13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
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13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty

Heather Seely

“Organic” is often associated with “expensive”.

Which for the most part is true, because, let’s face it: you get what you pay for. 

Organic makeup brands mean quality ingredients, ethical sourcing, and reduced impact—all of which costs money.

Sure, that 99¢ lipstick might seem like a bargain, but how cheap do the ingredients have to be to make it at that price? And what price might you pay for exposing your body to that later on?

Investing in safe and sustainable products is well worth the extra bucks. 

However, we also believe clean beauty products should not be out of reach, which is why we’re looking for the best all-natural makeup brands that will give you pouty lips without needing to pout over the price.

So what is the healthiest makeup brand?

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Top Organic Makeup Brands Beautifying You Naturally

It could be Dab Herb, who creates affordable, sustainable products using almost entirely organically-grown ingredients. 

Or perhaps Axiology, who is also doing their part to keep the earth healthy with multi-use products that come packaged in nearly nothing.

One of the most natural ingredient makeup brands, ĀTHR Beauty’s 100% plant-based formulas are guaranteed not to contain over 3000 harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Keep reading to find out what other affordable organic makeup brands give a great foundation (pun intended) for your makeup kit, or pop to the bottom for a guide on how we chose them.

1. Axiology

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

Axiology;s Affordable Natural Makeup

Price Range: $–$$

When it comes to cruelty-free and vegan organic makeup brands, Axiology is the balm.

This zero waste makeup brand’s award-winning 3-in-1 lip, cheek, and eye crayons are made of only nine natural ingredients—crayon you believe that!?

These “Balmies” come in several shades, ranging from cool, icy shimmers to warm hues, and are best for those with oily skin who want a moisturizing semi-matte finish. 

Axiology would never forget about you dry skin makeup artists out there, however. 

Their multi-sticks are made with a trifecta of oils (coconut, avocado, and grapeseed) that result in a subtle, dewy finish and a needed hydration boost for those with dry skin. 

About Axiology

Axiology is one of the best organic makeup brands at Ulta (impressive considering they had humble beginnings in a kitchen).

Their products have always been ethically-sourced, cruelty-free, and vegan, but Axiology recently made the switch to being 100% plastic-free when they ditched traditional lipstick tubes for paper-wrapped crayons. 

They partner with a women’s cooperative in Bali that turns paper trash into beautiful recyclable packaging; cleaning the island while simultaneously providing stable income for women in the community.

2. Dab Herb

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

Dab Herb’s Affordable Clean Makeup

Price Range: $–$$

This next affordable natural makeup brand has cult status, and for good reason.

From lips to lids, Dab Herb has all your organic and pregnancy safe makeup needs covered. 

Like compostable paper tube lip tint and an innovative mascara bar for those focusing on zero waste beauty.

Their formulations are made from natural and organic ingredients like raw shea butter, unrefined avocado oil, red raspberry, cornflowers, spirulina, and coffee seed extract. 

Many of which are certified organic, food-grade, or wildcrafted. 

Any mineral pigments like mica—such as that in their stunningly colorful plant eyeliners—are ethically sourced in the USA.

About Dab Herb

Dab Herb’s greets shoppers with, “Welcome to the healthiest decision you’ve made yet.

The “nature to nurture” approach promises every one of their products are made with organic, wild-crafted, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients for healthy skin. 

Making our world a little healthier, they only use recyclable paper mailers and plastic-free shipping materials, on top of the glass or metal containers their products are housed in.

They also support Made in the Free World, a global organization working to end human trafficking and support those who have fallen victim to it.

3. INIKA Organic

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty Image by INIKA Organic #organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by INIKA Organic

*Note: We are confirming policies directly with this brand.

INIKA Organic’s Certified Organic Cosmetics Australia

Price Range: $$–$$$

INIKA Organic is one of our favorite organic makeup brands Australia offers.

They believe natural products should not compromise on quality and performance. 

Rather than synthetic fragrances and additives, they craft their natural makeup with botanical extracts and rich mineral pigments that are clinically-proven to provide skincare benefits. 

Because who says your skin care and makeup routine can’t be a two-in-one deal? 

