9 Best Organic Baby Wipes for Natural, Tiny Tushes Image by Marley’s Monsters #organicbabywipes #naturalbabywipes #bestorganicbabywipes #allnaturalbabywipes #bestbabywipesorganic #sustainablejungle
Image by Marley’s Monsters
9 Best Organic Baby Wipes for Natural, Tiny Tushes Image by Honest.com #organicbabywipes #naturalbabywipes #bestorganicbabywipes #allnaturalbabywipes #bestbabywipesorganic #sustainablejungle
Image by Honest.com

9 Best Organic Baby Wipes For Natural, Tiny Tushes

Dawn Cowles

Welcome to a world of fluffy clouds, giggles, adorable moments—and endless messes that demand organic baby wipes.

Raising a little bundle of joy comes with its fair share of surprises, challenges, and yes, plenty of diaper changes. Ah, the joys of parenthood…

But fear not, dear parents, because there are places where purity meets practicality, and Mother Nature joins forces with modern parenting. 

With the most natural baby wipes in your diaper bag to keep your little one’s delicate skin as soft as a zero waste baby‘s bottom.

So, which baby wipes are non-toxic?

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The Best All-Natural Baby Wipes That Are Green, Clean & Adorably Mean

Let’s kick off with the following top trio for baby bottoms.

Kudos helps you breeze through each diaper change and not stress about wrecking the planet. Its premium water wipes are made using 100% cellulosic fibers from sustainably-managed trees. The only other ingredient is 99% purified water. 

Ecoriginals is stoked to offer parents 100% home compostable wipes made in New Zealand using renewable energy. 

And what are the most organic baby wipes?

Gee, that would be Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop’s 100% organically-grown cotton cloth. These sensitive skin-friendly baby wipes are workhorses that will last for a very long time.

If you’re ready to get down and dirty you can slide all the way to the bottom to find out how we picked each brand of natural baby face wipes and bum wipes.

The Full List of Non-Toxic Baby Wipes

1. Kudos

9 Best Organic Baby Wipes for Natural, Tiny Tushes Images by Kudos #organicbabywipes #naturalbabywipes #bestorganicbabywipes #allnaturalbabywipes #bestbabywipesorganic #sustainablejungle
Images by Kudos

About Kudos

Price Range: $24

Kudos by name, and kudos by nature, Kudos is a company that pulls out the stops when it comes to the best natural baby wipes. 

It’s possibly better known for its range of disposable eco-friendly diapers, but also deserves some recognition for its 100% natural baby wipes that are fully biodegradable.

Kudos’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Using cellulose fibers harvested from sustainably-managed trees, what makes Kudos’ non-toxic baby wipes different is that no harsh chemicals pollute the environment or harm your baby’s delicate skin. 

There’s no plastic, only fibers from sustainably grown wood and during the processing of these gentle wipes, 99% of solvents are recycled. 

Kudos wipes are approved by the Environmental Working Group and contain 99% filtered, purified water that’s been specially formulated to be extra gentle on your baby’s skin. 

The fibers in the product are VEOCEL Lyocell fibers which have been responsibly sourced from sustainably managed forests. 

Their best natural baby wipes have some super skin-friendly natural ingredients, such as plant-based squalane which is an exceptional hydrator, glycerin to keep your baby’s skin super soft, and pyrus malus which is an apple fruit extract that also improves skin’s hydration.

Supply chain & labor practices:

While their diapers are made in Germany, Kudos’ wipes are made in the United States.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Kudos is a BIPOC woman-owned brand on a mission to create a plastic-free future for our children.

While these EWG-certified wipes are compostable and biodegradable, their diapers are not yet—but they have sights set on becoming the first 100% biodegradable diaper brand.

They use sugarcane-based PE packaging and are exploring options with commercial composting facilities to see if their diapers could be accepted.

2. Eco by Naty

9 Best Organic Baby Wipes for Natural, Tiny TushesImages by Eco by Naty#organicbabywipes #naturalbabywipes #bestorganicbabywipes #allnaturalbabywipes #bestbabywipesorganic #sustainablejungle
Images by Eco by Naty

About Eco by Naty

Price Range: $4–$13

Eco by Naty was started in the 1990s by a mother who was horrified by the diaper industry and the unethical practices that had become the norm.

For the protection of her two sons and the planet, she decided to clean up the diaper industry herself.

