13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by Public Goods
Image by Public Goods
13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by Brava Fabrics on Cerqular
Image by Brava Fabrics on Cerqular
13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by eBay
Image by eBay

13 Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Ethical E-Shopping

Shopping online. We’re all doing it.

But are we doing it right?

More than one-third of us are hitting the “Add to Cart” button every week and over half of us are buying things online we normally once purchased in-store: groceries, personal care products, and toilet paper.

That’s exactly why ethical online shopping is now more important than ever.

These ethical alternatives to Amazon provide eco shopping options with minimal packaging, offset shipping emissions, and all-around earth-conscious brands and products. 

With the click of a button, you can opt for sustainable, convenient, and budget-friendly buys that don’t come with a hidden cost to the planet and the people on it. 

So, what is the best eco-friendly alternative to amazon?

We’ve gathered up a list of some pretty prime options.

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13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by Public Goods
Image by Public Goods

Public Goods’ Alternatives To Amazon Marketplace UK

Public Goods has the goods for a planet-friendly shopping experience, from zero waste lotion to eco friendly sponges.

They offer cruelty free personal care, refillable or biodegradable household cleaning essentials, and a huge selection of grocery items and pet food—making them one of the best sustainable alternatives to Amazon Marketplace.

Say goodbye to Prime Days savings and hello to Public Goods’ overstock sale section, reducing unsold product waste.

About Public Goods

Public Goods products don’t just look minimalist by the clean, unembellished packaging—which consists of glass jars, recycled paper, or compostable bioplastics.

They’re also minimal in non toxic ingredients and impact, thanks to carbon offset shipping.

For every order, they plant a tree and donate additional funds to local food banks and Feeding America.

Available: Public Goods


13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by wearwell
Image by wearwell

wearwell’s Eco Friendly Alternatives to Amazon

If slow fashion is your bag, let wearwell fill it.

A more ethical alternative to Amazon than most other platforms, they stock all things womenswear—underwear and outerwear to jewelry and accessories—they provide an easy online shopping experience for all, sizes XS-3X.

All product descriptions succinctly summarize why they’re sustainable or ethical via different logos: vegan, BIPOC owned, fair trade, Certified B Corp. inclusive sizing, and more.

To save money (and the planet), shop the wearwellagain circular marketplace for gently used pieces. 

About wearwell

wearwell wants to help you do just what the name says by offering a curated collection from only the most sustainable brands.

Before accepting sustainable clothing brands to their marketplace, this female-founded 1% for the Planet member conducts an initial assessment, interviews, and third-party validations.

While you can shop as needed, they offer a planet-friendly version of Prime to which you can subscribe to receive perks like personal styling, discounts, gifts, and free shipping.

Available: wearwell


13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by Etsy
Image by Etsy

Etsy’s Small Business Sustainable Alternatives to Amazon

Etsy is perhaps the best of all Amazon alternative marketplaces aiming to “Keep Commerce Human”.

Their maker-to-peer marketplace is home to more than 2.5 million sellers—you can find anything under the sun from eco friendly gifts to Black owned jewelry shops.

They’re also an excellent resource for vintage finds, edible goodies, beauty products, and just about anything else you can imagine…like SCOBY for those interesting in learning how to flavor kombucha.

About Etsy

Here’s the thing about Etsy: they’re more than just an accessible home for ethical brands and planet-minded makers. They’re ethical themselves. 

Etsy offers 100% carbon offset shipping, has guiding principles based on sustainability and responsibility and uses renewable energy to power its operations.

Available: Etsy


13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by eBay
Image by eBay

eBay Refurbished’s Sustainable Alternatives to Amazon

Used technology is the most sustainable technology, which is why eBay Refurbished is one of the best Amazon alternative marketplaces for all those little gadgets we can’t live without.

Just like the rest of the site, eBay refurbished sells gently used (or sometimes unused open box) products, except these have been professionally restored to give you extra peace of mind that they’ll actually work.

From appliances to cell phones, you can shop by either condition, brand, or item type in electronics or home and garden categories. 

About eBay Refurbished

Everyone knows about eBay, but not as many people know about their specialty refurbished section.

Items from here will come with all original accessories and in four different conditions:

  • Certified Refurbished: Pristine condition and backed by a two-year warranty
  • Excellent Refurbished: Like-new condition and backed by a one-year warranty
  • Very Good Refurbished: Minimal wear and backed by a one-year warranty
  • Good Refurbished: Moderate wear and backed by a one-year warranty

Warranties and eBay’s Money Back Guarantee aside, they offer 30-day free returns for all Refurbished products for any reason so there’s no risk to you.

Available: eBay Refurbished


13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by All Natural Collection
Image by All Natural Collection

All Natural Collection’s Alternatives to Amazon Marketplace

All Natural Collection offers a collection of, well, all natural skincare, makeup, hair, bath and body, and wellness products.

Browse by category or simply shop your favorite zero waste beauty brand

Axiology, 100% Pure, and Mokosh Skincare are a few of our favorites they offer in the way of eco friendly makeup.

Many products feature 100% natural or organic ingredients, while some use safe synthetic. Either way, all are verified free from known or suspected harmful ingredients. 

