Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams. Image by Avocado #sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows #sustainablejungle
Image by Avocado
Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams Image by Boll & Branch
#sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows #sustainablejungle
Image by Boll & Branch
Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams Image by Sleep & Beyond #sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows #sustainablejungle
Image by Sleep & Beyond

9 Sustainable & Eco Friendly Pillows For The Best Green Dreams

When you hit the pillow at the end of the day, you want to be lulled to sleep. 

Not to start thinking about the fluffy folds of harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and unfair working conditions. 

So to avoid a pillow fight, opt for a more sustainable and eco friendly pillow that will not only provide cush for your noggin but nature, too…

If you’re in need of a quick power nap, here are our planet-friendly pillow picks: for eco friendly hypoallergenic pillows Plush Beds will have you hitting that snooze button too often.

And one for the truly firm pillow lovers Naturepedic makes a pure organic latex core wrapped in organic cotton. While SOL Organics has all the organic certifications and manufacturing transparency which makes their down pillows down right sleep inducing. 

While not sustainable fashion per se (though beauty sleep plays an important part in feeling fab!), we used the same criteria we use for clothing to find the best brands to rest your head-on.

We elaborate more on this at the end of the article.  

So, plump up your pillows, sit back and relax—because we’re about to get rather sleepy with sustainable and eco friendly pillow talk.

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Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams Image by PlushBeds #sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows #sustainablejungle
Image by PlushBeds
About PlushBeds

California’s PlushBeds is on a mission to do three things:

  1. Make a better mattress, in a better way
  2. Change how America sleeps
  3. Use their voice to inspire change

Sustainable mattresses may have been their initial focus, but now they’ve expanded to include their entire range—toppers, beds, bedding, frames, and eco friendly pillows (which come in standard, queen, and king sizes). 

They use a factory-direct process to provide customers with more transparency while also incorporating sustainability, healthy products, and ultimate comfort. 

PlushBed’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Their pillow range starts with one of the best eco friendly hypoallergenic pillows out there—a GOLS Certified organic Dunlop latex pillow that is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite and moisture resistant. 

For those looking for something different, they also sell natural handmade wool pillows that have been made with chemical-free and non-mulesed (read our article on ethical wool for more on this) cruelty-free wool from the USA.

They also offer a supposedly cruelty-free down blend pillow but they don’t elaborate on how the down is sourced. We’ll be reaching out to get more information about this. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

With an emphasis on organic latex and ethically-sourced US wool, PlushBeds places an emphasis on ethical and sustainable supply chain practices. 

They also use a US-based factory that is both GOTS and GOLS Certified Organic. 

Green business practices: 

PlushBeds is regularly audited and inspected by third-party sustainability and safety consultants. They have partnered with TerraPass Carbon Neutral to determine the carbon emissions from running their website. Even better, they offset this impact by providing funding for clean energy projects.  

As a Green America Certified Business and member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, they’re trying to improve the bedding and furniture industry from the inside out.

Community & charitable giving: 

Not only do they have their very own PlushBeds Green Scholarships program (which provides a $1,000 scholarship to college students studying something in the environmental field) but they also are a longtime sponsor to the Ed Asner Family Center. 

Other organizations that have been supported by PlushBeds over the years include The Village of Mange Bureh, Hometown Heros, and Every Kid Counts. 

Available: PlushBeds


Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams Image by Naturepedic #sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows #sustainablejungle
Image by Naturepedic
About Naturepedic

Since this brand was founded in 2003, Naturepedic has been committed to supporting healthy and holistic lifestyles while also protecting the environment. 

They started out with a focus on mattresses, but have since added other sleep essentials to their range.

They are a one-stop-eco-sleep-shop with everything from mattresses and organic mattress protectors to eco friendly support pillows and pillow protectors. 

Naturepedic helps everyone in the family get a good night’s sleep; they’ve even got organic pillows for kids, which is fairly unique for any brand.

Naturepedic’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Naturepedic has three pillow offerings. One that’s made with OCS100-certified organic cotton and filled with PLA (non-GMO sugarcane) batting. One made from GOLS organic shredded latex and more PLA fiber.

And one for the truly firm pillow lovers made of a pure organic latex core wrapped in organic cotton.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Not only is Naturepedic a family-owned business, but they also recognize the importance of supporting US workers. 

They partner with skilled Amish craftspeople for as much of their production as possible and when needs can’t be met in the US, they work with Asian factories that have been GOTS certified. Naturepedic is family-owned and prioritizes working with artisans in the US (where their mattresses are made by skilled Amish craftspeople). 

