Before your bundle of joy arrives, invest in ethical and organic maternity clothes designed consciously for you and your baby's health. Image by Pact #organicmaternityclothes #ethicalmaternityclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Pact
Before your bundle of joy arrives, invest in ethical and organic maternity clothes designed consciously for you and your baby's health. Image by Christy Dawn #organicmaternityclothes #ethicalmaternityclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Christy Dawn
Before your bundle of joy arrives, invest in ethical and organic maternity clothes designed consciously for you and your baby's health. Image by Isabella Oliver #organicmaternityclothes #ethicalmaternityclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Isabella Oliver

Ethical & Organic Maternity Clothes: 7 Brands For Mother Earth

When you’ve got a bun in the oven, it’s natural for those motherly feelings to get a little overwhelming. 

Most of our clothes are made with plastic, leading to untold amounts of textile waste. These synthetic fabrics are especially wasteful in maternity clothing, often only worn for a few months.

All in all, it’s way more than a baby bump in the road to sustainable living’s goal of a better future. 

Investing in pregnancy safe makeup and ethical and organic maternity clothes will help reduce your impact on the planet (assuming you truly do need to buy new). 

Before your little bundle of joy arrives, you want to stay as comfortable, chemical-free, and cozy as possible in products consciously designed for pregnant women. 

Thankfully, several brands can help you out.

Like Pact, who minimize their impact on the planet by using almost exclusively organic and fair-trade cotton. Even if you can no longer see your ankles, you can still look fashionable in an upcycled maternity dress from Christy Dawn.

For pre, during, and post-birth, the gowns from silkandmore tick all the boxes: comfort, fit, and style. 

If you’re interested, puuuuuuushhh your way to the end of the article to see how we found the best brands for your growing belly. 

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Before your bundle of joy arrives, invest in ethical and organic maternity clothes designed consciously for you and your baby's health. Image by Christy Dawn #organicmaternityclothes #ethicalmaternityclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Christy Dawn
About Christy Dawn

L.A. based Christy Dawn is a boho brand that also happens to be one of our favorite upcycled clothing companies (although we’re pretty obsessed with their ethical shoes, too).

Their vintage-inspired pieces feature super-sustainable materials and flowy, floral designs that might have you pretending you’re Laura from Little House on the Prairie

They’re also designed with all women in mind, and this includes expecting mothers. The loose and flowy fits in Christy Dawn’s shirts and dresses are adjustable and extremely friendly to baby bumps and nursing.

Christy Dawn’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Most of Christy Dawn’s line is made with upcycled fabric from deadstock (AKA leftover) garments. In some, they use organic cotton processed with plant-based dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The majority from Christy Dawn is made in the USA, making them one of the best for organic maternity clothes that are USA-made. 

They operate a factory in Los Angeles, which is also where a lot of the deadstock fabric comes from (a win-win for small supply chains). Only their organic cotton isn’t domestic. They will also be releasing a collection of dresses from a regenerative farm in India.

Each product description includes the individual dressmaker as well as information about how the product was made and a super transparent breakdown of how the pricing works out. 

Christy Dawn makers earn well above minimum wage and more than three times as much as an average garment maker. 

Green business practices:

In addition to using fabric that was destined for landfills, this hopeful “farm-to-closet” company partners with regenerative cotton farmers (the Oshadi Collective) in India. Their regenerative cotton is already climate positive, and this is just the beginning!


The standard size range typically includes XS to XXL, though they also have a Petites Collection and an Extended Sizing collection. Their clothing is comfortably worn and modeled by a range of women

Community & charitable giving:  

Partnerships with local grassroots initiatives and fundraisers allow Christy Dawn to give back to their L.A. community.

Available: Christy Dawn


Before your bundle of joy arrives, invest in ethical and organic maternity clothes designed consciously for you and your baby's health. Image by Warp + Weft #organicmaternityclothes #ethicalmaternityclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Warp + Weft
About Warp + Weft

Welcome to Warp + Weft, “the world’s cleanest vertically integrated denim company.” 