The majority of Eco by Naty’s products are certified of some of the toughest environmental standards, and the product range has grown from diapers to non-toxic unscented baby wipes, diaper bags, and plant-based potties.

With a deep understanding of a parent’s needs to know what goes on their baby’s skin and in their body, you can be sure Naty have you covered with using the best natural baby wipes for
sensitive skin.

There are also unscented natural flushable baby wipes that are certified Vegan by the European Vegetarian Union and certified by TÃœV AUSTRIA S0490 to be biobased and home compost certified.

Eco by Naty’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The materials used in all these unscented wipes are natural and renewable with 98.5% pure water. 

They are also 100% compostable and made from renewable plant-based resources. 

Fragrance-free and made without chemicals or plastics you can clean your baby’s skin without fear of irritation. Furthermore, the wipes contain calming organic ingredients such as aloe vera leaf juice. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Products are made in Turkey, where Eco by Naty holds their partners to ethical and environmental standards.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

The products might come packaged in plastic pouches, but the packaging can be returned to be recycled via the company’s TerraCycle take-back program

For shipping, products are packed in recycled and recyclable packaging. 

They track their progress and goals in a sustainability report.

3. Ecoriginals

9 Best Organic Baby Wipes for Natural, Tiny Tushes Images by Ecoriginals #organicbabywipes #naturalbabywipes #bestorganicbabywipes #allnaturalbabywipes #bestbabywipesorganic #sustainablejungle
Images by Ecoriginals

About Ecoriginals

Price Range: $25–$150

Ecoriginals is an Australian company run by a husband and wife team. 

As parents who were frustrated with the lack of eco options for their little ones, they felt the only way to get the choices they wanted was to source products of their own.

Available in packs both bulk big and small, they’re perfect for both parents who like to stock up or only need a few disposable wipes here and there.

Ecoriginals’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Ecoriginals has opted for the sustainably sourced bamboo fiber approach for its range of non-toxic soft baby wipes

The 100% bamboo fibers provide the perfect combination of softness and strength, along with other soothing all-natural ingredients, such as organic Manuka honey, organic goat milk, aloe vera extract, and chamomile essential oil

What makes them natural wet wipes is their 99.7% purified New Zealand water. 

The baby wipes are 100% home-compostable, and according to the company’s website, you can expect them to biodegrade within just 3 weeks. However, they are not flushable wipes.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Ecoriginals wipes are manufactured in New Zealand in a facility that operates from 100% renewable energy that’s a combination of hydro stations, solar arrays, and wind farms.

Diapers, on the other hand, are made in China in a facility that recycles all water.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Ecoriginals aims to produce 100% biodegradable products, and they’re working towards linking customers without compost bins with a service option for their biodegradable waste. 

To offset the current impact of its products, Ecoriginals plants one tree, recovers 25 plastic through Plastic Bank (making them plastic neutral), and offsets 10 kg of carbon emissions for every order you place.

4. Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop

9 Best Organic Baby Wipes for Natural, Tiny Tushes Images by Ginas Soft Cloth Shop #organicbabywipes #naturalbabywipes #bestorganicbabywipes #allnaturalbabywipes #bestbabywipesorganic #sustainablejungle
Images by Ginas Soft Cloth Shop

About Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop

Price Range: $10–$11

Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop provides customers with good quality cloth napkins, paper towel alternatives, placemats, table runners, and other table and kitchenware items.

What makes Gina’s all-natural baby wipes better than even organic disposable baby wipes is the fact that they can be used over and over again, either as natural baby face wipes, hand wipes, or bum wipes.

To clean them simply pop them in the washer and dryer along with all your other laundry and they’re ready to use again. 

Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


What is the world’s purest baby wipes material?

That would be 100% organic cotton, just like that used in these GOTS certified soothing organic baby wipes.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Products are manufactured in West Virginia where workers are treated fairly and paid a living wage, offered generous health care benefits, and have excellent working conditions. 

Gina’s cotton is imported from a Fair Trade “Farm to Finishing” Factory, where the workers are paid a living wage and treated fairly.

5. Honest.com

9 Best Organic Baby Wipes for Natural, Tiny Tushes Images by Honest.com #organicbabywipes #naturalbabywipes #bestorganicbabywipes #allnaturalbabywipes #bestbabywipesorganic #sustainablejungle
Images by Honest.com

About Honest.com

Price Range: $1–$45

If the idea of wiping with a clean conscience appeals to you then Honest.com ticks the box. With durable, ultra-thick, gentle, and safe natural baby wipes for sensitive skin.

