9 Plus-Size Lingerie Brands For Ethical & Inclusive Intimates Image by Sustainable Jungle #plussizelingerie #plussizewomenslingerie #sexyplussizelingerie #plussizelingeriebrands #bestplussuzelingerie #sizeinclusivelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
9 Plus Size Lingerie Brands For Ethical & Inclusive Intimates Image by Sustainable Jungle #plussizelingerie #plussizewomenslingerie #sexyplussizelingerie #plussizelingeriebrands #bestplussuzelingerie #sizeinclusivelingerie #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

9 Plus-Size Lingerie Brands For Ethical & Inclusive Intimates

Dawn Cowles

Inclusivity is sexy.

Everybody deserves to show off and every body deserves to be shown off—especially when you’re doing it in planet and people friendly skivvies.

These sustainable and sexy plus-size lingerie brands have the goods to make ALL women feel amazing (without making the planet feel less-than).

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Lingerie For Plus-Size Women Proving Sexy Is Sizeless

Cosabella has us saying “ooh la la,” and not just because they offer almost 200 different pieces of sexy lingerie for plus-size women—but because each one is made in family-owned factories in Italy that utilize slow fashion practices.

They’re in good company with circular-minded Parade, whose inclusive lingerie isn’t just made of recycled materials, but is fully recyclable through the brand’s take-back program.

As tempting as MARY YOUNG’s sexy plus-size lingerie bodysuit range looks, their Self Love Club and donations to uplift individuals are what make our hearts truly flutter. 

Keep peeling off the layers and read on for the rest of these feel-good, look-good inclusive underwear brands.

For lacy see-through transparent practices that leave nothing to the imagination, see what business practices (other than size) made us blush at the end of the article.

The Full List Of Size Inclusive Lingerie Brands


9 Plus-Size Lingerie Brands For Ethical & Inclusive Intimates Images by MARY YOUNG #plussizelingerie #plussizewomenslingerie #sexyplussizelingerie #plussizelingeriebrands #bestplussuzelingerie #sizeinclusivelingerie #sustainablejungle
Images by MARY YOUNG


Price Range: $45–$112

MARY YOUNG has some of the best plus-size sexy lingerie Canada has to offer.

Unlike many North American brands, they don’t do mass production. Instead, they want to be a fast fashion alternative.

They channel slow fashion in their ethically and sustainably produced styles of bras, panties, bodysuits, loungewear, and boxer briefs.

If you’re looking for a piece of plus-size white lingerie, step into the Nalini Bodysuit, which features a simple, flattering silhouette to hug curves, accented by modest yet flirty transparent mesh sides.

MARY YOUNG’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Bamboo rayon with OEKO-TEX certification is the brand’s fave fabric.

While bamboo fabric can sometimes come with a gamut of sustainability concerns, theirs isn’t treated with chlorine bleach or carcinogenic dyes. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The lingerie is produced in Montreal, Canada, where living wages and safe working conditions are provided. 

Everything is packed and shipped by hand.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Individual garments are sent without poly bags and with compostable tissue paper, all part of their effort to eliminate single-use plastics.

The mailers are made from 100% recycled material and are fully recyclable too. They even have a second adhesive strip, so you can use them again. 


MARY YOUNG founded this namesake brand to “fill the gap in the intimates market and empower women with different body types.”

Sizes XS–2X are available. 

Community & charitable giving:

The Self Love Club is a movement centered around self-love and acceptance. It’s a safe space where women can share stories, poems, songs, recipes, and more.

MARY YOUNG also regularly makes donations to non-profit organizations focused on uplifting others through resources and opportunities.

2. Subset

9 Plus-Size Lingerie Brands For Ethical & Inclusive Intimates Images by Sustainable Jungle #plussizelingerie #plussizewomenslingerie #sexyplussizelingerie #plussizelingeriebrands #bestplussuzelingerie #sizeinclusivelingerie #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Subset

Price Range: $18–$62

Wearing lingerie is supposed to feel good. 

With Subset (formerly known as Knickey), it does good, by helping to curb rates of vaginal yeast, and bladder infections that more than 300 million of us suffer from every year.

Breathable fabrics are better and that’s what you’ll find from this organic underwear brand.

Being no-frills, all-function, their bralettes and panties are some of the best women’s plus-size lingerie for those who prefer to keep things simple and down-to-earth.

The Organic Cotton Low-Rise Thong, available in a range of solid colorways, is an essential—and not just for intimate times, but also for ensuring there’s no panty lines while wearing your sustainable leggings.

Subset’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


To comfortably cover your bum, 5% elastane provides some stretch. But(t) that’s the only synthetic fabric you’ll find outside the waistband.

The other 95% is GOTS-certified organic cotton dyed with OEKO-TEX approved dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

NYC-based Subset bares all about the making of their size inclusive underwear.

