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Image by Sustainable Jungle
9 Organic Baby Toy Brands For Safe Snuggles & Natural Play Image by Smiling Tree Toys #organicbabytoys #organiccottonbabytoys #organictoysforbaby #naturalbabytoys #allnaturalbabytoys #bestnaturalbabytoys #sustainablejungle
Image by Smiling Tree Toys

9 Organic Baby Toy Brands For Safe Snuggles & Natural Play

Shelby Loeppky

Who’s ready for playtime with peace of mind, courtesy of organic baby toys?

Every new parent ever, obviously.

As a new, (and most probably hyper-concerned) parent, you want to do all you can to keep your baby safe and healthy.

And yet, as the New York Times expose showed, common baby products might be standing (or crawling) in the way of that goal. Flame retardants, and a slew of toxic chemicals, which are not always regulated, are often found in baby essentials.

It’s hard—some might say impossible—to minimize all the risks to your baby, but a good place to start is what ends up in their mouths: toys.

Fortunately, playtime need not be a risky business thanks to all-natural baby toys and organic, non-toxic stuffed animals.

We’ve explored what it means to raise a zero waste baby, now let’s crawl into what it means to raise a non-toxic one.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Brands Behind Baby’s Best Organic Stuffed Animals & More

Founded by a mom, Lovevery’s eco baby toys for every level of development are produced by a team of mostly-women scientists and doctors. 

Meri Meri knows that down to the dolls they dress, our kids like to see reflections of themselves in their toys, so inclusivity across their organic baby plush toys makes this brand a shoe-in for our top picks.

Smiling Tree Toys not only creates organic wooden baby toys, but also plants a tree for each timeless piece they create.

Our natural, organic baby toy box is full of other brands we recommend, but first, be sure to crawl to the bottom to check out the process we used to find them.

The Full List Of Organic & Sustainable Baby Toys

1. Meri Meri

9 Organic Baby Toy Brands For Safe Snuggles & Natural Play Images by Meri Meri #organicbabytoys #organiccottonbabytoys #organictoysforbaby #naturalbabytoys #allnaturalbabytoys #bestnaturalbabytoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Meri Meri

About Meri Meri

Price Range: $38–$125

Meri Meri has one goal: “To preserve the wonder of childhood throughout a whole life.”

“[…] We design beautiful playthings for little people. They can make friends with mermaids, pirates and unicorns. They can discover a world at the end of a rainbow. They can turn a room into a wild jungle or fairy wonderland.”

Play is their priority, and they’re cultivating it in a careful and conscious way. Which is not to say boring!

They have all you could need to spell F-U-N for all ages. For especially little ones, this woman-owned company sells a range of organic cotton baby toys, like organic plush animals, dolls, rattles, musical toys, and mobiles for your little one’s non-toxic crib.

Among their dolls lives a collection of tulle-toting princesses and mermaids in all manner of skin tones—like the gorgeous Florence Sequin Tulle Angel Doll.

Meri Meri’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Knitted organically grown cotton is the apple of Meri Meri’s eye, and the primary material in their organic baby soft toys. 

The only other materials you find in some are an elastic band or a wooden grip ring. 

All of these safe, natural toys for baby meet relevant Canadian, EU, and US standards for safety.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Meri Meri works with a range of illustrators, designers, and crafters who are inspired by classic and on-trend designs from around the globe.

We’re not sure where the toys are manufactured, and Meri Meri hasn’t yet responded to our direct inquiries on the matter.

2. Lovevery

9 Organic Baby Toy Brands For Safe Snuggles & Natural Play Images by Sustainable Jungle #organicbabytoys #organiccottonbabytoys #organictoysforbaby #naturalbabytoys #allnaturalbabytoys #bestnaturalbabytoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Lovevery

Price Range: $120 per subscription / $120–$400 individually

With eco-friendly baby toys specifically designed by experts and help to facilitate stage-based play, playtime is much more than “play” with Lovevery.

Baby brains have about 100 billion nerve cells, with essential links between them developed during the first three years of life. 

Certainly highlights the need for organic infant toys, right?

It also means we should be intentional about the kinds of toys we give to our baby at different ages, which in turn will stimulate the right kinds of brain development.

