9 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet Image by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlydogtoys #ecofriendlydogchewtoys #sustainabledogtoys #mostdurablesustainabledogtoys #ecofriendlypettoys #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
9 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet Image by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlydogtoys #ecofriendlydogchewtoys #sustainabledogtoys #mostdurablesustainabledogtoys #ecofriendlypettoys #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

9 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet

If you’re looking for something to chew on, how about the idea of switching to eco-friendly dog toys?

Don’t let those puppy dog eyes, soft fur, and wagging tail fool you, even the cutest pup can chew through most plastic toys (and space in our landfills).

As one of our features suggests, an estimated 634 million dog toys make their way into the trash each year in the US. Unbelievably, the estimated number of pet dogs is approximately 80 million

That’s an outrageous ratio of disposable, cheap plastic toys filling our landfills yearly per pup. 

Whether your pooch hangs out at home during the day or holds an important job, we love to see them treated with dog toys made from recycled plastic or natural materials.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Our Top Three Eco-Friendly Pet Toy Picks For Your Pooch

If you’re welcoming home a fur friend or updating your current pet product supply, The Kind Pet helps you make sustainable choices with its wide range of zero waste dog products—including some of the most durable dog toys we’ve personally put to the test with our pups.

We know each dog has its own personality, West Paw celebrates that with a wide range of eco-friendly floating dog toys that can be recycled while partial profits fund pet-friendly projects in their locale.  

Tug & Go’s tough recycled dog toys made from otherwise wasted materials like old fire hoses help to douse the flames of a plastic-filled toy industry. 

Finding the best dog toy brands took more than a little begging and belly rubs. To learn how we did it, dig down to the bones at the bottom.

The Full List Of Recycled & Organic Dog Toys

1. The Kind Pet

9 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlydogtoys #ecofriendlydogchewtoys #sustainabledogtoys #mostdurablesustainabledogtoys #ecofriendlypettoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

The Kind Pet’s All-Natural Dog Toys

Price Range: $10–$24 (Discounts available until August 1)

The Kind Pet is kind to pet owners by sourcing products from the most sustainable brands, so you don’t have to sacrifice hours finding a sustainable option.

Whether you’re searching for a cork dog harness, an organic dog paw salve, or sustainable dog treats (with recyclable packaging), The Kind Pet has you covered. 

Each option on their site comes complete with a “Sustainability” and sourcing tab that clarifies the end-of-life option per product. 

The Hemp Dog Bone, which we got the chance to demo, was a perfect toy for our aging Shepherd who still likes to chew, though her teeth require a softer option. Made of durable hemp canvas, organic cotton filling, thread, and label, after this bone is well chewed (it’s holding up to daily chomps!) it is 100% compostable, so will go right into our garden heap. 

Companies using all natural materials means an all natural end, and that gets our tails wagging. 

If you’re looking for eco-friendly tough dog toys for big dogs, bite into the Better Bone.

It had its work cut out for it with our 11-month-old Australian Cattle Dog who tends to eat everything but a bone. 

It’s made of PEFC sustainable forestry certified wood flour and renewable sugarcane oil, is safe for aggressive chewers and doesn’t splinter. Toss it in a kennel for quiet time, and you’ve bought yourself (and your chair leg) some time. 

About The Kind Pet

Even if your dog muddies their water, The Kind Pet remains crystal clear in its values

Creators Jennifer and Laura strive to lower their environmental impact by choosing brands with recyclable, organic, or low-waste (to name a few) options.

This woman-owned small business knows the value of supporting the people behind the pets. It seeks out other small businesses (many women or BIPOC-owned) with sustainability in mind. 

Each shipment is packed using 40% recycled cardboard and water-based adhesive tape. 

The Kind Pet operates a carbon-neutral warehouse, but make no (dog) bones about it, the Kind Pet enables buyers to further their carbon offset with the EcoCart option at checkout.

2. West Paw

9 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlydogtoys #ecofriendlydogchewtoys #sustainabledogtoys #mostdurablesustainabledogtoys #ecofriendlypettoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

West Paw’s Recycled Plastic Dog Toys

Price Range: $8–$37

Knowing which chew, chomp, chase, or thinking game your dog needs is imperative to enjoying the dog days of summer (or any other season).

Each of West Paw’s durable dog toys are made with a specific type of play in mind–whether your dog likes to toss, tug, or think.

West Paw’s entire collection is BPA and Latex Free, so even if Spot slobbers on their Jive Dog Ball all day long, they won’t be ingesting any harmful chemicals.

And because they’re dishwasher safe, you can clean them with less yuck factor.