The family-owned sustainable denim brand has been in the jeans business for more than 30 years and boasts one of the world’s largest eco-friendly textile factories. 

They may only be able to provide one type of garment for your ethical non toxic maternity clothes wardrobe, but a good pair of jeans or overalls —especially with a human growing inside of you—is one of the best gifts the fashion world can provide. 

Besides, they still give you plenty of options in color and the cut of your sustainable maternity jeans. They also have maternity bibs (overalls)!

Warp + Weft’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Warp + Weft’s jeans are mostly cotton blended with some polyester and elastane/Lycra. However, a couple of their maternity models are made of cotton, Tencel, and polyester, and elastane.

Each product description includes a mini sustainability report that demonstrates how their jeans are able to save thousands of gallons of water. 20% of these fabrics are recycled denim/cotton or recycled plastic.

W+W’s cotton is not exclusively organic (though some is), they do source all cotton through the Better Cotton Initiative. This way, they can actively support farmers as they implement organic practices rather than discount such farmers altogether.

Wearers also get that well-loved denim look without the use of chemicals or harsh dyes. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Warp + Weft is committed to ethical manufacturing practices that include reasonable hours, fair wages, and positive working conditions. 

Their entire supply chain (farms, mills, and factory) are all located in Pakistan. As a tick in the box for transparency, you can even take a look inside their factory on their website. 

Green business practices:

From fiber to final finished garment, Warp + Weft does what they can to minimize their impact. 

They recycle 98% of the water they use through vertically integrated dyeing and washing processes, have solar panels on the roof of their factory, and use Dry Ozone technology as an alternative to chemical bleach.


Inclusivity is where this brand really stands out. Their jeans represent 75 different sizes, shapes, and heights.  While they aren’t just for plus-sized people, they are one of the best plus size brands in ethical fashion.

Additionally, because they are virtually integrated and they cut out the middlemen, they also cut out any unnecessary markups. You can get lower prices—without all the fast fashion flaws

They also use a diverse range of models in their product listings and advertising.

Community & charitable giving:

Their commitment to saving water is taken to the next level through some of their charitable programs. At checkout, you can select the option to donate $3 toward clean water projects in Malawi.

Alternatively, provide meal support to people in need through organizations like No Kid Hungry

Waiting for the bit where they’re doing good?  Here it is: Warp + Weft matches every donation made.

Available: Warp + Weft


Before your bundle of joy arrives, invest in ethical and organic maternity clothes designed consciously for you and your baby's health. Image by Pact #organicmaternityclothes #ethicalmaternityclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Pact
About Pact

Pact creates “Earth’s Favorite Clothing” for the entire family.

From robes, sweaters and hoodies to pajamas, socks, and much much more.  

More importantly, they make clothing for the person responsible for expanding the size of that family—and make sure they’re darn comfy while that bun bakes.

Their certified organic maternity clothes, which include tees, leggings, dresses, organic underwear, and bras, support a growing family and growing belly, too!

Pact’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Organic cotton is Pact’s material of choice. Many of their garments are 100% plastic-free, but your belly may be happy to know their organic maternity clothes are blended with a touch of elastane for extra stretch.

Supply chain & labor practices:

About three-fourths of Pact’s organic cotton is sourced in India, where it’s also processed in a factory that is certified Fair Trade. 

Pact chooses India (over, say, the USA) because it’s an “opportunity to better the global community and make an impact on lives all over.”

Green business practices:

Pact employs tactics to minimize water and energy use and cut down on fabric waste.

When it comes to shipping, the packaging is either compostable or recyclable and they provide the opportunity for shoppers to offset the associated emissions. 


Pact’s maternity clothes run from S-XL (and these obviously run larger than the equivalent sizes in non-maternity clothing). 

