7 Organic Tinted Moisturizers For Light & Natural Coverage Image by 100% Pure #organictintedmoisturizers #naturaltintedmoisturizer #bestnaturaltintedmoisturizer #organictintedmoisturizerwithSPF #organictintedfacemoisturizer #allnaturaltintedmoisturizer #sustainablejungle
Image by 100% Pure
7 Organic Tinted Moisturizers For Light & Natural Coverage Image by Sustainable Jungle #organictintedmoisturizers #naturaltintedmoisturizer #bestnaturaltintedmoisturizer #organictintedmoisturizerwithSPF #organictintedfacemoisturizer #allnaturaltintedmoisturizer #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

7 Organic Tinted Moisturizers For Effortlessly Natural Coverage

Long gone are dramatic contours and intense smokey eyes.

Beauty trends now are all about bushy brows, rosy cheeks, and dewy skin. You know, the features that are sported in those clean girl and glass skin makeup tutorials.

With the “no makeup” makeup look on the rise, people are putting down that full coverage foundation and picking up organic tinted moisturizer instead.

Not only can tinted moisturizers be good for your skin, but the healthy, effortless dewy coverage they achieve is better than the best highlighters.

That is, when the formula isn’t riddled with ingredients to avoid in skincare.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most natural tinted moisturizers made from natural skincare ingredients that are sure to get your days going and your skin glowing.

So, which makeup brands have the best organic tinted moisturizer? 

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The Best Organic Tinted Moisturizers For Light, Low Impact Coverage

Moonrise Creek would be one. Their natural tinted moisturizer is for glowing skin and a green planet thanks to its sustainable glass housing and aloe vera leaf, jojoba oil, and shea butter formulation. 

Dab Herb is another one of the cleanest tinted moisturizers we’ve come across. Natural antioxidant botanicals and hydrating oils help the lightweight coverage cream restore the skin as you wear it.

Keep reading to see what other organic, natural tinted face moisturizer brands earned a place in our sustainable makeup bags, or pop to the bottom (or watch our video below) for more info on our selection process and criteria.

1. Moonrise Creek

7 Organic Tinted Moisturizers For Light & Natural Coverage Image by Moonrise Creek #organictintedmoisturizers #naturaltintedmoisturizer #bestnaturaltintedmoisturizer #organictintedmoisturizerwithSPF #organictintedfacemoisturizer #allnaturaltintedmoisturizer #sustainablejungle
Image by Moonrise Creek

Note: Some Moonrise Creek products are made with sustainably harvested palm oil. We are confirming sourcing policies directly with the brand.

About Moonrise Creek’s 100% Natural Tinted Moisturizer

Moonrise Creek’s organic hydrating tinted moisturizer is an essential product in our organic makeup kit.

Super-moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera leaf, jojoba oil, and shea butter make up the base of the lightweight formula, meaning the multi-functional cream nourishes the skin while working as a moisturizer, primer, light coverage foundation, and organic tinted sunscreen all at the same time. 

Available in five different shades, it leaves a sheer tint with natural sun protection. If you’re finding it hard to determine if you’ll find the perfect fit for your skin tone from these five shades, you can order an affordable sample-sized portion before committing to a full product.

The whimsical elixir is housed in a frosted glass bottle with a stained paper label adorning a moon—aesthetic and sustainable packaging fit for your zero waste bathroom

About Moonrise Creek

Moonrise Creek specializes in animal-friendly, low-impact, and earth-conscious products for all skin types, specially sensitive skin.

The small, female-owned clean beauty brand stocks plant-based, artisan products in the form of herbal apothecary goods, botanical skin care products, and aromatherapy oils and perfumes. 

Each item is handmade in small batches with love and good intentions. 

The Etsy star seller has made a name for themselves in the ethical online shopping realm with over 93,000 sales and 12,000 5-star reviews.

2. Dab Herb Makeup

7 Organic Tinted Moisturizers For Light & Natural Coverage Image by Dab Herb Makeup #organictintedmoisturizers #naturaltintedmoisturizer #bestnaturaltintedmoisturizer #organictintedmoisturizerwithSPF #organictintedfacemoisturizer #allnaturaltintedmoisturizer #sustainablejungle
Image by Dab Herb Makeup

About Dab Herb’s Organic Tinted Moisturizer With SPF

Dab Herb’s Petal moisturizer has a cult-following, and for good reason.

The premium formula is crafted from botanical petals, healing herbs, and ancient infusions that combat visible signs of aging, increase collagen production, and revitalize skin renewal.

This makes it the best organic tinted moisturizer for mature skin and sensitive skin.

