Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic ComfortersImage by Sustainable Jungle#organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic ComfortersImage by Sustainable Jungle#organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

9 Organic Comforters So You Can Sleep Snug & Sustainable

Amber McDaniel

Like most things with a price tag, there are two sides to every organic comforter—and not just the warm and the cool side.

A comforter can make or break a good night’s sleep. It can do the same for the health of our planet.

There are those that make us toss and turn with environmental woes, or there are sustainable comforters made in a way we can feel good about.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Burrow Beneath The Top Eco-Friendly Comforters

Like Nest Bedding‘s natural fiber comforter collection, which are made with either fair trade organic cotton or wool.

The sustainable quilt comforters from PlushBeds will have you sleeping sound knowing your purchase provides scholarships for those pursuing environmental degrees.

Saatva’s year-round GOTS-certified comforters are also made in Fair Trade-certified factories.

Turn down (the comforter) to the end of the article to find out how these brands were chosen as we turn up the heat (and cool down the planet) by burrowing into the most environmentally-friendly comforters.

1. Saatva

Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic Comforters Images by Sustainable Jungle #organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Saatva

Price Range: $205–$445

Instead of counting sheep, you can count Saatva’s sustainability achievements. 

The premium sleep brand has been helping to clean up the mattress industry’s rap sheet.

On top of their sustainable mattresses (literally), they have all your bedding essentials, like an ethical comforter, duvet insert, blanket, natural linen comforter set, and eco-friendly quilt.

Lightweight and heavier options are available, including the breathable All-Year organic down alternative comforter.

We personally use the Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter, we tend to sleep hot so this seriously soft eco-friendly comforter is perfect for providing a plush covering, without the trapping too much heat.

It is pure white, so it treat it like a duvet insert and be sure to pair it with some organic comforter covers to keep it looking pretty and pristine for years to come.

Saatva’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Bring Saatva into the bedroom with a sustainable down alternative comforter made of organic cotton and lyocell fill. 

For duvets, choose between 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton or 100% OEKO TEX Belgian linen, if an organic linen comforter is your style.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

All organic bedding is made in a Fair Trade-certified factory in India.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

The fair trade comforters ship from one of 140+ fulfillment centers, meaning they usually travel less than 100 miles, keeping transportation emissions low.

Community & charitable giving: 

Saatva supports Austin’s Housing Authority  to assist low-income residents in need of subsidized housing as well as Austin Pathways to provide sleep essentials to those newly housed. 

They also support NYC-based PENCIL, which connects students new to the US with career pathways. They also raise money for student scholarships.

2. Plushbeds

Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic Comforters Images by PlushBeds #organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle
Images by PlushBeds

About PlushBeds

Price Range: $416–$674

The story behind PlushBeds reminds us of the importance of counting sheep in materials that make us feel good about hitting the snooze button. 

When CEO Michael Hughes lost his father to Parkinson’s Disease, he waged a war on home chemicals—like the flame retardants in mattresses—that may have contributed to his health problems.

The family-owned company produces a range of mattresses, organic mattress protectors, pillows, and toppers—like the eco-friendly wool comforter. For more on their bedding necessities read our deep dive PlushBeds review.

They also have a 5-20 lb weighted blanket if you need a little heavy sleep therapy.

PlushBeds Ethical & Sustainability Practices


PlushBeds’ sustainable bed comforters are made with natural cotton, white duck down, wool, down + feather blend, or down alternative microfiber.

All raw materials are “harvested in an ethical, worker-friendly, sustainable manner.”

The only one we might avoid is the microfiber fill option, which is made with polyester.

The weighted blanket still has a microfiber cover, but it’s filled with glass beads rather than plastic.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

PlushBeds’ products are made in their own GOTS and GOLS-certified organic factory in California.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

PlushBeds is a Green America Certified business and Sustainable Furnishings Council member (which works to promote sustainable furniture manufacturing at an industry-wide level).

They also offset the emissions of their website by funding clean energy through a partnership with TerraPass Carbon Neutral.

Community & charitable giving: 

Their commitment to the environment goes further through their PlushBeds Green Scholarships program. 

Through this, they’ve donated thousands of dollars to students pursuing degrees in the environmental field.

