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Image by Sustainable Jungle
13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Image by Sustainable Jungle #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience

Molly Willows

What’s the need for reusable products?

In case the global plastics crisis hadn’t become glaringly obvious, most disposables available for our convenience are not only catastrophic for the environment, but they’re also totally unfit for human health.

Take, for example, Ziploc bags, which are now proven to release billions of microplastics into food being microwaved

Or the whopping 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water it takes to create a single roll of paper towels. 

Since the average person uses a freakish amount of plastic bags, plastic wrap, and paper products, we’ve gathered some of the best reusable products that go beyond the basics like reusable water bottles and reusable shopping bags.

What are reusable things to save the earth?

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Reusable Household Products For A Simple, Sustainable Living

Say goodbye to synthetic fragrances and ecosystems harming detergents with SuperBee’s Hexawash, our pick for the best reusable laundry product. 

ZWS Essentials’ facial rounds aren’t just a reusable, multipurpose essential for every eco-friendly bathroom—they’re also made of cleanest (and most colorful!) organic cotton.

Need a paper towel alternative that really works?

Who Gives a Crap’s Dream Cloths are made of 100% compostable and super absorbent plant cellulose, making them a dream for cleaning and mopping up spills.

Reusable Laundry Products

1. SuperBee Laundry Hexawash

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Images by Sustainable Jungle and SuperBee

SuperBee’s Reusable Home Products

Price Range: $50

SuperBee ensures your clothes are super beaming clean thanks to their Hexawash organic, zero waste laundry detergent substitute that lasts for more than 300 washes.

While the cost up-front might sound like a lot for laundry detergent, there’s sure to be some cost savings at the end of its three (ish) year lifespan.

100% organic, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty free, this plastic free, silicone free, and 100% home compostable detergent uses magnesium instead of chemicals to clean your clothes.

Simply throw the “miraculous little pouch” sewn from GOTS-certified organic cotton into your eco-friendly washing machine with dirty laundry on a normal wash cycle.

When the magnesium reacts with water, it creates hydrogen gas and magnesium hydroxide, or an alkaline solution of around pH 10.5. Negative hydroxide ions lessen the surface tension of the water, which makes it easier for oils and dirt to break down and get washed away. 

If it sounds too good to be true, rest assured that we’ve tested this gizmo and can confirm our clothes come out smelling and looking fresh and clean—with absolutely zero toxins.

At its end-of-life, simply reuse the miracle laundry pouch as fertilizer in your garden and compost the fabric.

About SuperBee

Based in Northern Thailand, SuperBee is committed to ethical business practices and sustainability, by using only organic and ethically sourced ingredients in their products—which includes beeswax wraps, toothpaste, and more.

Everything comes packaged plastic-free, recyclable, and reusable.

Bee-yond that, SuperBee is also a socially enterprising Certified B Corp, empowering local communities in the region via employment opportunities and paying workers 20% more than the Fair Trade Association’s suggested living wage.

SuperBee also takes a keen interest in women’s empowerment, rural employment opportunities for women, advocating for labor laws in Thailand, and supporting local volunteer firefighters.

2. Blueland Wool Dryer Balls

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Images by Sustainable Jungle

Blueland’s Reusable Household Items

Price Range: $18 for 3

Blueland’s dryer balls will leave you feeling anything but blue about ditching dryer sheets thanks to their ability to reduce drying time (by at least an hour, in our personal experience), energy costs, and waste. 

Tossing in a set of reusable dryer balls improves warm airflow while the balls soak up excess water from your wet clothes.

They’re also a popular and reusable dryer sheet alternative because they help stop static cling and leave you with softer laundry. A set can replace over ONE THOUSAND plastic-based dryer sheets.

Blueland’s 3-pack of New Zealand wool dryer balls are 100% compostable at end-of-life and sustainably sourced to ensure sheep are well treated and farms never participate in harmful practices like mulesing. 

About Blueland

Blueland believes “a cleaner planet starts at home,” which is why the brand offers a large variety of reusable products to reduce waste, namely refillable cleaning products.

