Let’s be honest. We all depend on a daily skin care routine that involves moisturizer! It is THE cornerstone of all beauty regimes… 

It’s pretty important then to to find a cruelty free moisturizer that works for both you and the environment. Which is why we’ve made a list of our favorites. All in support of positive, healthy and environmentally conscious choices when it comes to buying the best body care products.

These vegan and cruelty free moisturizers are from brands that care about sustainability!

To absorb all the eco conscious info, read more about our sustainable beauty criteria (and for our best cruelty free moisturizer pics) below the list of brands or click here to slip right down to the bottom.



Ethique vegan moisturizer

About Ethique Vegan Face Bars

Ethique Solid Butter Blocks are a no muss, no fuss way to feed your skin at home or on the go… all with absolutely zero waste! These are one of our best cruelty free face moisturizers.

Just rub the bar on your skin wherever needed and rub in a little more with your hands if desired.  These bars last forever and reviews rave about the soothing and understated scent. Too much fragrance can be an irritant.

Non-toxic ingredients include caprylic/capric triglyceride (from coconut), stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, cocoa butter, Obabassu seed oil, stearyl alcohol, Tapioca starch, and some various essential oils for scent.

About Ethique

Ethique this fairly new brand (2015) originates from New Zealand, Christchurch. Thankfully their products have been made available around the world.

They specialize in all things bar related or rather they have a range of products that all come in bar form (from facial cleansers to scrubs to natural deodorants and of course moisturizing bars)!

Besides the very impressive response to their product range, they’re also super focused on sustainability.

As mentioned above, they’re not only certified cruelty free and vegan, but also palm oil free, plastic free and use minimal, sustainable and biodegradable (make sure you toss this in your compost!) packaging for everything.

All Ethique’s ingredients are naturally derived, free from parabens, petroleum by-products, palm oil (and its derivatives), synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde donors. They do use some preservatives and plant-derived chemicals – see the full ingredient list here.

They’re also certified climate-neutral AND donate either 2% of revenue or 20% of profit (whichever is higher) to charity. How good is that?! Seriously. Check out their story here for more info.

Available:  Amazon  |  Target  |  Holland & Barrett (UK)  |  Nourished Life (AU)  |  Ethique



fat and moon all cream moisturizer

About Fat and the Moon Vegan Moisturizing Creams

Fat and the Moon makes three amazing cruelty free and vegan moisturizers. Two of them, however (the extremely versatile All Cream and Aloe Lotion, are not exactly vegan because their contain beeswax. Depending on how you personally view beeswax in relation to your own vegan philosophy, you might need to avoid those.

However, their glass bottled Face Oil IS vegan and is designed to act as an ambassador for your skin: “As your ambassador, the face oil helps your skin re-negotiate its own oil production and achieve peace and harmony.”

It’s fully organic ingredients, like naturally antiinflammatory tamanu oil and Vitamin A-filled rosehip seed oil, provided a fatty acid-filled formula to really heal your skin, without the greasy film.

About Fat and the Moon

As one of the all time best zero waste beauty brands we’ve covered (time and time again), Fat and the Moon offer a HUGE selection of beauty and personal care products.

Drawing inspiration from herbalists and natural healers, Fat and the Moon creates all natural, mostly organic (and they’re very clear about noting which items are organic on each product page, which we appreciate) “potions” that prioritize healing and “empowerment through self-care”.

All products are hand-made fresh to order (because “body products, like food, are not meant to last forever!”) using only “plants that are abundant, ethically harvested and organically cultivated and combine them in formulations that are radically non-toxic”.

They’re also cruelty free, palm oil free and most are also vegan friendly (except for their eye coals and lip stains which contain beeswax).

All ingredients are cruelty-free and ethically sourced and every single product comes in reusable tins and are shipped without superfluous packaging. Their packaging is re-usable, and they: “encourage customers to find fun and creative ways of reusing our jars. We design packaging to be a joy to reuse and a breeze to recycle.

Fat and the Moon is a women owned and run business. They also support various charities and causes in their community.

We should take as much care selecting the things we put on our bodies as we do in shopping for the foods we put in them” says founder Rachel Budde. “The goal of Fat and the Moon is to make that a pleasure!

