In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Azura Bay #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Azura Bay
In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Eco Intimates #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Eco Intimates
In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Underprotection #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Underprotection

13 Ethical & Sustainable Lingerie Brands – Conscious Sex Appeal

Sustainability is sexy. No ifs or but(t)s about it.

So, in the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes.

We’ve covered ethical underwear in the past, but this time we’ve dialed the style up to ten, trading in basics that cover your bottom into lacy little numbers that, well, don’t cover so much.

While we normally advocate for online thrifting, some things are just a little too personal to buy used.

At least, you can stick to minimalism here – you just need a few pieces to spice up those special occasions.

Here’s a quick look under the covers for some of our faves: 

Azura Bay is actually a retailer of beautiful sustainable and ethical lingerie – they ensure a super-inclusive size range and that their brand partners adhere to stringent ethical standards – so if you need a quick answer to your search, this might be it.

We were also particularly impressed with Underprotection for their beautiful range and Reformation for their transparency. 

One last pro-tip from the planet before we get stuck in: make sure you wash your lingerie in a Guppyfriend wash bag, which not only protects your delicates but also keeps microplastics from entering the water table (and eventually our food chain!).

You can find one at Reformation.

Now let’s size up the best ethical lingerie brands.

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In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Underprotection #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Underprotection
About Underprotection

The award-winning Danish brand Underprotection has been putting the booty in beautiful ethical lingerie for over a decade, which they claim to be “almost as sustainable as being naked.”

Their product lineup includes bodystockings, teddies, organic bras, and more with plenty of patterns and prints to choose from.

Aside from the name, there’s nothing “under” about this brand. Instead, they’re overqualified, overwhelmingly eco-conscious, and over the top cute! 

Underprotection’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Underprotection’s environmentally friendly lingerie uses a variety of top-notch PETA-approved natural fabrics, including GOTS-certified organic cotton and banana fabric and lyocell, both certified by OEKO-Tex 100 and Union of Natural Fibers.

They’re also one of the only ethical lingerie brands using milk fiber, a silky byproduct of the dairy industry made from soured milk protein.

Underprotection uses OEKO-Tex certified and GRS-approved recycled fabrics like polyester, elastane, and (sort of) eco friendly nylon

The Q-NOVA nylon makes up all the lace and mesh fabrics and is 99% recycled and made from a chemical-free processing method.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Underprotection was given the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) Young Designer li­cense in 2013. This means they’re audited to uphold supply chain standards set by both the International Labor Organization and U.N. Declaration on Human Rights.

Most styles are made in a small factory called Fashion Forte in New Delhi, India. 

They’ve been working with this woman-owned factory since the beginning and are fully transparent about their long-term 20-person workforce here.

Recently they’ve also started working with new fair trade factories in Latvia and Greece to keep production closer to home. Each product description tells you where that particular garment is made.

Green business practices: 

All products are shipped in recyclable paper packaging or biodegradable poly bags.


Underprotection writes, “We love women, all kinds, all sizes, and our goal is to make you feel as beautiful and comfortable as possible.” You’ll find a complete range of sizes from XS-XL.

Available: Azura Bay  |  Selfridges


In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Azura Bay #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Azura Bay
About Azura Bay

This one’s a funny one, folks: Azura Bay is a retailer (not a designer) of ethical swimwear, loungewear, and wildly inclusive sustainable lingerie, based in Canada. 

They partner with other sustainable lingerie stores and brands (some are on this list, like Only Hearts and Underprotection) to sell ONLY the most sustainable and eco-friendly intimates.

Since many brands limit their sustainable products to one piece or one line, Azura Bay combines them into one convenient shopping location.

This means their variety and selection is vast, from ethical sporty lingerie to delicate bodysuits.

It’s a real one-stop-sexy-shop! 

We’ve never run into this before when crafting these brand lists but thought they were well worth the inclusion.

Azura Bay’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Azura Bay only includes pieces from brands made of the conscious materials. This includes GOTS-certified organic cotton, TENCEL Lyocell, recycled lace, and other fully upcycled synthetics. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Again, Azura Bay doesn’t manufacture themselves, but they carefully vet brands and only choose to sell those with ethical sourcing policies and sustainable practices.

