9 Eco Friendly Sofas & Couches For A Snuggly Sustainable Sit #ecofriendlysofas #ecofriendlycouches #sustainablesofas #sustainablecouches #sustainablejungle Image by Burrow
Image by Burrow
9 Eco Friendly Sofas & Couches For A Snuggly Sustainable Sit #ecofriendlysofas #ecofriendlycouches #sustainablesofas #sustainablecouches #sustainablejungle Image by Medley
Image by Medley
9 Eco Friendly Sofas & Couches For A Snuggly Sustainable Sit #ecofriendlysofas #ecofriendlycouches #sustainablesofas #sustainablecouches #sustainablejungle Image by Homebody
Image by Homebody

9 Eco Friendly Sofas & Couches You Can Sustainably Recline In

We keep saying ‘this year is the year of the couch’…so let’s make every year the year of the…eco friendly couch.

Between Zoom meetings and Netflix binges, it’s safe to say that we’re spending more time on our sofas than ever before.

But between flame retardants and a plethora of toxins associated with polyurethane foam, many of us are lounging about on piles of chemicals that are bad for our health and the planet’s. 

Thankfully, being eco-conscious and comfortable are not mutually exclusive with eco friendly sofas.

Burrow’s recycled eco friendly sectional couches, love seats, and sofa beds are perfect for…well, burrowing.

For the most comfortable eco friendly sofa, Homebody’s feels like a marshmallow and can be assembled in any way that suits your lifestyle.

Etsy is the go-to platform for giving secondhand sustainable couches a second life.

Before you dim the sustainable lighting and draw those organic linen curtains for that full-length feature, recline all the way to the end to see how we picked these sustainable sofa brands. 

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9 Eco Friendly Sofas & Couches For A Snuggly Sustainable Sit #ecofriendlysofas #ecofriendlycouches #sustainablesofas #sustainablecouches #sustainablejungle Image by Burrow
Image by Burrow

About Burrow

Burrow is committed to “building clever, comfortable furniture for your life and living room.”

Burrow has a range of eco friendly pull out couches, sustainable sofa beds, loveseats, sectionals, and customizable options.

Match your sofa with a griffin chair and one of their eco friendly coffee tables, too.

If that doesn’t charge your interest, these sofas will at least charge your devices, because they come with a stealthily built-in USB charger & 72” power cord.

Burrow’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Aside from the Baltic Birch frame and steel hardware, Burrow’s sustainable sofas come with a choice of recyclable plated steel legs or wooden legs sourced from responsibly managed American forests. 

For upholstery, they offer upcycled olefin, velvet, and eco friendly leather sofas (made from meat industry byproduct skins and processed using recycled water).

We recommend the upcycled olefin that’s scratch and stain resistant. While olefin is polypropylene, it’s created from upcycled polymers and processed with no chemical additives or PFCs.

Their foam cushions are made with minimal VOCs and no ozone depleters, heavy metals, flame retardants, phthalates, or formaldehyde.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Burrow is about transparent pricing. They highlight how they compare to average industry prices, and how they make theirs a line of affordable eco friendly sofas. 

They have a workshop in North Carolina, import their leather from Italy, source handcrafted pillows from India, and use artisans in Poland to make their furniture.

Green business practices: 

Burrow’s wood suppliers are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, American Tree Farm System, and Sustainable Forestry Initiative to ensure responsible land management strategies are used. 

Importantly, they are built to be “durable enough for everyday drama”.

Aside from choosing durable fabrics, the Baltic Birch frame is warp-resistant and held together using galvanized steel pins and latches.

Available: Burrow


9 Eco Friendly Sofas & Couches For A Snuggly Sustainable Sit #ecofriendlysofas #ecofriendlycouches #sustainablesofas #sustainablecouches #sustainablejungle Image by Homebody
Image by Homebody

About Homebody

Embrace your inner homebody” with one of the best sustainable sofa companies.

Homebody offers a modern eco friendly sofa that is fully customizable, both upon order and once you receive it.

Thanks to the modular sustainable sofa sections connected by U-shaped seat clamps, you can endlessly rearrange the seat sections—which come in a range of two to seven—into straight, L-shape, and chaise sofas.

You can also add recliners to your eco friendly sofa that only requires 2 inches of space from the wall to fully recline.

Not to mention its edgeless, cornerless design makes it feel “like a giant marshmallow”.

