Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by ourCommonplace #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by ourCommonplace
Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by tonlé #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by tonlé
Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by Urbankissed #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by Urbankissed

11 Sustainable Jumpsuits: Eco-Overalls You Can Romp Around In

Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us?

Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces—or whatever you call them—are easy to wear and equally as easy on the planet if sourced from sustainable clothing brands

Because tonlé keeps its supply chain local and makes jumpsuits to fit all bodies, we’re keeping their upcycled jumpsuits at the front of our closet this summer. 

If you’re after eco friendly jumpsuits for the outdoors or a fancy gala, Urbankissed creates a hard-to-beat collection. 

While ourCommonplace offers a variety of not-so-common options from ethically vetted brands.

There’s more where those came from, but if you want to know how we picked these brands, jump(suit) on down to the end of the article.

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Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by tonlé #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by tonlé

About tonlé

Do you want to support circular fashion?

tonlé shows us how by creating outerwear, dresses, bottoms, tops, accessories, and jumpsuits, that can all be traded in for store-credit when they’re no longer needed.

This zero waste fashion brand’s range of sustainable fashion jumpsuits includes both summer and winter options, for a night on the town or dig in the garden. 

Designed with circularity in mind, every offering is “restorative, regenerative and just”.

tonlé’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


The jumpsuits are made with GOTS certified organic cotton or fabric deadstock and offcuts in the form of cotton, rayon, denim, linen, and elastic. 

All are ‘burn tested’ to ensure they’re at least 90% natural, plant-based fiber, and thus compostable.

Any additional dying is done via non toxic dyes. 

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

Most of tonlé’s line is manufactured in a small Cambodian workshop, using remnant material sourced locally from large garment factories. 

Workers receive fair wages, training opportunities, and other benefits like vacation and free lunch. That’s on top of a supportive and inclusive environment.

The Makola Jumpsuit is the only one that differs, made by a WFTO maker group in Ghana.

tonlé is a Benefit Corporation in California. 

Green Business Practices:

In addition to small-batch, handmade production using upcycled materials, the brand’s fabric scraps are also used by a local organization, Weaves of Cambodia. 

Through their Open Closet program, pre-loved tonlé pieces can be traded in for a credit to purchase something pre-worn (which are sold on the main website).

Recycled packaging is used. 


Using a proprietary sizing system that runs 3” larger on average, women’s sizes US run from 0-26.

Community & Charitable Giving:

The brand’s activism community provides store credits to ambassadors helping to heal the earth and rectify social justice by participating in monthly calls to action.

Available: tonlé

2. PH5

Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by PH5 #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by PH5

About PH5

PH5 is a contemporary women’s knitwear brand that marries whimsical designs with architectural dimensions. 

Based on the numeric pH scale viewed through a gender-lens, PH5 represents the subtle feminine that leans towards an edgy, androgynous look. 

The selection of one-pieces is small yet you’d feel as comfortable wearing one for a Netflix binge at home as you would at a fancy movie premiere. 

In addition to sustainable jumpsuits, they offer dresses, sleepwear, activewear, tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories. 

PH5’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


PH5’s favorite sustainable material is FSC-certified LENZING ECOVERO, with 50% less emissions output and water requirements than traditional viscose. 

They also use recycled polyester, viscose, and nylon, as well as organic cotton.  

Roughly 17-30% of most garments consist of elastane or polyester for stretch, but they’re looking for eco friendly alternatives. 

By 2030, 100% of materials will be from regenerative and socially responsible sources. Towards this goal, all yarns are now OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. 

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

The brand’s Sustainability Report lists all yarn vendors and the woman-owned factory they work with, all of which are located in China.  

By 2025, all workers will receive a living wage. 

Green Business Practices:

With localized production, transportation emissions are kept to a minimum, as are operational impacts due to the fact that most of the team works digitally.

60% of the water used in production is recycled, and the remaining 40% is treated before it’s released into a river.

Overproduction is all but eliminated by keeping a small inventory and selling 100% of their garments before making more.

By 2025, you can expect them to have a circular business model. 


PH5 is woman-owned and offers sizes XS-XL.

Available: PH5


Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by Apiece Apart #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by Apiece Apart

About Apiece Apart

This brand is here for “pieces that are a part of your story.”

Friend and female-founded Apiece Apart sells clothes to fit seamlessly into your journey, whatever that may be.

This includes dresses, tops, sweaters, pants, outerwear, shorts, skirts, and loungewear, as well as fashion-forward ethical linen jumpsuits, overalls, and rompers. 

Apiece Apart’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


100% GOTS certified organic cotton, 100% cotton, or a cotton-linen blend are what you’ll see on the label of these ethical jumpsuits. 

