Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Image by Hidden Opulence #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Image by Hidden Opulence
Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Image by Sustainable Jungle #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

19 Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair

Amber McDaniel

Worn out wardrobe got you down?

Clothing alteration and repair can breathe new life into those favorite frayed jeans—while reminding us of the importance of continuing to love the pre-loved.

But is it worth repairing clothes?

Absolutely! While slow fashion brands are paving the path for a better fashion future, the single best thing we can do is make what we already own last longer.

That 70 pounds of clothes and shoes each of us throws away every year needs to be curbed.

Fortunately, clothing repairs and alterations can patch up some of fast fashion’s dirty work.

But admittedly, not everyone has the time or skills to repair their own clothes.

If that sounds like you, how can we repair clothes? Especially if there’s no “clothes repair shop near me”?

These online clothing repair services are for you and your worn-out wardrobe.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Clothing Repair Stores To Mend, Not End

If you’re seeking “coat repair near me”, run to your neighborhood REI and their team of outdoor gear repair specialists. If you don’t like near one of REI’s 183 store locations, they extend their clothing repair service online, too.

For UK readers, Clothes Doctor can doctor up your holey jumpers, torn trousers, and more. They back their work with a 3-month guarantee.

We love shops that fix clothes, but what about shoes?

Coblrshop has that covered. Thanks to expert footwear and luxury leather repair know-how, they can keep your favorite sustainable boots in step for longer.

For more on why sewing repairs and alterations are so important, stitch your way to the end of the article.

The Full List Of Online Clothes Alterations & Repairs

Online Clothing Repairs & Alterations In The USA

1. REI

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by REI #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by REI

REI’s Online Clothes Repair Services

When it comes to clothing mending (‘near me’ or online) for your well-loved outdoor gear, REI has the experts to make that GORE-TEX® jacket good as new.

For things like broken sleeping bags and holey rain jackets, they partner with Seattle-based Rainy Pass Repair.

They also have a recommended cobbler to help with resoling and repairing mountain boots and sustainable hiking shoes.

Located in Vancouver, TentPole Technologies can assist with—you guessed it—tent pole repairs.

In addition to providing basic tent pole repairs, many REI stores have ski, snowboard, and bike shops that can fix and align more specific outdoor gear needs.

About REI

REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) is a treasure trove for adventurers, campers, and all-around dirtbags who do most of their living outdoors. 

Since 1938, they’ve provided the tools and apparel to help more people experience the outdoors—including a more recent push to highlight diversity in the outdoors.

As a member-owned cooperative, 70% of annual profits are invested back into the outdoor community, funding outdoor nonprofits, employee profit-sharing and retirement, and member dividends. 

Instead of Black Friday, they #OptOutside, closing doors to give all employees the day off.

2. Patagonia

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by Sustainable Jungle #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Patagonia’s Clothes Alterations

Any time you purchase from the sustainable outdoor clothing brand Patagonia, you’re also getting something backed forever by their IronClad Guarantee.

This means Patagonia backs the entire lifespan of their clothing, from everyday essentials like denim and jackets to advanced technical items like ski jackets and sustainable wetsuits.

They “strive to bring your item back to like-new condition using similar fabric and hardware” and try to get as close to the original color as possible.

The repair service can be initiated by catching the Worn Wear Repair Truck at an event, visiting a Patagonia store—where staff can perform minor fixes on-site—or by contacting customer service.

Depending on the severity of the repair, they can either guide through a self-repair or ask you to send it to their team in Reno, Nevada.

You’ll need to cover shipping to send it in, but Patagonia covers the repair work (“in most cases”) and return shipping—meaning it’s the most affordable garment repair service around.

Make sure your item is clean before mailing it in for repair, or it will be returned to you to wash. 

If you have a broken item you no longer want, you may also be able to trade it in via their Worn Wear trade-in service, and they’ll repair it for resale, offering you store credit in return.

About Patagonia

Patagonia is a pioneering brand in the outdoor industry known for its unwavering commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and environmental activism. 

They don’t just fix clothes; they create quality clothing using natural or recycled fabrics that won’t need to be fixed as often.

Fair trade certified factories, a transparent supply chain, circularity programs, and regenerative agriculture barely scratches the surface of all this Certified B Corp does with the planet in mind.

Patagonia—AKA cofounders of 1% for the Planet— is also known for its activism, using their platform and financial resources to support environmental causes, engage in grassroots activism, and raise awareness about pressing environmental issues.