Some of the key unrefined oils you’ll find in the hydrating blend include grapeseed oil and jojoba oil, combined with skin-calming calendula petals and anti-inflammatory turmeric.

A little non-nano zinc oxide protects from sun damage.

Rather than using skin tone, Dab Herb creates shades based on three different undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. 

The warm undertone is ideal for yellow, peach, or golden tones while the cool undertone is designed for pink, red, or blue skin tones. Neutral is a mix of both.

About Dab Herb Makeup 

Dab Herb is one of our top zero waste beauty brands and their commitment to clean green cosmetics through ethically-sourced ingredients and plastic-free packaging is always impressive.

Founded on the basis of “nature to nurture”, all of their natural ingredients are certified USDA organic or wild crafted, fair-trade, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

Many users and reviewers consider their products “medicinal makeup.”

What we love the most about this clean beauty brand is their packaging. All items are housed in glass, tin or handcrafted wooden pots made from scrap cedar wood by indigenous cooperative partners.

3. 100% Pure

7 Organic Tinted Moisturizers For Light & Natural Coverage Image by 100% Pure #organictintedmoisturizers #naturaltintedmoisturizer #bestnaturaltintedmoisturizer #organictintedmoisturizerwithSPF #organictintedfacemoisturizer #allnaturaltintedmoisturizer #sustainablejungle
Image by 100% Pure

Note: Not 100% Pure products are vegan, but many are. Some contain palm oil, but their tinted moisturizer is palm oil free.

About 100% Pure’s Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer

If you ask 100% Pure, “How do you make natural tinted moisturizer?”, the answer would be simple: with natural fruit pigments, of course. 

Natural color pigments from peach, pomegranate, acai, goji berry, apricot, and cacao are blended into nine shades of dewy, light medium coverage moisturizer in what is essentially a smoothie for your face. 

While the fruit provides the tint, other ingredients are added to combat sun damage, aging, and dry skin. Aloe vera, cucumber juice, organic white tea, and Vitamin C all help with those things.

Your vegan makeup brush has met its match with this vegan organic tinted moisturizer—the perfect combo for light to medium coverage and a dewy finish.

It’s best suited for normal, dry, and combination skin types.

About 100% Pure

100% Pure adheres to strict purity standards, meaning their sustainable makeup brand’s products will never contain harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients.

They are completely transparent with their sourcing practices, only using ingredients that adhere to an Ethical Trade Initiative base code.

The brand cares not only about people, but also about the planet.

All items are shipped with recyclable materials and compostable packaging peanuts.

The company has a mission of becoming climate positive by 2024 by replacing all petrochemical-based packaging with post-consumer recycled materials and continually donating to organizations that focus on land restoration.

4. INIKA Organic

7 Organic Tinted Moisturizers For Light & Natural Coverage Image by Inika Organic #organictintedmoisturizers #naturaltintedmoisturizer #bestnaturaltintedmoisturizer #organictintedmoisturizerwithSPF #organictintedfacemoisturizer #allnaturaltintedmoisturizer #sustainablejungle
Image by Inika Organic

Note: INIKA’s lip, brow, and eye pencils contain RSPO-certified palm oil. We have attempted to confirm policies directly with this brand, but have not received a reply.

About INIKA Organics’ Organic Tinted Moisturizer

INIKA Organic best natural tinted moisturizer for acne takes the form of a multi-use BB cream

Now you may be asking, “What’s the difference between a BB cream and a moisturizer?”

They’re essential the same, but a BB cream typically has more coverage and built in SPF. Considering the Inika BB cream is light coverage and lacks that sun protection factor, we justify including it on the list of clean tinted moisturizers.

Inika’s organic BB cream is packed with skin-loving botanical extracts that restore and rejuvenate the top layers of the epidermis during wear. The captivating concoction contains hydrating prickly pear oil, antioxidant pomegranate seed and avocado oils, and wrinkle reducing jojoba oil.

Not only are 80% of the ingredients in this tinted moisturizer organic (per Ecocert COSMOS certification), but they’re also Vegan Society and PETA-approved.

It comes in six different shades. If you aren’t sure what shade matches your skin tone, you can use the handy tool on their website that color matches shades based on other products you’ve used.

About INIKA Organic 

The Australian makeup brand is the world’s first certified plastic neutral makeup brand to exist. 

With stricter ingredient criteria than any other makeup brand, all of their ingredients are certified organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and halal.

From organic eyeliner to eco-friendly lipstick, their products come thoughtfully housed in either recycled plastic or sustainable aluminum packaging. 