Shell or corozo nuts are used for buttons instead of plastic. 

By the end of 2022, 75% of their fabrics will be organic or eco friendly. 

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

The garments made from organic cotton are produced in India, while everything else is made in China, Peru, Turkey, and the US. 

They aim to have a fully transparent supply chain within the next few years.

Green Business Practices:

Promoting slow fashion, every piece is designed to last and exists outside of fast fashion seasonality. 

They’re also entirely cut-to-order to reduce waste and are shipped in compostable bags. 

Most styles are available in XS-XL, but their Extended Sizes go up to 2XL.

Available: Apiece Apart


Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by Urbankissed #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by Urbankissed

About Urbankissed

With more than 10,000 sustainable fashion products, Urbankissed helps you (wherever you are globally) pucker up for planet-friendly clothing, bags, accessories, shoes, lingerie, jewelry, and homewares.

Every brand featured on this ethical marketplace meets its 15 Slow & Ethical Index standards.

A one-stop-shop for curating that capsule wardrobe, they have tops, outerwear, activewear, swimwear, dresses, and jumpsuits of all cuts and colors.

Urbankissed Ethical and Sustainability Practices


For sustainable denim jumpsuits made of GOTS certified organic cotton, they’ve got your back (err… whole body).

Tencel, Repreve (recycled) polyester, and upcycled cotton are other common fabrics used.

There is an ethical wool jumpsuit made from superfine wool and ethical cashmere sourced via the SustainaWool Integrity Program. 

Many fabrics and dyes are bluesign® and/or OEKO-TEX certified and natural wooden buttons are preferred rather than their plastic counter-parts. 

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

With over 100+ different brands featured, supply chains are a plenty but you can rest assured knowing they’re all ethically vetted by Urbankissed.

Some sustainable jumpsuits, for example, are handmade with organic cotton in small batches by an artisan family in Kerala, India. 

Others are made with organic cotton from Benin and Tanzania, and are spun, weaved, and dyed in France. 

The wool jumpsuits are produced in Portugal and those made with upcycled materials in Mauritius. 

Green Business Practices:

Worldwide shipping is carbon neutral and the offsets support Urbankissed’s own forest in Madagascar. This translates to one tree planted per item sold.

If you subscribe to their newsletter, they plant an additional tree. 


If you’re after a plus size sustainable jumpsuit that gives back, you’ve come to the right place.

Women’s sizes XXS-XXL are available in all styles. Some go up to 5XL. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

5% of every purchase from some brands is donated to animal sanctuaries.

Available: Urbankissed


Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by ourCommonplace #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by ourCommonplace

About ourCommonplace

With 4,000+ products, ourCommonplace is anything but when it comes to ethical and sustainable fashion, home, and beauty products.

This includes an impressive selection of sustainable long sleeve jumpsuits, rompers, and overalls—weddings attire to weekends at the beach. 

Each brand is vetted to ensure they’re sustainable (eco friendly production and materials), ethical (decent working conditions and fair wages), non toxic, cruelty free, and/or BIPOC or woman owned. 

ourCommonplace’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Many jumpsuits, many materials. 

The best sustainable jumpsuits feature GOTS certified organic cotton, hemp, and GRS certified recycled polyester. 

Some are made with a modal/polyester blend, silk, or plush, which we’d recommend jumping over.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

While the brands are all ethically vetted, some standout supply chain practices include artisan communities made up of single mothers or Balinese artisans who lost their jobs due to crises.

Some of the jumpsuits are ethically made in the US, while others are certified Fair Trade. 

Green Business Practices:

Many jumpsuits are made to order and shipped plastic-free. 

All ourCommonplace orders are shipped 100% carbon neutral, thanks to a partnership with CarbonFund that aids Amazon Rainforest reforestation efforts.


ourCommonplace was founded by a Taiwanese-American woman. 

Sizes XS-XL are available in most garments, but they’re working with partner brands to feature a more size inclusive range. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

If you purchase from a selected brand a donation is made to various nonprofit organizations. 

Available: ourCommonplace


Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by tentree #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by tentree

About tentree

tentree is an excellent brand for all sorts of sustainable basics

From sustainable rain jackets to ethical kids clothing, you’ll find all manner of clothing and accessories rooted in responsibility.

The Certified B Corp can also help you fit into sustainable short sleeve jumpsuits or tank jumpsuits, available in both pants and shorts. 

tentree’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


TENCEL lyocell, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and sometimes a small amount of spandex are what you’ll find in these sustainable jersey jumpsuits.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

Most of their eco friendly jumpsuits are made in China at an ethical factory that adheres to the brand’s code of conduct

Check out their factory ledger to see where their other manufacturing partners are located, as well as the regulations they adhere to (Fair Trade, Fair Wear Foundation, SA8000, WRAP, BSCI).

