Binary fashion is coming to an end with a new breed of brands creating gender neutral clothing for more inclusive fluid fashion industry  Image by KINdom#genderneutralclothing #genderneutrallclothingbrands #nonbinaryclothing #nonbinaryclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by KINdom
Binary fashion is coming to an end with a new breed of brands creating gender neutral clothing for more inclusive fluid fashion industry Image by TomboyX #genderneutralclothing #genderneutrallclothingbrands #nonbinaryclothing #nonbinaryclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by TomboyX

9 Non Binary Brands Creating Conscious & Gender Neutral Clothing

Gone are the days where fashion is a duality.

Gender neutral clothing brands who care as much about the planet as they do the people are changing the status quo. 

Fashion often falls short of the inclusivity mark, “let’s squeeze every person into XS-L”.

And while there are an increase in the number of plus size clothing brands, inclusivity means more than size.  

But what is non binary clothing?

It’s clothing that transcends men’s and women’s styles, cuts, and sizing so that anyone can wear them, no matter where on the spectrum they fall. While you’ll still find options that may be considered femme or masculine, they can be worn by any body.

And more brands are seeing the need for general neutral clothing for trans and non-binary folx.

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KINdom believes we’re all kin, regardless of identity. Their androgynous clothing collection asks us to “put human back in humanity”.

WILDFANG pop selection of non binary dress clothes comes with equally inclusive modeling.

For underwear and non binary exercise clothes, TomboyX’s eco fluid activewear range is full of fun prints and plus sizes.

Head to the end of the article to see how we handpicked these non binary brands that prove the best fashion is also the most fluid fashion.


Binary fashion is coming to an end with a new breed of brands creating gender neutral clothing for more inclusive fluid fashion industry Image by KINdom #genderneutralclothing #genderneutrallclothingbrands #nonbinaryclothing #nonbinaryclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by KINdom

About KINdom

Price Range: $76–$154

KINdom is a recycled clothing brand that believes:

“Because humans and nature are created from the same building blocks of the universe, we are directly related to each other.” 

Their Gender-Free collection is what we’re particularly striking a balance with right now. Shop a handful of graphic tees, convertible shirts (yep, you read that right), fun plaid print trousers, and more.

KINdom’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


KINdom uses natural, reclaimed, recycled, and indigenous fabrics combined with compostable cotton labels.

These include organic cotton, bamboo textiles, rPET textiles (made from recycled plastic bottles), and reclaimed headstock, along with some occasional blends of rayon or viscose.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

KINdom’s environmental and ethical goals are in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, like supporting marginalized communities, using closed-loop production processes, and working with fair-trade suppliers.

In pursuit of these, they work with organizations to form a circular economy, only working with fair trade partners in China, and preserve diverse cultures by using indigenous materials.

Green business practices: 

A veggie-based bioplastic bag is used for all of KINdom’s packing and storing, and they use a 100% recycled mailer for shipping.


KINdom was started with the idea to build a true KINdom, where all of us are connected and make up the world that we live in.

This mentality contributes to their XS-XXL sizes and genderqueer clothing options.

Community & charitable giving: 

KINdom partners with various charitable organizations, including the Global Fashion Exchange, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, and Polar Bears International.


Binary fashion is coming to an end with a new breed of brands creating gender neutral clothing for more inclusive fluid fashion industry Image by TomboyX #genderneutralclothing #genderneutrallclothingbrands #nonbinaryclothing #nonbinaryclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by TomboyX

About TomboyX

Price Range: $20–$89

Looking for gender neutral clothing underwear?

TomboyX has got your back (or your butt?) with a range of ethical unisex underwear, loungewear, sleepwear, swim, tees & tanks, socks, and sustainable activewear for everyone. 

This Seattle-based brand doesn’t use tomboy in the traditional gender-role sense. 

It’s not limited to girls who like to play with toy cars. In their eyes, a tomboy is anyone who does their own thing and dresses in any way they want. 

Founders Fran and Naomi wanted to design garments to make “any body feel comfortable, regardless of where they fall on the size or gender spectrum.”

TomboyX’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Materials in their gender neutral clothing line include sustainable-sourced beechwood fiber MicroModal and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

They work with women-owned ethical factories in the USA, Canada, and China, which they regularly visit.


With XS to 4X sizes, they’re an excellent source for plus size gender neutral clothing.

Community & charitable giving: 

TomboyX is passionate about the #humanagenda, meaning they’re passionate about giving back to LGBTQ, women’s rights, and social justice organizations.


