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7 Verified Vegan Mattresses For Plush, Plant-Based Comfort

Shelby Loeppky

While counting sheep may help you get to sleep, your mattress doesn’t have to include them. 

Vegan mattress brands are sourcing organic materials that hit the snooze button on chemical flame retardants and animal byproducts.

Conventional mattresses were mostly made using an innerspring core, fiber fill (which may or may not obtain animal ingredients), and topped with toxic flame retardants.

Even their comfort layer doesn’t do much in the way of easing our minds of the chemicals we’re breathing in each night (which totals about 26 years of our entire life!).

The best plant-based mattresses cuddle up to natural and organic materials that haven’t been treated with these chemicals—such as organic cotton and organic latex—to produce luxury sleep, no sheep necessary.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Plant-Based Mattress Brands To Catch Conscious Zs

We love a brand that continues to grow and adapt. Naturepedic provides the same first-stitch-to-finish quality on each mattress, whether it’s their regular sustainable mattresses or vegan options. 

TFS Natural Home recognizes safe sleep means snoozing aligned with your morals. Their line of vegan mattresses enables the buyer to select between a list of mix-matched sustainable, eco-friendly materials for the core of their mattress without compromising on their core values. 

It’s important to note that while these sleep mattress manufacturers offer vegan options, most have non-vegan options, too, and they’ve made our many sleepy-time lists because their ethical practices exceed our eco-conscious standards.

To learn more about these standards, snooze your way to the bottom of the article.

The Full List Of Vegan & Non-Toxic Mattress Brands

1. Naturepedic

7 Verified Vegan Mattresses For Plush, Plant-Based Comfort Images by Naturepedic #veganmattress #veganmattressbrands #bestveganmattresses #organicveganmattress #avocadoveganmattress#plantbasedmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Naturepedic

About Naturepedic

Price Range: $2,199–$4,299

Naturepedic‘s main production focus is utilizing local Amish craftsmanship, harvesting sustainable materials, and providing a softer mattress for your slumber.

A regular in our sustainable bedding coverage (er, covers?), they follow suit with their plant-based mattress choices—namely, the EOS Classic Vegan Mattress.

Vegan Certified and PETA-approved, it allows you to choose which firmness level you’d like on both sides of the bed, meaning one side could be cushion firm while the other medium or medium firm. The choice is yours, and your partner’s! 

Naturepedic also stocks vegan organic crib mattresses for babies and kids.

Naturepedic’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Without using highly flammable polyurethane foam in a traditional foam mattress, this organic vegan mattress is made of certified organic latex (both talalay and dunlop latex). 

Their certified organic cotton (used as filling and the organic cotton cover) is US-grown and collected from USDA organic sources.

Their plant-based PLA layer is made from non-GMO sugarcane, and used for its moisture-wicking properties. 

Naturpedic’s glueless encased recycled steel coils are made in-house (a Naturepedic exclusive) to provide pressure relief without toxic adhesives.

A willing participant in The Chemical Footprint Project to document and monitor their environmental impact, Naturepedic ensures their mattresses are certified by UL, Greenguard Gold, and MADE SAFE.

Supply chain & labor practices:

This US-based business collects as much of its materials as possible from local sources, while working with local Amish craftsmen. 

If they have to source materials from outside the United States, they turn to Indian, Pakistan, and Sri Lankan suppliers, most of whom hold their own FSC, GOTS, or GOLS certifications.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Naturepedic’s Sustainability Report highlights the ways in which the company strives to lessen their environmental impact.

Their recycled packaging is printed using GOTS-approved soy inks on FSC-certified or recycled paper and cardboard.

Their US office uses efficient timed lighting, recycled paper, carpooling, and expanded efficient air filtration systems.

Community & charitable giving:

Naturepedic is a member of 1% for the Planet, donating to programs like  Women’s Voices for the Earth, and Toxic-Free Future.

2. Avocado

7 Verified Vegan Mattresses For Plush, Plant-Based Comfort Images by Avocado #veganmattress #veganmattressbrands #bestveganmattresses #organicveganmattress #avocadoveganmattress#plantbasedmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Avocado

About Avocado

Price Range: $1,399–$3,199

Avocado took matters of eco-friendly sleep into their own hands when they began crafting mattresses years ago, after finding the sustainable sleep market relatively slim.

