7 Sustainable Electric Toothbrush Brands For A Better Buzz Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainableelectrictoothrbrush #electrictoothbrushsustainable #ecofriendlyelectrictoothbrush #ecofriendlytoothbrushheads #ecoelectrictoothbrush #bestsustainableelectrictoothbrush #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
7 Sustainable Electric Toothbrush Brands For A Better Buzz Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainableelectrictoothrbrush #electrictoothbrushsustainable #ecofriendlyelectrictoothbrush #ecofriendlytoothbrushheads #ecoelectrictoothbrush #bestsustainableelectrictoothbrush #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

7 Sustainable Electric Toothbrush Brands For A Better Buzz

Amber McDaniel

With its various materials and components (looking at you, battery), it’s not hard to see why electric toothbrushes are worse for the environment than their manual counterparts. Compared to a sustainable bamboo toothbrush, the climate impact is 11 times greater.

But what do you do if your dentist recommends one for your sensitive gums?

Thanks to these sustainable electric toothbrushes, you can still get electrically pearly whites without dirtying the planet in the process.

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The Best Eco-Friendly Electric Toothbrush For A Sustainable Smile

Sustainable Tomorrow reduces disposable waste by replacing plastic heads with compostable brush heads.

For a durable electric toothbrush that helps you cut down on e-waste, those from SURI are made with a repairable aluminum body and plant-based recyclable toothbrush heads that can be sent back to SURI for free proper disposal.

1. Sustainable Tomorrow

7 Sustainable Electric Toothbrush Brands For A Better Buzz Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainableelectrictoothrbrush #electrictoothbrushsustainable #ecofriendlyelectrictoothbrush #ecofriendlytoothbrushheads #ecoelectrictoothbrush #bestsustainableelectrictoothbrush #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Sustainable Tomorrow’s Eco Electric Toothbrush

Price Range: $80

Sustainable Tomorrow sells eco-friendly home accessories and personal care products. Their toothbrushes feature 5 different cleaning modes, three intensity levels that reach up to 40,000 VPMs, and a 2-minute timer.

Each bamboo electric toothbrush comes with a year’s supply of compostable and biodegradable replaceable heads made from FSc-certified bamboo with castor bean oil bristles. They also sell bamboo heads for Philips Sonicare models. 

We personally own one and love the comfort of the gentle bristles and ergonomic feel of the handle that makes brushing a breeze. And thanks to various settings, we can set it to whatever type of clean we need at the time, including a slower, more gentle setting if we’re experiening any tooth or gum sensitivity.

We’ve found that it conveniently lasts for about a month before we need to charge it, which it does in just a few hours, taking minimal electricity to do so.

Sustainable Tomorrow’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Each FSC-certified bamboo brush head will last for three months and when you’re finished with it you can add it to your compost heap where it will decompose in around 6 months. 

Toothbrushes are packaged and shipped in zero-waste, sustainable packaging.


7 Sustainable Electric Toothbrush Brands For A Better Buzz Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainableelectrictoothrbrush #electrictoothbrushsustainable #ecofriendlyelectrictoothbrush #ecofriendlytoothbrushheads #ecoelectrictoothbrush #bestsustainableelectrictoothbrush #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

SURI’s Recyclable Electric Toothbrush

Price Range: $95–$125

SURI, short for Sustainable Rituals, is “the last toothbrush you’ll ever need”.

Designed for a powerful deep clean, the body offers up to 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute to remove 3x as much plaque with two speed modes and a two-minute timer, powered by rechargeable batteries that last for over 40 days on a single charge. When that time comes, you can either charge via the slim and minimalist charging “pebble” base or in its travel case—which also includes a built-in UV light on the brush head to sanitize the bristles as needed. It kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria in just one minute

One of our team members tested one herself, and she has very sensitive gums that are prone to receeding if brushed too hard or with too stiff of bristles, so the medium/soft bristles used her was perfect for her gum’s needs. It delivers a crisp and freshing mouth-feel, without leaving the gums feeling sensitive or in pain.

The rapidity of its vibrations also makes it perfect to use with our favorite zero waste toothpaste, since it quickly induces a foam from the waterless tablets.

Plus, the two minute-timer is so useful to know we’re getting in the full recommended brush time.

SURI’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Each SURI zero waste electric toothbrush features castor bean oil bristles attached to cornstarch brush heads, which you don’t even to worry about properly composting because SURI offers a brushhead take-back program to UK and US users. Just pack your used heads in the pouch included with your first order and mail it back using the attached prepaid shipping label. This return pouch is the only plastic packaging you’ll find in the set.

