9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Scarves To Stay Warm & Keep Our Planet Cool Image by Studio Variously #sustainablescarves #sustainablescarf #ecofriendlyscarves #fairtradescarves #ethicalscarves
Image by Studio Variously
9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Scarves To Stay Warm & Keep Our Planet Cool Image by Sustainable Jungle#sustainablescarves #sustainablescarf #ecofriendlyscarves #fairtradescarves #ethicalscarves
Image by Sustainable Jungle

9 Sustainable Scarves That Are Ethically Made To Keep You Warm

Heather Seely

Preparing for winter?

Don’t forget to look for sustainable scarves that make your outfit pop—without doing the same to the health of our planet. 

A cozy scarf with bold colors and eco-friendly materials can make a drab winter day better by sealing off the elements and protecting our planet. 

Pair it with eco-friendly boots and an ethical winter coat so your eco-friendly scarf can do a lot more than just warm up the walk with your fur baby.

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Fair Trade, Ethical Scarves We’d Love To Wrap Up in

With sustainable fabrics and ethical manufacturing, is it any wonder that Canadian company tentree makes some of our favorite warm sustainable scarves

When the mercury really drops, just pop on one of Zestt Organics’ organic cotton scarves. Their Travel Scarves are an all-in-one scarf + shawl + blanket. 

Because linen is one of the most sustainable scarf materials, MagicLinen is an obvious pick. Their ethical scarves also come at some of the most affordable prices.

Head to the fringe of the article to see how we chose these sustainable scarf brands wrapping up a better world.

1. tentree

9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Scarves To Stay Warm & Keep Our Planet Cool Images by tentree #sustainablescarves #sustainablescarf #ecofriendlyscarves #fairtradescarves #ethicalscarves
Images by tentree

About tentree

Price Range: $68–$88

There are more than ten reasons why tentree is one of our favorite sustainable clothing brands.

To name three: they use some of the most sustainable fabrics, have a transparent supply chain, and are one of the highest-rated Certified B-Corps. 

We like their sustainable outdoor clothing as much as their sustainable loungewear and, being a Canadian company, we can trust they know a thing or two about cold weather wear. 

Just looking at their versatile eco-friendly scarves has us feeling warmer already. The range includes wool, cotton ribbed, jersey, and the ever-popular sustainable Fuzzy Scarf.

tentree’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


What are sustainable scarves made of? 

tentree’s eco-friendly scarf range provides us with a few answers: Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified wool, organic cotton, and recycled materials (like textile waste, recycled clothing, fishing nets, and plastic bottles).  

Of these, the most consciously cozy scarf is made of organic cotton and only that. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Routine audits and a strict Code of Conduct help to ensure tentree’s ethical manufacturing practices.

They cover all the basics (no harassment, no child labor, no discrimination), as well as protection for the environment, and provision of safe and healthy spaces for their workers. 

If you’re curious about these specific partners, take a look at their factory ledger, which includes details about certifications that apply to each (i.e. WRAP, BSCI, SA800, Fair Trade, and Fair Wear Foundation).

Green business practices:

tentree was started by environmentalists, so it should come as no surprise that they’re a member of The Responsible Packaging Movement and Climate Neutral-certified. 

So that soft fabrics can provide warmth for decades to come, Circularity by tentree accepts pre-loved tentree garments to be resold or recycled into new garments. Request a free shipping label and receive tentree Rewards for saving the Earth—one worn-out scarf at a time. 

Community & charitable giving:

Intending to plant one billion trees by 2030, tentree is well on its way.  By planting 10 for every purchase they’ve managed to plant more than 89,000,000 of them already.  

tentree chooses fast-growing trees and planting locations based on areas in need of soil and biodiversity repair. 

2. Zestt Organics

9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Scarves To Stay Warm & Keep Our Planet Cool Images by Zestt Organics #sustainablescarves #sustainablescarf #ecofriendlyscarves #fairtradescarves #ethicalscarves
Images by Zestt Organics

About Zestt Organics

Price Range: $68–$228

A better-for-Earth brand behind sustainable accessories and gifts, Zestt Organics can bring some warmth to any day with their eco-conscious line of ethical cashmere scarves

For those looking for a vegan scarf, there are organic cotton options, too. 

Big enough to be a blanket, cold temperatures don’t stand a chance with these scarf-shawl hybrids. And with plenty of colors to choose from, they’ll make a versatile addition to any minimalist wardrobe. 

Zestt Organics’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The best sustainable scarves from Zestt Organics are those made with 100% GOTS-certified cotton. 

They also offer a 20% recycled cashmere scarf, but because it’s made with 80% virgin cashmere, we’d avoid it unless the natural wrinkle-resistant and hypoallergenic properties are too hard to pass up. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Through their Lot No. Program, woman-owned Zestt shares exactly where each ethical scarf was made—and the factory, people, and certifications behind it. 