Not only do they all adhere to some of the world’s strictest working conditions, but some are Rainforest Alliance certified too.

Green business practices: 

Naturepedic’s sustainability starts with the materials they source—but it certainly doesn’t end there. If you take a look at their recent annual Sustainability Report, you’ll see that sustainability has made it into most of their practices. 

They use mostly recycled and FSC-certified packaging and they offer a mattress recycling program. 

Even better, Naturepedic is GreenGuard Gold-certified. This means that their chemical emissions are low and that they’ve made a recognizable effort to reduce their production impact.

Community & charitable giving: 

Women’s Voices for the Earth and Toxic-Free Future, are just a couple of the organizations this 1% for the Planet member has partnered with in order to make a better bed for the world.

Available: Naturepedic


Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams Image by SOL Organics #sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows #sustainablejungle
Image by SOL Organics
About SOL Organics

SOL Organics is the realisation of the dream shared by two friends – that in order to create textiles with integrity, organic cotton, knowledge about cotton itself, and worker equality were all important.  

Suffice it to say that this sustainable pillows USA business has gone a little crazy over organic cotton. 

With sustainability, affordability, and ethical sourcing embedded into all of their products—from affordable linen sheets to the matching bath towels and eco friendly comforters—SOL Organics is providing bedding products that are great for the planet, people, and our wallets.

SOL Organics’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


For down pillows and pillowcases, these guys put the OG in organic cotton. The cotton that covers their eco friendly pillows is GOTS certified, Fair Trade, and Oeko Tex certified. 

Inside, they contain 100% responsibly harvested Canadian down. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

There’s nothing that speaks better to SOL Organics’ labor practices than the words of one of their co-founders:

“I can’t help but think about the people making those products. Who are they? What are their working conditions? Are children involved? How can I be sure? How can my customers be sure? 

With very obvious care for how their materials are sourced, SOL Organics has taken every step to ensure that they’re working with the best organic textile suppliers (all have third party certifications, to boot). 

They never use child labor, they pay workers fairly, do their best to be as transparent as possible, and work with a Fair Trade Certified and FLO Certified factory that sources all of their organic cotton directly from the farm.

Green business practices: 

Organic cotton has several benefits on its own: it doesn’t require chemical fertilizers or pesticides, saves water, and helps to preserve natural ecosystems. 

Beyond that, SOL Organics also minimizes the impact of their fabrics by only using low impact dyes and avoiding hazardous chemicals like NPE/NP, Oranotins, PFC, and Antimony.

Community & charitable giving: 

Rest your weary head knowing that each time you shop with SOL Organics, you can choose to have a portion of the sale sent to one of four organizations: Children’s Defense Fund, Hope for Justice, Water 4, and The Fund for Animals.

Available: SOL Organics


Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams. Image by Boll & Branch #sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows #sustainablejungle
Image by Boll & Branch
About Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch has a history of helping people around the world get the best sleep (including 3 former US Presidents). 

Founders Scott and Missy Tannen started Boll & Branch with a desire to let customers know more about where and how bedding products are made, while also directly supporting the workers involved in making them.

After the Rana Plaza tragedy, they (and the fashion industry as a whole) decided change was paramount.

Boll & Branch write, “From day one, we have engaged a supply chain we’d gladly take home to our mothers.” And they’ve been doing exactly that. 

In addition to sustainable organic pillows and pillowcases, the brand also sells sustainable blankets and quilts, sheets, and all manner of eco friendly bedding sets for the whole family. 

Boll & Branch’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


If you’re looking at fluff they’ve created one of the best vegan alternatives to down pillows, check out this brand’s PrimaLoft™ pillows. PrimaLoft™ is a partially recycled synthetic down substitute that you find in a lot of outdoor puffers and sleeping bags these days.

For sleepers wanting the real deal, Boll & Branch also makes sustainable down pillows from down that’s been responsibly sourced from a US family farm. 

Everything is topped with a 100% cotton shell and the pillow protectors are AAFA-certified 100% organic cotton, too.

You can also decorate either your bed or living room with their sustainable throw pillow covers and shams, made of largely organic cotton, though some of it does contain toxin-free European flax linen.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Boll & Branch was one the first linen manufacturers to become Fair Trade Certified, and they’ve also done a huge amount to support a fair supply chain. 

In fact, they’ve actually spent an additional half a million dollars ensuring that their workers receive living wages. They’ve also worked with more than 12,800 Fair Trade cotton farmers, helping to keep them debt free.

