9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits Image by Sustainable Jungle #mensorganicclothing #organicmenslcothing #organiccottonclothingformen #organicmensclothes #organicclothesformen #mensnaturalclothing #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits Image by Sustainable Jungle #mensorganicclothing #organicmenslcothing #organiccottonclothingformen #organicmensclothes #organicclothesformen #mensnaturalclothing #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits

Aarron Lopex

Whether you’re trying to curate a minimalist men’s wardrobe or just want quality clothing that’s better made, then breathable, long-lasting men’s organic clothing is a no-brainer.

Swap flimsy synthetics (that won’t last a season, except in landfills), for pieces made from organic fibers. They benefit the environment, your wallet and wardrobe.

Men’s organic shirts, shorts, and shackets are out there—you just need to know where to shop. So let’s talk…

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Outstanding Organic Men’s Clothing For A Natural Fit

From personal experience, we don’t have to ask ASKET to provide exceptional, traceable, and comfortable organic cotton menswear, they already have it.

After donning their clothing; timeless, elegant, premium—this is how we describe Frank And Oak’s permanent and timeless collection of natural fiber menswear.

Taylor Stitch takes a refined approach and elevates it further with basics, overcoats, bottoms, and accessories. All can be recycled with the brand when they reach the end of their life.

Head to the bottom of the article to see how we organize our thoughts on the best organic men’s clothing brands.

The Full List Of Men’s Natural Clothing Brands

1. Frank And Oak

9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits Images by Sustainable Jungle and Frank And Oak #mensorganicclothing #organicmenslcothing #organiccottonclothingformen #organicmensclothes #organicclothesformen #mensnaturalclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle and Frank And Oak

About Frank And Oak

Price Range: $45–$399

This Canadian eco-friendly clothing brand has some excellent organic clothes for men.

Frank And Oak offers an extensive collection of polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, bottoms, shorts, and tees. With a timeless appeal, these garments provide staples with a near-infinite shelf-life.

Our favorite of their men’s organic shirts is the durable and comfortable Corduroy Shirt.

Because who doesn’t love the rugged yet classy look of corduroy—especially when it’s made of 100% organically grown cotton.

Just be sure to remove the recycled PET buttons and recycled polyester label before composting.

Frank And Oak’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Frank And Oak’s men’s natural clothing is made from GOTS-certified organic or recycled cotton, hemp fabric, recycled wool, non-mulesed merino wool, and yak wool.

Other non-natural garments are made from recycled polyester, recycled nylon, and synthetic fiber blends.

Supply chain & labor practices:

As a Certified B Corp, Frank And Oak holds all 28 factories in China, Bangladesh, and UAE to stringent ethical standards.

Their suppliers adhere to a code of conduct audited by Sedex, WRAP, Business Social Compliance Initiative, and SA8000. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Through unique manufacturing processes, Frank And Oak uses less water, chemicals, and energy for their denim garments.

Customers can recycle old pairs of sustainable jeans through Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green™ program.

All organic men’s clothing is shipped in recycled materials, like paper kraft boxes and compostable bags. 


From this organic men’s brand, clothing can be found in XXS–XXL or 28-38” sizes.


9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits Images by ASKET #mensorganicclothing #organicmenslcothing #organiccottonclothingformen #organicmensclothes #organicclothesformen #mensnaturalclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by ASKET


Price Range: $20–$390

We’ve featured ASKET several times for premium, ethical apparel.

One of the brand’s highlights is its catalog of organic cotton men’s clothing with transparency, strict labor standards, and the utmost manufacturing methods.

Pieces like the Overshirt provide a durable layer for colder nights, regardless of whether it’s a formal or informal setting.

ASKET’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


ASKET utilizes organic or Egyptian cotton for much of its collection of men’s clothing—from outerwear to ethical men’s underwear.

Some additional fibers ASKET uses include ethically-sourced merino wool, recycled ethical cashmere, TENCEL™, and recycled synthetics.

They also follow a material choice matrix based on the Made-by-Fiber Bible, in-house research, and industry standards. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

ASKET has a Full Traceability standard for its eco-friendly and organic materials. They publish a complete list of suppliers and details for every piece.

They routinely visit all their partners to ensure they’re following the highest standards set by WRAP, SA8000, OEKO-TEX, and/or GOTS.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

ASKET provides repair and recycling programs so you can get the most out of each piece.

They go above and beyond for their employees, providing additional vacation days if they travel by train instead of plane.

Garments are shipped in recycled materials, including cardboard, paper, and poly bags.


Men’s organic shirts are available in sizes XS and XXL and bottoms 28–38”.