3. Buffy

Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic Comforters Images by Buffy #organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle
Images by Buffy

About Buffy

Price Range: $125–$289

Buffy wants to help you #KeepEarthComfy.

From the first sketch to the last stitch, sustainable manufacturing methods and earth-friendly fabrics are prioritized for each organic vegan comforter.

Complete your luxurious slumber essentials with one of Buffy’s pillows, duvet covers, and either of their two soft eco-friendly comforters.

Buffy’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The Buffy Breeze is made from 100% OEKO-TEX eucalyptus TENCEL™ lyocell fabric which bears temperature-regulating properties, making it perfect for summer.

For a warm organic comforter, the puffy Buffy Cloud is made with the same lyocell shell filled with 100% GRS/RCS certified recycled BPA-free PET. 

Or opt for just the sustainable comforter cover made of lyocell and plant-based corozo nut buttons.

Putting new meaning to ‘natural color comforter’, theirs are dyed with plants like rose petals, turmeric, and bark.

All stitching consists of recycling polyester thread

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The sustainably-grown eucalyptus comes from regenerative fibers in Austria and the Czech Republic. 

Their rPET comes from Estonia.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Each Buffy Cloud keeps 50 plastic bottles out of landfills and rescues 12 geese from live-plucking.

The CO2 emissions of all their freight and customer shipments are offset and the packaging is FSC-certified. 

By 2025, they hope to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and have end-of-life solutions for all products and materials.

Community & charitable giving: 

Returned bedding can’t be legally re-sold, so Buffy encourages customers to donate unwanted ethical comforters and will return your money for doing so.

4. Boll & Branch

Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic Comforters Images by Boll & Branch #organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle
Images by Boll & Branch

About Boll & Branch

Price Range: $349–$399

Husband and wife duo Missy and Scott Tannen started Boll & Branch with one wish: to know where their bedding was made and ensure it was made better.

Their organic bedding has been slept in by three U.S. Presidents so clearly, they have the popular vote for some of the best organic comforters around.

In addition to sheets and mattresses, they have eco-friendly duvet inserts and covers, blankets, and quilts.

They don’t have organic comforter sets, but they do offer bundles (at a discount) for their sheets and a duvet insert.

Boll & Branch’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Boll & Branch’s organic cotton comforters are wrapped in an OEKO-TEX-certified organic cotton shell.

Some are filled with PrimaLoft (a hypoallergenic vegan fill made of partially recycled polyester fiberfill) in their organic down alternative comforter.

Their actual natural down comforter is made with RDS responsibly-sourced Indiana down.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

They source cotton from India and Turkey, which is woven in Portugal, before products are finished in B&B’s factory just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Overall, they support thousands with fair wages and were the first 100% organic Fair Trade-certified bedding company.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Boll & Brand uses recycled paper packaging and FSC-certified boxes.

Community & charitable giving: 

Through their Helping From Home program, thousands of mattresses have been donated to people in need including US service members returning to their families.

Each year, they allocate 10% of profits to various charities like Habitat for Humanity and Direct Relief.

5. Nest Bedding

Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic Comforters Images by Sustainable Jungle #organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Nest Bedding

Price Range: $129–$499

With sustainable bedding essentials made to support us and our planet, Nest Bedding has quickly become a household name.

As the first brand to develop the bed-in-a-box concept, it’s not surprising they’ve garnered over 25,000 5-star reviews.

Between long-lasting mattresses, pillows that solve neck pain, and some of the best organic duvets, inserts, and blankets, you’ll have several reasons to invite them into the nest.

If you’re looking for an organic wool comforter, we can’t recommend the Washable Wool Comforter enough. Featuring a super soft 300 thread count organic cotton comforter cover, stuffed with 250-GSM of washable wool, this is one heavy duty and durable comforter we trust will grace our bed for years to come.

We live in a cold climate, so we especialy love it in the winter months, but it’s also suitable for year-round use.

We also loved that it comes with a sturdy zipped storage bag, so we can keep it clean and safe in storage when not in use. And when it is, the bag makes for a handy tote. We love dual purpose stuff!

Nest Bedding’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The OEKO TEX-certified wool comforter is washable and wrapped in GOTS-certified organic cotton. This is also what you’ll find in the Washable Crib organic baby comforter.

