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Image by Yardbird
7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For The Perfect Backyard Oasis Image by Masaya & Co #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #outdoorsustainablefurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #outdoorfurnituresustainable #affordableecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #sustainablejungle
Image by Masaya & Co

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For The Perfect Backyard Oasis

The SJ Team

The grill is sizzling, the sun is setting, and the fireflies are flickering.

The perfect picture, right?

But it could be miles (or yards) better if it featured sustainable outdoor furniture that’s better for you, your guests, and our collective entertaining area—the planet.

But just what makes outdoor furniture eco-friendly?

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Sustainable Patio Furniture Brands We Give A Pat(io) On The Back

Trust your BBQ experience to eco outdoor furniture retailers like Made Trade, who collects only the most ethical makers of sustainable teak outdoor furniture pieces and other slow, handcrafted backyard pieces.

The Citizenry’s handcrafted artisan furniture is the embodiment of ethical elegance. 10% of each purchase is reinvested in the community that made it.

Once you flip your black bean burger on the grill, flip to the end of the article for more on how we picked these patio-worthy brands.

The Full List Of Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture Brands

1. The Citizenry

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For The Perfect Backyard Oasis Images by The Citizenry #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #outdoorsustainablefurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #outdoorfurnituresustainable #affordableecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #sustainablejungle
Images by The Citizenry

About The Citizenry

Price Range: $55–$1,595

Sustainable outdoor furniture must be functional and hard-wearing, but there’s no reason why it can’t be decorative as well. 

Visit The Citizenry for a stylish celebration of all things individual from a wide range of cultures. 

While not separated by indoor and outside use, you can find plenty of affordable eco-friendly outdoor furniture options in their range of baskets, planters, ottomans and benches, outdoor chairs, stools, and accent tables.

For some of the best eco-friendly outdoor wicker furniture, Liang Wicker lounge chair blends classic materials and craftsmanship with a distinctly modern design. It’s crafted by hand in Cirebon, Indonesia over seven whole days.

The Citizenry’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


A wide range of sustainable materials are used, including alpaca wool, linen, organic cotton, and vegetable tanned leather for soft goods. 

The furniture structure itself is crafted from materials like FSC-certified hinoki cypress, Tikal wood, rattan, palm leaves, bronze, ceramic, sustainable hardwoods, and sansevieria fiber.

Some fabrics are GOTS-certified and/or bear OEKO-TEX certification.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The Citizenry takes its stock of sustainable home decor and furniture from artisan producers around the world including Mexico, Japan, India, and various African countries. Regardless of the country of origin, fair trade practices are audited by the World Fair Trade Organization. 

Each artisan partner is responsible for their sourcing, and as such, it’s usually locally sourced.

This Fair Trade furniture brand pays twice the fair trade wage requirements and offers entrepreneurship grants to help artisans grow their businesses. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

The Citizenry has adopted a slow fashion business model—but for your home.

Products are handcrafted and made in limited quantities to ensure their value is respected.

Community & charitable giving:

The Citizenry invests 10% of proceeds directly back into the artisan communities they partner with.

2. Made Trade

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For The Perfect Backyard Oasis Images by Loll Designs and Masaya & Co. for Made Trade #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #outdoorsustainablefurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #outdoorfurnituresustainable #affordableecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #sustainablejungle
Images by Loll Designs and Masaya & Co. for Made Trade

About Made Trade

Price Range: $125–$6,185

Made Trade is an online ethical alternative to Amazon that has an exciting range of eco-friendly plastic outdoor furniture, as well as pieces made from sustainably harvested wood.

Proud to put people and the planet first, they’re truly transparent about the ethically made goods on offer.

Sit back and relax while your other half grills up a storm in the Casares Lounge Chair made from sustainably harvested Teak hardwood and Fiberfill foam-wrapped cushions you could lose yourself in.