Available:  Earth Hero   |   Etsy   |  Amazon  |  Fat and the Moon


good juju herbal sustainable jungle

Good Juju vegan moisturizers

Note: While Good Juju Herbal’s face moisturiser is vegan, a small number of their other products contain locally sourced beeswax

About Good Juju Herbal Cruelty-free Face and Body Moisturizers

Good Juju Herbal is an amazing company as you’ll see shortly, but for now we’ll talk about their two amazing vegan moisturizing products.

First, they have the Whole Body Oil, which is pretty self-explanatory.  This unisex 6-in-1 non-greasy formula can be used as  a whole body moisturizer, bath oil, hot oil hair treatment, beard oil, aftershave, and makeup remover.  We love multi-use products because they help us reduce consumption even more.

Plus, it’s made of only jojoba oil, nettle infusion, rosemary infusion, Ylang Ylang,  and grapeseed oil

Top off your facial skin care routine with their Herbal Skin Food. See, moisturizers have larger molecules that can’t actually penetrate the epidermis.  That’s why this antioxidant-rich top coat moisturizer is a good finisher to any skin care regiment because it will coat and help seal in all those nutrients.

About Good Juju Herbal

Good Juju Herbal hails from North Carolina, USA. The products are handmade by the wonderful Judith who started Good Juju Herbal when she discovered she was allergic to 17 common household chemicals.

Good Juju Herbal has a range of products including skincare, petcare, soaps, facemasks and scrubs.

They’re 100% natural (i.e. truly natural and free of chemical compounds found in products that irritate sensitive skin). They’re also cruelty free and most of their products are vegan friendly (including their face moisturiser), save for a few that contain locally sourced beeswax.

They’re also 100% palm oil free and focus on ethical sourcing, supporting local farmers.

They’re super impressive when it comes to waste – they’ve recently moved all their products into glass containers which are reusable and widely recyclable. They also offer package free options for some of their products (great for those striving for a zero waste lifestyle) and use all recyclable/compostable shipping supplies.

They power their workshop with solar panels and reuse almost all shipping supplies sent to them, or they separate and recycle them to make their internal office system as low waste as possible. Even the gift wrap is multipurpose – all of their linen bags can double as travel bags.

Judith is clearly also very passionate about her “Happy Skin Project”, a program to provide free and discounted soap to people currently under going chemotherapy – read more about it here.

Available:  Etsy  |  Good Juju Herbal


Dab Herb Makeup - Zero Waste Beauty SUSTAINABLE JUNGLE

About Dab Herb Cruelty Free & Vegan Moisturizers

Dab Herb, one of our favorite zero waste makeup companies, and what good would makeup be without healthy moist skin to put it on? 

Dab Herb’s aim’s to remedy that, too with their moisturizing makeup primer, pedal-infused tinted moisturizer, and organic rose or lavender body butters.  Each one is filled with nourishing, wholesome ingredients that are either organic or food-grade plant-derived, designed to improve skin health over the long term rather than just cover up problems.

Their organic tinted Petal Moisturizer, for example, has so many benefits, like being anti-defying, pore minimizing, and sun-protective (thanks to the addition of non-zinc oxide, which we talk more about in our coverage of vegan sunscreen).  Despite its tint, it’s free from both Titanium Dioxide and Mica, as well as emulsifying waxes, synthetic scents and dyes, and stearic acid.

It also doesn’t have any coconut oil (and thus Oleic Acid) as so many natural moisturizers do it goes on super light and has non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores or lead to any pimples. 

Their moisturizers mostly come packaged in reusable glass jars, which you also send back to Dab Herb for refills.

About Dab Herb

Dab Herb, with all their “Nature to Nurture” products, is a small cosmetics company with a huge range of products and an equally huge goal of standing as an advocate for green beauty on the whole.  They write, “beauty and self-care are inseparable from sustainability, transparency, and wellness”.

All moisturizers, skincare, and makeup, are free from palm oil and its derivates and animal byproducts.  As a cruelty-free company, they absolutely do not endorse animal testing of any kind, on their end or their suppliers. 