The cooling Silk Cloud Comforter feaures a GOTS-certifeid eco-friendly cotton comforter features a GOTS-organic cotton cover and a 100% Mulberry silk fill, though we don’t recommend Mulberry silk for ethical reasons. Where wool can be ethically sourced, Mulberry silk…not so much.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The organic cotton is Fair Trade-certified and sourced in the USA

Each mattress is manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona, while other products are sourced from SMETA (and other voluntary auditing agencies) inspected global manufacturing partners.

They prioritize addressing any infractions reported on these annual reports.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Cotton bags are used instead of plastic poly bags.

6. Coyuchi

Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic Comforters Images by Coyuchi #organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle
Images by Coyuchi

About Coyuchi

Price Range: $298–$798

California-based Coyuchi outfits you and your home in sustainable materials from organic robes to eco-friendly towels.

That means some of the best sustainable comforters, duvet inserts, and quilts—like the insulated Diamond-Stitched organic cotton comforter (in all its soft, beautiful colors) that makes for an ideal sustainable winter quilt.

Natural fibers and hues combined, it’s like you’re sleeping in the great outdoors—without the dirt and bugs.

Coyuchi’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Choosen between GOTS-certified organic cotton, GRS-certified recycled cotton, and natural linen comforters.

Non-vegan sustainable comforter options include organic down comforters and organic wool comforters.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Coyuchi has several ethical certifications, including some certified fair trade comforters and more.

Their organic cotton is grown in either Turkey or India via the Chetna farming co-op and woven in a Fair Trade Indian factory, or in Germany, Mexico, or Portugal. 

If you’re wondering “Are down comforters eco-friendly?”, Coyuchi down comes from an Indiana duck farm where the birds are humanely raised.

The wool comes from Climate Beneficial ranches in California.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Climate Beneficial wool is wool from sheep raised using conservation tillage, strategic grazing, and other practices that enhance the soil’s ability to capture carbon.

While other comforters aren’t climate-positive, you can see their impact and know they were manufactured using resource-conserving methods. For example, their factory in Portugal recycles 98% of wastewater.

Products come in a reusable cloth bag or recycled poly bag. 

You can recycle old Coyuchi bedding through their 2nd Home Take Back, which yields their recycled cotton.

Community & charitable giving: 

As a contributor to 1% for the Planet, Coyuchi donates funds to Fibershed and White Buffalo Land Trust regenerative agriculture projects.

7. Cozy Earth

Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic Comforters Images by Cozy Earth #organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle
Images by Cozy Earth

About Cozy Earth

Price Range: $419–$929

And the award for the most fitting name on this list goes to…Cozy Earth and their warm sustainable comforters that Oprah backs as the best sleep essentials. 

If you want the trifecta of dreams: ethically made, temperature regulating, and soft, then check out their range of sheets, pillows, comforters, sustainable duvets, and blankets.

You can choose a silk or sustainable bamboo comforter and either standrad or extra fill.

Cozy Earth’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


In each sustainable bamboo comforter, you’ll find 100% bamboo fabric filling topped with a “softest EVER” bamboo viscose cover (review courtesy of Oprah).

A 100% Mulberry silk topping is also available, but again, we don’t support Mulberry silk farming.

They also carry a 100% bamboo viscose duvet cover and blanket to keep you feeling as snug as a… panda?

Supply chain & labor practices: 

While their partners are proprietary, they claim they’re hand-selected so they personally know the weavers, label makers, farmers, and fiber producers.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

A patented fiber process recycles water, avoiding excess environmental waste.

8. SOL Organics

Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic Comforters Images by SOL Organics #organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle
Images by SOL Organics

About SOL Organics

Price Range: $99–$239

Founded as a solution to the abuse, inequality, and dirty cotton behind bedding, SOL Organics now makes eco-friendly pillows and more

Luxurious yet affordable, they offer organic down comforters and sustainable duvet covers.

SOL Organics’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Their organic duvets are made with OEKO-TEX and GOTS-certified organic cotton (in Percale, Sateen, or Flannel finishes) or OEKO-TEX-certified European flax linen—like their affordable linen sheets

In the case of the eco-friendly down comforter, they use the same certified organic cotter cover to contain 100% ethical Canadian white down filling. 

Low-impact organic dyes and breathable natural fibers ensure safe (and sound) sleep.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

SOL Organics’ organic cotton is Fairtrade certified.

