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Image by Finn & Emma
8 Organic & Non-Toxic Bassinets For A Safer Baby Snooze Image by Monte Design #nontoxicbassinets #bassinetnontoxic #bestnontoxicbabybassinet #organicbassinets #organicbabybassinets #sustinablejungle
Image by Monte Design

8 Organic & Non-Toxic Bassinets For A Safer Baby Snooze

Heather Seely

The first few weeks of parenthood swing between new-baby bliss and ‘I need a coffee IV STAT’.

But snug as a bug with organic cotton baby pajamas you can breathe a sigh of relief laying the newest addition to your family down for a nap in their non-toxic bassinet.

During these early weeks, if your baby is not cuddled on your chest, the next safest and most comforting place is the bassinet. 

But with itty-bitty lungs and a fragile immune system, off-gassing materials, VOCs, chemical flame retardants, and artificial dyes can put your baby at risk of developing serious health problems. 

Not yet ready for a big-baby non-toxic crib, a non-toxic baby bassinet is an easy option for your recovering body and the environment!

If you find it overwhelming to choose a natural baby bassinet that combines style with sustainable practices tucked in beside safe sleep, we’ve narrowed it down.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Non-Toxic Baby Bassinets To Soothe Baby & You

Finn & Emma’s super soft organic cotton crochet basket is a top contender for the best organic bassinet to soothe your fussy baby—and once a baby transitions to a crib, it can be used as a diaper bag, toy basket, and more.

Whether you’re searching for an easy-to-carry basket to keep baby close, or a roll-around bassinet, natural is what Monte Design is all about, with all the non-toxic and sustainability certifications to back it up.

Babyletto won’t just let(to) your baby sleep, but you as well, knowing the GREENGUARD bassinet they’re snoozing in is lab-tested against the highest chemical safety standards in the industry.

Scroll to the bottom to see how we chose the best non-toxic bassinet brands to keep baby’s bottom safe.

The Full List Of Non-Toxic & Organic Bassinets

1. Babyletto

8 Organic & Non-Toxic Bassinets For A Safer Baby Snooze Images by Babyletto #nontoxicbassinets #bassinetnontoxic #bestnontoxicbabybassinet #organicbassinets #organicbabybassinets #sustinablejungle
Images by Babyletto

About Babyletto

Price Range: $229–$299

Babyletto brings modern design to families of all sizes without compromising on sustainable, eco-friendly materials and practices. 

An entire line of GREENGUARD Gold certified cribs, sheets, and mattress pads join ranks with the Origami Mini Crib and the Lolly and Gelato 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib. 

Though not technically marketed as a bassinet, we’d say the Origami mini crib combines compact design with wheels, so if you live in small spaces it easily maneuverable. 

The Gelato Portable Bassinet takes on the more traditional style with a higher base, which for some of us with an iffy back is our preference, while keeping the wheels. This one we think is more suited as a non-toxic bedside bassinet because the eye level is about right depending on the height of your bed.

Babyletto’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


What does it mean to be a GREENGUARD Gold certified bassinet?

It means that Babyletto’s bassinets are tested and found to be free of over 10,000 toxic emissions and VOCs.

All mini cribs and bassinets are made from sustainably sourced New Zealand pine wood, with the mattress support being TSCA-compliant wood. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Babyletto’s bassinets are made in Taiwan, with all furniture meeting voluntary ASTM standards and CPSC regulations.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Many of Babyletto’s mini crib options are convertible, meaning your tiny tot can grow with the same sleepy spot for years to come. 

Babyletto offers replacement parts and alternate feet for their mini crib, so you don’t have to compromise on sustainability, even if your style changes or something wears out.

Community & charitable giving:

As a minority-owned company, Babyletto focuses their efforts on both babies and marginalized communities. Babyletto supports Harlem Children’s Zone, Baby2Baby, Pacific Environment, and more.

Supporting new and expectant mothers, donating diapers and fighting pollution, Babyletto’s community commitments have us sleeping as snug as a bug in a non-toxic nursery room rug.