Binary fashion is coming to an end with a new breed of brands creating gender neutral clothing for more inclusive fluid fashion industry Image by Stella McCartney #genderneutralclothing #genderneutrallclothingbrands #nonbinaryclothing #nonbinaryclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Stella McCartney

About Stella McCarthy

Price Range: $350–$3,900

For designer non binary aesthetic clothing that transcends the typical, Stella McCarthy is a stand out.

With unique items and limited edition partnerships, statement fashion is par for the course from this non binary clothing brand.

While they also offer traditional gendered categories, their Unisex collections includes sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, jeans, jackets, tops, and eco friendly handbags.

Stella McCarthy’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


With many non binary clothing styles, you’ll find lots of materials, but organic cotton dominates the scene.

Other materials you may see include recycled polyester, bamboo, traditional cotton, upcycled deadstock, solvent-free polyurethane, and limited percentages of spandex and polyamide.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Ethical Trading Initiative member Stella McCartney works with factories all over the world, though the majority of their non binary clothing line appears to be made in Italy or Portugal.

Each product description states the country of origin.

Their ETI-compliant Code of Conduct enforces standards regarding wages, working hours and conditions, and prohibition of abuse and force/child labor.

Green business practices:

Stella McCartney does many things to reduce their impact, including reducing water use during manufacturing, refusing to use the most harmful materials like PVC and leather, and measuring the impact of each item.

More than anything, however, their products are designed to last a lifetime.

To ensure that happens, their clothes resale partnership with The RealReal ensures your unwanted SM products find a second home.


XXS-XXL is the complete range of sizes, though some garments top out at XL.

Community & charitable giving:

With an extensive list of charitable partnerships to their name, part of your purchase may go back to helping NGOs like the ASPCA, H.E.A.R.T., and the Kering Foundation.


Binary fashion is coming to an end with a new breed of brands creating gender neutral clothing for more inclusive fluid fashion industry Image by Riley Studio #genderneutralclothing #genderneutrallclothingbrands #nonbinaryclothing #nonbinaryclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Riley Studio

About Riley Studio

London-based Riley Studio prioritizes transparency to put people and the planet first.

According to the brand, “Style knows no boundaries, and neither should we.”

While their tops, bottoms, loungewear, accessories, and outerwear, are technically split into men’s and women’s categories, the styles and fits in both are largely androgynous and can be worn by anyone, hence the “Gender Free” badge.

Riley Studio’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Their genderless clothing is made with ECONYL® Yarn (made from recovered fishing nets), Recover® Yarn, (made from textile waste and recycled plastic bottles), GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton, linen, recot® (an organic-recycled cotton blend), and lyocell.

The zippers are recycled.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

By producing their gender neutral clothing line in small, limited runs, Riley Studio is able to prevent overproduction.

All factories are SMETA audited, which means fair and safe conditions for workers.

Green business practices: 

Riley Studio designs with longevity in mind and offers a lifetime guarantee.

They also have a guide on how to care for their clothes and offer a repair program.

Once their clothes reach the end of their lifespan, you can return them to Riley Studio to be recycled.


XS-XXL sizes are labeled 0-5 and each size includes room to grow for those natural body fluctuations we all experience.


Binary fashion is coming to an end with a new breed of brands creating gender neutral clothing for more inclusive fluid fashion industry  Image by WILDFANG#genderneutralclothing #genderneutrallclothingbrands #nonbinaryclothing #nonbinaryclothes #sustainablejungle


Price Range: $74–$248

WILDFANG goes truly wild when it comes to affordable gender-neutral clothing

The brand is dedicated to inclusivity, offering bold tops, blazers, bottoms, dresses, skirts, coveralls, and button-ups in a wide range of sizes. 

The Empower Convertible Blazer is a show-stopper, allowing you to zip up the bottom half for a cropped look or leave it out for a professional fit. 

WILDFANG’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


WILDFANG utilizes a wide variety of fabrics, including cotton, rayon, polyester, spandex, and other synthetic blends. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

All of WILDFANG’s factories are ISO15001 certified and adhere to standards for energy and water conservation and wastewater management. 

They have also expanded healthcare coverage and provide HSA offerings for all qualifying employees. 

Expanded healthcare coverage and introduced HSA offerings for all qualifying employees

Green business practices:

WILDFANG is Carbon Neutral Certified. 

They have an 18-month action plan which encompasses replacing packaging with biodegradable/sustainable alternatives, removing excess packaging, and minimizing equipment energy consumption.