As a Certified B Corp conscious of their eco footprint, Blueland is Climate Neutral Certified, Cradle2Cradle Certified, prioritizes efficient energy and water usage, and is committed to worker safety and happiness. 

In addition, the brand’s various products are also EWG Verified, USDA certified organic, Leaping Bunny certified, and EPA Safer Choice verified. 

All of Blueland’s packaging is compostable and/or recyclable, and all shipped orders are 100% carbon offset.

Reusable Bathroom Products

3. ZWS Essentials Facial Rounds

13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Images by Sustainable Jungle #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

ZWS Essentials’ Reusable Beauty Products

Price Range: $20 for 20

We like to save face and save the planet simultaneously—which is why reusable cotton rounds are hot on our reusable products list.

So if you’re wondering, “What are examples of reusable products for the bathroom?”, ZWS Essentials’ 2-ply OEKO-TEX and GOTS-certified organic cotton flannel facial rounds has the answer.

After trying this stack of rainbow hued reusable rounds ourselves, we agree they’re the best way to remove stubborn eye makeup, cleanse dirt and grime, remove our non-toxic nail polish, and apply natural skin toner or other skincare products.

Simply hand-wash with warm water after each use, and toss in your washing machine once per week. Items can be tumble dried on low, but we prefer to lay ours flat to dry, since they don’t become any less soft after washing. 

If you’re in need of added exfoliating power, ZWS Essentials’ 100% compostable loofah facial disks are a welcome addition to your reusable items collection for an extra scrub. 

About ZWS Essentials

ZWS Essentials is the in-house brand of a popular zero waste online store, which is the appropriately-titled ZeroWasteStore.com.

ZeroWasteStore.com offers a solid selection, ranging from kitchen goodies like reusable straws to shampoo bars, reusable grocery bags, and more, by both other brands and their own reusable sustainable products.

Along with being plastic-free and often compostable, everything is cruelty-free, palm oil-free, plastic-free, and mostly vegan.

They’re also Climate Neutral and donate to a variety of environmental causes through their 1% For the Planet membership.

4. GladRags Reusable Period Products

13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Images by GladRags #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by GladRags

GladRags’ Reusable Menstrual Products

Price Range: $15–$25

What is a reusable product that stands to save you a bloody ton of money?

We don’t know the last time you checked prices in the menstrual hygiene aisle, but reusable menstrual pads stand to save you upwards of $150/year!

We may never be fully glad to be “on the rag” per se, but GladRags helps with their reusable menstrual products.

Available as a pantyliner, thong pad, regular pad, and overnight pad, each 100% organic cotton pad features a three-part design for your favorite organic underwear that can accommodate their absorbent inserts according to your flow.

Plus, they’re guaranteed to last at least five years!

Translation: literally thousands of disposables being saved from our landfills and hundreds of dollars saved in your bank account annually.

About GladRags

Reusable items to save money also save the environment while also being a healthier option—which is why GladRags has gladly provided reusable period products for more than thirty years.

The independently woman-owned business makes everything by hand in-house in the USA, while everything is shipped worldwide in recycled, recyclable, and/or biodegradable packaging. 

The Portland, Oregon-based business puts fabric scraps to good use through a recycling program. 

Additional community initiatives to give back include regularly donating period supplies to those in need and various give-back campaigns.

5. Saalt Menstrual Cup

13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Images by Saalt #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Saalt

Saalt’s Reusable Hygiene Products

Price Range: $29–$55

Turned off by tampons that become part of 12 billion tons of annual period waste?

Saalt proves periods can be survived a better way, thanks to reusable items instead of plastic ones. 

Because who wants toxic petroleum-based products near their lady bits when Aunt Flo arrives for her monthly visit? 

Saalt’s reusable menstrual cups and discs are made of medical-grade silicon, and are guaranteed to last more than a decade… a far cry from the few hours of use a disposable organic tampon or pad can provide!

Designed with a comfortable fit, these reusable period cups are good to go for twelve hours at a time, making your period a distant memory even if you’re riding a raging crimson wave.

We recommend the Saalt Soft Cup, which is their softest, most flexible and supple design yet. 

