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Like most things with a price tag, there are two sides to every comforter—and not just the warm and the cool side. There are those sustainable  and organic comforters that are  made in a way that we can feel good about and then, simply put, there are those that aren’t.  Image by SOL Organics #organiccomforter #ecofriendlycomforter #sustainablecomforter #sustainablejungle
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9 Eco Friendly & Organic Comforters For Comfort of Body & Mind

A comforter can make or break a good night’s sleep. And it can do the same for the health of our planet, too. 

Like most things with a price tag, there are two sides to every comforter—and not just the warm and the cool side.

There are those that are sustainable and made in a way that we can feel good about and then, simply put, there are those that aren’t. 

We’re (naturally) focusing on the former—which is why we’re happy to talk about SOL Organics’ Fair Trade and organic cotton comforters, Buffy’s innovative use of recycled plastic bottles and food waste.

And Ocelot Market’s range of ethically sourced blankets that support loads of small brands and artisans. 

Turn down (the comforter) to the end of the article to find out how these brands were chosen as we turn up the heat (and cool down the planet) by burrowing into the best organic comforters.

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Like most things with a price tag, there are two sides to every comforter—and not just the warm and the cool side. There are those sustainable  and organic comforters that are  made in a way that we can feel good about and then, simply put, there are those that aren’t.  Image by SOL Organics #organiccomforter #ecofriendlycomforter #sustainablecomforter #sustainablejungle
Image by SOL Organics
About SOL Organics

As one of our favorite eco friendly bedding brands, it’s no surprise SOL Organics is making another appearance.

The brand started out a decade ago, when two friends came together to bring some much-needed ethical focus to a bedding marketplace that was rife with abuse, inequality, and dirty cotton. 

While still being affordable, the bedding from SOL organics combines organic cotton with quality craftsmanship to make a range of duvet covers, organic pillows and one of the best organic down comforters to put in them. 

SOL Organics’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


You can feel confident that what you’re getting tucked up in is made from 100% Oeko Tex and GOTS-certified cotton (available in either Percale, Sateen, or Bonded finishes) or certified European flax linen. 

In the case of the eco friendly down comforter, they use an organic cotton cover and 100% responsibly harvested Canadian white down filling. 

Between low-impact organic dyes and breathable natural fibers, sleep is just around the corner in these eco friendly comforters.

Supply chain & labor practices:

SOL Organics’ organic cotton is also Fair Trade certified, meaning that it’s farmed for fair pay and without gender discrimination or child labor. All of their other textile suppliers have been chosen based on a list of impressive third-party certifications too.

As for manufacturing, SOL Organics personally visited each and every potential factory before committing to any and only chose those that were FLO-certified.  

Green business practices:

Organic cotton allows SOL Organics to significantly reduce their water and chemical requirements, while also contributing to more thriving ecosystems. 

Community & charitable giving:

Before you complete the online ordering process for some new bedding, you can choose between four charities to which a portion of your purchase will go. 

Right now, these organizations include Water 4, The Fund for Animals, the Children’s Defense Fund, and Hope for Justice. 

Available: SOL Organics


Like most things with a price tag, there are two sides to every comforter—and not just the warm and the cool side. There are those sustainable  and organic comforters that are  made in a way that we can feel good about and then, simply put, there are those that aren’t.  Image by Coyuchi #organiccomforter #ecofriendlycomforter #sustainablecomforter #sustainablejungle
Image by Coyuchi
About Coyuchi

This California-based brand is a slumber specialist.

Not too long ago, we bragged about Coyuchi’s sustainable sleepwear and eco friendly robes and now we’re back at it with their organic cotton comforter and blanket selection. 

Coyuchi got their name as a play on the word “coyote” and if this tells you anything, it’s that their products are made with earth in mind.

Their combination of natural hues and fibers will have you feeling like you’re sleeping in the great outdoors… without the dirt and bugs.

Coyuchi’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Coyuchi will keep you comfortable and warm in winter and cool in summer with fabrics like GOTS-certified organic cotton, GRS-certified recycled cotton, linen, and Climate Beneficial wool (more on this below). 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Their organic cotton is grown in either Turkey (and woven in Germany) or India via the Chetna farming co-op (and woven in a Fair Trade Indian factory). The recycled cotton comes from Coyuchi’s very own 2nd Home linen recycling program.

