You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by Boll & Branch #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows
Image by Boll & Branch
You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by Coyuchi #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows
Image by Coyuchi
You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by Avocado #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows
Image by Avocado

9 Organic Pillows Giving You (And Mother Earth) The Best Beauty Sleep

We don’t want to start a (pillow) fight, but what are you resting your head on for 8+ hours a night?

Not sure? 

Don’t worry, most of us aren’t aware of the flame retardants, perfumes, deodorizers, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fungi, and mold our most intimate bedfellow contains. 

We know, not exactly sleep inducing stuff, especially considering their potential impact on our health: hormone disruption, respiratory problems, and increased risk of cancer. 

Natural sustainable slumber though is possible with non toxic organic pillows like those made by these sleepy brands.

You can fluff up your bed or couch with the organic throw pillows and more from Coyuchi

For organic cotton pillows made in the USA by a brand whose name is synonymous with zero toxic chemicals, White Lotus Home is the place to go. 

Sijo’s tree-based organic materials are dreamy (or should we say tree-my?) and their organic cotton covers ensure your organic pillow will last for yearswhich means they’re also some of the most eco friendly pillows.

As always, we evaluated each brand on a (pillow) case by case basis.

Rest your head here to see what we dreamt the best organic pillow brands would be.

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You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by PlushBeds #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows
Image by PlushBeds

About PlushBeds

PlushBeds equates to handcrafted, organic sleep. 

Their organic mattresses and protectors, affordable linen sheets, and eco friendly comforters have given us peace of mind, and their pillows are just as worthy of good dreams. 

In fact, they call them “luxuriously comfortable, just like nature intended.”

Choose between organic wool or shredded latex pillows, organic down pillows, and memory foam pillows.

PlushBeds’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


They have two organic GOLS certified organic latex pillows, available in solid or shredded latex varieties.

If animal-based organic materials aren’t off the table (err, bed) with you, they make an organic wool pillow (filled with 100% responsibly sourced and cruelty-free wool) and several down pillows (stuffed with RDS certified white goose down).

The down pillows are encased in a 330 thread count 100% cotton sateen pillow cover, but we aren’t sure if this cotton is organic.

We would avoid the memory foam pillows for now because, even though they have a TENCEL™ lyocell mesh cover, we’re not sure what the actual foam is made of, though it is CertiPUR-US® certified.

Supply chain & labor practices:

We’re reaching out to find out where their organic latex is sourced, but we do know that PlushBeds prides itself upon close relationships with producers and farmers. They even do their best to personally meet them. 

They operate their own third-party audited factory in the United States where all their mattresses and certified organic wool pillows are made.

We’ll be confirming with them where the rest of their pillows are made.

Green business practices:

When searching for the best organic pillows on PlushBeds’ website, you’ll be scrolling through a carbon neutral site. That’s because they offset the emissions of their online shop by supporting renewable energy projects. 

Community & charitable giving:

Sleep is good for the mind, and that’s doubly true when your pillow purchase means a contribution to PlushBeds’ Green Scholarships program. The fund allocates tuition money to college students who choose an environmental-related major. 

Available: PlushBeds


You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by Sijo #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows
Image by Sijo

About Sijo

Once you don a pair of Sijo’s soft fair trade pajamas, it’ll only be a matter of time before your head hit’s the pillow.

Thankfully, they have two different organic pillows for when the sandman comes; and organic pillow cover sets, available in an array of solid colors.

Sijo’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


The CLIMA Pillow is Sijo’s signature green pillow, featuring a TENCEL lyocell outer and Talalay latex core.

And for you stomach sleepers out there you want something softer, eucalyptus TENCEL filling makes possible a cruelty-free down pillow alternative. That’s combined with a 100% recycled polyester core for support.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Sijo is a woman and POC-owned business that ensures all products are ethically made in safe spaces in exchange for living wages.

For the CLIMA pillow, that refers to a factory in Shanghai.

Green business practices:

Sijo practices closed loop manufacturing as much as possible to save resources. 

Their organic materials, for example, are processed via dew retting, which saves significant water and energy.