Any plastic used means an equivalent amount is collected from the environment.

Recycled plastic isn’t the only way INIKA combats the plastic problem. The brand works with charities that repurpose collected plastic into fence posts for communities affected by natural disasters. 

INIKA has received over 60 industry awards to date, including the best vegan makeup brand at the Nourish Vegan Awards 2022.

5. Raw Elements

7 Organic Tinted Moisturizers For Light & Natural Coverage Image by Raw Elements #organictintedmoisturizers #naturaltintedmoisturizer #bestnaturaltintedmoisturizer #organictintedmoisturizerwithSPF #organictintedfacemoisturizer #allnaturaltintedmoisturizer #sustainablejungle
Image by Raw Elements

*Note: Raw Elements products contain beeswax. We have reached out to the brand to confirm policies but have not received a response.

About Raw Elements’s Natural Tinted Sunscreen

Are tinted moisturizers good for you? 

We can’t speak for every brand, but Raw Elements has some of the healthiest tinted moisturizers on the market. 

Considering they specialize in sunscreen, it’s safe to say that the sun protection you’ll receive from their SPF 30+ Tinted Moisturizers is unparalleled.

Their medium-toned moisturizer is packed with biologically active antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and extracts that work hard to keep you shielded from UVB rays. Active ingredients include non-nano zinc oxide, iron oxide, sunflower oil, cacao butter, and vitamin E. 

The biodegradable, reef-safe cream provides enough matte coverage for up to 80 minutes of UV protection. Perfect for laying out on your sustainable beach towel on vacation or working all day in your sustainable garden.

There are three packaging options: a plastic stick, plastic tube, or a reusable aluminum pot. If you want the best natural tinted moisturizer with SPF and without plastic, be sure to choose the latter.

About Raw Elements

Raw Elements was founded by a lifeguard who ran at-home kitchen experiments to find a safer, more effective sunscreen for active people. 

The result was a hypoallergenic sunscreen made from fully organic ingredients and free from fragrances, preservatives, and chemicals—a formula fit for the skin and the planet.

Each ingredient is individually selected and sourced, and finished products are individually tested to make sure there are no nano-sized particles.

The brand is Non-GMO Project Approved, Leaping Bunny Certified, and Environmental Working Group #1 Rated. 

All products are manufactured in the USA and though not all are zero waste sunscreen, you’ll find mostly conscious packaging from PCR resins, recyclable materials, compostable paperboard, bio-based materials, and aluminum packaging.

6. Activist Skincare

7 Organic Tinted Moisturizers For Light & Natural Coverage Image by Sustainable Jungle #organictintedmoisturizers #naturaltintedmoisturizer #bestnaturaltintedmoisturizer #organictintedmoisturizerwithSPF #organictintedfacemoisturizer #allnaturaltintedmoisturizer #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

About Activist Skincare’s Tinted Organic SPF Moisturizer

Available in four shades, Activist Skincare’s Avasol all natural tinted moisturizer with SPF provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and water-resistant coverage for up to 80 minutes. 

Their natural tinted sunscreens are made from ethically-sourced raw ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and vitamin E. What they’re not made of is parabens, nanoparticles, GMO’s and synthetic chemicals. 

Choose between two SPF 30 options: a tinted mineral sunscreen cardboard stick or a sunscreen cream that comes with the option of recyclable refill pouches.

Both are suitable for use as facial sunscreen or full body protection. Just make sure to rub the product in well, since the initial application can be quite strong. 

About Activist Skincare

If you combine active ingredients with advocating for change, you get Activist Skincare. 

The clean beauty brand is a one-stop shop for all things skincare with cleansers, toners, serums, oils, and more. 

With sustainability at their core, their cruelty-free products—like natural makeup remover—are created with natural ingredients that are non-toxic to both our body and planet. All are sourced from sustainable-minded suppliers and, when possible, women and people of color.

The small brand is clearly committed to environmentally advocacy, something that’s evident not only in their products and refillable or reusable packaging, but also in their profits. 

As proud members of 1% for the Planet, part of their proceeds fund environmental projects like environmental law support, outdoor education for POC, and land reclamation efforts for indigenous people.

7. ILIA Beauty

7 Organic Tinted Moisturizers For Light & Natural Coverage Image by Ilia #organictintedmoisturizers #naturaltintedmoisturizer #bestnaturaltintedmoisturizer #organictintedmoisturizerwithSPF #organictintedfacemoisturizer #allnaturaltintedmoisturizer #sustainablejungle
Image by Ilia

Note: Some ILIA products contain beeswax.