Coyuchi’s wool comes from one of two Climate Beneficial ranches in northern California. Then it’s washed and combed before being sent to a dye house that was founded in 1869.

Under the instruction of a fourth-generation weaver, the wool yarn is woven into an heirloom-quality fair trade blanket

For obvious reasons, Coyuchi has several different ethical certifications under their belt. 

Green business practices:

First off, let’s talk Climate Beneficial wool. Basically, it’s wool that’s climate positive.

That’s possible because the farms that raise the sheep use things like conservation tillage, strategic grazing, and a range of other practices that enhance the soil’s ability to capture carbon.

Coyuchi takes transparency one step further by showing the type of packaging that each product comes in. In a mission to cut out plastic bags by 2022, most products come in a reusable, organic cloth bag or recycled poly bag. 

Even better, you can see the product’s impact, too.

Check out how much land was farmed without pesticides, how many days of drinking water were saved, and how many miles of driving emissions were avoided. 

They also only work with manufacturing partners who are conscious about their consumption. For instance, the factory they work with in Portugal recycles 98% of the waste water produced. 

And as we mentioned above, you can always send back your old, unwanted comforter for recycling through their 2nd Home Take Back (through which they’ve recycled or resold 84,694 pounds so far).

Taking the circular economy further, you can also rent bedding and organic towels through Coyuchi for Life.

Community & charitable giving:

As a contributor to 1% for the Planet, Coyuchi donates funds to both Fibershed and White Buffalo Land (another carbon-neutral farming organization). 

Available: Coyuchi


Image by PlushBeds
About PlushBeds

The story behind PlushBeds reminds us all of the importance of counting sheep in materials that make us feel good about hitting the snooze button. 

When CEO Michael Hughes lost his father to Parkinson’s Disease, he waged a war on the household chemicals that may have contributed to his loss.

His mission started out with flame retardants in mattresses, before evolving to other sleep products.

Now, the family-owned company produces a range of eco friendly mattresses, natural mattress protectors, pillows, and comforters, like their eco friendly wool comforter.

They even have a weighted blanket available from 5-20 lbs for anxious sleepers who need a little extra heavy therapy.

PlushBeds’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


PlushBeds keeps it simple with three comforters: wool, down blend, and down alternative microfiber.

These are made with some of our favorite sustainable fabrics, like organic cotton casings over either responsibly sourced down and cruelty-free eco-wool.  

The only one we might avoid is the microfiber fill option, since they don’t specify exactly what that down alternative is, though generally microfiber means plastic.

If you’re interested in their weighted blanket, this also has a microfiber cover, but on the plus side, it’s filled with glass beads rather than the plastic poly beads in many weighted blankets.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Fill your head with thoughts of transparency when you hit the sack. PlushBeds works with ethical farmers and they regularly travel to different areas of the world to personally meet their suppliers. 

They also operate a US-based factory (which is regularly audited by third-party consultants) and while their mattresses are covered by a range of extremely impressive certifications, we’re not too sure about those that cover their bedding. We’ll update this as we find out more.

Green business practices:

PlushBeds is a Green America Certified business and also a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (which works to promote sustainable and ethical furniture making at an industry-wide level). 

They also offset the emissions of their website by funding clean energy through a partnership with TerraPass Carbon Neutral

Community & charitable giving: Their commitment to the environment goes even further through their PlushBeds Green Scholarships program. Through this, they’ve donated thousands of dollars to students pursuing a degree in the environmental field.

Available: PlushBeds


Like most things with a price tag, there are two sides to every comforter—and not just the warm and the cool side. There are those sustainable  and organic comforters that are  made in a way that we can feel good about and then, simply put, there are those that aren’t.  Image by Stray & Wander #organiccomforter #ecofriendlycomforter #sustainablecomforter #sustainablejungle
Stray & Wander
About Stray & Wander

The name Stray & Wander may give rise to thoughts of wanderlust, but their ultra-soft Turkish blankets will make you want to stay home so you can snuggle in bed.

Though, given they’re durable and tightly woven, your couch or bed isn’t the only place where these blankets can be used.

Take them to the beach, on an airplane, or pack them in your eco friendly picnic basket for the park and bring the comfort of your own bed with you wherever you wander.

Stray & Wander’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


These eco friendly blanket comforters are made of 100% organic Turkish cotton, known for its luxurious softness. The more you wash it, the softer it becomes (just don’t wash too often to extend its life!)

