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Image by Seasalt
11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green Image by 365 Dry #sustainableraincoats #sustainablerainjackets #ecofriendlyraincoats #ecofriendlyrainjackets #sustainablewaterproofjackets #sustainablejungle
Image by 365 Dry

11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green

Heather Seely

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, our changing climate means more rainy days—making sustainable rain jackets a necessity. 

Not to rain on your parade, but traditional rainwear is almost always made of microplastic-shedding virgin synthetic fabrics, casting dark clouds over our green earth

With that in mind, we’ve weather-proofed our wardrobe considerations to find the best sustainable raincoat brands for you and our planet.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Eco-Friendly Rain Jackets For Planet-Friendly Puddle Play

Hiding under one of the ten trees that tentree plants for every purchase will offer some rain protection. The brand’s recycled raincoats offer even more.

Seasalt blends organic cotton and recycled nylon for their Cornish coastline-inspired raincoats. 

When the weather forecast turns grim, cover up in a sustainable rain jacket from Patagonia made from recycled materials with a non-toxic, bluesign®-approved DWR finish.

Sprinkle your way to the end of the article to see how we chose the best eco-friendly rain jackets for staying responsibly dry.

1. tentree

11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green Images by tentree #sustainableraincoats #sustainablerainjackets #ecofriendlyraincoats #ecofriendlyrainjackets #sustainablewaterproofjackets #sustainablejungle
Images by tentree

About tentree

Price Range: $148–$208

If rainy days have you pining for outdoor activities, plant the seed of tentree in your shopping list.

This Certified B Corp does it all, from sustainable activewear to ethical kid’s clothing—all designed with an “Earth-First” philosophy.

Their sustainable rain jackets for women and men are breathable, weather-ready, and bear a 10kmm waterproof rating.

For days when the rain just won’t stop, the Nimbus sustainable rain jacket is fully lined with fully-taped seams, an adjustable hem and hood, and zippered hand pockets. 

tentree’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


You’ll be 100% dry thanks to 100% recycled polyester fabric treated with a bluesign®-approved and PFC-free DWR finish (AKA water-resistant without all the toxic chemicals).

Some have an additional waterproof coating with a 75% recycled TPU membrane. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

tentree is one of the top-ranking B Corps for manufacturing. 

Factories are regularly audited by various third-party organizations (Fair Wear Foundation, GOTS, SMETA, WRAP) and adhere to tentree’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

Green business practices: 

Carbon Neutral-certified tentree also gives you the option to carbon offset your emissions.

They use FSC-certified and mostly recycled paper tags and ship in 100% recyclable mailers. 

Instead of plastic bags, garments are rolled and tied with recyclable or compostable paper twine.


Women’s sizes XS-XL; Men’s sizes S-XXL.

Community & charitable giving

True to its name—tentree plants ten trees for every purchase. 

So far they’ve planted over 75 million of them across the world, helping to increase biodiversity where it’s most needed.

2. Seasalt

11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green Images by Seasalt #sustainableraincoats #sustainablerainjackets #ecofriendlyraincoats #ecofriendlyrainjackets #sustainablewaterproofjackets #sustainablejungle
Images by Seasalt

About Seasalt 

Price Range: $180–$285

Looking for a sustainable rain jacket in the UK?

Cornwall-based Seasalt brings the magic of England’s rugged southwestern tip to customers around the world. 

Given the weather in Cornwall, it’s no wonder they offer a whole section that protects us from the elements. 

For women, you’ll find winter raincoats, lightweight raincoats, wellies, and accessories. 

There are only two sustainable rain jackets for men—the Tidesman and the Porthperran Waterproof Coat—but inspired by the traditional rain gear worn by Cornish fishermen, they’re more than enough.

Seasalt’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 


Seasalt’s most sustainable raincoats feature recycled fabrics (polyester or nylon), organic cotton, and Tin Cloth® fabric (a blend of organic cotton and linen).

The conventional (non-recycled) form of these materials is used in some styles, which we’d avoid.

Waterproof treatments are chemical-based but REACH-compliant to be free of harmful substances.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The raincoats are made in China, but as a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, Seasalt is committed to protecting workers’ rights, providing fair wages, and ensuring a safe working environment. 

Green business practices: 

Between their use of eco-friendly materials, a program to sell gently-used Seasalt clothes, and policies to minimize their carbon footprint, they’re doing a lot to go green

You can too by adding a GuppyFriend wash bag to your order to minimize the release of microfibers while washing your raincoat.


