Slow fashion brands offer us more than a simple alternative to fast fashion mishaps. It's the sustainable solution bringing fashion back from the irredeemable... Image by MATE the Label #slowfashionbrands #slowfashionbrandsformen #slowfashionbrandsforwomen #bestslowfashionbrands #affordableslowfashionbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by MATE the Label
Slow fashion brands offer us more than a simple alternative to fast fashion mishaps. It's the sustainable solution bringing fashion back from the irredeemable... Image by tentree #slowfashionbrands #slowfashionbrandsformen #slowfashionbrandsforwomen #bestslowfashionbrands #affordableslowfashionbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by tentree
Slow fashion brands offer us more than a simple alternative to fast fashion mishaps. It's the sustainable solution bringing fashion back from the irredeemable... Image by Mata Traders #slowfashionbrands #slowfashionbrandsformen #slowfashionbrandsforwomen #bestslowfashionbrands #affordableslowfashionbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Mata Traders

8 Slow Fashion Brands Stopping Unsustainable Fashion In Its Tracks

Take a deep breath. Slow down with us for a moment. 

It’s time we channel our slow fashion angel on our shoulder, not the fast fashion wearing devil. You know, the one that convinced you to buy that metallic body con dress that ripped the first night you wore it.

Slow fashion saves us from more than just cheap fashion mishaps though. It’s also the sustainable solution that might just bring the fashion industry back from the brink. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to share these slow fashion brands spearheading the movement with you.

MATE the Label nails the most important aspect of slow fashion: lasting designs made of natural, biodegradable fabrics that can be returned to earth… not because it went out of style after two weeks.

Not only is Patagonia one of the best slow fashion brands for men but they’re a darn good (and slow) brand for everyone (read: women, kids, babies).

Reprise only offers one garment (USA-produced leggings), but when it comes to slow fashion, less is much much more. Especially since ethical leggings are now an undeniable staple of the 21st century.

If slow fashion is your style, but slow reading isn’t, you can head directly to the end of the article to see what qualifies as a slow fashion brand. 

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Slow fashion brands offer us more than a simple alternative to fast fashion mishaps. It's the sustainable solution bringing fashion back from the irredeemable... Image by ASKET #slowfashionbrands #slowfashionbrandsformen #slowfashionbrandsforwomen #bestslowfashionbrands #affordableslowfashionbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by ASKET

Reading ASKET’s blurb you’ll appreciate why they made our list of slow fashion brands: “zero compromise garments – essentials made to last.

They stand out from the rest because of their Permanent Collection—to which they add just 3-4 wardrobe essentials per year, all designed for long-term use. 

If you’re looking for good slow fashion brands for men, ASKET is worth trying on for size. Plus, they just announced they’ll be launching a line of womenswear now, too! It’s not quite available yet, but stay tuned by the end of summer.

They make t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear (we own one of their jerseys and it’s utterly comfortable), denim, trousers, outerwear, underwear, and accessories. 

In true slow fashion style, they also sell garment care products to ensure theirs last even longer.

ASKETs Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Extra-long staple Egyptian cotton, organic cotton, linen, 100% traceable Merino wool, recycled cashmere, recycled wool, and recycled polyester make up 99% of the materials used by ASKET. 

Relatively unheard of in the fashion world (even in the sustainable fashion world), most products are totally free of elastane, although you will see some in their boxers.    

Supply chain & labor practices:

ASKET puts the capital-T in Transparency. 

According to them, it’s important to know “every cent, every ounce of CO2, every process accounted for. Know your garments. Buy less, keep them longer.”

Their T-shirt was one of the first things to come with a full Impact Receipt, showing its cost, traceability, and impact (CO2 emissions), as well as where it was processed, sewed, laundered, dyed, and milled. 

That Receipt even includes details and photos on each of the factories and facilities responsible for producing that t-shirt. 

Their WRAP, SA8000, OEKO-TEX, and/or GOTS certified suppliers also stand out for their environmental and social rigor.

Green business practices:

Last year they released a list of principles and programs. 

Many of their future programs include shifting towards exclusively grade C materials or better (read: recycled and organic cotton, organic linen, organic hemp, TENCEL lyocell, organic jute, etc.).

They avoid using air transport, provide the option to use reusable packaging instead of single-use recyclable boxes, and have a proprietary tool to help customers find the best size reducing the need for returns. 

All garments in their Permanent Collection have been designed with circularity in mind, i.e. they can either be recycled OR will fully biodegrade. They’ll have a takeback program launching this year, too. 