Supply chain & labour practices:

Stray & Wander write, “Our focus is on bringing beautiful handmade and fair trade products to the global marketplace.”

From their Turkish cotton fields to the various other global women’s cooperatives, family run businesses and individual artisans in rural communities from which they source these luxurious blankets, they support their Turkish supply chain.

Everything is sourced for fair trade prices, and the artisans get to set their prices based on the amount of time it takes for their products.  Certain patterns are more complicated and thus cost more, even for the same sized blanket. 

This ensures fair compensation for all weavers, no matter where they’re located and what particular style of weaving they do.

Green business practices:

All Stray & Wander products are 100% handmade. By using traditional hand looms, they completely cut out any potential machine emissions.

Available: Stray & Wander


Like most things with a price tag, there are two sides to every comforter—and not just the warm and the cool side. There are those sustainable  and organic comforters that are  made in a way that we can feel good about and then, simply put, there are those that aren’t.  Image by Ocelot Market #organiccomforter #ecofriendlycomforter #sustainablecomforter #sustainablejungle
Image by Ocelot Market
About Ocelot Market

Through their “new way of doing fashion,” Ocelot Market is trying to make a fairer world.

This ethical online marketplace is designed to uplift small makers, communities, and businesses around the globe, and does so by promoting locally-sourced, upcycled, natural, and never-over-produced materials. 

We love wearing our favorite OM finds (like their sustainable jewelry), but we’re also happy to snuggle up in them too. 

For those who prefer a lightweight comforter, they’ve got a range that come in nearly every style and color.

We’re especially excited about saying “goodnight” when wrapping up in their eco friendly quilt comforter.

Ocelot Market’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Coming from several different internationally-based artisans and small businesses, the eco friendly comforters at OM all come in different materials. You can expect to see things like 100% Turkish cotton and Ethiopian cotton. 

There were also quite a few acrylic-cotton blend throw blankets, so, if you’d like to keep plastic out of the bedroom, we’d suggest you opt for the former. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

There were a few brands responsible for Ocelot Market’s collection of comforters. These include: Anatolico, Slate + Salt, Creative Women, Zig Zag Asian Collection, and Swahili Modern.

Almost all of these brands are certified Fair Trade and support artisans (particularly women) from various countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.

They also support the continuation of traditional handcrafting skills and pay their artisans fair wages. 

Green business practices:

While we don’t see the organic certification with these ethical comforters (small brands and all that), we do know that many of them are locally-grown and have been produced with AZO-free dyes.

In addition, Ocelot Market themselves typically uses recycled and / or biodegradable packaging materials. 

Community & charitable giving:

Every purchase = a tree with OM. Specifically, they plant one tree in Madagascar.

Plus, 99% of their profits are put back into sustaining the business model that supports so many makers.

Available: Ocelot Market


Image by Buffy
About Buffy

Buffy wants to help us #KeepEarthComfy.

From the first sketch to the last stitch, sustainable manufacturing methods and earth-friendly fabrics are prioritized. 

We’re ready for a luxurious slumber with one of Buffy’s pillows, duvet covers, and either of their two soft eco friendly comforters.

Buffy’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


The Buffy Breeze is made from 100% Oeko-Tex eucalyptus lyocell which, in addition to being super-sustainable, is also great for temperature regulation. Let’s pause here to mention that eucalyptus requires 10x less water than cotton. 

For colder nights, the ultra puffy Buffy Cloud (their original comforter) is made with the same lyocell shell but comes filled with a 100% recycled PET, BPA-free fill. Even the thread is made from recycled polyester.

Each Buffy Cloud keeps 50 plastic bottles out of landfills and saves 12 geese from live plucking.

If you want a duvet cover, you can choose from two equally-impressive sustainable fabrics: sustainable hemp (lightened with earth-friendly hydrogen peroxide rather than bleach) or Oeko-Tex certified eucalyptus fiber (with plant-based corozo closure buttons, to boot!). The eucalyptus fiber is even dyed with food waste!

Supply chain & labor practices:

Buffy gets their sustainably-grown eucalyptus from regenerative fibers in Austria and the Czech Republic. Their recycled PET comes from Estonia.

Green business practices:

With Buffy, there’s no shortage of green goals and current business practices. Most notably, they offset the emissions of both their incoming freight and outgoing customer shipments. 