They partner with a FLOCERT and Fair Trade-certified factory in India that supports employees with fair pay and a safe environment.

Their supply chain is backed by several other certifications: ISO (9001,14001 and 45001), SA8000, and SEDEX.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

The factory is carbon neutral.

9. Sijo

Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic Comforters Images by Sijo #organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle
Images by Sijo

About Sijo

Price Range: $235–$295

POC and woman-owned Sijo is all about providing a solid night of sleep via products engineered for comfort and cooling—from organic pillows to sustainable pajamas.

Fit for a king, their organic king comforter also fits Cali King beds, and the smaller size suits both full and queen sizes.

Sijo’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Whether you sleep hot or cold, Sijo’s got a solution.

Their TempTune comforter uses Clima™ tech (aka a blend of TENCEL lyocell, recycled polyester, and thermo-conducting mica nylon) to keep you cool, any season, any weather. 

To keep you warm—but not hot and sweaty—the breathable AiryWeight lightweight organic comforter is made with 100% OEKO-TEX TENCEL lyocell. 

If you can sleep through anything, we’d recommend the latter sustainable summer quilt comforter as it’s free of virgin plastic (nylon).  

A duvet cover is available in the same materials plus French linen.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The lyocell is grown and sourced in Austria, but the final products are constructed in Shanghai.

The factories adhere to ethical practices and provide living wages.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

A closed-loop system is used in manufacturing to capture and recycle resources, particularly for the lyocell.

Community & charitable giving: 

Partnering with the Joyful Heart Foundation, Sijo donates a percentage of sales to support victims of domestic violence, abuse, and sexual assault.

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How We Found The Most Eco-Friendly Comforters

How do we keep “comfort” in “comforter,” while ensuring the same for our planet? 

Because Textiles are textiles—whether in your ethical hoodie or your house—we referred to our sustainable ethical fashion criterion as a guide.

Depending on how you look at it, you’re going to be “wearing” your comforter much more than your clothes anyway.


What are organic comforters made of? And what is the most sustainable comforter material?

Conventional cotton is the material of choice for your average comforter. 

Yes, cotton is natural, but its growth is anything but. Requiring a tremendous amount of water, pesticides, and fertilizers, the growth of conventional cotton puts farmers and our planet at risk. 

That’s why we’re happy to see many brands making not only all-natural comforters (and natural mattress toppers, too), but organic cotton ones.

This means minimal chemical usage, reduced water consumption, biodiversity preservation, and healthy working environments for farmers. 

When organic cotton wasn’t around to tuck us in, other sustainable fabrics we considered included lyocell, linen, recycled cotton, bamboo, ethical wool, and organic bamboo comforters.

The most eco-friendly comforters also utilize sustainable dyes.

Supply chain and labor practices:

There’s nothing like dozing off to dreams of supply chain transparency so we wanted to make sure these ethical mattress brands are walking the talk. 

Beyond listing the steps they take to ensure the best conditions for their team, a few certifications to protect from greenwashing don’t hurt.

However, to protect against greenwashing (like Global Organic Textile Standard), full traceability and organic comforters made in the USA help further.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

When a brand supports carbon offset programs or uses eco-friendly packaging, we’re able to enjoy an extra sigh of relief before we close our eyes for the night. 

Community & charitable giving:

A sustainable comforter is nice, but those made by a brand that gives back keep us warm fuzzies through and through.

Final Thoughts On Sustainable & Natural Comforters

A better night’s sleep and a better future for our planet?

Yes, please. 

Anything to help sustainability embed itself into more areas of our lives.

As consumers, we can vote for the kind of world we want to live in with something as basic as an environmentally-friendly comforter when you’re due for a new one.

But, as always, the most sustainable comforter is the one you already own. Wait until that coffee stain necessitates a replacement. 

To urge friends and family to wake up to some of the health issues in the textile industry, pass this along to the bedheads in your life. 

Besides, a clear conscience makes for a truly good night’s sleep.

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Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic Comforters Image by Buffy #organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle
Sleep Snug & Sustainable Under These 11 Organic Comforters Image by Nest Bedding #organiccomforters #organiccomfortersets #sustainablecomforters #sustainablebedcomforters #bestorganiccomforter #sustainablejungle

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