Women’s sustainable raincoats come in sizes UK 6-28 (US 2-24). Petite, regular, and tall fits are available. Men’s come in S-XXL.

82% of Seasalt’s company is made up of women, who also fill most leadership roles. 

Community & charitable giving

Every year, a portion of sales from specific products are donated to Seasalt’s charity partners

3. Patagonia

11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green Images by Patagonia #sustainableraincoats #sustainablerainjackets #ecofriendlyraincoats #ecofriendlyrainjackets #sustainablewaterproofjackets #sustainablejungle
Images by Patagonia

About Patagonia

Price Range: $179–$749

Patagonia takes sustainable outdoor clothing to the next level—and they’re inspiring other clothing brands to follow suit. 

Speaking of suits (wet, business, or birthday), keep yours dry with one of their many sustainable raincoats for men, women, and kids. 

Each one features carefully designed components like an adjustable hood and waterproof zipper.

They’re also one of the few brands with eco-friendly babies’ rain jackets, making sure that even the youngest family members stay dry on rainy adventures. 

Patagonia’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


87% of Patagonia’s line uses recycled materials—including their jackets made with ECONYL recycled nylon or recycled polyester.

Small amounts of virgin synthetics are sometimes used, but they’re easy to avoid in favor of 100% recycled rain jackets like the Torrentshell.

You might see a PU membrane (containing some biobased content) or TPU laminate. However, both these and the DWR finishes are non-toxic and bluesign®-approved. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

87% of the brand’s line is also Fair Trade Certified, supporting over 64,000 workers with safe work conditions. 

35% of their apparel assembly factories pay a living wage and they’re working to raise that number.

You can see exactly where your recycled raincoat was made in the Footprint Chronicles of each page—an effort consistently earning them high marks on Fashion Revolution’s Transparency Index.

Green business practices: 

Patagonia’s Ironclad Guarantee serves as a life-long repair program and their Worn Wear site makes it easy to purchase pre-loved Patagonia goodies.

That’s just a touch on their efforts toward environmental responsibility


Sizes XS-XXL are available in all styles and XXS-XXXL in some.

Community & charitable giving

Patagonia is a founding member of 1% for the Planet and is now owned by two environmental non-profits—meaning all profits go towards fighting the climate crisis.

Find out how you can get involved with local grassroots organizations through Patagonia Action Works.

4. Matt & Nat

11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green Images by Matt & Nat #sustainableraincoats #sustainablerainjackets #ecofriendlyraincoats #ecofriendlyrainjackets #sustainablewaterproofjackets #sustainablejungle
Images by Matt & Nat

About Matt & Nat

Price Range: $145–$160

Matt & Nat help us “live beautifully” with their range of vegan and cruelty-free boots, clothing, bags, and sustainable accessories (including eco-friendly wallets). 

If you’re in the market for a women’s vegan sustainable rain jacket, this brand offers five timeless and fashionable styles—all of which are PETA-approved vegan.

Their Alexis rain jacket comes in eye-popping yellow and features a snap front closure and flattering drawstring waist.

Matt & Nat’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The outer fabric on these sustainable waterproof jackets is made from recycled polyester with a 300mm waterproof PU coating. The trims are 100% polyester. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Factories are monitored regularly by local Matt & Nat managers and visited 2-3 times a year by the company’s CEO. 

One adheres to the SA8000 standard and the brand is working to expand this. 


General sizing runs XS-XL for women and S-XL for men. 

Community & charitable giving:

100% of the (post-tax) purchase price of each HOPE charity bag is donated to animal rights, environmental, and humanitarian causes.

5. prAna

11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green Images by prAna #sustainableraincoats #sustainablerainjackets #ecofriendlyraincoats #ecofriendlyrainjackets #sustainablewaterproofjackets #sustainablejungle
Images by prAna

About prAna

Price Range: $99–$210

We know prAna for their indoor Savasana-ready sustainable yoga clothes and sweatpants, but they also have plenty for the outside including sustainable winter coats, accessories, and vegan raincoats for men and women. 

With half-zip pullovers, lightweight stashables, parkas, and trenchcoats, you’ll find nearly any style under the sun (clouds?). 

The Othello Falls Jacket is their versatile all-rounder, ready to keep you dry with fully-taped seams and waterproof zippers. 

prAna Ethical & Sustainability Practices


prAna’s sustainable rain jacket materials consist of 100% recycled polyester or 100% recycled nylon. 