Made Trade’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


From sustainable metal outdoor furniture (specifically recycled aluminum) to durable pieces made from eco concrete to all all-natural chairs crafted from bamboo and other woods, there’s no shortage of eco-friendly materials found at Made Trade.

Accents and upholstery are usually thanks to organic cotton or natural grasses.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Brands, small businesses, makers, and artisan collectives have to pass a rigorous application process. 

This includes a review of the sustainable sourcing of materials, verification of safe working conditions, and the payment of liveable wages.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Made Trade is Climate Neutral Certified, meaning they offset 100% of carbon emissions for the entire company, including the carbon footprint of manufacturing by each individual artisan partner and shipping to customers’ doors.

Community & charitable giving:

Made Trade used their 1% for the Planet membership to support the growth of regenerative agriculture through Fibershed.

3. Yardbird

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For The Perfect Backyard Oasis Images by Yardbird #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #outdoorsustainablefurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #outdoorfurnituresustainable #affordableecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #sustainablejungle
Images by Yardbird

About Yardbird

Price Range: $280–$5,800

Who says trash doesn’t belong in a beautiful backyard?

Not Yardbird, who uses mostly recycled sustainable materials for outdoor furniture.

If you feel like you might collapse in disbelief at how affordable some of their prices are, make sure you fall into one of their durable yet comfortable recycled plastic sofa sets, loveseat sets, and sectional outdoor sofas.

Yardbird’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


This recycled plastic outdoor furniture brand uses—you guessed it— intercepted ocean plastic from especially susceptible areas in the Philippines, transforming it into environmentally friendly outdoor furniture and packaging.

Their wicker sets, for example, are 64% recycled, utilizing HDPE plastic wicker combined with fade-and-water-resistant synthetic Sunbrella fabric and foam.

Any non-recycled frames made from either recyclable aluminum or responsibly-sourced Indonesian teak wood, like in the essential Winnie Sofa Set.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Their sustainable outdoor furniture is crafted one piece at a time with materials sourced from the USA, Europe, and Asia. 

By sourcing products directly and cutting out middlemen, Yardbird keeps prices at a minimum. 

Final assembly occurs in Vietnam, China, and the US, though they’ve never confirmed their ethical policies with us for these factories.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Although they use greener sea freight transportation, it still creates plenty of carbon emissions—which is why Yardbird offsets 100% of its footprint with the carbon offset program carbonfund.org. 

Aside from featuring over 430,000 pounds of reclaimed plastic (in 2022 alone!), most components are again recyclable at end-of-life—though their 10-year frame warranty suggests that won’t be anytime soon.

They’ve also cut the size of their packaging by 30% from the industry standard. 50% of that comes from recycled sources.

4. Etsy Reclaimed

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For The Perfect Backyard Oasis Images by AwesomeStones and Steven Bowler Designs #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #outdoorsustainablefurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #outdoorfurnituresustainable #affordableecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #sustainablejungle
Images by AwesomeStones and Steven Bowler Designs

About Etsy Reclaimed

Price Range: Various

Want to turn heads in your backyard? 

There are few things more sustainable (and eye-catching) than eco-friendly outdoor patio furniture made from recycled materials of times past. 

And where better to seek independent furniture upcyclers and vintage home decor stores than Etsy Reclaimed?

With thousands of sellers, it’s a regular rabbit hole of options, but AwesomeStones and Steven Bowler Designs are excellent places to start your spiral.

You’d be yard-pressed to find something more fun for your front lawn than the latter’s magically multicolored patio tables and benches created from old boat wood.

Etsy Reclaimed’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Reclaimed teak, recycled boat wood, and reclaimed iron piping and fittings are just the start of unique and interesting reclaimed materials utilized by Etsy sellers. 

CCCFurnitureCo, for example, specialized in transforming vintage wine barrels into outdoor benches.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

When you buy something on Etsy, you’re supporting a small, independently-owned business, often self-operated by just one or two people. Because these items are vintage, potential abuses along the supply chain are pretty much nonexistent. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

When you purchase something on Etsy’s renewable energy-powered site, it gets sent with carbon-neutral shipping.