An organic farm, spinner, and factory in India handle everything after the design stage. The factory is Fair Trade certified, so living wages are provided, along with safe working conditions, reasonable hours, and the option to unionize. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Practices to reduce water consumption and recycle it are used in their partner farm/factory.

You can even send back old intimates to be recycled. As if providing a solution for what to do with old underwear isn’t enough, you get a free pair of undies for using their recycling service.

The packaging is made from recycled materials printed with low-impact inks.


Sizes run from XXS–3XL with an equally representative cast of plus-size lingerie models

3. Cosabella

9 Plus-Size Lingerie Brands For Ethical & Inclusive Intimates Images by Cosabella #plussizelingerie #plussizewomenslingerie #sexyplussizelingerie #plussizelingeriebrands #bestplussuzelingerie #sizeinclusivelingerie #sustainablejungle
Images by Cosabella

About Cosabella

Price Range: $26–$75

Next on our list of lingerie brands with a plus-size Extended Collection we have classy Cosabella.

Their garments are feminine and timeless, which makes sense given ‘Cosabella’ means ‘beautiful thing’ in Italian. 

You’ll find camisoles, bodysuits, teddys, lingerie sets, bras, panties, and loungewear—in standard styles or extremely unique ones.

If you’re looking to “Get It Hot”, get “Back In Black” with Never Say Never Foxie Chemise and its fully transparent black lace bodice.

Cosabella’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Cotton or a cotton blend are used in the body of some garments, but most of their regular and plus-size lingerie lace is made with synthetic fabrics, such as polyamide and elastane/spandex.

They’re colored with natural dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The family-owned company partners with family-operated workshops in Italy.

These workshops use slow fashion manufacturing practices—some of which date back to the Renaissance period. Something as barely-there as a thong might take around 10 hours to make.


Cosabella’s lingerie is designed so every body type can feel confident—from classic to curvy, extended to petite, and everything in between. 

Their Extended plus-size collection—which admittedly, could be a bit bigger in terms of items—starts at 38-40” torso bands, DD–F cups, and bottom sizes 1X–3X.

4. Parade

9 Plus-Size Lingerie Brands For Ethical & Inclusive Intimates Images by Parade #plussizelingerie #plussizewomenslingerie #sexyplussizelingerie #plussizelingeriebrands #bestplussuzelingerie #sizeinclusivelingerie #sustainablejungle
Images by Parade

About Parade

Price Range: $10–$77

Founded to rewrite the American underwear story and what it means to be sexy, Parade makes ultra-soft and expressive plus-size lingerie sets and singles.

From seamless underwear and bralettes that provide “unreal comfort” to see-through iridescent bodysuits, there isn’t a personal style or special occasion they don’t cater to.

The planet is just about the only thing that won’t feel hot and bothered looking at the Main Event plus-size corset lingerie. Made with satin straps, 92% recycled plastic bottles, and recycled mesh, you get all the push-up power with almost none of the virgin plastic.

And with everything coming in under $100, it’s size AND budget-inclusive lingerie.

Parade’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


We dig recycled and upcycled clothing, so Parade is marching right up our sustainable lingerie alley.

Aside from the 100% cotton gusset, all of their fabric is largely recycled.

This includes Re:Play fabric made from 85% recycled nylon and 15% spandex, Silky Mesh made from 95% recycled nylon and 5% elastane, and Universal fabric made from carbon-neutral recycled nylon (80%).

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The lingerie is made in a Chinese factory that is both OEKO-TEX and Sedex certified. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Parade is sustainable, but they aim to be even greener over the next few years.

They’ll use 100% responsibly sourced cotton by 2023, use 100% certified recycled/bio-based materials by 2025, and be carbon positive by 2025. 

In the last two years, they’ve switched to exclusively recyclable or biodegradable packaging and  have implemented a Second Life intimates recycling program.


All plus-size women’s lingerie is available in XS–3XL. 

Community & charitable giving:

1% of sales get donated to rotating pro-women organizations. Currently, the recipients are Planned Parenthood and the Yellowhammer Fund.


9 Plus-Size Lingerie Brands For Ethical & Inclusive Intimates Images by WAMA #plussizelingerie #plussizewomenslingerie #sexyplussizelingerie #plussizelingeriebrands #bestplussuzelingerie #sizeinclusivelingerie #sustainablejungle
Images by WAMA

About WAMA

Price Range: $24–$44

WAMA makes our bodies feel great, thanks to their organic bras and sustainable underwear

Starter packs equal big savings but undies and bras are available individually, too. 

The LA-based brand uses hemp for all of its products. It’s comfortable, antibacterial, breathable, and will have you feeling pretty high about yourself. 

In fact, everyone should (h)emphatically embrace this material.