Green Business Practices:

tentree’s Climate+ carbon offset packages can help you reduce your eco-guilt. 

You can offset a hot shower, Netflix binge, or a month of typical living. 

90% of products are shipped free of poly bags and mailers are made from 100% recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable plastic. 


Women’s sizes XS-XXL are available. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

tentree is undoubtedly a brand that gives back, and they do so by giving back to forests around the globe. For each item sold, ten…trees are planted. 

By 2030, they’ll have added one billion trees to the earth.

Available: tentree


Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by Outerknown #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by Outerknown

About Outerknown

They may be one of the most well known sustainable men’s clothing companies, but Outerknown is more than OK at creating women’s fashion. 

In fact, their best-sellers are sustainable utility jumpsuits for women—all versatile enough for a day on the farm or night on the town. 

They also stock outerwear, pants, shorts, tops, sweats, sweaters, jeans, sustainable swimwear, and more, for men and women. 

Outerknown’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Organic cotton and an organic cotton-linen blend make up these comfy sustainable jumpsuits. 

Some styles feature natural corozo nut buttons. 

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

As a Fair Trade USA partner, safe and fair working conditions are ensured for their Mexican, Chinese, and Peruvian manufacturing partners.

They became accredited by the Fair Labor Association before the very first OK product was even shipped and have since provided thousands of workers with fair pay and gainful work. 

Green Business Practices:

As per their 2030 plan, they’ll be rid of harmful chemicals and materials that shed microfibers in the decade to come. 

They’re also working to ensure their clothes are easier to recycle, and are making the switch to renewable energy and regenerative feedstock. 

You can benefit from their circularity efforts by shopping the pre-loved collection.


Women’s sizes XS-XL are available. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

OK is a regular partner of Ocean Conservancy.

Available: Outerknown


Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by Coyuchi #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by Coyuchi

About Coyuchi

There’s nothing coy about our love for Coyuchi

You may know them for their organic towels and eco-friendly comforters, but they also have a small-but-impressive line of apparel, too. 

In addition to robes, joggers, tops, and fair trade pajamas, their short and long ethical jumpsuits (rompers) provide PJ-level comfort—including the ones you can wear in public.

Coyuchi’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Organic cotton is the sustainable material of choice, and it’s GOTS and Fair Trade certified, in some cases MADE SAFE certified, too. 

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

The organic cotton is grown and knit in India at a factory that recycles 98% of its wastewater. 

Many of their factories are Fair Trade certified.

Green Business Practices:

All pre-loved Coyuchi linens can be sent back to be resold or repurposed through their 2nd Home Take Back program. 

They’re well on their way to eliminating petroleum-based plastic packaging, and currently use recycled poly bags. 

By 2025, they’ll have Net Neutral Emissions, followed by Net Positive Emissions in 2030. 


Women’s sizes range from XS-L. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

As members of 1% for the Planet, they contribute funds to regenerative agriculture organizations like Fibershed, White Buffalo Land Trust, Urban Sprouts, and the California Wilderness Coalition—of your choice! 

Available: Coyuchi


Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by MATE the Label #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by MATE the Label

About MATE the Label

If you haven’t befriended MATE the Label, now is a good time.

This affordable ethical clothing brand has your back when you need women’s tops, bottoms, sweats, tanks, sustainable bike shorts, and jumpsuits. 

They offer a comprehensive selection of sustainable linen jumpsuits in long sleeve, short sleeve, short, and full-length styles.

MATE the Label’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Natural linen is the only material you’ll see on the tag, and it’s dyed with low impact dyes

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

The linen is sourced in Belarus before being transformed into the jumpsuit of your dreams in a Los Angeles factory only 17 miles from MATE’s HQ.

This reduces transportation and allows them to keep a close eye on the factory to ensure adherence to fair trade criteria and California labor laws. 

Green Business Practices:

Plastic-free, recycled packaging is used in addition to eco-office practices (think: eco friendly toilet paper, in-house composting, organic tampons).

MATE is Certified Climate Neutral and their comprehensive Impact Report contains more green goodness. 


Women’s sizes XS-3X are available. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

For every purchase, 1% is donated to a nonprofit of the customer’s choosing.

Current options are the Surfrider Foundation, Rodale Institute, Fibershed, Women’s Voices for the Earth, or the LA Neighborhood Land Trust.

Available: MATE the Label


Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by Current Air #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by Current Air

About Current Air

Los Angeles-based Current Air is here to provide “clean, chic & sophisticated women’s clothing.”

Whether dressing up or getting dirty, they have several eco friendly jumpsuits in shorts, pants, long sleeves, and short sleeves. 