3. Taylor Stitch

9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits Images by Sustainable Jungle #mensorganicclothing #organicmenslcothing #organiccottonclothingformen #organicmensclothes #organicclothesformen #mensnaturalclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Taylor Stitch

Price Range: $40–$798

Taylor Stitch is a standout when it comes to men’s natural fiber clothing.

The natural menswear brand has a reputation for ultra-durable, masculine t-shirts, jackets, overcoats, bottoms, sweaters, and accessories. 

We own a few of their pieces ourselves, but are especially fond of The Jack in Indigo Oxford.

This dark wash denim shirt can effortlessly be dressed up with a blazer or dressed down, making a go-to grab when you don’t have time to think about what to wear.

Taylor Stitch’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


TS utilizes 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton for nearly all of their cotton apparel—which is to say most of their organic clothing for men.

They apply plant-based wax to each of the waxed cotton garments for extra weather protection and longevity.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Organizations such as the Leather Working Group (LWG), Fair Trade, Schoeller Textiles AG, and more certify Taylor Stitch’s products.

Their partners are held to fair trade criteria, ensuring ethical conditions, living wages, proper treatment, and quality control.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Taylor Stitch contributes to the fight against fast fashion through lasting organic clothing men can count on for years after their purchase.

They work with their partners to recover, reuse, and donate deadstock or excess fabrics whenever possible. Customers get more out of their favorite garments through online care tutorials and free repairs.

When a piece reaches the end of its lifespan, Taylor Stitch will accept garments for credit through the Restitch program.

Items are shipped in 100% post-consumer recycled mailers and recycled poly bags.


The organic cotton tops for men are available in sizes XS–XXL and 28–38” for the bottoms.

Community & charitable giving:

Through giveaways, donations, and partnerships, Taylor Stitch contributes to various organizations like the NAACP and Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife (FNPW).

4. Outerknown

9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits Images by Sustainable Jungle #mensorganicclothing #organicmenslcothing #organiccottonclothingformen #organicmensclothes #organicclothesformen #mensnaturalclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Outerknown

Price Range: $40–$398

We’ve long been out(er)spoken about the Outerknown for its recycled sustainable swim trunks, and sustainable men’s activewear, but they also make durable, organic cotton clothing for men.

T-shirts, sweatpants, sweaters, henleys, hoodies, and more—there are countless modern pieces to suit your personal style.

For us, that means the ultra-cozy yet classy Shelter Waffle Henley, featuring a luxurious and biodegradable blend of 70% wool and 30% recycled cashmere.

We love the henley sweater style combo, as it makes for easy layering when a base sweater is just too bulky.

Outerknown’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Outerknown develops organic cotton men’s clothes from, you guessed it—organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The brand has also increased its preferred fiber usage of other sustainable alternatives to 95% in recent years and other men’s natural clothing includes materials like ethical wool, recycled cashmere, lyocell, and hemp.

That latter’s natural UPF rating makes it perfect if you’re seeking men’s organic sun protective clothing.

Even for pieces that use recycled synthetics, everything is bluesign®-approved, so there aren’t any harmful chemicals.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Outerknown publishes its complete list of suppliers, so you can determine exactly where your organic men’s shirts are coming from. 

GOTS-certified Bergman Rivera manages the entire supply chain, so they know precisely where their organic cotton originates from.

Outerknown’s Code of Conduct and Fair Labor Association (FLA) membership ensures excellent working environments in its Fair Trade Certified factories in Southern America and China.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Outerknown is working to help the planet even more with its 2030 Sustainable Roadmap. Some initiatives include investing in circular solutions, better labor practices, and the Outerworn catalog of pre-loved pieces. 


Outerknown has natural men’s clothing in sizes XS–XL and bottoms ranging between 28–46”.

Community & charitable giving:

Through unique product collaborations and donations, Outerknown supports various non-profits like the Ocean Conservancy.

5. The Classic T-Shirt Company

9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits Images by Sustainable Jungle and The Classic T-Shirt Company #mensorganicclothing #organicmenslcothing #organiccottonclothingformen #organicmensclothes #organicclothesformen #mensnaturalclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle and The Classic T-Shirt Company

About The Classic T-Shirt Company

Price Range: $64–$118

If you need men’s organic cotton shirts, look no further than The Classic T-Shirt Company.

The name says it all!

This organic men’s clothing shop specializes in exceptional, organic cotton t-shirts, crewnecks, henleys, and shorts. The comfortable fibers are available in several colors, allowing you to mix and match options to suit your style.

The Short Sleeve V Neck is a lightweight option made of super-soft combed fabric. In fact, it’s one of the softest shirts we own!

Plus, we love that it’s ring-spun and pre-shrunk, as we can wash without worrying if it will fade, shrink, or get misshapen.

The Classic T-Shirt Company’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The organic cotton t-shirts for men are made from 100% GOTS-certified fibers dyed with high-quality, non-toxic Azo-free sustainable dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The Los Angeles-based brand produces every garment in the United States.

