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11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For Some Guilt-Free, Ethical R&R Image by MATE the Label #sustainableloungewear #sustainableloungewearbrands #affordablesustainableloungewear #ethicalloungewear #ethicalloungewearsets #sustainableethicalloungewear #sustainablejungle
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11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For The Most Ethical R&R

The SJ Team

Don’t you wish there was a way to take away some of the guilt you feel after spending all day on the couch binging your favorite television show (again)?

With ethical sustainable loungewear, you can at least know your Lazy Sunday isn’t causing someone, somewhere a lot of unrewarded hard work.

Whether you’re catching some Zs or going on a farmer’s market run, sustainable loungewear keeps you cozy in style while supporting socially conscious fashion.  

We’ve collected some of the best loungewear brands around, so cozy up with your blanket and mug of something hot, and see how loungewear can make a difference.

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The Best Ethical Loungewear Brands Our Hearts Lounge For

For the sustainable matching sets of your dreams, Printfresh’s loungewear PJs feature conscious fabric design for every color loving cozy enthusiast.

MATE the Label uses mainly plant-based fabrics, and they’re charitably minded to boot (or should we say slipper?).

Aside from being one of the few brands to do cashmere correctly, Naadam also recycles coffee grounds into a fabric that has us more hopped-up than the cup o’ joe it came from.

If you need to unwind, take a stroll to the bottom of the page and find out how we got consciously cozy with the best eco-friendly loungewear brands the sustainability world has to offer.

The Full List Of Sustainable Ethical Loungewear Brands

1. Printfresh

11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For Some Guilt-Free, Ethical R&R Images by Printfresh #sustainableloungewear #sustainableloungewearbrands #affordablesustainableloungewear #ethicalloungewear #ethicalloungewearsets #sustainableethicalloungewear #sustainablejungle
Images by Printfresh

About Printfresh

Price Range: $108–$248

Printfresh is all about using patterns and bright, colorful prints to add some excitement to a chill day around the house.

From sustainable matching sets to nightgowns and robes, they have organic cotton loungewear for every style and sensibility.

Printfresh’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Every garment is made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Patterns are either screen printed by hand or embroidered by artisans in India. 

The primary factory Printfresh uses to manufacture their garments is regularly audited by Sedex to maintain fair trade business principles. 

They also refrain from aggressive negotiation with vendors to protect the living wage of their workers. 

Green business practices:

Printfresh minimizes fabric waste through an efficient cutting process, and any scraps that are produced are saved for future upcycling projects.

Both their printing and sewing factories are safe facilities that recycle waste water. The sewing facility is also solar-powered.

The products are mailed in 100% recycled packaging. 


For inclusivity, they’re one of the best women’s loungewear brands, with XXS-6X sizes. 

The smaller men’s range of sustainable pajamas includes XS-4X sizes.

Community and charitable giving:

Printfresh is a part of Pledge 1%, where they have pledged to dedicate 1% of company resources to charities like GiveIndia and the Loveland Foundation

2. MATE the Label

11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For Some Guilt-Free, Ethical R&R Images by MATE the Label #sustainableloungewear #sustainableloungewearbrands #affordablesustainableloungewear #ethicalloungewear #ethicalloungewearsets #sustainableethicalloungewear #sustainablejungle
Images by MATE the Label

About MATE the Label

Price Range: $48–$148

What does loungewear mean to you? Pajamas? A cozy sweater? A boxy tee?

No matter what your answer is, MATE the Label’s affordable sustainable loungewear is rock solid, fun and incredibly comfortable—just like your best mate.

Choose between thermals, sweatshirts, sweats, t-shirts, robes, pajamas, and more.

If sustainable loungewear sets are your Sunday paJAMa, check out their collection of cozy organic thermals, which you can mix and match across a variety of styles.

MATE the Label’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Organic cotton features heavily in their eco-friendly fabrics repertoire, alongside linen and the TENCEL™ lyocell found in their sustainable sweaters.

Fabrics are finished with cotton thread and azo-free, low-impact dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The organic cotton is grown in Maharashtra, India, knitted in the US, and garment-dyed in Los Angeles.

MATE works with fair factories within a 17-mile radius of their Los Angeles headquarters.

Green business practices: 

As a member of the California Cotton & Climate Coalition, MATE promotes California-grown cotton and regenerative farming practices. 

