Let Plastic Freedom Ring With These 9 Boston Zero Waste Stores Image by Z.E.R.O Refills #zerowastestoreboston #bostonzerowastestores #zerowasteboston #bulkstoresboston #bulkgrocerystoresinbostonma #sustainablejungle
Image by Z.E.R.O Refills

9 Boston Zero Waste Stores Letting Plastic Freedom Ring

Amber McDaniel

You may be a big Red Sox fan, but are you as dedicated in donning your green jersey to cheer on our collective home team?

The Sox may need your support this season, but Mother Earth needs it even more, which is why we’re spilling the baked beans on the zero waste stores Boston offers.

From baseball to Boston thrift stores, his original US city prides itself on being the best and brightest—including when it comes to sustainability.

In fact, Boston is considered one of the Greenest Cities in the US and this list of the best zero waste stores in Boston only reinforces the city’s commitment to keep living in the land of the (plastic) free.

So before you head out for a stroll down the Boston Harborwalk, keep reading to find out if you can stock up on any zero waste products while you’re out.

The Full List Of Zero Waste Stores Boston

Zero Waste & Refill Stores Boston

1. Z.E.R.O Refills

Let Plastic Freedom Ring With These 9 Boston Zero Waste Stores Image by Z.E.R.O Refills #zerowastestoreboston #bostonzerowastestores #zerowasteboston #bulkstoresboston #bulkgrocerystoresinbostonma #sustainablejungle
Image by Z.E.R.O Refills

About Z.E.R.O Refills 

If you’re looking for truly waste free stores in Boston, Z.E.R.O Refills offers a range of simple solutions to some of life’s trickier challenges when it comes to recycling and low waste living.

Namely, by providing recycling services for otherwise hard-to-recycle items, from Brita water purifying filters to coffee capsules and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee bags. 

Considering how much Bostonians love their Dunkin’, that’s a huge waste-saving opportunity alone!

For anything they don’t have a specific bin for, you can add to their TerraCycle All-In-One Box.

They also provide a recycling and donation guide for the area for batteries and electronics, Christmas Trees, clothing and textiles, pet food bags, feed bags, styrofoam, and used toys.

What You Can Find

In addition to zero waste pre-packaged products, you can either bring your own containers or purchase reusable containers there for refills of soap, face wash, and much more.

Their Eco Body Care products are all-natural with no harsh chemicals.

Aside from their refillable products, Z.E.R.O Refills also sells zero waste cleaning products like dishwasher powder, fizzing toilet tablets, bamboo toilet paper, No-Paper Towels, and wool dryer balls.

Location: Cohasset

2. Uvida Shop

Let Plastic Freedom Ring With These 9 Boston Zero Waste Stores Image by Uvida Shop #zerowastestoreboston #bostonzerowastestores #zerowasteboston #bulkstoresboston #bulkgrocerystoresinbostonma #sustainablejungle
Image by Uvida Shop

About Uvida Boston

The “First Zero Waste Store in Boston”, Uvida Shop is a Boston zero waste store, refillery, and plant store all in one—apartment gardening fanatics rejoice!

It was founded by a social entrepreneur named Maria Vasco, who turned winning the UMass Boston’s Entrepreneurship Scholarship into her dream of starting one of the best bulk stores Boston has.

Everything they offer is vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, plastic-free and designed to help people consume more consciously.

What You Can Find

Products on offer include natural laundry detergent tabs, dish soap, hair care, body wash and lotion, toothpaste tablets, teas, skin care, and other household cleaning products.

In the plant department, you’ll find a large range of succulents and houseplants, both common and more rare. If you have a zero waste dog or cat, they offer guidelines on pet safe plants.

Location: Brookline | North End

3. Cleenland

Let Plastic Freedom Ring With These 9 Boston Zero Waste Stores Image by Cleenland #zerowastestoreboston #bostonzerowastestores #zerowasteboston #bulkstoresboston #bulkgrocerystoresinbostonma #sustainablejungle
Image by Cleenland

About Cleenland

Cleenland is a “low-waste, no-shame store” that’s all about empowering small, sustainable steps as you can make them.

Which is perfect, because they’re the only zero waste store Cambridge offers for busy and stressed out Harvard students. No need to add the stress of seeking out zero waste supplies amid all the papers due and upcoming exams to study for.

