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Image by Sand Snow Linen
9 Organic & Non-Toxic Shower Curtains & Liners To Wash Your Worries Away Image by EasyLinenCrafts #nontoxicshowercurtains #nontoxicshowercurtainliners #organicshowercurtains #bestnontoxicshowercurtains #organiccottonshowercurtains #sustainablejungle
Image by EasyLinenCrafts

9 Safe & Non-Toxic Shower Curtains & Liners To Keep Your Showers Clean

Amber McDaniel

Your bathroom, your au naturale sanctuary, and the last place you want to ponder potential toxins. 

In recent years, people have become far more aware of the latent toxic chemicals found in the most innocuous places in our homes, leading to a push for things like organic bath towels.

But conventional shower curtains—particularly those made with PVC—are some of the most insidious of bathroom essentials. 

By choosing non-toxic shower curtains, you can still enjoy a hot, luxurious shower without the health and environmental concerns.

Besides, creating a zero waste bathroom includes creating a zero toxin one—but what shower curtains are not toxic?

Let’s clean up to find out.

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Our Steamy Selection Of The safest shower curtains & liners

Transform your bathroom into a spa sanctuary thanks to Coyuchi’s elegant, clean, and orgincally certified safe shower curtains.

If soft colors are in your shower’s aesthetic, EasyLinenCrafts offers a beautiful fabric shower curtain selection for any sized tub or shower. Not only are their shower curtains non-toxic, but they’re made via a super localized supply chain in Lithuania.

You won’t need to worry about where your curtain has been with Bean Products 100% hemp shower curtains.

Lather up and head to the bottom of the page to see which materials we’d take a safe shower with, as well as those we’d avoid.

The Full List Of Safe & Non-Toxic Shower Curtain Brands

1. Coyuchi

9 Organic & Non-Toxic Shower Curtains & Liners To Wash Your Worries Away Images by Coyuchi #nontoxicshowercurtains #nontoxicshowercurtainliners #organicshowercurtains #bestnontoxicshowercurtains #organiccottonshowercurtains #sustainablejungle
Images by Coyuchi

Coyuchi’s Certified Organic Cotton Shower Curtains

Price Range: $128–$198

Coyuchi makes bathrooms better—with everything from robes to organic towels and shower curtains.

If you’re looking for an organic cotton shower curtain, you can’t get much better than one made of cotton—and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Coyuchi. 

Theirs are 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, grown and woven in Turkey. 

Choose between a blue or white sheer curtain or opt for the classic clean looks via their Organic Waffle Shower Curtain.

These tight cotton weave shower curtains naturally repel water enough to not need an accompanying waterproof non-toxic shower curtain liner. Just ring out thoroughly once done and let dry.

Coyuchi’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Coyuchi takes sustainable materials to the next level by supporting regenerative agriculture where they can—and recycling textiles where they can’t.

The 2nd Home Program accepts old Coyuchi linens to be transformed into new products—over 44,000 pounds worth so far. 

You might find a recycled, non-toxic shower curtain in their Renewed™ product range.

They’re members of 1% for the Planet (through which they donate to regenerative agriculture projects like Fibershed) and use organic, recycled, and recyclable shipping materials.

2. EasyLinenCrafts

9 Organic & Non-Toxic Shower Curtains & Liners To Wash Your Worries Away Images by EasyLinenCrafts #nontoxicshowercurtains #nontoxicshowercurtainliners #organicshowercurtains #bestnontoxicshowercurtains #organiccottonshowercurtains #sustainablejungle
Images by EasyLinenCrafts

EasyLinenCrafts’ Non-Toxic Waterproof Shower Curtains

Price Range: $75–$155

EasyLinenCrafts makes it easy to clean up yourself and the planet with three options: 100% linen shower curtains, 100% polyester curtains, or one combining the two, with a linen outer and polyester lining.

Since we’re not fans of (even non-toxic) plastic shower curtains and liners, we recommend sticking with the first kind of healthy shower curtains, especially since linen has some degree of naturally water-repellent properties and is quick-drying.

You can choose from grommet or buttonhole hangings and a variety of length and width combinations, or take advantage of their customization offerings if you still can’t find one that fits.

EasyLinenCrafts’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Not to state the obvious, but linen is EasyLinenCrafts’ favorite material—European stonewashed linen with an OEKO-TEX certification, to be exact.

And no wonder, considering they’re from Lithuania, the world’s mecca of flax production.