If your playful pooch has destroyed every plush, polyester fiber-filled stuffy, you’re not alone. 

Their Rowdies with HardyTex and reinforced mesh are durable plushies, built to keep the IntelliLoft filling made of recycled plastic bottles inside. 

Our demo of the Rowdies was, well, rowdy. Shared between two dogs, tossed, tugged and tussled with, the toy remained intact for quite some time. Long after the stuffing was lovingly extracted, the reinforced mesh held on. 

With the Hurley, it was an all-out dog free for all! Jumping, chasing, tugging, and tossed in the water, Hurley tagged along. Its durable Zogoflex material has stood the test of time with our chewiest chewer.   

When ready to be retired, the ZogoFlex material can be chewed up (by a machine this time) and re-made into new recycled dog toys with their Join The Loop program. 

About West Paw

West Paw knows dogs are determined to chew up even their most prized possession, so they back all products with the Love It Guarantee. 

This Certified B Corp has our tails wagging with over 70 tons of recycled materials and supporting local initiatives like building the largest dog park in their Bozeman, Montana home. 

Partaking in their local Fix It Up Festival, and matching miles for the Gallatin Valley Land Trust Trails Challenge means no pup or partner is left behind.

3. Tug & Go

9 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet Images by Tug & Go #ecofriendlydogtoys #ecofriendlydogchewtoys #sustainabledogtoys #mostdurablesustainabledogtoys #ecofriendlypettoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Tug & Go

Tug & Go’s Recycled Fire Hose Dog Toys

Price Range: $10–$30

Fire tested and pet approved, Tug & Go—or TAGdogtoys as you’ll find them on Etsy—specializes in “industrial strength dog toys”.

What does that mean?

It means tuggable hoops, stuffed toys, chew toys, and durable squeaky dog toys made from repurposed fire hoses, yielding some of the most durable eco-friendly dog toys around.

Seriously, who thought fire hoses could become a tuggable frisbee?!

Each hose is thoroughly sanitized, sewn with US-resistant thread, and sometimes combined with cotton rope, upcycled seat belt webbing, and occasionally leather.

About Tug & Go

Tug & Go is “helping owners become the heroes their pets deserve”.

Speaking of heroes, they were founded by Shannon Blair, a former US Army Arctic paratrooper and currently a working Boston firefighter and EMT.

These American-made dog toys are handcrafted by Shannon himself.

For each purchase, 10% goes directly to the Sato Project, which rescues abandoned dogs in one of Puerto Rico’s poorest regions.

4. Beco Pets

9 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet Images by Beco Pets #ecofriendlydogtoys #ecofriendlydogchewtoys #sustainabledogtoys #mostdurablesustainabledogtoys #ecofriendlypettoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Beco Pets

Beco Pets’ Eco-Friendly Dog Toys UK

Price Range: $6–$23

Sometimes it’s hard to find sustainable dog toys for rough chewers, but you won’t be chasing your tail for long, because Beco Pets can make any dog bark for joy.

Their non-toxic range will satisfy any pooch (and their caring human). 

For plastic-free, pet safe dog toys, they offer durable options made of sustainably tapped natural rubber.

If you don’t mind recycled plastic dog toys, their squeak toys feature about 15 plastic bottles, cleaning up ocean pollution, one game of fetch at a time. 

Most sustainable are their organic hemp dog toys, like the Hemp Ring, which is perfect for multi-dog tug-o-war games.

About Beco Pets

Animal-lovers and friends Toby and George got the urge to create this UK eco-friendly dog toy brand by thinking about… bamboo chopstick waste (obviously).

This bamboo pet product maker began with the goal of reducing chopstick waste by making dog bowls from byproducts of the bamboo chopstick industry.

They now make eco-friendly dog food to fill their bowls with, as well eco dog toys—all made from non-toxic and BPA-free materials like cotton, bamboo, rice husk, food-grade silicone, and recycled plastic bottles. 

The Sustainable Pet Coalition continued begging for more, and so they regularly contribute funds to animal and environment-focused charity groups like Dogs on the Street and the Marine Conservation Society.

Products are made in China in ethically supervised facilities.

5. BarkerFun

9 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlydogtoys #ecofriendlydogchewtoys #sustainabledogtoys #mostdurablesustainabledogtoys #ecofriendlypettoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

BarkerFun’s Non-Toxic Dog Chew Toy Holder

Price Range: $249

Even top-of-the-line biodegradable dog toys made out of recycled materials get slobbery, lost and could pose a choking hazard for young, overzealous puppies. 

Enter BarkerFun’s Treat Clincher.