WAMA’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Organic hemp fabric is blended with GOTS-certified organic cotton, and a teeny tiny bit of spandex keeps that bra covering what it’s supposed to.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The hemp is sourced from family farms in China before it’s processed in BSCI-certified factories. That certification means workers are supported with safe work environments and fair wages. 

WAMA also has a team member on-site to ensure that their Code of Conduct is adhered to. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

WAMA is a Green America Certified Business Member and uses 100% recycled and recyclable (or compostable) shipping materials.


Their everyday women’s plus-size lingerie collection runs XS–4XL.

6. Uye Surana

9 Plus-Size Lingerie Brands For Ethical & Inclusive Intimates Images by Uye Surana #plussizelingerie #plussizewomenslingerie #sexyplussizelingerie #plussizelingeriebrands #bestplussuzelingerie #sizeinclusivelingerie #sustainablejungle
Images by Uye Surana

About Uye Surana

Price Range: $26–$82

Uye Surana is an ethical lingerie brand that’s designed with your body in mind. 

Yes, You!

They’re based out of a studio in NYC, and their lingerie range is simply dreamy. 

From floral to flowy to fierce, they have plus-size corsets, bras, stockings, undies, nightwear, and accessories like garters that will have you stripping down in no time.

For plus-size babydoll lingerie that will have your partner saying “oh, baby”, check out the “sweet but not so innocent” Hearts of Venus cupless babydolls.

Uye Surana’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Most mesh pieces are made with nylon and spandex, but they also have a Cloudsoft Cotton collection, though it’s not organic cotton.

Durable, anti-rip materials will allow you to show off your lingerie for longer – especially useful when things get heated…

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Uye Surana partners with a Colombian factory that’s family-owned and operated. They guarantee fair wages and safe working conditions.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Waterway pollution from this factory is minimal, thanks to hand-printing techniques that reduced the amount of dye and water required.

Rounding out the best plus-size lingerie sets, they’re shipped using 100% recycled shipping materials.


Uye Surana is female founded (by Monica Wesley).

Their designs are extensively fit-tested across an inclusive size range, XS-3XL, with plus-size lingerie models to match, so you can see how a piece will actually fit.

The bralettes, for example, have patented technology that offers a precisely tailored band and cup fit, along with an ultra-adjustable easy fit detail to accommodate more than 70 bra sizes.

7. Impish Lee

9 Plus-Size Lingerie Brands For Ethical & Inclusive Intimates Images by Impish Lee #plussizelingerie #plussizewomenslingerie #sexyplussizelingerie #plussizelingeriebrands #bestplussuzelingerie #sizeinclusivelingerie #sustainablejungle
Images by Impish Lee

About Impish Lee

Price Range: $68–$158

What’s a tell-tale sign of a top plus-size luxury lingerie brand

The use of custom sizing to make it easy to find the perfect fit—which is exactly what Impish Lee does. 

The sister-owned shop started on Etsy, but has rapidly exploded into a fully customizable intimate plus-size apparel brand. They make panties, bralettes, garter belts, and bras. 

For plus-size pink lingerie that will help you “color pop ‘til you drop” the translucent fuchsia and silver mesh combo of the Cora Longline Triangle Bralette is to due for.

If you don’t find something that quite suits, design your own!

Impish Lee’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Most materials in their mesh, lace, velvet, and foil are synthetic-based (nylon and spandex). 

However, their best curvy lingerie uses more sustainable modal fabric, so shop for these where you can.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Manufacturing happens in-house in New York, adhering to ethical labor practices and supporting the US economy and job market.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

By custom-creating a product that is already purchased, Impish Lee minimizes waste and excess fabric. 


Lingerie sizes 0–30 are available and fully custom sizing fills any gaps that an extensive range might miss.

Community & charitable giving:

Want to join their community of empowered and confident women?Join their brand ambassador program and spread body positivity by hosting a lingerie party.

8. Modibodi

9 Plus Size Lingerie Brands For Ethical & Inclusive Intimates Images by Sustainable Jungle #plussizelingerie #plussizewomenslingerie #sexyplussizelingerie #plussizelingeriebrands #bestplussuzelingerie #sizeinclusivelingerie #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Modibodi

Price Range: $32–$56

Modibodi was created for different bodies and different flows.

In other words, they’re a sustainable period underwear brand for that time of the month.

That time of the month may not leave you feeling super sexy, but Modibodi can help by making it a little more bearable (and sustainable because you can say goodbye to single-use pads).

Plus, the sensual collection is specifically designed for more intimate encounters.

The Sensual French Cut not only boasts moderate to heavy flow protection, but the Instinct Pink leopard print and see-through lace panels look so good, you’ll be sorely tempted to wear these even when not on your period.

Modibodi’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


They primarily use organic cotton, Australian-farmed Merino wool, bamboo viscose, and pre-consumer recycled nylon. 

