9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby Slumber Image by Naturepedic #organiccribmattress #bestorganicmattressforcrib #organicbabymattress #nontoxiccribmattresses #bestorganiccribmattress #sustainablejungle
Image by Naturepedic
9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby SlumberImage by Avocado#organiccribmattress #bestorganicmattressforcrib #organicbabymattress #nontoxiccribmattresses #bestorganiccribmattress #sustainablejungle
Image by Avocado

9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby Slumber

Heather Seely

Are you ready for your baby to “sleep like a baby”? 

Parents everywhere dream of laying their snoozing bundle down for a night of deep sleep. 

Nurseries full of onesies, swaddles, rocking chairs, and eco-friendly cribs encourage little ones to drift off to dreamland.

But what exactly is your baby sleeping on? 

If it’s not an organic crib mattress, they might be sleeping on a laundry list of chemicals and off-gassing foams that can lead to development and health problems.

If the 40ish weeks in utero didn’t feel like enough time to research, purchase and assemble the perfect nursery, you’re not alone. 

That’s why we did our part to help by assembling this list of the best natural crib mattresses.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Only The Best Organic Crib Mattress Brands For Your Bundle Of Joy

Avocado walks the walk (or should be say guacs the guac?) with the best organic baby mattresses that are Carbon Neutral, Made Safe, AND GREENGUARD certified.

For all natural materials and an innovative design that grows with your baby, have a look at Nook Sleep.

Naturepedic makes it so that you don’t need to compromise between waterproofing and safety. Their non-toxic crib mattress pad gets its waterproofing from natural sugarcane.

But exactly what does “organic crib mattress” mean?

To find out that and how we picked the best organic crib mattresses and why you should, too, crawl your way to the bottom.

The Full List Of Organic & Non-Toxic Crib Mattress Brands

1. Naturepedic

9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby Slumber Images by Naturepedic #organiccribmattress #bestorganicmattressforcrib #organicbabymattress #nontoxiccribmattresses #bestorganiccribmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Naturepedic

About Naturepedic

Price: $269–$499 

Inspired by nature, as the name suggests, Naturepedic focuses on a sustainable crib mattress that passes on unnatural synthetics and chemicals.

Founder Barry found that most organic crib mattress options had no waterproof barrier, so they would become wet without the means to clean them properly. He developed mattresses using natural materials that stood up against spilled milk and leaking diapers.

Whether you need an organic mini crib mattress, a classic shaped one, or an oval-shaped one, Naturepedic crib mattresses provide.

If you’re looking for a breathable organic crib mattress, the Breathable Ultra offers 360 degrees of airflow and a 2-stage design that provides firm crib mattress support for infants and a softer side for toddlers.

Naturepedic’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Naturepedic’s vegan mattresses are some of the best because, outside the supportive coils present in the innerspring crib mattresses, is the only material that makes up the core. 

A non-GMO sugarcane mattress surface provides a waterproof crib mattress barrier and easily wipes clean.

For each crib mattress, non-toxic claims are backed by certifications from GOTS, GOLS, and GREENGUARD Gold. You won’t see vinyl, phthalates, PFCs, polyurethane foam, glues, or flame retardant chemicals. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

These certified organic baby crib mattresses are made in the USA through Amish craftsmen, with other bedding accessories sourced from GOTS-certified ethical factories in India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Easily replaceable components extend mattress life and keep them out of landfills. In 2019 alone, Naturepedic invested over $45,000 in funds to recycle and reduce the number of old mattresses destined for the landfill. 

Within the offices, paperless payroll, organic cleaning supplies and 100% recycled paper show their commitment to an eco-friendly company, beyond the baby’s bedroom! 

To reduce their carbon footprint, their largely Amish workforce opts for ground transportation by van. 

Before we say goodnight to this Green America business it’s worth mentioning their FSC packaging uses soy inks.

Community & charitable giving:

When possible, based on the returned mattress’ condition, Naturepedic works with local charities that accept near-new mattresses for those in need.

2. Avocado

9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby Slumber Images by Avocado #organiccribmattress #bestorganicmattressforcrib #organicbabymattress #nontoxiccribmattresses #bestorganiccribmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Avocado

About Avocado

Price Range: $349–$1379

It’s no secret organic can come with a hefty price tag. 