The ethical scarves are made in India or China. 

3. MagicLinen

9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Scarves To Stay Warm & Keep Our Planet Cool Images by MagicLinen #sustainablescarves #sustainablescarf #ecofriendlyscarves #fairtradescarves #ethicalscarves
Images by MagicLinen

About MagicLinen

Price Range: $34–$39

Offering much more than just sustainable bedding, and eco-friendly towels, MagicLinen uses one of the most magical organic materials in their range of sustainable clothing and accessories, too.  

With designs for men and women, their sustainable linen scarves are available in eight colors and double as a shawl when the weather gets really chilly. 

MagicLinen’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


MagicLinen’s ethically made scarves are made with 100% European flax that’s been stone washed for softness.

Even with a pop of soft color, their OEKO-TEX certification ensures they’re free of harmful materials. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Linen is viewed as something magical in Lithuania, the world’s linen hub, and where MagicLinen ethically produces its scarves. 

Green business practices:

Your wrap-up accessory will come wrapped up in a biodegradable cornstarch mailer. 

4. Passion Lilie

9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Scarves To Stay Warm & Keep Our Planet Cool Images by Sustainable Jungle and Passion Lilie #sustainablescarves #sustainablescarf #ecofriendlyscarves #fairtradescarves #ethicalscarves
Images by Sustainable Jungle and Passion Lilie

About Passion Lilie

Price Range: $24–$48

Passion Lilie believes fashion can be a force of good, which is why they ensure fair conditions for the Indian artisans they partner with. 

In addition to t-shirts, fair trade dresses, women’s clothing, and men’s button-downs, this fair trade brand can take care of all your winter needs.

Alongside ethical winter coats, they offer a gorgeously printed selection of unisex fair trade scarves that give back

Lightweight and flowy, they’re perfect for a cold spring morning or chilly autumn day. 

Passion Lilie’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Each fair trade scarf is made with either conventional or GOTS-certified organic cotton—clearly marked in the product’s name. We’d go with the latter.

The playful and delicate prints are a result of the ancient Indian ikat dyeing process or hand-printing with a block stamp. Regardless, you’ll only find organic or Azo-free dyes (read: no harmful chemicals).

Supply chain & labor practices:

These fair trade wraps and scarves are designed in New Orleans and made in India, using traditional weaving techniques. 

All partner groups are screened using Fair Trade Federation’s criteria and an in-person visit. 

The talented artisans receive fair wages (based on Global Living Wage Coalition’s definition) and a positive working environment. Most receive retirement payments, double pay for overtime, and health care.

Green business practices:

Local sourcing and traditional hand manufacturing practices keep the impact of this fair trade brand down. They rinse their naturally-dyed products in the river (reducing water consumption) before letting them dry in the sun (reducing energy consumption).

Carbon offsets are purchased for shipping from India to the brand’s HQ in the US. 

A circular reseller program is in the works and since everything is made from natural, sustainable fibers, all Passion Lilie garments and accessories are biodegradable. 

Community & charitable giving:

With a focus on empowering women (who make up 60% of India’s apparel workers), Passion Lilie provides free job training to support them in becoming tailors, a higher-paying position typically filled by men. 

5. Studio Variously

9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Scarves To Stay Warm & Keep Our Planet Cool Images by Studio Variously #sustainablescarves #sustainablescarf #ecofriendlyscarves #fairtradescarves #ethicalscarves
Images by Studio Variously

About Studio Variously

Price Range: $119–$259

Slow fashion proponent Studio Variously specializes in textile products that are “slow made, artisanal, [and] sustainable”. 

This award-winning, woman-owned, slow fashion brand has a wide selection of scarves, from thinner, statement silk scarves to thicker sustainable cashmere scarves

What they all have in common are their elegant looks and slow, intentional crafting.

Studio Variously’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Studio Variously is dedicated to only using fully biodegradable yarns and organic dyes (some of which are certified Eco Swiss dyes).

Their most sustainable scarves are those made of 100% Belgian linen.

They also offer ethical scarves made of pure silk organza, handwoven cotton, Australian Merino wool, or a blend of cashmere and Merino. 

While they claim all materials are ethically sourced, we could find no mention of specific animal welfare policies and will be reaching out to ask.

Supply chain & labor practices:

They prioritize sourcing raw materials from small, local farmers and keep manufacturing nearby, too.

Each linen and wool scarf is woven on a handloom by artisans in Nepal.

Their silk creations are a product of India, made using traditional hand painting and shibori dyeing techniques.

Counteracting the norms of fast fashion, Studio Variously believes in making one piece at a time, which is why they work with master artisans and 3rd or 4th generation weavers. 

