The non-toxic formula features natural and organic ingredients and ticks all the boxes being free of cruelty, aluminum, parabens, baking soda, and animal-derived ingredients. Suitable for sensitive skin, it uses essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances.

4. Moisturizer

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

A natural bathroom often means a natural body. For soft, supple, sustainable skin, ditch the harsh chemicals and unnecessary plastic waste and opt for zero waste lotion instead. 

For eco-friendly bathroom products UK, Conscious Skincare offers moisturizing products in recyclable/reusable glass jars. 

The Enrich Day Moisturizer is packed with healing ingredients like organic, fair trade shea butter, organic avocado oil, and other ingredients that are vegan friendly, Leaping Bunny certified, and palm oil free. 

Again using reusable and recyclable materials for their refillable face moisturizer, we can turn to Plaine Products to renew, soften, and smooth skin. 

Using rich plant oils and extracts, the safe, paraben-free formula will combat fine lines and wrinkles and support skin health with potent antioxidants and nutrients.

5. Toothpaste

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Georganics joins people twice daily to help them brush in a way that’s better for our planet. 

Black is the new white (teeth), which is why you’ll find bacteria-trapping and stain-removing activated charcoal in their Charcoal Mineral Toothpaste Tablets. 

Instead of fluoride, SLS, and glycerin, they’re made with mineral-rich powders like kaolin clay and calcium carbonate. Instead of a type of plastic tube that is almost never recyclable, the tablets come in a reusable glass jar. 

If you want a conventional fluoride-containing clean with an unconventional flavor, they’ve also got an Orange Fluoride Toothpaste. Like the tablets, it’s packed with vegan, cruelty-free ingredients that are COSMOS-certified and mostly organic.

Zero waste toothpaste is an eco bathroom essential. Make the switch to either of the above and you’ll cut out the need for EIGHT plastic tubes every year.

6. Toothbrush

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

When it comes to eco-friendly bathroom accessories, there’s no simpler swap than making the switch to a zero waste toothbrush

ZeroWasteStore is a good place to turn for bamboo toothbrushes. Theirs is totally plant-based and made with organic bamboo, castor bean oil (bristles), and paper. 

Buy them as singles, or stock up for the year with their discounted pack of eight.

Doing things a little differently, etee has a Bamboo Toothbrush with Replaceable Head. Like it sounds, the Coral, Green, or Teal bamboo toothbrushes come in two parts to minimize waste every time you need a new toothbrush. 

They’re also made with 100% castor bean oil bristles and FSC-certified bamboo.

If you prefer a little vibration to help lift plaque from your pearly whites, fear not; etee offers a bamboo electric toothbrush, too.

7. Floss

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

It may be the least favorite part of your oral care routine, but the fact that flossing can be done with sustainable bathroom accessories makes it better, right?

EcoRoots’ floss is made with 100% plastic-free ingredients that are either recyclable or compostable (unlike traditional dental floss). 

The organic, vegan bamboo fiber floss can either go in the compost bin or be buried in soil “for mother earth to take care of it”.

With etee’s Gently Minted Waxed Silk Dental Floss, you get much of the same: candelilla wax, natural flavoring, and plastic-free packaging. 

The only difference is that theirs is made with 100% mulberry silk floss (unfortunately not peace silk, but it may be a thinner, easier-to-glide option for those with tightly-spaced teeth).

8. Razor & Shaving Soap

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Shave off some single-use plastic pollution by incorporating more reusable bathroom products into your hygiene routine: like a safety razor. 

Disposable plastic razors aren’t just an annoyance for growing landfills, they also eat up a lot of money. 

A single investment in EcoRoots’ safety razor will give you years of shaving—and it can be recycled at the end of its life. Not only do these rose gold safety razors look great, but they also protect skin against shaving burns, bumps, and ingrown hairs. 

Taking care of all of your smooth, freshly-shaven needs, ZeroWasteStore has a Zero Waste Shave Kit that comes with a choice of three safety razors, 50 replacement blades, and an organic shave bar in a refillable tin. 

Once the blades can shave no more, they can be collected and sent back to ZWS to be recycled.

Just be sure to properly learn how to clean a safety razor so it can be your trusty shaving companion for years. Fuzz-free without the fuss for you and the planet!

9. Toilet Paper

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

The average American uses over 140 rolls of toilet paper, making those in the US the global leaders in TP consumption. 

Regardless of where you live, you can turn your bathroom into a planet-friendly one by changing how you wipe—even if you’re not quite ready for zero waste hygiene products in the form of zero waste toilet paper or reusable toilet paper.

Recycled toilet paper means no virgin trees and a manufacturing process that requires a lot less energy and water. It also creates less air pollution (40% less sulfur dioxide). 

Who Gives A Crap gives a crap about this, which is why they offer 100% Recycled Toilet Paper.

As an extra bonus, WGAC’s toilet rolls come in brightly colored compostable paper that can be upcycled into zero-waste gift wrapping

Bamboo is also better for the earth—and your bum. Cloud Paper’s 100% bamboo toilet paper is extra cushy, ultra-strong, and luxuriously soft.

Unlike the 1 million trees required for conventional toilet rolls, bamboo is quick-growing making it a more eco-friendly alternative to the tens of thousands of trees flushed daily that takes hundreds of years to grow.

10. Period Products

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Saalt #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Saalt

Serving as an alternative to plastic-based, chemical-laden sanitary pads and tampons, menstrual cups are one of the most sustainable bath and body products for menstruators. 

Saalt is one of the sustainable period underwear brands prioritizing planet-friendly period care. Their Duo Pack is perfect for anyone getting started with a reusable menstrual cup.

It includes two sizes of medical-grade silicone menstrual cups to accommodate different menstrual flow levels and cervix heights. 