They embody sustainable production principles by offering only “what people need in the daily routine, which are used not as a constantly changing decoration, but as a long-term investment in a natural product”.

Stonewashing softens the linen naturally without the use of harsh chemicals, and the range of soft pastels and earthy colors are thanks to non-toxic dyes.

3. Bean Products

9 Organic & Non-Toxic Shower Curtains & Liners To Wash Your Worries Away Images by Bean Products #nontoxicshowercurtains #nontoxicshowercurtainliners #organicshowercurtains #bestnontoxicshowercurtains #organiccottonshowercurtains #sustainablejungle
Images by Bean Products

Bean Products’ Linen, Hemp, Or Organic Cotton Shower Curtains

Price Range: $33–$78

Save the planet and your bathroom” with Bean Products.

With four different natural materials on offer, you can find 100% organic hemp shower curtains or those made of undyed cotton, organic cotton, or linen.

They’re processed without bleach or toxic chemicals and come equipped with nickel-plated (i.e. non-rusting) brass grommets.

Since the best non-toxic shower curtain liners are no synthetic liners at all, these natural fabrics dry quickly and will repel enough water to keep your bathroom dry without adding plastic.

If you can’t find a size that fits, contact them for custom options.

Bean Products Ethical & Sustainability Practices

If you’re looking for non-toxic shower curtains made in the USA, Bean has your back. Theirs are made in their own factory in Chicago.

For the hemp shower curtain, some of the hemp is Romanian, while some is domestically-grown.

With each purchase of their eco-friendly yoga mats and more, Bean Products gives back to the planet through organizations like The Hemp Foundation and Trees for the Future.

They help you do so as well by allowing you the option to make your order carbon-neutral upon checkout.

4. Parachute

9 Organic & Non-Toxic Shower Curtains & Liners To Wash Your Worries Away Images by Parachute #nontoxicshowercurtains #nontoxicshowercurtainliners #organicshowercurtains #bestnontoxicshowercurtains #organiccottonshowercurtains #sustainablejungle
Images by Parachute

Parachute’s Non-Toxic Shower Curtains & Liners

Price Range: $24–$109

100% premium Turkish cotton or 100% garment-washed linen are Parachute’s materials of choice in creating some of the best non-vinyl shower curtains.

While the materials aren’t organic, Parachute is OEKO-TEX Standard 100-certified, which means you can sing all day in the shower knowing that their products are free of harmful synthetic materials.  

They also have a 100% polyester liner that is semi-opaque, mildew-resistant, waterproof, and machine washable.

But wait, are polyester shower curtains safe?

They’re not nearly as toxic as PVC shower curtains, but they are still a synthetic fabric, so we encourage you to find a the healthiest shower curtain liner for the planet (or just go liner-less!).

Parachute’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Parachute’s eco-friendly shower curtains are one of their many Climate Neutral products which make for a planet-friendly home. 

They’re made through small partners in either Portugal (linen ones) or Turkey (cotton ones).

The woman-founded company is not only committed to sustainable materials, but circular ones. Their newly launched circularity program has already yielded a recycled down pillow, with more products to follow.

In addition to allocating over half their influencer budget to BIPOC folks, their Home for Dreams Initiative supports black entrepreneurs with training, educational support, and a grant to get their business idea off the ground. 

They also donate to the UN’s Nothing But Nets.

5. Rawganique

9 Organic & Non-Toxic Shower Curtains & Liners To Wash Your Worries AwayImages by Rawganique#nontoxicshowercurtains #nontoxicshowercurtainliners #organicshowercurtains #bestnontoxicshowercurtains #organiccottonshowercurtains #sustainablejungle
Images by Rawganique

Rawganique’s Combination Organic Shower Curtain Liners

Price Range: $55–$130

Rawganique posed a question: what is the safest shower curtain liner?

The answer is nothing at all—which makes their linerless non-plastic curtains the best choice for a clean conscience and body.

Choose between tightly-woven GOTS-certified organic cotton, organic linen, or our favorite, the Hemp Shower Curtain. Because it comes in a whole rainbow of bright or neutral colors (courtesy of sustainable dyes), you can still get the same splash of color for your shower, without worrying about toxic dyes.

Or anything toxic for that matter, since ever Rawganique organic shower liner and curtain combo is free from plastic, PVC, dioxin, VOCs, vinyl, and formaldehyde.

Add their Waterproofing Wax Bar to the mix to give more water repellency in an entirely natural way.

