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7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For A Planet Friendly Patio Image by Yardbird #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurntiure #outdoorfurnituresustainable #sustainablejungle
Image by Yardbird

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For A Planet Friendly Patio

Aarron Lopex

The grill is sizzling, the sun is setting, and the fireflies are flickering. The perfect picture, right?It could be miles (or yards) better if it featured sustainable outdoor furniture that’s better for you, your guests, and our collective entertaining area—the planet.

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Sustainable Patio Furniture Brands We Give A Pat(Io) On The Back

SJ tried and tested for comfort, Loll Designs does eco-friendly plastic outdoor furniture right, using recycled plastic that can again be recycled at the end of its life. 

If you prefer hardwood, MasayaCo. features durable teak, natural finishes, a localized supply chain, and seed-to-seat production.

1. Loll Designs

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For A Planet Friendly Patio Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurntiure #outdoorfurnituresustainable #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Loll Designs

Price Range: $125–$6,185

Loll Designs wants to make your backyard a part of the circular economy. They started using recycled post-industrial plastic for building custom municipal skate parks but quickly turned to making outdoor chairs, tables, storage units, and more—all made entirely from post-consumer plastics.

Break out a bar cart when entertaining friends and family, or choose one of their many seating options for a quiet solo sit in your backyard sanctuary.

We personally tested out the Lollygagger Lounge Chair and you can now catch us hanging out in it whenever the weather allows (in fact, we’re sitting in it writing this article right now!). The high back and backward sloped seat is very comfortable, and we especially love the wide armrests that can securely support a laptop, hold beverages, and more.

The weather-proof and fade-resistant material is super sturdy, yet the whole thing is also incredibly easy to assemble. After it arrived on our door in a space-saving flat-pack form, one person was able to completely assemble the chair in well under an hour.

Loll Designs Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Loll Design uses recycled plastic, particularly #2 milk jugs, for which each product uses about eight—totaling over 135 million recycled. You can also recycle it when it’s reached the end of its lifecycle, including the aluminum insets and stainless steel fasteners.

For any that feature Sunbrella upholstery and foam cushions, these aren’t recycled, but Sunbrella is a hard-wearing fabric designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Loll Design purchases all materials and manufactures domestically in the USA. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

88% of products have obtained a Cradle to Cradle SILVER™ certification, and they also recycle over 88% of manufacturing waste at a local recycling plant. The rest is incinerated for the production of electricity. 

Community & charitable giving:

As a member of 1% for the Planet, Loll Design donates 1% of gross sales in the Lollygagger Collection annually to charitable groups. They’ve also played a key role in creating an annual spring clean-up event called Clean Yer Creek.

Also available on Loll Designs

2. The Grainery

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For A Planet Friendly Patio Images by The Grainery #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurntiure #outdoorfurnituresustainable #sustainablejungle
Images by The Grainery

About The Grainery

Price Range: $29–$6,935

The Grainery has everything you need to deck out your backyard—sustainable wood outdoor furniture, antique doors, scrap wood, vintage signs, and other outdoor fixtures.

Most pieces are more decorative than anything, but why not add some class to your yard with the Elegant Swirl Gazebo. Allow some Virginia Creeper to create a canopy over its dome roof, pop your favorite chair or table set in the center, and enjoy your shady summer oasis.

The Grainery’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Most of The Grainery’s selection is second hand, made from various woods and metals. Some pieces are made-to-order, with variations in the material choice. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

TheOldGrainery is based out of Payson, IL, where they have a warehouse full of antiques gathered from estate sales around central Illinois and architectural salvage from local suppliers.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

When you purchase from Etsy, shipping of each item is carbon offset.

3. Emeco

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For A Planet Friendly Patio Images by Emeco #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurntiure #outdoorfurnituresustainable #sustainablejungle
Images by Emeco

About Emeco

Price Range: $340–$4,930

Emeco’s first chair, the 1006 Navy, was built by hand in 1944 from recycled aluminum for Navy warships and tested to last over 150 years. If that’s not sustainable metal outdoor furniture, we don’t know what is.

Emeco still carries its original chair alongside many benches, stools, seats, and storage units— all featuring that timeless quality that’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Putting a modern twist on a classic passtime, the Heritage Recycled Rocking Armchair will let you rock on the front porch just like your grandpa used to, but thanks to cutting-edge sustainable technology.

Emeco’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Roughly 90% of Emeco’s products are made from recycled materials—including recycled aluminum, recycled PET, recycled wood-filled polypropylene, wood, eco-concrete, and reclaimed cork.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Emeco crafts all of its eco outdoor furniture at its factory in Hanover, Pennsylvania, all the way from welding to shipping.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Emeco has a chair-to-chair recycling program, where their recycled plastic and aluminum products can be recycled endlessly. 

They measure their carbon footprint (and that of each product) using a “cradle-to-gate” measurement, and all Emeco products qualify for LEED credits, too, so if used in a commercial setting, they can help buildings obtain LEED certification.

4. Yardbird

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For A Planet Friendly Patio Images by Yardbird #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurntiure #outdoorfurnituresustainable #sustainablejungle
Images by Yardbird

About Yardbird

Price Range: $150–$6,480

Who says trash doesn’t belong in a beautiful backyard?

Not Yardbird, who uses mostly recycled sustainable materials for their affordable, eco-friendly outdoor furniture, including sofa sets, loveseats, sectionals, and tables.