What makes theirs some of the best organic baby toys for learning? The targeted design of each toy for a particular stage of your baby’s development.

This care and consideration have earned them several accolades, including having been voted by Time Magazine as one of the Best Inventions just a few years ago.

Choose between play kits (based on a subscription service), play gyms, block sets, and other types of playthings.

Since our kids are a little past the infant stage, we narrowed our own search to their organic toddler toys and ended up testing the Storyteller Play Kit.

Complete with a puppet theater, animal puzzle book, and more, it was a hit (for kids of multiple ages!).

Lovevery’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Lovevery’s toys are crafted using sustainably harvested FSC-certified wood (with a non-toxic and eco friendly finish), OEKO-TEX certified cotton, medical-grade silicone, and baby-safe BPA-free plastics.

Take the Play Gym, for instance.

It’s a Parent’s Choice award-winning gym that includes an ball, sustainably sourced batting ring, organic cotton teether, a mirror card set, a black and white card set, a faces card set, a common objects card set, and teething rings made from silicone.

All of it is backed by science and exceeds global safety standards, being free from flame retardants, lead, BPA, and phthalates, and is better for the planet.

Supply chain & labor practices:

All toys are designed in San Francisco, California or Boise, Idaho before being manufactured in Ningbo, China. 

This manufacturing partner is committed to sustainable and ethical production and safe working conditions. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

You’ll receive your wooden natural baby toys courtesy of carbon-neutral shipping. They support Green-e® certified renewable energy to offset all scope 2 emissions.

This eco-friendly toy brand also recently launched a new climate commitment program which includes goals like launching a second-hand marketplace, have 90% of materials in both products and packaging be renewable, biobased, or recycled by 2025, and achieve full carbon neutrality by 2030.

3. Finn + Emma

9 Organic Baby Toy Brands For Safe Snuggles & Natural Play Images by Finn + Emma #organicbabytoys #organiccottonbabytoys #organictoysforbaby #naturalbabytoys #allnaturalbabytoys #bestnaturalbabytoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Finn + Emma

About Finn + Emma

Price Range: $15 – $139

Finn + Emma believes in the power of organic.

Favorited by Vogue magazine, this sustainable baby toy brand has been turning heads (even if their main clientele can’t lift them yet).

They have a range of some of the best organic baby toys to enter eco-friendly cribs around the globe (right alongside their organic play mats).

Whether knit or wooden, they’ll surely have what you need to keep fussing at bay and protect our planet at the same time.

Fill your own nursery or give the perfect baby shower gift with any one of their non-toxic play mats, wooden toys, organic cotton macrame baby swings, or organic baby stroller toys—like the two-piece Henry & Theo hanging set.

Don’t forget the macrame toy hanging basket to keep the baby’s room looking tidy during nap time!

Finn + Emma’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Like their sustainable baby clothes, the knit and macrame toys are made with GOTS-certified organic cotton dyed with non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes. 

Many of these organic cotton stuffed animals and dolls contain a phthalate-free plastic rattle inside. Be sure to remove this if you ever need to compost the toy.

Their wood is Indian harwood that’s untreated, non-toxic, and finished with an eco-friendly vegetable seed wax. 

All of Finn + Emma’s natural organic baby toys are free of petrochemicals, PVC, acrylic, and phthalates. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Not only is Finn+Emma operated by an executive team mostly made up of women, but they also try to partner with mostly female artisans.

Their knit toys are handmade in Peru in an artisanal women’s collaborative. The wooden and macrame toys (and swings that are a combination of both) are ethically made and hand-knotted in India.

Through providing empowering and ethical livelihood opportunities, they aim to support social wellbeing in impoverished communities.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

The toys, particularly the wooden ones, are designed to last a lifetime. If another babe isn’t in the plans for you, make sure you pass it on to a family in need.

4. Smiling Tree Toys

9 Organic Baby Toy Brands For Safe Snuggles & Natural Play Images by Smiling Tree Toys #organicbabytoys #organiccottonbabytoys #organictoysforbaby #naturalbabytoys #allnaturalbabytoys #bestnaturalbabytoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Smiling Tree Toys

About Smiling Tree Toys

Price Range: $7–$67

When Justin and Kathleen combined their love for nature with their desire to create natural wood baby toys, Smiling Tree Toys was born.