Most products are made in the US, UK, or Canada. Additionally made products are produced in Fair Trade factories around the globe including Turkey, Mexico, and Peru.

Green business practices: 

When it comes to shipping, they use 100% recycled boxes, recycled/recyclable EcoEnclose poly mailers, Better Packaging Co compostable mailers, and even recycled tissue paper. 


Aside from offering a huge range of sizes that the designers don’t directly, they host new photoshoots with a more diverse range of ladies to strut their stuff and show off these pieces. We love the plus-sized inclusivity and how downright REAL all their models look.

Community & charitable giving: 

A portion of every sale is directly donated to either Because I Am a GirlWorld Wildlife Fund, or the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Available: Azura Bay


In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Reformation #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Reformation
About Reformation

For a huge selection of affordable, sustainable lingerie, look no further than Reformation

We doted on this transparent company when covering ethical dresses, eco friendly leggings and sustainable swimwear, and a quick peek at their sustainability report will tell you why (or keep reading and we will).

We love how every product description comes with a footprint calculator telling you how much water, waste, and CO2 was saved in producing that garment.

Reformation’s intimates are elegantly classic.

With mostly soft lacy styles in a range of products like see-through slips, transparent bralettes, and bum-flattering panties in all cuts and shapes. 

Reformation’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Reformation uses a wide variety of recycled synthetics and plant-based fabrics across their line of affordable ethical clothing

For lingerie, however, the selection is much smaller. Their lacy lingerie is made from a recycled nylon blend, and their stretchier bralettes and panties are made of TENCEL Lyocell derived from sustainably managed forests. 

Both are blended with elastane in the straps and waistbands.

Rest assured that all fabrics for your sensitive areas are tested against a large list of restricted substances, and some come from Bluesign or OEKO-TEX 100 certified suppliers.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Over 65% of their full line is produced at their 32 factories in Los Angeles, which employ mostly women from underrepresented groups.  They invite the public to take monthly tours in person or by video for full transparency.

Other factories are in China, Morocco, and Turkey, and are regularly audited to uphold the Global Social Compliance Programme’s (GSCP) Code of Conduct.

Green business practices: 

Their certified green building offices use eco-friendly office supplies like recycled tire pens and run on electricity purchased from wind power suppliers.

Reformation has been carbon neutral since 2015 by offsetting operations through the Brazilian Rosewood Amazon Conservation Project and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

They offset the power your computer uses when shopping for their products online.

To encourage customers to reduce their carbon footprint too, they sell Native Energy climate credits and offer $100 of store credit for customers that switch to wind energy suppliers.

Having signed the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment, they plan to recirculate 500,000 garments by 2025. And… they’re already over halfway there.


While some of the range is available from size XS to XL, a large portion of the intimate range only goes up to L, the equivalent of a 38” bust and 31” waist. 

So, it’s not incredibly inclusive for larger women, which is a shame given how on-the-mark the rest of the company is.

Community & charitable giving: 

This fast fashion alternative does good by starting at home. They encourage their staff to volunteer, both with company-wide volunteer days and giving individuals a monthly paid day off to do so.

They also regularly plant trees through L.A.’s TreePeople and other rotating organizations like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

Available: Reformation


In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Cosabella #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Cosabella
About Cosabella

Cosabella is Italian for “beautiful thing.” 

Fitting, because since 1983, this brand has been combining Italian craftsmanship and exceptional quality to bring ethical lingerie to the world. 

Inspired by traditional artisanship and the modern woman, Cosabella’s lingerie is feminine, timeless, and designed for every woman. 

The selection includes bras, panties, sleep and loungewear, and lingerie including bra and panty sets, bodysuits, teddys, and camisoles—all of which are available in more than 100 colors!

Cosabella’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


While synthetic fabrics like polyamide and elastane are used in most garments, some feature cotton for the body. 

In the past, they offered a Lourdes collection, which used a portion of recycled polyamide and elastane. We hope this line makes a reappearance.