The US-grown sustainable fibers are shipped to a vertically integrated factory in Los Angeles for knitting and handcrafting.

They ensure vegan, fair trade, organic men’s clothing with living wages, realistic hours, and a dignified working environment. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

The Classic T-Shirt Co. builds every item to last with different shrink and quality control tests, and ships in recycled, plastic-free materials.


Shop for organic clothing men’s sizes XS–XXXL.

Community & charitable giving:

As a member of Pledge 1%, they donate a portion of equity, sales (1% of total sales, in fact), and time to initiatives it believes in, like safe water, reforestation, and ocean conservancy.

6. Neem London

9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits Images by Sustainable Jungle #mensorganicclothing #organicmenslcothing #organiccottonclothingformen #organicmensclothes #organicclothesformen #mensnaturalclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Neem London

Price Range: $56–$237

The UK-based sustainable menswear from Neem London is smart, sleek, and comfortable.

This sustainable men’s clothing brand aims to create a closed-loop menswear system through high-quality fibers, minimal packaging, and recyclable labels. Each shirt, button-down, overshirt, jacket, polo, and accessory is developed using exceptional eco-friendly materials.

A staple in our closet is the Regenerative Cotton Sky Modern Button Down Shirt.

A classy professional button down built of 100% Regenerative Organic Certified™ cotton, it’s grown using soil restorative practices that result in a positive impact on the planet and 61% fewer CO₂e than comparable shirts.

We find it a complete game-changer in smart casual wear. With a fit that’s just right, it drapes comfortably without feeling too loose or tight. The fabric is not only soft to the touch, but its design effortlessly bridges work meetings and Sunday brunches, making it a staple in any wardrobe.

Neem London’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Neem London opts for regenerative organic or regular organic cotton, recycled yarn, ZQ merino wool, and recycled yarn instead of traditional fast fashion fibers.

Supply chain & labor practices:

All fibers are spun in Spain, woven in Italy, and crafted in Romania. This minimizes the size of the supply chain, providing a carbon-neutral end-to-end supply chain.

The different factories utilize solar-powered mills without any hazardous chemicals.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

The impact of Neem’s garments are measured with third-party assessments, and you can find a comparison of its water, energy, and GHGs (total and per day of wear) for each garment on the product page.

Customers get a discount voucher if they send back unwanted 100% cotton or wool items for recycling, helping reduce textile waste.


Neem London provides men’s organic clothing UK sizes XS–XXL.

Community & charitable giving:

The UK-based brand donates to various projects to minimize carbon emissions, like the UK Tree Buddying plan, the Harmanlik Wind Power Plant, and a program in Guatemala that stops cutting down local trees and shares low-fuel stoves for cooking.

7. Pact

9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits Images by Sustainable Jungle #mensorganicclothing #organicmenslcothing #organiccottonclothingformen #organicmensclothes #organicclothesformen #mensnaturalclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Pact

Price Range: $28–$128

Organic cotton, Fair Trade, carbon neutral—have you met Pact?

Pact creates men’s organic cotton clothing without cutting any corners. 

We’ve tested a few of their tops, jackets, sweaters, organic sweatpants, and shorts and attest to their quality.

Pieces like the Downtime Sweatshort quickly became a wardrobe no-brainer for its cozy yet durably breathable design with large pockets and excellent fit.

Pact’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


If you’re looking for 100% organic cotton men’s clothing, Pact is the brand for you. 

Many of their items use just GOTS-certified organic cotton, but some contain small amounts of elastane for stretch and comfort. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

This organic clothing brand works with farmers and manufacturers in India, where all the organic cotton is sourced and processed in Fair Trade facilities.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Pact utilizes various processes to minimize water and energy use alongside textile waste.

They don’t use any plastic packaging, opting for Vela bags, an ethical, carbon-neutral, FSC-certified, recyclable paper mailer. 


Pact has men’s sizes S–XL.

Community & charitable giving:

Through the Give Back. Wear Forward program, Pact delivers gently-loved garments to different organizations in need and reduces their overall footprint.

8. The Good Tee

9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits Images by The Good Tee #mensorganicclothing #organicmenslcothing #organiccottonclothingformen #organicmensclothes #organicclothesformen #mensnaturalclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by The Good Tee

About The Good Tee

Price Range: $32–$39

The Good Tee’s name is misleading—they make a great tee.

The natural fiber men’s clothing is made from premium, Fair Trade, and GOTS-certified organic cotton. The sweaters, tanks, hoodies, bottoms, and short-sleeved shirts are breathable and built to last.

With five eco-friendly dyes to choose from, the Unisex Organic Cotton T-Shirt looks simple, but that’s what makes it a fantastic wardrobe staple.