The PFC-free DWR is and bluesign® certified. 

They also have water-resistant insulated jackets filled with RDS-certified down. Made with virgin polyester and nylon, we’d rather tackle rainy days with recycled materials.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Manufacturing takes place in China, India, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. 

All factories adhere to strict standards and many are Fair Trade-certified and prAna is a member of the Fair Labor Association. 

Green business practices: 

prAna founded the Responsible Packaging Movement to help brands eliminate single-use plastic as they have. 

They’re also a founding member of the OIA Climate Action Corps and members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). 

The Renewed Apparel Program keeps clothes in circulation longer. 


Women’s sizes XS-XL and men’s S-XXL are on offer for most jackets, with expanded sizing for some.

Community & charitable giving

From beach cleaning to donating to overseas aid projects, prAna gives back to a variety of local and international causes. 

Proceeds from certain collections benefit Outdoor Outreach, a non-profit providing outdoor experiences to underserved youth. 

6. Maium

11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green Images by MAIUM #sustainableraincoats #sustainablerainjackets #ecofriendlyraincoats #ecofriendlyrainjackets #sustainablewaterproofjackets #sustainablejungle
Images by MAIUM

About Maium

Price Range: €135,00–€225,00

Founded by two friends from Amsterdam (where it rains 130 days per year), MAIUM is a sustainable rainwear specialist. 

These women’s and men’s sustainable raincoats feature unique and innovative elements, such as side zippers that allow them to convert into a sustainable rain poncho for biking. Perfect for any minimalist wardrobe!

Shop various designs—Mac coats, trench coats, and lightweight parkas—boasting 3000-5000mm waterproofing.

Their range includes an eco-friendly kid’s rain jacket and poncho, too. 

Maium’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


These fully cruelty-free and vegan raincoats are all made from a base of recycled plastic bottles (66-111, depending on style).

Other eco-friendly materials include organic cotton and Pongee (a type of rPET fabric), all finished with biodegradable PU coating or a PFC-free Bionic finish. 

All eco-friendly rain jacket materials are OEKO-TEX certified.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Maium manufactures in the “epicenter of outerwear:” the Hebei province of Beijing, China. 

All factories are BSCI-certified and the team personally visits the factories each year to determine if improvements can be made.

Green business practices: 

Creating rainwear from recycled bottles, Maium is on a mission to recycle 5 million of them annually.

Production is meticulously organized so no deadstock is left over, and they avoid fast fashion by not playing into sales culture. 

Orders ship in reusable bags made from 22 recycled plastic bottles. Having a handle means they function as a convenient tote or can be returned to Maium for reuse.


Both men’s and women’s jackets are available in XXS-XXL.

Community & charitable giving: 

Together with Eden Reforestation Projects, MAIUM plants over 10,000 trees per year, which helps offset its carbon footprint.

They also work with Dopper to raise awareness about the lawless pollution of the ocean.

7. Thought

11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green Images by Thought #sustainableraincoats #sustainablerainjackets #ecofriendlyraincoats #ecofriendlyrainjackets #sustainablewaterproofjackets #sustainablejungle
Images by Thought

About Thought

Price Range: $87–$195

Whether you’re snuggling in a pair of their sustainable sweatpants or venturing outside, London-based brand Thought makes it easy to think about what to wear.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly raincoat they offer waterproof mid-length chambray jackets, knee-length mac coats, waterproof parkas, and water-resistant puffer jackets.

Thought’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The puffer materials are simple: only 100% GRS-certified polyester (from 150 recycled bottles) and a showerproof coating. 

The waterproof coats feature an organic cotton outer topped with fluorocarbon-free water repellant and a recycled polyester lining. The seams are heat-sealed to keep long periods of moisture out.

95% of Thought’s collection is PETA-approved (and 100% of their raincoats are animal-free). 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Thought works with Chinese manufacturing partners, chosen for high social standards. 

As a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative and co-founders of Common Objective, they do their part to respect workers’ rights as outlined in their Code of Conduct

Green business practices: 

Their Environmental Policy ensures our planet is protected, through practices like using sea freight to reduce emissions and upcycling leftover fabric into new products. 

98% of Thought’s packaging is recyclable and garment bags are 100% biodegradable. 


Women’s sizes run from 6-18 (US size 2-14) and men’s from XS-XL. 

Community & charitable giving

Unsold stock and returned goods are donated to folks in need. 