With organic primers, concealers, foundations, blushes, bronzers, contours, mascaras, eyeliners, shadows, brow fillers, organic lipsticks, lip glosses, and more, INIKA has something for every step of your beauty routine. 

Each item is certified by Vegan Society, Ecocert COSMOS Natural, and PETA.

We especially love the gorgeous warm colors of the Sunset Eyeshadow Quad—and we love even more that the elegant compact is paper, not plastic.

About INIKA Organic

With a higher level of certifications than any others in the beauty industry, INIKA is arguably one of the best clean makeup brands out there. 

The award-winning Australian natural makeup brand is proud to be the first certified plastic neutral makeup brand globally. 

Their earth-friendly packaging is made mostly from sustainable and reused materials, such as aluminum, glass, sugar cane, PCR plastic, and glass. 

Better still, they support a circular economy by funding the collection and repurposing of plastic into fence posts that are donated to rural communities affected by natural disasters.

4. 100% Pure

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly BeautyImage by Sustainable Jungle#organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

100% Pure’s Vegan & Organic Makeup

Price Range: $$

No matter what your needs are, 100% Pure has you covered with organic, vegan-friendly makeup.

They have an extensive catalog of vegan, cruelty-free, and certified organic mascara, lipsticks, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, lip balm, primer, and blush.

One we’ve tested (and love) is the Creamy Long Last Liner, made with moisturizing jojoba oil, shea butter, marula oil, sunflower oil, and vitamin E. 

The fruit-pigmented eyeliner pencil is long-lasting and easily glides across lids for extra definition and pop. 

It’s available in an intense kohl black, deep espresso brown, and shimmery silver. 

About 100% Pure 

100% Pure uses the magic of plant-based ingredients and pigments to craft high-quality vegan makeup. 

The team goes through a strict process to ensure none of the ingredients are animal-sourced or contain toxic materials, FD&C colorants, or heavy metal dyes.

They plan to replace all packaging with post-consumer recycled or recyclable materials and reduce petrochemical-based packaging by 75% by 2024.

All of the organic and vegan beauty products are shipped in recyclable boxes containing biodegradable packing peanuts. 

And for every purchase, 100% Pure donates one bowl of vegan dog food or plants a tree, depending on the customer’s choice. 

5. ĀTHR Beauty

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty Image by ĀTHR Beauty #organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by ĀTHR Beauty

*Note: ĀTHR Beauty uses RSPO-certified palm oil but is looking to move away from these. We are confirming policies directly with this brand.

ĀTHR Beauty’s Certified Organic Makeup

Price Range: $–$$

Clean beauty is no illusion with ĀTHR Beauty’s natural and organic makeup line. 

They specialize in clean beauty products for your eyes, lips, and face including eyeshadows, mascara, lip stains, cheek stains, and illuminating oils. 

Our the spiritual makeup artist out there will love this organic eye makeup brand’s crystal palettes: eyeshadows infused with desert botanical oils and crystals designed to hydrate your skin and uplift your mind. 

All ingredients are organic, ocean-safe, biodegradable, and ethically-sourced. 

About ĀTHR Beauty

ĀTHR Beauty was born in the light of the Arizona desert. 

Founder Tiilam infuses every product with organic, sustainably sourced desert oils that smooth, brighten, boost collagen, and hydrate skin. 

Like a cactus, these products will have your skin looking sharp in even the harshest environments. 

This sustainable beauty brand strives for sustainable packaging. It’s currently created from recycled materials, and they are actively working on zero waste packaging.

You can also feel confident spending your money with ĀTHR Beauty knowing that 1% of proceeds are donated to environmental charities.

6. ILIA Beauty

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty Image by ILIA Beauty #organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by ILIA Beauty

Note: Some cosmetics contain synthetic dyes and beeswax

ILIA Beauty’s Natural & Organic Makeup 

Price Range: $$

ILIA Beauty is one of the more luxury natural makeup brands out there offering Leaping Bunny-certified face, lip, eye, skincare, and multi-use products.

Their still affordable organic makeup and skincare is thoughtfully formulated without gluten, parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, talc, and chemical screens. 