They’re Climate Neutral Certified and pick carbon-offsetting projects to contribute to each year. 


General sizing is XS-XL but they also offer an Extended Collection (size 1X-3X).

They also have a resource page where you can read about antiracism efforts and learn how to support.

Community & charitable giving: 

A member of 1% for the Planet, they support a handful of nonprofits. You get to pick which your purchase supports at checkout.

They also work with female-founded social impact tech company Beam to determine where donations can make the biggest impact.

3. tentree

11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For Some Guilt-Free, Ethical R&R Images by tentree #sustainableloungewear #sustainableloungewearbrands #affordablesustainableloungewear #ethicalloungewear #ethicalloungewearsets #sustainableethicalloungewear #sustainablejungle
Images by tentree

About tentree

Price Range: $48–$98

tentree may be known as a sustainable outdoor clothing brand, but they’re also a tree(t) on days when the only hike you’ll be taking is from the fridge to the couch.

Their women’s and men’s ethical loungewear takes the form of sweatshirts, joggers, t-shirts, and more.

For ladies taking the weekend to transform into a #girlboss by the time Monday rolls around, cocoon yourself in the French Terry Cocoon Cardigan.

tentree’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


tentree uses a core collection of materials including TENCEL™, GOTS-certified cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp.

Their buttons are made of coconut and corozo nuts, and most garments feature a cork tab.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

tentree consistently ranks in the top 1% of Certified B Corps for manufacturing ethics. 

Each factory disclosed details about its workforce and is regularly audited to the standards of their code of conduct

Though they design the sustainable loungewear in Canada, their factories are located in China, Turkey, India, and Vietnam.

Green business practices: 

tentree offers monthly climate subscriptions that plant trees to offset the carbon emissions of the average Canadian. 

They’ve significantly reduced the use of individual poly bags, and primarily use a plastic-free rolling method to ship their items. 


XS-XL for women and S-XXL for men.

Community & charitable giving: 

For every item purchased, tentree plants ten trees (get it?), specifically in deforested areas to increase biodiversity.

4. Boody

11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For Some Guilt-Free, Ethical R&R Images by Boody #sustainableloungewear #sustainableloungewearbrands #affordablesustainableloungewear #ethicalloungewear #ethicalloungewearsets #sustainableethicalloungewear #sustainablejungle
Images by Boody

About Boody

Price Range: $18–$90

We love getting down under the covers on a rainy day, and what better way to do that than with a sustainable Australian clothing brand, Boody.

With offices and fulfillment centers in several countries, anyone can take advantage of their affordable ethical loungewear deals.

The Boody loungewear range is simple and essential, ranging from pajamas to ethical underwear.

Boody’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Bamboo fabric can be made in not-so-sustainable ways, but Boody’s bamboo viscose is made using a closed-loop process and non-toxic solvents. 

It’s also sustainably sourced from FSC-certified forests, is Ecocert-certified organic, and is OEKO-TEX and ISO 9001-certified to be free of harmful substances.

Added spandex keeps some stretch in your skivvies (AKA sustainable underwear).

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Boody’s global factories are held up to their Code of Conduct to ensure a safe, fair, and respectful work environment.

Green business practices: 

Packaging is made with post-consumer waste printed with vegetable inks.


Sizes XS-XL are available.

Community & charitable giving: 

A member of 1% for the Planet, Boody donates time, money, and products to support various charities.

5. Naadam

11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For Some Guilt-Free, Ethical R&R Images by Naadam #sustainableloungewear #sustainableloungewearbrands #affordablesustainableloungewear #ethicalloungewear #ethicalloungewearsets #sustainableethicalloungewear #sustainablejungle
Images by Naadam

About Naadam

Price Range: $55–$350

Naadam is all about ethical, luxurious comfort.

The brand’s collection for women and men includes ethical loungewear sets, matching sweaters and pants, hoodies, tanks, and cardies, made from one of nature’s softest fabrics.

Are your work from home days just as much fuelled by caffeine as loungewear?

Combine the two with the essential Cafe Cotton Cashmere Oversized Hoodie. It’s made of a revolutionary new fabric called S.Cafe—AKA recycled coffee grounds!

Naadam’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Naadam’s super soft ethical loungewear is mostly made from 100% Mongolian ethical cashmere or recycled cashmere, though they also use merino wool, micro modal, organic cotton, and the aforementioned S.Cafe.

