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Only Organic For Baby: 7 Non-Toxic Rugs For Nursery Rooms Image by Nestig #nontoxicrugsfornursury #nontoxicnursuryrugs #nontoxicbabyrugs #organicnursuryrugs #nontoxicrugsforbaby #sustainablejungle
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7 Non-Toxic Nursery Rugs: Creating An Organic Baby Room

Shelby Loeppky

Yes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

But where’s the proverb about prioritizing eco-friendly materials without destructive chemicals?

Conventional rugs can contain fibers, chemical treatments, and adhesives that can produce a wide array of harmful respiratory and hormone symptoms.

Non-toxic rugs for nursery rooms solve these issues and provide a safe space for playtime—not to mention help you raise a more zero waste baby.

Don’t lose your head in threads just yet.

We’ve compiled a list of organic and non-toxic baby rugs so you can focus on what matters most.

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The Top Non-Toxic Nursery Rugs For Crawl To Cartwheel

Lorena Canals’ selection of wool and organic cotton nursery rugs are rug-edly adorable, our own toddler has given them a rather well tested (read: many hours of play) stamp of approval.

Tummy time and Toki Mat’s GOTS-certified rugs without any toxic chemicals go hand in hand. 

Don’t let us pull the rug out from under you—head over to the bottom of the article to find out how we chose these organic nursery rug brands.

The Full List Of Non-Toxic Baby Rugs

1. Lorena Canals

Only Organic For Baby: 7 Non-Toxic Rugs For Nursery RoomsImages by Sustainable Jungle#nontoxicrugsfornursury #nontoxicnursuryrugs #nontoxicbabyrugs #organicnursuryrugs #nontoxicrugsforbaby #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Lorena Canals

Price Range: $95–$395

One of our go-to sustainable rug brands for any room, Lorena Canals naturally makes non-toxic nursery rugs that are protective, safe, and decorative. 

The brand believes in using long-lasting, sustainable materials and production practices that don’t impinge on worker’s rights. 

They have a wide range of washable play rugs, like the simple and heartfelt (literally) Puffy Agatha

Or the Veggie Garden featuring small pockets, allowing children to “plant” fabric vegetables, stimulating creative minds as well as adding a splash of color to the room.

But our personal favorite, is the Path of Nature. The land and water carved map, with dynamic peaks and valleys has provided a safe platform for our little boy to explore with a variety of toys. We think it strikes the right balance between of enough visual stimuli while still allowing him to use his own imagination to fill in the details.

Lorena Canals’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Lorena doesn’t use any synthetic materials—whether it’s in their non-toxic rugs for the nursery or any other room in your house.

Instead, they use natural materials like wool and organic cotton. Both fibers are durable and comfortable, with several advantages. 

The wool rugs are flexible, hypoallergenic, fire-resistant, and dirt-repellent. Lorena’s cotton rugs are lightweight and maneuverable, making them a practical option for a kid’s room. 

The best part?

Both of the natural fibers are machine washable.

The machine-washable rugs are dyed with azo-free, non-toxic dyes backed by international standards, including GOTS and OEKO-TEX certifications. This means they’re free of harmful chemicals.

Though non-toxic, these natural dyes are still colorfast and will keep their vibrancy wash after wash. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Lorena founded her own artisan factory in India in 1988, where each rug is handcrafted. Now, she has offices in New York, Barcelona, and New Delhi. 

The company controls the entire manufacturing process, from cotton picking to creation. 

Their factory in India employs more than 170 Fair Trade artisans and advocates for fair trade business practices. 

You can confirm each rug is a one-of-a-kind by the embroidered signature on the back. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Lorena Canals has taken several steps to become a more sustainable business. 

Through the RugCycled® Collection, they give a second life to cotton scraps and use them in new products. 

They are actively introducing new recycled materials like recycled PET and GRS-certified recycled polyester to move towards being waste-free.

Instead of synthetic dyes, their “cone-dyeing” process allows them to conserve up to 75% water while producing vibrant designs. Plus, they recycle the water they use, recovering roughly 75% through local authorities. 

Although there isn’t a 100% clean transportation method, Lorena strives for the least harmful option by selecting sea shipments from India to reduce carbon emissions. 

Additionally, all of the wool or cotton rugs are packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. 

Community & charitable giving:

In 2008, Lorena Canals started the Sakûla Project with inspiration from her daughters. 

The Sakûla Project is a nursery in Northern India that provides over 120 children with a safe space for education, food, and resources. 

