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9 Sustainable Period Underwear For A More Eco-Friendly Flow

Molly Willows

Why sustainable period underwear?

Considering the average person who menstruates will spend 3,500 days of their life with their cycle, that’s 3,500 days of cramps, chocolate cravings, and…period waste.

Globally, over 12 billion menstrual products are disposed of annually. 

That’s a lot of trash, period.

Disposable period products have only been around since the 1880s, yet people have been menstruating for thousands of years.

Before the age of disposable products, most people used rags, cotton, or sheep wool in their regular underwear to stem the flow of menstrual blood.

Luckily, the period of zero waste periods is upon us once more as people are taking notes from the history book, ditching disposables, and going back to the basics with reusable period underwear brands.

The competition is stiff, but the fabric in these eco-friendly, reusable period pads aren’t.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Plastic-Free Periods With These Eco-Friendly Period Underwear Brands

We love Modibodi because they’re transparent with their business practices, tracing suppliers all the way back to fiber creation. 

Cora’s renowned biodegradable period panties break down after 5 years of being planted in active soil—while also keeping you from soiling your favorite white organic sweatpants

As the #1 Ranked B-Corp in the business, Aisle‘s size-inclusive panties don’t just support your flow, but that of menstruating folks everywhere by providing products to those without access to proper period care.

Grab your menstrual cup and flow to the bottom to get a full briefing on how we created this list of the best period underwear.

The Full List Of Sustainable Period Underwear Brands

1. The Period Company

9 Sustainable Period Underwear For A More Eco-Friendly Flow Images by The Period Company #sustainableperiodunderwear #ecofriendlypreiodunderwear #sustianablereusableperiodunderwear #areperiodunderwearsustainable #bestecofriendlyperiodunderwear #sustainablepfasfreeperiodunderwear #sustainablejungle
Images by The Period Company

About The Period Company 

Price Range: $9–$24

The idea for The Period Company came when the owner, Karla’s non-binary child got their first period. “To be honest, it was disastrous…”.

Realizing the lack of plastic-free, gender-inclusive options out there, Karla decided to create a product that was sustainable, effective, and accessible to anyone. 

All leak proof period sleepwear shorts and panties have absorbency levels ranging from two to ten tampons.

We highly recommend the High Waisted Period, super absorbent undies designed with extra, overnight protection to handle a heavier flow.

The Period Company’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


An OEKO-TEX-certified organic cotton body combines with leak proof layers made of polyester and nylon. 

Their sporty styles swap organic cotton with a Period Tech patented nylon spandex knit, though these models are less sustainable.

All fabrics are tested by a third party company to ensure no nasty chemicals like PFAS make their way in. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

No supply chain details are available online, so we are reaching out directly.


Size and gender inclusive period undies range from XS to 6XL. 

Their $9 sustainable period panties remain the most affordable option on the market—because no one should have to sell an organ for the period protection.

Community & charitable giving:

Between donating products to using their platform to spread awareness of trans and women’s rights, The Period Company believes in fighting for equality—especially of period care access.

If you want your purchase to have the most impact, buy on their sales matching days when they donate a pair for every one purchased to a person in need. 

You can also give a community donation to cover the costs of shipping four pairs to refugees around the world via Choose Love.

2. Modibodi

9 Sustainable Period Underwear For A More Eco-Friendly Flow Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainableperiodunderwear #ecofriendlypreiodunderwear #sustianablereusableperiodunderwear #areperiodunderwearsustainable #bestecofriendlyperiodunderwear #sustainablepfasfreeperiodunderwear #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Modibodi 

Price Range: $25–$35

In addition to regular underwear, swimwear, and activewear, Modibodi has a (tampon-free) string of amazing eco-friendly period underwear.

We’re talking the likes of biodegradable period briefs and a delightful recycled pink period panty designed to hold two tampons worth of flow.

All work not just for periods, but also bladder leaks, perspiration, pregnancy, and discharge.

Modibodi’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Modibodi’s eco-friendly period panties utilize various combinations of sustainable materials like recycled nylon, bamboo, merino wool, and organic cotton.

The triple-layer absorbent gusset is primarily ethical wool, with a touch of polyester, polyamide, and elastane. Vegans can instead opt for an entirely synthetic polybrush gusset.