This sturdy, cinch-able mount made of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum and stainless steel keeps the tastiest bones off the ground and away from harmful bacteria. 

We were able to test the Treach Clincher out on our own energized furballs, and by combining play (as they work to release the bone, to no avail) with a boredom-busting workout, the Treat Clincher is now a staple on our dog adventures.

We carted our Treat Clincher to the beach, the park, and it even kept a busy-bodied Australian Cattle Dog content in the garden. 

As an added bonus (especially as a raw-feeding household), stuffing the Zilla Dog Food Container full of pet food or tasty treats that lock into the Treat Clincher provides hours of entertainment.     

About BarkerFun  

Better late than never is the sentiment owners Susan and Jim Mravca lived by when it came to getting their first pup, Lucy, later in their adult life. 

After a close-call choking accident and worn-out pliers from holding a dog bone securely in place, so Lucy could chew, they developed a toy that keeps the dog’s busy while freeing up time for dog owners.

Winner of the Good Design award, the Treat Clincher has a 10-year warranty as BarkerFun makes products built to last.

6. Purrfect Play

9 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet Images by Purrfect Play #ecofriendlydogtoys #ecofriendlydogchewtoys #sustainabledogtoys #mostdurablesustainabledogtoys #ecofriendlypettoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Purrfect Play

Purrfect Play’s Organic Dog Toys Made In The USA

Price Range: $7–$32

Purrfect Play prioritizes purrfectly natural toys for cats, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any eco-friendly soft dog toys suitable for their canine counterparts.

Their organic dog chew toys include “wooftastic” large and small squeaky toys made from natural hemp canvas, organic cotton stuffing, and an optional squeaker—which you might consider leaving out, and not just because it’s made with plastic. 

Looking at reviews, these are some of the most durable eco-friendly dog toys out there. 

As a healthier alternative to tennis balls (which are treated with fungicide – beware), the Bouncy Solid Wool Balls are durable, washable, and compostable in the end. 

About Purrfect Play

Purrfect Play founder Pam decided that she wasn’t a big fan of plastic play toys that came from China. After all, don’t animals prefer natural textures and scents? 

To test her theory, she started producing organic dog toys not made in China, but in an Indiana workshop.

Purrfect Play also offsets their carbon footprint through a local land preservation fund, are proud members of Green America and American Made Matters, and they’re members of their local environmental council.

As the proverbial squeaky cherry on top, they donate 5% of sales to no-kill animal rescue organizations.


9 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet Images by Kong #ecofriendlydogtoys #ecofriendlydogchewtoys #sustainabledogtoys #mostdurablesustainabledogtoys #ecofriendlypettoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Kong

KONG’s Eco-Friendly Dog Chew Toys 

Price Range: $7–$29

KONG is the king of the most durable eco-friendly dog toys

They make nearly any toy you could imagine—ropes, bones, puppy toys, antlers, and treat-stuffable chew toys.

You can search for a toy to meet specific criteria, like type of play, features, age of dog, and material.

We like the last function because KONG has both durable sustainable dog toys as well as those that aren’t as Earth-friendly.

If you need sustainable dog toys for tough chewers, bite into the Extreme KONG, made from only the toughest USA natural rubber. 

For those that want to give toys in the form of time-consuming treats, the Classic and Extreme can be stuffed with treats. 

They also sell wild Grade-A elk antlers that have been naturally shed, so no elk are harmed. 

They also have polyester plush toys, tennis balls covered in a scratchy felt fabric, and PolyTuff toys that are made from undisclosed materials.

We would steer clear of these as far as “good boy toys” go.

About KONG

The origins of KONG take us way back…like 40 years back.

Founder Joe Markham had a deep love for his furry friend Fritz, but wasn’t a fan of his destructive ways. When Fritz turned to destroying sticks and rocks, Joe wanted to find something better for him and his teeth. 

In a strange turn of events, he noticed Fritz enjoyed chewing a rubber part from his Volkswagen Bus—and the Classic KONG was born. 

While it appears their goal is not to be the most eco-friendly dog toy brand out there, the durability speaks volumes. Your pup could spend years chewing without a KONG alternative replacement.

8. Ware Of The Dog

9 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet Images by Ware of the Dog #ecofriendlydogtoys #ecofriendlydogchewtoys #sustainabledogtoys #mostdurablesustainabledogtoys #ecofriendlypettoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Ware of the Dog

Ware Of The Dog’s Eco-Friendly Stuffed Dog Toys

Price Range: $15–$24

Ware of the Dog’s hand-crocheted dog toys are not made for serious chewers, but they take the award for most adorable.