They hold RWS, GRS, and OEKO-TEX certifications.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Working directly with goat herders in Mongolia, Naadam makes sure they receive a fair price for their cashmere, as well as benefits like veterinary care, livestock insurance, retirement, healthcare, and more.

They manufacture mostly at two BSCI-compliant factories in Chifeng, China, though some come directly from Mongolia or Italy.

In the name of animal welfare, goats are shorn by hand in warm weather only and Naadam provides additional veterinary funds to ensure they stay happy and healthy.

Green business practices: 

Cashmere goats often cause desertification of the areas they graze, so Naadam’s goats are ranged freely in a way that protects fragile grasslands and disperses their impact across large areas.

They use closed-loop dying processes, renewable energy for manufacturing, and keep damaged or returned goods in circulation by donating them to Green Tree Textiles.

By 2025, they have some admirable goals, including carbon neutrality and currently offset all shipping emissions


XXS-3X sizes for women and XS-2X for men.

Community & charitable giving: 

Naadam invests in Mongolian herder’s livelihoods through a partnership with the Gobi Revival Fund and through their own Naadam Bogd Fund.

6. YesAnd

11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For Some Guilt-Free, Ethical R&R Images by YesAnd #sustainableloungewear #sustainableloungewearbrands #affordablesustainableloungewear #ethicalloungewear #ethicalloungewearsets #sustainableethicalloungewear #sustainablejungle
Images by YesAnd

About YesAnd

Price Range: $33–$98

YesAnd’s organic cotton loungewear says “yes” to soft and sustainable.

For all the allure of velour with none of the synthetic fabric downsides, you can rest easy knowing the women’s sustainable loungewear you’re relaxing in is made from organic cotton.

Their eco-friendly velour collection includes sweatshirt dresses, hoodies, and sweats, but they also offer non-velour hoodies, joggers, jumpsuits, billow pants, and more.

YesAnd’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Whether jersey knit, terry, or velour, the majority of their eco-friendly loungewear is made using 100% GOTS-certified cotton dyed with non-toxic dyes. 

They also have some items made with TENCEL™ and only a handful utilize small (5%) additions of elastane.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Garments are manufactured in India where YesAnd is dedicated to paying fair wages, supporting female farmers, and empowering local communities. 

To improve traceability, they track their product origins, “from seed to skin” using blockchain technology. The QR code on each product tag helps you learn where it came from.

Green business practices: 

YesAnd focuses on regenerative farming to maintain soil integrity.

They’re aiming to be a Carbon Net Zero company by the end of this year, and they also have an online marketplace (YesAnd Repeat) for customers to sell their preloved YesAnd clothing to others who can keep using them.


YesAnd’s sustainable women’s loungewear is available in XS to XL sizes.

Community & charitable giving: 

YesAnd plants a mangrove tree for every order. 

7. Organic Basics

11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For Some Guilt-Free, Ethical R&R Images by Organic Basics #sustainableloungewear #sustainableloungewearbrands #affordablesustainableloungewear #ethicalloungewear #ethicalloungewearsets #sustainableethicalloungewear #sustainablejungle
Images by Organic Basics

About Organic Basics

Price Range: $55–$200

Danish brand Organic Basics is a one-stop-shop for all manner of basics (duh)—and what is more basic than organic loungewear?

Choose from simple, solid colors of moisture-wicking sweatpants, tees, shorts, leggings, and more, with fewer sustainable men’s loungewear choices.

Organic Basics’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


You’ll find GOTS-certified organic cotton, recycled nylon, TENCEL™ lyocell, recycled wool, and minimal elastane across their collection.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The brand works with European factories certified by GOTS, BSCI, and/or SA8000, and they visit their factories regularly. 

Green business practices: 

Organic Basics has partnered with One Carbon World to go carbon-neutral, in addition to offering a low impact website.

However, they consider carbon offsets more of a “pain killer” and are attempting to tackle the problem at its source by reducing their carbon footprint altogether. The goal is a 50% emissions reduction by 2025.


Sustainable men’s loungewear is available in X-XXL and women’s in XS-XXL.

Community & charitable giving: 

Just because eco loungewear supports our lazy days doesn’t mean it can’t also support activism.

This 1% for the Planet’s activism entails donating to Nordic Ocean Watch, Rewilding Europe, and the World Wildlife Fund’s regenerative organic cotton pilot project in Turkey.

