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Amber McDaniel

Head Of Content
Experience & Interests:
Upcycle Crafting, Organic Gardening, Tiny Self-Sufficient Living, Herbalism, Outdoor Recreation
BAs in English, Creative Writing, & Psychology from The University of Oxford and Arcadia University
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Amber obtained Bachelor of Arts degrees in English, Creative Writing, and Psychology from The University of Oxford and Arcadia University. She is an avid crafter, gardener, quail farmer, wannabe novelist, and self-proclaimed eco adventurer. From living in a camper van to living in a tiny house, she is enamored by the small and self-sufficient; and aspires to one day become an off-grid micro-farmer, bridging sustainability with non-toxic living and eating. With a passion for outdoor sports like rock climbing, skiing, and travel, having already backpacked across 30 countries, she is always up for the next big adventure while seeking ways to minimize her impact along the way.

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