They even source from fair trade certified channels and actively support “MADE IN THE FREE WORLD”, which provides solutions to human trafficking as well as rescue and care for victims of it around the globe.

Not only is Dab Herb’s packaging zero waste, but it comes in recycled shipping materials (which may include plastic- please reuse!).

Available:  Etsy




About MuLondon Organic Cruelty-free Moisturizers 

MuLondon is another brand we have quite a bit of personal experience with so we vouch for the quality of their products.

They offer six different moisturizers in the follow scent blends:

  • Fragrance Free
  • Rose, Rosehip, & Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh
  • Hemp
  • White Chocolate Truffle (YUM!)

They’re 99% organic and water-free, which means they’ll help your skin use it sown natural oils to moisturize as opposed to drying it out and making your skin dependant on the cream. Safe to use your on your face, hands, feet, bum, and tummy, they’re pretty much good for most your moisturizing needs.

They’re also super concentrated so you don’t need to use much as all to experience full benefits.

About MuLondon

MuLondon is a skincare specialist brand that focus entirely on moisturizers and cleansers which are all made in London.

Not only are their products some of the best we’ve tried but they’re also a Leading-Edge brand, with accreditation and certifications from  Choose Cruelty FreeLeaping Bunny,  Soil Association,  The Vegan SocietyCertified B Corp, and 1% For The Planet, among others.

Available:  MuLondon  |  Ecco Verde (EU)  |  The V-Spot (AU)



dirty hippie moisturizers

*Note: Dirty Hippie has announced that one of their suppliers no longer guarantees certain ingredients to be palm oil free.  This directly affects several of their moisturizers.

About Dirty Hippie Vegan Moisturizers

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics has a handful of different vegan moisturizers depending on your skin sensitivity and natural moisture levels.

If you’re in need os some serious skin rescue, try their Raw Face Feed, made of lots of nourishing oils derived from Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Avocado, Hempseed, Argan, Marula, and Tamanu.  These will help heal as well as regulate your skin’s natural ability to moisturize itself with its own oils.  It also has anti-aging benefits.

For more general moisturizing and pH balance, their various vegan moisturizing cream blends are perfect and allow you to tailor to your skin’s particular needs.

For moisturizing and deep healing power on the rest of your body, check out their skin healing salve or oil. This one is great for healing wounds, scars, eczema, splits, and other severe dry patches.

The one current slight downside is that their supplier of Olive and Coconut oils (aka Cetearyl and Sorbitan olivate, respectively) no longer guarantees they are palm oil free. Dirty Hippie is moving to a different 100% Palm Oil Free supplier.

This applies to several of their moisturizers, including their Hydrating Hempseed, Red Raspberry Facial Primer, moisturizing creams (as well as their zero waste mascara, concealer, and eye liner)

About Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

Hailing from Bywong, Australia, Dirty Hippie Cosmetics are one of the most sustainable brands we’ve had the pleasure of covering. They create handmade organic and clearly top quality products (based on hundreds of super reviews).

They’re a 100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly brand. At the time of writing, their supplier of Olive and Coconut oils (aka Cetearyl and Sorbitan olivates) no longer guarantees them to be palm oil free. While Dirty Hippie is looking for a 100% Palm Oil Free alternative supplier, for the time being that change affects their moisturiser.

When it comes to sourcing they’ve covered all bases, either purchasing through fair trade channels, buying local or growing their own raw ingredients!

As for packaging, they haven’t skipped a beat, their lip balms, sunscreens, deodorants and small and large eco tubs are made using recycled paper (which can be composted!), otherwise they use tins and glass bottles which can be recycled or reused of course!

Their labels are printed with refillable veg-ink and their operations (which currently have a 50% carbon offset) will be powered with solar when they move into their new HQ. They are based in a zero waste community (read more about it here).

Their lab also makes use of naturally collected rain water!  Finally, they’re involved in a number of charitable initiatives and projects from raising awareness for suicide prevention to animal rescue to support for cancer sufferers. Truly inspirational!