The colors are produced from natural dyes. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The company was founded by a husband and wife duo and is still family-owned. That’s why they partner with family-run workshops in villas around Italy. 

Representing a slow fashion approach, every step of making these skivvies is thoughtfully done to produce a quality product. Some of the manufacturing practices date back to the Renaissance period.

A single hand-crafted thong could take up to 10 hours to make. 


Cosabella has a plus size collection that starts at 38-40 bands, DD-F cups, and lingerie sizes 1X to 3X. 

Available: Cosabella


In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Uye Surana #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Uye Surana
About Uye Surana

Uye Surana (pronounced Yoo Sur-ah-nah) is an ethical lingerie company hailing from NYC. 

Small batches, handmade pieces, and an inclusive size range are just a few of the ways the brand stands out. 

Not to mention some playful, pastel designs that are so feminine, they’re fierce. (Did someone say floral thigh-high stockings and butterfly print translucent bras?!)

They offer bras, undies, garters, stockings, and nightwear.

Uye Surana’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Pima cotton is one of Uye’s main materials because it’s soft, supportive, and light-as-air. 

It’s found in the part of the Neutrals collection and the dedicated Pima Cotton collection.

Nylon and spandex are other common materials found in the mesh undies, bralettes, and stockings. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The lingerie is made by a small, family-owned-and-operated factory in Colombia. They provide safe and comfortable working conditions as well as a fair wage. 

The designs themselves are sustainably hand-printed in Uye Surana’s NYC studio. 

Green business practices:

The hand-printing process deviates from traditional methods which wreak havoc on our waterways. No water or excess dye is required for Uye Surana’s method. 

Everything is printed with durable, anti-rip material. Aside from the fact that rips and runs are so NOT sexy in stockings, that also means longer-lasting pieces! 

Everything is shipped in 100% recycled mailers, boxes, and tissue paper. 


Uye Surana is woman-owned and features clothing sizes that run from XS to 3XL and feature adjustable sizes that accommodate more than 70 bra sizes.

Their garments have been fit tested to ensure that petite, curvy, and plus size women can wear them. 

In addition to that, Uye Surana uses real models that look like real women.

In fact, we’d argue they’re one of the best plus size lingerie brands.

Available: Uye Surana


In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Modern Match Lingerie #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Modern Match Lingerie
About Modern Match Lingerie

We’ll let the brand speak for themselves:

Modern Match Lingerie is your armor to tackle anything life throws your way. We make intuitive, supportive products designed to live with you.”

The women-owned company wants to shake up the status quo in the lingerie industry, committed to creating a culture that promotes female empowerment and self-discovery. 

They have simple yet classy bras (in wireless, classic contour, and “longline” pushup cuts) and underwear (either a thong or lacy cheeky) for every woman and every fit. 

Modern Match Lingerie’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Like many pairs of underwear out there, Modern Match Lingerie’s is made with a nylon/spandex blend lined with a 100% cotton gusset. 

We’re not sure what materials the bras are made with (yet, be sure we’ll inquire), but we do know a few styles contain a memory foam lining. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

All Modern Match employees and contractors are paid a fair living wage and enjoy safe working conditions. They don’t condone forced or child labor. 

The brand’s main Chinese manufacturer is also woman-owned and uses ethical practices to produce quality lingerie. 

Green business practices:

They’re constantly looking for ways to reduce their waste and make sustainability improvements. For now, that means your ethical lingerie will arrive in 100% recyclable and biodegradable shipping materials.


Their underwear is available in XS-3XL and bras in sizes 32B-38DD (or XS-XL in the wireless). 

They’re also currently in the process of expanding their size range. Expect to find bra sizes that run from 32A to 46DDD in the future. 

We’re happy to see that they use models that represent a range of sizes. 

Community & charitable endeavors: 

MML regularly supports female-forward charities that focus on empowerment, support, leadership, and education—such as the Phoenix Transition Society

They also support their community with free monthly seminars.

MML founder and female empowerment trailblazer, Shauna Allan also started the Bra Bra Sisterhood online community.