Community & charitable giving:

Sijo works with the Joyful Heart Foundation to assist victims of domestic violence, abuse, and sexual assault.

Available: Sijo


You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by Happsy #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows
Image by Happsy

About Happsy

Here’s the thing (we know we’re beating the same drum here), most of us are sleeping on 100 pounds of petrochemicals. 

Not okay with questionable chemicals and flame retardants, Happsy created natural and non-toxic alternatives… so you can feel (obviously) happsy about your healthy choices. 

Their organic mattress-in-a-box, and one type of organic bed pillow top it all off—literally.

Side sleepers will love the firmness and support of their latex core.

Happsy’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


The Happsy Organic Pillow features an organic latex core wrapped in boric acid-free organic cotton. 

The natural latex core is certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard or FSC/Rainforest Alliance while the organic cotton is certified by GOTS. 

The entire finished products are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard and are also certified MADE SAFE, GREENGUARD Gold, and UL Environment Formaldehyde Free—all attesting to the fact that they’re free of dangerous chemicals

Supply chain & labor practices:

“Excellent wages” are paid to the organic factory workers in Happsy’s US-based factory.

The GOTS organic certification also means the labor practices throughout the ENTIRE supply chain “from farm to finished product” comply to ILO ethical standards.

Green business practices:

Happsy is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and is certified by Green America. 

Community & charitable giving:

As if supporting your neck with natural organic pillows wasn’t enough, they support our planet through their partnership with 1% for the Planet.

Available: Happsy


You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by White Lotus Home #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows
Image by White Lotus Home

About White Lotus Home

The white lotus is a sacred Indian symbol, meaning to grow out from murky waters to reach for the sun

In much the same way, this organic pillow company wants us to do the same, growing away from chemicals and toxins towards enlightening natural products. 

In addition to mattresses, toppers, duvets, bedding), White Lotus Home has many certified organic pillow options.

These include an organic kapok pillow, buckwheat pillow, shredded latex pillow, contour pillows, travel pillows, and upcycled toss pillows.

White Lotus Home’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Rest that pretty little head on nothing but organic materials: cotton, organic buckwheat hulls (blended with organic wool), and organic kapok (which will be GOTS certified organic in the coming years).

They also have a 100% organic cotton pillow made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, available in soft, medium, and firm fills.  

Regardless of the organic fibers for filling, all pillows come with a 100% organic cotton pillow cover.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The organic cotton is grown in Texas, and the organic buckwheat hulls come from New York. The kapok fiber is harvested from fallen Indonesian rainforest trees.

The company has a manufacturing facility located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

Prioritizing quality and fairness, they employ people, product, and business practices that are socially, environmentally, and politically responsible. 

Green business practices:

Not only are White Lotus Home products designed to last, they’re also handmade with additional efforts to cut down on material waste. 

White Lotus Home is a member of Green America and the Organic Trade Association.

Available: White Lotus Home


You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by PureTree  #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows
Image by PureTree

About PureTree

We spend a third of our lives in bed. 

That’s an awfully long time to be breathing in potentially toxic chemicals that are commonly found in standard synthetic pillows.

PureTree can help you breathe easier by using their natural organic pillows.

For a safe night’s sleep, they have a few options: an organic latex pillow, an adjustable organic shredded latex pillow, and an organic latex contour pillow. 

If you know anything about organic latex pillows, they are as firm and supportive as memory foam while also offering breathable, durable, and hypoallergenic properties. They don’t harbor dust mites or mold either. 

PureTree’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


PureTree’s organic materials are few: USDA and GOLS-certified organic natural latex topped with a 100% GOTS certified organic cotton cover (that’s also boric acid free). 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The latex comes from Para rubber trees that grow in South and Southeast Asia. PureTree sources theirs from Sri Lanka. 

It’s produced via a process similar to maple syrup, in which the trees are harmlessly tapped and drained of the latex. 

Community & charitable giving:

With “tree” in their name, are you surprised how this brand gives back?!

For every organic pillow sold, they donate to WorldVision to help families in poverty plant new fruit trees that will support them for years to come. 