A strong advocate for empowering women, 80% of the brand’s partner artisans are women. 

Green business practices:

Instead of plastic poly bags, the eco-friendly scarves are mailed in protective, reusable cotton pouches.

6. Organic Basics

9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Scarves To Stay Warm & Keep Our Planet Cool Images by Organic Basics #sustainablescarves #sustainablescarf #ecofriendlyscarves #fairtradescarves #ethicalscarves
Images by Organic Basics

About Organic Basics

Price Range: $180

Danish company Organic Basics got its footing in the world of sustainable fashion with men’s undies but they have plenty of clothing for the top, too. 

A one-stop-shop for everything head to toe—literally, from sustainable socks, to sustainable hats—you can fill your ethical wardrobe with sustainable basics from this brand.

For ethical wool scarves, check out their simple range of unisex offerings, with sustainable hats and glove to match.

Organic Basics’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Organic Basics’ classic and conscious scarves are made with either recycled Merino or recycled cashmere. 

As ethical knit scarves go, these can’t be beaten since they use post-consumer recycled material that would otherwise go to landfill. 

Because the cashmere is combined with 15% virgin material, we’d choose the wool version to take home to our forever wardrobe. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Organic Basics is anything but basic when it comes to its commitment to ethical fashion. 

They support better working conditions, living wages, freely chosen employment, and absolutely no child labor, ever. 

You can virtually check out their European factories to see how many employees they’re working with, the number of vacation days, and relevant certificates and audits (i.e. GOTS, SMETA, and SA8000). 

Green business practices:

Only Class A and B fibers (those that are low-impact, renewable, recycled, and/or biodegradable) are used. 

In addition to using a low-impact website that requires 70% less electricity for data transfer (and only runs when renewable energy is available), the Danish brand works with One Carbon World to offset all emissions. 

Take a look at their Impact Report to see more ways they impress us.

Community & charitable giving:

Through biannual grants, the Organic Basics Fund supports a range of European environmental organizations. 

In the past, these have included organizations fighting for communities in the Amazon and creating habitats for pollinators.


9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Scarves To Stay Warm & Keep Our Planet Cool Images by Slate + Salt #sustainablescarves #sustainablescarf #ecofriendlyscarves #fairtradescarves #ethicalscarves
Images by Slate + Salt


Price Range: $46–$142

If you’re wondering where to buy fair trade scarves, allow SLATE + SALT to help. 

The ethical platform partners with small social enterprises to preserve traditional techniques and provide shoppers with one-of-a-kind pieces. 

With sustainable silk scarves and organic scarves from Cambodia, natural cotton scarves from El Salvador, alpaca sustainable scarves from Peru, and linen scarves from Ethiopia, they’re a heartwarming brand to turn to when the mercury drops. 

And when want something to wrap up and keep you warm at home, be sure to check out their fair trade blankets.

SLATE + SALT’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Several sustainable materials go into SLATE + SALT’S unisex sustainable knitted scarves: 100% cotton, Himalayan cashmere, Ethiopian cotton + silk, organic cotton, or an alpaca + polyamide + Merino wool blend.

Alpaca is a low-impact alternative to cashmere, but because it’s blended with polyamide (nylon), our top pick would be the scarves made with 100% organic cotton.

The scarves are often dyed naturally (sometimes with mango leaves) and processed in a way that avoids harsh chemicals. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The Peruvian Fair Trade scarves, like all others, come from SLATE + SALT’s partner artisan co-ops. Many empower women or disabled artisans and all ensure the preservation of traditional artisan techniques. 

Green business practices:

Using only hand-crafting techniques means that the carbon footprint of machinery is avoided. 

Community & charitable giving:

In addition to fair wages and supportive work environments, many of the cooperatives give back to the community by providing educational and health opportunities. 

8. Anchal

9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Scarves To Stay Warm & Keep Our Planet Cool Images by Anchal #sustainablescarves #sustainablescarf #ecofriendlyscarves #fairtradescarves #ethicalscarves
Images by Anchal

About Anchal

Price Range: $58–$74

Anchal isn’t just a sustainable fashion and homewares brand; they’re a nonprofit social enterprise based on fair trade design. 

Just as you can wrap one of their eco-friendly aprons around you to protect you from messes, you can wrap up in one of their sustainable scarves to protect an artisan from exploitative work.

Since the organic scarves are lightweight and fashion-forward, they’d also make for some of the most comfortable sustainable scarves for warmer weather, like infinity scarves.

If you’re looking for fair trade wraps and scarves, check out the Colorblock Scarf, which features an ultra-wide design to double as both.

Anchal’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


As some of the best sustainable cotton scarves, Anchal’s feature only pure GOTS-certified organic cotton.