Green business practices: 

Boll & Branch saves approximately 21,252 metric tons of carbon emissions by shipping their products by boat instead of by air.  

They also ensure that all of their products are made without the use of any harmful chemicals or toxic residues (so no toxic leaching). They’re responsible with water usage and also use recycled packaging that can either be recycled or composted.

Community & charitable giving: 

Their Helping From Home program helps to provide comfort where it’s needed: home. As of writing this article, the program has allowed Boll & Branch to donate 7,888 pillows and mattresses to families in need.

Available: Boll & Branch


Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams Image by Birch #sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows #sustainablejungle
Image by Birch
About Birch

Birch keeps it simple. According to the brand, 

“We aspire to build the world’s most comfortable, sustainably sourced natural and organic sleep products, making your home a cozier and safer place.”

Their commitment to using the best and most natural materials is evident in their sustainable product line, including mattresses, FSC-certified sustainable wood bed frames, and eco friendly king pillows (they offer queen sizes, too).

Birch’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


As far as their natural eco friendly pillows go, you just can’t beat Birch’s combination of organic cotton, natural latex, and cruelty-free wool. The wool and latex combine to provide ultimate plushness and support, while also ensuring high airflow. The moisture-wicking cotton keeps things comfortable year-round. 

They only use 100% natural Talalay latex that has been sustainably tapped from tropical rubber trees in Southeast Asia. These plantations are closely monitored by Birch Living, but they’re also OEKO-TEX Certified and eco-INSTITUT Certified

And to top if off their GOTS Certified organic cotton is grown in the US.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Birch wants to provide comfort while being confident in their supply chain. Using some of the best natural and organic wool available, Birch Living works directly with individual New Zealand farms (and can trace the wool back to these individual farms).

Their wool farms are all PCG Wrightson Wool Integrity Program compliant, which promises some of the best and most ethical practices when it comes to pasture-fed, free-range sheep.

Green business practices: 

Going beyond just sourcing the most natural materials possible (and processing them without toxic chemicals), Birch offsets a portion of their carbon footprint.

Community & charitable giving: 

1% of all sales are donated to the National Forest Foundation—so every dollar means that one tree is planted in a National Forest. By 2023 Birch hopes to help the National Forest Foundation in their aim to plant more than 50 million trees.

Available: Birch Living


Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams Image by Anchal #sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows #sustainablejungle
Image by Anchal
About Anchal

Anchal—pronounced on-chal—wants to make us feel good about making our beds in the morning. 

Founded by sisters Colleen and Maggie Cline, Anchal was inspired by a design trip to India and a realization of the rampant exploitation in the textile industry. Unlike the other brands on this list, Anchal is a registered nonprofit that encompasses a socially conscious project selling home decor, scarves, and bags. 

Having a positive social impact is embedded into everything sold by Anchal—from their handmade fair trade scarves to their hand-stitched and artisan-crafted eco friendly throw pillows.

Anchal’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Combining sustainability with a boho flair, Anchal uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, natural dyes, and down feather inserts in their eco-friendly decorative pillows.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

As a nonprofit, Anchal really thrives in ensuring a fair supply chain and labor practices. 95% of their employees are former commercial sex trade workers and by economically empowering them through their work with Anchal, these women are able to transform the trajectory of their entire families. 

Most are able to pay for health care for the first time and financially support the education of their children. The long term benefits of this are huge—and the workers in both Ajmer, India, and Louisville, Kentucky are able to break the poverty cycle. 

All of their pillows are Fair Trade Verified and honor their talented creators by featuring a hand-stitched signature of the maker.

Green business practices: 

Every year, fast fashion means that humans consume about 80 billion pieces of new clothes. This is why Anchal places an emphasis on sourcing recycled materials (repurposed saris), organic fibers, and natural dyes.

Community & charitable giving: 

Anchal’s sales get funneled back into their mission. They have two different projects that empower hundreds of women. Stitch x Stitch is located in Ajmer, India, and has trained more than 400 women in tailoring and hand dyeing. 

In Louisville, Kentucky, their dyeScape program transforms underutilized urban lots into gardens that grow plants and herbs used to dye fabric. There have been 21 trained artisans who have learned new skills and benefited from career opportunities.

Available: Anchal


Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams. Image by Avocado #sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows #sustainablejungle
Image by Avocado
About Avocado

Avocado is the LA-based brand that wants to “make healthy sleep accessible & affordable.”