If you’re comparing Modibodi vs Thinx, know that Modibodi’s products bear OEKO-TEX certification, guaranteeing them to be free of PFAS.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Not many businesses trace their supply chain all the way back to fiber creation, but Modibodi does. 

Each of their BSCI-certified suppliers and factories agree to their code of conduct, which is based on ILO standards for fair working conditions. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

What makes their period underwear eco-friendly? 

Organic and recycled materials in the panties aside, they’re shipped in 100% biodegradable and compostable bags.

Always looking to improve, they recently completed a life cycle assessment of their products to identify environmental impacts and where changes can be made. 

Their next assessment is a Carbon Neutral carbon audit. By 2023, they aim to be completely carbon negative, beginning with their Carbon Neutral Seamfree Brief.


In addition to all-gender and eco-friendly period underwear for teens, sizes from this plus-size lingerie brand range from 3XS to 6XL and are showcased on models of all ages, sizes, shapes, and ethnicities. 

They refuse to use Photoshop, believing freckles, cellulite, and stretch marks should not be seen as blemishes. 

Community & charitable giving:

Give-A-Pair allows customers to support the distribution of period panties for those in need locally and globally. 

The program contributes over 100,000 pairs of period underwear to NGOs supporting those in need, like the Sustainable Period Project, My Vital Cycles, Ready for Red.

3. TomboyX

9 Sustainable Period Underwear For A More Eco-Friendly Flow Images by TomboyX #sustainableperiodunderwear #ecofriendlypreiodunderwear #sustianablereusableperiodunderwear #areperiodunderwearsustainable #bestecofriendlyperiodunderwear #sustainablepfasfreeperiodunderwear #sustainablejungle
Images by TomboyX

About TomboyX

Price Range: $25–$36

We aren’t bloody kidding when we say TomboyX has some of the best ethical period underwear.

This non-binary clothing brand offers The size and gender inclusive panties come in many styles, like leak proof trunks, boxer briefs, and bikini bottoms, all of which are adorned with the signature TomboyX stay-put waistband. 

Absorbency levels range from 4 to 8 teaspoons worth of flow, perfect for light flow, heavy flow, and every day in between.

TomboyX’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Their First Line underwear are made of OEKO-TEX certified cotton, spandex, polyester, and TENCEL™, all fabrics that are free from cancer and infertility-causing PFOAs. 

Organic and recyclable fabrics are worked into as many designs as possible. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

BCI cotton and regenerative agriculture practices are incorporated into the line wherever possible, too. 

Sourcing from women-owned businesses, environmental certifications, and above-industry standard living wages (along with other benefits like stock options and parental leave) are priorities for this Certified B Corp.

Most facilities are certified by WRAP or the FLA, with renewal audits every two years. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

TomboyX HQ is set up in a Gold LEED certified building that generates less waste and uses less water. 

As part of their new greenhouse gas emission reduction plan, they are incorporating carbon offsetting and garment recycling programs. 

Each order is packaged in biodegradable zipper bags. 


Their First Line period undies might be exclusive, but TomboyX is nothing but inclusive. 

You’ll find 3XS-6XL sizes in everything they make, from sustainable activewear to sustainable plus-size period underwear.

The queer-owned business is made of 80% women, with over 39% of the team identifying as LGBTQ and/or minority. 

Community & charitable giving:In two years, TomboyX has donated over $100K to various non-profits. Half of that went to organizations fighting for trans and non-binary rights, like the National Center of Transgender Equality.

4. Saalt

9 Sustainable Period Underwear For A More Eco-Friendly Flow Images by Saalt #sustainableperiodunderwear #ecofriendlypreiodunderwear #sustianablereusableperiodunderwear #areperiodunderwearsustainable #bestecofriendlyperiodunderwear #sustainablepfasfreeperiodunderwear #sustainablejungle
Images by Saalt

About Saalt 

Price Range: $27–$45

Salt is essential for the body, hence the name for this brand that provides clean period essentials like menstrual cups, discs, and stylish eco-friendly period underwear.

With these offerings, Saalt makes the transition to low waste living seamless—just like their seamless panties that feature an ultra-lightweight gusset that’s so thin and absorbent, you’ll almost feel like you’re wearing regular underwear.