Available:  Etsy  |  Biome Stores (AU)  


Pure Chimp Natural Face Oil

About Pure Chimp Natural Face Oil

We tried Pure Chimp‘s moisturizing vegan face oil while living in London and we both loved it.  It’s super light but very nourishing and not greasy so it didn’t clog our pores.  Despite its clean and fast absorbing finish, it did just as good a job (if not better) than other much more expensive moisturizers we tried.

It’s specially designed for sensitive skin, containing 0 out of 27 known skin allergens.  Ingredients include just Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil,  Hemp Oil, Banana Flavour, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Vitamin E Oil.

Plus it’s quite affordable and lasts forever since a little goes such a long way.

About Pure Chimp

Based in the UK, Pure Chimp make a range of products, largely made from Matcha, including Matcha Tea and Natural Skincare.

Their products are all cruelty-free and vegan (certified by teh Vegan Society) and their entire range is palm oil-free. Their ingredient are all entirely natural (although not organic).

Pure Chimp  are a member of 1% For The Planet and The Living Wage Foundation and they  also donate 5% of their profits to charity, specifically for Chimpanzees via savethechimps.org.

Pure Chimp responded to our request for information about their policies but did not elaborate on their sourcing policies. We assume they source ethically, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Available:  Amazon Love Lula (UK)   |  Biome (AU)  |  Pure Chimp


acure organics sustainable jungle

Acure Daily moisturizers

About Acure Organics Vegan Day Creams

Acure Organics has a selection of creams appropriate for day use. Depending on your skin needs and your look desires, choose between their Ultra Hydrating, Radically Rejuvenating, Resurfacing, Brightening, and Incredibly Clear varieties.

If you have sensitive skin, try their Seriously Soothing day cream, which you can also get with some SPF if you plan on spending any amount of time in the sun (though check out coverage of vegan sunscreen options in that case!).

Each one goes on light, absorbs fast, and is vegan, cruelt-free, paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, petrolatum free, and formaldehyde free

About Acure Organics

Based in the USA, Acure Organics is a family owned business specialising in vegan hair care, skin care, and body care. Their products are cruelty-free, vegan, palm oil free and use as many USDA certified organic ingredients as possible.

Interestingly, Acure also use plant stem cells across their range. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of this new biotech in beauty products.

Available:  iHerb  |  Credo  |  Target  |   Nourished Life (AU) 



booda butter cruelty free moisturizers

About Booda Organics All-in-One Pure Daily Vegan Moisturizer

Booda Organics makes an anti-aging daily moisturizing cream that “melts on contact and absorbs deeply – for blissfully long-lasting moisture to calm, soothe and nourish your skin.” 

It’s made of Fair Trade Shea Butter, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Jojoba Oil.  Every single one of these are certified organic, unrefined, and processed using cold process methods so as not to remove any of the vitamins, minerals, & fatty-acids.

Hand made in small batches, it’s also FDA approved, non-GMO, cruelty-free, vegan, wax free, gluten-free, soy-free, and hypoallergenic. 

About Booda Organics

Based in Bellingham, just north of Seattle, Booda Organics was founded in 2010. They’re a family business that was inspired to create healthy and effective handmade products to purify and simplify their lives.

Booda Organics has exceptional ethical and sustainable policies and initiatives. They are certified UDSA organic,  Leaping Bunny certified, Vegan certified by Vegan.org. Their products are also non-GMO and gluten free.

They’re doing such a great job, so let’s help them “Spread the Love” (for ourselves and the planet!)

Available:  Booda Butter


conscious skincare vegan shampoo sustainable jungle

About Conscious Skincare UK Vegan Daily Moisturizer and Face Oils

Conscious Skincare has a great range of day and night moisturizers and oils, all of which are cruelty free and vegan friendly. They’re Leaping Bunny certified, Vegetarian society certified and none of their products contain palm oil or palm oil derivatives.

Choose between organic face oils (which come in adorable recyclable fully aluminum bottles) and organic day or night creams (which come in handy and reusable glass jars).

If you have extra sensitive skin or just don’t like the feeling of any oil or cream on your skin, feel free to try their Retinol Serum.  Made with all sorts of organic botanical oils (like rosehip oil,  jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, carrot seed oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, and calendula oil), it’s ultra gentle and fast absorbing.