Handmade in LA, their Best Hybrid Vegan Mattress comes in Standard, for a medium firm snooze (ideal for back and stomach sleepers) or select Pillowtop for gentle firm.

Avocado also allows you to top your plant-based memory foam mattress with organic cotton protectors, toppers, pillowcases, and more—not to mention yourself with organic cotton pajamas.

While their standard Avocado Green Mattress isn’t vegan, you can rest assured their vegan mattress choice is made with the same care and quality as the remaining Avocado line.

Don’t just take our word for it; Avocado vegan mattress reviews rave about its plush and ergonomic feel, whether you’re a side sleeper or whatever!

Avocado’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The Avocado vegan mattress swaps wool for GOTS-certified organic cotton to create their wool-free mattress, resulting in a hybrid mattress featuring a GOLS certified organic latex core with 1400+ pocketed support coils.

All Vegan Certified and PETA-approved.

Even without the use of naturally fire retardant wool, Avocado’s vegan latex mattress holds the MADE SAFE certification by infusing natural graphite as a non-toxic fire barrier to protect your mattress.

Supply chain & labor practices:

This Avocado vegan mattress is made in LA, under ILO-compliant labor protections that are checked by the brand’s Certified B Corp status.

Not only is their vegan latex mattress American made, but it’s made using sustainably-sourced materials from their co-owned farms in India and Guatemala.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

This member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council ensures each of their products are made using clean energy. So much so, in fact, they hold the Climate Neutral certification.

Speaking of green, these mattresses have a 25-year warranty and a full 1-year sleep trial to ensure it’s the perfect and long-lasting pick for you.

If you’re looking for some bedtime reading, take a peek at their sustainability report for more.

Community & charitable giving:

Are you ready for a sustainability-star-studded list of nonprofits that Avocado supports?

As a member of 1% for the Planet, Avocado supports SolarBuddy, Protect Our Winters, Brave Trails, Re:wild, to name only a few within the most recent years.

3. Essentia

7 Verified Vegan Mattresses For Plush, Plant-Based Comfort Images by Essentia #veganmattress #veganmattressbrands #bestveganmattresses #organicveganmattress #avocadoveganmattress#plantbasedmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Essentia

About Essentia

Price Range: $2,448–$10,000

One of the leading vegan mattresses Canada has access to, Essentia crafts organic mattresses using natural latex foam and organic cotton in Montreal, Canada.

Essentia, born out of necessity, achieved their organic certifications and surpassed those standards in their factory.

This is an all-vegan plant-based memory foam mattress brand, meaning regardless of the mattress you choose, you can rest easy knowing whether you choose the Tatami™ or Stratami™, it’ll be free of harmful chemicals and animal byproducts alike.

Their ProCor P1 Custom mattress can be made to fit the sleeper, so whether you’re back, side, or stomach sleepers, the mattress can be designed for optimal pressure relief, and comes complete with EMF protection foam.

Their generous 120 night sleep trial will prove how these outperform regular memory foam mattresses.

Essentia’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Essentia’s Beyond Latex foam is a GOLS-certified mixture of sustainably sourced Hevea Milk, essential oils, plant extracts, and organic latex. 

Each certified vegan mattress is covered with a layer of GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Oftentimes, natural latex mattresses include a wool or fiberfill in their comfort layer, but these are free of all animal products and are said to be preferred by those with allergies.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Only the best vegan mattress manufacturers source their materials from reputable farms. Essentia holds that standard, as all of their Hevea Milk (to create latex layers) are sourced from plantations that provide acceptable working conditions and reject child labor. 

Their Canadian factory is certified GOLS and GOTS Organic.

Community & charitable giving:

The Essential Betterhood combines their giving into a list of wide-ranging, far-reaching, and eco-friendly projects! Essentia strives to deliver sweet dreams to the tune of 1.2 million annually dispersed through projects like Sweet Dream Makers, Northern Hope Dog Rescue Society, and more.