Some more fun facts: They only have vegan/vegetarian snacks at catering events, only drink Fair Trade and organic coffee at the office, and provide employees with an additional five vacation days if they agree to travel by train instead of plane. 

We really couldn’t ASKET for any more of this brand!


Men’s sizes XS-XL are available. This could be a little larger. 

Because there’s no wholesaler or middleman, ASKET is able to keep their garments more affordable. That said, they never run sales or promotions that encourage unconsidered consumption. 

The only exceptions are occasional sample sales used to determine styles that won’t be disposed of. 

Available: ASKET


Slow fashion brands offer us more than a simple alternative to fast fashion mishaps. It's the sustainable solution bringing fashion back from the irredeemable... Image by Mata Traders #slowfashionbrands #slowfashionbrandsformen #slowfashionbrandsforwomen #bestslowfashionbrands #affordableslowfashionbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Mata Traders
About Mata Traders

Mata Traders is a rare brand combining the best of slow fashion with plus sizing

Not only do their clothes fit an inclusive range of wearers, but they’re planet-positive, too. 

Their range of ethical plus size clothing including women’s tops, skirts, and ethical dresses are all available in a range of cuts and patterns that are fitting, flirty, and flattering for everyone. 

If you’re looking for slow fashion brands for business women, their styles will have you feeling pretty and looking professional.

Mata Traders’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Many of Mata’s dresses are made with 100% cotton. Sometimes they’re made with organic cotton and sometimes with rayon fabric. You might see some linen, too, along with the occasional touch of spandex for stretch. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Every purchase supports and empowers women in Nepal and India by fighting gender inequality through meaningful work and economic independence. 

Supporting all workers, they pay special attention to sewers who are challenged. Unlike conventional factories, Mata Traders’ manufacturing cooperatives allow and work with all skill levels and don’t dock pay for less productive work. You can’t get more “slow fashion” than that.  

Through the brand’s partnership with fair trade organizations, your dress also minimizes global poverty and combats child labor. 

Green business practices:

This slow fashion brand is a Green America Gold Certified business.

Preserving traditional techniques means more clothes produced by hand—which means a lower manufacturing impact. The brand also tries to minimize waste and energy consumption, partly by using solar power to run their main facility. 


Mata Traders obviously ticks the boxes for size inclusivity (US sizes 0-24 are covered, AKA up to 2X). 

They’re budget-inclusive, too. Many items on their site are under $100. 

Community & charitable giving:

The brand’s fair trade efforts go beyond just wages. They support mostly female workers with opportunities to learn literacy, parenting, computer skills, and more. 

In fact, these training courses provided the catalyst for one embroiderer to organize a 200-women protest demanding access to water!

Available: Mata Traders


Slow fashion brands offer us more than a simple alternative to fast fashion mishaps. It's the sustainable solution bringing fashion back from the irredeemable... Image by Reprise #slowfashionbrands #slowfashionbrandsformen #slowfashionbrandsforwomen #bestslowfashionbrands #affordableslowfashionbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Reprise
About Reprise

Here’s the quick and dirty (err… clean?) about Reprise.

Their clothes are made without synthetics, via a local supply chain, and are designed to last. 

And that about ticks most of the boxes for top slow fashion brands

You can breathe deeply in their sustainable yoga clothes for women. Especially since (avoiding fast fashion way) they only offer one type of garment: long-lasting leggings. 

These will pair perfectly with the three other products they make: all-organic scrunchies, hair ties (gotta keep that hair out of your face to hold that perfect crow pose!) and eco friendly yoga mats.

Reprise’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


TENCEL lyocell is the tree-based material that will support you during your tree pose. Quick reminder: TENCEL is the maker of this semi-synthetic fabric and is widely regarded as the most sustainable one.

Theirs is made only from sustainably managed eucalyptus and processed in a closed-loop manner.

These leggings do contain some spandex for the stretch. They only use dyes that are GOTS certified organic.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The list of slow fashion brands that produce their own garments in the USA is small, but Reprise is on it. The designs come out of their NYC-based headquarters (which is also where cutting and sewing takes place). The knitting and dying happens in L.A. 

All workers are treated like family and supported with a fair above-living wage. Their scrunchies are also Fair Trade certified.  

Green business practices:

Here’s another big FU to fast fashion: Reprise orders only the amount of fabric required for their small-batch leggings. Resulting in no excess stock and no deadstock (leftover) fabric. 

Everything shipping-related is recyclable, sustainably sourced, and/or biodegradable. Even the tape and stickers on their packaging are thoughtfully planned. 

