11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Image by LIKHÂ #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Image by LIKHÂ
11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

11 Sustainable Home Decor Brands Creating Ethical & Eco Home Goods

Shelby Loeppky

Are you faced with an empty room following a move? Or maybe finally getting around to decorating after living somewhere for several years (we’ve been there…)?

Whatever your situation, sustainable home decor brands can help you combine aesthetically (and ethically) pleasing home goods to fill that blank canvas.

Let’s face it, much of what we bring into our homes doesn’t score high in the social or environmental stakes. 

So how do you decorate sustainably?

Well, aside from incorporating overall principles of sustainable interior design, you can narrow your search to sustainable home goods and accessories.

But where can you buy sustainable home decor?

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Sustainable Home Decor Ideas From Ethical Brands

We’ll start with the best of the best, like The Citizenry, who celebrates individuals around the world through entirely fair trade certified manufacturing and a business model that reinvests 10% of profits into maker communities.

Then there’s Parachute who offers an endless selection of creative sustainable home decor products using mostly natural materials.

Let’s not forget LIKHÂ, a fair trade brand offering Filipino-crafted organic home decor that’s as biodegradable as it is adorable.

Head to the end of the article, where we put the finishing touches on how we chose the best sustainable home goods brands.

The Full List of Eco-Friendly Home Decor Brands


11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Images by LIKHÂ #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Images by LIKHÂ


Price Range: $40–$180

LIKHÂ provides decor enthusiasts with a range of Filipino crafts made with natural materials. 

Their affordable sustainable home decor—which includes planters, baskets, coasters, and ornaments—will add natural beauty and texture to any space.

Add a Giraffe Planter to your terrarium, or start your apartment gardening journey off on the right foot with any one of their coco coir animal planters.

LIKHÂ’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The artisans who handcraft each fair trade home decor piece use natural, eco-friendly materials specific to the region, including coconut coir, manilla hemp, seagrass, rattan wood, alpaca fiber, and mother-of-pearl.

Most materials are byproducts of the agriculture industry.

Supply chain & labor practices:

LIKHÂ only works with ethical artisan partners scattered throughout the Philippines, all of whom earn 25% above the living wage.

Some are World Fair Trade Organization-certified and LIKHÂ itself is pursuing Fair Trade Federation certification.

As members of the non-profit Nest Artisan Guild, everything they do is in pursuit of empowering small artisan communities in alignment with the UN’s SDGs.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Offering fair trade home goods that are made by hand using locally sourced materials that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill, keeps their carbon footprint low.

2. The Citizenry

11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Images by The Citizenry #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Images by The Citizenry

About The Citizenry

Price Range: $55–$$1,595

The Citizenry celebrates all individuals across cultures and continents.

All of their sustainable made home goods are decorative—including rugs, pillows, bedding, throws, fair trade blankets, and kitchenware— but their decor section alone is filled with a huge range of products that are both pretty and practical.

Shop big or small across a range of mirrors, vases, baskets, wall art and tapestries, coasters, trays, bookends, and planters.

The Azibo Woven Wall Hanging will single-handedly solve that awkward space above your bed, though you can further spruce up that space with their alpaca wool throws (which is basically a more ethical cashmere).

The Citizenry’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


For soft goods and pillows, you’ll find materials like organic cotton, linen, and alpaca wool

Other sustainable materials used in its eco-friendly room decor range include FSC-certified hinoki cypress and Tikal wood, palm leaves, rattan, sansevieria fiber, sustainable hardwoods, bronze, ceramic, and more.

Most materials are locally-sourced as per each artisan partner, and some bear GOTS and/or OEKO-TEX certifications.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Across The Citizenry’s home decor, ethical fair trade items are made in workshops around the world. 

You’ll see items from artisan partners in Japan, Mexico, India, and various countries in Africa.Regardless, fair trade practices are audited by the World Fair Trade Organization. 

On average, The Citizenry pays twice the fair trade wage requirements as well as entrepreneurship grants, which allow them to grow their businesses. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Unlike Target and Ikea (the fast fashion of the home goods world), The Citizenry implements a slow fashion ideology through handcrafted, limited quantity products to ensure it and the culture responsible for it are valued. 

Community & charitable giving:

10% of proceeds are invested directly back into the artisan communities they work with.

3. Village Thrive

11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Images by Village Thrive #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Images by Village Thrive

About Village Thrive

Price Range: $29–$170

Choose from Village Thrive’s selection of handcrafted natural home goods, ranging from planters and baskets to throw blankets and wall hangers.

Lovingly display all your favorite minimalist jewelry on their Arch Rattan Jewelry Hanger, or complete your non-toxic nursery with the Beaded Baby Mobile hanging right above your little one’s non-toxic crib.

