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14 Sustainable Stores For All Your Ethical Online Shopping

Ethical online shopping combines the best of both worlds—convenience and sustainability.

What’s not to love?!

Especially when you have some of the best eco stores right at your fingertips.. literally. 

And, with the plethora of issues that come with online shopping, it’s even more important to ensure your couch based consumption isn’t piling on additional environmental woes. 

Which is why ethical online shopping in the USA has to be the future for all our purchases (as much as possible anyway). Especially since online sales have grown 76% in the last year. 

But at the same time, there’s never been a better time to support ethical online retailers, many of whom are small businesses trying to reduce your plastic consumption in an increasingly disposable world.

So with that in mind, here’s our list of 14 best eco friendly online stores that can satisfy your sustainable shopping needs. 

Whether you need some general home goods, a new outfit, skin care products, or just your weekly groceries, these sustainable online stores have your back (and our planet’s, too). We’ve broken this list down into sections so it’s easier to peruse before placing your order.

*This post contains affilate links

Quick Links For The Best Ethical Online Shopping

Ethical Online Beauty Stores

Ethical Online Grocery Stores

Ethical Online Home Goods & Stores


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by EcoRoots #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by EcoRoots
EcoRoots’ Ethical Online Shop

EcoRoots is all about minimalist, plastic-free, and low-waste alternatives to everyday bath, beauty, and kitchen products.

From eco friendly loofah alternatives to sustainable candles, they’ve got everything you could need for an eco-friendly home. 

Not only are they one of the best zero waste online stores, but they also sell organic and non-toxic personal care products.  Everything is free of animal byproducts, SLS, palm oil, and plastic.

About EcoRoots

EcoRoots may have been founded in Aspen, Colorado but now the brand has a far-reaching impact. They work with smaller brands that share similar values and consider the environment in everything they do—from the products they sell to how they’re packaged. 

They also donate 1% of all of their profits to the Ocean Conservancy who are committed to protecting our blue planet.

Shop: EcoRoots


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably      Image by Earth Hero     #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by Earth Hero
EarthHero’s Ethical Online Store

EarthHero is one of the best Amazon alternatives.

They have everything, but with less Bezos billionaire disregard for their sellers and buyers. Their range of sustainable products is massive and includes practically anything you could ever need. 

Looking for eco friendly book stores online? Go with EarthHero. 

They’ve also got bathroom and kitchen products, clothing and accessories, zero waste baby items, travel and outdoor gear, pet items, and beauty products.

With their carbon neutral shipping, you can’t go wrong with any order.

So say goodbye to Prime; it’s EarthHero time.

About EarthHero

EarthHero was founded by Ryan Lewis. The Boulder, Colorado store stocks over 150 brands that were all intimately hand-picked to ensure that they’re the cream of the sustainable crop. 

They even have a whole page on their website dedicated to the various sustainability logos they use (which is to say, there’s a lot of them!) to make it easier than ever for folks to shop their values. That way, you know “exactly what’s sustainable about each product; no smoke and mirrors”. 

We could go on and on but suffice it to say that EarthHero is the B Corp bomb. Truly committed to sustainability and giving back in a variety of ways, they leave nothing to be desired when it comes to sustainable online shopping.

Shop: EarthHero


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by Made Trade #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by Made Trade
Made Trade’s Ethical Online Home Goods and Clothing

Made Trade curates ethically-sourced and exceptionally designed goods from makers all around the world.

If it’s fair trade, heritage, vegan, sustainable, POC- or woman-owned, or made in the USA, they probably have it. 

From clothing, shoes, and accessories to eco-friendly bedding, furniture, curtains, cookware and gifts, anyone looking to incorporate conscious products into a beautiful life should start with Made Trade.

About Made Trade

As one of the most diverse eco friendly stores online, Made Trade is a woman-owned, family-run company that was started by a desire to find beautiful ethical and sustainable products for their own home and wardrobe. 

With different products for each of their values, Made Trade “puts artistry above efficiency, fair wages above profits, sustainability above mass production, quality craftsmanship above mindless consumption, and transparency above everything.”