2. Monte Design

8 Organic & Non-Toxic Bassinets For A Safer Baby SnoozeImages by Monte Design#nontoxicbassinets #bassinetnontoxic #bestnontoxicbabybassinet #organicbassinets #organicbabybassinets #sustinablejungle
Images by Monte Design

About Monte Design

Price Range: $350–$795

Born out of a desire to create the perfect nursery for their newborn, Monte Design founders Ralph and Michelle Montemurro wanted timeless, modern pieces with strong sustainability practices at their core. 

We love Monte’s Rockwell eco-friendly bassinet because of it’s sleek and simple design, for any room in your home—or remove the basket, and take it to grandma’s. The Rockwell Basket is available separately if you want to leave one behind for last-minute sleepovers.

GREENGUARD Certified materials make this bassinet non-toxic, and rest assured, so are the included mattress and GOTS-certified organic bassinet sheets.

Monte Design’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Boasting eco-friendly materials, Monte’s natural wood bassinet is made of wood from sustainably harvested trees that are re-planted while harvesting. 

Babyletto uses woods that are FSC-certified and adhesives that are biodegradable and safe for your sleepy bundle.

Each bassinet mattress is 100% polyester fill with a polyester waterproof covering; Fortunately, it’s covered with certified organic crib sheets and basket fabrics with the OEKO-TEX stamp of approval.

All foam mattresses are Certi-PUR certified.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Made to order in Canada, Monte sources at least part of their product materials within a 500-mile radius. 

As a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Monte continues to strive to source local materials when possible and sustainable ones when not.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Monte’s packaging is made from 100% recycled Canadian-made boxes, with mostly recycled cardboard internal packaging. 

Monte supplies electric charging stations and energy-efficient lighting at their warehouse.

3. Baby Bjorn

8 Organic & Non-Toxic Bassinets For A Safer Baby Snooze Images by Baby Bjorn #nontoxicbassinets #bassinetnontoxic #bestnontoxicbabybassinet #organicbassinets #organicbabybassinets #sustinablejungle
Images by Baby Bjorn

About Baby Bjorn

Price Range: $449

Baby Bjorn is a well-known carrier brand bringing you the Baby Cradle, a natural baby bassinet as dreamy as the name suggests. 

Made of breathable mesh on sturdy legs (with non-slip feet!), this bassinet folds easily for parent’s on-the-go around town or the home. 

Don’t cry over spilled milk! The mesh fabric is machine-washable and stands up against any midnight mishaps.

Don’t forget to grab Baby Bjorn’s specially designed non-toxic bassinet mattress sheets.

Baby Bjorn’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The main and mesh fabric is made of 100% polyester, while the top mattress covering is made up of 50% polyester and 50% polyurethane. The feet are made of TPE plastic. 

Is Baby Bjorn’s bassinet non-toxic?

With their OEKO-TEX certification, Baby Bjorn reassures their customer’s all baby items are free from chemical flame retardants and their associated toxic chemicals.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Baby Bjorn doesn’t own any of their own factories, and works with several manufacturers globally in places like Sweden, Turkey, China and Vietnam. 

All manufacturers must uphold the standards of Baby Bjorn’s Code of Conduct, which prohibits child labor, forced labor and discrimination and promotes fair wages, compensation and appropriate working hours.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Baby Bjorn prides themselves on creating long-lasting and durable products that will carry (literally) many children through their early years.

The most recent Sustainability Report was done in 2017-2018. It’s hard to say what actions have been taken in yeast since, but at the time the lifetime-cycle assessment of their products highlighted the need to source more sustainable products going forward, which Baby Bjorn committed to in the plan’s Development Phase.

4. Finn & Emma

8 Organic & Non-Toxic Bassinets For A Safer Baby Snooze Images by Finn & Emma #nontoxicbassinets #bassinetnontoxic #bestnontoxicbabybassinet #organicbassinets #organicbabybassinets #sustinablejungle
Images by Finn & Emma

About Finn & Emma

Price Range: $179

Made of super soft organic cotton with a knit weave, Finn & Emma’s Carry Cot is a gentle (and pretty) spin on the classic Moses basket. 

Its soft, crocheted knit walls made for a comfortable and flexible natural bassinet that, once it’s outgrown, can be repurposed into a blanket basket, eco-friendly diaper bag, organic baby toy storage.