Carbon offsets make their entire product line carbon neutral


We’re happy to see diverse models representing sizes XS-XL. 

Community & charitable giving:

Reprise regularly supports social enterprises that help secure clean drinking water for global communities in need.

Available: Reprise


Slow fashion brands offer us more than a simple alternative to fast fashion mishaps. It's the sustainable solution bringing fashion back from the irredeemable... Image by Coyuchi #slowfashionbrands #slowfashionbrandsformen #slowfashionbrandsforwomen #bestslowfashionbrands #affordableslowfashionbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Coyuchi
About Coyuchi

Coyuchi is all about that slow-down-California-style of living.  


We love them for helping us dress when slowness is the main prerogative (read as: bedtime!).

Aside from sustainable robes and ethical pajamas, they provide everything else needed for that beauty sleep, like affordable linen sheets,  natural mattress protectors, and even organic baby blankets for the little ones. 

Coyuchi’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Coyuchi puts the ‘co’ in cotton. 100% GOTS and MADE SAFE organic cotton, that is.  

Supply chain & labor practices:

The certifications keep coming. Many of their factories and partner farms are backed by Fair Trade certifications. 

Coyuchi also partners with the Chetna Coalition in India, a sustainable farming co-op committed to ethical textiles. 

Their cotton fabric is woven in either India or Turkey and finished in a Portuguese factory. 

Green business practices:

Coyuchi supports a few other c-words we’re also excited about: circularity and climate beneficial farming. 

For the former, they have a 2nd Home Take Back Program that rewards recyclers with a 15% discount and rewards our planet with transforming valuable materials into new products. 

“Climate beneficial” farming means agriculture that does so much more than sustainably produce textiles. It employs regenerative practices that build healthy soil and captures more carbon from our atmosphere.


XS-XL is available for women and M-XL for men. A little more wriggle room here would be preferable. 

Community & charitable giving:

Beyond sourcing products made using climate beneficial farming, Coyuchi supports related organizations (like Fibershed) through their 1% for the Planet contributions.

Available: Coyuchi


Slow fashion brands offer us more than a simple alternative to fast fashion mishaps. It's the sustainable solution bringing fashion back from the irredeemable... Image by tentree #slowfashionbrands #slowfashionbrandsformen #slowfashionbrandsforwomen #bestslowfashionbrands #affordableslowfashionbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by tentree
About tentree

Here are 10 reasons we love tentree

1) sustainable outdoor clothing; 2) fair trade hats; 3) eco friendly wallets; 4) organic hoodies; 5) ethical gloves; 6) sustainable scarves; 7) adventure-ready sustainable backpacks; 8) ethical activewear, 9) sustainable sweatpants, and 10) fair trade sweaters

But that’s just the summary. There are many more reasons we love this Canadian B-corp. 

Time again, tentree is one of our top picks for daily essentials that are affordable, designed to last, and made with respect for our shared home. 

This is certainly one of the best slow fashion brands for women, but their sustainable essentials are for anyone. 

tentree’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Organic cotton, TENCEL lyocell, hemp, recycled polyester, and a small amount of spandex round out the majority of the materials that end up in tentree’s clothes.

Supply chain & labor practices:

tentree is a top-ranking Certified B Corp, ‘nuff said. 

Okay, fine, we’ll elaborate. 

They share their Factory Ledger with us fashionistas so we can see exactly where each product is made. Their factory partners are backed up by a range of certifications, including Fair Trade, WRAP, SA8000, Fair Wear Foundation, and BSCI.

tentree’s Code of Conduct ensures that all workers feel safe and respected when producing garments. 

Green business practices:

A factory log isn’t all they share. View each product’s Eco Log for a breakdown of how eco-conscious materials and manufacturing practices save water, reduce waste, and minimize CO2 emissions. 

Speaking of emissions, they sell a range of carbon offsets on their website so we too can take an active part in reducing our own footprint. 


Here’s the importance of inclusivity, straight from tentree’s mouth: “For those who identify with the outdoors, but are not defined by them.”

That’s why you’ll see sizes up to XXL in some styles (for men) and up to XL for women. 

Community & charitable giving:

The trees they plant for every purchase may grow slowly, but the rate at which they’re planting them sure isn’t! With over 55 million trees planted through Eden Projects to date, they hope to reach one billion trees by 2030.

Every purchase = 10 trees. If you’re going to shop (slowly of course) you may as well plant some trees while you’re at it!