2. Toki Mats

Only Organic For Baby: 7 Non-Toxic Rugs For Nursery Rooms Images by Toki #nontoxicrugsfornursury #nontoxicnursuryrugs #nontoxicbabyrugs #organicnursuryrugs #nontoxicrugsforbaby #sustainablejungle
Images by Toki

About Toki Mats

Price Range: $185–$295

Toki Mats took our hearts with their collection of non-toxic rugs for the nursery, perfect for tummy time.

Toki comes from the Hebrew word for sweetheart, matoki. This brand identity shines through every non-toxic rug pad made without any harmful chemicals.

Okay, so technically they’re not rugs. They’re non-toxic play mats, but in many ways that makes them even better because it means you can move your organic rug for baby to whatever room you want.

Options like the Celestial Mat are soft, easy to clean, and portable, making them ideal for playtime and growing children. 

Toki’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Toki’s rugs are made with a fabric cover featuring two zippers and two natural latex foam inserts. 

The covers are available in GOTS-certified organic cotton blended with spandex or OEKO-TEX-certified vegan leather and bamboo jersey. 

The natural dunlop latex foam is OEKO-TEX certified, while the organic option is GOLS certified. 

Both options don’t contain any toxic chemicals and feature designs that are hypoallergenic, self-ventilating, anti-bacterial, and biodegradable. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

All of the natural materials for Toki’s organic rugs are imported from their manufacturing partners in India, Sri Lanka, and China. 

Each product is reviewed for quality assurance, assembled, and shipped from California in the United States. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Toki Mats participates in the United Nations Framework for Climate Change to adopt the UN Sustainability Goals. 

They partner with One Tribe to protect the rainforest with every purchase. Toki makes a contribution to certified conservation partners and indigenous tribes to help fight the climate crisis.

So far, they have protected over 100,000 trees, saved 565 acres of land, stored 31,000 tonnes of carbon, and removed roughly 7,000 cars worth of emissions from the atmosphere. 

Community & charitable giving:

Toki Mats has worked with organizations in the past, like LEAP for Kids, donating a portion of sales from select products to support environmental and social initiatives. 

They also partner with GovX to provide a discount for current and former United States military members, military spouses and dependents, first responders, government employees, and teachers. 

3. Nestig

Only Organic For Baby: 7 Non-Toxic Rugs For Nursery Rooms Images by Nestig #nontoxicrugsfornursury #nontoxicnursuryrugs #nontoxicbabyrugs #organicnursuryrugs #nontoxicrugsforbaby #sustainablejungle
Images by Nestig

About Nestig

Price Range: $249–$499

If you’re in the market for high-end organic cotton nursery rugs, look no further than Nestig.

The brand specializes in nursery supplies like non-toxic cribs, storage, sheets, area rugs, and decorations. 

They have some of the best non-toxic rugs for durability, safety, and comfort. Many options, like the Tiger Rug, have cute, washable designs perfect for growing children. 

Nestig’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Nestig crafts its natural nursery rugs from organic cotton grown locally in Brazil. 

The organic nursery rugs don’t contain any toxic dyes or harsh chemicals.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Nestig partners with small, sustainable, family-owned businesses for their products. 

In addition to using Brazilian grown organic cotton, each rug is hand-loomed in Brazil by artisans who treat, trim, and ship it directly to you. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

One way Nestig helps the environment is through their “just enough model”, where they produce products in small batches to limit excess waste. 

Not all of Nestig’s packaging is sustainable, but their natural rugs are shipped in 100% recyclable and plastic-free materials.

4. Finch & Folk

Only Organic For Baby: 7 Non-Toxic Rugs For Nursery Rooms Images by Finch & Folk #nontoxicrugsfornursury #nontoxicnursuryrugs #nontoxicbabyrugs #organicnursuryrugs #nontoxicrugsforbaby #sustainablejungle
Images by Finch & Folk

About Finch & Folk

Price Range: $40–$160

Launched over a decade ago by founder Rachel McKenzie, Finch & Folk has grown to be one of Australia’s best baby and children’s brands.

They have a vast catalog of toys, muslin wraps, bedding, accessories, blankets, cushions, apparel, jewelry, and organic cotton rugs for the nursery.

With various designs, you can find a play mat that suits your nursery’s aesthetic.

There are classic options, like the Wakul Circle Play Mat in light gray, and more energetic designs, like the gender-neutral Rainbow Rug.

Finch & Folk’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Finch & Folk’s non-toxic kids’ rugs are ethically made from GOTS-certified organic fabrics like wool and organic cotton.

They are much larger than conventional rugs, with an inner layer of chemical-free, washable OEKO-TEX-certified polyester.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Most of Finch & Folk’s chemical-free rugs and organic baby toys are designed in Australia and then ethically made in India following Global Organic Textile Standards. 

Some of the natural fiber rugs are handmade in Australia. 