Founded by a few moms, Finn & Emma’s unique style borders on boho and chic without compromising on comfort and safety. The GOTS certification means your baby will breathe clean air in the cot to clear your mind. 

Finn & Emma’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Each color doesn’t come with its own host of toxic chemicals; all dyes are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Finn & Emma’s chemical-free bassinet, along with their toys and sustainable baby clothes, are purely GOTS-certified organic cotton. All garments snaps are nickel and lead-free, featuring real coconut inserts. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

With factories in India, Finn & Emma take pride in knowing all suppliers adhere to strict standards and work to support, especially women, in their local communities to provide for their families safely. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Finn & Emma’s products, especially their toys, are meant to last through your baby, your friend’s baby, and your granddaughter’s baby—AKA a really, really long time. 

This guarantees the same item is in circulation long after its creation.

5. Bumbleride

8 Organic & Non-Toxic Bassinets For A Safer Baby Snooze Images by Bumbleride #nontoxicbassinets #bassinetnontoxic #bestnontoxicbabybassinet #organicbassinets #organicbabybassinets #sustinablejungle
Images by Bumbleride

About Bumbleride 

Price Range: $219

Bumbleride was created for families on the move. 

With a chemical-free bassinet that can be safely attached to a stroller base, there isn’t anywhere you and your baby can’t go, whether that be to and from your kitchen or peeking around the early morning market.

Bumbleride’s Era / Indie / Speed Bassinet is made of breathable, lightweight OEKO-TEX-certified material, with accessories that carry your little one from rainy days, snowy nights into the sunshine and every step in between. 

Their breathable non-toxic bassinet pad is overnight rated, so transitioning isn’t necessary when you return home. 

Bumblerise’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Bumbleride has been working toward sustainable materials for years, which now guarantees all fabrics in their eco-friendly bassinets is certified and colored with sustainable dyes.

Certified recycled plastic makes up the plastic stroller frames, with approximately 25% of the base made of recycled fishing nets retrieved from waters near their factory in Taiwan. 

Bumbleride uses cork handles and recycled polyester batting for the interior of their pads, which requires 35%-50% less energy than virgin polyester. 

Their organic certified cotton accessories keep your baby safe & snuggly. They’re free of harsh chemicals, flame retardants (except in Europe where it is required) and PFC water repellents.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Made in Taiwan, Bumbleride’s products have been manufactured at the same family-owned factory for years. This factory began with fair wages, a 5-day work week (as opposed to the usual 6), and safe working conditions, so it was a no-brainer for Bumbleride’s founder to choose. 

The Taiwanese factory supports over 50+ subcontractors with small, often family-owned businesses. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Small batch construction ensures less product waste, and the factory is responsible for recycling as much as possible during manufacturing.

6. Nursery Works

8 Organic & Non-Toxic Bassinets For A Safer Baby Snooze Images by Nursery Works #nontoxicbassinets #bassinetnontoxic #bestnontoxicbabybassinet #organicbassinets #organicbabybassinets #sustinablejungle
Images by Nursery Works

About Nursery Works

Price Range: $813

An American company that brings ultra-chic style to modern families, Nursery Works creates small batch baby furniture using sustainable and different materials. 

These small-batch products allow for many of the cribs to be assembled on a workbench in the United States.

The Aura Metal Bassinet is meant to resemble the intricately woven rattan-style cribs, but with a twist. It’s electroplated, mold-formed, tubular steel frame stop rolling castors (with locks!) makes it the perfect non-toxic bedside bassinet. 

Nursery Work’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


This GREENGUARD certified bassinet is low VOC, featuring a mattress support made of plywood and a non-toxic polyester mattress pad.

Optional rubber feet can be purchased to protect any floor surface, while these non-toxic bassinets protect your baby.

Supply chain & labor practices

While many of Nursery Works’ products are made in the US, this non-toxic bassinet is made in Vietnam. We’ll be double-checking if there are ethical protections in place in this factory.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Nursery Works’ wants your product to last you a lifetime, with touch-up pens and spare parts available for select items, so you can pass it along as good as new! 

Nursery Works’ partners with Freight Club as their chosen shipper. Freight Club plants trees with One Tree Planted to offset the carbon emissions it takes to ship their products.