About Conscious Skincare 

Conscious Skincare is one of the most impressive brands we’ve come across. Based in Wales, UK and founded by the lovely Rebecca who so kindly took the time to write us a detailed breakdown of the brand’s ethos.

They also have put a huge amount of thought and care into their packaging to ensure it’s recyclable. Their impressive product range is award winning and definitely worth checking out.

Available:  Etsy  |  Conscious Skincare



About Meadowlark Botanical Vegan Moisturizers

Despite their small size, Meadowlark Botanical offers a complete line of body butters, hand creams, face creams, facial repair serums, and shimmer tinted face creams.

To give you an idea of some of the clean and non-toxic ingredients included in these products, we’ll use their Daily Green Face Cream as an example: Evening Primrose, White Willow Bark, Nordic Seaweed, Hawaiian Spirulina, Aloe Vera Leaf, Cucumber Extract, White Tea Extract, Spinach Leaf, Matcha Green Tea, Papaya Enzyme, Rose Hydrosol, Arnica Montana, and Marshmallow Root.

Notice how every ingredient is recognizable! Not to mention the products being vegan, cruelty-free, and palm-oil free (though we are double checking on their overall palm oil policy).

Most are non-mineral, the only exceptions being the shimmer tinted face creams, which contain cosmetic grade mica powder (we’ll be double-checking about the sourcing of this), and magnesium body butter, which contains Nordic magnesium.

About Meadowlark Botanical

Meadowlark Botanical was founded by master level Reiki healer and holistic health advocate Jessica Yaw in 2013. This was shortly after her diagnosis of a rare auto-immune disorder that caused her to break out in hives after using most commercially available beauty products.  

Jessica started experimenting in her own kitchen in Cincinnati, Ohio. Much to her joy, her skin started clearing up within days of using her own creations.  She says, “That newfound confidence sparked a passion to create products that worked for the skin, rather than against it”.

Her “Always Vegan” products are guaranteed free from synthetics, dyes, parabens, fragrance, and preservatives.

Available:  Etsy  |  Amazon Handmade  |   Meadowlark Botanical


Earth Tu Face

Earth Tu Face Cruelty Free Face Serum

*Note: Not all Earth Tu Face products are suitable for vegans (some include organic beeswax or honey)

About Earth Tu Face Vegan Face Serum

Earth Tu Face is 100% natural skincare line.  All their products are free form toxins, synthetic compounds, palm oil, and are cruelty-free.

Their Face Serum looks simply delicious! Key ingredients are Blue Chamomile (for reducing inflammation and irritation) and Carrot Seed Oil (with cell-rejuvenating compounds).

Of course, we love it because’s also vegan (and not all Earth Tu Face products are). Definitely excited to give this one a go!

About Earth Tu Face

Earth Tu Face was created in 2010 by Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm “in a California kitchen and herbal garden”. They are a 100% natural skincare line, free of toxins and synthetic compounds.

Earth Tu Face Products are all cruelty-free, palm oil (and derivative) free and are made from organic, wild-harvested ingredients, some of which come from their own garden.

All their products are vegan (including the face serum on this list) except for their Skin Stick, Face Balm, Honey Mask, Vanilla Peppermint Lip Balm, and Botanical Perfumes. These are the products that contain honey and/or beeswax.

Their packaging is made mostly from reusable/recyclable glass (here’s a nice article they wrote about ways to reuse their packaging) and a some of their products come in compostable card. For Zero Wasters, Earth Tu Face offer refills of handmade products upon request. They are also working on having a refillable option for every product in the line so watch this space.

For shipping, their third party fulfillment center is woman-owned and reuses packaging like peanuts and bubble wrap that comes to them with other shipments.

For us, the most impressive thing about Earth Tu Face is their approach to Ethical Sourcing, this is what they had to say:

Sustainability is an integral part of Earth Tu Face. When we formulate, we always take plant populations and farming practices into account. We will not bring a product into the world that threatens habitats or the environment. We don’t see any upside in doing so.