Available: PureTree


You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by Coyuchi #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows
Image by Coyuchi

About Coyuchi

With Coyuchi, you can “build your organic home in earth tones.”

No, we’re not just talking about earth-toned colors; we’re talking about nature’s finest fabrics and practices that respect our planet. 

Between fair trade blankets, sustainable robes, eco friendly shower curtains, organic baby blankets and many other home textiles, you can bring the nature-respecting energy of this California based brand into your home.

As for Coyuchi’s answer to your weary head, their organic decorative pillows, throw inserts, lumbar support pillows, a travel neck pillow, and various bed pillows will no doubt give you the rest you need.

Coyuchi’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


For organic materials in their bed pillows, Coyuchi offers an organic latex pillow, an organic latex molded pillow, and an organic shredded latex pillow.

All are made with GOTS and GOLS-certified Dunlop latex and a non-removable organic cotton cover.

They also offer several down pillows that come with a 100% organic cotton cover. 

If you’re looking to dress up some of your own throw pillows, their GOTS-certified organic cotton and GOTS-certified organic linen decorative organic throw pillow covers are worth a look. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

India is where most of their organic cotton comes from. The organic linen is sourced in France, as part of a healthy rotation of crops that includes oats, fava beans, and alfalfa.    

All latex pillows are made in Sri Lanka (near where natural latex is sourced) and workers are supported with fair trade or equivalent conditions.

The down pillows are made in the USA using feathers of ducks raised humanely on a farm in Indiana. This farm is “audited against strict animal-welfare criteria”.

Green business practices:

Circularity is a big deal for Coyuchi, which is why they use entirely compostable materials that can be fully returned to the earth at the end of the pillow’s life. 

It’s also why they have a 2nd Home Take Back Program, where used Coyuchi linens can be renewed, resold, or recycled. 

Community & charitable giving:

Coyuchi considers regenerative agriculture to be one of the best ways to save our planet.

As such, their 1% for the Planet contributions go to the White Buffalo Land Trust and Fibershed, two organizations committed to climate-positive farming and supporting biodiversity.

Available: Coyuchi


You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by Boll & Branch #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows
Image by Boll & Branch

About Boll & Branch

From organic mattress protectors to duvets, we’ve yet to strike out when bowling for eco friendly bedding with Boll & Branch.

That’s “because better choices make a better night’s sleep”, in the words of co-founder Missy Tannen.

They offer a down pillow, a down alternative pillow, and various sized filler pillows for throws and decorative use.

Boll & Branch’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


The pillow inserts come with the choice of two materials.

The down pillow contains responsibly sourced down contained in a 100% organic cotton shell, resulting in a Bluesign® certified non toxic pillow.

While the down alternative pillow isn’t completely organic, it does include PrimaLoft™, a partially recycled, hypoallergenic filling.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Boll & Branch was the first Fair Trade certified linen company and they’ve since provided fair and stable work for nearly 13,000 organic cotton farmers in India.

The fabrics come from globally based textile mills, and all pillows are filled and assembled in the USA (Mason, Ohio, to be exact).

Their down is sourced from an ethically managed US farm.

Green business practices:

As of two years ago, their use of organic cotton has saved 592,923,320 gallons of water.

Your new certified organic pillow will come mailed in FSC-certified recycled and compostable packaging. It’ll also come via either sea or ground shipping to reduce air freight emissions.

Community & charitable giving:

Though Helping From Home, Boll & Branch donates sleep products to disenfranchised groups in need.

Available: Boll & Branch


You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by Avocado #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows
Image by Avocado

About Avocado

Avocado Green Pillow may not have the same ring as Avocado Green Mattress, but Avocado pillows are as e-cozy as their signature eco friendly mattresses and eco friendly bed frames.

Whether you’re a side sleeper who prefers firm memory foam or something plush, Avocado’s organic pillow selection has something for everyone, including a yoga pillow, toddler pillow, kapok filled pillow, and mini travel pillows.

Avocado’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Avocado pillows feature organic materials such as GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic kapok, and wool/mohair comfort layers (vegans options are also available).