Their production process also optimizes material usage to reduce textile waste.


WILDFANG offers gender non-binary clothing in sizes XS–3X and 0”-26W” waist measurements. 

Inclusivity is the heart of what they do and stretches much further than sizes and models. 

WILDFANG intentionally considers diverse pools of applicants for every hire, works to make people’s policies more equitable, fosters conversation, provides mentorship opportunities and does much more.

Community & charitable giving:

WILDFANG has contributed over $1 million to countless organizations like ProjectQ, Planned Parenthood, Tegan & Sara Foundation, The Trevor Project, and many more.

They’ve also taken the 1% PLEDGE and plan to contribute at least 1% of their annual revenue to different organizations. 

Their current partner is The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth.

Available: WILDFANG


Binary fashion is coming to an end with a new breed of brands creating gender neutral clothing for more inclusive fluid fashion industry Image by One DNA #genderneutralclothing #genderneutrallclothingbrands #nonbinaryclothing #nonbinaryclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by One DNA

About One DNA

Price Range: $34–$198

One DNA is an androgynous clothing brand that offers a somewhat small but curated collection of everything from non binary exercise clothes to sweaters to vegan leather jackets.

The range includes sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies, tanks, tees, button-down shirts, jackets, shorts, and accessories.

One DNA’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The Heritage Collection contains their most sustainable genderless clothing, made of 80% organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Other garments are somewhat less sustainable, made of either 100% cotton, 100% silk, or a polyester/spandex vegan leather blend.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Many products are made in the USA, produced in small batches in New York City.

We’ll reach out to inquire where the rest of their products are made and what worker protections they have in place.


One DNA is a black and queer-owned business that offers unisex sizes in S-2XL.

Community & charitable giving:

Donations occur on a rotating basis based on sales of their most popular items.

Currently, 10% of profits from the Women Are Powerful collection go to nonprofits like the National Women’s Law Center.


Binary fashion is coming to an end with a new breed of brands creating gender neutral clothing for more inclusive fluid fashion industry   Image by Olderbrother #genderneutralclothing #genderneutrallclothingbrands  #nonbinaryclothing #nonbinaryclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Olderbrother

About Olderbrother

Price Range: $135–$650

If pleats, boxy fits, and natural, muted colors are up your androgynous alley, the totally gender neutral clothing store Olderbrother is all you need.

Their clothing—which commonly includes some form of jeans, jackets, “anti-fit” button-down shirts, shorts, and overalls—is released in nature-inspired biannual seasonal collections with names like Pollination and Fermentation.

In addition to finding their non binary clothes online, visit their Portland store for experiential learning exhibits and installations based on their current collection’s theme.

Alternatively, keep an eye out for one of their pop-up shops in major US cities near you.

Olderbrother’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Their non binary alt clothing features materials like organic cotton, hemp, wool, linen, and woven rice paper.

Everything is naturally dyed using materials like iron oxide, natural plan tannins, herbs, wood bark, hibiscus, madder root, indigo, and fungal enzymes (for vintage denim washing).

Their Pollination current collection also uses locally harvested bee pollen for dyes.

Products are finished using up-cycled fabric defects for patchwork details, corozo nut buttons, and beeswax reinforced panels.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Most products are knitted, dyed, and sewn in California using materials largely sourced from Japan, though denim products are washed and dyed in Japan as well.

Green business practices:

Truly one of the most unique gender neutral clothing brands we’ve encountered, Olderbrother’s seasonal collections do more than just provide a unique aesthetic.

They’re also designed to work synergistically with the natural world.

For example, the Pollination collection is created in collaboration with California’s Eli’s Bee Company. Through them, the brand owns 16 beehives that are carefully monitored and harvested in order to optimize bee health and increase biodiversity.

All packaging is biodegradable.


Olderbrother offers “universal garments, equally tailored to fit men, women and people” in XXS-XL sizes.


Binary fashion is coming to an end with a new breed of brands creating gender neutral clothing for more inclusive fluid fashion industry Image by Kirrin Finch #genderneutralclothing #genderneutrallclothingbrands #nonbinaryclothing #nonbinaryclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Kirrin Finch

About Kirrin Finch

Price Range: $95–$440

Kirrin Finch is one of our favorite gender neutral fashion designers for a few reasons.

This Brooklyn, NY-based brand wants to “do good in this world” through their ethical and sustainable garments that embody dapper designs for formal or casual occasions. 

