11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions

Aarron Lopex

Some of the men in our lives are fine with the basics—a plain tee from 2006 and a pair of blue jeans to match—which can make gift shopping a real pain.

Fortunately, you can still show these men your care without cramping their non-style by gifting something sleek, durable, long-lasting, and, most importantly, functional.

Sustainable gifts for him aren’t limited to cheesy finds online like a book of dad jokes or a “Kiss The Cook” apron (though if it were an eco-friendly apron…).

With this list of eco-friendly gifts for men, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for that impossible-to-buy guy in your life, whether it’s for Christmas, Father’s Day, a birthday, or just because.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

1. Low-Impact Hoodies To Live In

11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Images by Arms of Andes #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Images by Arms of Andes

Price Range: $115–$145

Nothing says “best organic gifts for him,” like an organic hoodie.

Besides, everyone appreciates a cozy hoodie’s comfort, especially when made from natural and organic materials.

For the minimalist wardrobe men out there, choose something lightweight, high-insulation, and moisture-wicking from Arms of Andes.

Their high-performance Pullover Hoodie is made from exceptional alpaca wool that’s evolved in the harsh Peruvian Andes over millennia to keep your man warm throughout any conditions. 

If you have concerns over the ethics of alpaca wool, Arms of Andes only sources from ethical farmers who practice gentle hand-shearing techniques. 

And unlike similarly soft cashmere, alpaca wool is far more environmentally friendly because these gentle grazers don’t lead to desertification like cashmere goats.

*Sponsored inclusion. Learn more here.

2. Totally Essential Timepieces

11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly OccasionsImages by Solios#sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Images by Solios

Price Range: $265–$355

The best eco-friendly gifts for him should be practical, long-lasting, and an integral part of their daily life.

What’s more fitting than a sustainable watch from Solios?

You can’t go wrong with their flagship Solar Classic, especially if you select one with a brown eco vegan leather strap paired with a bold, minimalist black face.

If that style doesn’t sound like it’s up your man’s alley, don’t worry; there are plenty of strap materials, colors, and faces to custom build your own.

For men who prefer a modern look, the white face of the Solar Curve paired with a Silver Mesh strap makes for a clean, professional look.

No matter which of these you choose, your man can rest easy knowing he’ll pretty much never need to worry about changing the 50-year lifepsan battery, which can charge up for months of use with just a couple hours of sunlight.

*Sponsored inclusion. Learn more here.

3. Wallets For Ethical Earnings

11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Images by Bellroy and Casupo #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Images by Bellroy and Casupo

Price Range: $49–$179

Have you seen Dad’s wallet lately?

Enough said.

Wallets and dad go hand-in-hand… they did fork out lots from them for you over the years, after all.

That’s why a sustainable wallet can be one of the best eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts if you know where to shop. 

Casupo is a not-so-hidden gem, with handcrafted wallets made from reclaimed or vegetable-tanned leather.

We love the classic styles, like the Large Leather Wallet, but all their wallets and card sleeves remain practical. You can personalize the wallet further by embossing it with initials for a small additional fee.

Casupo donates a portion of every product purchased to Fundanica, an organization at the base of the Casupo Mountains, helping children receive cancer treatments. 

Bellroy is another excellent option with a wide range of cardholders, billfolds, flip-case wallets, and zippered wallets.

The Certified B Corp produces cruelty-free alternatives, like the Slim Sleeve made from MIRUM, an all-natural vegan leather from natural rubber, soybeans, and pine charcoal paired with compostable cotton lining and stitching.

Bellroy’s wallets are perfect for everyday use, as every option includes a 3-year warranty and RFID protection to ensure the only one sneaking dad’s money is you.

4. Fashionably Green T-Shirts

11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Price Range: $38–$80

You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt made from sustainable materials.

Toad&Co makes sustainable gifts for men perfect for the great outdoors.

This sustainable outdoor clothing brand offers tops like V-necks, henleys, polos, and more made from organic cotton, recycled fabrics, hemp, and TENCEL™.

