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Image by Avocado
7 Organic Dog Beds For Naturally Non-Toxic Dog Day Naps Image by Hemp Organic Life #organicdogbeds #bestorganicdogbeds #organiccottondogbeds #nontoxicdogbeds #nontoxicorthopediadogbeds #naturalorganicdogbeds #sustainablejungle
Image by Hemp Organic Life

7 Organic Dog Beds Promising Natural & Non-Toxic Dog Day Naps

Heather Seely

There are two types of people in this world: people who let their dogs sleep with them and people who don’t. 

While we are big believers that sharing is caring (less is more in the world of low waste living after all), we understand that dogs need their own beds—even if they still end up in yours by morning.

For those zero waste dog day afternoon naps without you, make sure you have as much peace of mind as your pooch by opting for the best organic dog beds.

Wait, can dog beds be toxic?

As sure as dogs like table scraps!

Conventional pet beds are made with toxic chemicals that can have long-lasting effects on your dog’s health. By long-lasting, we mean fur-ever.

Luckily, these non-toxic dog beds are here to save the day, night, and every other spare minute you jealously find Spot snoozing.

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The Doggone Best Non-Toxic Dog Beds

Avocado sets the tone for what a pet bed should look like with natural coconut fiber dog beds that are the only GOTS-certified ones in the world.

For something supportive, Bean Products offers recycled or natural rubber foam dog beds complete with a 100% sniff-safe hemp fabric cover.

Paw your way down to the end of the article to read our eco-friendly pet product criteria we referred to in making this list of healthy, organic dog bed options.

The Full List Of Natural & Non-Toxic Dog Beds

1. Bean Products

7 Organic Dog Beds For Naturally Non-Toxic Dog Day Naps Images by Bean Products #organicdogbeds #bestorganicdogbeds #organiccottondogbeds #nontoxicdogbeds #nontoxicorthopediadogbeds #naturalorganicdogbeds #sustainablejungle
Images by Bean Products

Bean Products’ Organic Toxic-Free Dog Beds

Price Range: $40–$270

If you’re hunting for non-toxic dog beds made in the USA, you might be asking where Bean Products has bean all your life. 

The Chicago-based home goods company features a line of hand-crafted, stylish, AND non-toxic dog beds sure to leave your pup barking with joy. 

They’re stuffed with your filling of choice: organic natural latex or pre-consumer recycled CertiPur Foam

If synthetic foam makes you nervous, know theirs has a GOTS certification and has been lab tested as free of formaldehyde, flame retardants, heavy metals, and other off-gassing chemicals.

Each one comes with an upholstery-grade hemp fabric or certified organic cotton canvas cover, which you can also purchase individually if the dog bed cover wears out (cough-cough, gets chewed up).

It can be custom sized from XXS–XXL and personalized with your dog’s name. 

About Bean Products 

Dog beds aren’t the only Bean Products goods we’re barking about.

They have everything you need for a sustainable home, with developed health and wellness and organic furnishing lines.

From down-dog worthy eco-friendly yoga mats and props to organic dog beds, made-in-the-USA handcrafting is what you’ll get for all Bean Products.

Each purchase helps plant a tree via Trees For The Future.

They also partner with The Hemp Foundation, an organization cultivating hemp to combat global warming, pollution, deforestation, and plastic waste and focusing on supporting indigenous hemp farmers.

2. Avocado

7 Organic Dog Beds For Naturally Non-Toxic Dog Day NapsImages by Avocado#organicdogbeds #bestorganicdogbeds #organiccottondogbeds #nontoxicdogbeds #nontoxicorthopediadogbeds #naturalorganicdogbeds #sustainablejungle
Images by Avocado

Avocado’s Natural Coconut Dog Beds

Price Range: $49–$489

They might not have guacamole, but when it comes to all natural dog beds, Avocado hass a lot to offer. 

Their pet bed range includes the only 100% GOTS-certified organic dog beds in the world.

Rather than polyurethane foam and chemicals, their premium, organic dog beds are made with farm-fresh certified natural latex, certified organic coconut husk, and certified organic cotton. 

The certified organic cotton cover is soft, sweat-absorbing, and removable, making your zero waste laundry routine a walk in the park. 