About Saalt

Certified B Corp Saalt commits 2% of their yearly revenue to period care in regions with the most need, plus they help fund a variety of initiatives in menstrual health, education, and sustainability. 

Founder Cherie was first inspired when she learned of her own family members struggling to access period care in Venezuela. 

When she went to source menstrual cups and sustainable period underwear, but couldn’t find products that met her expectations, Cherie began to custom design products she truly wanted to use and share with family and friends. 

To date, Saalt products have not only helped divert 12 million disposables from the landfill, but they’ve used over half a million plastic bottles to make products, of which Cherie has donated more than 65 thousand reusable period products to those in need. 

Saalt of the Earth, indeed!

6. Leaf Razor Reusable Shaving Kit

13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Images by Sustainable Jungle #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Leaf Shave’s Reusable Bathroom Products

Price Range: $39–$84

With the EPA estimating that those candy-colored plastic disposable razors sold at drugstores take 1000 years to decompose, we’re all for embracing reusable everyday items like razors.

And anyway, today things are coming around full circle, because when it comes to the best disposable razor replacement, modern reusable solutions are in fact the tried and true designs of bygone days.

Take a leaf out of Leaf Shave’s book, who create bespoke reusable razors that are anything but antiquated. 

Leaf’s one-of-a-kind triple blade razor is the perfect reusable alternative to disposable razors like the Gillette Venus, and it provides a smooth, plastic-free shave of ease and comfort.

This pivoting head razor uses three stainless steel blades that you can recycle locally or mail-in through Leaf’s own blade recycling service.

We own one and, after years of dedicated safety razor use, found this to be the best women’s reusable razor we’ve tried, since the pivoting head is extra gentle and capable of reaching those tricky nooks and crannies.

If you prefer a sturdy shave with a fixed head, Leaf also offers a stylish one of those. Try any of the two Single Edge Razors, The Twig and The Thorn with a small razor head they’re loved most by face shavers.

Both designs are sold in Prism, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Chrome, Silver, and Mercury, with a sizable handle to optimize grip and control.

About Leaf Shave

“Plastic-free shaving made easy” is their motto, and Leaf Shave has prevented three million-plus plastic disposable razors from hitting landfills. 

The Climate Neutral certified company also offset their carbon footprint, support climate action non-profit work, and ship plastic-free.

7. Marley’s Monsters Cloth Toilet Paper

13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Images by Marley’s Monsters #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Marley’s Monsters

Marley’s Monsters’ Reusable Hygiene Products

Price Range: $42

Get the reusable potty started!

We’ve been making a stink about reusable toilet paper for a while now, since it works so effectively,

Regardless of the horrors your mind is concocting—as with reusable organic baby wipes or cloth diapers—reusable toilet paper is safe, hygienic, healthy, saves cash, and saves trees.

Marley’s Monsters’ Toilet UNpaper Rolls are 100% absorbent super soft cotton flannel, and give an even comfier, more luxurious feel than the most expensive 3-ply toilet paper.

One roll of this reusable cloth toilet paper comes with 24 fabric pieces that roll and re-roll around the compostable cardboard center and hang from your toilet roll holder like paper towels.

They’re 100% non-flushable; simply use one rag per potty, and collect in a wet bag or designated bin to machine wash hot every couple of days, since they’re also 100% washable. 

Whether you make a number one or number two in the toilet, reusable TP users swear these are the number one choice for post-toilet clean-up, thanks to their softness and absorbency. 

Our pro zero waste toilet alternative tip: invest in an accompanying bidet attachment to make your reusable wiping easier still.

Just spray with the bidet, pat dry with Marley’s Monsters reusable cloth, and voila! You’ve revolutionized your toilet game. 

About Marley’s Monsters

Marley’s Monsters began from a single handmade stuffed toy for founder Sarah’s baby daughter.

Fast-forward to today and MM is sold both in their shop and worldwide, with a sizable variety of hand-crafted reusable things to replace popular everyday disposable items.

To fully demonstrate their plastic-free initiative, the Oregon-based brand features 100% plastic-free shipping materials and donates surplus textile waste to recycling nonprofits. 

They’re also BRING certified.