If it’s a wedding or a casual Friday night out, you’ll be looking great and feeling authentic with their non binary professional clothing that includes suits, blazers, dress suits, pants, shirts, oxfords, and shorts.

Kirrin Finch’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


They prioritize natural materials and incorporate organic ones when possible. They also use low-impact dyes. 

While Kirrin Finch does use pure blends of natural fibers (namely either 100% cotton or 100% Italian wool), there’s no mention of their cotton being organic or where the wool is sourced.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

They’ve spent time scouring the globe for factories that use some of the most ethical and fair labor and manufacturing practices.

When you shop, you can see where each product was made.


The menswear-inspired androgenous clothing features conscious design—right down to the reduced boob gap on their button-downs.

Whether you’re small, tall, or all, they’ve got sizes for you, from 0-24, meaning plus size gender neutral clothing, too.

Community & charitable giving: 

Kirrin Finch regularly supports various projects aimed at helping LGBTQ communities and women.


Binary fashion is coming to an end with a new breed of brands creating gender neutral clothing for more inclusive fluid fashion industry Image by Cosmos Studio #genderneutralclothing #genderneutrallclothingbrands #nonbinaryclothing #nonbinaryclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Cosmos Studio

About Cosmos Studio

Let’s break down Cosmos Studio into the acronym that it is: Creation Of Styles Made Of Sustainable practices.

The Hong Kong-based gender neutral clothing brand uses conscious design combined with an eco-minimalist approach to make clothes that are sustainable, ethical, and cruelty free. 

Cosmos Studio keeps it simple with genderless tees, tops, and caps.

Cosmos Studio’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Cosmos Studio works with programs like the Better Cotton Initiative to ensure their cotton is better for Earth.

If they’re not using sustainably-grown cotton, they’re using materials like recycled polyester (from plastic bottles) or bamboo viscose, either regenerated or produced via a zero wastewater process.

Products are colored with eco friendly Green Spun™ technology.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

With a factory based in Shandong, China, Cosmos knows it’s important they keep a close eye on labor standards, which is why this factory is regularly monitored by BSCI.

All cotton is sourced via Better Cotton Initiative channels and their supply chain is entirely cruelty-free.

Green business practices: 

Cosmos Studio’s production both requires zero water to dye and produces no wastewater.


Everything comes in unisex sizes and has been designed to be worn by everyone in sizes XS-L.


As with all our forays into fashion, this article on non binary clothing brands was informed by our cornerstone sustainable and ethical fashion guide. 

So, what does this mean for the gender neutral clothing stores we deemed “ethical” and “sustainable?”


Materials matter most.

Materials right out of nature are best (here’s looking at you organic cotton, hemp, and Tencel), but our next picks are semi synthesis (lyocell and modal, or recycled synthetics that have been repurposed to reduce textile or other plastic waste.

Supply chain and labor practices:

Whether they’re able to trace individual products back to certain factories and suppliers or they work with auditing bodies to ensure that their production is as fair and safe as possible.

We also want non binary queer clothing to be non exploitative, so we only choose brands that go to great lengths to eliminate human slavery, abuse, unsafe work conditions, and unfair wages in the making of their products.

Green business practices:

One of the key aspects of sustainability is longevity. If a product can last longer, it’s almost automatically better for the earth, so we like to see repair and recycle programs, lifetime guarantees, and even resale programs.

That said, just because these brands are pumping out new gender neutral garments, doesn’t mean that you need to constantly update your androgynous wardrobe. Wearing what you already have is our #1 tip for dressing sustainably.


Usually we look at inclusivity from a size and diversity lens. For this article, however, inclusion took on a new level of meaning and importance. 

It’s better still when brands actually use genderqueer, trans, or non binary folks to model their products, as that sort of representation is still lacking in the fashion industry.

Community & charitable giving:

Brands that give back to the community or to larger do-good organizations are truly the trim on any piece of non binary formal clothing.


Sustainable and ethical supply chains are crucial, but wearing fluid fashion that suits everyone, just looks and feels even better. 

These non binary clothing brands are just the beginning of a gender neutral clothing takeover. We’ll continue to revisit this topic as no doubt this list will only grow. 

Know anyone who could use a sustainable non binary clothing overhaul? Share this guide them so we can all enjoy a more inclusive fashion industry.

Binary fashion is coming to an end with a new breed of brands creating gender neutral clothing for more inclusive fluid fashion industry Image by TomboyX #genderneutralclothing #genderneutrallclothingbrands #nonbinaryclothing #nonbinaryclothes #sustainablejungle

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