Available: Modern Match Lingerie


In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Clare Bare #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Clare Bare
About Clare Bare

If you want a more edgy, boudoir look for your lingerie, Clare Bare has some cute and kinky ethical designs for you.

Their range of ethical women’s lingerie includes bralettes and panties, lace-back bodysuits, garter belts and shorts, robes, slips, and extra sultry cage bras (for the brave and strap-happy).  

Their philosophy is quite admirable and inspiring:

“Sexuality is complex-we should not feel the need to be defined by one thing or another. We are always aiming to be “both” in every aspect-hard/soft, masculine/feminine, light/dark, sophisticated/naive, etc. Lingerie is a medium for experimentation, play, and empowerment.” 

You can really see this come to fruition in their designs, which combine light and flirty florals with bold black lace, trim, and straps.

Clare Bare’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Clare Bare prioritizes used vintage and salvaged fabrics whenever possible. These come from other fashion manufacturers, and thrift store finds, and each product description tells you where your fabric came from.

If they can’t source a material used, they rely on a new local supplier of Lenzing Modal. They recently made this switch after using bamboo jersey during their early years.  

All elastic and hardware (which is mostly new rather than upcycled) come from a local L.A. supplier as well.

All dyes are 100% organic and include specifically Brazilian Logwood (purples, blacks), Indian Lac (pinks, reds), Caribbean Plants (teals, blues), Osage Orange (yellow). While Indian Lac is made from the excrement of the Cochineal insect – not the insect itself – they are happy to provide a synthetic alternative for vegans.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

This made-in-the-U.S. ethical lingerie brand crafts everything by hand (down to the dyeing) in their downtown Los Angeles studio. Each order is handmade and in many cases hand dyed so orders take 1-4 weeks to ship. 

Green business practices: 

To be zero waste themselves, they meticulously collect their fabric scraps to be remade into one-off and one-of-a-kind pieces, which you can shop here.

Available: Clare Bare


In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by AmaElla #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by AmaElla
About AmaElla

Best friends Julie Kervadec and Lara Miller founded AmaElla with a simple crowd-funding campaign in 2016. Today, they remain a company run entirely by females for females.

Their simple, vintage items include negligee nightwear, bras, and knickers (they ARE a UK-based company, after all).

Whether you like feminine florals or edgy strappy ethical lingerie, these designs are just modest enough to leave a little room for the imagination!

AmaElla’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


AmaElla’s organic lingerie is made of a Confidence-in-Textiles-certified fabric called SmoothSilk, which is made of GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 organic cotton.

9% of each piece is elastane, for the straps and waistbands.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

AmaElla pieces are designed in the UK by designers-in-training, and produced in Portugal by local women. This Portuguese factory is certified by the ILO and adheres to U.N. ethical standards.


Take a look at their social feeds, and you’ll see real women, skin rolls, stretch marks, and all (hallelujah!). Plus, their models pose doing everyday things, rather than making you think, “WHO EVEN STANDS LIKE THAT?!”.

Their sizes range from XS to XL in knickers and sleepwear, but bra sizing is less inclusive, only ranging from 32A to 38C.

Community & charitable giving: 

By partnering with UK education non-profits, AmaElla partners employ design students as their chief designers giving them the opportunity to practice and hone their skills.

Available: AmaElla


In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Anekdot Boutique #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Anekdot Boutique
About Anekdot

“Upcycle brand” Anekdot makes some seriously beautiful lingerie and sexy loungewear. 

By combining bold solids with soft, transparent lace inserts, Anekdot pieces are flattering and feminine. They sell bras and high or low bottoms individually, or as matching ethical lingerie sets

Not only do these vintage florals look old school, but they actually are since all fabrics are often sourced from vintage deadstock that would otherwise go to the landfill.

For fabric they can’t find vintage, they source from recent production waste from the luxury fashion industry. Either way, this means their collection runs are limited and the designs totally unique.

Anekdot’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Almost every component of Anekdot’s lingerie line is made from pre-consumer production leftovers and fabric trimmings. Even the organic cotton crotch liners are upcycled fabric cut-offs.