Rawganique’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Rawganique is all-nautral homewares and hemp clothing brand, run by off-grid homesteaders who didn’t settle for just living non-toxic and nautral lives themselves.

They want to help others do the same!

From organic rugs to slippers, they have all the essentials, all made entirely from just those three superstar sustainable fabrics.

Like their raw materials, most of their products come from one alterlier in Europe, though a couple items are made in the USA or Canada.

6. Boll & Branch

9 Organic & Non-Toxic Shower Curtains & Liners To Wash Your Worries Away Images by Boll & Branch #nontoxicshowercurtains #nontoxicshowercurtainliners #organicshowercurtains #bestnontoxicshowercurtains #organiccottonshowercurtains #sustainablejungle
Images by Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch’s Environmentally Friendly Shower Curtains

Price Range: $108

Boll & Branch wants to help wash toxins down the drain.

They offer one kind of healthy shower curtain—the Waffle Shower Curtain in either white or pewter—but it’s all you really need and it’s built to last a long time with proper washing.

Keeping the simplicity train rolling, it’s made of 100% OEKO-TEX and GOTS-certified organic cotton

Boll & Branch’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

They’re one of the best sustainable bedding brands, not least because Boll & Branch’s natural home lineup is vast, including a full bathroom line of bath mats, organic towels, and shower curtains.

They source products from India, Pakistan, and Turkey, from fair trade compliant factories. Parachute pays additional money into community development funds.

Your organic cotton shower curtain liner will come in sustainable packaging and contributes to Boll & Branch’s annual 10% of revenue donation to Direct Relief.

7. Sand Snow Linen

9 Organic & Non-Toxic Shower Curtains & Liners To Wash Your Worries Away Images by Sand Snow Linen #nontoxicshowercurtains #nontoxicshowercurtainliners #organicshowercurtains #bestnontoxicshowercurtains #organiccottonshowercurtains #sustainablejungle
Images by Sand Snow Linen

Sand Snow Linen’s Linen Shower Curtain Range

Price Range: $175–$295

Sand Snow Linen only uses natural linen that’s OEKO-Tex Standard 100-certified.

Choosing linen for their range of shower curtains means you’ll get something fast-drying, durable, anti-static, waterproof, anti-allergic, and antibacterial.

All organic linen shower curtains come with a white, waterproof lining. We’ve reached out to find out what material it’s made of to see if it’s a non-toxic shower curtain liner, but have yet to receive a reply. 

Thankfully, it’s detachable, so you don’t have to use it.

Sand Snow Linen’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Sand Snow Linen comes from the land of linen—Vilnius, Lithuania, where linen is revered for its magical and sustainable traits. 

They’re 100% handmade to order. This eliminates backstock waste and means you can order yours to fit custom dimensions.

Every order on Etsy is powered by 100% renewable energy and shipped with Carbon Neutral shipping.

8. The Citizenry

9 Organic & Non-Toxic Shower Curtains & Liners To Wash Your Worries Away Images by The Citizenry #nontoxicshowercurtains #nontoxicshowercurtainliners #organicshowercurtains #bestnontoxicshowercurtains #organiccottonshowercurtains #sustainablejungle
Images by The Citizenry

The Citizenry’s Non-Toxic Shower Curtains

Price Range: $125–$215

The Citizenry offers three non-toxic shower curtains made of natural materials. 

While the 100% cotton one does not appear to be organic, the 100% linen shower curtain and 100% stonewashed French flax one (AKA also linen) are excellent options for a plant-based curtain grown without chemical inputs.

In various colors, patterns, and hand stitched embellishment, these stylish shower curtains can come alone or as part of a hanging set that includes stainless steel rings and a mold-resistant, machine-washable liner.

Without knowing the materials, we can’t say if it’s a non-toxic shower liner and will be reaching out to inquire.

The Citizenry’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

A sustainable home decor brand committed to a better world, The Citizenry works with artisans abroad, supporting them with livelihood opportunities. 

Each shower curtain is made by one of 32 valued artisans at the Kerala Workshop in India

The Citizenry ensures wages are nearly double that required by their World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) requirement and reinvests an additional 10% of profits into their artisan communities.

9. West Elm

9 Organic & Non-Toxic Shower Curtains & Liners To Wash Your Worries Away Images by West Elm #nontoxicshowercurtains #nontoxicshowercurtainliners #organicshowercurtains #bestnontoxicshowercurtains #organiccottonshowercurtains #sustainablejungle
Images by West Elm

West Elm’s BPA-Free Shower Curtains

Price Range: $40–$198

West Elm has an abundance of options from a variety of brands for you to choose from—and now, each shower curtain material is more or less eco-friendly.