Menstrual cups aren’t for everyone, though. Organic period underwear might be more your speed.

Fortunately, Saalt also offers a Sampler 3-Pack Bundle of period underwear for regular to high absorbency. Each leak-proof pair can absorb up to 2 sanitary pads or 3 tampons’ worth—all while keeping wearers dry and comfy.

11. Organic Towels & Bath Mats

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Boll & Branch and Cold Picnic #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Boll & Branch and Cold Picnic

The coziest sustainable shower products will feel good on your freshly-bathed body, clean toes, and our earth: organic towels and bath mats. 

Boll & Branch is one of the best sustainable bedding brands—but they’re equally cozy when it comes to wrapping up post-bath.

Their Plush Bath Towel Set is made with the same supremely sustainable material: organic cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The additional OEKO-TEX certification means each of the two hand towels, bath towels, and wash cloths are free of GMOs and harmful chemicals. 

Cold Picnic partners with organizations like GoodWeave and Care & Fair to ensure that their bath mats are made as ethically as they are sustainably.

And who says eco-conscious bath products can’t be a work of art?

Their 100% organic cotton bath mats mostly feature earthy palettes and funky geometric designs.

For something a little cheekier (literally), there’s the Tushy Bath Mat to add a little humor to your life each time you tackle the daily business.

12. Shower Curtain

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Coyuchi and Rawganique #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Coyuchi and Rawganique

One of the most eco-friendly shower products is that which replaces some of the most traditionally toxic ones: PVC shower curtains. 

Swapping these out with non-toxic shower curtains ensures you’re not breathing in off-gassed chemicals mixed in with all that otherwise therapeutic steam.

We’d feel safe showering with Coyuchi’s Mediterranean Organic Shower Curtain. It’s made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and gets its clean, white color from hydrogen peroxide instead of harsh chlorine bleach.

For another shower curtain free of toxic chemicals and PVC, there’s off-grid homesteader brand Rawganique.

They have a 100% Organic Hemp Shower Curtain that’s available in 16 non-toxic colors. You can include a natural wax bar to waterproof the shower curtain, or it’s machine-washable.

Since both of these are all-natural, they’re compostable—meaning even if they start smelling too funky and need to be disposed of, they’re still a totally zero waste shower product.

13. Bathroom Cleaning Products

13 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Sustainable Scrubbing Images by Juniperseed Mercantile and Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlybathroomproducts #ecofriendlyshowerproducts #ecofriendlybathproducts #sustainablebathroomproducts #sustainablebathproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Juniperseed Mercantile and Sustainable Jungle

EarthHero is once again a hero when it comes to the best eco-friendly bathroom cleaning products. 

Tackling the dirtiest of jobs, their bathroom cleaning range includes Juniper Seed Mercantile’s Johnny Drops Toilet Cleaning Bombs

Also doubling as a cleaner for tubs, sinks, and garbage disposals, the bombs are made of effective and eco-friendly ingredients like baking soda, citrus oils, and witch hazel.

Or if you prefer traditional liquid toilet bowl cleaners, you can still do them sans plastic thanks to refillable cleaning product brands.

Like Blueland, whose Clean Essentials will keep your mirror, countertop, sink, shower, toilet, and more sparkling clean. These also make use of concentrated tablets that, when dissolved in reusable bottles of water, become just like any other spray cleaner.

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A Note On Eco-Friendly Bathrooms

A low (to zero) waste bathroom likely won’t happen overnight. 

Feel free to take your time in making sustainable swaps that work for you. If all you can do right now is upgrade your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one, that’s definitely a step in the right direction. 

If the concept of “zero waste” is too daunting, just think of it as low waste until you get a feel for things.

Also, consider that while many of these environmentally-friendly bathroom alternatives are more expensive than the conventional version, they’re an investment that will save you money over time. 

Shampoo bars will last longer than a plastic shampoo bottle. A menstrual cup can be used for a decade or longer, saving you $10-15 a month in period product costs. A zero waste safety razor may last you the rest of your life (and prevent stubble in the process!).

Being made with natural ingredients, these eco-friendly products are also better for your well-being. 

By staying clear of ingredients to avoid in skincare, they’ll reduce your risk of exposure to chemicals like volatile organic compounds, which have been linked to anxiety, nausea, headaches, and other chronic conditions

We’re exposed to enough potentially harmful compounds on a daily basis. Why take our chance with personal care or beauty products that aren’t made with natural skincare ingredients?

How We Found The Best Sustainable Bathroom Products

How did we ensure we’re living the green eco dream each time we go to the loo?

We used a combination of our criteria for sustainable and ethical fashion and other home textiles, as well as those for sustainable beauty

Aside from seeking natural, organic fabrics for all the fluffy parts of our bathroom, we want our personal care products to be:

  • Vegan and cruelty-free: Sometimes ethically sourced beeswax and honey are fine ingredients, but animal testing never is.
  • Non-toxic
  • Palm oil free: If palm oil is used, it should only be from RSPO or other sustainably certified sourced.
  • Ethical ingredient sourcing policies (AKA fair trade).
  • Thoughtful packaging: We typically look for zero waste personal care and beauty products, meaning those that are reusable, refillable, or compostable, both for the product itself and its packaging.

Final Thoughts On Sustainable Bathroom Products

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sustainable bathrooms, but hopefully this list has provided some inspo for how you can make yours a more eco-friendly oasis—or at the very least gave you some interesting toilet reading material.

It’s reported that 72% of people do their best thinking in the shower. So, next time you’re mid-scrub, think about how you can up your game for an eco-friendly bathroom with zero-waste shower products. 

If you know anyone with a bathtub lined with plastic bottles filled with unrecognizable ingredients, send this article their way to help them reduce waste in the bathroom of at least one variety.

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