Homebody’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices:


These latex sustainable sofas feature an FSC-certified wood frame, GRS-certified recycled fabric exterior, and five layers of varying density latex foam cushioning. 

The fluff comes from eiderdown, a down alternative making for a fully vegan sustainable sofa.

All sectional sustainable sofas come with fabric that features an environmentally friendly dirt-and-water-resistant coating, but you can instead opt for an extra durable pet-friendly fabric.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Homebody makes no mention of where or how their sofas are made, so we’ll be reaching out to ask.

Green business practices:

The unique design of these sustainable customizable sectional sofas means a Homebody can fit in any space and any mood—so no need to swap sofas when you move or get the urge to redecorate.

Packaging is made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

Available: Homebody


9 Eco Friendly Sofas & Couches For A Snuggly Sustainable Sit #ecofriendlysofas #ecofriendlycouches #sustainablesofas #sustainablecouches #sustainablejungle Image by Medley
Image by Medley

About Medley

Medley has some good advice: “Your home is your cozy little nook of the universe. Whatever you bring into it better be made of good stuff.”

Looking for a sustainable sectional sofa? Or an eco friendly sleeper sofa with a chaise lounger design?

They offer both, and while they might not be the most affordable eco friendly sofas, their extensive range and level of quality is hard to match. 

They also have a Tailored to Your Space service to custom design whatever piece fills your space best.

Medley’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Unlike most other eco friendly sofa brands, the couches from Medley start out with solid wood (not plywood).

They only use USA-sourced and FSC-certified kiln-dried alder hardwood for their frames. The wood is finished with natural furniture polish made from just three ingredients—beeswax, carnauba wax, and olive oil.  

Customers have two environmentally sound choices for foam cushions: CertiPUR-US®-certified foam or GOLS certified organic natural latex.

They also use natural OEKO-TEX eco wool as filling and GOTS certified organic cotton for fabric linings.

When they use synthetics (like polyester, recycled polyester, and polypropylene), they’ve been certified by OEKO or Greenguard Gold and are free of azo dyes, ozone depleters, heavy metals, and carcinogens.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Offering USA-made sustainable sofas (and furniture) means “hand to home craftsmanship” for each of their ethical couches.

They use their Los Angeles-based workshop to go back to crafting practices used 150 years ago—before mass production and mystery chemicals. 

Green business practices: 

Domestic manufacturing means carbon emissions from shipping are kept at a minimum.

Waste is also minimized through a tailor-made model.

Available: Medley


9 Eco Friendly Sofas & Couches For A Snuggly Sustainable Sit #ecofriendlysofas #ecofriendlycouches #sustainablesofas #sustainablecouches #sustainablejungle Image by Barker and Stonehouse
Image by Barker and Stonehouse

About Barker and Stonehouse

Barker and Stonehouse has been making furniture for decades. Since the aftermath of World War II, in fact.

Now, they offer eco friendly sofas in the UK with their Big Blue Sofa line—though rest assured if blue isn’t your color, they also offer sofas with light grey non-toxic upholstery.

The first of its kind, every single element of this sofa is 100% recyclable and sustainable.

Their sustainable sofa furniture line includes large and small straight sofas, corner sofas, snuggle chairs, footstools, and swivel chairs.

Barker and Stonehouse’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices:

Each sustainable couch features sustainable-sourced timber frames and composite sheets held together with metal hardware or water-based, formaldehyde-free glue.

The outer upholstery is 80% recycled REPREVE, 20% recycled viscose, with an 80% recycled plastic bottle lining cloth.

The Quallofil Blue seat cushioning features 50% recycled content and the back cushions are Wellmans 100% recycled plastic bottle fiber.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Each Big Blue sustainable sofa is made in the UK.

B&S compiles annual Gender Pay Gap reports and while they recognize there is still work to do, they make progress each year.

Green business practices:

All sofas are made-to-order and (along with their mattresses) are 100% recyclable through their partner Speedy Clear.

Where possible, their stores and factories feature living walls, low-energy heating and lighting, and solar panels.

Orders are delivered via the shortest possible routes in a fleet of lightweight, fuel-efficient vans. They’re exploring electric options for the future.

The delivery driver takes back the wrapping after unpacking so B&S can recycle them properly.

No surprise then that they’re one of the UK’s first Carbon Neutral Plus brands.