When the founders of Avocado first started searching for an eco-friendly mattress option, they discovered few options. High price tags for mediocre greenwashed products were not what they had in mind. 

So they become one of the best sustainable mattress brands for adults and kids alike. 

Offering a 30-night trial and 10-year warranty, their three styles of affordable non-toxic crib mattresses makes investing in your baby’s health attainable.

Each Avocado organic crib mattress stands out for being Carbon Neutral, made-in-the-USA, and certified by numerous safety agencies.

Avocado’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Certified organic cotton, ethical wool, and natural latex are the backbones of Avocado’s organic infant mattress. 

Dual-sided with differing firmness to grow with your baby into toddlerhood. The cotton-wrapped inner springs are tied in place and hand sewn to prevent the use of toxic glues. 

The Eco swaps springs for hemp and a coconut husk pad.

All three are certified by GOTS, GOLS, USDA Organic, RWS, Made Safe, and GREENGUARD Gold.

Protect it with their organic crib mattress pad made of GOTS-certified cotton, including the absorbent cotton fiber fill.

Supply chain & labor practices:

As the baby drifts off, are they counting sheep? 

200,000 free-range and ethically-raised sheep roam the 40,000 hectares of land in India to provide the wool for these breathable crib mattresses. 

The single-sourced wool and latex factories are described as linchpins within their communities.

This Certified B Corp takes pride in their own California factory, ensuring good pay and benefits for all, and passing in-house savings onto the consumer. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Avocado was the first green mattress brand to go Carbon Neutral and became carbon-negative one year later. 

They’re also a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council to forge a more sustainable furniture industry, and are working toward their Zero Waste to Landfill certification.

Community & charitable giving:

As members of the 1% for the Planet, 1% of revenue from Avocado’s sales is allocated to nonprofits that tackle environmental challenges globally. 

They work with hundreds of nonprofit partners who receive 90% of the returned mattress and 100% of Avocado’s returned pillows. 

3. Saatva

9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby Slumber Images by Saatva #organiccribmattress #bestorganicmattressforcrib #organicbabymattress #nontoxiccribmattresses #bestorganiccribmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Saatva

About Saatva

Price Range: $355

With a goal to provide affordable natural sleep that is proudly American-made, Saatva is a luxury mattress brand that betters your baby’s sleep. 

Saatva’s made-to-order organic baby mattress guarantees all materials are intact and has life-long durability. 

Start this two-in-one mattress on the double firm side for your infant, then flip to the slightly softer side when they reach toddler bed years.

Saatva’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Saatva’s organic infant crib mattress is a dual-sided mattress with a breathable and washable mattress cover made of organic cotton. 

Constructed of GOTS-certified organic cotton and wool, eucalyptus fiber, recycled steel coils, and Cradle Certified™ natural latex, this mattress is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and (steel coils aside) compostable.

Its GREENGUARD Gold certification tells us it’s free of harmful emissions, flame retardant chemicals, formaldehyde, and VOCs.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Saatva’s primary focus when working with manufacturers in India is required ethical certification, and in the USA, it’s domestic labor standard adherence. 

All suppliers are formally assessed for fair trade compliance, so Saata knows they do not partake in child or slave labor.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Saatva’s mattress return policy requires a $99 fee for the mattress to be picked up, and then it is donated to several charities or offered to employees.

Products are hand-delivered through one of over 150 white-glove delivery services, which minimizes most product shipments to under 100 miles.

Community & charitable giving:

Saatva supports the Housing Authority of The City Of Austin and its associated non-profit, Austin Pathways, by supplying mattresses and bedding to those in subsidized housing programs. 

They also partner with PENCIL, benefiting students, specifically those new to the US, with mentoring partnerships and scholarships.

4. Nook Sleep

9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby Slumber Images by Nook Sleep #organiccribmattress #bestorganicmattressforcrib #organicbabymattress #nontoxiccribmattresses #bestorganiccribmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Nook Sleep

About Nook Sleep

Price Range: $175–$439

Nook Sleep’s patented Pebble technology on its products—also including cribs, changing pads, and nursing pillows—sets them apart from other organic brands.

You will find an affordable, safer sleep for your sweet bundle with three organic mattresses, including an organic mini crib mattress.