8. Christy Dawn

11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For Some Guilt-Free, Ethical R&R Images by Christy Dawn #sustainableloungewear #sustainableloungewearbrands #affordablesustainableloungewear #ethicalloungewear #ethicalloungewearsets #sustainableethicalloungewear #sustainablejungle
Images by Christy Dawn

About Christy Dawn

Price Range: $178–$248

Boho brand Christy Dawn is one of our favorite brands for organic cotton loungewear.

As a zero waste fashion brand, they use either natural or repurposed deadstock fabrics in everything from maternity clothes to footwear.

Their vintage-inspired sustainable women’s loungewear includes matching sweaters and joggers and The Blake PJ set.

Christy Dawn’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Except the pajama set, which is made of 100% regenerative cotton, all organic loungewear is made of 70% organic cotton and 30% regenerative superfine alpaca wool.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Christy Dawn designs and manufactures locally in Los Angeles, close to where they source most of their deadstock.

Their natural fibers come from regenerative partnerships in various areas of the world—the Andean Pastoral Livelihoods Initiative in Peru for the alpaca wool and Oshadi Collective in India for their organic cotton.

Green business practices: 

Aside from establishing a regenerative cotton farm in India, their Farm to Closet Initiative seeks to inspire the “Regenerative Revolution”. 

You can take part by not only buying regenerative organic loungewear, but by investing in your own regenerative plot. At the end of the season, they buy pay for your plot’s cotton yields in store credit.

They’ve also partnered with thredUP to help keep their clothes in circulation for longer.


XS-XL sizing is available for most items, with select styles offering petite and plus sizes.

Community & charitable giving: 

Christy Dawn regularly features local business owners and artisans on their blog, along with eco living and mindfulness tips.

In addition to their tremendous give-back efforts through regenerative programs, they support local Los Angeles initiatives and grassroots efforts, too.


11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For Some Guilt-Free, Ethical R&R Images by MARY YOUNG #sustainableloungewear #sustainableloungewearbrands #affordablesustainableloungewear #ethicalloungewear #ethicalloungewearsets #sustainableethicalloungewear #sustainablejungle
Images by MARY YOUNG


Price Range: $34–$113

From little lingerie to oversized pajamas, Canadian brand MARY YOUNG does not skip out on sustainable ethical loungewear.

You’ll find versatile pieces to wear when going out, working out, or chilling in.  

These include sustainable lounge shorts, crop tops, sweatshirts, robes, sustainable leggings, loose leg pants, sweatshirts, and robes.

For something cozy that can be dressed up or down for all your minimalist wardrobe needs, check out the Wallace Crop.

MARY YOUNG’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Products are primarily made of OEKO-TEX-certified bamboo rayon produced without the use of chlorine bleach, carcinogenic dyes, or synthetic sizing agents.

Small amounts of elastane are also used in almost everything, and conventional cotton in some.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

All eco loungewear is produced in Montreal, Canada, in factories ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions.

Green business practices: 

No single-use plastic is used for shipping. Instead, you’ll receive things like compostable tissue paper and plant-based packing peanuts that dissolve in water.


MARY YOUNG claims to want to “fill the gap in the intimates market and empower women with different body types”, but their sizes are still limited to XS–2X (and only S-L in some).

Community & charitable giving: 

The Self Love Club provides a safe online space for women to share stories, experiences, and creative works. 

Each year, the brand chooses a different non-profit to which they donate a portion of their profits.

10. Beaumont Organic

11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For Some Guilt-Free, Ethical R&R Images by Beaumont Organic #sustainableloungewear #sustainableloungewearbrands #affordablesustainableloungewear #ethicalloungewear #ethicalloungewearsets #sustainableethicalloungewear #sustainablejungle
Images by Beaumont Organic

About Beaumont Organic

Price Range: $87–$400

For affordable sustainable loungewear UK (and international) readers can support local Beaumont Organic.

They offer a range of posh and planet-friendly women’s clothing including dresses, tops, bottoms, underwear, and nightwear.

Their range includes jumpsuits, relaxed cords, yoga trousers, house dresses, and breezy linen sets.

Beaumont Organic’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The majority feature GOTS-certified organic cotton with a small percentage of elastane.

Others use OEKO-TEX-certified Italian linen, responsibly sourced wool, and recycled yarn (though we’re not sure what fabric specifically that means).