Their overall 10-year goal is to achieve total “Closed Loop Comfort”. By 2021 they’re hoping to have shipments consolidated to reduce the emissions associated with each order, and by 2025, hope to launch an end-of-life program.

Check out the rest of their timeline here.

They also use FSC-certified cardboard for shipping (with compostable poly bags), are working on vacuum seal bag alternatives so as to be virgin plastic free by 2025, and they have a sustainable and unique return policy (see below).

Community & charitable giving:

Aware of the amount of emissions associated with returns (the warehouse > customer > warehouse journey), Buffy encourages people to donate their unwanted products instead, and are happy to help with the how if you drop them an email. 

Available: Buffy


Image by Grund America
About Grund America

The year is 1990, the country is Czechoslovokia. Communism has just fallen and Grund America (minus the America) is getting their start, in a garage, no less. 

Fast forward two decades and Grund is bringing America their high-quality eco friendly bathroom rugs, bedding, and other sustainable alternatives for the home. 

With all our talk of organic comforters, we can’t forget that a comforter is only as eco friendly as its duvet cover.

For this, turn to Grund America’s selection of eco friendly duvet covers. Their Organic Prague duvet covers come in three different clean and fresh looking designs.

Grund America’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


We love it when brands keep it simple—Grund’s ethical comforter duvet covers are made with 100% organic cotton yarn that also happens to be Oeko-Tex 100 certified.  

Supply chain & labor practices:

Grund is certified by GoodWeave International, a promise that their products are made free of child-labor and unsafe working conditions.

The brand is also a proud member of Textile Exchange, to try to correct some of the ethical and environmental issues that the industry faces from the inside out.  

Still we’d love to know more about their factory locations and manufacturing practices, so we’ll reach out to learn more.

Green business practices:

Grund is a member of Green America for their commitment in using their business as a platform for environmental and social change. 

Available: Grund America


Image by Boll & Branch
About Boll & Branch

Husband and wife duo Missy and Scott Tannen started Boll & Branch with one wish: to know where their bedding was made and to play an active role in supporting the workers responsible for their good night’s sleep. 

And so, Boll & Branch was designed with a supply chain Missy and Scott could be proud of. 

And they’re not the only ones.

Their sustainable bedding has been slept in by three U.S. Presidents. Clearly they have the popular vote for some of the best organic comforter sets around.

In addition to affordable linen sheets and non-toxic mattresses, they’ve got duvet sets, duvet covers, duvet inserts, blankets, and quilts for some sustainable shut eye. 

Boll & Branch’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


When you look around at Boll & Branch’s best eco friendly comforter options, you’ll see only 100% Fair Trade, GOTS-certified, and Oeko-Tex-certified organic cotton.

They also make organic baby blankets and comforters, too.

As for their duvet inserts, there are two options: PrimaLoft (a hypoallergenic vegan alternative that’s made of partially recycled polyester fiberfill) or responsibly-sourced American down.

Now we can all count sheep (err, geese) in this organic down alternative comforter.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Most Boll & Branch products are filled and assembled in their Mason, Ohio factory. 

They source their cotton from organic farmers in India, which helps them to support more than 10,000 healthy and fair paid workers, and keep them out of exploitative work. 

Helping out even more, Fair Trade certified B&B has contributed more than half a million dollars in additional wages to the farmers and factory workers that they work with. 

This isn’t just the stuff that good dreams are made of, find out more about how they’ve turned it into a reality. 

Green business practices:

The simple fact that they use organic cotton means that B&B is able to report significant savings in water usage and reduction in carbon emissions (they saved more than 592,923,320 gallons and 21,252 metric tons of CO2 in 2018 alone). 

Beyond that, they also use recycled paper packaging and FSC-certified boxes.  

Community & charitable giving:

Through their Helping From Home program, more than 8,000 mattresses have been donated to people in need. 

B&B also regularly donates their funds to charity organizations—and most times, customers benefit too. Right now, they’re offering customers 10% off their purchase and a donation of 10% to Habitat for Humanity. 

Available: Boll & Branch


Like most things with a price tag, there are two sides to every comforter—and not just the warm and the cool side. There are those sustainable  and organic comforters that are  made in a way that we can feel good about and then, simply put, there are those that aren’t.  Image by Anchal #organiccomforter #ecofriendlycomforter #sustainablecomforter #sustainablejungle
Image by Anchal
About Anchal

Sister-owned Anchal (pronounced “on-chal”) began as a nonprofit.