8. Rapanui

11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green Images by Rapanui #sustainableraincoats #sustainablerainjackets #ecofriendlyraincoats #ecofriendlyrainjackets #sustainablewaterproofjackets #sustainablejungle
Images by Rapanui

About Rapanui

Price Range: £120–£125

UK-based Rapanui is here “to redesign the clothing industry”.

They do this by opting for natural materials, renewable energy, circularity, and a small, local production facility on the Isle of Wight.

Women can choose between a classic sustainable raincoat, a smock jacket, and a sustainable rain poncho, and men between a full-zip jacket, a pullover anorak smock, and a poncho. 

Rapanui’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 


Committed to making something that’s “not just a lump of plastic,” each Rapanui’s eco-friendly rain coat is made with locally sourced, GOTS-certified cotton canvas treated with a PFC-free water-resistant coating.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

As a GOTS-certified brand, their supply chain is audited seed-to-shelf for chemicals. 

UK manufactured goods aside, their Indian partner is SA8000-certified so we know products are made in safe working conditions by workers who’re paid fairly. 

Green business practices: 

Taking a circular approach, all Rapanui products have a QR code that makes them easy to return once worn out. You’ll receive a discount and your old duds receive second life as new product. They aim to eventually recycle other brands’ clothes, too. 

Everything is manufactured using renewable energy and sent in eco-packaging (down to the green tape and inks). 


Women’s sizes UK 8-18 (US 6-16) and men’s XS-XXL. 

9. Baxter Wood

11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green Images by Baxter Wood #sustainableraincoats #sustainablerainjackets #ecofriendlyraincoats #ecofriendlyrainjackets #sustainablewaterproofjackets #sustainablejungle
Images by Baxter Wood

About Baxter Wood

Price Range: $98–$160

When a trip to Ghana shed light on the potential of plastic waste, couple Kweku and Sarah started Baxter Wood.

They turn recycled plastic bottles into their fisherman-inspired Trawler coats for men, women, and kids. 

Available in several color options, you can also add a pair of their sustainable rain boots for the ultimate wet-weather wardrobe. 

Baxter Wood’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The Trawler coat features a polyurethane stretch fabric exterior and rubberized polyester lining (made from 22 recycled bottles).

Every component is 100% waterproof, down to hand-welded and stress-tested seams.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Most products are manufactured in Asia by partners chosen for either their proximity to natural rubber farms (boots) or for their volume of recycled polyester production (coats). We’ll reach out for more details. 

Green business practices: 

This wet-weather brand will recycle old rubber boots (from any brand) into roads, playground surfacing, and more in exchange for $30.

While they don’t have a similar program for eco-friendly rain jackets yet, we hope you won’t need one since these jackets are built to last.


The Black-owned brand offers women’s sizes from XXS-L and men’s from XS-L. 

Community & charitable giving

10% of each purchase is donated to organizations and projects related to sustainability education.

10. Amble

11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green Images by Amble #sustainableraincoats #sustainablerainjackets #ecofriendlyraincoats #ecofriendlyrainjackets #sustainablewaterproofjackets #sustainablejungle
Images by Amble

About Amble

Price Range: $159–$169

Looking for the most eco-friendly rain jackets in Australia? 

Amble (formerly Team Timbuktu) is for you.

This company puts sustainability and style first to create women’s activewear, bike shorts, organic t-shirts, jumpers, and rainwear—all of which are waterproof, windproof, and breathable.

Amble’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 


Need a long jacket or something quick to don? 

Either way, you’ll be dressing in 100% GRS-certified polyester (made from over 31 recycled plastic bottles).

Treated with a DWR spray, the jackets are rated 10,000mm waterproof. We’ll be contacting them to find out if it’s fluorocarbon-free. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The sustainable rain jacket fabric is made in Taiwan, then transformed into garments in Xiamen, China in a fair-wage, BSCI-certified factory.

Green business practices: 

Everything is shipped plastic-free, via boxes and compostable garment bags.

For Melbourne customers, they offer a program to responsibly recycle old clothing and textiles. 


Women’s sizes XS-XXL are available. 

Community & charitable giving

For every order placed, a tree is planted in addition to regular donations to various environmental organizations.

11. 365 Dry

11 Sustainable Rain Jackets & Raincoats Turning Grey Days Green Images by 365 Dry #sustainableraincoats #sustainablerainjackets #ecofriendlyraincoats #ecofriendlyrainjackets #sustainablewaterproofjackets #sustainablejungle
Images by 365 Dry

About 365 Dry

Price Range: $55–$84

Whether you’re headed to a sporting event or want to be prepared for an unexpected downpour, a sustainable rain poncho from 365 Dry does just that. 