The Leakproof Seamless period thong panties are ideal for those who live by the suns-out-buns-out mentality. It as(s)toundingly still holds up to 4 tampons of menstrual blood. 

Saalt’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


When it comes to Saalt’s best period underwear, sustainable fabrics are abundant, all free of PFAS.

Their seamless styles are made from durable LYCRA fiber, their Comfort styles from sustainable modal fabric, and their Cotton styles from (you guessed it…) organic cotton.

The real star of the show is their lace and mesh collection, designed in Paris with Lycra made from post-consumer recycled water bottles.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Partners must abide by their Code of Conduct that includes a safe and healthy workplace, freedom of association, and fair working hours. 

Their suppliers are SA8000-certified, and Saalt itself is a Certified B Corp.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

They strongly encourage suppliers to adopt sustainable practices and require factories to report their production processes, including those related to emissions, waste disposal, and improvement plans. 

Most of their packaging is recyclable, though they do use some pesky plastics. 

On the other hand, they’ve also upcycled over 600,000 plastic bottles into period panties.


Sizes range from XS to 2XL and can be found online or in the Target period panties section. 

Community & charitable giving:

Saalt dedicates 2% of their profits and thousands of products to initiatives in menstrual health, education, and sustainability. 

Organizations they work with include Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, who focus on ocean clean-ups, and Her International’s mobile menstrual health program.

5. Cora

9 Sustainable Period Underwear For A More Eco-Friendly Flow Images by Cora #sustainableperiodunderwear #ecofriendlypreiodunderwear #sustianablereusableperiodunderwear #areperiodunderwearsustainable #bestecofriendlyperiodunderwear #sustainablepfasfreeperiodunderwear #sustainablejungle
Images by Cora

Cora Period Underwear

Price Range: $30–$38

Cora has all of your core essentials for your next eco period, including tampons, reusable pads, menstrual cups, and other feminine hygiene products to stock your zero waste bathroom

The easy-flowing brand stocks two styles: The Free-To-Flow Underwear and Free-To-Flow Sleep Shorts—perfect for those seeking sustainable period sleepwear that won’t have you worrying about staining your sustainable bedding every time you roll over.

The floating leak proof gussets hold three to ten tampons worth of flow, in addition to accommodating a backup pad in case you want extra protection.

Cora’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The menstrual magic of Cora period underwear lies in the super absorbent, odor free gusset created from multiple layers of polyester and elastane with a TPE bonus absorbency booster.

Some other materials you’ll find are OEKO-TEX certified polyester, TENCEL™ modal, and organic cotton. 

OEKO-TEX standard tests aside, all products are subject to additional 3rd party USA lab testing, so you know you won’t find toxic chemicals, PFOA/PFAS, or azo dyes. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Cora is the only brand we’ve found that provides workers with menstrual leave, though we’re reaching out directly to inquire about other manufacturing ethics.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Their main warehouse bears a LEED sustainability certification, and they use an efficient shipping program they compare to “rideshare for tampons” that allows them to reduce air freight.

Their next plan is to support carbon offset programs and pull the plug (er, tampon) on conventional plastics, starting with wrappers and tampon applicators. 


They prioritize partner organizations that support underserved BIPOC communities, with 75% of domestic giving dedicated to these causes. 

Their sizes range from XS to 2XL. 

Community & charitable giving:

10% of their profits support the distribution of reusable products and health education to communities in the USA, Kenya, and India. 

Local causes they contribute to include Homeless Period Project and Union Rescue Missions

They have provided over 12 million tampons and counting.


9 Sustainable Period Underwear For A More Eco-Friendly Flow Images by WUKA #sustainableperiodunderwear #ecofriendlypreiodunderwear #sustianablereusableperiodunderwear #areperiodunderwearsustainable #bestecofriendlyperiodunderwear #sustainablepfasfreeperiodunderwear #sustainablejungle
Images by WUKA

About WUKA

Price Range: $11–$42

With a 100% Happy Guarantee, WUKA is positive that their ethical period underwear won’t cramp—your style at least.

They offer ten collections of period garments made to stretch, flex, and perform, including sustainable activewear made for periods courtesy of the Perform™️ line. 

Period running shorts, leggings, and a bodysuit?

There goes our excuse to lay on the couch our whole period!