We like the looks of the Pure Organic 2.0 Two-Stage Crib Mattress because its two levels of firmness are designed to grow with your baby into toddler years. 

Pair it with the Waterproof DreamSheet™ if you need an organic crib mattress protector.

Nook Sleep’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The Pure Organic crib mattress features layers of organic cotton, corn fiber, glass-free rayon, and coconut coir.

The non-toxic mini crib mattress (Mini Pure Organic 2.0) has organic coconut coir, corn, and latex, encased in an OEKO-TEX-certified TENCEL™ lyocell and polyester cover. Closed loop TENCEL™ is the top layer, providing a silky smooth feel on baby’s skin.

The raised Pebble design allows for added airflow around your baby to create a more breathable organic crib mattress.

Each natural baby mattress swaps chemical flame retardants for a glass-free rayon and corn fiber fire barrier, and is GREENGUARD certified.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Nook Sleep products are manufactured in California, Oklahoma, and North Carolina, sourcing local materials if possible, but they don’t specify any manufacturing certifications or ethical standards to which their supply chain is held.

5. Babyletto

9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby Slumber Images by Babyletto #organiccribmattress #bestorganicmattressforcrib #organicbabymattress #nontoxiccribmattresses #bestorganiccribmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Babyletto

About Babyletto

Price Range: $129–$289

A company run and developed in California, Babyletto focuses on community partnership while providing safe, affordable organic crib mattress options. 

In addition to a huge selection of award-winning standard, mini, and convertible cribs, Babyletto offers several kinds of mattresses to fit in them (or other standard sized and mini cribs).

Considering not all are certified organic or purely natural, the Coco Core is their best organic baby mattress for those aiming for a natural nursery.

Babyletto’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The Pure Core is double-sided, but it features a polyester foam core paired with a non-toxic modacrylic fire barrier.

The single-sided Coco Core is instead made of coconut husk and natural latex. Just note its included cover is made of waterproof polyester and is thus not an organic crib mattress topper.

Babyletto crib mattresses are all hypoallergenic. GREENGUARD Gold certified, and free of chemical flame retardants, soy or polyurethane foam, PVC, PFC, synthetic latex, and dyes. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

China, Vietnam, and Taiwan are where Babyletto’s products originate, but we’ll be touching base for more info on worker protections and ethical standards.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Most mattresses spend life after dreamland in landfills, but this organic crib mattress is fully recyclable. But considering they’re warrantied for 10 years, consider passing it along to new parents first.

Beyond mattresses, Babyletto designs and builds eco-friendly furniture using FSC-certified wood and REPREVE® polyester yarn from recycled plastic bottles. Each chair diverts 30 plastic bottles from the landfill, for a current tally of over 4.1 million. 

Babyletto ensures their cribs get good life, thanks to convertible and multi-use designs and replacement parts. 

Solar panels on their factory, EV charging station, and planting over 4000 trees with Freight Club are some ways they’re working to reduce carbon emissions.

Community & charitable giving:

Babyletto’ donated returned items to FloorFound, which rehomes them at a lower price for those in need. 

6. Bloom Baby

9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby Slumber Images by Bloom Baby #organiccribmattress #bestorganicmattressforcrib #organicbabymattress #nontoxiccribmattresses #bestorganiccribmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Bloom Baby

About Bloom Baby

Price Range: $175–$320

Bloom was founded by four dads looking to infuse the market with baby furniture that was both functional and modern to suit a new family’s style. 

Proudly made in the USA, Bloom makes chairs, dressers, high chairs, loungers, and cribs that come with snugly fit mattresses.

Alternatively, you can select one out of their range of mattresses to individually fit the crib you already own.

Their best organic mattress for cribs is the 100% natural Luxo Crib Coco Mat, though its curved corners make it suitable only for oval cribs.

Bloom Baby’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Made with organic cotton, and a breathable and hypoallergenic Bundle Fiber™ core, these mattresses mimic foam mattresses without the VOCs and off-gassing. 

It’s derived from PET food grade polymers that are foam and petroleum-free.

The Luxo differs, being an all-natural crib mattress made of coconut coir, wool flame retardant, and organic cotton.

Any wood is sourced from abundant and fast-growing certified sustainable forests.