The loose-fitting Ponderosa Long Sleeve Henley is perfect for the Fall, with its ribbed design that drapes over the body and keeps you warm with a blend of organic cotton and Lenzing Modal. 

Plus, you’re giving in more ways than one thanks to Toad&Co’s 1% for the Planet membership and Planet Access Company ownership, where they train and employ adults with disabilities. 

Or, if you’re hunting down purely organic gift ideas for men, Colorful Standard’s sole material is GOTS-certified organic cotton dyed with OEKO-TEX-certified dyes.

The super soft material is SJ-approved from testing and is used in Oxford shirts, organic hoodies, sweatpants, and one of our favorites, the Classic Organic Tee. The tee is soft, affordable, and available in over 50 colors. 

Many of Colorful Standard’s options are PETA Approved Vegan, though their wool products are constructed entirely from GRS-certified recycled merino wool. 

5. Eco-Chic Shades

11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Images by Warby Parker and Sunski #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Images by Warby Parker and Sunski

Price Range: $59–$195

Help the men in your life block out the haters (or the sun) with a new pair of sustainable sunglasses.

Sunski’s collection of polarized shades is one of the best gifts for eco-friendly men. Pairs like the Yuba will up their sustainable style with frames made from recycled materials and Fair Trade Certified production practices.

Or you can set your sights on the fashion-forward Warby Parker

Many frames, like the Lottie, are made from natural materials, like Italian plant cellulose acetate. 

Thinner pairs, like the Merrick, use metals like stainless steel, bronze, or recyclable titanium. 

When you purchase from Warby Parker, you also support the Buy a Pair, Give a Pair initiative to provide eyeglasses to those who don’t have access to the resources. 

6. Sustainable Sneakers That Walk The Talk

11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Price Range: $79–$199

Whether the man in your life is on his feet all day or desperately wants to be after long hours at the desk, there’s no easier way to show support than giving his feet some love.

Thousand Fell has some of the best environmentally friendly gifts for him with their line of zero waste, closed-loop recyclable, and recycled sneakers

The Men’s Slip On is our fave, with mesh, uppers, and laces made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. 

Not only can we tell you from first-hand experience that they’re super comfortable, but this zero waste shoe is the first of its kind—send your old pair back for recycling and receive $20 off your next pair.

8000Kicks has vegan options with their Explorer V2 made entirely out of eco-friendly materials.

Designed and engineered in Portugal, the 100% vegan hemp shoe is durable, comfortable, and lightweight. 

And don’t worry, it has a PFC waterproof coating, so your man can wear these ethical gifts on wet days without worry. 

7. Groovy Green Headphones

11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Images by Sustainable Jungle and House of Marley #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle and House of Marley

Price Range: $14–$149

Eco-friendly green gifts for him aren’t limited to fashion staples. Ethical electronics like a compostable, quality pair of headphones can make the perfect gift, especially around Father’s Day.

He’ll love the durable headphone designs from House of Marley

Gifts like the Positive Vibration are constructed from sustainably sourced, FSC-certified wood and bamboo alongside recycled aluminum. 

Marley partners with One Tree Planted, so when you purchase one of their headphones, you’ll also support the planet. 

And don’t worry, Oakywood has you covered if your man is an Apple lover. 

The FSC-certified, wooden AirPods Case provides the perfect fit, protecting his AirPods from bumps, scratches, and falls. It’s handcrafted in Oak or Walnut and works with their wireless chargers and docking stations.

8. Smooth & Sustainable Shaving Kits

11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Price Range: $23–$143

You want the man in your life to look good, right?

Zero waste razors will keep your man looking his best by providing the closest shave possible and removing unnecessary waste from the bathroom.

Not to mention, they feel super cool to use!

The Bamboo Safety Razor from the UK-based shop Jungle Culture makes the perfect natural gift for him. The different colors, handle sizes, plastic-free packaging, and optional stand make it an easy win in our book—and we should know since we use it.

Or go with the Razor Set from carbon-neutral brand Leaf Shave

The kit includes two razors: the Leaf Triple-Blade for covering large areas and the Single-Edge Twig for finer details. 