If you aren’t sure what products to try out first, keep it simple with one of their eye, lip, or complexion sets

They believe synthetic ingredients are not all black and white: not every synthetic is bad, and not every natural skin care ingredient is good.

That said, some of their products do contain synthetic dyes. 

About ILIA Beauty

ILIA is dedicated to protecting and reviving both your skin, and the planet. 

Ilia donates the 1% of proceeds from their Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 sales towards reforestation efforts in the Amazon. 

They also only use recycled aluminum, glass components, and responsibly sourced paper packaging, and partner with the Pact Collective to help recycle difficult-to-recycle products.

7. Well People

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty Image by Well People #organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Well People

Note: Well People uses some palm-oil derivatives. We are confirming policies directly with this brand.

Well People’s Vegan Organic Makeup

Price Range: $–$$

When it comes to organic makeup brands, Well People simply can’t be beat.

The affordable organic makeup brand has over 35 EWG-approved products covering everything you need for a full-face beat down including full coverage foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, contour, bronzer, and setting spray. 

Their vegan products are made from antioxidant-rich natural ingredients like green tea, pomegranate, rosehip, and broccoli seed oil—rather than synthetic fragrances, fillers, and preservatives.

We’re stuck on their Supernatural Stick, whose gentle jojoba and sunflower seed oil base makes it suitable for a hydrating blush or lip tint alike.

About Well People

Well people, what more can we say to convince you this is one of the best natural organic makeup brands out there?

What if we tell you about their commitment to human rights. 

Well People is the first beauty company to utilize a Fair Trade Certified factory, meaning they promote sustainable livelihoods and safe working conditions for their workers and suppliers. 

Every decision Well People makes is to better serve the environment and community, which is why they are experimenting with plastic alternative corn, sugar, and PCR-recycled containers to supplement their FSC-certified paper.

8. RMS Beauty

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty Image by RMS Beauty #organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty’s Clean Cosmetics

Price Range: $$

RMS Beauty is committed to providing clean cosmetics made from raw, food grade, certified organic, wildcrafted, and naturally derived ingredients. 

As part of the organic makeup brand’s clean commitment, over 2,600 ingredients are banned from their cosmetics.

Naturally meaning that their products are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, gluten, GMO’s, sulfates, and talc.

Your face will be left with a natural glow after you try their foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and more. 

If you’re new to RMS, The Best of RMS collection has four iconic travel-sized glow producers perfect for sustainable travel and generally sampling.

About RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty was born out of the desire to make sustainable beauty, attainable beauty.

With 30 years in the field as a master makeup guru, Rose Marie Smith had her lightbulb moment when she realized cosmetics could be made with better, safer ingredients.

Their packaging is made from post-consumer recycled papers and plastics, and easily recyclable materials like aluminum. Not perfect by any means, but zero waste is all about progress over perfection. 

They are currently on the road to creating completely refillable cosmetics, starting with refillable primers and natural foundations.

9. Bee You Cosmetics

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty Image by Bee You Organics #organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Bee You Organics

*Note: Some products are vegan, but most contain beeswax.

Bee You Cosmetics’ Affordable Natural Makeup

Price Range: $–$$

Whether you’re after zero waste mascara, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lip stain, BB cream, or brushes, Bee You Organics will have you buzzing. 

Every single item is free from water, alcohol, gluten, palm oil, alcohol, water, synthetics, fragrances, preservatives, fillers, SLS, SLES, parabens, talc, and more. 

In other words, they only use natural and organic ingredients you could pretty much eat.

You can’t go wrong with a cruelty-free, gluten-free, and organic meal, can you?

Rest assured knowing the mica in makeup by Bee You is locally sourced non-micro, cosmetic-grade, and has a traceable supply chain that backs up ethical work practices. 

Similarly, their beeswax comes from local suppliers or their own apiary, and proceeds help fund both tree planting and sustainable bee research at WSU.

About Bee You Organics

After an accident left her with scars on her face, founder Larissa started using makeup as a cover-up before realizing the ingredients of traditional makeup products left her with irritated skin and breakouts.