Crafted in their red barn on the Minnesota prairie, Smiling Tree Toys creates eye-catching pieces for play that turn keepsake when the toddler-ing is through.

These personalized name blocks begin as decor for a nursery shelf and grow into safe infant toys (even for teethers).

Smiling Tree Toys Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Organic wooden baby toy brands are harder to find than you might think, with questionable harvesting practices or the use of toxic chemicals to preserve the wood.

The wood used in STT’s eco-friendly toys for baby is said to be sustainably harvested, and coated with a homegrown blend of organic oil and beeswax.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

All four employees of Smiling Tree work in the red barn (alongside as many kids) creating and shipping therefore their labor practices are monitored and enjoyed in-house.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

For each toy made, STT plants one tree in the forest, nearing 115,000 trees so far.

5. Legacy Learning

9 Organic Baby Toy Brands For Safe Snuggles & Natural Play Images by Legacy Learning #organicbabytoys #organiccottonbabytoys #organictoysforbaby #naturalbabytoys #allnaturalbabytoys #bestnaturalbabytoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Legacy Learning

About Legacy Learning

Price Range: $7–$212

The creative touch behind Legacy Learning, Ashley discovered the need for non-plastic baby toys with a Montessori style that encourages learning through play.

Searching for a brightly colored Waldorf stacker or miniature bowling set for your toddler? 

You’ll find the sweetest set, or a pre-school stage curriculum for your older kiddo.

Legacy Learning’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices:


Made of natural wood, and dyed with a non-toxic watercolor, Legacy Learning’s plastic-free baby toys are safe and fun.

Their Kinder Curriculums are Montessori-style, but we aren’t sure about the material sourcing for most of it.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Each wooden toy is handcrafted by Ashley in Illinois, therefore the materials and supply chain is pretty short (and well maintained).

Carbon commitments & green practices:

With a select number of natural baby toys, Legacy Learning crafts your specific order after you place it, there is no need for an extra warehouse of storage or excess waste as each toy is crafted in a timely manner after you purchase.

6. Under The Nile

9 Organic Baby Toy Brands For Safe Snuggles & Natural Play Images by Under the Nile #organicbabytoys #organiccottonbabytoys #organictoysforbaby #naturalbabytoys #allnaturalbabytoys #bestnaturalbabytoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Under the Nile

About Under the Nile

Price Range: $16–$42

Under the Nile was started by a mom on a mission: to produce clothing that doesn’t irritate sensitive baby skin or our planet.

Which is precisely what they’ve been doing for more than 20 years—and we’re thankful they’ve added natural baby toys to the mix.

Crying babies will fuss no more when they get their hands on a stuffed bunny, doll, fruit, vegetable, star, or even taco.  

And you’ll fuss no more when you realize these are all completely safe organic stuffed animals for baby.

Their Unisex Giraffe Doll is an adorable toy your baby can snuggle with for years, until it’s relegated to live as a lovely piece of nostalgic and sustainable home decor on their shelf.

Under the Nile’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


GOTS-certified organic Egyptian cotton is what you’ll find in all these organic cotton baby toys. Some are even made with leftover scraps from the production of Under the Nile’s clothing. 

Each of the GOTS-certified stuffed animals are free of BPA, flame retardants, AZO dyes, formaldehyde, PVC, lead, and fragrance. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

As the name suggests, Under the Nile partners with a cotton farm north of Cairo. The farm prioritizes the wellbeing of their farming community, and so does Under the Nile. 

Their 13 Villages Project supports women in rural villages by teaching them how to make the fruit and veggie toys. 

Through consistent, empowering, and supportive livelihoods, the women artisans are able to use their income to transform themselves, their families, and their communities. 

All workers are valued—whether they’re a custodian or a manager— and all factories are certified Fair Trade. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

The Egyptian cotton used by Under the Nile isn’t just GOTS-certified organic; it’s biodynamic.

Biodynamic farming doesn’t use fertilizers (even organic-approved fertilizers) and instead builds soil fertility. It’s like organic 2.0, bordering on regenerative agriculture.