4. Brentwood Home

7 Verified Vegan Mattresses For Plush, Plant-Based Comfort Images by Brentwood Home #veganmattress #veganmattressbrands #bestveganmattresses #organicveganmattress #avocadoveganmattress#plantbasedmattress #sustainablejungle

About Brentwood Home

Price Range: $1,149–$2,398

Brentwood Home, with its decades of experience (and as a sustainable sibling to Avocado), creates a plush hybrid mattress that eliminates the use of harmful chemicals. 

If you’re searching for the memory foam mattress feel in a non-toxic vegan mattress, Brentwood Home’s Crystal Cove Flippable Mattress (sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?) is the one for you. 

These plant-based mattresses range in size from Twin to California King (and Split King), with the option to complete your set with their Crystal Cove Activated Charcoal Pillow, or Crystal Cove Wedge Pillow. 

Thanks to their full range of bedding, you make your vegan bed completely with Brentwood.

Brentwood Home’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 


The Crystal Cove mattress is made with luxurious layers, like 2 inches of GOLS certified Dunlop organic latex that holds the eco-INSTITUT certification.

Next, is the 1-inch flow foam for pressure relief, and 2 inches of charcoal-infused memory foam (both foams are CertiPUR-US certified, which means no off-gassing or toxic chemicals are used in production).

Their 8-inch pocketed coil springs are made from upcycled steel in the US.

This medium firm vegan hybrid mattress is flippable, meaning you choose which comfortable side you snooze on best. 

Without the use of any animal products in this mattress, Brentwood Home guarantees cleaning between the use of machines that process animal products (like their GOTS certified wool) so, your vegan lifestyle is respected from beginning to purchase. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Brentwood Home’s vegan organic mattresses, bedding, and eco-friendly bed frames are made in LA with international materials.

They own their own latex farms in India and Guatemala, as well as their own sheep farms in the Himalayas to ensure they’re sourcing ethical wool for their non-vegan mattress models.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Brentwood Home’s latex vegan mattress is GreenGuard GOLD certified, ensuring production with low chemical emissions.

Partnering with CarbonFund makes offsetting their carbon emissions something Brentwood Home does in their sleep.

They also upcycle as much as possible, including turning things like plastic bottles, coconut industry scraps, and denim scraps into product components.

Community & charitable giving:1% of all purchases in the Crystal Cove line is donated to Sustainable Surf to restore kelp forests off the coast of California and beyond.

5. TFS Natural Home

7 Verified Vegan Mattresses For Plush, Plant-Based Comfort Images by TFS Natural Home #veganmattress #veganmattressbrands #bestveganmattresses #organicveganmattress #avocadoveganmattress#plantbasedmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by TFS Natural Home

About TFS Natural Home

Price Range: $1,885–$4,760

If you’re dreaming of vegan mattress options made with a mix of GOTS-certified organic cotton covers, natural latex, or coconut coir, TFS Natural Home has you covered with covers.

From humble beginnings, TFS Natural Home has grown into a non-toxic furniture brand that can supply each room in your house with a safe sleep, lounge or seating products. 

You’ll feel like a vegan mattress queen on their queen-sized (or any sized) vegan lineup.

Your biggest decision is which sustainable materials you’d like to sleep on, and your preferred firmness (ranging from medium firm, firm to extra firm).

If you’re looking for the best firm vegan mattress, check out the extra firm Vegan Cocomax Mattress.

TFS Natural Home’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Each vegan natural mattress is created of GOLS organic certified latex, PLA fiber (derived from potatoes, totally sustainable and recyclable), and sometimes coconut fiber coir, all with a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover.

Some vegan latex mattresses, like the Vegan EcoSupport, contain inner springs made from all recycled materials and positioned to provide pressure relief.

All TFS’ products have been VOC-free since the 70s.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Sourcing much of their natural materials locally and processing them on site in their California factory is a point of pride for this LA “farm-to-furniture” company. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Locally sourced materials limit transportation emissions and with a 10+ year life span on most of their vegan mattress options, we like the mattress won’t tire faster than you. 

Community & charitable giving:

As a member of 1% for the Planet, TFS donates 1% of all proceeds to reputable climate-conscious initiatives.