Bee You Organics was born. 

Part beauty, part zero waste skin care brand, Bee You believes the two are inseparable, hand making healing products suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Many products come in paper board, tin, or glass containers (which can be returned for refills) and the clean beauty brand is well on its way to getting rid of plastic completely. 

You will receive your order carbon-neutral in recycled or handmade seeded paper, along with recycled/recyclable shipping labels.

10. Vyana Plant Beauty

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty Image by Vyana Beauty Makeup #organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Vyana Beauty Makeup

Vyana Plant Beauty’s Organic Makeup 

Price Range: $

Face makeup, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, eye cream, foundation, oh my!

Vyana Plant Beauty creates affordable organic makeup worth checking out. 

Their ingredient lists contain the likes of grapeseed oil, coconut oil, candelilla wax, castor oil, licorice root, and iron oxides and micas (almost all organic!).

For something unique, check out the Pink Clay Luminizer, which uses organic grapeseed oil and rose to double as a soothing face serum.

Their minerals are non-nano and sustainably mined.

They recently stopped using magnesium stearate (since their supplier couldn’t guarantee it to be palm oil-free) and instead use non-palm derived cetyl alcohol and stearic acid.

About Vyana Plant Beauty

Vyana is committed to using Earth’s most natural gifts to create luxury vegan and cruelty-free products.

They may offer cruelty-free concealer, but they’re not covering anything up.

Everything is 100% handmade in small batches in their Swedish headquarters and they prioritize local ingredients.

Their Refill Project provides customers with the opportunity to return empty jars for refills at a 25% discount.

They also use recyclable and biodegradable packaging, like packing peanuts that will fully dissolve in water.

11. River Organics

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly BeautyImage by River Organics#organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by River Organics

River Organics’ Vegan Natural Makeup

Price Range: $

Like the variety of a river itself, River Organics has a little bit of everything you could need to look and feel your best without the hidden cost. 

Their affordable organic makeup range covers it all: lip gloss, blush, concealer, eyebrow products, bronzers, highlighters, facial oils, brushes, sets, and more. 

We love keeping our lips simple and supple with their Nourishing Lip Balm that truly does just what the name claims thanks to cacao butter, coconut oil, and delicious mango butter.

Imperfect or not, you’ll see a lot of recognizable, organic, and EWG-verified ingredients in the product descriptions like shea butter, arrowroot powder, moringa seed oil, apricot kernel oil, cocoa seed butter, and conflict-free lab-made mica. 

About River Organics

River Organics may be based in North Carolina, but their products are inspired by travels far and wide. 

Inspired by trips in the Middle East and Europe, the independently-owned brand prioritizes plant oils over the traditional use of creams. 

Products are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of palm oil.

Most products are housed in an eco-friendly paper package and ship in recycled shipping envelopes with sugarcane labels. 

To make the world beautiful in every way, they support smaller charities, like animal rescues.

12. Moonrise Creek

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly Beauty Image by Moonrise Creek #organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Moonrise Creek

Note: Moonrise Creek uses sustainably sourced palm based vegetable glycerin in their lotion.

Moonrise Creek’s Natural And Organic Cosmetics 

Price Range: $–$$

If you’re looking for long-lasting, inexpensive natural makeup, Moonrise Creek has you covered—just like their matte and pregnancy safe mineral foundation powders, cream concealers, liquid foundations.

Face makeup aside, tint sticks, nutrient rich clear mascara, and botanical lipsticks are just a few of the natural and organic beauty products that the Mountain Moon Tribe offers. 

Their cruelty-free botanical cosmetics are handcrafted in small batches with love, intention, and earth-friendly ingredients like jojoba oil, cocoa seed butter, and organic coconut oil. 

While formulated without parabens, toxins, or synthetic fragrances, some items contain iron and titanium oxides.

About Moonrise Creek 

Moonrise Creek has you covered from sunrise to moonrise with their natural cosmetics and skin care.

The whimsical family-owned shop also stocks aromatherapy, healing herbal apothecary, and cosmetic tools. 