They’re an inclusive store that stocks products for all types of hair and skin. If they don’t have something you’d like to see, drop a note in their suggestion box.

Because they know you can’t avoid all forms of tricky waste, they offer in-store recycling services for Preserve toothbrushes and razor blades (for your zero waste razor).

What You Can Find 

In addition to “smiles to go around”, Cleenland has a wide selection of low-waste, refillable personal and home care supplies, almost all of which they’ve tried personally and display each ingredient for, which do not include a long list of “no-no ingredients”.

On the refill menu, you can get everything from face masks and bath salts to laundry powder and oxygen bleach.

Their zero waste “for keeps” products include zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars, natural skin care products, every day reusables, and unique items like organic condoms.

Check out more on their comprehensive product list.

Location: Cambridge

4. Good Filling

Let Plastic Freedom Ring With These 9 Boston Zero Waste Stores Image by Good Filling #zerowastestoreboston #bostonzerowastestores #zerowasteboston #bulkstoresboston #bulkgrocerystoresinbostonma #sustainablejungle
Image by Good Filling

About Good Filling

Of all the sustainable stores Boston offers, this might be the most unusual.

That’s because Good Filling isn’t so much an actual waste free shop in Boston as it is a small refill station scattered in various locations around the city, from private stores to public spaces and parks.

While this means their selection is small, the access is unbeatable for the most commonly emptied products. 

Good Filling lets you take a first step toward more sustainable living in a small, stress-free manner.

What You Can Find 

Goodfill’s refill offerings depend on what type of machine is at that location. 

Their home care machines contain hand soap, laundry detergent, and all-purpose cleaning spray from the likes of natural and non-toxic brands like Seventh Generation, Puracy, and The Unscented Company.

Personal care machines offer shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand sanitizer, all for our favorite body wash refill brand, Plaine Products.

You can also look for their Hydration Station drink taps carrying various types of cold brew and tea (just don’t dump it in the harbor!).

Location: Multiple

5. Unpacked Living

Let Plastic Freedom Ring With These 9 Boston Zero Waste Stores Image by @michellespaneddaphotography for Unpacked Living #zerowastestoreboston #bostonzerowastestores #zerowasteboston #bulkstoresboston #bulkgrocerystoresinbostonma #sustainablejungle
Image by @michellespaneddaphotography for Unpacked Living

About Unpacked Living

If you’re looking for some of the best zero waste stores in Massachusetts outside Boston proper, take a little commute north to Unpacked Living.

In addition to an excellent selection of eco-products across a range of aspects of life, they act as a recycling drop service for hard-to-recycle items. 

Items you can bring to Unpacked include Biotrue® ONEday contacts, Burt’s Bees packaging, BIC pens, Stasher silicone bags, and more.

If you just switched to plastic-free food storage containers and are wondering what to do with old Tupperware, you can also give them any Rubbermaid brand containers.

What You Can Find 

Unpacked Living’s refill bar boasts over 60 refillable personal and home cleaning products, like palm oil-free liquid Castile soap in various scents. 

These include some unusual items to find on refill, like refillable cream deodorants.

They charge by the ounce, so you can get as little as you need and encourage you to BYOC.

Refill bar aside, this plastic-free store in Boston offers so many other products for pets, babies, kitchen, and bathroom, all in reusable, compostable, or no packaging whatsoever.

Location: Beverly | Danvers

6. Boston General Store

Let Plastic Freedom Ring With These 9 Boston Zero Waste Stores Image by Boston General Store #zerowastestoreboston #bostonzerowastestores #zerowasteboston #bulkstoresboston #bulkgrocerystoresinbostonma #sustainablejungle
Image by Boston General Store

About Boston General Store

Before plastic was ubiquitous, general stores were a central provider to people’s lives. 

Boston General Store is an apothecary style high-end general store with an eco-bent. They’re an iconic staple in the zero waste Boston scene.

Huge selection of zero and low waste goods aside, local history buffs will love the old-timey feel and their goal to revive the Massachusetts general store scene.

To give more people access to plastic-free shops in Boston, there are two locations of Boston General Store: Brookline and Dedham. They also offer online shopping and shipping.

What You Can Find

At the Boston General Store, you can find refill stations for liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners, sustainable skincare, and cleaning products. 