Most offerings are vegan, except for a select few that contain sustainable bee products or carmine.

About All Natural Collection

Founded by a busy mother of two with a background in market research, All Natural Collection started with the simple desire to search for better beauty products.

That’s why they use 100% cruelty free and easily recognizable ingredients that are transparently laid out on all product pages as per their commitment to Labels Without Lies.

This member of 1% for the Planet believes “Earth Day is every day” and so they use their 1% to plant trees through One Tree Planted.

Available: All Natural Collection


13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by Staiy
Image by Staiy

Staiy’s Alternatives to Amazon UK

For fashion and accessories from over 200 ethical brands, you’ll want to stay awhile on Staiy.

Guided by the tenets “people, planet, and prosperity”, all products demonstrate a commitment to fair wages and conditions, responsible materials, and positive socio-economic impact.

Shop women’s, men’s, kids’, or genderless clothing, as well as select products for self-care and the home.

While based in Berlin where they run a collaborative concept store, they serve customers across Europe, making them one of the best alternatives to Amazon for UK residents.

About Staiy

“Sustainability is the new standard” for Staiy, as you can tell via their sustainability report.

Recognized by the likes of Vogue Business and many others, Staiy prioritizes European brands and designers.

Third-party certified brands are prioritized but all go through a strict 124-question fact-based evaluation across five “pillars”: air, water, materials, supply chain, and working conditions.

This is all in line with Staiy’s focus on five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

As members of 1% for the Planet, they plant trees for four different One Tree Planted projects.

Available: Staiy

7. FOOD52

13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by Food52
Image by Food52

Food52’s Eco Friendly Amazon Alternatives

Food52 is on a mission to help you “eat thoughtfully, live joyfully”—both of which you can start doing by choosing eco-friendly cookware.

From chef-approved pots and pans to sustainable dinnerware and cutlery sets, they offer all manner of kitchenware and food storage.

Choose between new products from top brands or vintage ones, if you want to add extra sustainable spice next time you sear those scallops.

If you need good food to cook in your new dutch oven, their pantry products make them one of the best alternatives to Amazon Marketplace in the USA.

About Food52

Foodies the world over know Food52 from their wealth of recipes and cooking know-how guides.

But thanks to their recent revamp adding a shopping option, they’re also one of the more ethical alternatives to Amazon for the tools to make and serve those recipes.

Available: Food52


13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by EarthHero
Image by EarthHero

EarthHero’s Zero Waste Eco Friendly Alternatives to Amazon

Regardless of what you need, chances are you’ll find it on EarthHero, one of the best eco alternatives to Amazon

That’s partly because of their huge selection of kitchen and beauty products, travel and outdoor gear, eco friendly school supplies and stationary, accessories, organic baby products, pet products, cleaning supplies, gifts, and more.

In fact, with hundreds of partner brands (and growing), this zero waste online store is the closest sustainable platform alternative to Amazon.

Selection aside, EarthHero’s sustainability icons help you choose brands and products that align with your values, whatever they may be. 

About EarthHero

If Jeff Bezos is the devil on one shoulder, then Ryan Lewis (EarthHero’s founder) is the angel on the other.

Profit for the former; planet for the latter. 

Between their Certified B Corp status, contribution to 1% for the Planet, and carbon neutral shipping (in recycled boxes), online shopping has never felt so good—or dare we say heroic!

Available: EarthHero


13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by Urbankisssed
Image by Urbankisssed

Urbankissed’s Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to Amazon

Instead of suspiciously cheap sweatshop-produced garments, Urbankissed offers ethically-made inclusive clothing, jewelry, and accessories made from a variety of sustainable fabrics.

These include recycled synthetic, GOTS organic or recycled cotton, TENCEL, and more, many of which are OEKO-TEX or bluesign® certified.

Don’t think that means a lack of selection, however. With 10,000+ products—from sustainable jumpsuits to hoodies and handbags—there’s something to fit everyone.

Literally…some Urbankissed styles come in XXS–5XL sizes.

Non-fashion offerings include beauty products and homewares.

About Urbankissed

Using their Slow & Ethical Index, Urbankissed analyzes potential partners on a variety of environmental and social impact measures, like ethical sourcing and fair trade production.

This means prioritizing vegan and/or small-batch makers.

Many brands give back and offset their footprint, which Urbankissed adds to by planting a tree for every sale and subscriber to their newsletter.

Available: Urbankissed


13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by Ethical Superstore
Image by Ethical Superstore

Ethical Superstore’s Ethical Alternatives to Amazon Marketplace UK

And the award for the most apt name in this list goes to: Ethical Superstore.

And it’s exactly that: a massive online mecca of ethical and eco friendly products.

Their vast range encompasses fashion, and personal care, eco friendly cleaning, home, garden, pet, grocery, gift, and baby products—for parents trying to raise a zero waste baby.

Some are handmade by independent makers while others come from larger brands, but you can “Add to Cart” in peace knowing they’re all ethically approved.

This means they tick a variety of sustainability points, like being recycled, fair trade, vegan, and/or certified organic.