7. Green Cradle

8 Organic & Non-Toxic Bassinets For A Safer Baby Snooze Images by Green Cradle #nontoxicbassinets #bassinetnontoxic #bestnontoxicbabybassinet #organicbassinets #organicbabybassinets #sustinablejungle
Images by Green Cradle

About Green Cradle

Price Range: $450

With baby in mind, Green Cradle was developed after the founders battled illness within their own family. After learning of the traditional materials used for furniture, bedding and sleep spaces for our precious little ones, Green Cradle developed the Organic Moses basket. 

Tuck your baby into this non-toxic co-sleeper bassinet with its sleek, tall frame; it slides in beside your own bed to keep baby an arm’s reach away for those late-night feeds. 

If ethical sleep spaces are important, but you’d like a more permanent option, the solid wood bassinets from Green Cradle might be your pick.

Green Cradle’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Green Cradle’s eco bassinet is, well, green. Literally, since it’s made from natural woven palm leaves paired with organic bassinet sheets, mattress, and mattress cover. 

Each organic mattress for bassinets by Green Cradle features a 100% GOLS-certified organic latex rubber core with GOTS-certified organic wool stretched over. 

The bottom portion of the rocker can be ordered unfinished or finished with linseed oil. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Green Cradle’s Moses basket is made in the US with ethically sourced materials.

8. Pottery Barn Kids

8 Organic & Non-Toxic Bassinets For A Safer Baby Snooze Images by Pottery Barn Kids #nontoxicbassinets #bassinetnontoxic #bestnontoxicbabybassinet #organicbassinets #organicbabybassinets #sustinablejungle
Images by Pottery Barn Kids

About Pottery Barn Kids

Price Range: $399

Pottery Barn Kids could outfit your entire house and all its furniture. This one-stop-shop company is committed to providing for your family but with 15+ brands; it’s important to look into the details of each specific product to ensure they meet our (and your) eco-standards. 

PBK’s commitment to sustainability is highlighted by their ever-growing list of GREENGUARD Gold-certified products, organic options, and behind-the-scenes commitments like being FSC-certified. 

A US-based company, PBK’s organic baby bassinet looks as cozy as it is for your baby.

Pottery Barn Kids’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


If you’re looking for a natural wicker bassinet style, you’ll love the rattan wood construction of PBK’s offerings, in both spaced and tightly woven designs.

Both are GREENGUARD Gold certified bassinets, meaning they’re tested for and found free of thousands of harsh and harmful chemicals. Lead testing at both surface and substance levels ensures your baby won’t be subjected to heavy metals while snoozing. 

Pottery Barn’s quality control team attends yearly ASTM meetings to ensure they stay ahead of safety trends.

Third-party product testing that follows CPSC safety standards tests these products and their packaging, shipping labels and boxes.

Supply chain & labor practices:

As a top ten global leader in responsibly sourced wood, the majority of PBK’s wood comes from sources with sustainable forestry certifications.

While PBK claimed their products are “responsibly-made”, there are no details about where products are made on their website, so we’ll be reaching out to ask for more details regarding their supply chain ethics.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

PBK’s green practices don’t just end when the product is complete. Approximately 15-30% of their gift wrap, packaging and shopping bags are made from recycled materials. The end goal is to make 100% of their signage, receipts and packaging of compostable materials. 

All factories will be updated with energy-efficient lighting, and newly built factories will have eco-friendly practices at their core, like HVAC systems, low VOC paints, and reclaimed or recycled wood flooring. 

PBK’s catalog was one of the first printed on completely FSC-certified paper.

In 2021, they started working with the Science Based Targets Initiative to comprehensively measure the carbon footprint of each aspect of business, so they can start wording to reduce them. There’s no statement yet regarding their specific plan or timeline.

But they are getting a head start offsetting by planting 6 million trees by 2023.

Community & charitable giving:

With “kids” at their core (of both their name and company), Pottery Barn Kids supports The Trevor Project, making space for LGBTQ+ youth, and NAACP working to support the ACT-SO program helping to educate African American Youth. 

No Kid Hungry, a partner of PBK’s, helps rid hunger from homes. 

You can also donate to St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital through their website.

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What Choose Non-Toxic Bassinets?