And now their Clean Conscious™️ Honest wipes are compostable, too.

You can use Honest wipes for all of life’s messes including diaper duty, post sustainable snack time, cleaning dusty plants in your apartment garden, and much more.

Honest.com also offers a range of other organic baby products, including diapers, skin cleansers, hydration creams, moisturizers, diaper rash creams, and bottom wash.

Their products have been physician-tested, and dermatologist tested, but not tested on animals. 

Honest.com’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


How are Honest’s best baby wipes natural?

Several different materials are used, depending on the type you choose, but they consist of either plant-based viscose or 100% sustainably sourced organic cotton, both combined with 99% water.

Because viscose fabric can have some not-so-natural processing, we highly recommend that latter.

With these natural baby wipes, no chemicals are involved, including parabens, alcohol, or 3,500+ other not-so-nice ingredients you commonly find in many other baby care products. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

We’re not sure where Honest wipes are manufactured and will be touching base to inquire.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

They’ve partnered with Plant-My-Tree® to plant 1,000 trees in celebration of its eco-friendly packaging options.

Community & charitable giving:

From the very beginning, Honest.com has partnered with Baby2Baby providing diapers, wipes, and basic essentials to children in at-risk communities across the US. 

Together with its nonprofit partners, Honest.com has donated millions of personal care, feminine care, clean beauty products, and other essentials to individuals and families. 

Over 18,000 hours have been donated by volunteers to help communities via donation drives, beach cleanups, serving meals, and more. 

6. Healthy Baby

9 Best Organic Baby Wipes for Natural, Tiny Tushes Images by Healthy Baby #organicbabywipes #naturalbabywipes #bestorganicbabywipes #allnaturalbabywipes #bestbabywipesorganic #sustainablejungle
Images by Healthy Baby

About Healthy Baby

Price Range: $28–$32

Healthy Baby already has an excellent reputation for their pioneering EWG-verified diapers that are enhanced with organic cotton. 

Following close behind is Healthy Baby’s 100% water and plant-based organic disposable baby wipes that are hypoallergenic and biodegradable. 

Not only that, they’ve also got the potential to clean up some of the biggest messes, thanks to their bigger-than-average size and embossed surface. 

The company was founded by Shazi Visram, owner of a multimillion-dollar organic baby food empire, and an active board member of the Neurological Health Foundation and the Environmental Working Group, so you can trust she knows her stuff when it comes to health and environmental safety.

Healthy Baby’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


When it comes to the best baby wipes, organic is a given, which is why Healthy Baby starts with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton combined with honeysuckle and chamomile (so they’re not unscented wipes, but are fragrance-free).

honeysuckle also has preservative properties, aided by Sodium Benzoate, a plant-based preservative that helps to protect against microorganisms and harmful bacteria in the water wipes.

If preservatives make you crinkle your nose like a dirty diaper, Healthy Baby also offers Dry Wipes made from pure organic cotton with no liquid or formula added. Using these, parents can make their own homemade natural baby wipes using purified water. 

All materials used are third-party tested for safety, the wipes bear EWG-verification and MADE SAFE certification.

Supply chain & labor practices:

This Certified B Corp’s products are responsibly made using solar energy in California.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Products are packaged in paper packaging, and production processes are carbon-neutral.

7. Marley’s Monsters

9 Best Organic Baby Wipes for Natural, Tiny Tushes Images by Marley’s Monsters #organicbabywipes #naturalbabywipes #bestorganicbabywipes #allnaturalbabywipes #bestbabywipesorganic #sustainablejungle
Images by Marley’s Monsters

About Marley’s Monsters

Price Range: $20–$38

With the motto “Live Colorfully, Tread Lightly” Marley’s Monsters can help you reduce your carbon footprint and save trees with their washable and reusable alternative to disposable wipes.

Marley’s UNpaper products are made from high-quality, absorbent cotton flannel. They are designed to be reused over and over again, thereby reducing your waste and saving money.

Add water to the single-play cloth wipes, and you can use them just like any other natural baby wipes for cleaning sticky faces and fingers, washcloths, or even toilet paper. 