Ensuring ethical sourcing takes research, in-depth calls with suppliers, and in some cases in-person visits. High quality ingredients and ethical sourcing also comes at a higher expense, and can alienate some customers who cannot afford or do not want to pay the price of products made to these standards.

However, it’s more important to us to create ethical products we can proudly stand behind. We are a tiny company made up of 4 women, and so there is nowhere for our values to get lost down the supply chain or chain of command. We all fiercely believe in making the best choices for the environment and for ourselves — because there really is no separation between the two.

We took a great deal of care choosing our sources when we began in 2010 and we’ve continued to use those sources and find others that meet our standards.

Available:   Amazon  |  Earth Tu Face




About Odylique Organic Vegan Moisturizers 

Odylique offers four different moisturizers to suit the skin demands of pretty much everyone.  Their Timeless Rose Moisturizer is perhaps the most versatile.  A light day cream that’s high in antioxidants, it works equally well as an anti-aging eye cream.

For more intensive repair and hydration, the Avocado 24-hour Replenishing Cream works best.

Oily skin folks that are prone to acne and breakouts should try their Balancing Citrus Super Tonic and those with sensitive skin should try to Calming Rose Super Tonic.

Needless to say, each formula is vegan and cruelty-free.

About Odylique

Odylique by Essential Care is a UK brand with a comprehensive range of makeup, skincare and hair care products available.

They’re a super sustainable brand, being cruelty-free, organic, mostly vegan save for some beeswax and honey (see their vegan offerings here), and palm oil free.  

They also boast accreditations with PETANaturewatch FoundationSoil Association, and Fairtrade, and offer fully recyclable packaging made of either plastic, steel, glass, or FSC-certified paperboard.

And they also have an impressive list of charities they support like the Pink Ribbon Foundation, the Woodland TrustEast Anglican Air Ambulance and St Nicholas’ Hospice.

Available:  Amazon  |  LoveLula (UK)  |  Odylique




About PHB Ethical Beauty Natural Vegan Moisturizing Creams

PHB Ethical Beauty has two marvelous moisturizers that won’t cause any harm to either your skin or the planet, as their fully non-toxic and zero waste.

For anti-inflammatory and regenerative benefits for sunburnt or damaged skin, the Brightening Moisturiser with Argan & Immortelle is a simple yet powerful option.  it can even help if you suffer from hyperpigmentation thanks to the licorice extract. 

Alternatively, if you have sensitive skin, eczema, or rosacea, the Gentle Moisturiser with Shea Butter and Apricot will sooth and create a supple skin texture.

About PHB Ethical Beauty

PHB Ethical Beauty, which stands for “Pure Handmade British”, is family owned business based in the United Kingdom. They have an impressive range of over 200 luxurious products on offer from cleansers to cosmetics to body lotions.

All are handmade, and “always free from parabens, synthetic fragrance, irritants & harmful chemicals”.

Featured in The Good Shopping Guide and The Good Scrub Guide, PHB Ethical Beauty are accredited by Peta and the Vegan Society UK.  They even donate a hugely generate 20% of their net profits to various charities.

Available:  Amazon  |  LoveLula (UK)  |   PHB




Note: Purepotions uses ‘glycerol caprylate’ in some of their products which sometimes contains palm oil (certified by RSPO)


About Balmonds Vegan Moisturizing Treatments

Balmonds specializes in natural creams, ointments and oils. Some of their premier moisturizing products:

Their Skin Salvation salve is rich with vitamins and oils to feed the skin as well as keep it hydrated. This is especially great as an overnight healing ointment. The regenerative Intensive Facial Oil is another great overnight treatment for rosacea.

For something lighter for the daytime, try their shea butter based Daily Moisturising Cream

If you’re looking for moisturizers for areas not on your face, try their richer Intensive Hand Cream (which can also be used on the face, especially in really dry conditions).

All ingredients are non-toxic and cruelty-free, though the Skin Salvation, Lavender Balm, Tea Tree Balm, and Baby Balm ointments are not vegan as they contain locally-produced beeswax.

About Balmonds

Based in the UK,  Balmonds (formerly known as PurePotions) creates products specially formulated to remedy dehydrated skin and are also suitable for those with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other dry or itchy skin conditions.