“Ethically elevated,” they call it, only bolstered by the fact that they donate to regenerative fiber company Fibershed as a member of 1% for the Planet and have verified 100% carbon offset shipping.

Not only do they offset shipping emissions by funding an Amazon protection program that educated Indigenous peoples on proper land management, but they offset any possible returns, too. Not that you’ll be wanting to send anything back!

Shop: Made Trade


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by Ten Thousand Villages #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by Ten Thousand Villages
Ten Thousand Villages’ Ethical Online Homewares and Fashion

With a unique artisan investment model, all of the products from Ten Thousand Villages go beyond fair trade to truly put the maker first. 

And their range is just as impressive as their model.

They sell uniquely-designed jewelry, accessories, incense and candles, games, kitchen and office supplies, ethical home decor, wall accessories, outdoor furniture, world treasures, and pet products!

Whew—they’ve got it all! 

We especially like the looks of their many handy woven storage baskets, perfect for adding a little organization to your home and giving you some peace of mind. Best of all, they’re made from sustainable materials, like recycled plastic woven with kaisa grass.

About Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is more than just one of our favorite eco friendly stores. It’s also a global maker-to-market movement that is working to break the cycle of generational poverty. Each purchase directly impacts the person who made the product (60% of whom are women), as well as their community as a whole. 

Aside from being a founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization, they’re also partners with Equal Exchange, the Fair Trade Federation, Level Ground Trading, and other charitable entities.

Their impact is better summarized by Ten Thousand Villages themselves: “Together, we break the cycle of poverty and impact the lives of 20,000 makers in 30 developing countries.”

But how do they ensure fair wages across so many countries, you ask? “Artisans tell us what they want to be paid for their work. After they give us their price, we confirm that they are covering their costs and building sustainability into their businesses.”

Shop: Ten Thousand Villages


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by The Responsible Shop #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by The Responsible Shop
Verishop’s Sustainable Online Store

Verishop’s The Responsible Shop is THE place to find environmentally-friendly items. Launched to celebrate the 2020 Earth Day, The Responsible Shop allows you to ‘Shop by Cause,’ with the options including: clean beauty, clean home, cruelty free, fair trade, organic, philanthropic, and sustainable.

Whether you’re outfitting your zero waste kitchen, zero waste bathroom, or responsible closet, The Responsible Shop is one of the best high-end eco friendly shopping stores. 

They even have unique decor, like these adorable bookend planters made from repurposed ceramic (which you might need if you’ve been catching up on your sustainability reading during your staycation like we are).

About Verishop

Verishop is great for browsing and discovering the latest trends. It started as a place to inspire shoppers and allow them to shop online fast. 

It’s better to not unnecessarily shop online (unless that’s online window shopping), but if you do, be sure to choose the products from The Responsible Shop. It helps that they’re doing something extra to offset their shipping emissions by planting one tree for each purchase made this year.

Shop: The Responsible Shop


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by Accompany #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by Accompany
Accompany’s Ethical Shopping Selection

Accompany is ethical shopping online meets unique global curation.

Each handmade item that they sell is one-of-a-kind. 

From fashion and accessories to home and lifestyle to unique ethical gifts, Accompany has a product for any person and any occasion.

Product categories include apparel, handbags, jewelry, accessories, decor, and entertaining (think eco friendly dinnerware you can do a show and tell for your guests with).

About Accompany

Welcome to Accompany—”where every purchase has a purpose.”

This certified B-Corp does all of the hard work so that you can find the best artisan-made, fair trade, and philanthropic products. Bringing together fashion impact and human impact, the brand is driven by a passion to “create feel-good goods through a look-good lens.”

Their makers are carefully selected from indigenous communities, fair trade cooperatives, and philanthropic NGOs and other at-risk community benefit programs across 40 different countries. 

While not all their makers are certified Fair Trade (because they know the cert is “very expensive and time-consuming to get—and in some cases fraught with corruption”), they are all held to Accompany’s equivalent expectations.