Marley’s Monsters’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


With Marley’s Monsters organic wipes, baby bums everywhere are kept safe with 100% unbleached cotton flannel.

Supply chain & labor practices:

From a small, one-man operation based in her house, Sarah has turned her business into a company with over 70 employees that’s been featured by Refinery 29, Forbes, and The View. 

All organic diaper wipes are still handmade in Eugene, Oregon.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Any fabric waste is donated to St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County and ENVIA Fashion where it’s upcycled into new products such as hair accessories, jewelry, and much more. 

In addition to their own waste-reducing practices and packaging that earned them BRING Rethink certified certification, providing cloth reusables to common paper products (like zero waste toilet paper) helps prevent tons of preventable paper waste.

With their reusable paper towels alone, they estimate they’ve presented the use of over 15 million single-use rolls of paper towels,saving 132,796 trees from being harvested for paper production.

8. AsYouStitchBaby

9 Best Organic Baby Wipes for Natural, Tiny Tushes Images by As You Stitch Baby #organicbabywipes #naturalbabywipes #bestorganicbabywipes #allnaturalbabywipes #bestbabywipesorganic #sustainablejungle
Images by As You Stitch Baby

About AsYouStitchBaby

Price Range: $15–$20

What can you use instead of a natural baby wipe? 

Reusable washable cloth wipes are the answer. Use them over and over again, washing them in hot, disinfecting water with natural laundry detergent between uses.

AsYouStitchBaby is an Etsy shop that sells paperless products, including cloth wipes, cloth napkins, burp cloths, paperless towels, and toilet paper. 

AsYouStitchBaby’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


While some of their paperless wipes are conventional cotton, there are pure organic cotton options, if you’re looking to stick to strictly certified organic baby wipes.

These are handmade from one layer of 100% organic cotton flannel, which is gentle on your little one’s skin.

Supply chain & labor practices:

AsYouStitch is a mother-and-daughter team from Nashville, TN. Ali the daughter takes care of the business side of things while mom Lori, does most of the sewing of these handmade organic baby wipes.

If you want to avoid large conglomerates when you’re shopping, this small family operation is doing its bit to keep small businesses in business. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

By selling strictly through Etsy, they guarantee all products are mailed using carbon-neutral shipping.

9. DYPER Inc

9 Best Organic Baby Wipes for Natural, Tiny Tushes Images by DYPER #organicbabywipes #naturalbabywipes #bestorganicbabywipes #allnaturalbabywipes #bestbabywipesorganic #sustainablejungle
Images by DYPER

About DYPER Inc

Price Range: $3–$160

If you couldn’t guess from the name, DYPER Inc’s primary focus is supplying plant-based diapers.

However, they also have a range of training pants, diaper rash cream, wash tablets, shampoo, baby bath, body lotion, and some of the safest non-toxic baby wipes—available in all everything from single bags to bulk boxes and reusable pop-top containers.

The brand came about as a solution to one parent’s problem of finding products that contained no harsh chemicals. Plus, founder Sergio Radovcic wanted to leave a better planet for his three children was another guiding factor.

DYPER’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


DYPER offers 100% bamboo wipes, for bamboo’s naturally hypoallergenic, absorbent, and soft characteristics.

Bamboo fabric has received some bad press in recent years (for sometimes good reason), but theirs is sourced from certified forests, and converted into a usable material using closed-loop systems according to the OEKO-TEX® STeP standard. 

This OEKO-TEX certification also means the all-natural baby wipes are totally non-toxic and are free from alcohol, chlorine, perfumes, latex, lotions, PVC, parabens, TBT, phthalates, and sulfates. Sensitive skin approved!

The bamboo wipes are also 95% bio-based, as certified by USDA BioPreferred.

Supply chain & labor practices:

DYPER is a Certified B Corp, but we’ll be checking directly on where their products are made.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Because diapers aren’t recyclable (though technology is seeking to change), they offer the REDYPER™ program. The service picks up used diapers and wipes and turns them into something useful. It’s currently available in 21 cities across the US and more cities will be joining soon. 

If you don’t live in these 21 cities, they offer a mail-in used diaper recycling program, too.

To date, DYPER has saved more than 10 million pounds of diapers from landfills and turned them into something useful.

Through a partnership with rePurpose Global, they remove plastic from the environment, aiming to be the first plastic-neutral diaper brand.