Using upcycled materials means their products aren’t always biodegradable, but they only source from production lines certified by GOTS or OEKO-Tex 100 certified.

Besides the precious surplus laces, sheer silks and trimmings Anekdot also uses the recycled nylon Carvico Vita.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Because Anekdot sources deadstock fabric, tracing the specifics of each piece is difficult. They do try by including a detailed sourcing list in every product description. 

Generally, they source hardware locally from Germany, elastic from 1980s fashion production runs in London, and leftover bra straps from Sri Lanka. 

Green business practices: 

Shipping is minimized by sourcing most fabrics from somewhere in Europe, and everything is handmade in Berlin, Germany, or Poland.


Anekdot sizes run XS-XL

Community & charitable giving: 

Aside from regularly participating in Fashion Revolution Week and other Fashion Revolution events, they also support other ethical businesses by collaborations, are a part of a community of eco-conscious creatives in Berlin regularly meeting to discuss positive change, and work for change by sponsoring other charitable events. 

In 2019 they sponsored the Durham University Charity Fashion show to support the Environmental Justice Foundation. 

Available: Anekdot Boutique  |  AA Collected


In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Eco Intimates #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Eco Intimates
About Eco Intimates

This bespoke label comes to us from Byron Bay, Australia, where founder and chief designer Madonna Bain (no, not THAT Madonna) has been lovingly designing every piece of lingerie and sleepwear from her home since 2008.  

With lots of ruffles and pastel colors, Eco Intimates creates a soft and sensuous bedroom look.

Eco Intimates’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Organic cotton is the core of EI’s virgin materials. Most pieces feature a 100% cotton broderie anglaise. Upcycled materials for trims and accent panels (like lace and elastic) are purchased from local suppliers and tailors.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Madonna designs everything in her Byron Bay home and studio and even fully makes some pieces there too.

Most manufacturing occurs at a small-batch handmade home industry factory in Bali, Indonesia. The home-industry means the seamstresses work from their homes on their own time, which ensures flexible and ethical working conditions. 

Green business practices: 

When it comes to shipping, they wrap garments in undyed compostable tissue paper, then place them in paper bags or Better Packaging compostable bags.


Madonna founded EI “to remind women how truly beautiful they naturally are”. She keeps this in mind with every new design she makes and offers sizes from XS to XL.

Community & charitable giving: 

With the goal of promoting body positivity and uplifting women, they recently started the EI Real Girls Campaign to highlight bad*ss ladies just being their wonderful selves.

Available: Eco Intimates


In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Aikyou #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Aikyou
About Aikyou

The name is Japanese for “love and respect”, German company Aikyou is the self-defined “lingerie brand for small busts”.  

When it comes to feeling sexy and feminine, small-busted women can sometimes get a bit left out. Aikyou aims to change that and make women feel gorgeous just as they are with unpadded or minimally padded designs. 

By playing with interesting geometries, mesh inserts, and multiple straps, their collection is uniquely fierce while maintaining a classic simplicity.

Aikyou’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


All Aikyou garments are made mostly of Fair Trade and OEKO-Tex 100 certified organic cotton (with a little elastane where necessary).  Though they don’t hold the GOTS-certification for monetary reasons, they uphold their cotton to the same standards. 

They only use eco-friendly dyes and die-cast zinc closures and adjustment buckles, which are guaranteed hypoallergenic and nickel-free.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Aikyou is a certified Fair Trade ethical lingerie company also vegan across the whole limited supply chain. They manufacture in and source from Europe only. Fabric production occurs in Germany (yarning, spinning, and cutting) and all the sewing is done in Croatia.

Green business practices: 

They use DHL GoGreen shipping service and package in sustainable forestry-certified recycled or recyclable boxes. 


Aikyou sizes only run US 2-8, so they don’t reach the upper tiers of the inclusivity spectrum. However, we appreciate that they bring love and light to another body type the fashion industry doesn’t typically favor.

Going beyond the small-breasted Aikyou caters to the large population of women who have had mastectomies and too often get ignored by the fashion industry.