They hand-pick their suppliers and manufacturing partners, ensuring they adhere to GOTS’ environmental and social responsibilities. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Finch & Folk ships all of its products in eco-friendly packaging. 

5. Makemake Organics

Only Organic For Baby: 7 Non-Toxic Rugs For Nursery Rooms Images by Make Make Organics #nontoxicrugsfornursury #nontoxicnursuryrugs #nontoxicbabyrugs #organicnursuryrugs #nontoxicrugsforbaby #sustainablejungle
Images by Make Make Organics

About Makemake Organics

Price Range: $108

Makemake Organics boasts an extensive catalog of organic baby blankets, sleepwear, playwear, swaddles, bedding, and other nursery essentials. 

Their portable, mat-based non-toxic rugs for babies are a retreat for little feet, made from certified organic materials with minimalist designs. 

The Organic Cotton Quilted Reversible Play Mat has two sides—a colorful design on top and a soft quilted texture on the back. Chunky rugs like this are excellent for providing a little extra entertainment and tactile stimulation during tummy time, crawling, and playtime.

Makemake Organics’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Makemake understands parents care about their children’s health and the health of the planet they will inhabit. 

That’s why they utilize natural fibers certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. The organic cotton shells use azo-free sustainable dyes with OEKO-TEX Certified poly fill batting. 

There aren’t any flame retardants or other toxic chemicals, either. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The Florida-based brand partners with Fair Trade Certified™ manufacturers in India that have a primarily women team. This ensures their partners adhere to rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Makemake Organics ships its natural, non-toxic rugs, swaddles, blankets, and comforters in a reusable draw-string bag made from excess fabric scraps. 

6. Pillobebe

Only Organic For Baby: 7 Non-Toxic Rugs For Nursery Rooms Images by Pillobebe #nontoxicrugsfornursury #nontoxicnursuryrugs #nontoxicbabyrugs #organicnursuryrugs #nontoxicrugsforbaby #sustainablejungle
Images by Pillobebe

About Pillobebe

Price Range: $115–$329

Another maker of portable play mats that allow parents to take their baby-safe nursery rug anywhere and everywhere, Pillobebe found its footing when founders Alex and Lauren learned that most play mats contain cancer-causing formamide foam.

The team became pillow-Picasso, inventing the CorkiMat® and a range of blankets, burping cloths, toys, and other baby essentials.

The CorkiMat® is an OEKO-TEX-certified natural nursery rug featuring a removable organic cotton cover and an anti-slip bottom. Some options aren’t dyed, but every unit contains easy-to-remove inserts made from hypoallergenic polyester.

Pillobebe also carries purely Organic Cotton Play Mats—machine washable rugs with a 100% organic cotton designer print cover and inner batting.

Pillobebe’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Pillobebe is serious about kiddo’s safety and comfort, so they don’t use any formamide, formaldehyde, flame retardants, PU, PVC, BPA, BPS, phthalates, lead, latex, or harmful VOCs. 

Everything is tested by independent laboratories and adheres to CPSC regulations. 

Plus, they use GOTS-certified organic cotton and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified Class 1 textiles—lab tested to be the safest around.

Supply chain & labor practices:

All of Pillobebe’s natural materials are sourced from world-leading suppliers, and everything is handmade in the United States. 

7. Hook & Loom

Only Organic For Baby: 7 Non-Toxic Rugs For Nursery Rooms Images by Hook & Loom #nontoxicrugsfornursury #nontoxicnursuryrugs #nontoxicbabyrugs #organicnursuryrugs #nontoxicrugsforbaby #sustainablejungle
Images by Hook & Loom

About Hook & Loom

Price Range: $9–$1,465

Chemical-free, zero dyes, eco-friendly materials—Hook & Loom is what rug love is made of. 

The company puts the health of the earth and its workers first, using high-quality materials and ethical business practices. 

This non-toxic rug brand has options for every room in the house, in many sizes, deisgns, and organic weave patterns, like loom-hooked, flatweave, and braided. 

However, their organic baby rugs all feature GOTS-certified organic cotton and the loom hooked ones, like the minimalist-chic Ripples Rug, are woven with little loops on the top, which yields a finished product that is extra thick, plush, and springy.

In their words, “they’re born for bare feet”—and baby hands, knees, and tummies, of course.

Hook & Loom’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


One of Hook & Loom’s guiding principles is simple, “No dyes. Ever.” 

This value extends to vegetable-based natural dyes, as they require harsh chemicals and detergents. The organic wool rugs get their color from naturally occurring color variations from different coats. 

They don’t use any flame-retardant chemicals, toxic detergents, pesticides, latex, plastic backings, or finishing sprays, either. 