The steel components and waterproof aluminium body are designed to be recyclable, aided by the fact that the body opens easily to access these components or change the battery. If you purchased your brush directly from SURI, they’ll repair it for you for free, and if you acquired it elsewhere, they’ll still fix it for a small fee.

SURI is carbon-neutral via a partnership with ClimatePartner has obtained a B Corp certification.

Also available on Amazon.

3. Primal Life Organics

7 Sustainable Electric Toothbrush Brands For A Better Buzz Images by Primal Life Organics #sustainableelectrictoothrbrush #electrictoothbrushsustainable #ecofriendlyelectrictoothbrush #ecofriendlytoothbrushheads #ecoelectrictoothbrush #bestsustainableelectrictoothbrush #sustainablejungle
Images by Primal Life Organics

Primal Life Organics’ Plastic-Free Electric Toothbrush

Price Range: $250

At 35,000 pulses per minute, Primal Life Organics‘ bamboo handled toothbrush uses top-tier modern tech to deliver a powerful clean that far exceeds primal dental standards.

For brushheads, you can either opt for those that work with their own Real White Sonic Bamboo Toothbrush or those compatible with any Phillips Sonicare 3, 6 & 9 Series. Either way, they’ll be made of FSC bamboo, a cornstarch center, and binchotan charcoal soft bristles, all of which they claim will break down in a home composting environment in 6 months.

If you travel a lot, don’t forget to add a sturdy, all-bamboo case (except for the embedded magnet closure) that keeps two brush heads and the body safe and clean on-the-go. Even if you’re more of a homebody, it’s great for keeping your toothbrush contained and clean.

Primal Life Organics’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Primal Life Organics offers all manner of sustainable living and low waste essentials, naturally mailed in plastic-free packaging.

You’ll find plenty of other unique dental essentials, too, like an LED tooth whitening device do you say goodbye to all those chemical-ridden palstic whitening strips.


7 Sustainable Electric Toothbrush Brands For A Better Buzz Images by FOREO #sustainableelectrictoothrbrush #electrictoothbrushsustainable #ecofriendlyelectrictoothbrush #ecofriendlytoothbrushheads #ecoelectrictoothbrush #bestsustainableelectrictoothbrush #sustainablejungle
Images by FOREO

FOREO’s Eco-Friendly Electric Toothbrushes

Price Range: $129–$215

Swedish brand FOREO brings to market the world’s first sustainable sonic toothbrush made of durable silicone.

The ISSA™ 3 has 16 adjustable intensities, a smart memory feature, and a low battery indicator LED light—though don’t expect to see that very often considering their ultra efficient battery only needs to be charged twice per year. While the front of the brush head cleans teeth and gums, the back cleans your cheeks and tongue, taking care of all your oral hygiene needs.

There’s also a mini version (perfect for zero waste travel) and an ultra-small head electric toothbrush for kids and babies, making sustainable scrubbing possible for the youngest members of the family, too.

FOREO’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

FOREO might just create the most sustainable electric toothbrush on the market. Made from durable silicone, both the ISSA™ and ISSA™ mini come with Foreo’s 10-year quality guarantee.

The long-lasting brush head is made from a combination of medical-grade silicone (for gum massage) and PBT polymer bristles to clean off your plaque. They only need to be replaced once per year. That’s as tough as they come (er, gum?). 

FOREO doesn’t currently offer a recycling service and recommends visiting your local electronics recycling center. If they don’t accept the unit whole, FOREO says it’s easy to dismantle into smaller pieces. 

FOREO’s factories run on solar power and no products are tested on animals, including the cruelty-free electric toothbrush.

5. The Humble Co.

7 Sustainable Electric Toothbrush Brands For A Better BuzzImages by The Humble Co.#sustainableelectrictoothrbrush #electrictoothbrushsustainable #ecofriendlyelectrictoothbrush #ecofriendlytoothbrushheads #ecoelectrictoothbrush #bestsustainableelectrictoothbrush #sustainablejungle
Images by The Humble Co.

The Humble Co’s Environmentally Friendly Electric Toothbrush Heads

Price Range: $20

The Humble Co doesn’t offer a full-fledged electric toothbrush, but they do offer sustainable replacement heads that are compitble with over 50 different Philips Sonicare® models—and since hanging on to your existing electric toothbrush is the most sustainable option, we so appreciate companies like this doing their part to making existing industry players more eco-friendly.

These heads contain 88% less plastic than standard brushheads, considering the only plastic involved is in the BPA-free nylon-6 bristles. That does mean you’ll need to use pliars to remove them from the bamboo heads if you plan on composting.