Community & charitable giving: 

Aikyou supports Pro Animale (which cares for animals like dogs and horses) as well as bee protection programs.

 Available: Aikyou


In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Lara Intimates #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Lara Intimates
About Lara Intimates

This London-based company is bringing eco-friendly bras to all babes, no matter their bust size. 

Lara Intimates was founded on the belief that “all women deserve to own perfectly fitting, sustainable bras”.  

Their wire-free or wire-full bras are not only supportive and functional but sexy enough to count as lingerie in our book. These solid colored pieces feature semi-transparent overall fabric and a fully transparent mesh cleavage cut-out for flirtatious flair.

Lara Intimates’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


All Lara’s fabrics are 100% reclaimed from a local UK supplier that sends them landfill-bound luxury lingerie fabrics in perfect, unused condition.

The only new components on their clothing are the hardware (hooks, strapping cinches, and the like), and elastic (which is made by local, eco-friendly suppliers). 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Lara makes everything right in their all-female powered Hackney Wick studio to maintain complete control over the ethics of their manufacturing. 

Green business practices: 

 Not only do they upcycle from other production lines, but they have a zero waste policy for their own. This means they save and shred any scraps and trimming to be remade in the future.


In terms of bras, especially, they have the single best size ranges we’ve seen, from 26A to 36I, with the promise of even more coming soon. They show off these products on diverse women in all sorts of sizes (even pregnant models!). 

Community & charitable giving: 

Between all the shameless pink and outcry blog posts to “free the nipple!” we can’t help but feel empowered when looking at Lara Intimates’ website. Which is exactly the point!

Check out their Boob Diaries for more on the wonderfully supportive (pardon the pun) community they have cultivated. 

Available: Lara Intimates


In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Chakra Intimates #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Chakra Intimates
About Chakra Intimates

Perhaps the most unique brand on the list, Chakra Intimates infuses sexy sustainable lingerie with reiki-charged crystals hand sewn to sit at key chakras. 

Without getting woo-woo on you, positioning these gemstones near the body’s spiritual centers can give the wearer energy and balance.

You can learn more in their guide to the power of chakras, but for the short version, founder Krista Ruegg explains it best: 

The general idea […] is to harness the living energy of the stones (“which have been growing and absorbing energy from the earth for thousands of years”) to balance and strengthen the spiritual body. “Just as you eat and get the benefits from healthful food, this is another way of bringing something good to your body.”

Even if you don’t believe in all that, these designs are still lovely. With opaque fabric covering the most intimate bits and lace insets across the rest, they’re a great blend of modest and revealing. Their nine different products (including bras, panties, sustainable robes, and a chemise) come in an array of earthy colors.

Chakra Intimates’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Chakra Intimates are made using TENCEL Modal sourced from sustainably grown European beech trees. Since the dyes are also plant-based, the fabrics are fully biodegradable. They also claim each Grade A gemstone is ethically sourced. You can read more about each stone in the product descriptions.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

100% made not only in the USA but in the Los Angeles area. It all starts at a small, sweat-shop free fabric mill in the city itself. Finished fabrics are then sewn in a factory in the San Fernando Valley, close to Krista’s house. No shipping required.


Their models are very diverse in age, body type, and race, but sizes only run small through large.

Community & charitable giving: 

Aside from generally empowering women, physically and spiritually, part of Chakra Intimates’ mission is to contribute to women’s outreach services and highlight women doing great things. See their blog for some examples.

Available: Chakra Intimates


The most scandalous part of traditional lingerie isn’t what it leads to. The naughtiest part is its terrible impact on the planet. 

Unfortunately, many components of eco-friendly lingerie can’t be made with natural fibers.

Silk is about the only traditional option, and that’s riddled with sustainability issues itself.

Watch this video to learn more about peace silk and the problem with silk farming.

So instead of natural fibers, we’re left with petroleum-based synthetics to contribute to the massive amount of plastic fiber waste that will never fully break down. Let’s not even get into the fact that they are likely soaked in toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process.