Available: tentree


Slow fashion brands offer us more than a simple alternative to fast fashion mishaps. It's the sustainable solution bringing fashion back from the irredeemable... Image by MATE the Label #slowfashionbrands #slowfashionbrandsformen #slowfashionbrandsforwomen #bestslowfashionbrands #affordableslowfashionbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by MATE the Label
About MATE the Label

We’re happy to include MATE the Label in our close circle.


Because they’re friends of circular fashion. They want to help us detox our closets from the foes of fast fashion. 

This organic clothing brand creates affordable ethical clothing and has an impressive range of extended sizes. 

What more could you want?

From slowing down to embracing sustainable fashion, we’ll happily turn to this MATE of ours for their women’s tanks, tees, thermals, sweats, jumpsuits, hoodies, shorts, bottoms, and more. 

MATE the Label’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


MATE uses biodegradable fabrics like organic cotton, linen, and TENCEL—maker of both modal fabric and lyocell! They also use some conventional cotton which is best avoided.

Only low-impact dyes are used. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Here’s what makes MATE the Label one of the best slow fashion brands: they have a transparent supply chain and take care of all of the sewing, cutting, dying, processing, packaging, and shipping in their LA based factory.

The factory adheres to strict California labor laws and meets fair trade criteria. 

As for sourcing, their organic cotton comes from a farm in Maharashtra, India, their TENCEL from Austria, and their linen from China.  

Green business practices:

Their “v localized” supply chains = small transportation emissions. 

That’s obviously not enough for this top pick in ethical slow fashion brands, though. 

They also boast an office equipped with all the eco-friendly office supplies and services (i.e. on-site composting, bamboo desks, eco friendly toilet paper) and use recycled/recyclable packaging. 

The brand will be implementing a circular program to transform old MATE products into new garments.


Three cheers for an Extended Collection that turns their usual sizes (XS-XL) into a way more inclusive range (1X-3X). And their choice of models reflects as much. 

The company is also female-founded and operated by a mostly-woman team. 

Community & charitable giving:

Are you an essential worker? Check out MATE for a discount! 

Available: MATE the Label


Slow fashion brands offer us more than a simple alternative to fast fashion mishaps. It's the sustainable solution bringing fashion back from the irredeemable... Image by Patagonia #slowfashionbrands #slowfashionbrandsformen #slowfashionbrandsforwomen #bestslowfashionbrands #affordableslowfashionbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Patagonia
About Patagonia

Is a Sustainable Jungle ethical fashion roundup complete without Patagonia?

Patagonia has paved the way for many slow fashion brands. 


Leading by example. Creating products that last a lifetime and offering repair/recycling if they do meet the end of their usability. 

In fact, if we’re talking about Patagonia’s leadership in the world of slow fashion, here’s something to consider. They were influential in forming the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a group working towards creating an index of social and environmental performance. 

Now, there are more than 49 members developing a road map towards ultimate fashion sustainability. 

It’s no wonder we turn to Patagonia when we’re in need of ethical swimwear, sustainable jeans, eco friendly t shirts, and everything in between. 

They’re also one of the few slow fashion brands for workwear—especially if that work involves the great outdoors.

Patagonia’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Patagonia makes it easy to wear our favorite fabrics.

Some of the most Earth-approved materials include regenerative organic cotton, hemp, RDS-certified down, merino wool, and lyocell.

They also use a bunch of recycled materials, including nylon made from fishing nets, spandex, cotton, polyester, down, wool, and ethical cashmere.

Supply chain & labor practices:  

Patagonia’s influence on a fair and sustainable supply chain starts with their Code of Conduct, which is based on ILO Labor standards and ensures absolutely no forced or child labor.

The ‘Gonia was also a founding member of the Fair Labor Association, of which the FLA accreditation helps them realize areas in which they can improve. Most of their garments today are Fair Trade certified sewn. 

Their Footprint Chronicles tell us where every garment is made, an act of transparency that consistently lands them at the top of Fashion Revolution’s yearly Fashion Transparency Index

If you’re transfixed by all things transparency-related, check out their blog, The Cleanest Line®, which updates customers on supply chain issues and environmental responsibility. 

Green business practices:

Speaking of, environmental responsibility is where Patagonia really shines.

Between books that promote corporate responsibility (Let My People Go Surfing), repair programs (through their Ironclad Guarantee), and the opportunity to buy and sell pre-loved clothing and gear (via the Worn Wear program), they cover all the bases for what it is to be sustainable fashion. 


You’ll find a large range of sizes for most styles (XXS-XXXL) and a still comprehensive XS-XXL in all the others.

The company isn’t satisfied with the status quo—which is why their business model embraces diversity and inclusion. 