3. Coblrshop

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by Coblrshop #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by Coblrshop

Coblrshop’s Shoe Repair Services

Tailor is to garments as cobbler is to repairable shoes.

And for those sorts of fixes, there’s no better online cobbler than Coblrshop.

They allow customers to revive their shoes and luxury leather goods from the comfort of their homes.

Just submit a repair order and receive a Coblrshop mailer within 3-5 days that includes an empty mailer bag for shoe shipment, pre-paid UPS shipping label, instruction card, and packaging material.

After packing their shoes, customers can drop off their package at a UPS drop-off location or set up a UPS pick-up. Repaired shoes will be shipped back to customers in approximately two weeks, expertly restored and good as new, protected in both a shoe bag and box.

About Coblrshop

Did you know of the 20 billion pairs of shoes produced each year, 300 million are thrown away?

To that, Coblrshop says it best, “Crazy right?”

That’s why they aim to provide a meaningful solution by way of repairing shoes, so you can keep your valuable footwear around for much longer.

4. Hidden Opulence

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by Hidden Opulence #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by Hidden Opulence

Hidden Opulence’s Online Alteration Service

Offering the full gamut in clothing alterations and repairs, you can turn to Hidden Opulence to repair buttons, snaps, hooks, eyes, and zippers.

They also mend holes, dye garments, and perform a range of alterations (hems, taking in seams, letting out fabric to side seams, altering waste, and adding pockets).

If your garment needs a little more love, they offer custom embellishments and upcycle projects. 

For designers, they can assist with temporary sample production, too.

About Hidden Opulence

Considered one of the best online clothing alteration services by a range of publications, Hidden Opulence was founded by Drea Johnson—who’s been sewing since she was just 5 years old.

The Portland, Oregon-based design house prioritizes upcycling and sustainability by working with both apparel brands and the general public.

If you identify as queer, non-binary, and/or BIPOC like their founder, you’ll have a special place in Hidden’s heart.

5. Denim Therapy

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by Denim Therapy #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by Denim Therapy

Denim Therapy’s Clothes Alteration Services

Say goodbye to Googling “jeans tailor near me”.

With Denim Therapy, you don’t need to look for a solution for what to do with old jeans anymore.

They’ll turn any old pair of denim duds (pants, jackets, whatever) into sustainable jeans using over four decades of experience in refurbishing clothes.

In addition to hem services, fit tailoring, and mending services (hardware replacement, reweaving, and patching), they also offer custom reworking services, like distressing and embellishments.

They try to make all clothes alterations as inconspicuous as possible—unless of course you want your repairs to be bold and bespoke!

The process of submitting a repair order is simple and can be done online or at their NYC or New Jersey locations. After creating an account, customers can ship their items to Denim Therapy and receive them back within a few weeks.

About Denim Therapy

In Denim Therapy’s words: 

“Jeans are tried-and-true friends that represent unique memories. Which means no two denim relationships (or issues) are alike.”

That’s why they treat every single pair that comes through the doors of NYC Garment District workshop as a unique challenge—and for them, no challenge is too great!

They also offer DENIM RX Denim Wash that is plant-derived and gentle on color.

6. Hem Me Up

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by Hem Me Up #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by Hem Me Up

Hem Me Up’s Online Tailoring Services

Offering some of the best online alterations and tailoring services in the US, Hem Me Up puts the power of professional tailoring at the touch of a button.

You’ll measure what you need for repair, make an order, and ship to the Boulder, Colorado workshop.

After they receive your cloth(es), wait just 5-8 days before you receive quality mends in the mail.

Their services include an online hemming service, waist resizing, shoulder straps adjustments, button repairs, dress hems, suit and jacket tailoring, denim restoration, and repairs for all types of garments (including ethical leggings and stretch fabrics).

About Hem Me Up

Specializing in mail-in alterations, Hem Me Up can fix clothes and restore them to their newest form that’s fun to wear again. 

With more than 45 years of experience, they’re confident you’ll be happy with the final result.

7. Little Cliff

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by Little Cliff #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by Little Cliff

Little Cliff’s Clothing Alterations Online

Little Cliff’s “Mending Menu” includes denim booty blowout, zipper repair, belt loop repairs, and patches.

For all types of clothing (and some home goods), they can repair underarm seams, hem, replace buttons, and perform miscellaneous patching and darning.