5. Masaya & Co.

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For The Perfect Backyard Oasis Images by Masaya & Co #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #outdoorsustainablefurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #outdoorfurnituresustainable #affordableecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #sustainablejungle
Images by Masaya & Co

About Masaya & Co.

Price Range: $85–$6,975

To keep your outdoor space looking natural, kick back in the elegant sustainable wood patio furniture by Masaya & Co.

Picture this: After a long day working in your ecological garden, you sit back and relax in a chaise lounge with a glass of iced sustainable tea set on the minimalist Telica Side Table.

Their selection of modern, eco-friendly outdoor furniture includes solid wood chaise loungers, dining sets, end tables, and woven upholstered chairs.

Masaya & Co.’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Masaya & Co. uses sustainably sourced hardwoods and teak for all products—and often nothing else.

Any of their woven surface products feature the same sustainable wood frames with added handmade polyester manila cord for the seating surface.

The wood is finished with natural, low-VOC, and eco-friendly outdoor furniture oil.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Masaya & Co.’s sustainable furniture (outdoor and indoor alike) is entirely produced by hand by 150 artisans in Managua, Nicaragua, which is also where all wood is sourced.

Carbon commitments and green practices: 

Masaya supports a seed-to-seat method of production. The company helps to plant hundreds of thousands of trees each year, far more than they harvest. 

Between a localized supply chain, using solar kilns to treat their hardwood, and Made Trade’s carbon-neutral shipping, they bring the real green to your yard.

Community & charitable giving: 

Originally founded as a reforestation project in Nicaragua, you know trees are important to this brand. That’s why they plant 100 for every purchase, totaling more than 1 million on deforested land so far.

Also available on Made Trade

6. Loll Designs

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For The Perfect Backyard Oasis Images by Loll Designs #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #outdoorsustainablefurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #outdoorfurnituresustainable #affordableecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #sustainablejungle
Images by Loll Designs

About Loll Designs

Price Range: $345–$2,995

Loll Designs is an eco-friendly plastic outdoor furniture maker and has become an essential part of the zero waste circular economy. 

They started using recycled post-industrial plastic for building custom municipal skate parks, but quickly turned to making outdoor chairs and the like from post-consumer plastics.

Choose one of their many seating options for a quiet solo sit in your backyard sanctuary, or break out the Lollygagger Recycled Bar Cart when entertaining friends and family.

Loll Designs Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Loll Design uses recycled plastic, particularly the #2 type of plastic found in your milk jugs. It takes around 8 milk jugs per pound of product—totaling over 135 million recycled so far.

You can also recycle it when it’s reached the end of its lifecycle, including the aluminum insets and stainless steel fasteners are recyclable.

The Sunbrella upholstery and foam cushions aren’t recycled materials, but Sunbrella is a hard-wearing fabric specifically designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, being mildew, fade, and weather resistant.

Supply chain & labor practices:

For Loll Design’s sustainable outdoor furniture, USA manufacturing and local sourcing go together like chips and salsa.

A US manufacturing base means a certain level of worker protection, but we are also contacting them for further information regarding fair trade practices.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

The company recycles over 88% of its manufacturing waste at a local recycling plant. The rest is incinerated for the production of electricity. 

88% of its product line has obtained a Cradle to Cradle SILVER™ rating. The evaluation categories included material health, material re-utilization, renewable energy, carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness.

Community & charitable giving:

As a member of 1% for the Planet, Loll Design donates 1% of gross sales in the Lollygagger Collection annually to charitable groups.

It has also played a key role in creating an annual spring clean-up event called Clean Yer Creek.

7. West Elm

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For The Perfect Backyard Oasis Images by West Elm #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #outdoorsustainablefurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #outdoorfurnituresustainable #affordableecofriendlyoutdoorfurniture #sustainablejungle
Images by West Elm

About West Elm

Price Range: $90–$9,096

If you don’t live near one of their 100+ US retailers, West Elm’s website makes shopping for outdoor furniture sustainable and easy.