All feature a high and wide rise gusset made from breathable, leakproof layers. 

WUKA’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


WUKA’s Ultimate Collection has got(s) the goods when it comes to GOTS certified organic cotton panties, while the Re-Purpose™ line utilizes recycled nylon fabrics and cotton.

Other collections feature different fabrics based on intended purpose, but sustainably harvested TENCEL™, ECONYL recycled nylon, and regular cotton are other common choices.

Garments only come in black, to avoid the toxic dye often used to create colors.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Their business practices are ISO9001 and BSCI compliant. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Recycling facilities, carpool options, and eco-friendly toilet paper can all be found at their green headquarters. 

All products are certified carbon-neutral, and come housed in sustainable packaging consisting of recycled cardstock and compostable corn starch plastic. 


Size ranges from 2XS to 6XL, making plus-sized period underwear a breeze to find. 

Community & charitable giving:

They donate period panties, time, and money to organizations supporting endometriosis, displaced communities, and transgender youth.

7. Boody

9 Sustainable Period Underwear For A More Eco-Friendly Flow Images by Boody #sustainableperiodunderwear #ecofriendlypreiodunderwear #sustianablereusableperiodunderwear #areperiodunderwearsustainable #bestecofriendlyperiodunderwear #sustainablepfasfreeperiodunderwear #sustainablejungle
Images by Boody

About Boody:

Price Range: $23–$30 AUD

One of our favorite sustainable loungewear brands, Boody has everything to cover your booty and more. 

Their egg-celent ethical period underwear come in two styles—full brief and classic bikini—that hold 2 to 4 tampons worth of blood.

If you’re just starting your collection or are unsure of what coverage you need, we recommend trying out one of their starter kits

While most of this Australian brand’s line is available globally, sustainable period underwear USA seekers won’t yet be able to find them on the Boody USA site.

Boody’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and naturally biodegradable bamboo fabric has a much smaller carbon footprint than other sustainable fabrics on their material list, like organic cotton and LyoLyte bamboo lyocell. 

Most importantly, the organic bamboo is processed in a closed-loop system. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The Boody Code of Conduct prohibits forced labor, and promotes fair wages and working hours.

Their labor practices are aligned with ISO14001 and ISO 9001 standards and the company is Ecocert certified. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Shipping boxes are made from recycled cardboard and bags are made from corn-based plastic. Absolutely everything is printed on with vegetable-based inks. 

In the name of circularity, they have a program that allows customers to ship in old garments to be reused, upcycled, and recycled. 


Sizes range from XS–3XL.

Community & charitable giving:

They are members of 1% For The Planet. 

Thread Together, their official charity partner, supplies new clothing to those needing emergency accommodation, including the recently unemployed and domestic violence victims.

8. Aisle

9 Sustainable Period Underwear For A More Eco-Friendly Flow Images by Aisle #sustainableperiodunderwear #ecofriendlypreiodunderwear #sustianablereusableperiodunderwear #areperiodunderwearsustainable #bestecofriendlyperiodunderwear #sustainablepfasfreeperiodunderwear #sustainablejungle
Images by Aisle

Price Range: $34–$48

Aisle has some of the most sustainable period underwear you’ll find down the period care aisle. 

They feature a multi-layer, leakproof lining courtesy of Truetex™ fabric technology guaranteed to hold at least four tampons worth of flow. 

The perfect ratio of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fabrics create a wicking, yet moisture locking material that will leave you feeling high and dry, in the best way of course. 

Aisles’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Closed-loop harvested TENCEL™ lyocell fabric, organic cotton, GRS-certified recycled polyester, and hemp make up their material list. 

All fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified and PFAS-free. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Aisle is the #1 ranked Certified B Corp for period care in the world, though we’re reaching out for more supply chain specifics.

They are also a B-Corp Living Wage employer.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Aisle is working to target several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: climate emergency, fight inequity, and promote responsible consumption. 

We’ll also touch base to see if they have any specific carbon commitments in place yet.


Aisle has been promoting a shame-free and body positive approach to menstruation for years. 

They were one of the first brands to adopt inclusive language and create gender affirming styles, offering sizes XS–5XL. 