About Ethical Superstore

This UK sustainable alternative to Amazon Marketplace sells eco products and gets them to you via plastic-free, recycled/recyclable materials.

While they prioritize local brands, Ethical Superstore has plenty of global maker partners, all of which must operate in accordance with ES’s code of conduct and modern slavery statement.

They not only give back and fundraise for worthy causes, but they give you the option to help by donating at checkout.

Available: Ethical Superstore


13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by Gazelle
Image by Gazelle

Gazelle’s Alternatives to Amazon US

Wondering how to dispose of electronics without adding to the 45 million metric tons of annual e-waste?

Gazelle has the answer by offering a website to buy and sell used iPhones, Samsung phones, Google phones, iPads, Macbooks, and other personal devices.

Each product is certified pre-owned, fully refurbished, and must pass a rigorous 30-point inspection before resale.

Not only does shopping here keep perfectly functional devices out of the landfill, but saves you up to 40% of the cost of buying new.

About Gazelle

Gazelle calls itself a “reCommerce company” and they’ve now helped recirculate millions of electronic devices.

They’re Better Business Bureau accredited and don’t accept products reported as lost or stolen.

Aside from offering a worry-free way to buy used electronics, they make the selling process easy via instant quotes, no contracts, and payment in cash.

Available: Gazelle 


13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by Made Trade
Image by Made Trade

Made Trade’s Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to Amazon

For exceptionally designed and ethically-sourced goods, make your way to Made Trade.

Perusing their beautifully curated collection of accessories, ethical furniture, bedding, organic linen curtains, kitchenware, non-toxic cookware clothing, shoes, and gifts, you can see they’re in a conscious class of their own.

You’ll find Fair Trade, sustainably made goods from POC- and women-owned shops, to name a scant few of their eco credentials. 

For those wanting to support domestic business and find ethical alternatives to Amazon in the USA, their made-in-the-USA products should help.

About Made Trade

This woman-owned, family-run company is serious about its values: fair wages, sustainability, artistry, and quality craftsmanship come before consumption and profits.

As a member of 1% for the Planet, their annual profit-sharing contribution goes to the regenerative textile organization Fibershed.

Not only that, but they’re certified Carbon Neutral and offset both outbound shipping and returns. 

Available: Made Trade


13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by Cerqular
Image by Cerqular

Cerqular’s Alternatives to Amazon USA

With hundreds of independent makers and brands, Cerqular is becoming one of the best Amazon alternative marketplaces.

Shop clothing and accessories for women, men, gender neutral, and kids and babies, as well as beauty, home, electronics, grocery, and pet products.

From eco-friendly aprons to vintage and resale items, their fast-expanding selection has all the essentials and then some.

About Cerqular

Los Angeles-based Cerqular is the “largest and fastest growing sustainable ecosystem”.

This is because Cerqular makes it easy for qualified sustainable sellers to join and deliver products to a global audience.

What does that mean?

So long as they offer legitimately eco friendly products: sustainably harvested, vegan, compostable, 100% organic, or upcycled—to name but a few, they’ll get a sustainability badge reflecting their eco-credentials.

As a direct maker-to-consumer marketplace, Cerqular sellers are in complete control of fulfilling orders, eliminating the additional step of shipping to a fulfillment warehouse.

Available: Cerqular


Whether out of necessity or boredom, we’ve turned to online retailers for nearly everything—from eco friendly toilet paper to ethical boxers.

While an order or two a week (okay maybe six sometimes) may seem benign, the consequences are far from it.

Since the boom of “stay home” culture, Amazon’s sellers (especially small businesses) are hurting—while company profits grow. 

Prime may be convenient, but super-fast shipping is associated with significantly higher carbon emissions. “Free” two-day delivery is not really free when you consider the pollution that impacts the communities near freight hubs and warehouses. 

Then there’s packaging waste. Think about each time you’ve opened a big Amazon box to find one tiny item (and tons of plastic airbags).

So, is there a sustainable Amazon?

No…but is there an ethical alternative to Amazon?

You bet there is!

The online shopping landscape has evolved as more sustainable alternatives to Amazon are stepping up to fill our virtual carts.

Like Amazon, these shops are doing so by offering a wide selection of goods from various sellers.

But unlike Amazon, they’re pairing that with low or zero waste packaging, carbon offset shipping, ethically vetted partner brands, and prioritizing small businesses.


Want to know one of our favorite sustainable shopping tips?

Stop consuming.

Since that’s not always possible, set the more realistic goal of consuming less and consuming consciously.

We’re fortunate to have sustainable and ethical alternatives to Amazon when shopping responsibly has never been more important.

You may not be able to find 4,578 zero waste toothbrushes, but you will be able to find one that’s packaged sustainably and made by a brand that cares about you, the workers behind it, and our planet. 

We’re positive you know someone (probably everyone) in your life who’s been known to place the occasion Amazon order.

Help eco-fy their e-shopping habits by sharing this list of eco friendly alternatives to Amazon.

13 Ethical Alternatives to Amazon for Effortless Eco Friendly E-Shopping #ethicalalternativestoamazon #ecofriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablealternativestoamazon #environmentallyfriendlyalternativestoamazon #sustainablejungle Image by Food52

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