Disappointed by all the greenwashing they found when searching for non-toxic and natural sleep products, they started their own organic mattress company a few years ago. And just four years later, they’ve snagged the title of Consumer Reports’ highest independently rated mattress.

Now, they’re committed to being an industry leader when it comes to organic and eco friendly mattresses, organic eco friendly pillows, and sustainable bedding—all while keeping everything at affordable prices.

Avocado’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Avocado’s vegan eco friendly pillows aren’t your average feather-stuffed sacks. They’re a non-toxic memory foam-like material made with GOLS certified latex rubber and GOTS organic certified kapok tree fiber topped off with a GOTS certified organic cotton quilted cover. Clearly some of the best eco friendly pillows around.

They even have organic yoga meditation pillows that feature a buckwheat fill!

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Let’s start out with the fact that Avocado is a certified B-Corp and is recognized for their innovative “farm-to-bedroom” approach where they co-own an Indian factory, latex farm, and wool collective. All operate by ILO fair labor standards.

All of their raw materials are sourced from this single location before being handcrafted in their own organically certified LA factory.  

They have been deemed STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX for their commitment to human and ecological safety and are also MADE SAFE certified, meaning that their products are free of toxic chemicals. 

Their team gets living wages, but also benefits from comprehensive medical care and a progressive approach to encouraging mental health (like a free Headspace account).

Green business practices: 

With even more certifications under their belt, Avocado is also a Climate Neutral Certified business and GREENGUARD Gold Certified for their low emissions. In fact, they’re the first mattress brand in the world to achieve a negative carbon emission status. 

Let’s not forget that they’re also a Sustainable Furnishings Council member, which is a coalition of sustainable furniture brands working beyond their own green business practices to promote them at an industry-wide level.

We could go on and on about their green practices, but it’s better to prop up some pillows and check out their Sustainability Report on your own.

Community & charitable giving: 

Avocado is a member of 1% for the Planet that goes above and beyond by donating 2% of profits to good causes. They also donate at least 90% of their returned products to nonprofits. 

All Avocado team members get quarterly paid volunteer days, too.

Available: Avocado


Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams Image by Sleep & Beyond #sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows #sustainablejungle
Image by Sleep & Beyond
About Sleep & Beyond

Sleep & Beyond is a family company with three generations of bedding manufacturing experience. They started out in the early noughties and ever since, have been creating some of the best sustainable organic bedding.

But we also happen to think that they make some of the best sustainable bed pillows too.

Sleep & Beyond’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Using 100% natural or organic wool and cotton, many of Sleep & Beyond’s eco friendly cooling pillows are certified by GOTS, USDA, OEKO TEX-100, or Woolmark

Everything is finished via GOTS-approved hand printing methods with heavy metal-free and AZO-free dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Sleep & Beyond has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to child labor and ensures fair wages for their workers. They place an emphasis on employing and empowering women in all of their production areas.

They’ve got factories located in England, Belgium, India, Pakistan, China, and Kyrgyzstan, some of which are fair trade. For all of which they publish which ones make which products 

Green business practices: 

Operating under a zero waste philosophy (read more on what that is here), Sleep & Beyond really try to repurpose any material they can and minimize their company waste.  

Packaging is a huge contributor to that, so they use reusable myMerino wool and organic cotton bags to wrap their products. For the outer packaging, they use phthalate-free and BPA-free PEVA #7 plastic (which is fully recyclable and one of the better types of plastic out there… low bar, but still).

Plus, their Indian ‘garden’ (aka factory) uses 100% solar power, which is something Sleep & Beyond hopes to scale up going forward.

Community & charitable giving: 

Sleep & Beyond regularly contributes support and donations to a few anti-human trafficking organizations. These include Global Initiative to Free Trafficking Victims (GIFT),  Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA), and Teen Cancer America.

Available: Sleep & Beyond


Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams Image by VivaTerra #sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows #sustainablejungle
Image by VivaTerra
About VivaTerra

The best way to understand VivaTerra is to know what their name means—living earth. VivaTerra is simply inspired by nature and green living and they accomplish this by “blending global inspiration with modern, eco-conscious design.”

Artisans from more than 20 countries use sustainable methods to produce the sustainable furniture, eco friendly cookware, gifts, and ethical home decor sold by this ethically vetted Good Trade partner.

Their bed + bath products are unique and we’re excited about cozying up with some of the best eco-friendly throw pillows we’ve found.

VivaTerra’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Partnering with artisans around the globe, the unique throw pillows sold by VivaTerra use a variety of materials—anything from wool, cotton, and linen to semi-synthetics like lurex fiber. 