Supply chain & labor practices: 

All clothes are produced in Europe in audited factories paying fair wages and providing a safe working environment throughout the entire production process.

Beaumont manufactures 87% of items within a 300-mile radius of Braga, Portugal, where 97% of raw materials are sourced.

Green business practices: 

Beaumont Organics offers product repairs and a circular resale scheme for UK customers only.


Sizes are available in XS-L (UK 8-18).

Community & charitable giving: 

The Beaumont Organic Foundation supports a number of health and education projects in Fiji.

11. Thought

11 Sustainable Loungewear Brands For Some Guilt-Free, Ethical R&R Images by Thought #sustainableloungewear #sustainableloungewearbrands #affordablesustainableloungewear #ethicalloungewear #ethicalloungewearsets #sustainableethicalloungewear #sustainablejungle
Images by Thought

About Thought

Price Range: $19–$86

For affordable ethical loungewear, UK brand Thought was a brand we didn’t have to think too hard about adding to our list.

Whether you need a warm winter coat or something to stay warm inside all day, this sustainable clothing brand has the goods: leggings, jogger sweatpants, jumpsuits, and tops.

That’s in their women’s collection but they also offer a smaller collection of men’s ethical loungewear.

Thought’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


GOTS-certified organic cotton makes up the majority of their collection.

Some ethical women’s loungewear—like sustainable sweatpants—include other fabrics like bamboo viscose, TENCEL™, modal, recycled polyester and nylon, Ecovero, seacell (made of seaweed!), wool, hemp, and elastane.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Some cotton is Fairtrade certified and, as a founding member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, Thought regularly visits their manufacturing partners in China, India, and Turkey. 

Green business practices: 

Thought x traid helps pre-loved items stay in circulation. They’ll send a free postage label or pick unwanted items up if you live in London. 

Garment bags are made from compostable cornstarch.


XS-XXL sizes (UK 6-20) are available.

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How We Chose The Best Sustainable Loungewear Brands

Lounging is easy and choosing what to do it in can be, too—as long as you know what makes loungewear sustainable.

Here are our sustainable and ethical fashion criteria we used to curate this list.


Low impact fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, linen, and ethical wool are all good eco-friendly materials for loungewear.

Semi-synthetics like bamboo viscose and lyocell fabric also get the thumbs up provided they’ve been made using closed-loop processes. 

Synthetic fabrics are best avoided unless recycled, but sometimes a small percentage of elastane / spandex is included to increase the stretch. Remember to pop these into a GuppyFriend bag for washing. 

Don’t forget color! OEKO-TEX-certified or natural, sustainable dyes mean toxic chemicals won’t leach into your skin when heated under that electric blanket.

Supply chain and labor practices:

When it comes to ethical manufacturing, transparency and traceability are key. 

Fair trade loungewear means looking for brands that pay fair wages and take steps to make sure working environments are healthy and safe. 

Supporting a small business loungewear company can also be a great way to get cozy while supporting people in their craft, so don’t be afraid to shop small. 

Independent, third-party audits give credibility to brand claims and ward off greenwashing—though be aware that even the best of the best (i.e. B Corp) aren’t immune.

Green business practices: 

Cultivating local supply chains, carbon offset programs, reducing water and energy consumption, supporting regenerative agriculture, and using eco-friendly packaging—there’s a whole host of ways brands can make sure their clothing is a relaxed fit for us and the planet. 

An increasing number of brands are partnering with clothing recycling projects and setting up their own pre-loved programs to slow down fashion and keep clothing in circulation for longer. 


We like to see inclusive sizing that reflects the range of real bodies. 

While some brands gave us a sigh of relief here, a few were still a little behind, though many brands are working toward more inclusive sizing.

Community & charitable giving:

Many of the brands listed are members of 1% for the Planet, which holds them accountable for donating at least 1% of profits to environmental organizations.

Final Thoughts On Ethical Loungewear

Sometimes it’s important to slow down, especially when it comes to slow fashion.

Fortunately, these brands can help on both counts.  

The best sustainable loungewear is that pair of organic leggings in your cupboard and those organic sweats hanging on your bedroom door, followed by something secondhand. You might find something new-to-you from one of these brands or from an online thrift store—and still not have to leave the comfort of your couch!

Know someone who enjoys hanging out at home? 

Be a good mate and share this article with your lounge-loving friends, so they can have a cozy and conscious lazy day, too.

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