Go big AND go home (and never want to leave it) once you deck out your deck with the comfortable Langdon Outdoor Large Sectional Set, featuring an ultra versatile design that means you can rearrange and reshape as needed.

Yardbird’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


This recycled plastic outdoor furniture brand uses—you guessed it— intercepted ocean plastic from especially susceptible areas in the Philippines. Their wicker sets, for example, are 64% recycled, utilizing HDPE plastic wicker combined with fade-and-water-resistant synthetic Sunbrella fabric and foam.

Any non-recycled frames made from recyclable aluminum or responsibly sourced Indonesian teak wood.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Their sustainable outdoor furniture is crafted one piece at a time with materials sourced directly from suppliers in the USA, Europe, and Asia. 

Final assembly takes place in Vietnam, China, and the US, though they’ve never confirmed their ethical policies with us regarding these factories.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Although they use greener sea freight transportation, it still creates plenty of carbon emissions—which is why Yardbird offsets 100% of its footprint with the carbon offset program carbonfund.org. 

Aside from featuring over 430,000 pounds of reclaimed plastic (in 2022 alone!), most components are again recyclable at end-of-life—though their 10-year frame warranty suggests that won’t be anytime soon.

They’ve also cut the size of their packaging by 30% from the industry standard, 50% of which comes from recycled sources.

5. MasayaCo.

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For A Planet Friendly Patio Images by Masaya & Co #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurntiure #outdoorfurnituresustainable #sustainablejungle
Images by MasayaCo

About MasayaCo.

Price Range: $175–$2,595

To keep your outdoor space looking natural, kick back with MasayaCo’s solid wood chaise loungers, dining tables, end tables, and other seating options.

We use one of their wooden stools in our house, but they have plenty of outdoor utility as well—especially if you’re in need of a temporary potting bench.

Otherwise, take a load off after a long day of gardening in the Verbena Patio Chair, which features a stylish, minimalist design of closely spaced wooden slats that won’t have your bottom hurting by the end of your beer.

MasayaCo.’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


MasayaCo. uses FSC-certified sustainably sourced teak for all products—and often nothing else— finished with natural, low-VOC, and non-toxic outdoor furniture oil.

Woven seating options feature an added handmade polyester manila cord.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

MasayaCo.’s sustainable furniture is entirely produced by hand by 150 artisans in Managua, Nicaragua, which is also where all wood is sourced.

Carbon commitments and green practices: 

MasayaCo supports a seed-to-seat method of production. The company helps to plant hundreds of thousands of trees each year, far more than they harvest. 

Between a localized supply chain, using solar kilns to treat their hardwood, and Made Trade’s carbon-neutral shipping, they bring the natural green to your yard.

Community & charitable giving: 

Founded initially as a reforestation project in Nicaragua, you know trees are essential to this brand. Their overall mission is one of reforestation through their tree farms and donating trees to local communities.

*Also available on Made Trade

6. 86 Vintage

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For A Planet Friendly Patio Images by 86 Vintage #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurntiure #outdoorfurnituresustainable #sustainablejungle
Images by 86 Vintage

About 86 Vintage

Price Range: $10–$27,000

86 Vintage has one of the widest ranges of sustainable garden furniture we’ve seen. 

While it’s more fashionable and less functional on the whole, you’ll find a curated collection of antiques, vintage items, and primitive decor to go along with your garden recycling theme.

Go plant-specific with vintage wire plant stands, or opt for the Folding Metal Garden Bench. Its chic rusted white wire frame would make for the perfect support for climbing plants like Morning Glory.

86 Vintage’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Products are second hand and made from various materials, like wrought iron, steel, pine, and other woods.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Esty offsets the carbon emissions from the shipping and packaging of each item. 

7. West Elm

7 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For A Planet Friendly Patio Images by West Elm #sustainableoutdoorfurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #sustainablepatiofurniture #ecofriendlyoutdoorfurntiure #outdoorfurnituresustainable #sustainablejungle
Images by West Elm

About West Elm

Price Range: $100–$9,096

If you don’t live near one of their 100+ US retailers, West Elm’s website makes shopping for outdoor furniture eco-easy.

Almost 100% of the brand’s in-house product line is designed in the company’s Brooklyn studios, while select items are sourced through ethical brand partners. Not everything is what we would consider eco-friendly patio furniture so be sure to read the materials section carefully.

Start your search with the natural stone and cement Terrazzo Drum Outdoor Round Coffee Table, featuring a safe, water-based finish. Because it’s designed for indoor and outdoor use, you can just move it inside for a little living room flare once backyard BBQ days are gone.

West Elm’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Some of the furniture is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, while wooden furniture is usually made with FSC-certified hardwoods from sustainable forestry-certified sources.

While some of their other furniture uses natural fabrics, most of their outdoor line features yarn-dyed weather-resistant cushions made of synthetic fabrics—so be sure to take care to make them last.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Fair Trade Certified since 2014, 95% of West Elm’s products are designed in-house, but they collaborate with artisan collectives around the world to bring designs to life.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Williams-Sonoma, West Elm’s parent company, aims to be carbon-neutral across its value chain by 2025.

West Elm has helped train more than 550 farmers in more sustainable practices through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

Community & charitable giving:

West Elm has big pockets for charitable endeavors—to the tune of $50+ million donated. Their beneficiaries are numerous, including LGBTQ+ organizations like The Trevor Project and food equality initiatives like No Kid Hungry.

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