Aside from some selective beeswax, all products are entirely free from any animal ingredients or derivatives. This means specifically cow’s milk, egg or fish, animal-derived glycerin, keratin, lanolin, tallow, or shellfish.

As a company, Balmonds is NOT palm oil free.

Available:  Amazon   |   LoveLula (UK)  |  Balmonds




About Miessence Balancing Vegan Moisturizer

Designed for both normal and combination skin, Miessence‘s Balancing Moisturizer is a creamy product designed for long-lasting nourishment.

Made of organic rosehip seed oil, jojoba, calendula, chamomile, olive leaf, marshmallow and lavender, these plant based ingredients help lock in the skin’s natural oils while protecting it from the damaging elements of nature.

No animal byproducts or palm oil!

About Miessence

Based in Queensland Australia, Miessence was the world’s first certified organic cosmetic and skincare range.

All their products are organic, cruelty-free and vegan (with the exception of a few). They’re also currently phasing out palm oil which is currently found in 5 of their 75 products.

Miessence is also 110% carbon negative, they use renewable wind energy and only source ingredients from fair trade protected growers.

Available:  Amazon  |  Biome Stores Australia  



About DEMES Natural Beauty Vegan Moisturizers

For facial moisturizing, DEMES Natural Beauty makes various facial oils and thick anti-aging face cream. For the body, check out their Butter Me Up whipped body butter and solid lotion bar for on-the-go use. 

All moisturizing products are made of 100% plant-based and ethically sourced ingredients. They’re also vegan, cruelty-free, palm-oil free, SLS-free, and paraben-free. 

DEMES uses primarily amber glass as packaging, though whether it’s a pump bottle, dropper bottle, or jar depends on the consistency fo the product.  Note the lids are still plastic so do try to reusable responsibly.

Miessence is also 110% carbon negative, they use renewable wind energy and only source ingredients from fair trade protected growers.

About Demes Natural Beauty

DEMES, representing the first initials of all the founding family members (Daniel, Evan, Michelle, Erik, and Skippy), was founded in Canada in 2011. Their product line isn’t huge, but it doesn’t include a host of skincare and body products.  Read our coverage of their Get the Funk Out Deodorizing Spray here.

This company is entirely cruelty-free, certified by Leaping Bunny and a member of Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree Canada. All their products are also vegan, palm-oil free, and registered with and abide by the strict criteria of Health Canada and the less strict U.S. FDA. 



About Haeckels Vegan Moisturizers

In the words of Haeckels, “The tides rise and fall, and so do the moisture levels of our skin.”

To help you skin handle this constant ebb and flow of moisture, they’ve created vegan and cruelty-free moisturizing products like their anti-wrinkle Eco Marine Cream and various hydrating facial oils. We especially love that these oils are filled with super simple and clean ingredients, like Rosehip seed oil and Seaweed extract.

If you notice the Eco Marine Cream has vegetable glycerine and are concerned about palm oil, rest assured knowing we’ve checked with the brand and all glycerin is derived from coconut oil.

About Haeckels 

Haeckels Natural Skin Care is an “ocean farming” company, and if actually one of only two companies in the UK licensed to harvest seaweed from the UK’s chalk reef coastline. This seaweed is an abundant and fast-replenishing resource and acts as a superpowered ingredient that’s replenishing, hydrating, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

Specifically,  Haeckels harvests Bladderwrack seaweed from the Margate coast they call home.  In fact, founder and volunteer beach warden Dom Bridges and his team harvest this Bladderwrack by hand mere steps away from their studio. As such, their company ethos is to “use business to inspire and implement solutions to the world’s ocean crisis: and “respect all and neglect none”.  

They use this seaweed and other non-toxic (though not strictly “natural”) ingredients to make zero waste liquid shampoo and conditioner, shaving products,  vegan perfume and incense, body wash, and of course, skin care.

Aside from offering lovely frosted amber glass packaging throughout their product line, they offer a packaging return program as well as refill services at any of their various global stockists. If there’s anything we love more than a vegan beauty company, it’s a zero waste vegan beauty company. 