After all, who wouldn’t win with an organic dog bed that is biodegradable, anti-odor, naturally hypoallergenic, and PETA-approved? 

You can also choose between two sizes, whether you’re a proud Pomeranian parent or need an organic cotton large dog bed for your Saint Bernard.

They also offer a dog bed frame designed to perfectly fit.

About Avocado 

Avocado never fails to impress with their quality products and dedication to sustainability.

Organic pet bed mattresses aside, they’re one of the best sustainable bedding brands for kids and adults, too.

You can sleep almost as well as your pup knowing all of their GREENGUARD Gold-certified mattresses, pillows, and other bedding products are made using a sustainable and ethical “farm-to-bedroom” philosophy.

Their California-based factories are entirely powered by renewable energy, and everything that comes through their doors must meet strict requirements for toxicity and biodegradability. 

Those that operate globally, like in India, are co-owned by Avocado, and held to ILO labor practices and given additional workplace benefits.

The Certified B Corp is the first sustainable mattress brand to become Climate Neutral Certified and currently the only sustainable mattress company with negative carbon emissions thanks to a partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation

One percent of their total revenue is donated to environmental nonprofits via 1% for the Planet.

3. The Futon Shop

7 Organic Dog Beds For Naturally Non-Toxic Dog Day Naps Images by The Futon Shop #organicdogbeds #bestorganicdogbeds #organiccottondogbeds #nontoxicdogbeds #nontoxicorthopediadogbeds #naturalorganicdogbeds #sustainablejungle
Images by The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop’s Organic Wool Dog Beds

Price Range: $111–$253

The Futon Shop makes natural dog beds good enough for humans to sleep on- which makes sense considering that’s their specialty.

Their non-toxic orthopedic dog beds come with the choice of natural virgin wool, organic cotton, natural latex, or coconut fiber filling with a sustainably dyed acrylic fiber or upholstery grade organic cotton dog bed covers.

Depending on what fiber you choose, the beds can be adapted to cater for all your fur babies’ needs.

For example, coconut fiber and organic wool filled dog orthopedic beds are more durable for longevity, while natural latex dog beds are more reflexive for orthopedic support.

Either way, we recommend choosing the certified organic cotton cover over the petroleum-based acrylic one for a truly non-toxic dog bed.

The Futon Shop leaves no dog behind, taking custom size orders for any space, no matter how big or oddly shaped.

As the Paw Patrol would say for readers out there with sustainable kids: no job is too big, no pup is too small.

About The Futon Shop 

The Futon Shop is a natural furniture brand you won’t want to sleep on.

But you will want to literally sleep on their range of farm-to-furniture mattresses and bed frames, all handcrafted with humanely harvested, certified organic, non-GMO materials. 

They promote regenerative agriculture and single-sourcing sourcing practices to reduce their emissions.

No middle man means better prices for farmers and better prices for you.

Many of their products are made from sustainable natural fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, and wool and are combined to make their safe home products in a vertically integrated factory in San Francisco. 

Pollution prevention, reducing chemical exposure, and offsetting carbon are some of the top priorities of the sustainable brand.

They make contributions to various California non-profits supporting wildlife conservation like California Wildlife Foundation and Aquarium of the Pacific via 1% For The Planet.

4. OMI

7 Organic Dog Beds For Naturally Non-Toxic Dog Day Naps Images by OMI #organicdogbeds #bestorganicdogbeds #organiccottondogbeds #nontoxicdogbeds #nontoxicorthopediadogbeds #naturalorganicdogbeds #sustainablejungle
Images by OMI

OMI’s Non-Toxic Dog Beds

Price Range: $59–$289

Oh me, oh my, OMI has a real treat for you and your pooch.

Made with eco-friendly GOTS organic cotton and natural shredded rubber, their natural fiber dog beds are free from polyurethane foam, chemical flame retardants, formaldehyde, anti-fungicides, and pesticide-treated cotton. 

The bed can be purchased with or without a removable case, which is made from stone colored organic cotton

Aside from being a compostable and chemical-free material, an included case upgrades these into the best non-toxic washable dog beds.

Each of their small or large square or one-size round dog beds are GREENGUARD Gold certified and tested to meet the highest standard for low emissions, VOC’s, and pollutants.