When you shop their handmade and artisanal goods, you’re helping to accompany Accompany (couldn’t resist!) in changing the systems that perpetuate economic inequality and poverty. 

Shop: Accompany

Ethical Online Clothing StoreS


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by Ocelot Market #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by Ocelot Market
Ocelot Market’s Ethical Online Clothing Store

With some of the world’s most uniquely beautiful men’s and women’s fashion, homewares, and Turkish shoes, Ocelot Market is one of the best USA-based eco friendly fashion stores online.

And for all those down under, they now have an Australian based shop too!

Partnering with brands like Proud Mary Footwear, Starfish Project, and Wolof Weavers of Senegal, Ocelot Market is a one-stop-shop for all things made with a “maker to market” mentality. That is, made by talented artisans internationally and (always) ethically out of materials that are “natural, locally-sourced, upcycled, recycled and never over produced”. 

You can find all sorts of bright and eye-catching conversation starters here, like crochet sustainable jewelry and face masks, from whatever brand or country you want to support most. All of it handmade!

About Ocelot Market

Ocelot Market was born when a strong-headed entrepreneur from Kentucky had a conversation with an artisan in a Thai night bazaar. Dedicated to making a positive impact and creating a means to celebrate traditional artisan techniques from around the world, the computer scientist-turned-fashionista started Ocelot Market. 

The brand’s early days began in a Brooklyn apartment with three artisans but has now expanded to about 100 artisan workshops and small brands dedicated to providing an economic resource to uplift impoverished communities. 

They say, “Here at Ocelot, we believe the life behind the product is so much more important than the product itself. Our products allow us to tell a story about the diversity and creativity of human life.”

Shop: Ocelot Market


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by Etsy #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by Etsy
Etsy’s Ethical Online Clothing Shops

In addition to having some of the best vintage duds around, Etsy is THE place to shop if you want to support small business brands that aren’t letting their size stand in the way of making a sustainable impression on the world. 

Some of our favorites are: 


This woman-run business is doing their best to use sustainable materials and a zero-waste mentality—all while reducing their carbon footprint along the way.

Based in Santa Barbara, California, this is the Etsy go-to-shop when looking for organic cotton tees, TENCEL tops, and sustainable accessories. 

Gaia Conceptions

Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, all of the clothing from Gaia Conceptions is made with certified organic fabrics that have been hand cut, sewn, and dyed. The pieces are designed to be multi-functional and combine minimalism with sophistication. 

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home with some elegant reclaimed furniture or your own look with unique upcycled clothing, Etsy has options for literally anything.  We especially love them for their zero waste beauty selection. Take a look through any one of our sustainable beauty guides and you’ll find plenty of Etsy-based suggestions.

About Etsy

Ahhhh, the global peer-to-peer marketplace we all know and love. Etsy’s already made it into our list of best online thrift stores, and they’re doing it again as one of our favorite fashion online shopping sites. 

Etsy puts the ‘E’ in easy shopping. You can find anything that you’re looking for—and from some of the most ethical brands, to boot.

Reviews help you narrow down the best of the best and you can rest assured that the shipping of your order has been 100% carbon offset. Or better yet, shop sellers local to your area to cut down on shipping emissions altogether!

Shop: Etsy


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by Good Apparel #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by Good Apparel
Good Apparel’s Ethical Shopping Selection

Is online shopping ethical? It is with Good Apparel

From women’s sweaters and tees to jumpsuits and dresses, Good Apparel combines the best fabrics with the cleanest lines to design clothing that lasts a lifetime. 

All garments are made of nearly entirely sustainable fabrics, like organic cotton and synthetics sourced from deadstock (AKA bound for the landfill) material.

About Good Apparel

Combining mission and aesthetic, Good Apparel was born with a desire to move some of the apparel industry to the United States while also reminding us that ethical and sustainable practices are possible—while still keeping fashion in mind:   

Our aesthetic grew as a concept of clean lines built to last a lifetime. This does not mean that style is sacrificed, rather considered on a deeper level. Our consumer understands the importance of mission and aesthetic – wearing good means dressing well.”. 