The Good Tee’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX, and GOTS-certified organic cotton dyed with low-impact, AZO-free dyes are what makes The Good Tee great.

For the buttons, they turn to natural materials like coconut and seashell. For zippers, it’s YKK NATULON® zippers made from post-consumer chemically recycled polyester.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The Certified B Corp partners with factories certified by Fairtrade Canada, ensuring living wages, community development funds, and dignified working conditions.

Organic cotton is sourced from India, where TGT works with minority-owned, women-owned, low-income, and disadvantaged suppliers.

They openly share information about their supply chain, with locations in India, Japan, and Canada.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

The Good Tee uses biodegradable bags and recycled boxes for transportation.


You’ll find natural fiber men’s clothing in sizes XS–3XL.

Community & charitable giving:

The Good Tee contributes to various local social initiatives in their worker communities, including an orphanage in Southern India.

9. Toad&Co

9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits Images by Sustainable Jungle #mensorganicclothing #organicmenslcothing #organiccottonclothingformen #organicmensclothes #organicclothesformen #mensnaturalclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Toad&Co 

Price Range: $28—$180

High-quality, breathable, well-made organic men’s clothes?

Must be Toad&Co.

The California-based sustainable outdoor clothing brand provides tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories held to high environmental and social standards.

Some items are 100% organic cotton, while others in their organic cotton collection, like Moonwake 1/4 Zip Pullover that we’ve tested, blend organic cotton with 20% recycled polyester to give it enhanced performance properties.

Toad&Co’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Toad&Co uses primarily organic cotton but incorporates other sustainable materials like hemp, TENCEL™ lyocell fabric, and recycled and vegan fibers.

Many of their items feature at least one of the following: bluesign®, Higg Index, Textile Exchange, and/or OEKO-TEX certification.

Supply chain & labor practices:

All their men’s organic clothing is made via international partners that receive visits and audits annually, ensuring they adhere to ethical manufacturing processes. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Toad&Co has many goals, like adhering 100% to The Responsible Wool Standard by 2024, converting all its synthetic materials to recycled ones by 2025, and cutting out all plastic packaging by 2026.

Like many of the sustainable brands on our list, Toad&Co has a resale section, allowing customers to sell their gently worn items.

Pieces are packed in FSC-certified paper materials with algae or water-based ink. Customers have the option to select a Reusable Shipper at checkout from third-party company LimeLoop.


The organic cotton men’s shirts and tops are available in sizes S–XXL, while bottoms 30–38”.

Community & charitable giving:

The organic men’s clothing brand is a member of 1% For the Planet and the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund.

In addition to co-founding Planet Access Company, a warehouse providing adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities employment, they also co-founded Search for Adventure, which creates vacations and travel opportunities for adults with disabilities.

They also donate to other nonprofits like Planned Parenthood and the Wild Seed Project.

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How We Chose The Best Organic Clothing Brands For Men

We all know eco-friendly, organic men’s clothes are better than traditional fast fashion products, but where do you look?

No need to go overboard. Here are the criteria we used to find the best sustainable fashion brands and avoid greenwashing


The primary materials we looked for include organically grown cotton, recycled cotton, linen, hemp, and wool.

While not fully natural, semi-synthetics like lyocell, bamboo, and modal fabric are plant-based and still biodegradable.

Supply chain and labor practices: 

Ethical manufacturing processes are a must, regardless of whether they concern the soil or the workers tending the crops. We look for traceability and certifications from reputable, third-party organizations. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Organic cotton does wonders for the environment, so green practices like recyclable or biodegradable packaging, local supply chains, reforestation efforts, carbon offset programs, and minimizing water, chemical, and energy usage are a bonus. 

Other efforts, like repair, recycling, and resale programs, are other ways to put a positive spin on the fashion indsutry


It’s always appreciated when a brand has a wide array of sizes for tops and bottoms with a diverse cast of models. 

Community & charitable giving: 

The brands on our list give back in countless ways, like donating to organizations, planning clean-up days, and contributing to social and environmental initiatives.

Final Thoughts On Organic Men’s Clothing Brands

Men, organic clothing is the new wardrobe staple you’ve been looking for.

Organic cotton uses less water, preserves soil quality, and minimizes soil erosion. With no chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides, it protects local habitats and the farmers who grow it.

But it’s also durable, breathable, and looks great.

Know someone looking for high-quality sustainable men’s clothing?

Send them this list, so they can organize their wardrobe into something more organically outstanding.

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9 Mens Organic Clothing Brands To Naturally Optimize Your Outfits Image by Sustainable Jungle #mensorganicclothing #organicmenslcothing #organiccottonclothingformen #organicmensclothes #organicclothesformen #mensnaturalclothing #sustainablejungle

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