Community & charitable giving:

Through their Trees4Trees initiative, they aid in Indonesian reforestation efforts by planting two trees for every tree used in their furniture, as well as another for every delivery.

So far they’ve planted over 3 million, simultaneously providing economic and social benefits to thousands of local farming families.

Available: Barker and Stonehouse


Let us share a few eco friendly sofas with you that will have you feeling better about that GoT binge Image by Jane Hall Designs #ecofriendlysofas #ecofriendlycouches #sustainablesofas #sustainablecouches #sustainablejungle
Image by Jane Hall Designs

About Etsy Upcycled Furniture

Etsy is the Certified B Corp global ethical marketplace giving small brands a loudspeaker.

And it isn’t just one of our favorite places to find zero waste beauty brands and support Black-owned art and jewelry shops, they also happen to be one of our go-tos for the best sustainable affordable sofas.

Like those created by Sustainable Salvage out of coffee sacks. Turns out your morning cup of joe produces eco friendly fabric for sofas.

Another creative re-purposer is Aikin Innovations, transforming old baby cribs into loveseats. 

For an upcycled eco friendly sofa as unique as you are, see the bespoke vintage vibe of Jane Hall Design’s recycled upholstered chairs and settees.

Etsy Upcycled Furniture’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


The innovative materials used by Etsy shops are just as unique and creative as the two million sellers are. 

When looking for sustainable sofa furniture, check for reclaimed or salvaged wood (for a vintage home decor vibe), upcycled fabrics, and sustainable sofa filling (like organic latex).

Supply chain & labor practices: 

One of the best things about Etsy is that it allows us to connect with the people who make the products we purchase.

Most sellers are up-front about their sourcing and production practices, but there’s always an opportunity to directly connect with them to ask any additional questions. 

Small-scale operations mean cutting out middlemen and promoting smaller, more transparent supply chains.

Green business practices: 

When you’re looking into recycled, upcycled, or reclaimed furniture, you’re already preventing a couch or sofa from ending up in a landfill.  

Not only that, but with Etsy, you can easily find a locally based seller (or at least one in your country) so you can minimize the shipping footprint—though for those occasions where you can’t, Etsy offsets all shipping carbon emissions. 

Many sellers welcome custom made-to-order options, which prevent excess stock that would normally go to waste.

Community & charitable giving: 

Etsy is involved in numerous charitable contributions, in addition to those of its sellers.

Available: Etsy Upcycled Furniture


9 Eco Friendly Sofas & Couches For A Snuggly Sustainable Sit #ecofriendlysofas #ecofriendlycouches #sustainablesofas #sustainablecouches #sustainablejungle Image by Sabai
Image by Sabai

About Sabai

Sabai’s mission is simple, yet impactful: design furniture that keeps costs low for customers and the planet. 

Sabai takes the cake for the best affordable sustainable sofa.

Choose between the customizable Essential Sofa and eco friendly sectional sofa which comes with a convertible chaise. 

Being customizable means all products are made-to-order, but you’ll only need to allow about two weeks for manufacturing.

Once it arrives, you’ll be able to assemble it in under 10 minutes (sans tools).

Sabai’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Sabai raises the bar (er, armrest?) high with FSC-certified wood frames (adhered with VOC-free water-based glue) and choice of upholstery.

If you’re dreaming of a sustainable eco friendly green velvet couch, you can choose OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certified recycled velvet (made from 100% recycled water bottles). 

Otherwise, they offer 100% upcycled Greenguard Gold-certified olefin polyester.

Both fabrics are scratch-proof and stain-resistant and cover CertiPur-certified non toxic foam cushions and recycled fiberfill stuffed pillows.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Sabai works with ethical production partners that are based in High Point, North Carolina (a local USA sustainable furniture sofa manufacturer).

Green business practices: 

Sustainability for Sabai means 100% recycled boxes for packaging, zero plastic, offset shipping emissions and couch leg bags that can be reused as produce bags.

With options to buy individual replacement parts, they encourage repairs over replacement.

Sabai Revive is their buyback program, meaning you can sell your unwanted Sabai sofa and buy refurbished ones for up to 30% off.

Available: Sabai Design


Image by Floyd

About Floyd

Floyd is responsible for “the world’s most take-apart-able Sofa.”