They describe themselves as a planet wise, animal friendly, low impact, earth conscious company—resulting in over 91,000 5-star average rated sales on Etsy.

Moonrise Creek has featured in an article on organic tinted moisturizers.

13. Elate Cosmetics

13 Organic Makeup Brands Creating Natural & Budget-Friendly BeautyImage by Elate Cosmetics#organicmakeupbrands #naturalmakeupbrands #bestorganicmakeupbrands #affordableorganicmakeup #inexpensivenaturalmakeup #bestallnautralmakeupbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Elate Cosmetics

*Note: Elate’s Stearic Acid is palm derived from an RSPO-certified supplier. Some products are palm oil free.

Elate Cosmetics’s All-Natural Makeup

Price Range: $–$$

We hope your sustainable makeup bag is ready—because Elate Cosmetics is one of the best organic makeup brands to fill your bag with all you could need for eyes, face, and lips. 

Things like mascara, eyeliner, brow balm, pressed eye color, foundation, primer, concealer, blush, bronzer, and organic lip balms, glosses, and sticks.

They even carry the vegan makeup brushes you’ll need to apply it all—like the multi-use brush, which can just about cover all your application needs.

Each product is made with 100% vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, many of which are also fair trade and/or certified organic (as about 90% are).

They only use responsibly sourced mica and titanium dioxide, which are free of nano-sized particles.

Many items are housed in either glass bottles with a recyclable plastic pump and compostable bamboo or recyclable aluminum tins. 

About Elate Cosmetics

Elate is a Canadian natural makeup brand driven by five conscious beauty principles: impact, ethics, community, future, and mission.

They believe a makeup routine can have a positive global impact and they’re making it possible through transparency, sustainable packaging, consciously chosen ingredients, inclusion, and the desire to continue reducing their impact. 

Their inexpensive natural makeup products are packaged in compostable or recyclable containers, like bamboo compacts or seed paper palette refills.

Thanks to Elate’s partnership with Bullfrog Power, you’ll also be supporting a carbon-neutral company when you buy their affordable all-natural makeup.

Also available on Flora & Fauna (AU)

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How We Found The Best Natural Makeup Brands

Which is the best organic cosmetic brand? And how do you know?

For instance, is Bare Minerals organic and natural?

(That’s a maybe—they do use pure minerals as opposed to synthetics, but certified organic ingredients don’t appear to be a priority to this big name brand).

To be able to sort through greenwashing and the false claims of “natural” and “clean,” we’ve created an approach to ethical and sustainable beauty to help us narrow down the industry to only the brands who can tick the following boxes for us.

Like the best vegan foundation, we try to fully cover them all, but can’t always tick every box.

  • Non-toxic: In order to find legitimate non-toxic makeup brands, we make sure there are no definite ingredients to avoid in skincare present, ideally in favor of natural or certified organic ingredients. We don’t rule out all synthetic ingredients, just the ones that aren’t non-toxic (which is, albeit, most). 
  • Vegan: No animal or animal-derived products (like squalene, lanolin, and carmine.) 
  • Cruelty-free: Cosmetics don’t use animal testing.
  • Palm oil-free: Since palm oil is controversial, we’d rather not have it. We look out for palm oil hidden with clever names like stearic acid and glycerol. 
  • Ethical ingredient sourcing: We don’t support products that don’t support basic human rights. For cosmetics, ethically harvested mica minerals are one of the key things we desire. 
  • Thoughtful packaging: At the very least recyclable, but ideally zero waste. Compostable, reusable, and refillable packaging are ideal.

Final Thoughts On Organic & Natural Makeup Brands

We’ll be the first to say that affordable isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think of natural makeup. 

We hope that you find a clean beauty brand on this list that can change that opinion. 

After all, these affordable natural makeup lines have it all: ethical sourcing practices, sustainable business initiatives, mostly natural and organic ingredients, and prices that won’t break the bank. 

Ultimately, just a few tweaks to our makeup routine can have a surprisingly big impact. 

If you know a makeup artist (amateur or professional) who’s in need of a natural eye cream upgrade, spread the word about those who are saving the beauty industry’s face by passing this organic makeup brand list along.

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