The best healthy shower curtains are those made of 100% GOTS-certified organic or 100% OEKO-TEX certified linen.

If you’re not dead-set on an organic shower curtain liner, they also have 100% cotton ones sourced through their BCI cotton partnership.

A small selection of those by the brand Quiet Town are not certified by GOTS or BCI, but their cotton canvas is grown, milled, and made fully in the USA.

Whether you want simple, waffle weave safe shower curtain, or something fun and printed—like the Abel Macias Squiggle Shower Curtain, courtesy of a collaboration with the local LA BIPOC artist—West Elm will shower you with choices.

They also have a PVC-free EVA vinyl liner.

West Elm’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

West Elm is a well-known name in the world of furniture and home goods. 

They’re actively working to expand their range of sustainable furniture and home goods. 

You can now shop for everything from shower curtains to eco-friendly outdoor furniture that meet certain sustainability criteria: organic, fair trade, locally made, handcrafted, and sustainably sourced.

They’re also increasing USA manufacturing, supporting artisan communities with Fair Trade standards, and training organic farmers.

Fow now, however, most of their shower curtains are made in Fair Trade-certified facilities in Pakistan, China, and India.

West Elm regularly supports charities like the ASPCA, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and the Human Rights Campaign.

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Why Choose A Non-Toxic Shower Curtain?

Whether we’re in and out of the shower in mere minutes, or love a long-time solo shower performance, we should all consider the chemicals we’re exposed to—like polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

According to the U.S Occupational and Health & Safety magazine, PVC shower curtains contain phthalates, organotins, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

You know that “new shower curtain smell”? 

That’s actually some of these toxic shower curtain materials, which can be released into your home causing adverse health effects like respiratory disease, headaches, loss of coordination, liver and kidney damage, and complications for the central nervous system. 

On average, just a single shower curtain can release more than 100 different chemicals, some of which can linger. For example, vinyl curtains off-gassing chemicals like phthalates can continue for months or years, especially when exposed to humidity and heat. 

So what about “non-toxic” PEVA/ EVA shower curtains? Are PEVA shower curtains healthy? Or is PEVA toxic?

While EVA and PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) do not contain vinyl chloride (the compound in PVC that classifies it as a cancer-causing substance), they can still release potentially toxic chemicals over time, just not to the same extent.

For that reason, we would still hesitate to call PEVA shower curtains safe or recommend a PEVA shower curtain liner.

How We Found The Best Non-Toxic Shower Curtains

We’re simple in our desires: We want our showers hot and our shower curtains and liners non-toxic.

Okay, maybe we want a few more things, too, as per our criteria for sustainable and ethical fashion—and after all, aren’t shower curtains just fashion for our bathrooms? 


Safe shower curtains will ideally be made out of natural materials. The more natural (obviously) the better. These include organic cotton, linen, and hemp shower curtain options. 

All three (but the latter two especially) boast natural water-repellent and mildew-resistant abilities, yielding non-toxic waterproof shower curtains without needing a liner—at least enough to stop the spray from soaking your bathroom!

If you’re set on sticking with a type of plastic, polyester BPA-free shower curtain liners or EVA alternatives are better bets (in that order).

We especially want a PVC-free shower curtain, but we also look for those without BPA, phthalates, and other materials that might offgas once hot and steamy.

Susatinability certifications (specifically those that test fabrics for remaining toxins) can help ensure you’re getting a chemical-free shower curtain liner.

Supply chain & green business practices: 

Here are a few things to sing about when you’re lathering up: 

Fair trade pay, recycling programs, support of regenerative agriculture, small supply chains, USA sourcing and manufacturing, carbon offset programs, and support of charities.

Between shower acoustics and the fact that many of these brands do one or more of these things, a shower serenade is completely justified!

Final Thoughts On Safe Shower Curtains & Liners

Let’s make like rubber duckies and float away from toxic shower curtains. 

If we’re cleaning our bodies, why expose them to toxic chemicals like VOCs, plasticizers, and organotins when we don’t have to?

With the help of these safe and natural shower curtains, body wash refills, and the other eco-friendly bathroom products we prioritize, we can have clear skin and a clear conscience. 

We know you’ve overheard your loved one belting out their favorite tunes in the shower, but if you overhear them asking, “Are shower curtains non-toxic?”, be sure to share this article with them.

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