Almost 100% of the brand’s in-house product line is designed in the company’s Brooklyn studios, while select items are sourced through ethical brand partners.

Because not everything is what we would consider outdoor sustainable furniture, be sure to use the “Sustainable Sourced” filters to find recycled or eco-minded products.

Like the Telluride Swivel Chair made of FSC-certified solid mahogany and eucalyptus wood coated in water-based eco-friendly outdoor furniture stain.

West Elm’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Different standards are met in terms of the materials used. For example, some of the furniture is GREENGUARD Gold Certified while wooden furniture is usually made with FSC-certified hardwoods from sustainable forestry certified sources.

While some of their other furniture uses natural fabrics, most of their outdoor line features yarn-dyed weather-resistant cushions made of synthetic fabrics—so be sure to take care to make them last.

Supply chain & labor practices:

In addition to their in-house line (65% of which is made in the USA), West Elm collaborates with artisan collectives around the world, preserving handcrafting traditions and creating sustainable employment opportunities in rural areas. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Williams-Sonoma, West Elm’s parent company, aims to be carbon-neutral across its value chain by 2025.

West Elm has helped train more than 550 farmers in more sustainable practices by using BCI cotton through its partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative.

Community & charitable giving:

West Elm has big pockets when it comes to charitable endeavors—to the tune of $50+ million donated.

Their beneficiaries are numerous, including LGBTQ+ organizations like The Trevor Project, and food equality initiatives like No Kid Hungry.

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How We Found The Best Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands

Along with eco-friendly landscaping, sustainable patio furniture is the sustainable and ethical fashion for your outdoor oasis—which is why we used a similar set of considerations when selecting the best of both.

Because we want #HotGirlSummer, not #HotEarthForever, we considered the following criteria in deciding which eco-friendly patio furniture brands to include. 


Much like sustainable interior design, we can break down the patio furniture sustainable materials for the exterior into three main categories: recycled and natural, a la sustainable wood patio furniture.

Recycled and recyclable materials are always priority. We’re happy to see brands using recycled types of plastic like HDPE and PET, in addition to materials like steel and aluminum—which are often recycled and can be easily recycled again and again/

Natural, renewable wood is another good material, especially if it’s been reclaimed or sourced from responsibly managed forests. 

Some sustainable wood choices include FSC-certified teak, banana tree bark, mahogany, rattan, eucalyptus, bamboo, or cork.

For durability in the elements, wood often needs a protective stain or finish. To ensure we’re also buying non-toxic furniture, we look for non-toxic stain for outdoor furniture or other zero to low-VOC finishes.

Supply chain and labor practices: 

Watermelon tastes much juicier while you’re using non-toxic outdoor furniture made by a talented artisan that’s supported with fair trade conditions and pay. 

Not all brands featured are focused on transparency or manufacturing certifications, but we’ll be reaching out for some more info on that front.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Carbon offsets, recyclable packaging, local manufacturing, and shipping practices to cut carbon footprints help to make outdoor furniture eco-friendly.

Community & charitable giving:

Summer sun and backyard lounging bring good vibes, which can be made even better if we’re doing it on the products of brands that give back to those in need (including the environment).

Final Thoughts On Non-toxic Outdoor Furniture

To continue enjoying the great outdoors, we should all be doing our part to preserve it. 

One easy way to do just that is to put greener and cleaner products in our outdoor spaces.

If you need sustainable outdoor furniture, secondhand should be your first port of call. Check out local garage sales, antique shops, or online thrift stores for 100% reclaimed wood and vintage pieces.

For new, consider a sustainable outdoor furniture brand and durable furniture pieces designed with our planet in mind. They’re sure to be a talking point around the fire pit. 

But no need to wait until your next family reunion to brag. Start by sharing this article to let others know how much better they can make their backyards!

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