Inspired by Colleen’s trip to India and Maggie’s background in architecture, the Anchal Project uses their colorful quilts, sustainable pillows, and apparel to do good in impoverished areas where human rights abuses are particularly prevalent among women.

This brand doesn’t just create eco friendly products; they create employment opportunities, support women’s empowerment, and reduce the exploitation of women around the world.

Anchal’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


For that boho bedroom look we all know and love, Anchal has a range of beautiful organic cotton quilt bedding (some even incorporate a recycled sari).

In fact, they contain 6 luxurious layers of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The Anchal artisan community is made up primarily of women, many of whom work with one of Anchal’s charitable offshoot programs. 

95% are actually former commercial sex trade workers. This helps the women break out of abusive lifestyles, but also helps them break the cycle of generational poverty. Of course, all these work opportunities provide fair pay and a safe, respectful environment.

Green business practices:

Anchal only uses organic and/or recycled fibers and natural dyes. Everything is consciously chosen to minimize the risk of pollution and any negative effects on the planet. 

When you buy something of theirs through Made Trade, you can also be sure that the emissions from shipping have been 100% offset. 

Community & charitable giving:

In addition to  providing vulnerable women with gainful, meaningful employment, non-profit Anchal runs two other empowerment programs.  

First, there’s dyeScape, which employs women who have been victims of domestic violence to turn urban lots in Louisville, Kentucky into gardens that grow plants and herbs used to dye fabric. 

Across the globe in Ajmer, India, Anchal’s Stitch x Stitch program directly challenges the commercial sex trade by providing livelihood alternatives through training in textile arts and the support to leave situations that endanger them and their families. 

Available: Made Trade


So, how do we keep the “comfort” in comforter, while ensuring the same for our planet? 

Because Textiles are textiles, whether in your ethical hoodie or your house, we referred to our sustainable ethical fashion criterion as a guide.

Depending on how you look at it, you’re going to be “wearing” your comforter much more than your clothes anyway, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re wrapping up in only the most sustainable options. 


Conventional cotton is the standard when it comes to comforters. While cotton is a natural material, it’s growth is anything but. Requiring a tremendous amount of water, pesticides, and fertilizers, the growth of conventional cotton puts farmers and our planet at risk. 

That’s why we were happy to see many brands making the eco friendly luxury comforters we know and love, but doing so with organic cotton. This means very few chemicals are used, water is saved, biodiversity is preserved, and farmers are able to live longer and happier lives. 

When organic cotton wasn’t the #1 choice for saying “goodnight,” other sustainable fabrics we considered include lyocell, linen, recycled cotton, and ethical wool instead. 

Supply chain and labor practices:

There’s nothing quite like dozing off to dreams of supply chain transparency. 

Unfortunately, like other areas of fashion, the bedding industry is tarnished by a pretty bad reputation—one that includes stories of child labor, unsafe working conditions, and exploitation. 

So, we wanted to make sure that these brands aren’t just talking the talk, but are actually walking the walk. Beyond listing the steps that they take to ensure the best conditions for their team, a few certifications to protect us from greenwashing don’t hurt. 

Green business practices:

Sustainability starts with the sourcing of the materials, but it certainly doesn’t end there. When a brand uses carbon offsets or eco friendly packaging, we’re able to enjoy an extra sigh of relief before we close our eyes for the night. 

Community & charitable giving:

A sustainable comforter is great, but one that gives back is even better. We know that donations aren’t possible for all brands (especially small scale manufacturers or those just starting out) but we do love it when giving back to charitable organizations is a part of a brand’s ethos. 


You can hit two birds with the brands on this list. A chance to make a healthy bed all the while making our planet healthier, too. 

It’s clear sustainability is embedding itself into more areas of our lives.

As consumers, we can vote for the kind of world we want to live in with something as basic as a sustainable comforter. 

When you’re due for a new comforter, consider supporting one of these brands and perhaps even pass it along to a certain bed-head in your life so they can also enjoy a clear conscience while snuggling up in an eco friendly and organic comforter.

Like most things with a price tag, there are two sides to every comforter—and not just the warm and the cool side. There are those sustainable  and organic comforters that are  made in a way that we can feel good about and then, simply put, there are those that aren’t.  Image by SOL Organics #organiccomforter #ecofriendlycomforter #sustainablecomforter #sustainablejungle

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