All bear GREENGUARD Gold and OEKO-TEX certification and include an organic crib mattress cover that’s machine washable and made of organic cotton.

Supply Chain & labor practices:

The Bloom Breathe mattress is made locally in Brooklyn, while all others are made in the United Kingdom; both locations adhering to safe and fair trade practices.

Materials are sourced sustainably from Estonia, Latvia and Vietnam.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

“As four dads, safety and environmental sustainability have always been top priorities for our company.”

That’s why they design heirloom quality products intended to be passed down for generations. Bloom’s entire “spare parts” section lets you keep your furniture items looking brand new and long-lasting.

Their packaging is also completely recyclable or biodegradable.

7. Nest Bedding

9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby Slumber Images by Nest Bedding #organiccribmattress #bestorganicmattressforcrib #organicbabymattress #nontoxiccribmattresses #bestorganiccribmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Nest Bedding

About Nest Bedding

Price Range: $599

A family-owned, American company (and one of our favorite sustainable bedding brands), Nest Bedding was one of the first to design the bed-in-a-box concept.

Their mattresses are made of cozy, organic materials that guarantee a “bed for every body.” 

For you and your little one, deep sleep is but a blink away on their Stork natural latex crib mattress. It comes in a default rectangle shape, but oval-shaped options are available, just ask. 

Nest’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Nest’s all natural crib mattress is made of organic cotton, organic wool, and a GOLS-certified organic latex rubber core. 

The cotton and wool quilted interior creates a non-chemical fire barrier. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Some bedding is manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona, but their organic infant mattress is actually made by partner mattress brand OMI in their ECO-FACTORY™.

All entities in Nest’s supply chain are audited to SMETA Sedex certified standards.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

The LRE Program allows owners of applicable select adult mattresses to request a new comfort layer at no cost (unless you live outside the USA, in which case shipping charges apply).

Community & charitable giving:

Nest is a resource partner for San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center and San Francisco SafeHouse.

8. Brentwood Home

9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby Slumber Images by Brentwood Home #organiccribmattress #bestorganicmattressforcrib #organicbabymattress #nontoxiccribmattresses #bestorganiccribmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Brentwood Home

About Brentwood Home

Price Range: $349

In the business for nearly 35 years, Brentwood Home has committed to sustainably making mattresses and bed sets for those wanting to support an eco-friendly company in the USA.

Their EcoAir crib mattress isn’t just for infants. Its two-in-one design means it can be flipped over to a waterproof side designed for potty training toddlers—meaning this eco-friendly baby mattress will last longer.

Brentwood Home’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The EcoAir boasts a lightweight, 90% air food-grade PETE core that is machine washable and recyclable. 

Atop that, you’ll find GOTS-certified organic cotton, polyester, and REPREVE recycled polyester panels, finished with a hydrated silica natural flame retardant barrier on the infant side and a waterproof polyurethane film for easy wipe cleaning on the toddler side.

A washable cover with a zipper made of REPREVE® recycled plastic bottles stands up to heavy messes. 

The whole eco-friendly crib mattress is GREENGUARD Gold-certified and free of formaldehyde, polyurethane foam, and glue. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

This affordable non-toxic crib mattress is made in LA in a GOLS-certified factory. 

Organic latex is sourced from Brentwood’s own processing facilities in Guatemala and India. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

100% carbon negative in every aspect of the business, Brentwood Home partners with the carbon offset program Carbonfund and Sustainable Surf to help restore kelp forests on the coasts of California and beyond.

Upcycling denim scraps into a breathable mattress core and turning 100% natural buckwheat hulls into eco-friendly yoga mats proves Brentwood Home rarely skips a chance to recycle. 

Community & charitable giving:

Brentwood builds and donates temporary beds to disaster relief organizations.

9. White Lotus Home

9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby Slumber Images by White Lotus Home #organiccribmattress #bestorganicmattressforcrib #organicbabymattress #nontoxiccribmattresses #bestorganiccribmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by White Lotus Home

About White Lotus Home

Price Range: $477–$898

Named after the murky water growing lotus flower as “an allegory of the human condition’s triumph over chemicals and toxins”, White Lotus Home believes in natural fibers to create a healthier home. 

They’ve been in the business of handmade-in-the-USA natural crib mattresses for over 40 years.