About ILIA Beauty’s Paraben-Free Tinted Moisturizer

ILIA Beauty has the most skin-tone inclusive organic tinted face moisturizer we’ve featured yet, with 30 different shades to choose from—meaning they offer some of the best organic tinted moisturizer for dark skin.

Beauty gurus are raving about the Super Serum Skin Tint. The incredible light-weight formula has won over ten industry awards by merging light coverage, potent skincare, and mineral SPF protection all in one go.

To create the award-winning tinted moisturizer, natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, plant-based squalene, and non-nano zinc oxide, are mixed into an impeccable skin hydrating, pore minimizing, and skin tone protecting blend.

The organic oil-free tinted moisturizer has been clinically proven to work on all skin types, with 94% of oily skin users saying it gave them an even skin tone, and 100% of dry skin users saying it improved dryness. 

Who knew there was an all-in one natural tinted moisturizer for oily skin AND dry skin alike?!

Though the tinted serum lacks oil, don’t expect a matte finish. The light coverage foundation still leaves that natural dewy finish that leaves skin glowing.

About ILIA Beauty

ILIA uses transparency as their guide and color as their vehicle. 

The eco-friendly brand makes pregnancy safe cosmetics from ethically sourced ingredients that don’t sacrifice color. 

Ilia believes that not every natural ingredient is good, and not every synthetic ingredient is bad. While the majority of their products are made from natural mineral dyes, some contain low percentages of FDA approved dyes. 

As a member of 1% For The Planet, Ilia commits part of the profits from their skin tint sales towards organizations combating habitat degradation.

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Why Choose Organic Tinted Moisturizer?

Is tinted moisturizer good for your skin?

It can be…or it can be terrible for it.

Like many conventional makeup products, conventional tinted moisturizers contain yucky lab-made ingredients with the sole purpose of putting profits over people. 

Most of the time, these products are terrible not only for your sensitive skin, but also for the environment.

Some common chemical culprits include parabens, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde releasing preservatives, and artificial dyes. 

By making tinted moisturizer natural, brands can dispel these harsh chemicals, replacing them with natural ingredients that actively repair the skin. We’re talking the likes of moisturizing oils, anti-inflammatory herbs, and vitamin-rich extracts. 

For a slightly-higher price, you can invest in natural and organic products that act not only as cosmetics, but also as sustainable skincare remedies (saving you money on products for your skincare routine!).

How We Chose The Best Natural Tinted Moisturizers

This article may be about light coverage, but we’ve done some full coverage on these brands.

Using our guide to ethical and sustainable beauty, we’ve sorted through all the boxes to determine which sustainable beauty brands take the cake.

Here’s the foundation we used to decide which natural tinted moisturizers are best.

  • Non-Toxic: Non-GMO and certified organic ingredients are best. Much like in natural toners and organic face serums, for tinted moisturizer, the natural ingredients you’ll commonly see include nourishing plant oils and butters (like shea butter), hyaluronic acid, and natural, non nanoparticle mineral pigments (like zinc oxide and iron oxide). Even if some synthetics are used, definitely be sure to look for paraben free tinted moisturizer or organic silicone free tinted moisturizer.
  • Cruelty-Free: No animal testing involved.
  • Vegan: Free from animal and animal-derived products (like squalane, carmine, and lanolin).
  • Palm-Oil Free: Palm oil is a controversial ingredient due to the corruption and deforestation associated with harvesting. We haven’t found a way to do palm oil better quite yet, so we’d rather avoid it.
  • Ethical ingredient sourcing: It’s never okay to use forced, unfair, or child labor in any step of the process. The way a company treats its employees speaks volumes to us.
  • Thoughtful Packaging: Organic ingredients are at the top of our mind, but we love brands that also consider sustainable packaging options too. Zero waste skin care packaging is ideal, though recycled and recyclable packaging is next best.

Final Thoughts On Organic & Natural Tinted Moisturizers

So, which featured brand do you think makes the best tinted moisturizer?

Personally, we think all the brands on the list are too good to brush off. 

But if you still find yourself asking, “What can I use instead of tinted moisturizer”, we have a home remedy for you.

You can create your very own DIY natural tinted moisturizer for everyday wear using your favorite eco-friendly moisturizer. Simply sprinkle ground cloves, cocoa powder, and nutmeg into organic moisturizer until you reach the right shade and viola: a moisturizer made just for you!

Remember, sharing is caring except when it comes to makeup (though, we’re all guilty of it.) 

Share this article instead so your fellow beauty gurus can kick harsh chemicals to the curb with outstanding organic options.

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