Regardless of core, each one features a GOTS certified organic cotton cover.

For yoga and meditation, they offer a buckwheat pillow stuffed with buckwheat hulls.

The award-winning Avocado Green Pillow is also Greenguard Gold certified.

Supply chain & labor practices:

This Certified B Corp makes each certified organic pillow in their own GOTS certified factory in California.

All workers are paid fair wages, provided with family healthcare, and three weeks of paid vacation annually.

Green business practices:

As a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and Climate Neutral certified brand, Avocado minimizes its impact by supporting green projects with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. 

Community & charitable giving:

Not only do they donate money as per their 1% for the Planet membership, they also donate 95% of returned products.

All team members receive paid volunteer days.

Available: Avocado


You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by Snowe #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows
Image by Snowe

About Snowe

Once you’ve dried off and cozied up in their organic towels and organic cotton robes, settle in for the night with Snowe’s organic pillows.

Choose between regular sized or Euro square pillows and three densities to suit your sleep:

  • Stomach sleepers: soft
  • Back sleepers: medium
  • Side sleepers: firm
  • Back and side sleepers (somewhere in between): firm.

Snowe’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


For their down pillow, Snowe uses 750 fill-power RDS-certified white duck down paired with an OEKO-TEX certified cotton.

The down alternative pillow features the same shell but instead has an allergen-free microfiber filling. 

We’re not certain but the “microfiber” filling is likely made of synthetic fabrics, so depending on your personal ethics may want to opt for their ethical down pillow instead.

Supply chain & labor practices:

By manufacturing strictly in the US and Europe (Portugal and Italy), Snowe makes sure they only get in bed with factories that are held to the EU’s strict fair labor standards.

The pillows are made in the USA, at one of America’s only factories using ethically-sourced down.

Green business practices:

Snowe uses packaging that is 100% paper-based and recyclable.

Available: Snowe


Unless you’re dressing up as the marshmallow-esque Goodyear Man for Halloween, pillows aren’t often worn. 

Still, we consider our sustainable fashion criteria (AKA a guide to all things textile) to fill our beds and couches with only the best organic pillows. 


Organic cotton pillows can relieve neck pain and help save our planet. It is one of our all-time favorite sustainable materials after all. 

But certified organic cotton alone isn’t enough. Pair it with supportive organic latex core tapped from rubber trees without harming them and you have a recipe for restful sustainable slumber. 

Some other organic materials we found included organic kapok fiber, ethical merino wool, and responsibly-sourced down feathers.

We obviously sought to keep boric acid, flame retardants, formaldehyde, and heavy metals as far away from our heads as possible and looked for at least one organic certification to ensure it isn’t just greenwashing.

Supply chain and labor practices:

USA-based manufacturing, socially responsible practices, and fair trade conditions really fluffed up these ethical and organic pillows

While some of the brands could stand to be a little more transparent about the details, most provided adequate reassurance that they had the best interests of their workers at heart (and head).

Green business practices:

Organic textiles aren’t the only things that make a green pillow company.

For throw pillows that don’t throw away our planet, we were happy to see carbon-neutral websites, long-lasting organic pillows, and practices that embrace circularity.

Community & charitable giving:

Sometimes we like to bury our head under a pillow to escape the injustices and eco anxiety in this world. But with these brands, we don’t have to, thanks to donations toward the environment and other dream-worthy do-good causes.


Want an impossible challenge? 

Try falling asleep while you’re thinking about the pile of chemicals your head is resting on.  

Actually don’t. 

Rather, invest in quality long-lasting natural organic pillows and know what to do with old pillows you no longer intend on using.

If you do that, you’ll not only guarantee yourself a clear conscience but you’ll also be supporting conscious brands that are focused not only on your health but the health of our planet. 

Know any friends or family that are becoming way too familiar with the periodic table of the elements? Share this guide with them so they too can enjoy a deep healthy sleep.

You don't need to start a (pillow) fight, choose organic pillows to give yourself the best sustainable slumber... Image by SOL Organics #organicpillows #bestorganicpillows #naturalorganicpillows #organiclatexpillows #organicdownpillows

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