Sustainable Jungle’s Editorial Guidelines

Our Commitment to Integrity

At Sustainable Jungle, we are dedicated to creating content that embodies our core values of honesty, transparency, and integrity, all in pursuit of a more sustainable and ethical world.

Our in-house editorial team at Sustainable Jungle are deeply passionate about environmental advocacy, social justice, and animal welfare.

Every podcast episode you listen to, video you watch on our YouTube channel, or article that you read on Sustainable Jungle, is crafted with a keen awareness of the often complex and nuanced issues within the spectrum of sustainability. We recognize that sustainability often involves navigating gray areas, where multiple perspectives need to be considered.

To address these complexities, we aim to present accurate information that is not only reliable but also reflective of the diverse viewpoints and debates within the sustainability community. It is an ongoing balance between the former and latter, particularly as the landscape of what constitutes ‘sustainable’ is an ever-evolving one.

To this end our content aims to provide you with a comprehensive overview, acknowledging the pros and cons, challenges, and potential solutions and options from ethical consumerism to environmental conservation, and from renewable energy to animal rights.

We understand that in the world of sustainability, one size does not fit all. What may work for you may not for another reader, or what may be a sustainable choice for you in one context might not be in another.

Our content is carefully crafted to guide, inform, and empower you, so that you can make informed decisions that align with your values and circumstances.

Sustainable Jungle is committed to providing a platform where complex sustainability issues are explored with depth, nuance, and an unwavering commitment to integrity. Our content, through every medium we employ, aims to reflect the multifaceted nature of sustainability, encouraging informed dialogue and action among our audience.

Expertise and Experience

Our team is an eclectic mix of sustainability enthusiasts, professionals, and advocates. Our experience ranges from tertiary educated sustainability academics to specific industry and professional sector experts to environmental grassroots leaders. 

We’re not just writers and editors; we’re advocates and practitioners who embrace sustainable living in unique and meaningful ways. We bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience.

We bring our expertise to life not just in written form but through our podcast, interviewing thought leaders and changemakers in the sustainability sphere. And on our YouTube channel, where we dive deeper, providing practical hands-on product and brand reviews and detailed explainers, making sustainability accessible and understandable.

You can read more about Sustainable Jungle here.

Sourcing, Reliability and Accuracy

Reliable information is critical to provide you with accurate sustainability related advice and solutions. Therefore, primary sources from credible and current references, including expert interviews, academic research, and reputable institutions are always prioritized. We also aim to bring diverse perspectives to the forefront, particularly those from underrepresented communities who are often not given a platform or voice.

Where sources are cited, accuracy of those sources is non-negotiable. Our fact-checking process involves cross-referencing all data and claims referenced to ensure reliability which is managed by our editorial team.

Transparency and Corrections

We value transparency and accountability. Our content is routinely updated to reflect current knowledge, research, and information. 

But as our content is written by humans for humans we sometimes get things wrong. We try to promptly correct any errors as soon as we become aware of them. If you come across any errors or incongruencies in our content please reach out to us at [email protected].

Independence and Impartiality

Our editorial independence is paramount. Content decisions are made free from external influences, and we maintain a strict divide between our editorial and advertising decisions. We’re committed to unbiased reporting and reviews, driven by research and testing, not influenced by commercial interests.

Progress Over Perfection in Sustainability

We embrace the philosophy of “progress over perfection.” We recognize that striving for absolute sustainability is an ideal that can slow or paralyze improvement.

Our approach is to educate and inspire, highlighting positive steps and innovations in sustainability and ethics. We celebrate all the victories and progress, however small, understanding that every step forward counts.

What to Expect from Us

  • Encouragement and celebration of sustainable actions by brands and individuals.
  • Careful avoidance of greenwashing, with a commitment to remove any misleading content.
  • Acknowledgement of the subjectivity in sustainability and ethics, with a willingness to adapt our approach based on community feedback and the latest science based research.

What Not to Expect from Us

  • We do not denounce entities for imperfection if they demonstrate genuine efforts towards sustainability.
  • We do not conduct audits but rely on reputable certifications, community insights, and assumed honesty as the baseline.

Engagement and Community Feedback

We believe in the power of community. Your insights and feedback are invaluable, helping us refine and evolve our content.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and be an active participant on one (or all) of the platforms below in our journey towards a more sustainable world.