About OMI

Organic Mattress Inc., known as OMI, specializes in (you guessed it) organic mattresses for humans and pups alike.

The wellness-inspired brand is America’s first manufacturer of GOTS certified organic mattresses and bedding, with two manufacturing locations in some of the greenest states in the US—California and Colorado. 

Criteria that helped them reach this point include raw material traceability, sustainable farming, responsible social and environmental practices, fair labor, and more. 

Since their raw materials are natural and organic, their products are naturally recyclable or biodegradable.

5. Hemp Organic Life

7 Organic Dog Beds For Naturally Non-Toxic Dog Day Naps Images by Hemp Organic Life #organicdogbeds #bestorganicdogbeds #organiccottondogbeds #nontoxicdogbeds #nontoxicorthopediadogbeds #naturalorganicdogbeds #sustainablejungle
Images by Hemp Organic Life

Hemp Organic Life’s Organic Fabric Hemp Dog Beds

Price Range: $31–$81

Hemp Organic Life sets an exHEMPlery standard for what natural, organic dog beds should look like. 

They have all sorts of customizable pet beds and portable mats made with various combinations of linen, flax, hemp, and ethical wool.

Their natural, non-dyed linen filled dog bed is a fan-favorite due to its natural thermoregulation and odor absorption that keep your pet comfortable and your home smelling great all year long. 

All priced under $100, this is a steal for pet owners on a budget. 

Pair it with one of their Hemp Fiber Dog Blankets to give your pup the ultimate sustainable sleeping experience. 

About Hemp Organic Life

Would you be surprised if we told you that Hemp Organic Life was created by a newborn baby? 

Well, we wouldn’t be lying (sorta.) 

The small home company came to fruition by a mother learning to do best for her newborn daughter by reducing the amount of harmful chemicals in her vicinity. 

Realizing the market for natural and non-toxic products, this non-toxic toxic play mat brand now provides organic hemp and linen fabric mattresses, toppers, cushions, baby textiles, and other home products to like-minded individuals all over the world. 

Each and every order is sewn by hand with love and care from certified organic cotton grown in Ukraine.

6. Rawganique

7 Organic Dog Beds For Naturally Non-Toxic Dog Day Naps Images by Rawganique #organicdogbeds #bestorganicdogbeds #organiccottondogbeds #nontoxicdogbeds #nontoxicorthopediadogbeds #naturalorganicdogbeds #sustainablejungle
Images by Rawganique

Rawganique’s Organic Cotton Dog Beds

Price Range: $72–$361

The dog days will be long gone after a great night’s sleep with Rawganique and their natural fabric dog beds

Their 4” thick organic cotton dog beds are filled with 100% USDA organic cotton free from dioxin, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals.

Not only is the cotton grown in the USA, but the SESAME organic dog bed is ethically handmade in the USA, too.

It is available as a standalone dye-free pillow, or with a sturdy organic cotton cover that comes in 12 different color options. If you prefer to keep it all natural, there are also two neutral, dye-free colors. 

You can also buy the cover separately if replacements are ever needed.

About Rawganique

They’re one of our favorite hemp clothing brands, but that barely scratches the surface (er, itch behind the ear) of Rawganique’s 100% natural fiber product lineup.

The small-scale business creates chemical-free pure organic clothing, footwear, bed, bath, and home products from sustainably sourced, sweat-shop free organic cotton, flax linen, and hemp.

They comb, spin, weave, knit, and sew all products by hand via a team of 50 artisans and partners that come together to create the purest raw textile products available.

When they aren’t making products, the team is busy growing organic sustainable food, raising rescued pet animals, and turning fabric scraps into drawstring mailer bags.

7. Essentia

7 Organic Dog Beds For Naturally Non-Toxic Dog Day Naps Images by Essentia #organicdogbeds #bestorganicdogbeds #organiccottondogbeds #nontoxicdogbeds #nontoxicorthopediadogbeds #naturalorganicdogbeds #sustainablejungle
Images by Essentia

About Essentia’s Natural Latex Dog Beds

Price Range: $165–$259

Essentia has some of the best organic dog beds Canada has to offer. 