They also make a “Plant-Based” line featuring 77% plant-based bioplastic, but since these aren’t compostable like the bamboo, we recommend sticking with those.

The Humble Co’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

The Humble is certified both vegan and cruelty-free and all manufacturing, packaging, and end-of-life fo their various dental products are done with the lowest possible environmental footprint in mind.

Through their connected Swedish non-profit organization, the Humble Smile Foundation, every purchase contributes to provided free dental care to children in need around the world.

6. etee

7 Sustainable Electric Toothbrush Brands For A Better BuzzImages by etee#sustainableelectrictoothrbrush #electrictoothbrushsustainable #ecofriendlyelectrictoothbrush #ecofriendlytoothbrushheads #ecoelectrictoothbrush #bestsustainableelectrictoothbrush #sustainablejungle
Images by etee

etee’s Eco-Friendly Electric Toothbrush Heads

Price Range: $19

etee is a one-stop zero waste online store for cleaning, personal care, and home essentials and while they no longer sell the electric toothbrush body they used to, you can still find replacement heads if you got lucky enough to score one while they still offered them.

Unfortunately, they do say these are designed to work with their brushes only and can’t be guaranteed to work with other toothbrush bodies, but even if you missed boat here, they sell plenty of other dental essentials, like zero waste floss.

etee’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

The sustainable electric toothbrush heads are made from bamboo with castor-bean oil bristles. Altogether, they’re 98% compostable. 

etee’s factory is powered by renewable energy, they alway ship plastic-free, and donate to several organizations, including the Mississauga Food Project and WestCoast Children’s Clinic.

7. PearlBar

7 Sustainable Electric Toothbrush Brands For A Better Buzz Images by PearlBar #sustainableelectrictoothrbrush #electrictoothbrushsustainable #ecofriendlyelectrictoothbrush #ecofriendlytoothbrushheads #ecoelectrictoothbrush #bestsustainableelectrictoothbrush #sustainablejungle
Images by PearlBar

PearlBar’s Eco-Friendly Electric Toothbrush

Price Range: $120

PearlBar will help you look after your pearly whites with its range of sustainable oral care products. 

Their sonic-powered eco toothbrush has five brushing modes and three cleaning speeds, including the quiet and gentle “clean” setting. But you can get even more specific with each toothbrush head designed for a different function: whitening, sensitivity, and plaque removal.

Each unit comes with 3 replaceable heads made from bamboo and a 1-year warranty. 

Pearlbar’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Once the nylon bristles and cornstarch plastic insert in the brush head have been removed, the rest of the bamboo replacement toothbrush heads are 100% biodegradable and can be composted at home. The “bamboo-look” of the main body and charging dock are thanks to recyclable plastics and metals.

PearlBar donates 10% of all profits to charity, like the Salvation Army and Love Without Boundaries. They also donate toothbrushes to people in need.

Also available on PearlBar.

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How To Properly Recycle Electric Toothbrushes

If everyone in the US replaced their toothbrush every 3-4 months (the recommended time frame), over one billion toothbrushes would be thrown away every year—the majority of which are plastic.

Unfortunately, going electric as 55 million US brushers have isn’t the solution. The main body is usually made of plastic and most replacement heads are also plastic with nylon bristles, meaning it’s almost impossible to recycle an electric toothbrush.

While it’s true that some components can be recycled, many Material Resource Facilities (MRF) won’t be too pleased with teeny-tiny components—especially if they have to dismantle it themselves. Even TerraCycle has yet to accept electric toothbrush heads. 

Then there’s the battery which requires difficult-to-mine metals like lithium (with often questionable workers’ rights) and it isn’t always easy to recycle either. Design Life-Cycle did a lifecycle analysis on electric toothbrushes and flagged various issues regarding materials, energy use, and waste.

Disposing of electronics properly is important, so first consider if it can be repaired either through the company or at a local repair shop. If you enjoy a challenge, have a go at a DIY repair (with YouTube’s help). If repair efforts fail, try recycling through the following options:

  1. Check to see if the company offers a recycling service.
  2. Check for local recycling options. You might have a local drop-off point (or you can start your own and raise money for schools or charities). 
  3. Visit your local recycling center to see if they have a recycling bin to dispose of electronics. Some electronic stores also have bins you can use.

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7 Sustainable Electric Toothbrush Brands For A Better Buzz Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainableelectrictoothrbrush #electrictoothbrushsustainable #ecofriendlyelectrictoothbrush #ecofriendlytoothbrushheads #ecoelectrictoothbrush #bestsustainableelectrictoothbrush #sustainablejungle

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