Good Apparel uses locally sourced and sustainable fibers. They produce their apparel in house at their sustainable and ethical manufacturing facility, Good Clothing Company. Everything is made in small batches, avoiding waste and overproduction (and overconsumption). 

Shop: Good Apparel

Ethical Online Beauty & Skin Care Stores

10. ETEE

Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by Etee #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by Etee
Etee’s Sustainable Store Selection

Join the Plastic Free Club and shop with Etee

They have a select range of sustainable beauty and personal care products from soap, lip balm, and lotion to plastic-free chewable toothpaste tabs and bamboo toothbrushes.

If you’re looking to eco-fy the rest of your life, they also have gifts, dish soap, and plastic-free food storage products. They’re even making sustainable face masks now and for each mask you buy, they donate one to those in need.

Since Etee design all their own products (and also manufacture the majority of them), they have excellent oversight of their supply chain which is fairly unique for any online retailer.

About Etee

Etee was effectively the after-math of a collision of a kayaking trip and a plastic-choked river. It’s then easy to understand their motivation to provide the best products, sans plastic, of course. 

And while their first foray into plastic free products was beeswax wraps, they have come a long way since, both in terms of product selection and sustainable manufacturing (which is powered by 100% renewable energy).

There are no ifs, ands, or buts when it comes to Etee and their mission. Down to the cellulose packing tape, they’re taking plastic-free to the next level. By current estimates, their customers have eliminated more than 100 million pieces of single-use plastic! Now those are some bragging rights!

Shop: Etee


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by A Drop in the Ocean #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by A Drop in the Ocean
A Drop in the Ocean’s Eco Online Store

From head-to-toe, everything’s covered by A Drop in the Ocean’s personal care products.

They’ve got hair, face, oral care, and body products that are plastic-free and great for the Earth (and human bodies!). All easily labeled with their makers eco credentials, like B-Corp, palm oil free, locally made, fair trade, and more.

They’ve even got a DIY section where crafty consumers can buy exactly what they need to make their own eco-friendly body products, down to the reusable containers.

They may be a single drop in the ocean of (sustainable) consumerism but there’s no doubt that they’re one of the best eco friendly beauty online stores in the world!

About A Drop in the Ocean

Started by Krystina Jarvis, a self-proclaimed “zero waste wannabe,” A Drop of the Ocean is a business dedicated to making sustainable living accessible to all, all while keeping a positive attitude and reminding us “[t]here is no right way to live zero waste”

Located in Tacoma, Washington, this boutique brand gives back to the environment and their community in a few ways. Not only do they prioritize sustainable alternatives to what’s commonly disposed of, but they also plant trees with every purchase (almost 15,000 as of publishing this article) and reuse materials for shipping (or use compostable ones like paper tape). 

But the coolest initiative is their Refill > Landfill program, which is basically a catchy name for an online refill service. Whenever you need to reorder your fave products, they’ll send you a return label for the empty container with the new order.

And if you’re wondering what their namesake is referring to, it’s the 1% for the Ocean foundation, of which they’re a member and donate 1% of their profits to the Vermilion Sea Institute.  

Shop: A Drop in the Ocean

Ethical Online Grocery Stores


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by The Wally Shop #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by The Wally Shop
The Wally Shop’s Ethical Grocery Shopping

Want to shop groceries the right way (i.e. plastic-free and natural products) but simply don’t have the time to head to the grocery store each week?

Well, that’s where The Wally Shop comes in. 

We love The Wally Shop for ethical grocery shopping online because of their bulk organic foods. Fill your pantries with all things tasty and sustainable—nut butters, spices and herbs, pasta and grains, and legumes. YUM. 

Even better, it all comes in 100% reusable and returnable packaging.