While recycled materials (saris and rubber) have made it into some of their eco friendly outdoor pillows, most of the pillows prioritized unique designs over sustainable materials. 

While the brand places an emphasis on sourcing natural materials, we couldn’t find any pillows that went above and beyond in terms of sustainability (none were certified organic and we didn’t see any claims of ethically-sourced wool or down).  

Supply chain & labor practices: 

With an emphasis on handcrafted, artisan-made products, VivaTerra works with artisan and fair trade organizations around the world (about 20 countries).

For each, they ensure healthy working conditions and fair wages for their workers while also contributing to sustainable development opportunities for the communities they work with. 

The brand doesn’t elaborate on exactly what they do to ensure that they’re providing their globally-based artisans with the best working benefits. Their globally-inspired pillows are beautiful and we’d love to see them go fully Fair Trade certified in the future. 

Where they lack info regarding artisan benefits, they make up for in letting us know where every piece is manufactured, and make it easy to shop your values. Just use their filters, including fair trade, all-natural, reclaimed or recycled, and Made in the USA. 

While not all VivaTerra stuff is equally ethical, they give you the opportunity to sniff out those at the top.

Green business practices: 

Where they can, VivaTerra works with artisans in the USA which helps them minimize shipping emissions. They also responsibly harvest wood for some of their furniture, using a mixture of FSC-certified or reclaimed wood. 

For the emissions they can’t avoid, they offset through TerraPass.  At checkout, make sure you choose “Climate Friendly Shipping”.

Available: VivaTerra


We all have a favorite pillow, don’t we? 

But we should be looking for more than just comfortability when it comes to what we rest our heads on. 

Sure, we don’t want a sore neck in the morning, but we also don’t want any unseen health effects. One would think that sleeping would be a generally safe and healthy activity—but considering the array of toxic materials present in many mattresses, bedding, and pillows, it isn’t always. 

That’s why we want a pillow made with eco-friendly materials, manufactured using a fair supply chain, and associated with a company who uses green business practices (just like with sustainable and ethical fashion)

Here’s what made a good (pillow) case for the best sustainable and eco friendly pillow brands:


We almost always start out with the materials because this is what can make or break a comfortable and sustainable night of sleep. 

Conventional cotton and synthetic materials are a pretty big ‘no’ for us. Not only is non organic cotton much more damaging to the planet but it’s treated with toxic chemicals like flame retardants, formaldehyde, and perfumes. 

For the pillows on this list sans cotton, we looked for other sustainable materials like linen, recycled synthetics,  latex (a renewable resource harmlessly tapped from trees… like maple syrup!), or responsibly-sourced down or wool.

Because bedding can be very toxic, we also looked largely at any other substances used to treat the pillows. We don’t want to see carcinogenic flame retardants, PVC, and other substances that may emit toxic off-gases down the line.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Much like the jewelry industry, the textile industry is rife with human rights abuses, exploitation and child labor. 

That’s why this list only includes brands who have refused to be involved with these types of supply chain concerns and, in fact, in many cases are working to correct them. We like to stick to the two big T’s when it comes to this (and we’re not talking sustainable T-shirts): Transparency and traceability.

Any brand that could really speak to its supply chain practices got a tick in the right box for us. And certifications made it even better because they let us know the claims aren’t hinky or hogwash. 

Green business practices:

After choosing sustainable materials, some brands got an extra round of applause for sustainable practices. These include things like carbon offsets, reduced shipping emissions, product recycling programs, and recycled/recyclable packaging. 

Community & charitable giving:

Charitable giving is like a cherry on top—it certainly isn’t required but it makes things so much sweeter. Not every brand can do this (especially smaller ones) but we are super impressed when companies donate a portion of their profits or regularly partner with non-profit organizations.


Whew! All that information, time for a nap would you say!? 

You can also rest easy knowing exactly which plush pillow to do it on.

And how great is it to know that you don’t have to bury your head under a pillow that’s environmentally damaging and made with less-than-savory supply chain practices? 

Sustainable pillow brands can join the ranks of eco friendly furniture, sustainable bedding, and sustainable mattresses as we work towards creating the sustainable home of our dreams.

And since we’re spending more time lounging about in our fair trade pajamas these days, we really do want it to be a safe place.

Know any friends or family who need to up their eco-home game?

Share this guide with them so they too can support brands creating a more sustainable slumber.

Looking for some sustainable shut eye? We've found some of the best eco friendly pillow brands for the greenest of dreams #sustainablepillows #ecofriendlypillows

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