We don’t know about you, but we’d rather keep plastic and phthalates far away from our privates.

Information on the industry and why buying ethical is the way to go…


We recommend you to read our article on sustainable fashion criteria, if you haven’t yet. It’s the core of how we vet the most sustainable fashion brands and products.

Here’s a quick reminder of some of the things we consider:


The biggest sustainability factor we look for is material. 

Natural and eco friendly fabrics are best because they biodegrade at the end of their life. 

Most are even compostable!

Fabrics on this list include bamboo fabric, hemp fabric, wool, organic cotton and TENCEL (both Lyocell made from eucalyptus pulp, and Modal, made from beech tree pulp).

We look for sustainable fabrics that are grown and processed organically (which is to say without the use of chemicals).

For this, third-party certifications come in mighty handy, particularly the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

To earn this certification, the fabric must be produced seed-to-shelf across all entities involved without pesticides, fertilizers, or even machine harvesting. 

Unfortunately, asking for lingerie to be totally natural is pretty unrealistic due to necessary components (like lace, straps, and waistbands) that just can’t be made out of organic fabrics. In that case, we look to recycled synthetics sourced from deadstock fabric waste, production trimmings, and vintage clothing.

By using upcycled materials for these things, we are making use of fabrics already in existence, therefore giving them a better use than going to landfill… 

The higher the recycled content, the better, so we look for those certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), which requires a minimum of 20% recycled content to be called “recycled”. 

Obviously, we look for higher percentages than that, and generally, those with this certification are considerably better than 20%.

For all fabrics, organic or synthetic, we want to make sure they are non-toxic.

The OEKO-Tex 100 Standard ensures both fabrics and devices used to process them are free of harmful chemicals like heavy metals (i.e., nickel and cadmium), colorants, and formaldehyde.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices

Transparency of the supply chain is very important. 

We want to know #WhoMadeMyClothes and that they were made in Fair Trade working environments. The actual Fair Trade certification is the primary one we seek, but there are plenty of other comparable certifications you can read more about here.

Fortunately, most of these lingerie companies have super small supply chains, and many have operations totally based in their home country.

Green Business Practices

We also consider the sustainability of a brand’s operations. 

Do they use renewable energy and offset their carbon footprint? What are their shipping methods and packaging materials? Do they aim for low or zero waste operations by employing handmade production methods or making things to order, so there isn’t any deadstock waste?


The fashion industry is fickle, and too often, if you’re not skinny enough or haven’t learned the secret to getting a thigh gap (P.S., there isn’t one… the thigh gap is a dangerous myth!), you’re left out.

That’s why we love to see brands that make clothing for ALL body types and sizes. 

No woman deserves to be excluded just because of the way she is built. This is especially important for lingerie since we bare more than our skin when we show ourselves in our skivvies. 

We bare our hearts and self-confidence, too!

It’s crucial lingerie companies build women up rather than tear down their self-esteem.

We also want to see diversity in their models & marketing to ensure all people feel included.

Community & Charitable Giving

A nice bonus is when companies go beyond their own profit and staff to give to others through charitable endeavors and partnerships. 

Alternatively, companies don’t necessarily need to donate money to give back; they can create outreach initiatives that cultivate a more learned, motivated, and empowered community.  

Lots of lingerie companies on this list are doing this by highlighting real women and their achievements.


Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and sexy, and with these sustainable clothing brands, you won’t have to feel guilty about what that confidence is costing the earth.  

If you know someone who’s looking to spice up their love life (or just has a serious love affair with sustainably lacy things), share this article with them.

Together, we can help beautify the ugly world of fast fashion, one (ethical) butt at a time.

In the spirit of making patooties more planet-friendly, we stripped down to find some boudoir ethical lingerie brands worthy of bedroom eyes Image by Azura Bay #ethicallingerie #sustainablelingerie #sustainablejungle

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  1. It would be helpful to include relative pricing information here! I’d like to buy more sustainable but can’t afford a $40 pair of underwear – which option might be best for me. Thanks for allowing me to provide feedback! This is a great site 🙂


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