If you’re in St. Louis looking for clothes repair near me, you can drop off in-person or sign up for a repair class in their studio, so you can learn more about clothing and dress repair yourself.

About Little Cliff

Like many of these other online tailors, Little Cliff was born out of the pandemic, when founder Alexis Giger was laid off from her fashion design job.

Amidst growing awareness of the fashion industry’s environmental concerns, she wanted to create meaningful change.

Helping with exactly that, local St. Louis clients can drop off garments at monthly popups while out-of-town clients can send theirs by mail.

8. AlterKnit

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by AlterKnit #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by AlterKnit

AlterKnit’s Clothes Repair Online

Available for those who live both inside and outside the US, AlterKnit offers mail-order clothes alterations and repairs.

These include sweater repair, suit repair, general garment repair, knit restyling/resizing, sweater de-pilling, garment handwashing, shoe and handbag repair, clothing alterations, and garment cleaning.

Wondering, “Is altering clothes expensive?”

It depends on the complexity of the job, but AlterKnit aims to keep things as affordable as possible, with services starting at $45.

About AlterKnit

AlterKnit is proud to “fix clothing that other companies turn away. And if we can’t fix it to our standards, we tell you.”

Because they work by hand and repair garments by sourcing “invisible fibers” from the garments themselves, AlterKnit’s carbon footprint is virtually non-existent, shipping aside.

All repairs are made in the USA and take 4–6 weeks.

9. Rugged Thread

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by Rugged Thread #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by Rugged Thread

Rugged Thread’s Online Clothes Repair Services

Make your sustainable activewear more sustainable still by keeping it adventure-fit for longer.

With a name like Rugged Thread, it’s no surprise they’re one of the best online clothes repair services for technical outdoor clothing and gear.

They offer repairs for zippers, backpacks, outerwear, tents, motorcycle gear, and sleeping bags.

Locals can visit the Bend, Oregon clothes repair shop in-person, while those from afar can take advantage of their mail-in clothes repair services.

About Rugged Thread

Woman-founded Rugged Thread believes in the power of community, which is why they’re revitalizing the artisan craft of sewing.

All while giving employees flexible schedules, paid time off, and paid community volunteer days.

By 2025, they hope to repair 20,000 garments annually and create 22 living wage jobs to do so.

10. Tad More Tailoring

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by Tad More Tailoring #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by Tad More Tailoring

Tad More Tailoring’s Clothes Alteration Online

Tad More Tailoring is an online seamstress service with an unmatched 5-day turnaround.

They can perform men’s and women’s online alterations for pants, shirts, shorts, suit jackets, outerwear, bridal wear, skirts, and dresses.

Repairs they can perform include darning, resewing, hole restoration, strap reinforcement, and more.

About Tad More Tailoring

Illinois-based Tad More Tailoring exists to “improve the fashion industry with every stitch.”

The in-person or mail-in alterations company was started by a skilled tailor who dreamed of having his own shop to create top-quality, masterpieces for all people.

He now brings the craftsmanship and art of sewing to life with each piece.

Online Clothes Repair Services In The UK

11. Clothes Doctor

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by Clothes Doctor #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by Clothes Doctor

Clothes Doctor’s Clothing Alterations UK

Clothes Doctor is “the home of sustainable clothing care”.

In addition to offering specialist natural laundry detergents and tools for all fabric types, they also have a range of repair and re-wear services.

They can repair holes, replace buttons, mend pockets, restitch seams, repair leather, replace zippers, reline jackets and coats, turn collars, tighten hems, and more.

As far as online alterations go, they can narrow trouser legs, take garments in or out at any point, and shorten or lengthen hems, legs, and sleeves—all with a three-month guarantee on their work.

About Clothes Doctor

Woman-founded Clothes Doctor believes in slow fashion and encourages us to remember the most sustainable clothes we own are those already in our closets.

This is why the clothes repair shop online also offers ways for you to safely clean specialized garments at home (without the dry cleaner) and tools to maintain them for a long life.

12. The Restory

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by The Restory #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by The Restory

The Restory’s Online Alterations

Available for both London residents and worldwide customers, The Restory offers restoration services performed by an in-house team of artisans.

Their clothes alteration services cover eco-friendly knitwear, shirts and blouses, suit jackets, trousers and jeans, dresses and skirts, coats and outerwear, eveningwear, and wedding and bridal garments. 