Village Thrive’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Balinese artisans use natural materials like organic cotton, bamboo, wood, leather, rattan wood, and clay.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Village Thrive supports local artisans in Bali, Indonesia, encouraging them to use traditional heritage techniques passed down for generations.

The brand is committed to providing these artisans with a sustainable income, as well as creating opportunities and helping lift them and their family’s out of poverty.

Regular visits ensure ethical production practices, fair trade wages, and safe working environments.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Products ship in compostable mailers, recycled protective packaging, and eco-friendly tissue paper.

4. Ten Thousand Villages

11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Images by Ten Thousand Villages #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Images by Ten Thousand Villages

About Ten Thousand Villages

Price Range: $7–$175

A Maker-to-Market model that puts people and the planet first makes Ten Thousand Villages unique.

As one of the best fair trade artisan home decor brands, TTV shows you that behind every handcrafted object, there’s meaning and a craftsman’s story. 

They strike an ideal balance between offering fair wages and providing budget-friendly options across their range of affordable sustainable home goods, including lanterns, vases, statues, wall decor, textiles, baskets, and so much more. 

If you love setting a room’s mood with sustainable candles, upgrade them with the Stone Globe Candleholder

Ten Thousand Villages’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


You’ll see a lot of different materials used in TTV’s range of eco-friendly room decor

To name just a few, you’ll find candle holders made of recyclable iron, picture frames made from recycled saris and recycled hex nuts, and sculptures or bookends created out of sustainably sourced Kisii soapstone. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

TTV was a founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), and holds partnerships with Level Ground Trading, the Fair Trade Federation, and Equal Exchange. 

They’ve invested over $100 million towards breaking cycles of generational poverty for 20,000+ makers in 30 developing countries.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Aside from prioritizing renewable and natural material, this eco-friendly home decor brand encourages the creative reuse of resources (i.e. textile scrap, water, and energy) from their artisan partners.

Community & charitable giving:

They establish sustainable relationships with people typically excluded from the global economy, such as women and people with disabilities.

5. Uncommon Goods

11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Images by Uncommon Goods #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Images by Uncommon Goods

About Uncommon Goods

Price Range: $18–$985

A company that prides itself on being all out of the ordinary, you’ll love the huge range of quirky sustainable home goods and accessories at Uncommon Goods.

This curated online marketplace partners with small businesses and individual crafters all over the world and markets their products to a larger audience.

If you didn’t think an indoor compost bin could double as decor, let the Living Composter prove you wrong. Who would have thought decor could efficiently deal with food waste?!

If worms aren’t on your list of eco-friendly home decor ideas, check out the Repurposed Book Tree crafted from upcycled books. 

Uncommon Good’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


To feature on Uncommon Goods, sustainable home decor brands must utilize unusual, reclaimed, or recycled materials—from old books to old climbing ropes.

Leather, feathers, or fur are strictly off-limits. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

This Certified B Corp puts people first. Pay for hourly team members is more than double the federal minimum wage and provides entire family leave and education/training reimbursement benefits

As for their partner artisans, they pay a generous wholesale price and are always open to price adjustments and negotiations based on the maker’s need.

For specific labor details per product, be sure to read the detailed maker descriptions.

Community & charitable giving:

Uncommon Goods’ Better to Give program takes $1 of every purchase and donates it to partners like American Forests and Nest’s Makers United.

6. Parachute

11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Images by Parachute #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Images by Parachute

About Parachute

Price Range: $29–$1,799

Parachute started with the aim to save lives (hence the name) with non-toxic bedding, but soon expanded to take care of your needs throughout your home. 

As one of our favorite sustainable rug brands, you can obviously find decorative rugs, but that’s not all. 

Throw pillows, vases, essential oil diffusers, baskets, throws, lamps, and curtains are more items that will save your otherwise boring room.

Their beautiful range of minimalist, ethical home decor is available online or in its brick-and-mortar shops.

Parachute’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Prioritizing natural materials, expect to find cotton, linen, wool/alpaca, organic jute, and natural rubber in their textile goods, some of which are certified by OEKO-TEX.

Other materials used include palm leaves, ceramic stoneware, and powder coated steel.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Parachute works with factories in different areas of the world. 

Some of their sustainable home decor products are made in India (like their Craftmark certified rugs), while others are produced in the United States.

Many come from family-owned factories in Portugal, out of materials largely sourced in Europe or nearby in Egypt.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Between offering rug samples and experimenting with circular products, Parachute wants to reduce wasted resources.

They’re Climate Neutral-certified and eco-friendly home goods bought online are sent in recyclable shipping mailers made from 80% recycled content.

Community & charitable giving:

Parachute partners with the United Nations’ Nothing but Nets campaign.