Current Air’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


The best sustainable jumpsuits from Current Air are made with 100% lyocell or cotton. 

Others feature a viscose-linen blend, and while we love linen, viscose isn’t our favorite material.

Others are made with viscose-nylon, modal-polyester, or 100% polyester, all of which we’d avoid since they’re primarily synthetic fabrics.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

The brand works with several overseas factories that comply with ethical labor practices and provide fair wages. 

Green Business Practices:

All mailer packaging is 100% recycled and biodegradable. 

While they test and source high quality recycled fabrics, it’s unclear what percentage is used in their garments. 


Women’s sizes XS-L are offered. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

Current Air supports the local East Los Angeles Women’s Shelter with clothing and sleeping bag donations. 

They also donate a portion of proceeds from sample sales to local and global nonprofit organizations. 

Available: Current Air


Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by Harper Sage #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle
Image by Harper Sage

About HarperSage

Embracing a woman’s softness and strength in their clothing, HarperSage hit the scene with a focus on empowering women.

They’re doing so with dresses, tops, bottoms, knits, jackets, and jumpsuits that promote each persona that dwells within us all: Harper (softness) or Sage (strength). 

And depending on which side you happen to wake up on, there’s an ethical clothing jumpsuit or two for each of those personas you embody. The Harper ones are a little dressier while the Sage designs are suited for day-to-day function.

HarperSage’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


The Sage sustainable utility jumpsuits are made from 100% cotton. The Harper Possibilities Jumpsuits are 100% viscose.

In general, HarperSage uses deadstock fabrics whenever possible. Currently, 20% of their clothes are made from deadstock fabric but we’re not sure if the jumpsuits add to this number. We’ll be reaching out to confirm.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

The textiles and trims are sourced in local markets in Delhi, India. 

All garments are made exclusively at women-owned factories. Their Delhi manufacturing partner is a member of SEDEX and they regularly visit to ensure that workers and the environment are protected. 

They aim to continue enhancing their supply chain transparency.

Green Business Practices:

The clothes are produced in small batches and designed to last for years to come.


The brand is woman-founded and operated by an (almost entirely) female team.

Women’s sizes XS-XL are available but they’re working on expanding this range. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

HarperSage partners with non-profits that combat human trafficking and support survivors by donating both products and profits from certain collections.

Available: HarperSage


Jumpsuits are already an excellent way to avoid fast fashion, because they wholly embody (pun definitely intended) some of slow fashion’s core tenants: versatility, utility, and minimalism.

But not all jumpsuits are sustainable on that merit alone.

Here’s how we used our sustainable and ethical fashion criteria to find the best of the best sustainable jumpsuits.  


Many of the most common sustainable fabrics make for the best eco friendly jumpsuits.

Organic cotton, hemp, ethical wool, linen, and silk round out the natural, biodegradable materials, although we’d likely avoid the latter unless it’s of the peace silk variety. 

Semi-synthetics lyocell, modal, and ECOVERO are overall (again, pun intended) eco friendly, too. 

Recycled synthetic fabrics (polyester, viscose, nylon) are okay, just be sure to have a Guppy Friend bag to capture microplastics in the wash.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

No one wants to romp around in something tarnished by greenwashing, so brands with transparent supply chains are a must.

This helps ensure the provision of living wages, safe workspaces, and other fair trade working conditions.

It’s also nice to see efforts that provide meaningful employment to those who need it most, such as marginalized or disenfranchised groups.

Green business practices: 

Between local supply chains, recycled/biodegradable packaging, supporting carbon offset programs, and practices that reduce waste and reuse inputs, your olive green jumpsuit just got a little greener. 

We also look for brands that prioritize circular fashion by offering timeless and durable designs, recycling or resale programs (if you’re wondering what to do with old clothes), or repair programs.


While there’s room for improvement (and many brands recognize this) in this sector, we ideally seek brands that offer a full range of sizes to fit all bodies.

Community & charitable giving: 

We love seeing brands cover all bases—like their jumpsuits—by giving back with donations, time, or support toward activism communities. 


If you’re on a mission to over(h)all your closet with the perfect jumpsuit, these ethical jumpsuit brands have your back (and legs and arms).

Just remember, while rompers are arguably the most versatile garments for a minimalist wardrobe, the best sustainable jumpsuit is the one already hanging in your closet. 

We’d jump with joy if you’d share this list with friends. Together, we can support brands doing better and encourage more to follow suit.

Want to take a romper-round the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us? Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces from the best… Image by ourCommonplace #sustainablejumpsuits #bestsustainablejumpsuits #sustainablefashionjumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyjumpsuits #sustainablejungle

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