So adorable in fact that it might be difficult watching these toys get destroyed by your pup. Perhaps these would be better suited as sustainable dog toys for poodles and other small breeds…

Even if it doesn’t last long, you can feel good about cleaning up its remnants, since these eco-friendly natural dog toys are made with either 100% recycled cotton t-shirt yarn, 100% organic cotton, or lambswool.

That means they’re swallow-safe and fully compostable, down to the natural Swiss dyes with OEKO-TEX certification

About Ware of the Dog

Ware of the Dog is a luxury dog brand started by NYC-based Jackie Rosenthal.

Their toys, bowls, leashes, and collars all come from fair trade artisans and craftspeople in countries like Turkey and Nepal.

Ware’s wares are shipped in recycled and recyclable packaging.

9. Pawsome Pet Toys

9 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet Images by Pawsome #ecofriendlydogtoys #ecofriendlydogchewtoys #sustainabledogtoys #mostdurablesustainabledogtoys #ecofriendlypettoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Pawsome

Pawsome Pet Toys’s Natural Toys For Dogs

Price Range: $4–$35

Hemp fabric is the basis of all of Pawesome Pet Toys’ non-plastic, BPA-free dog toys.

Why hemp?

Because it’s antibacterial, mold resistant, UV-resistant, good for dogs’ teeth, durable, and, most importantly, grown without toxins and herbicides—making for some of the most sustainable dog toys.

From heavy-duty tug toys to snuggly wool bones, Pawsome makes sustainable dog toys for Labradors to chihuahuas and every breed in between.

You’ll find hemp rope and hemp canvas in most products, with stuffed toys featuring additional natural, locally sourced wool stuffing.

If your dog’s breath is anything but playful, check out their natural deer horn chews and toys, ethically sourced post-shed from a local wild deer garden.

About Pawsome Pet Toys

Pawesome Pet Toys is a Latvian-based eco-friendly dog toy brand with a global customer-base.

Their 100% natural, sustainable pet products also features cat toys, collars (including tick repellant ones), leashes, chews, and cat scratchers.

Everything is plastic-free and handmade in Europe using materials sourced there.

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How We Found The Best Natural Or Recycled Dog Toys

We haven’t gone barking mad or anything, but we have spent a considerable amount of time digging through the dirt here.

By which we mean, the dirty world of plastic plushies and toxic tug toys.

Here’s what we sniff out when looking at eco-friendly pet products—which includes everything from bamboo dog collars to sustainable dog toys.


Much like we did for organic dog beds, we looked for the same sustainable fabrics we like to wear (or sleep on / in). If we don’t want toxic plastic in our wardrobes, we certainly don’t want it in our best friend’s mouth.

First and foremost, that means (ideally organic) non-toxic dog toys featuring materials like wool, organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, recycled plastic, and natural rubber.

Second to those are dog toys made from recycled materials like plastic, as long as they’re BPA-free.

It’s worth noting to seek durable materials (i.e. natural rubber, hemp, and recycled fire hoses) since the most durable sustainable dog toys are also just the most sustainable dog toys.

This is especially important if you have bigger, chew-heavy breeds and seek sustainable dog toys for pitbulls or golden retrievers and the like.

Supply chain & labor practices:

We might not always associate a dog toy with the social issues that enumerate product manufacturing these days, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Finding ethical dog toys that are not just sustainable but ethical was important, too.

These green dog toy brands are getting the ball rolling for other companies to follow suit by keeping their manufacturing local (many in the USA) and supporting their workers with fair work conditions and fair pay. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

The best eco-friendly dog toy brands really run the extra mile for the planet, whether through offsetting carbon emissions or implementing a recycling program for old toys.

Community & charitable giving:

Our precious pup might not always give that rope back when playing fetch, but we’re happy to see that many brands are giving back to their local communities. 

Finding shreds of hemp toys scattered around the house is a much better experience when you know that your new purchase will help support an animal, social, or environmental organization. 

Final Thoughts On Sustainable Dog Toys

Whether your pet is a prize winning poodle, working sheepdog, or couch cuddler, the responsibility lies (on the couch) and with you to keep your dogs healthy and active. 

What better way to do so than with organic toys for dogs that’s easy on their teeth and the planet. 

From fuzzy-wuzzies to toys for tough chewers, we’ll toss you a bone by releasing this detailed list of eco-friendly dog toys.

If you’ve woof-ed down this article, and are looking to spice up your playtime sustainably, share it with the other pooch parents in your life needing reliable (and tested!) sustainable dog toys.

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