They also run a mentorship program called the Home for Dreams Initiative. Through it, they partner with and provide grants to Black entrepreneurs to tackle some of the injustices faced by marginalized populations in the business world.

7. Our Place

11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Our Place

Price Range: $30–$300

Our Place is best known as a non-toxic cookware brand.

But what’s unique about these pots, pans, and hand painted tableware is that they’re so attractive, they double as eco-friendly room decor for your kitchen and dining area.

Snap up the Wave Trivet from “Our Place to Your Place”. Made from natural, unglazed stoneware, the trivet is pressed, hand-finished, and finally hand-stamped.

Our Place’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Porcelain ceramic and recycled glass are the two main materials used in their eco-friendly dinnerware.

The cookware uses a non-toxic ceramic non-stick coating atop a partially recycled aluminum base.

All items are free of PFOAs like PTFE and PFAS.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Our Place’s partner factories are located in Mexico, Thailand, and China, each with manufacturing certifications from BSCI, ISO, and/or SEDEX. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

You’ll receive your order in plastic-free, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging.

Community & charitable giving:

Our Place partners with Feeding America and the Los Angeles Food Policy Council to fight food inequality and give access to healthy, fresh food to those living in food deserts.


11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Images by ModernTimberCraft and RAWBespokeWood #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Images by ModernTimberCraft and RAWBespokeWood

About Etsy Reclaimed

Price Range: Various

Etsy is one of the best and biggest platforms to directly support a global community of small artisans, craftspeople, and makers of all things—already making it an excellent source for one-of-a-kind handmade ethical home decor.

Add in the Etsy Reclaimed market, and you have a recipe for a mind-boggling amount for reclaimed, vintage, and used decor in any category imaginable, from the big (sustainable furniture) to the small (ornaments).

If you’re in need of a way to display all your Etsy decor finds, Modern Timber Craft turns reclaimed lumber and barn wood into floating shelves and other storage pieces.

Etsy Reclaimed’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Reclaimed wood is the reclaimed material of choice for many Etsy sellers, sourced from fallen logs, old pallets, salvaged timber, or even just old furniture.

You’ll find lots of other creative material repurposing, including pipes, metal scrap, and more.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Etsy supply chains are usually small, and many of the artisans and craftspeople work out of their homes.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

With Etsy Reclaimed, you can help reuse materials that would likely go to waste otherwise, especially since many Etsy sellers operate on a made-to-order basis.

Etsy offsets 100% of shipping carbon emissions for their sellers, and small, slow handcrafting means minimal emissions associated with manufacturing.

Community & charitable giving:

Some Etsy sellers are involved in charitable initiatives, which you can read about in their shop descriptions.


11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Images by UPAVIM Crafts and Beadworks Kenya #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Images by UPAVIM Crafts and Beadworks Kenya

About Ocelot Market

Price Range: $9–$68

Ocelot Market works directly with artisans to provide a platform for small businesses and independent makers to share their crafts with buyers from around the globe.

From cotton macramé plant hangers to compostable wool coasters, OM’s “For Your Home” selection has an impressive variety of eco-friendly home decor products.

Ocelot Market’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Ocelot Market has an extensive range of products, all made with an equally-large range of materials, most of which are natural sustainable fabrics and materials.

For example, you’ll find 100% recycled chenille scraps used in floor mats from Korissa.

Supply chain & labor practices:

OM’s entire ethos is based upon respect for its community of global artisans. They only support fair trade home goods and partners who pay above-fair wages and have transparent supply chains.

Korissa provides well-above-fair wages for workers in struggling communities in Bangladesh while Love For Nica’s plant hangers mean 50% of profits get reinvested into Nicaraguan communities and non-profits. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

OM prioritizes recycled and biodegradable packaging materials. 

Community & charitable giving:

This sustainable, ethical home decor brand plants a tree in Madagascar for every purchase and supports ongoing climate action through Ecologi

10. VivaTerra

11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Images by VivaTerra #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Images by VivaTerra

About VivaTerra

Price Range: $5–$2,099

VivaTerra sources its huge selection of sustainable home decor goods from a large network of global artisans. 

To give you a tiny taste of what you’ll find, browse candleholders, colorful ceramic wall flowers, vases, mobiles, wall art, fountains, and Recycled Metal Coat Trees perfect for keeping your sustainable coats organized and handy.

Shop by item category or redecorate an entire space with their style shopping function. It allows you to filter by decor theme, like Bohemian, Coastal, and Minimalist.

VivaTerra’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


With so many options from many sustainable brands, the material section is vast, but most are either recyclable or compostable. 

Common materials included ceramic clay, glass, recycled metal, natural rocks, woven elephant grass, reclaimed or responsibly sourced woods, and easily recyclable metals like iron and brass.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Viva Terra is a Good Trade partner and has been vetted for strict ethical criteria and fair trade practices.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

VivaTerra gives customers the option to select “climate-friendly shipping” for a mere $1 at checkout. These carbon offsets are achieved through TerraPass.