8. LastObject Reusable Cotton Swabs

13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Images by LastObject #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by LastObject

LastObject’s Eco-Friendly Reusable Products

Price Range: $12

What reusable products are available to replace single-use plastic?

Well, you can take your zero waste bathroom to the next level by ditching wasteful Q-tips forever.

While we advocate against cotton swabs to clean your ears—since most audiologists say to avoid them as they can damage the ear canal—cotton swabs have tons of various cleaning, cosmetic, and medical purposes.

But instead of bleach cotton tips and plastic rods, opt for the reusable kind from LastObject

They’re made of durable, sanitary materials and medical grade TPE that can be cleaned for 1000+ uses.

To clean, simply use soap and warm water. Can also be disinfected with rubbing alcohol.

Each swab comes housed in a certified recycled ocean plastic case.

About LastObject

Mom owned Certified B Corp LastObject is passionate about making the last objects of formerly disposable items—think pads, rounds, cotton swabs, and more.

Their products are lab proven to reduce the carbon footprint by 90%, water consumption by 92%, and land use by 99%.

And after 34 uses, their products are carbon-neutral compared to buying disposables.

To further tackle the plastics crisis, the brand removes a pound of plastic from our oceans through Plastic For Change for every item purchased.

To date, they’ve diverted 3.5 million+ single use items from the landfill and prevented 500,000+ pounds of plastic from entering our oceans.

Reusable Kitchen Products

9. Who Gives A Crap Dream Cloths

13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Images by Sustainable Jungle #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Who Gives a Crap’s Reusable Cleaning Products

Price Range: $12 for 3

“One part sponge, one part cloth and three parts marvelous”, Who Gives a Crap’s Dream Cloths are reusable paper towels with a million and one uses: mopping spills, cleaning, dishes, and much more!

We can confirm they forever changed our zero waste kitchen.

We love that these super absorbent and quick drying reusable paper towels come in funky patterns and are dishwasher AND machine washable.

Plus they’re 100% compostable once they’re worn through. 

While old t-shirts and clothes rags can do the job of a reusable kitchen towel, sometimes you need more powerful reusable stuff like WGAC’s super absorbent reusable towels for extra spillage. 

About Who Gives a Crap

Whether you’re wiping bums, noses, or countertops, Australian brand Who Gives a Crap with their eco-friendly tissues and reusables that stop the destruction of virgin forests. 

The Certified B Corp fights to ensure everyone has access to clean water and toilet hygiene by donating a remarkable 50% of its profits to improve sanitation and build toilets in impoverished areas worldwide. 

They also provide carbon-neutral shipping. 

10. etee Beeswax Wraps

13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Images by Sustainable Jungle #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

etee’s Reusable Kitchen Items

Price Range: $10–$119

Canadian sustainable living brand etee offers the best reusable kitchen items with their wide range of reusable beeswax wraps to replace plastic wrap, along with other waste-free food storage items like sandwich bags and waxed canvas lunch bags or reusable produce bags.

One of our personal favorite reusable products examples, every etee beeswax food wrap is made from organic cotton muslin that is dyed with sustainable dyes in a rainbow of bright colors.

The cotton is then coated in a natural concoction of certified organic beeswax, coniferous tree resin, soy wax, organic jojoba oil, and organic cinnamon and clove essential oils.

Our very own kitchen is stocked with their variety pack of wraps, which comes with three sizes of bold and cun colored wraps. For us, the small is excellent for wrapping halves of fruit, the medium is ideal for covering bowls, and the large size wraps sandwiches perfectly. 

Since these wraps are so simple to use (in part thanks to a solid seal that keeps our snacks fresh all day) and simple to clean in cold water with a mild dish soap.

Pro tip: Avoid hot water since it may melt wax. 

About etee

etee’s passionately tackles plastic pollution by helping to make plastic-free living possible for all.

Beeswax wraps were their very first product and today, they continue to innovate products for example by creating their own biodegradable refill pods of zero waste hand soap.

Nothing is tested on animals, which extends to all their suppliers as well. 

To fully walk their talk, their packaging is entirely plastic-free, even down to their cellulose tape.

The brand bases itself out of Toronto, Canada where many of its items are handmade in a renewable energy powered lab and factory.