Each one is designed to be firm to reduce the risk of SIDS and provide proper skeletal support for developing bodies.

White Lotus’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


These are primarily GOTS-certified and USDA organic cotton crib mattresses, though they use a GOTS organic wool layer to act as a natural and chemical-free fire retardant.

A doctor’s note must be submitted to the brand if you want one custom-made without the wool.

Supply chain & labor practices:

White Lotus Home products are all handmade entirely in the US, which is where both the cotton and wool are sourced as well.

Their wool growers utilize sustainable practices (i.e. field rotation, no chemicals in fields where sheep are grazing, etc). and the sheep are treated with great care. They oppose common sheep industry practices such as bleaching, mulesing, overgrazing, harmful sheering, and more.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

After you no longer require an infant crib mattress, purchase a cover and turn it into a toddler mattress.

Alternatively, it could be used as a cushion elsewhere in your home.

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Why Organic Crib Mattresses?

And does a crib mattress need to be organic?

In short, and ideally, yes. 

In some European countries, toxic chemicals that make up some Western crib mattresses are banned. Many of these are linked to the causation of adverse effects like fine motor delay, allergy development, asthma and cancer. 

These toxic chemicals include flame retardants, VOCs, PVC (the most toxic type of plastic), formaldehyde, polyester, and petrochemical-derived foams—all of which can off-gas and lead to numerous health complications.

These include asthma, cancer, reproductive issues, and even Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Babies, especially newborns, spend most of their time asleep (hopefully!), so choosing a non-toxic mattress, like a non-toxic rug for the nursery room, will have you both kicked back and comfy in the clouds.

How We Chose The Best Non-Toxic Crib Mattresses

If you’re feeling as overwhelmed as you did when deciding on your baby’s name, let’s return to the basics. 

Just what is an organic crib mattress?

Well, it’s a crib mattress that’s non-toxic (first and foremost) and, much like non-toxic furniture, it’s made of natural and organic materials. 

Materials matter, but we also considered other factors when choosing the best natural crib mattresses.


What is the safest material for a crib mattress?

When shopping for the safest sleep spot, a few materials make up the cover and core of an infant mattress: organic cotton, organic wool, organic latex rubber, coconut coir, and occasionally things like lyocell fabric and hemp fabric.

Organic wool crib mattresses provide natural fire-resistance without the chemical flame retardants. It’s also naturally anti-microbial and resistant to mold.

The latex and coconut coir provide a natural alternative to foams, though some brands also use metal inner springs. We appreciate when these are recycled metal.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Unethical labor practices and low wages make us want to cry more than our newborn. 

That’s why we look for transparency regarding all the entities involved in production and raw material sourcing, with each one ideally backed by certifications that tell us third parties have double-checked their practices.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Carbon offset programs are one way brands can counteract the impact of their products and manufacturing.

But because we’re reaching the environmental tipping point, we especially look for brands that actually want to reduce their carbon footprint through renewable power, sustainable shipping methods, and energy efficient factories.

Community & charitable giving:

Brands that give back show they care about cultivating a world worthy of our little ones growing up in.

What if an organic crib mattress is slightly out of my price range?

While many of these companies have lower-priced options for non-toxic crib mattresses that don’t compromise on quality despite the reduced price tag. 

If you’re saving toward a mattress, many companies have organic mattress covers, organic crib sheets, non-toxic pillows and cozy crib blankets that’ll have your baby in REM before sundown.

Final Thoughts On Organic & Non-Toxic Crib Mattress Brands

Organic baby products—including an organic crib mattress and organic bassinet—mean a safer start for your zero waste baby.

Many of these brands support safer sleep for your baby and genuinely care about the environment these babies will grow up in. 

These companies are moving toward a healthier planet with sustainable production, eco-friendly options, and environmentally friendly practices. 

Because breathable crib mattresses should also help parents breathe easy.

Be sure to share this list with your parent-friends of tiny and toddling babies so they’re in the know about non-toxic baby mattresses.

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9 Non-Toxic & Organic Crib Mattresses For Safest Baby Slumber Image by White Lotus Home #organiccribmattress #bestorganicmattressforcrib #organicbabymattress #nontoxiccribmattresses #bestorganiccribmattress #sustainablejungle

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