Community & charitable giving

Through its VIVAheart program, the purchase of select products support specific organizations such as the Madison Emergency Services Association Food Pantry.

11. Goodee

11 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Home Decor Brands For Happy, Healthy Home Goods Images by Bergs Potter and Baba Tree #sustainablehomedecor #sustainablehomedecorbrands #sustainablehomegoods #affordablesustainablehomegoods #ecofriendlysustainablehomedecor #sustainablejungle
Images by Bergs Potter and Baba Tree

About Goodee

Price Range: $20–$4,800

Where “good design and good purpose intersect”, Goodee is a global marketplace making a positive social impact while prioritizing upcycling, transparent and sustainable sourcing.

Goodee’s socially-conscious design has made its way into their range of ethical sustainable home goods for any room in the house—from the minimalist, mouth blown recycled glass Canopy Trio Vase Set to the colorful Tiny Pakurigo palm basket.

Whatever nook needs some new life, Goodee can fill it with wall art, planters, baskets, trays, throw pillows, rugs, and more by various small brands.

Goodee’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Expect to see a list of materials as unique as the artisans who make them. Common ones include palm fibers, wool, linen, FSC-certified natural hardwoods, and recycled fabrics.

Their decorative sustainable lights are made with rPET, natural plant fibers, wood, porcelain, polished brass, and steel.

Some are less sustainable than others. VISO pillows, for instance, are a cotton exterior with a polyamide fill. Neither is particularly top tier, so be sure to read the material descriptions while shopping.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The brands this Certified B Corp works with must meet at least one (if not all) of the following: 

  • poverty reduction
  • marginalized communities
  • gender advocacy
  • circular economy
  • natural and recycled materials
  • water conservancy
  • community engagement
  • corporate reporting
  • carbon reduction
  • heritage craft preservation
  • nature & wildlife conservancy.

You can see which values apply to each product. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

All Goodee brand partners are required to report their materials, ecological footprint, and business practices, which you can read about in their Impact Report.

The brand is inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, as reflected by its values and the environmentally-conscious practices and materials used by its partners. 

Community & charitable giving: 

Each eco-friendly home decor product purchase supports their contributions through 1% for the Planet.

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How We Found The Most Sustainable Home Decor

What is sustainable home decor, and why is it important?

Whether we like it or not, many of the products we bring into our homes are made with less-than-ideal materials. 

They’re also produced in ways that might make us want to hide under our new sustainable blankets or behind our sustainable outdoor furniture or inside our non-toxic wallpaper (you get it!).

When picking the best organic sustainable home decor, we imagined we were in an episode of House Hunters and started by creating a list of important criteria—by which we mean our sustainable and ethical fashion and home goods criteria.

Unlike the couples on House Hunters, we know we might not get everything we want in your sustainable decor piece, but try to keep the ‘eco’ in decoration as much as possible.


Ideally those eco planters and pots, for example, will be made of natural, renewable, or recycled materials, like reclaimed wood, organic cotton, ethical wool, hemp fabric, jute, and so much more. 

These brands prove there is no shortage of sustainable materials to get creative with.

And much like these non-toxic furniture brands we found, we looked for those breaking away from the status quo of toxic home goods. No more off-gassing plastic, VOC paints, and other materials and finishes that contribute to indoor air pollution.

Supply chain and labor practices:

When it comes to home decor, ethical, fair trade, and transparent supply chains get the feng shui okay from us.

Greedy corporations and worker exploitation are unwelcome house guests. We prefer to go with brands with small or transparent supply chains backed by third-party certifications to prevent greenwashing from color-clashing with our decor theme.

While the multi-brand structure of many of these sustainable decor sites means we can’t ethically vet every brand, we like seeing strict criteria by the platform and encourage you to research specific brands you like before buying.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Using traditional handcrafting techniques almost always means more sustainable practices and fewer energy requirements. 

Beyond that, we look for carbon offset programs (especially to counter unavoidable shipping emissions), recycled packaging, and circular-minded production techniques. 

Community & charitable giving:

We don’t require this from our favorite ethical brands—some are simply too small—but we love decorating with items that help our local and global communities.

Final Thoughts On Sustainable & Ethical Home Decor Brands

Decorating blank walls and empty rooms is an exercise in creativity.

Let’s make that exercise an ethical one, too, by opting for sustainable decorating with the help of eco-friendly home decor brands.

Just remember that employing a minimalist mindset and prioritizing used or second-hand goods is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint at home.

Be sure to check out some vintage home decor and online thrift stores for some affordable ethical home decor first.

Help your friends and family make their homes safer and a little more sustainable by sharing this post with them.

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