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Why Choose The Best Organic Baby Wipes?

Let’s first get to the (baby) bottom of a key question: are baby wipes non-toxic?

We’ll let this laundry list of common baby wipe ingredients (mostly preservatives used to keep wet water wipes from molding) answer the question for us:

  • Propylene glycol: A petroleum-based chemical that causes skin irritation and kidney issues, and has a much higher toxicity level in children.
  • Benzalkonium chloride: Used as a preservative and disinfectant in products (particularly wet baby wipes where mold is a concern) and an irritant and contact allergen
  • Parabens: An umbrella term for a category of preservatives linked to cancer, hormone issues, and more.
  • Sodium Benzoate: Another preservative linked the chemical to ADHD and can turn into more toxic benzene when mixed with ascorbic acid.
  • Phenoxyethanol: A preservative linked to skin irritation.
  • Synthetic fragrances: Linked to endocrine disruption (hence why fragrance-free wipes are so important).
  • Polysorbate 20: Alone not a big deal, but it’s often treated with toxic ethylene oxide, and contaminated with 1,4 dioxane, which is linked to organ toxicity and cancer.
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG): As with Polysorbate 20, it’s commonly contaminated with 1,4 dioxane. 
  • Triclosan: A preservative linked to endocrine disruption, immunotoxicity, and allergies, depending on use.

That’s a whole lot of harsh chemicals we can barely pronounce, let alone allow on our baby’s sensitive skin.

No wonder so many parents are looking into their diaper bag and asking, “What do I use instead of baby wipes?

How We Found The Best Natural Baby Wipes

How can you tell which baby wipes are non-toxic? And given the greenwashing involved with terms like “natural” and “non-toxic”, just what are natural baby wipes?

It’s perfectly understandable that you want to know more about what makes baby wipes organic. 

After all, “organic” is a term that can be used for all kinds of products, from organic bassinets and organic crib mattresses, to organic baby skin care and organic baby shampoo.

Here’s the down and dirty on what sustainability boxes these baby wipe brands had to tick to be featured here:


Finding biodegradable baby wipes is one thing, but if you want the absolute safest non-toxic baby wipes, organic is the only way to wipe.

Organic cotton is key here. It uses less water and dangerous pesticides or synthetic fertilizers than more traditional and conventionally grown cotton, meaning baby wipes made from it are better for earth’s sensistive soil and baby’s sensitive skin.

The safest baby wipes will have sustainability certifications to back up their organic claims.

For natural disposable baby wipes, we found lots of options made of semi-synthetic fibers made of plant fibers. For these, we just want to make sure they’re made using non-toxic solvents and that these solvents are recycled in a closed-loop system.

You can also consider developing your own homemade organic baby wipes recipe using the dry cotton clothes offered here. Then just add water, aloe vera, or other natural skin care ingredients you know your baby’s skin responds well to.

Single-use habits can be hard to break but swapping out baby wipes for cloth wipes is a solution that works well for messy faces and fingers, even those dirty little buts. 

Wherever possible, we look for biodegradable wipes, or better yet, compostable wipes. That means the materials can be recycled back into completely organic elements in a short span of time (about 180 days).

Supply chain & labor practices:

We want to raise our kids in a world that’s fair for all, which is why we also want to be sure their wipes are made by fairly treated and paid employees.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

From carbon offset programs for shipping to low waste packaging to renewable energy powered manufacturing, there are many ways a brand can keep their waste and carbon emissions in check—which is critical if we hope to pass a habitable world on to our kids.

Community & charitable giving:

Brands that give back to parents and kids in need (or the environment or world in general) make us feel better about changing dirty diapers.

Final Thoughts On The Best Non-Toxic Baby Wipes

When it comes to baby wipes, going organic is like giving your little one a ticket to nature’s pampering paradise.

Delicately crafted with the purest ingredients from Mother Earth, these natural baby wipe brands will make diaper changes a breeze while keeping your baby’s delicate skin happy and healthy. 

Wave goodbye to synthetic harsh chemicals and say hello to the wonderful world of organic baby wipes, where giggles, freshness, and safe ingredients come together in one soft, gentle swipe. 

Your baby’s tush and Mother Nature will thank you.

In addition to letting your baby’s bottom become a shining example of natural baby care, share this article to fellow parents to encourage more people to embrace the organic baby wipe life.

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