If you’re looking for a sustainable modular couch, you can’t get any more modular than this. 

While a seemingly small selection at first glance—The Shelf, The Bed, The Chaise, and The Sofa—they more than make up for it with customizable options. 

Each sustainable customizable sectional sofa is available in two-seater, three-seater, and three-seater + chaise options, and a range of colors.

Floyd’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Starting from the bottom, the legs are powder-coated steel, the world’s most recyclable material

Then, choose between all-natural, top-grade birch plywood or an upholstered frame atop radiata pine plywood. Both are TSCA Title VI and CARB-2 certified free of formaldehyde.

The stain-resistant exterior fabric is 95% polyester and 5% nylon. While these aren’t our favorite fabrics, we recognize they’ve been selected specifically for durability. 

Beneath that is polyurethane foam, which is also derived from oil but requires less chemicals than alternatives.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

This American made furniture brand designs all products in Michigan and works with factories around the United States.

That means these are 100% made in the USA ethical sofas.

Green business practices: 

Floyd makes “furniture for keeping” because “furniture should be made for the home not the landfill.

Available: Floyd


Let us share a few eco friendly sofas with you that will have you feeling better about that GoT binge... Image by Masaya & Co. #ecofriendlysofas #ecofriendlycouches #sustainablesofas #sustainablecouches #sustainablejungle
Image by Masaya & Co.

About Masaya & Co.

The functional stylings of Masaya & Co. are so eye-catching that they practically double as ethical home decor.

They’ll spruce up your home inside and out—to which we’re referring to their eco friendly outdoor furniture.

Also one of the best sustainable sofa companies, Masaya & Co. makes floating sofas in many styles, from one-armed futons to loveseats.

With modular, easily rearrangeable designs, they’re minimalist yet multi-purpose in design, like one featuring built-in end tables.

Masaya & Co’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Masaya & Co. uses sustainably harvested hardwood for the frame, a low-VOC natural oil finish, and hand-made Sunbrella® fabric for the upholstery. 

Sunbrella® is unfortunately acrylic-based—meaning it’s a synthetic fabric made from plastic similar to polyester. However, it’s designed to last, is water and stain repellent, and is produced in a way that minimizes energy and water waste.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

All products are fair trade, heritage, sustainable, and vegan (pssst, if you’re looking for a vegan sustainable couch, this could be it!).

Plus, you can see where their fair trade couches have been produced (Nicaragua) along with the rest of the product information.

Green business practices: 

Masaya & Co. sources sustainably harvested Teak, Rosita Walnut, and Royal Mahogany and dries them in solar-powered kilns.

Community & charitable giving:

Since this sustainable sofa company started as a reforestation project, it’s probably not surprising that they plant trees.

What may be surprising is that they plant 100 (no, we didn’t accidentally add a couple of extra zeros there) trees for every product sold.

Available: Masaya & Co. | Made Trade


9 Eco Friendly Sofas & Couches For A Snuggly Sustainable Sit #ecofriendlysofas #ecofriendlycouches #sustainablesofas #sustainablecouches #sustainablejungle Image by Feather
Image by Feather

About Feather

Feather offers a “stress free way to furnish your home”.

If that sounds like an oxymoron to you, hear us out, because Feather is unique.

The feather in their furnishing cap is that they offer options to buy or rent through one of their three rental plans (including a short-term option).

Choose from sofas, sectionals, and eco friendly sleeper sofas—in addition to other furniture, lighting, and decor for all rooms of the home.

If you decide you don’t like your choice, they offer a flat rate exchange for $99. Don’t worry, your old piece will be refurbished and resold or rented again.

With sofa rentals as low as $41 per month, they also take the stress off by offering some of the least expensive sustainable sofas.

Because they deliver and assemble rather than ship, Feather is currently only available in select locations in NYC and California (San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Orange County).

Feather’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


While the polyester or leather upholstery and foam filling aren’t what we would consider sustainable, Feather’s unique rental model ensures these materials will get used time and again before disposal.

The legs are made of either FSC-certified woods (rubberwood, birch, oak) or metal.

They use water-based finished and low-to-no VOC glues and stains.

Supply chain & labor practices:

We’re not certain where Feather sofas are made but all refurbishing happens locally by in-house experts.

Green business practices:

Because of Feather’s rental system, anytime you buy or rent a sofa, you might be getting a pre-loved one. 