Community & charitable giving:

They donate 2% of sales and reusable period products to nonprofits that address period poverty and gender equity in 18 different nations

9. Rejeanne

9 Sustainable Period Underwear For A More Eco-Friendly Flow Images by Rejeanne #sustainableperiodunderwear #ecofriendlypreiodunderwear #sustianablereusableperiodunderwear #areperiodunderwearsustainable #bestecofriendlyperiodunderwear #sustainablepfasfreeperiodunderwear #sustainablejungle
Images by Rejeanne

About Rejeanne

Price Range: €35–€69

Sustainable lingerie meets Aunt Flo with French brand Rejeanne.

One of the biggest problems we had while searching for comfortable period panties is that many of them lack style. We’d always put performance first, but why should we have to choose?

With Rejeanne, we don’t. 

One look at the Rhéa Venise style, and you’ll see these designs are both beautiful and functional, with handmade french lace and up to 12 hours of absorbency. 

Rejeanne’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Rejeanne’s sustainable PFAS-free period underwear are made from the finest Standard 100 OEKO-TEX fabrics like organic cotton, TENCEL™, polyester, and a small bit of elastane

In addition to PFOAs, they’re free of silver nanoparticles.

Supply chain & labor practices:

All products are made in France. 


The brand uses French sizing, ranging from size 34 to size 50, which roughly equates to international women’s sizes of XS to 5XL. 

They do not use Photoshop on their models. 

Community & charitable giving:

The women-owned brand supports women around the world by donating to partners who research breast cancer, fight against menstrual poverty and advocate for equal access to medical care.

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Why Buy Sustainable Period Panties?

Is period underwear sustainable? 

1000% yes. 

From disposable pads that are estimated 90% plastic to tampons that come with pesky plastic applicators, periods have become synonymous with plastic.

Most types of plastic take up to 500 to 800 years to break down, and cause a lot of problems while they do.

Not to mention the fact that these plastics are treated with harsh chemicals like phthalates, VOC’s, and PFAS linked to a number of health and environmental problems.

Not all underwear in the period aisle are off the hook for these either (AHEM Knix.)

Don’t even get us started on how conventional cotton found in traditional feminine hygiene products severely degrades soil and uses loads of fertilizers and pesticides while doing it. 

With all this considered, we aren’t surprised that a person who switches to reusable period products can reduce their carbon footprint by 7 kg of CO2e.

How We Found The Best Sustainable Period Underwear

Dotting our Is and crossing our Ts with sustainable and ethical fashion means we can’t forget our punctuation—in this case periods.

Here’s how we decided on the best period panties for you and the planet.


What are the healthiest period underwear?

Well it certainly isn’t anything with forever chemicals that might lead to any number of health problems, which is why we first look for sustainable, PFAS-free period panties.

Beyond that, our search for sustainable fabrics begins with natural ones.

Poor underwear fabric choices can lead to vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, and yeast infections (Dear synthetic fabrics, periods are already enough to deal with.) 

Organic period underwear are ideal, but the absorbency and wicking power needed means none are yet 100% organic, which is similar scenario for organic tampons and organic pads.

Still, the more organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp fabric, the better, followed by semi-synthetics (such as lyocell and modal) and recycled materials.

Supply Chain and Labor Practices:

We believe in basic human rights, no butts about it. 

Some things we look for include fair living wages and working hours, a safe and healthy work environment—backed up by third-party manufacturing certifications, of course.

Certifications do not always mean no greenwashing takes place, but it’s a better bet than none.

Green Business Practices:

Sustainability looks a bit different to everyone, which is why keep an open mind here, looking for conscious packaging, carbon offsetting, energy saving practices, and specific emission reduction targets.


Menstruating is hard enough, menstruating while being a member of the LGBTQ+ community is even harder. 

No one of any size, background, or ethnicity should be denied the opportunity for eco period products.

Charitable Giving: 

The best brands are ones that donate money, time, and sustainable products to organizations working towards improving the environment and ending period poverty.

Final Thoughts On Ethical Period Underwear

As you can see, we’ve got a clot to say about the topic of eco periods.

Whatever your preferred style of ethical period underwear—boyshorts, bikinis, thongs, or full on leggings—these brands literally have you covered.

We’ll leave you to soak in all this information, but do us a huge favor and share this article with fellow period pals so they, too, can survive their next menstrual breakdown without all that pesky plastic.

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