You can mix and match handle finishes and purchase replacement blades or optional stands to fill out your loved ones’ shaving morning routine. 

9. Earth-Approved Waist Wrangling Belts

11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Images by Sustainable Jungle and Watson and Wolfe #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle and Watson and Wolfe

Price Range: $53–$70

Belts can make excellent sustainable Father’s Day gifts—they’re practical, stylish, and will be used every week.

Nisolo develops belts with premium quality leather from LWG-certified tanneries, and all the leather is a byproduct of the cattle meat industry.

We love the subtle, woven design of the Teyo Belt, available in black, brandy, and tobacco colorways. Pair it with one of their wallets and boots, and you have a full set of natural gifts for him.

If you’re looking for something plant-based, consider the men’s vegan belts from Watson and Wolfe

The 100% cruelty-free Cork Belt is a favorite, with a three-piece design of a base of PU, a middle lining, and a top layer of rugged natural cork leather with a polished nickel buckle. 

10. Power Up With Portable Solar Panels

11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Images by Sustainable Jungle and BioLite #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle and BioLite

Price Range: $99–$4,999

Does the man in your life traverse the great outdoors and go eco-camping? Or maybe the garage is filled with eco gadgets and gizmos?

Either way, portable solar panels are some of the best gifts you can give the man in your life.

Besides eco-friendly camping gear, the Climate Neutral Certified brand BioLite produces some of the most reliable solar panels in 5W, 10W, and 100W designs. The panels are flexible, lightweight, and have USB ports, so charging phones, cameras, and other equipment is hassle-free. 

Anker also produces some of the best eco-friendly gifts for him that encourage personal adoption of renewable energy, with foldable, portable, weather-resistant, and efficient solar panels. 

Give the gift of renewable energy with bundles like the Solar Generator 521, including a 256Wh generator, 100W panel, and six different ports for all his gear and devices. 

11. Green Underneath Boxers & Briefs

11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Images by tentree and Allbirds #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle
Images by tentree and Allbirds

Price Range: $24–$35

The man in your life deserves a little extra support, and that’s where high-quality ethical boxers come in to save the day. 

The Trino® Boxer Brief made from FSC-certified TENCEL™ Lyocell, ZQ-certified ethical wool from New Zealand, and a bit of spandex from Allbirds is one of the most understated (get it?) gifts you can give—but those tend to be the essential ones with men.

As a Certified B Corp, Allbirds ensures fair wages and working conditions across their entire supply chain. 

tentree has some recycled gift ideas for him to place under(wear) the tree, too.

The breathable 5″ Boxer Brief uses recycled materials in everything from the elastic trim to the packaging, with materials like TENCEL™, organic cotton, and high-stretch REFIBRA™ Lyocell.

Pair the boxer brief with sustainable loungewear, and know that any fair trade gifts for men you’re putting under the tree from tentree are certified by the Fair Wear Foundation, SA8000, WRAP, Fair Trade, and/or BSCI. 

They’re a B Corp Certified, too, not to mention that they plant ten trees per item purchased.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Sustainable Gifts For Men

Whether it’s for Father’s Day, Sustainable Black Friday, a birthday, the Christmas or holiday season, or simply a kind gesture, these sustainable gifts for him will surely hit the spot.

When it comes to the best gifts for him (eco-friendly or not), they should be well-made and will last years of use—and will actually get used.

But remember, the most eco-friendly gifts for men are things you already own or repurposed items. 

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on the man you love. Making art, repurposing old items around the house, or finding something at a thrift shop can go a long way.

Know someone struggling to find a great gift?

Send them this list of sustainable gift ideas for him for a little ethical inspiration—or our list of minimalist gifts for him—just in case they need more ideas.

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11 Sustainable Gifts For Him For More Eco-Friendly Occasions Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablegiftsforhim #sustainablegiftsformen #ecofriendlygiftsforhim #ecofriendlygiftsformen #bestgiftsforhimecofriendly #sustainablejungle

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