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At Sustainable Jungle, our mission is simple – to encourage positive change for people and our planet. 

And how do we do that?

Through sharing, tips, tricks, hacks, products, brands and inspiring stories all centered around sustainability. 

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Our Goal: Ubiquitous Sustainability

Sustainability is not a trend or buzzword; it’s an evolving lifestyle that puts a social and environmental focus at its center. To that end, we believe in “progress over perfection” and support organizations and individuals genuinely committed to making a positive impact. Our goal is ambitious yet achievable: to make sustainability an integral part of everyone’s daily life.

Reliability, Integrity and Nuance

At the heart of Sustainable Jungle is a steadfast commitment to reliability and integrity. This is made possible by our incredible team, a diverse group of passionate experts, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in sustainability. 

Our content creators, researchers, and editors come from varied backgrounds, with expertise in environmental science and stewardship, permaculture, upcycling, organic gardening, tiny self-sufficient living and self-sufficient communities, animal husbandry, wildlife conservation and ecology, green and low waste parenting, ethical and social advocacy, sustainable travel, yoga and wellness, eco-building, ocean conservation, and regenerative agriculture.

Their expertise is not just academic; it’s lived experience. 

Many of our team members are active in grassroots environmental movements, have professional experience in green industries, or have dedicated their lives to practicing and promoting sustainable living at home and beyond. This blend of professional qualifications and personal commitment to the cause ensures that our content is not only based on scientific research and factual data but also resonates with real-world applications and genuine understanding.

Your trust is our most valued asset. We honor it by maintaining rigorous standards for our content, ensuring everything we share is thoroughly researched, fact-checked, and presented with clarity and honesty. Our team’s diverse expertise allows us to approach sustainability from various angles, giving you a comprehensive, reliable and nuanced source of information and inspiration for living a more sustainable life. To that end, you can read more about our editorial guidelines here and if you come across any factual errors in our content, please email [email protected].

A Dash of Fun and Optimism

Eco-anxiety is real, and we know all too well that this topic can easily become too hard.

So we strive to make your sustainable living journey enjoyable and uplifting. Our approach is to blend essential information with a sense of humor and optimism. We aim to enlighten, engage, and occasionally make you smile or chuckle.

Look out for our puns (we take great pride in crafting them!).

Proud Members of 1% for the Planet

Sustainable Jungle is thrilled to be part of the 1% for the Planet network. This commitment means we contribute at least one percent of our annual sales to environmental causes. 

We’re fighting for a better future, and you can see our impact and learn more about this vital movement here.

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“I LOVE your site, every time I’ve made a zero-waste switch your website has been totally invaluable.”


I loved your piece on slow fashion. So many things in there that should get us all thinking and changing our mindset. Some of the stats you included are truly concerning, but it’s encouraging to know we can choose better starting tomorrow.


You’re my go-to place for sustainable/zero-waste suggestions, and I’ve already changed a number of buying habits.


We’re thrilled and proud to be part of the 1% for the Planet network fighting for a better future. See our impact and learn more about the movement here.


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