Rest assured, each one is immaculately repaired, refurbished, sanitized, and inspected before going to a new home.

It helps that each piece is designed for durability with easy-to-clean performance fabrics and a component part system that makes isolating damage easy.

Deliveries are carbon neutral and Feather partners with Pachama® to support reforestation efforts in areas where they source their wood.

Available: Feather


One of the most dangerous aspects of the furniture industry is that it is responsible for products that are quite literally dangerous to our health.

Furniture finishes and fabrics often contain chemicals like formaldehyde, neurotoxins, carcinogens, and heavy metals.

The same can be said of lots of homewares, which is why items like sustainable bedding, eco friendly pillows, organic rugs, and sustainable shower curtains should be considered carefully. 

The foams in couch cushions and mattresses, for example, contain PVC and other dangerous chemicals known to cause nerve damage.

All this contributes to “Sick Building Syndrome” and indoor air pollution, which the EPA maintains is worse than outdoor air pollution, leading to lead to chronic illness and severe health issues.

An air purifying apartment garden is probably sounding pretty good right about now.

Beyond that, the furniture industry is making our earth look like something straight from Hoarders. The California Integrated Waste Management Board estimates about 28% of the solid waste stream is furniture alone.

Most “build-it-yourself” box furniture and futons from the likes of Walmart and Ikea are cheaply made and designed to die.

Sure, they may satisfy an immediate seating need, but when the moving trucks arrive, they probably won’t make the cut. Amazon may offer free shipping but the environmental cost of lugging these heavy, made-in-China pieces is far far higher.

Speaking of cutting, many furniture pieces (including couch frames) are wood that encourages illegal logging, rainforest deforestation (since many desirable hardwoods grow there), and biodiversity loss.


Sofas and couches are a little more complex than other types of sustainable furniture.

Your average sofa contains a lot of different materials—much like sustainable mattresses and eco friendly bed frames—meaning there’s more to look at in assessing what qualifies as truly environmentally friendly sofas.


Sustainable sofas and eco friendly couches need to be made of sustainable fabrics that are free of flame retardants, formaldehyde, and heavy metals with low-VOC emissions.

Beyond that, what makes for eco friendly fabric in sofas?

We love to see an organic cotton sustainable sofa, but linen, jute, modal fabric, and recycled synthetic fabrics are fine options, too.

For filling comfy enough for any eco friendly sofa bed, sustainable options include PVC-free CertiPur certified foam, natural organic latex, recycled polyester filling, ethical wool, vegan down alternatives, and responsibly-sourced down.

Sustainably harvested solid wood frames are ideal. If plywoods are used, look for those adhered with water-baed formaldehyde-free glue.

Supply chain and labor practices:

Just because you’re looking for an eco-friendly green sofa doesn’t mean you want it stained with greenwashing.

Overall, a lot of these brands had relatively small supply chains, which makes it easier for them to ensure workers are supported. 

While few of these are certified fair trade sofas, many of the eco friendly couches are made in the USA.

Not only is this better for workers (the US generally has labor standards that are higher than in other countries), but it’s also better from an emissions standpoint, too, since it means less shipping back and forth.

Green business practices:

Many of these sofas were handcrafted (less reliance on machinery = less energy consumption), delivered via carbon offset shipping, and in recycled/recyclable packaging. 

More than anything, we looked for brands that made sofas designed to stand the test of time and can be recycled when they eventually do wear out.

Community & charitable giving:

While it isn’t possible for all of these eco friendly couch brands to donate their money or time, we’re happy to see that some of them are doing exactly that.


From affordable sustainable sofas to high end recycled and reclining couches, we hope these brands efforts inspire you to green up your living space. 

Don’t get us wrong: there’s still a lot of (living) room for improvement, but they’re padding the way for a sustainable furniture future.

Before you plop down on your (probably) less than sustainable faux leather sofa to research the best eco friendly couches, here’s a friendly reminder to only replace your current sofa when it needs to be.

Otherwise visit your local thrift store and give a second hand couch a second life.

Now please pass the remote and, while you’re at it, pass on this list of environmentally friendly couches to your binge-watching buddies.

9 Eco Friendly Sofas & Couches For A Snuggly Sustainable Sit #ecofriendlysofas #ecofriendlycouches #sustainablesofas #sustainablecouches #sustainablejungle Image by Medley

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