11. SuperBee Cloth Paper Towels

13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Images by Sustainable Jungle #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

SuperBee’s Reusable Items At Home

Price Range: $22–$30

We already talked about their reusable stuff for laundry day, but SuperBee also offers some truly super kitchen products, like paper towel and Ziploc bag alternatives.

Made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and easily machine washable, the Eco Kitchen Roll pack of six cloths is truly a kitchen game changer. 

With a fun and colorful printed front and a super absorbent towel back, they’re perfect for both a cleaning towel and a stylish hand towel. 

As personal owners of these, we’re genuinely impressed with how durable and absorbent they are. 

With a thick enough cotton cloth to withstand even the toughest cleaning jobs, the towels remain soft and flexible enough to work well on other hard to clean surfaces like glass and mirrors.

About SuperBee

If you missed our glowing review of SuperBee’s planet-minded policies and generous social initiatives, jump back to read it now.

12. Stasher Reusable Snack Bags

13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Images by Sustainable Jungle #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Stasher’s Reusable Products To Reduce Waste

Price Range: $10

Tired of tossing plastic bags every day at lunch? Or packing your food in stained plastic containers?

Once you build up your stash with Stasher’s reusable bags, you won’t have to.

The brand invented the world’s first airtight non-plastic silicone reusable bags, and carries more than twenty different reusable silicone bags and food storage items that are durable, long-lasting, and safe for the freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and oven.

The silicone Stasher uses is made with 100% pure platinum-grade silicone (higher than food-grade silicone), so you’re getting some of the safest food storage free from lead, BPA, BPS, phthalates, and latex.

About Stasher

Says Stasher’s CEO Shannon, 

“We’re a company founded and led by women who are wired to protect our planet — for the children of this generation, and every generation to come.”

Stasher’s factory is SA8000-certified that makes their reusable silicone bags, to ensure an ethical supply chain. 

Since silicone isn’t biodegradable, the brand partners with TerraCycle to responsibly recycle damaged, worn, or unwanted silicone bags free of charge.

As a policy, Stasher also donates 1% to environmental initiatives globally, totaling more than $1.3 million thus far.

13. Saged Home Washable Mop Covers

13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Images by Saged Home #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Saged Home

Saged Home’s Best Reusable Cleaning Products

Price Range: $19-$31

Still wondering, “What are some reusable items to help the environment?”

One thing we love to talk “trash” about is Swiffer, since the plastic waste their single-use mop pads create is massively unnecessary. 

That said, if you have an old one kicking around that’s fine! 

Turn it into an eco-friendly mop with Saged Home’s washable 100% cotton mop covers that provide a better and healthy clean for your home and the planet. 

They’re even formulated to fit a 10 x 4.5 inch standard Swiffer.

Instead of those wasteful disposable Swiffer pads, these mop cloths can be used and reused time and again—simply throw them in the washer and dryer regularly to get clean—then composted if they wear out.

About Saged Home

Saged Home is a female-owned and operated brand that is entirely plastic-free, Climate Neutral, and made-in-the-USA. 

Since Saged Home sells on the renowned lower impact living site ZeroWasteStore.com, this product reaps their sustainability benefits, also. 

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Final Thoughts On Reusable Eco-Friendly Products

The world is experiencing a crisis of plastic pollution unlike anything before, and many household products contribute significantly to the problem.

Switching to sustainable and reusable options is a cost-effective way to reduce waste in your home.

And remember, the best reusable products that save money are those made from things you already have, like old t-shirts as reusable paper towels or reusable cotton rounds.

We know the hard work involved with ditching the convenience of single-use products (even we forget our reusable grocery bags from time to time), so congratulate yourself for every green choice you make.

Know someone trying to kick their disposable dependency? 

Send them this list of the best reusable products, so they, too, can have low waste living in the non-plastic bag.


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13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Image by LastObject #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle
13 Best Reusable Products For Everyday Eco-Convenience Image by Sustainable Jungle #reusableproducts #reusableitems #reusablehouseholditems #reusablekitchenitems #reusablecleaningproducts #bestreusableproducts #sustainablejungle

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