They can also repair bags and shoes, including those by designer brands.

About The Restory

Considered “Aftercare for Fashion” The Restory offers on-demand online clothes repairs for luxury fashion.

They use a team of specialists from all around the globe to ensure that your items receive the best care while providing training to the next generation of experienced tailor and seamstress masters.

13. Make Nu

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by Make Nu #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by Make Nu

Make Nu’s Online Clothing Repairs 

Transforming worn to off-the-rack new, Make Nu is a go-to for clothes repair online. 

They repair knitwear holes, often with cute visible mends in the shape of spiders, daisies, roses, and more. 

Repairs for other types of garments include zipper replacements, seam repairs, and tear mending. 

Custom embroidery and re-working denim are other specialties. Think: patches or fabric inserts, repairing crotch holes, or glamming up with other embellishments.

About Make Nu

The woman-founded seamstress online works exclusively with local darners, seamers, and embroiderers to empower craftspeople and allow us to re-love our wardrobes.

Garments can be dropped off at the London shop or via UK-wide shipping options.

14. The Seam

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by The Seam #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by The Seam

The Seam’s Clothing Alteration Service

With both online alteration options and an answer to Londoners searching for ‘clothing alteration services near me’, The Seam is London’s answer to clothes in need of TLC.

They operate uniquely by connecting you directly with Makers.

You can opt to have them come directly to your London home (range soon to expand to more UK cities), or you can pay them a visit at their local studio.

With skilled craftspeople available for a range of jobs, you can choose between clothing alteration, repair, or made-to-measure services.

About The Seam

The Seam founder Layla wants clothes to be consistently loved.

With so many independent partners in their network, they can provide the best online alterations and repairs for your particular needs.

This also provides ways for local Makers to earn extra money.

15. Splendid Stitches

Online Clothing Alteration Services Prepared To Repair Images by Splendid Stitches #clothingalterations #clothingalterationservices #clothingalterationsonline #clothesrepaironline #clothingrepairsandalterations #clothingrepair #sustainablejungle
Images by Splendid Stitches

Splendid Stitches’ Mail Order Clothing Repair Online

With more than a decade of experience, Splendid Stitches has become a go-to clothes repair shop for vintage alterations and fixes.

Their operations are twofold: 1) to make vintage wearable; and 2) to minimize the risk of future damage.

They offer a host of repair services like seam reinforcement, mending and patching, replacement of closures, fasteners, and broken elastic, hem length, sleeve, and neckline adjustments, relinings, and total reworks (i.e. transforming a dress to a jumpsuit).

They’re comfortable with formal wear and old wedding dresses, too.

When available, vintage haberdashery is used.

About Splendid Stitches

Splendid Stitches specializes in pre-1990s vintage only (no fast fashion which they refuse to work on for ethical reasons). 

Body positivity is a key focus, and they can make alterations to support confidence and comfort. 

While online alterations and repair requests from individuals fill up quickly, they always welcome inquiries from fashion brands and retailers.

They operate their own vintage Etsy shop, too.

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Why Use Clothing Alterations Online?

What is a clothes repairer called?

Officially, they’re called tailors or seamstresses—but we prefer to call them essential.

Awareness of fast fashion ills has grown in recent years, and fast fashion alternatives are getting an overdue footing in wardrobes around the globe.

And joining them are the best online clothes repair services—because wearing what you already own is hands-down the best thing you can do for our planet. 

When you extend the life of a garment by just 9 months, you reduce its water, carbon, and landfill footprint by 30%.

The process of repairing or refurbishing clothes encourages us to look at our wardrobe through a new lens, too. It teaches us to cherish each garment.

This attitude shift is beyond needed.

Americans alone send more than 11.3 million tons of textiles to landfills annually—up from just over 1,700 million tons in 1960 (when repairing clothes was commonplace).

To keep that number down, consider the following when pondering what to do with old clothes: repair, recycle, upcycle, sell, donate, or compost them, to name a few.

Better yet, type “clothing repair shops near me” into your search engine, or use this list of alteration services.

Final Thoughts On Clothing Repair Shops Online

Mending, repairing, tailoring, and clothing alteration services, give you the option of slowing down to love your clothes for longer.

In doing so, you can avoid fast fashion and prevent precious materials from a wasteful end.

Is there any better fashion trend than that and is online clothing repair and alteration a good look?

If you think so, share this article with your fellow fashionistas to breathe new life into an old familiar.

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