Community & charitable giving:

After founding 1% for the Planet, Patagonia remains a contributing member, donating roughly 1% of profits (or 10% of pre-tax profits) to environmental causes.  

The Patagonia Action Works is a way for them to support these causes on the ground by encouraging shoppers to get involved too.

Available: Patagonia

8. 8000KICKS

Slow fashion brands offer us more than a simple alternative to fast fashion mishaps. It's the sustainable solution bringing fashion back from the irredeemable... Image by 8000Kicks #slowfashionbrands #slowfashionbrandsformen #slowfashionbrandsforwomen #bestslowfashionbrands #affordableslowfashionbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by 8000Kicks
About 8000Kicks

How do you run away from fast fashion? 

With a slow fashion shoe brand of course!

8000Kicks is the vegan shoe brand that has us hemphatically embracing hemp! 

Hemp replaces all plastic in their sustainable and waterproof shoes, available for both men and women. 

As far as slow vegan fashion brands go, we think 8000Kicks is pretty dope—especially because they offer just one style of shoe designed for every season. 

8000Kicks’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


The strong sustainable sneakers are made with proprietary Bloom foam (made from harmful algal blooms) along with a hemp fiber upper, providing antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

8000Kicks sources their hemp from France, Romania, and China. They try to keep all other sourcing close to their Portugal HQ. 

The shoes are produced in factories in China or Portugal, both of which adhere to strict labor standards. In the Portugese factory, workers have access to free health care. You can also check out average salary details on the company’s website

Green business practices:

The average running shoe is associated with an emissions impact of 14 Kg of CO2. 8000Kicks may have a big number in their name, but their emissions per pair are just 4.1 Kg of CO2.

They also use clean energy in both of their factories (around 30-55%, with aims to further improve) and offset some of their impact by planting new hemp farms.

Available: 8000Kicks


Slow fashion is a movement. It gives practical meaning to sustainable and ethical fashion

It asks us to step back and take stock of our clothing consumption. Focusing on quality and longevity. 

By doing so, we opt for better-made garments, which in turn means slower production, fairer wages, lower environmental impact, and eventually a circular fashion industry. 

Let’s dive into each of the aspects that we look out for here. 


Sustainable fabrics form the basis of slow fashion (literally).

Our favorites are natural ones also loved by these brands: organic cotton, linen, TENCEL modal and lyocell, ethical wool and down, and hemp, as well as recycled materials: polyester, nylon, and cashmere.

Supply chain and labor practices:

We love it when brands slow down enough to actually get to know their supply chains. The more details they can share about factories, wages, and working conditions, the better. 

In true slow fashion style, supportive fair trade wages, safe and empowering work environments, and local manufacturing are the cherry on top.

Green business practices:

The biggest focus for many of these brands is designing clothes that last forever. Durability aside, that means clothes that aren’t influenced by fake seasons and the need to “keep up with the Joneses.” 

Circularity (by way of garment recycling programs) and carbon neutrality are also a focus for these slow fashion brands. Beyond that, we love when everything—down to the toilet paper and office snacks—is green and considered.


Extended sizes, inclusive models, and female-founded companies make for the most socially inclusive slow fashion brands. 

We should all be able to play a role in slow fashion, so we were thrilled to see that many brands have incorporated measures to keep their clothes affordable (without sacrificing the planet) so no one chooses fast fashion because they can’t afford not to. 

Community & charitable giving:

Support of social and environmental organizations, tree planting, and discounts for essential workers are a few ways slow fashion can be more than just a well-made and well-loved product. 

Ultimately, many of these slow fashion brands are also trying to make the push for slow fashion to be more inclusive. We can change the fashion industry but it will require a connected community to do so.  


Slow fashion is the new black. 

From an environmental, social, and spiritual perspective, it’s the only way to dress and it’s where fashion needs to be heading. 

ASKET cuts through with their take on what slow fashion really means: “Every garment has a story, a cost and an impact. Green, Conscious, Recycled or Offset isn’t moving the needle. In fact, it’s confusing us into thinking we can actually shop our way out of the problem.”

With that in mind, the best thing we can do is wear what we already own. 

The next best thing? 

By second hand from a thrift store

Beyond that, listen to the slow fashion angel on your shoulder by supporting conscious brands who are creating a sustainable fashion industry.

Slow fashion brands offer us more than a simple alternative to fast fashion mishaps. It's the sustainable solution bringing fashion back from the irredeemable... Image by tentree #slowfashionbrands #slowfashionbrandsformen #slowfashionbrandsforwomen #bestslowfashionbrands #affordableslowfashionbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by tentree

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