6. PlushBeds

7 Verified Vegan Mattresses For Plush, Plant-Based Comfort Images by Sustainable Jungle #veganmattress #veganmattressbrands #bestveganmattresses #organicveganmattress #avocadoveganmattress#plantbasedmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About PlushBeds

Price Range: $2,799–$3,798

Kick back, relax and enjoy PlushBeds‘ due diligence in creating healthy, plush vegan mattresses that won’t harm your family or use the farm. 

PlushBeds knows how important it is to sleep on a bed free of chemical flame retardants, volatile organic compounds, and polyurethane foam. So, they began creating safe sleep spaces, which morphed into a climate conscious sustainable bedding brand

Winning six Mattress of The Year awards, The Natural Bliss vegan organic mattress has a lifetime warranty and a 100 night sleep trial, in sizes ranging from Twin to California King.

While we haven’t personally tested this one we’ve tested other PlushBeds sleep necessities and their Luxury Bliss Latex Mattress, which we absolutely love. Here’s our in-depth PlushBeds review.

PlushBeds Ethical & Sustainability Practices


If synthetic foams, blends, and chemicals give you nightmares, you’re not alone.

The Greenguard Gold-certified Natural Bliss mattress is made of pure GOLS-certified organic latex with a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover that features their patented Eco Fire Barrier™, a plant-based mattress fire retardant.

To top off the top, their patented Eco Fire Barrier, made of all-natural plant-derived materials, is the Natural Bliss mattress’ alternative to toxic flame retardants.

Don’t forget one of their organic mattress protectors to keep your new investment safe and clean. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

If you’re comparing Plushbeds vs Avocado, know that both these top-tier ethical mattress brands manufacture in the USA

PlushBeds’ sustainable harvested materials are sourced from farmers who share the same principles and meet regularly with suppliers around the globe. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

PlushBeds doesn’t waste time, or carbon emissions by shipping mattresses from third-party factories overseas, instead, each mattress is made in their California factory and shipped directly to your door.

They utilize the carbon offset program TerraPass to account for the emissions they do produce.

As a Sustainable Furnishings Council member and Green America Certified Business, they factor sustainability into all aspects of business, down to the hemp and corn-based packaging materials.

Community & charitable giving:

PlushBeds’ donates to a number of reputable charities such as The Ed Asner Family Center, Every Kid Counts, and a village in Sierra Leone—all while offering discounts to First Responders and donating masks. 

At checkout, you’re given a list of reputable charities you can choose between to donate a portion of your purchase.

7. Nest Bedding

7 Verified Vegan Mattresses For Plush, Plant-Based Comfort Images by Nest Bedding #veganmattress #veganmattressbrands #bestveganmattresses #organicveganmattress #avocadoveganmattress#plantbasedmattress #sustainablejungle
Images by Nest Bedding

About Nest Bedding

Price Range: $849–$1499

This next vegan mattress manufacturer has cracked the code when it comes to crafting vegan beds.

Nest Bedding, with over a decade of experience, takes sleep seriously. With a 365 night sleep trial and lifetime warranty, you can crawl into your Quail Memory Foam Mattress and breathe a (clean) sigh of relief.

Providing you with not only a new mattress, Nest Bedding supplies, furniture, bedding, robes, masks, and even pet beds—woof, talk about safe sleep for the whole family!

If you don’t find something juuust right for Goldilocks, or her three bears, Nest offers the Build-A-Nest option that allows you to choose the vegan-iest options from pillow to toe.

Nest’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The Quail Plush memory foam mattress isn’t 100% natural, but it is 100% vegan and non-toxic.

Instead of latex foam, it features Energex Temperature Responsive Foam and support base foam, both of which are CertiPUR-US® certified and allowed time to air out in the factory, decreasing the chance of off-gassing.

Whether we’re talking about their mattresses oreco-friendly pillows, all products bear non-toxic OEKO-TEX certification.

The breathable thermic phase cooling cover releases the heat into a mattress that doesn’t use conventional glues but an air flow layer to disperse heat better. 

To replace the fire-resistant quality wool would provide, they use non-chemical hydrogenated silica.