If you’re a UK resident, take advantage of their Rubbish for Product scheme. Simply collect a bag of beach rubbish, bring it to their Margate shop (with something like a photo of you pick it up), and receipt a FREE product. Free goodies for getting rid of beach plastic?  Seems like a pretty win-win situation to us. 

Available:  Amazon  |  Haeckels


If your skin is prone to redness, irritation, itchiness, tenderness or is just generally sensitive, it’s often a sign of an underlying condition, like eczema, rosacea or using a product that strips the skin’s natural oils.

To give your skin the best chance of recovery, it’s best to use a natural and nourishing cruelty-free moisturizer (without fragrances, which can often irritate sensitive skin). Avoid fragrances as much as you can.

We’d recommend Good Juju Herbal Skin Food. Their moisturizers are made in small batches with no preservatives using ingredients that are plant-based, food-grade, organic and locally sourced when possible.

Alternatively Ethique‘s Solid Butter Blocks are just our favorite (have minimal fragrance where required) and have done wonders for our skin.

Of course, if your symptoms are severe then we’d definitely recommend a visit to a dermatologist.



The answer is Ethique. 

This brand hails from New Zealand (but is available in the US and UK). We absolutely love them. Not just because they’re zero waste but also because their products are really effective.

And for those with mature skin or just naturally dry skin, they’ve got the perfect solution – The Perfector. It’s specifically branded as the Dreamy Cruelty-Free Face Moisturizer for Dry to Mature Skin but we’ve used it all over. It’s made with coconut oil, kokum and cupuacu butters (both of which have substantial essential fatty acids).


A cruelty free moisturizer with SPF is a huge time saver so you don’t have to apply sunscreen (and moisturizer)!

If you spend time outdoors, work outdoors or just live in a sun rich country like we do – Australia 🙂 this is a beauty hack that more people should get onto.

We’d recommend Acure’s Radically Rejuvenating SPF Day Cream with an SPF of 30 (a crueltyfree, vegan, palm oil free option).

For more in-depth and focuses articles on sustainable sunscreen, check out our articles on cruelty free and vegan sunscreen and zero waste sunscreen. For those who love a swim in the sea, there’s some reef friendly products just for you.


Since starting Sustainable Jungle, we’ve tested a LOT of different ethical cosmetics and creams (and everything in between).

In fact, on this specific list, we’ve tried multiple products from many of the brands. But if we had to pick the best organic cruelty free face moisturizer it would have to be (in no particular order):

  • Fat and the Moon with it’s fully organic formulation, with the likes of the natural anti-inflammatory tamanu oil and vitamin A-filled rosehip seed oil.

  • Conscious Skincare with handmade organic creams specifically for day and night use. Either way you can’t go wrong.
Joy cruelty free moisturizer sustainable jungle


If this is your first time visiting, our approach to sustainable beauty is to look for, in this case, eco friendly moisturizers and brands that are:

We know it’s tall order and believe us, it takes a fair bit of time to find these brands to meet all or most criteria.

While we hope to provide a useful resource for you, we would also love to hear your thoughts and suggestions if we missed anything or if you have any experience with these brands, as we have not had the chance to try them all…yet.


There are so many “eco friendly moisturizers” on the market these days. It’s finding the truly sustainable ones that’s tricky.

A vegan and cruelty free moisturizer (and any other beauty product for that matter) is a non-negotiable. Try and tick a few more of those sustainable check-boxes (like palm oil free, zero waste and organic) with each purchase you make.

Beauty is and should be all natural and it’s packaging should be circular, as much as possible.

We hope this article has given you a few more ideas on sustainable moisturizers from artisan and independent brands who are doing good.

As always, please reach out for questions, suggestions, or comments.

What are the best Cruelty-free, Vegan, Organic and palm oil free sustainable daily moisturizers? #sustainable #crueltyfree, #vegan and #palmoilfree
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  1. I don’t understand one thing. People are obsessed with cruelty free but are okay with companies having animal derived ingredient in the product. So it’s okay for them to have tortured animal ingredient added to the product as long as it’s not tested on animals? People have gotten it so wrong, when they should be concentrating on Vegan and cruelty free products.


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