In addition to non-toxic materials, only low-impact and natural plant dyes are used. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The fair trade scarves are handcrafted by artisans in Ajmer, India. Empowering women is a key part of their mission, which is why Anchal specifically seeks to support exploited and marginalized women with meaningful livelihoods. 

A Fair Trade Federation certification ensures everyone receives above-living wages, and Anchal provides additional access to skills training, health camps, workshops, and other resources.

Green business practices:

By selling their products on Made Trade, Anchal gives buyers the option to receive their order via a Carbon Neutral-certified company. 

Community & charitable giving:

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Anchal is one of the best sustainable scarf brands that give back.

This charitable entity reinvests all profits into its two arms: Stitch x Stitch and dyeScape, which employs marginalized women in Ajmer, India, and trains people on how to make plant-based dyes, respectively.

9. Aukala

9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Scarves To Stay Warm & Keep Our Planet Cool Images by Aukala #sustainablescarves #sustainablescarf #ecofriendlyscarves #fairtradescarves #ethicalscarves
Images by Aukala

About Aukala

Price Range: $61–$93

Born from the hands and spirit of South American artisans,” Aukala is a breath of fresh air in the fashion industry. 

Combining ethically sourced goods with an honoring of traditional craftsmanship, the brand works to connect those who purchase their cardigans, scarves, shawls, ponchos, kimonos, and capes with the people who made them. 

Each sustainable silk scarf tells a story—and ethical, sustainable luxury fashion is the main character. 

Aukala’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The sustainable scarves are made with a blend of silk fleece on one side and Merino wool wet felt on the other. 

They’re all eco-print dyed. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

All of Aukala’s sustainable materials are ethically sourced via ancestral methods that don’t harm or pollute the environment. 

Then, Chilean artists and craftsmen handcraft the natural materials into scarves using eco-conscious dyeing, felting, and printing processes. 

Green business practices:

The eco-printing method of dyeing involves using flowers, fruits, plants, and other natural elements to create inks. Instead of synthetic substances, natural acids and oxides are used. 

Community & charitable giving:

Through their 5-step sourcing process, artisans are supported with mentorship and strategy planning to ensure the well-being of everyone involved. 

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How We Chose These Sustainable And Ethical Scarves

A warm scarf is an essential for winter fashionistas. 

While the impending snow may be on our minds more than sustainability, it’s important to look for ethical and sustainable scarves that keep us warm—but don’t do the same for our planet.  

We used our sustainable and ethical fashion criteria to brr-ing the best to light. 


The most sustainable scarf comes down to what it’s been made with. Conventional scarves (like many other articles of clothing) are typically made with synthetic, plastic-based fabrics.

Like a delicate print, organic and sustainable fibers have a more delicate impact on our planet. 

Wearing natural materials, like organic cotton or linen, is our favorite vegan-friendly way to stay warm.

If you’re okay with animal products, we’d recommend wool and cashmere that are ethically and sustainably sourced. Even better if they’re recycled.

We don’t want our infinity scarves to have an infinite impact on our planet, so we avoid plastic. The only synthetics we’d cozy up to are recycled materials or sustainably made semi-synthetics, like TENCEL™ modal and lyocell

Supply chain & labor practices: 

You may want a scarf that’s thick and warm, but we want to see a supply chain that’s thin and transparent. These brands have been able to back up their ethical claims with specific factory details or certifications that attest to their superior labor practices. 

Strict Codes of Conduct and third-party certifications will keep you feeling extra toasty (and less likely to fall victim to greenwashing).  

However, certifications aren’t necessarily a guarantee there’s no funny business going on. Even the likes of B Corps’ reliability has been questioned so these certifications are best paired with other transparent practices.

Green business practices: 

Being “green” starts with eco-friendly materials and continues with things like carbon offset programs, renewable energy, circular practices, eco-friendly mailers, and sustainable manufacturing practices (like closed-loop dyeing systems and water recycling methods).

Community & charitable giving:
Ethical fair trade scarves can warm our bodies and our hearts—especially when they’re from a brand that gives back. When a brand creates pieces that support its local or global community, winter feels a little more bearable.

Final Thoughts On Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Scarves

That’s pretty much a wrap! 

Getting ready for winter weather with sustainable accessories may seem like no biggie, but when you and your friends don a sustainable scarf and support brands like these, you’re preserving normal winters—not contributing to melting ice caps. 

And on that note, the most sustainable and ethical scarf is the one already hanging in your closet, or your local thrift shop or online thrift store.

If none of those work out, the scarves on this list will help you stay warm while keeping the planet cool.

If your loved one’s already saying “brr,” it’d be cool (pun intended) of you to pass this article their way.

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9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Scarves To Stay Warm & Keep Our Planet Cool Image by MagicLinen #sustainablescarves #sustainablescarf #ecofriendlyscarves #fairtradescarves #ethicalscarves

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