Among these luxurious sustainable goods, don’t miss the Eucalyptus Steam Cleansing Shower Vapors to clear up stuffy sinuses or just to add some invigorating aromatherapy to your morning shower.

That’s just a sampling of their many products for the bathroom, kitchen, and home. Some of their more assorted inventory includes gifts, stationary, and eco-friendly toys.

Location: Brookline | Dedham

Zero Waste Grocery Stores Boston

7. Supply Bulk Foods

Let Plastic Freedom Ring With These 9 Boston Zero Waste Stores Image by Supply Bulk Foods #zerowastestoreboston #bostonzerowastestores #zerowasteboston #bulkstoresboston #bulkgrocerystoresinbostonma #sustainablejungle
Image by Supply Bulk Foods

About Supply Bulk Foods

Supply Bulk Foods may not be one of the physical bulk stores Boston has, but they are still one of the best zero waste stores in Boston.

Put in your order for bulk food items online, and schedule which location you’d like to pick it up at, with options including other Boston package-free stores on this list like Zero Refills, Cleenland, Unpacked Living, and Uvida. 

The business itself operates out of Commonwealth Kitchen in Boston, which is also a pickup location.

When stocking products, they follow a “local first” philosophy (knowing that’s key to sustainable food systems) and package all orders in compostable wax paper and a commercially compostable bag.

What You Can Find

SBF specializes in dry bulk foodstuffs, including nuts and seeds, dried fruits and vegetables, chocolate, granola, snacks, baking supplies, herbs, spices, tea, coffee, grains, beans, and pasta.

In other words, they stock all the necessary stuff to fill your zero waste kitchen pantry.

Location: Multiple Pickup Locations

8. Cambridge Naturals

Let Plastic Freedom Ring With These 9 Boston Zero Waste Stores Image by Cambridge Naturals #zerowastestoreboston #bostonzerowastestores #zerowasteboston #bulkstoresboston #bulkgrocerystoresinbostonma #sustainablejungle
Image by Cambridge Naturals

About Cambridge Naturals

One of the few bulk grocery stores in Boston, MA, Cambridge Naturals is committed to building a better world, both locally and globally. 

Their curated selection of products are sourced locally, organically, and ethically via fair trade and direct trade channels

They donate a portion of their profits to creating a “more just, equitable and sustainable world” through partnering with businesses owned by people who have been historically-marginalized. 

What You Can Find 

In addition to their iconically huge selection of bulk herbs, Cambridge Naturals offers a small selection of bulk pantry staples to join the rest of their organic, non-GMO, and fair trade grocery products.

While not all plastic-free, they offer a selection of natural body and home care products.

There are select bulk refill options from Common Good, such as laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaner.

Location: Allston | Porter Square

9. Neighborhood Produce

Let Plastic Freedom Ring With These 9 Boston Zero Waste Stores Image by Neighborhood Produce #zerowastestoreboston #bostonzerowastestores #zerowasteboston #bulkstoresboston #bulkgrocerystoresinbostonma #sustainablejungle
Image by Neighborhood Produce

About Neighborhood Produce

Massachusetts has the one negative distinction of being 48th in access to grocery stores.

Neighborhood Produce seeks to change that by providing Boston residents with the freedom (get it?) to shop for sustainable and healthy produce.

They’re not exclusively a bulk food store in Boston, but they offer a wide selection of bagless products and bulk dry goods sections at both locations.

What You Can Find 

Fresh fruits and vegetables make up 65% of the inventory at Neighborhood Produce.

The everyday staples in their bulk section includes things like pasta, rice, tea, spices, and sustainable snacks.

Their Winter Hill location offers about 50 items in bulk while the Ball Square has over 100, as well as a Cleenland satellite location.

Location: Medford | Somerville

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Final Thoughts On Zero Waste Stores Boston

Being Boston Strong means knowing how to believe even when the chips are down—and teetering on the edge of a climate crisis, they’re definitely down. 

But all is not in (B)ruin just yet.

Thankfully, more and more zero waste and bulk stores are popping up in and around Boston and providing opportunities for Massachusetts residents to reduce their personal waste and reduce their carbon footprint on the whole.

If you can’t find the time to patronize these package-free Boston businesses, you can still change the world around us toward a more sustainable future by opting for zero waste online stores over standard big box ones for your daily essentials.

You can also keep the momentum moving and save your friends from wasting time Googling” zero waste stores near me” by passing this list along.

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