No longer protected in the womb, an infant’s skin and respiratory system are extra sensitive to harsh chemical and synthetic products. 

Arguably, the bassinet is one of the most important products to guarantee is non-toxic, organic and made with sustainably sourced materials, as those sweet cheeks rest on the material many times a day and night. 

Traditional bassinets can be made of manufactured plastics, polyurethane foam, and polyester—all synthetic fabrics and materials that can cause flare-ups in certain skin conditions like eczema and rashes. 

Breathing in off-gassing materials and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can irritate the respiratory system, which is alarming given a baby’s lungs are small and rapidly developing. 

Endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, and formaldehyde are often present in traditional fabrics and materials used to make mass-produced baby gear. 

Phthalates are considered the “everywhere chemical” due to their appearance in items such as furniture, clothing, foods, shampoos, etc., and are linked to many neurodevelopmental disorders in babies and children. 

Project TENDR is a group of concerned scientists, child advocates and health professionals detailing these alarming connections and why certain materials have no place in your home.

Not only will your baby’s health be at risk, but those around the globe, in less than ideal conditions, constructing these products are subjected to harsh and harmful chemicals daily. Certain traditionally used chemicals have been linked to, most notably, SIDS, and other adverse reactions.

As new parents or old hands, we all agree we could use a little more sleep, so rest easy knowing an organic bassinet complete with an organic bassinet mattress pad makes for the all-around safest bassinet for newborns and infants.

How We Found The Best Organic Bassinets

Babies spend a lot of time in slumber, so it’s important what they’re resting on is safe.

We know there’s already a lot to worry about during the early months, so let us do some of the heavy lighting by narrowing down the safest baby bassinet options for your little one.

To do so, we crawled back through our sustainable fashion criteria to determine which non-toxic nursery brands were worth drooling over.


Most furniture is made up of wood, so we look for sustainably harvested woods that are left natural or un-painted to guarantee toxic-free bassinets. If painted, we like sustainable processes with low-VOCs.

Lead-free metal is also an option for the bassinet frame.

Many of the bassinets have cozy, comfortable covers, mattresses, and baskets ideally made of natural fabrics like organic cotton. Because these materials are compostable, you’re one step closer to a zero waste baby.

The organic bassinet pads and mattresses will ideally be filled with organic materials, too, like organic cotton or organic latex. Polyurethane foam is to be avoided if possible because of potential off-gassing.

But more than anything, we look for evidence of third-party lab testing to tell us that a non-toxic co-sleeper isn’t co-sleeping with any toxic, off-gassing materials. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The materials used to make the products we choose are just as important as the people who make them. We look for companies that use Fair Trade or ethically certified factories. 

If small-batch items, we love to see sustainable materials and companies who work closely with the places they get their materials from.

For brands still tottering on the point of transparency, we reach out directly to try to source more information.r

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Carbon commitments are an important way to help reduce our carbon footprint. We choose companies that conduct many reviews and subject themselves to rigorous testing regarding carbon emissions. 

We love to see companies choosing green practices that begin with the build and end with the shipping (or beyond) with return/reuse policies. Carbon offset programs, renewable energy, and other emission saving practices can help in between.

Community & charitable giving:

The best non-toxic bassinet companies are partnering with charitable programs and initiatives.

Who a company supports speaks volumes about where their commitments sit; Many brands chose to support children (and not just by making non-toxic, natural bassinets).

Final Thoughts On Natural Baby Bassinets

Whether you want an organic co-sleeper or something to carry your bundle into the kitchen, this list of non-toxic baby bassinets helps check an item off the to-do list!

Sleep and eat, eat and sleep. A newborn baby spend most of their time bouncing between those two activities, but without the actual bounce (wear-and-tear). 

Therefore, second-hand, gently used options that are already in circulation made for the most sustainable bassinets.

Especially since they have a somewhat limited lifespan in your baby’s life.

Bassinets are considered unsafe after approximately 6 months (or sooner) if your baby is starting to toss, turn, lift and roll. Once your baby outgrows it, be sure to pass it along to new expecting parents.

Whether you’re expecting or know of someone filling their nursery, share this list with your mom crew or dish out the list of the best non-toxic bassinets at your daddy-diaper party to blanket your inner circle with safe sleep options.

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