Instead, their materials include organic wool, recycled cotton, and GOTS-certified organic cotton. 

Some of the recycled accent rugs contain small amounts of polyester. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Hook & Loom is based in Lenox, MA, and ships orders from the neighboring town of Pittsfield. 

Their natural rugs for babies are hand-woven in Haryana, India, outside of New Delhi. 

Not only are their natural nursery rugs non-toxic, but they’re also ethically woven in carefully selected workshops, with dedicated managers who provide fair compensation, dignity, and zero child or forced labor. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Hook & Loom positively contributes to the environment through its use of eco-friendly materials without any chemicals, pesticides, latex, or harmful dyes. 

Additionally, none of the handwoven rugs contain backing or adhesives.

Community & charitable giving:

Despite using organic cotton, Hook & Loom didn’t feel comfortable with using fresh water supplies from critical regions in India.

To remedy this, they partner with Water For People, donating a portion of all sales to provide access to fresh water in India and other regions where clean potable water is needed. 

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Why Choose Non-Toxic & Organic Nursery Rugs?

Babies and young children spend significant time on the floor, playing, crawling, and exploring—making it vital to purchase the highest quality products available.

Most conventional rugs contain plastic, synthetic materials, and dyes that release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. VOCs can pollute indoor air quality, leading to respiratory issues, allergies, skin irritation, and other health concerns.

Conventional play mats can also contain other chemicals, endocrine disruptors, flame retardants, harmful adhesives, and formaldehyde. 

Non-toxic nursery rugs not only contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle but also are better for you and your little one’s health.

Non-toxic baby rugs reduce the exposure to toxins that can affect your child’s overall well-being. 

Plus, they’re typically made with safer materials, like wool rugs and organic cotton rugs, for babies. These natural fibers are less likely to hold allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and pollen. 

Many options are durable and can withstand spills, tears, and the occasional accident. They’re easier to clean and maintain, providing a long-lasting accessory that will grow with your child. 

So, why choose non-toxic rugs for nursery rooms (or really any room)?

Knowing that you’ve created a safe and non-toxic space for your child to play and grow provides peace of mind. There won’t be any concerns about potential exposure to harmful chemicals, eliminating one less worry from your mind.

How We Chose The Best Organic Rugs For The Nursery

Playtime should be a stress-free space where your rugrat can grow and learn.

Unfortunately, synthetic rugs can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dangerous chemicals that can lead to skin, eye, and nose irritation, organ damage, and hormone disruption.

That’s why organic rugs for babies are just as important as other essential baby products that often get more attention, like organic crib mattresses and non-toxic bassinets.

Here are the criteria we used to select these brands for your little one’s comfort.


While we’ll accept a variety of natural and recycled materials for our own adult rugs, when it comes to nursery rugs, non-toxic and natural materials are best. 

And organic cotton rugs for babies are the best of the best, though we also considered organic wool rugs and the occasional bit of synthetic batting (ideally made of recycled materials), so long as it was certified non-toxic and never comes in contact with baby’s skin directly.

Tummy time should be worry-free, so we ensured these natural fibers also contained AZO-free or natural dyes (or zero dyes at all). 

None of the brands contain any harsh chemicals, flame retardants, or VOCs.

If the rugs had a backing, we made sure they were made from natural latex or natural rubber.

Supply chain & labor practices:

None of the fair trade rugs (or otherwise) on our list are pulling the ethical wool over our eyes—we ensured each brand was transparent, had zero child labor, and was made by willing adults in dignified conditions with fair compensation. 

Carbon commitments & green business practices:

Many of the companies on our list develop handmade rugs using traditional techniques. This preserves generational techniques and eliminates the need for equipment with large carbon footprints. 

Other initiatives, like carbon offset programs, renewable energy, and eco-friendly packaging, warmed our soles. 

Community & charitable giving:

Although we understand not all companies can give back, many of the brands on our list snuggle up with other organizations to support environmental and social initiatives. 

Final Thoughts On Natural & Non-Toxic Rugs For Babies

It’s easy to spend a lot of time considering the finer details of our youngster’s developing lives—what they’re eating, wearing, and learning.

But the materials they play on are equally important.

Most synthetic rugs and play mats contain chemicals that may damage a child’s development. Microplastics, harsh dyes, VOCs, finishes, and flame retardants may leech into your little rascal’s body, causing long-term damage.

Non-toxic nursery rugs can mitigate these concerns, allowing playtime to be a fun, stress-free time for learning and new memories.

Do you know someone who’s expecting a new tot or already has a little one running around?

Send them this list of non-toxic baby rugs for eco-friendly tummy time. 

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