Supply chain & labor practices:

While the ethical mattresses are constructed in an annually-audited factory in Arizona, Nest Bedding collects their materials globally from suppliers that uphold high working standards.

Other products, like their organic comforters, are made in a SMETA audited Chinese factory.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Nest opts for certified organic cotton bags to ship their bedding in to reduce the amount of plastic in their delivery chain. 

The FSC-certified bamboo used in their sheets is made using a water recycling process and each mattress is eligible for their Lifetime Renewal Exchange (LRE) to encourage proper mattress recycling.

Community & charitable giving:

Nest Bedding donated beds and pillows to the San Francisco SafeHouse in 2016.

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Why Choose A Vegan Mattress?

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’re vegan—but even if you’re not, making your bed vegan and your sleep cycle animal-free isn’t a baaaa-d idea. 

So are mattresses vegan? And if not, why vegan mattresses? 

Well the why is obvious—we really don’t need to be snoozing on violations of animal rights—but the what is sometimes less obvious, which can make shipping for a plant-based mattress tricky.

Wool and down are the obvious animal byproducts used in mattresses, usually in pillow top layers and natural fiber filling. White wool is advantageous for its fire retardant qualities, the wool may not be sourced from ethical sources.

Beyond that, conventional mattresses may also include sneaky animal-derived ingredients in the form of silk coverings, adhesives, and gel layers (which can be made of animal gelatin).

So are memory foam mattresses vegan?

Possibly not. While memory foam itself is usually made of polyurethane (a vegan petroleum product), they may be adhered using animal-based glues and gel laters.

That’s why we seek latex instead. Can latex be vegan?


Vegan latex mattresses are typically derived from the rubber tree and contain no animal products in its makeup. 

Be wary of hybrid mattresses, however, as the various layers must still be held together. Look for brands who opt to stitch, sew or pin these layers as opposed to using glues.

How We Chose The Best Vegan Mattresses

Each brand in this list has been selected not for one reason or another but for the combination of eco-friendly materials, green business practices, and specifically certified vegan stamps of approval (with a charity on top!). 

These are based on our sustainable fashion criteria, with a bit of a bedroom bent.


When choosing a mattress, or vegan mattress topper, you’ll see a list of latex foam, reminiscent of memory foam mattresses, but not all memory foams are made alike. 

Instead of unhealthy polyurethane foam doused in fire retardants, toxic adhesives and chemicals prone to off gassing, a vegan latex mattress uses 100% natural latex rubber (which is harmlessly tapped from trees much like maple syrup!).

If they aren’t certified natural latex in their entirety, we want to ensure they’re non-toxic and non-off gassing, so instead of counting sheep, we count sustainability certifications to put our weary minds at ease.

For the outer covering, organic cotton is best.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Local, hands-on supply chains usually aid in upholding fair work conditions, safe employment opportunities, and a greater standard of care.

If materials must be sourced farther from the backyard, we choose companies that play a vital and involved role in their sourcing farms and plantations.

Carbon commitments & green business practices:

The fewer carbon transport emissions, or indoor pollutants, the better, hence why we look for smaller supply chains, carbon offsetting efforts, resource reduction plans, and any other ways brands are working to reduce their carbon footprint.

Community & charitable giving:

1% for the Planet members donate 1% of their proceeds to climate-friendly initiatives around the globe, further bettering our planet and providing vegan mattress options.

Beyond that, many of these brands donate to local charities and social enterprises as well.

Final Thoughts On Plant-Based Mattresses

Whether you’re dreaming of a latex mattress with a bounce-back recovery, a memory foam mattress sink-in-and-snooze feel, or a hybrid mattress, there’s one on this list for you.

Or, if a full plant-based mattress isn’t in your budget yet, start with a vegan, organic mattress topper to tide you over.

Sleep takes time (a lot of it), so choosing where to sleep and on which material shouldn’t.

With safe materials made in safe environments, long before they wind up on your bed frame, you’ll be counting (figurative) sheep in no time.

Send sweet dreams and this eco-friendly sleep list full of the best vegan mattresses to the friends of your dreams!

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