Their bamboo viscose is stain and odor-resistant and produced in a way that reprocesses wastewater before it’s released. 

Merino wool is also naturally antimicrobial, which is why this goes into the gusset lining.

Synthetics like spandex, polyamide, and polyester are also blended in. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Their supply chain partners are audited under BSCI standards, which ensures fair working pay, reasonable hours, and safe working conditions.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Modibodi uses comPOST parcel bags, which are made from plant-based materials.

They’re looking for more environmentally-friendly fabrics to further reduce their manufacturing impact. 

Even so, their reusable zero waste menstruation products mean that pads and tampons aren’t clogging drains or sent to landfills.


The woman and mother-founded brand offers sizes up to 6XL.

They also have an All Gender Collection, and Maternity & Postpartum Collection for underneath your organics maternity clothes.

Size and body shape isn’t the only way this brand is breaking body barriers. They create adaptive underwear with hook & loop tape fastening designed specifically for those with disabilities.

Community & charitable giving:

Through the Give A Pair program, every dollar donated goes towards providing someone with a pack of five 

pairs of leak-proof undies. So far, they’ve donated more than $1,500,000 worth of underwear.

9. JBC Lingerie

9 Plus-Size Lingerie Brands For Ethical & Inclusive Intimates Images by JBC Lingerie #plussizelingerie #plussizewomenslingerie #sexyplussizelingerie #plussizelingeriebrands #bestplussuzelingerie #sizeinclusivelingerie #sustainablejungle
Images by JBC Lingerie

About JBC Lingerie

Price Range: $45–$110

For some real down the covers under fun, Australian brand JBC Lingerie provides some of the best curvy lingerie.

They believe “no matter your shape, race, age, gender, sexuality; you deserve to feel sexy and like a total g**damn babe”.

Hear, hear!

The body-positive label handmakes flattering garments in styles for all body types.

Their range includes bras, underwear, garter belts, leotards, and plus-size bridal lingerie, as well as “outerwear lingerie” for daring days or nights out.

Your honey will certainly find the Hunnybee Bra sweet, with its totally transparent red lace cups and frilly floral top accents.

JBC Lingerie’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


There are many pieces and materials to choose from. 

Synthetic materials include velvet and French lace, while bamboo keeps things soft and antibacterial. Elastic is used for stretch and crotch gussets are made from cotton. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

All pieces are handmade to order. 


Band sizes from 6-20, lingerie sizes up to XXL, and cup sizes up to H means almost all sizes are catered for. 

For those that aren’t, custom fittings are available, because “size does not dictate sex appeal”.

The imagery used by this brand is also inspiring, as they clearly have women (and trans women) from all walks of life modeling their gender and size inclusive lingerie.

Community & charitable giving:

The Just Babes Club is a celebration of talented, intelligent, and beautiful babes.

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How We Found The Best Plus-Size Lingerie Brands

Where would sustainable fashion be without body-positive brands offering sustainable plus-size clothing?

We believe truly ethical fashion must make more of an effort to include groups historically left off the runway.

Fortunately, inclusivity is just a baseline for these conscious companies. 


Sustainable fabrics have yet to really make their way into most lingerie materials thanks to hard-to-replace materials like lace, mesh, and velvet.

While not perfect, most of these brands are at least trying to choose more eco-friendly options when possible.

Nylon, spandex/elastane, polyamide, and other synthetics are also common lingerie materials, so we’re happy to see some brands using recycled or deadstock materials.

Better for bums and better for our planet, natural and semi-synthetics like organic and conventional cotton, sustainably-produced bamboo, modal, ethical wool, and organic hemp make their way into our delicate cycle. 

Supply chain and labor practices: 

Fair wages and safe working conditions + stomping around in your garter belt = a fun and pleasurable time for everyone involved.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Slow fashion techniques keep water, energy, and chemical use down. Take-back programs, carbon neutrality, custom orders, and local supply chains can make your partner and Mother Earth blush.

It’s great to wrap up in a new lingerie piece that’s been unwrapped from recycled, recyclable, and/or compostable shipping materials, too.


In addition to plus sizes, we also LOVE seeing plus-size lingerie models that look like real people (even better when no photoshopping alters the pictures). 

It’s only fitting that these women-empowered brands are largely founded and owned by women. 

Community & charitable giving: 

Donations to organizations that help to uplift individuals and communities make us feel good—even with a wedgie

Final Thoughts On Sexy Plus-Size Lingerie

Are you getting a little hot after reading about all these plus-size lingerie brands?

We certainly are!

It’s high time we reinvent “sexy” because ALL bodies are perfect and we should all have options available to show them off with.

To keep things moving in the (body) positive direction, share this article with friends who could use a little ethical sex appeal. The more we demand from brands, so too will they accommodate the needs of more people. 

Most importantly, show yourself some well-deserved self-love.

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