Their Kingston Organic Pet Bed is made with a blend of three unique shredded foams designed for maximum pressure relief, breathability, and durability. 

The Essentia Beyond organic latex foam—made from hevea milk, essential oils, natural plant extracts, and water—is what makes this organic dog bed the pick of the litter. 

It doesn’t contain latex proteins that typically trigger allergies and is impervious to dust mites, so your pup will never have to worry about a ruff night’s sleep again. 

About Essentia

Essentia will have you barking up the right tree for organic mattresses. 

They believe sleep is the foundation and wellness of happiness, meaning they use only non-toxic, certified organic ingredients and vegan technology.

Aside from dog beds, organic offerings from Essentia include human mattresses, toppers, and pillows.

Every product is handmade with care in their GOLS and GOTS-certified organic factory in Canada. 

The same factory manages the Essentia Betterhood program, a national initiative that partners with charities focused on creating safe homes for the vulnerable, like Habitat for Humanity and Northern Hope Dog Rescue

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Why Choose An Organic Dog Bed?

You’d be barking mad not to choose organic after we tell you the truth about conventional dog beds. 

Studies from the Environmental Working Group found that American pets were contaminated with 48 of 70 industrial chemicals, including 43 chemicals at higher levels than found in humans. 

These include perfluorochemicalsflame retardants, formaldehyde, phthalates, and PBDE—all known carcinogens and neurotoxins that have been linked to a number of health risks including neurological damage, hormone disruption, and death. 

When it comes to chemical exposures, dog beds aren’t the only chemical contenders. Toys and food are up there, too—which is why we recommend switching to only natural pet products, like eco-friendly dog toys and sustainable dog food.

However, considering how much time dogs spend in their beds, you can greatly minimize exposure to chemicals like lead, bromine, and even arsenic by opting away from conventional dog beds.

What about allergies? Can dog beds cause allergies?

Between the chemicals used in manufacturing and the fact that many fabrics facilitate the growth and accumulation of dust mites, mold, mildew and bacteria, yes, pet beds are thought to be a key cause in many pet allergy cases.

How We Chose The Best Organic Dog Beds

Who’s a good boy (er, brand)?

More importantly, how did we figure it out?

In order to find tail-wagging organic dog bed brands, we used our sustainable and ethical fashion criteria to make sure we weren’t barking up the wrong tree.


It should come as no surprise that we are looking for organic and certified organic materials here.

Conventional cotton and latex may be natural fibers, but they are also typically treated with a number of pesticides that you won’t find in organic cotton or organic latex, in the case of those organic memory foam dog beds.

Hemp fabric and linen are other sustainable fabrics that are grown with little to no chemical inputs and lead to compostable and biodegradable pet beds.

This goes for both the filling and the dog bed covers.

Supply chain & labor practices:

We support businesses that support basic human rights by treating their workers fairly, giving them a safe workplace, and paying a living wage.

Manufacturing certifications can help assure us we’re not falling victim to greenwashing, but just like no dog is an angel 100% of the time, they’re not infallible.

That’s why we look for transparency and where and how products are made, too.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

We also prefer products that are made locally by hand, as they have reduced carbon emission.

More ways a doggone good brand can support the environment is by sourcing raw, organic materials from regenerative farms, using renewable energy to reduce carbon, and using carbon offset programs to counteract that which they do produce.

Community & charitable giving:

How a company chooses to use their power speaks great volumes to us. We love companies who donate part of their proceeds to organizations that matter to them. 

Bonus points if those nonprofits support conservation or animal welfare.

Final Thoughts On Natural & Organic Dog Beds

We may not all agree on where our dogs should sleep at night, but we can all agree on this: dogs truly are man’s best friend. 

You’d never let your best friend sleep in toxic chemicals, would you? 

Before you go tossing away that old dog bed, read our blog about proper mattress recycling

After that, spoil your pooch with one of these non-toxic dog beds to give them (and yourself) a better, healthier night’s sleep.

If you can’t find the right fit on this list, check out some other eco-friendly dog beds that might do the trick.

Feel free to share this list with your fellow sustainable dog owners next time you’re at the park and leave a comment to let us know which non-toxic dog bed has you leashed.

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