Under the Nile is a woman-owned business that is committed to supporting women. 

Their Egyptian factory is made up of 30% women, all of whom are supported with education, advancement opportunities, and support to help them fight for gender equality—even when it runs counter to Egyptian society.

Through their initiatives, the interactions between men and women workers have become more respectful and have allowed women to take on management roles, virtually unheard of in the region. 

Community & charitable giving: 

Under the Nile supports SEKEM’s Chamomile Program, which provides meals, healthcare checkups, and clothing to children who pick flowers. 

They receive a full day’s wage for half a day of work harvesting chamomile before school.

The program was started decades ago when children approached the farm to ask for work. SEKEM initially refused them, but after realizing that they would turn elsewhere (to far more dangerous employers), they created an alternative.

In this region, poverty and child labor are both rampant, and providing full-time wages to the children is considered to be one of the few ways parents would agree to let them go to school. The Chamomile Program was even approved by the Egyptian government.

Under the Nile also supports a daycare and a special needs program offered by SEKEM.

7. Finch and Folk

9 Organic Baby Toy Brands For Safe Snuggles & Natural Play Images by Finch and Folk #organicbabytoys #organiccottonbabytoys #organictoysforbaby #naturalbabytoys #allnaturalbabytoys #bestnaturalbabytoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Finch and Folk

About Finch and Folk

Price Range: $12–$67

From the land down Under, this brand is a staple in homes filled with the best eco-friendly baby toys. If you’re in the market for play mats, blankets, wraps, or soft books, Finch and Folk has you covered and your baby tucked in.

Finch and Folk takes care to fill your cart with certified organic baby toys that won’t harm your baby or the planet.

Pick up one of their Personalized Fabric Flower Quiet Book that doubles as a thoughtful gift and timeless keepsake.

Finch and Folk’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Finch and Folk’s organic baby blankets and play mats are made of an organic cotton, though the latter also include a polyester fill. If you’re not happy with the polyfill, no problem—just contact Finch and Folk for a custom cotton or wool and eucalyptus mix.

Wooden blocks are made of a natural beech wood and colored using a VOC free wood finish. All paint is made from natural and non-toxic raw materials, in an ecologically sustainable manner. 

The baby toys and rattles are made using an organic cotton cover and are typically filled with polyester from recycled plastic bottles, or an organic cotton filling is available as well.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Made in Australia and sourced in Aus, the material is sourced as locally as possible, not to mention, all sources also maintain a high level of environmental and social responsibility, proving this by accreditation like holding a GOTS certification.  

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Conscious of their product’s stamp on the planet from make to landing on your doorstep, Finch and Folk ships with eco-friendly packaging.  

8. leOrganix

9 Organic Baby Toy Brands For Safe Snuggles & Natural Play Images by leOrganix #organicbabytoys #organiccottonbabytoys #organictoysforbaby #naturalbabytoys #allnaturalbabytoys #bestnaturalbabytoys #sustainablejungle
Images by leOrganix

About leOrganix 

Price Range: $9–$36

With a cozy collection of baby rattles, gift boxes and loveys, leOrganix boasts a list of American-made organic baby toys.

Based in the warm south, this family-owned Louisianan shop has a range of not only American-made baby toys, but also gift boxes filled with organic infant toys.

It can be tough to decide what to give a new mom and her newborn baby, but a safe bet is a Newborn Gift Box, complete with an adorable Goose lovely blanket, chicken rattle, and crocheted mushroom plushie.

Because who said natural stuffed animals have to be animals?!

leOrganix’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


leOrganix uses wood and organic cotton gauze and yarn.

The rattles and stuffies are filled with hypoallergenic synthetic filler.  

Supply chain & labor practices:

We love to see the organic labeling, but we’d love more details on where they source their wood and organic fabrics.

9. Our Green House

9 Organic Baby Toy Brands For Safe Snuggles & Natural Play Images by Our Green House #organicbabytoys #organiccottonbabytoys #organictoysforbaby #naturalbabytoys #allnaturalbabytoys #bestnaturalbabytoys #sustainablejungle
Images by Our Green House

About Our Green House

Price Range: $3–$245

Pam and Mike Davis, the owners of Our Green House, wanted to fill their home with healthy and safe products, especially after they started having children.