About The Wally Shop

Starting a #reusablesrevolution, The Wally Shop connects shoppers with their favorite brands, waste-free. Originally only offering the service to select areas near their New York City base, they’re now available nationwide! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pay a deposit for the reusable packaging
  2. Choose from responsibly-made competitively priced bulk foods
  3. Receive the 100% waste-free shopping order
  4. Return everything to be reused and receive your deposit back! 
Shop: The Wally Shop


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by Arbor Teas #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by Arbor Teas
Arbor Teas’ Ethical Tea Selection

Now focusing on filling your pantry sustainably, Arbor Teas is sure to be just your cup of tea.

As their name suggests, they’ve got tea—and they’ve got lots of it. 

Black, green, white, herbal, pu-erh, oolong, decaf, fair trade, kombucha, you name it; if it’s got the word “tea” in it (or it’s an accessory used to enhance your tea drinking experience), it can be yours from Arbor Teas. 

After you enjoy your cuppa, you can give back to the earth by feeding your worms with their certifiably compostable packaging (including the adhesive!). It’s been tested to work with home composting systems of all kinds and is made from wood pulp that is sourced from sustainably-managed trees.

Now there’s something to warm your heart.

About Arbor Teas

Certified organic from the Global Organic Alliance, Arbor Teas are also a gold member of Green America’s Green Business Network and have a Carbonfree® business model.

Based in Michigan, they source much of their tea from the USA but also work with partners in countries like Sri Lanka, Japan, India, and Nepal.

Not only do they use recycled and plastic-free shipping materials and operate in a solar-powered packing facility but they also offset all emissions through the Carbon Fund.

Shop: Arbor Teas


Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably Image by Azure Standard #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle
Image by Azure Standard
Azure Standard’s Ethical Online Food Shopping

Food is Azure Standard’s specialty.

When it comes to ethical food shopping online, they cover all bases. 

From organic baby products to ethnic cuisine to chewing gum (and everything in between), Azure Standard’s food range is impressive, most of which is certified organic and minimally processed.

They work with brands with like-minded values, especially independent and family-owned ventures. 

The best part is that you can get all your basic pantry staples in bulk (anywhere from 1- 25 pounds in compostable paper bags), reducing overall packaging and emissions.

About Azure Standard

To know more about Azure Standard, it helps to get a behind-the-scenes look at the name. Here’s what they have to say:

“Azure is a shade of blue which has been associated with law, justice, and honesty. In raising an azure standard, we want to place an honest standard in the marketing of food. We feel that the correct way to effect a positive change is not to attack the way it is being done, but begin to do it right.”

They accomplish this by distributing healthy food and products to delivery drop locations that not only help them build community but also reduce shipping emissions, too.

They’ve got a long list of core values that determines their processes—definitely worth a read for anyone interested in ethical impacts of online shopping and how some brands are alleviating this.

Shop: Azure Standard


With its recent explosion, it’s no wonder people are now more aware of the ethical issues with online shopping. 

From carbon emissions, to packaging waste, to overconsumption, seriously, we’ve all fallen down that “suggested for you” rabbit hole. There are more than a few red flag pop ups when it comes to online shopping.

We may be traveling less these days but does that make a difference if we’re ordering via Amazon Prime a couple times a week?

Shopping should be out of necessity—not want.

But if you do need something for the house, a new cardigan, or the beauty routine essentials, it’s best to go with a brand that is committed to providing the most ethical and eco friendly online shopping experience.

Buying in bulk helps too.

We’re sure that there are more e-shops out there—and we’d love to hear about who they are and why you love them. If we missed anyone, give them a shout out in the comments below.

As many areas of the world are heading back into lockdown, sharing this article right now is so important! I

f you have a friend who’s been quelling their boredom with online shopping, pass it along and let them know about these ethical and sustainable shopping alternatives!

 Anything to help us feel better and do some good in these troubling times.

Ethical Online Shopping: Eco Stores to Shop Sustainably  #ethicalonlineshopping #ethicalonlineshops #sustainablejungle

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  1. Eco Now in Orange County, CA has some sustainable items like you mentioned too and the cool thing is, if you’re local to the area, they do refilling of your containers with products you need while refilling their own bulk drums. If you can include them in this list, that’d be an awesome resource for people. Check them out:


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