The brand was founded by a team of ocean lovers living in Bali disheartened at the amount of plastic litter—including plastic ponchos.

They’re making waves with their eco-friendly ponchos that are not only waterproof but come in colorful, stylish designs

365 Day Dry’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The sustainable rain ponchos are made from 100% polyester—40% of which is recycled fabrics (REPREVE ®️ recycled polyester)—and a waterproof coating. 

40 recycled plastic bottles are used for each—amounting to having recycled 2 million+ and counting.

We’ll be reaching out for more details about the waterproof coating. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Following the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code, Asian factories and suppliers are expected to protect human rights through fair wages and high labor standards. 

Green Business Practices:

Digital designing and printing uses 95% less water than screen printing and minimizes waste. 

Hangtags and packaging are made from 100% recycled materials and old ponchos can be returned for upcycling into shopping bags. 


Two sizes of ponchos are available for adults and the Mini Me eco-friendly kids’ rain jacket is available for ages 2-4, 4-6, and 6-9. 

Community & charitable giving:

Their 1-1-1 philanthropy model means they give back 1% of their profit, 1% of their product, and 1% of their employees’ time. 

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How We Found The Best Sustainable Raincoats & Rain Jackets

The best sustainable rain jackets will help you withstand the flood…without contributing to what’s causing increased numbers of them.

How do we handle that cloudburst consciously?

Rain or shine, we consider our sustainable and ethical fashion criteria before dressing for any type of weather. 


What are sustainable rain jackets made of?

Much like sustainable suits, the best rain-ready sustainable fabrics are natural ones like organic cotton or hemp fabric

Alone these won’t leave you feeling right as rain. They need to be coated with something, which is why the most common choices for weatherproof clothing are synthetic fabrics

Synthetics made from recycled materials are the more sustainable option with recycled polyester and recycled nylon becoming increasingly popular choices for sustainable rain jacket fabrics

When temperatures are down, ethically sourced down or sustainable Primaloft recycled polyester filling adds warmth to a simple shell. 

What are weatherproof ratings?

You likely saw 10Kmm a few times throughout the article. This indicates the ability of an eco-friendly raincoat to withstand 10,000mm of water pressure. 

While 20,000mm offers the highest resistance, it often comes at the cost of breathability. 

This is why brands often blend 10,000mm waterproof with 10,000g breathability.

What about waterproofing chemicals?

Treatment is the only way to make something like cotton water repellent. 

Wax is one of the safer ways to achieve this, but it’s not as popular or effective as a synthetic base—hence why plastic-free raincoats are not yet a frequently found item.

Even for synthetics, waterproofing is enhanced through chemicals used to create a DWR (durable water-repellent) coating. It’s important to avoid harmful synthetic fluorocarbons like PFC and PTFE.

PU and TPU are semi-sustainable materials for the job. The latter (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a somewhat more sustainable PVC alternative that is recyclable.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Audits, fair trade, ethical sourcing policies, regular visits, certifications, oh my! 

It’s better to splash around with companies who consider their entire manufacturing process and have ways to ensure that ethical and environmental claims aren’t just greenwashing.

Green business practices: 

We love seeing companies support carbon offset programs or renewable energy projects (certified climate neutral, ideally), restrict certain chemicals, opt for plastic-free packaging, and ship via less emission-intensive means.

In the name of zero textile waste, options to repair or recycle old coats are the mark of the best sustainable raincoat brands.


Some of these brands are BIPOC- or woman-owned, or highlight what they’re doing to support inclusivity. 

We also look for sustainable fashion brands that offer a wide range of sizes to ensure bodies big or small can stay dry. 

Community & charitable giving: 

Hoods up and hearts warm. We feel cozier in brands that give back through donations to charity, planting trees, offering sustainability grants, and participating in environmental clean-ups.

Final Thoughts On Environmentally Friendly Rain Jackets

You can’t predict the weather, but you can turn a dreary day cheery by choosing to support one of these brands. 

Remember to first shine some light in your own closet before purchasing something new. 

Online thrift stores also have a wealth of new-to-you (and budget-friendly) eco-friendly raincoats—not to mention pre-loved eco-friendly umbrellas.

Know someone else who’s in need of a bit of cover? 

Share this article with them so we can all turn gray days green.

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