Their search evolved into taking charge of making the products themselves. 

Now the family-first company specializes in baby gift baskets filled with natural and organic baby toys.

They’ve got a whole section of organic fabric toys to choose from, including stuffed animals, dolls, and rattles. As well as natural wood baby toys like teething toys, bathtub toys, ring toys, rattles, and more. 

If you’re on the honey hunt for an organic teddy bear, the Sleeping Bear Teether Rattler provides an engaging and multi-purpose twist to this classic toy.

You also 

Our Green House’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Our Green House makes it easy to shop exclusively organic. Their handmade range is made with knit organic cotton yarn, some of which is also fair trade.

While all have an organic outer, some are filled with an OEKO-TEX certified polyester stuffing, so dispose of these carefully when the time comes, composting the outer shell only.

When it comes to wooden toys, theirs are made of the highest quality wood and finished with non-toxic materials completely safe for the teething tot.

They also offer a small selection of natural rubber baby toys, like the oh-so-essential Natural Rubber Pacifier.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Our Green House treats all employees like family, and encourages them to work from home, adapting their work schedules to put their own families first. 

Women also make up nearly its entire leadership team. 

Going global, they prioritize fair trade producers who support the wellbeing of their artisans. For example, the collective in Istanbul responsible for some of their organic stuffed animals employs talented stay-at-home moms who are supported with fair trade wages. 

If you’re looking for organic baby toys made in the USA, they have a search function to help you find exactly that.

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How We Found The Best Organic Toys For Babies

During pregnancy, you’re worried about the big things: a safe crib, non-toxic bassinet, learning how to wash cloth nappies

But postpartum shopping and learning is another huge part of any eco parent’s journey.

Our organic baby product criteria will hopefully make it a little easier for you to find the safest baby items around.


Soft and snuggly sustainability is made possible through the use of organic cotton

Organic cotton toys are some of the safest out there, making for a perfect great foundation for organic washable baby toys which can be especially useful when your baby learns how funny it is to throw food.

Keep in mind that organic plush animals are often filled with something else, like BPA-free rattlers or filling made from safe-certified or recycled polyester, plant-based PLA, or ethical wool. 

For teething toys and organic baby bath toys, we looked for those made with safe plastics or sustainably-sourced/recycled wood. 

A safe base isn’t good if it’s treated with nasty chemicals, so we found ones coated with an eco-friendly vegetable seed wax or beeswax (avoid the latter if you’re after organic vegan baby toys). 

Regardless of the material, safety was the biggest consideration.  

All these toys either meet or exceed safety standards and are explicitly free of phthalates, BPA, petrochemicals, PVC, flame retardants, lead, formaldehyde, and more.

Supply chain & labor practices:

No tears shed for transparency here! 

We love that most brands opened up about who’s making their toys—which usually revealed fair trade artisan collectives or organizations working with at-risk or impoverished women.  

Carbon commitments & green practices:

It might get lost under the couch for years, but these toys are designed to last a long time. 

Long enough to stick around for your baby to become “too old to play with said toys” before once again appreciating them as an adult. Or to be passed down to younger siblings and friends bringing their own bundles of joy into the world!


Inclusivity may not seem like an important criterion for toys, but remember, a baby’s first years are the most formative of all. 

That said, we were happy to see gender-neutral and racially inclusive toy options. We’re also thrilled to see so many women-owned businesses and women leadership teams.

Community & charitable giving: 

Playtime with a purpose. Some of these brands are giving back by planting trees, providing livelihood opportunities that go way beyond fair trade, and donating toys to children in need for every product purchased. 

Final Thoughts On Sustainable & Natural Baby Toys

Play should be fun (and safe).

But toxic chemicals, exploitation and environmental degradation make it significantly less so.

It’s time we put the fun in eco-fun-dly.

As these makers of organic and natural toys for babies and toddlers have shown us, a toy can contribute so much more than just a few giggles.

It can provide sustainable employment for those in need. It can give back by planting trees. And it can help start your baby’s development off on the right hands and knees.

If playtime with peace of mind is on anyone else’s priority list you know of, feel free to spread the word and let’s support these sustainable baby toy brands.


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