As one of the most affordable ethical clothing brands, their organic and eco friendly maternity clothes are budget and big belly friendly.  

Community & charitable giving:

Making fashion more circular, all Pact orders are sent in a Give Back Box designed to be filled and returned with any gently used clothing of any brand.

Your unwanted clothes are then distributed to a variety of charity and non-profit organizations.

Available: Pact


Before your bundle of joy arrives, invest in ethical and organic maternity clothes designed consciously for you and your baby's health. Image by Frugi #organicmaternityclothes #ethicalmaternityclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Frugi
About Frugi

Frugi means ‘Fruits of the Earth’ in Latin, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to natural and sustainable materials.

They started with a eureka moment (and no, not the pregnancy test kind).

Rather the kind that came when founders Lucy and Kurt struggled to find clothing to fit over their son’s reusable eco friendly diapers

Originally named Cut4cloth which produced affordable organic baby clothes, Frugi has now transitioned to providing garments for babies and mums alike. 

Their organic cotton maternity clothes are designed for fashion and functionality and will keep you feeling fabulous both during and after your pregnancy. 

Whether you’re after dresses, tops, jumpers, bottoms, loungewear, outerwear, sustainable yoga clothes, or nursing support, Frugi’s got you covered.

Frugi’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


As one of the best organic maternity clothes brands out there, most Frugi garments are 100% GOTS and Soil Association-certified organic cotton. Some contain a little elastane and/or recycled polyester from plastic water bottles.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Frugi is headquartered in Cornwall, UK where more than 80 people work. In 2020, they were awarded two Queen’s Awards for outstanding achievements in Sustainable Development and International Trade.

They were one of only four companies to achieve a double award.

Frugi also works with factories in India, Portugal, Turkey, and China.

All factories must adhere to their code of conduct, which prohibits child labor, enforces freely chosen employment, and protects workers against discrimination, unfair wages, long work hours, and unsafe work conditions. 


Frugi’s maternity range fits sizes 8 to 18 (US sizes 4-14).

Community & charitable giving:

Over the past 16 years, Frugi has given more than £720,000 to charity organizations. Every year they donate 1% of their turnover, even if they don’t make a profit.

Their recent Little Clothes Big Change charity project supported children from around the globe via three major children’s charities.

Available: Frugi


Before your bundle of joy arrives, invest in ethical and organic maternity clothes designed consciously for you and your baby's health. Image by silkandmore #organicmaternityclothes #ethicalmaternityclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by silkandmore
About silkandmore

Etsy shop silkandmore was started by a self-proclaimed fabricaholic. 

Apparently, she’s not the only one who likes their fabrics. The family-operated shop has had more than 150,000(!) five-star average sales. 

Their specialty is robes, kaftans, and nighties, and these include a maternity line specifically for expecting mothers. 

If you want something really loose and flexible in fit for your third trimester, their maternity robes will make feeling like a balloon a little more bearable. They feature buttons in conveniently adjustable spots and slits at the hems to allow for additional legroom.

When the time finally comes, they even sell a hospital labor gown.

silkandmore’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


silkandmore uses, well, silk and more to create their clothing. The three main fabrics in their maternity line are rayon, silk, or ultra-soft mulmul cotton, always in pure and never blended.

We obviously recommend the 100% cotton garments from a sustainability standpoint (though we will be reaching out to inquire about the farming of this cotton as it does not appear to be organic).

Supply chain & labor practices:

silkandmore is based in India, where the garments are also designed and created.

As a truly family-operated shop, owner Shikha’s mother and mother-in-law take all product photos and a small team of assistants helps to create each garment.

Additionally, the Indian textile factory they partner with does not use child labor. 


Many of the gowns/robes/kaftans come in sizes from S to XXXL for those looking for eco friendly maternity plus size clothes.

Available: Etsy


Before your bundle of joy arrives, invest in ethical and organic maternity clothes designed consciously for you and your baby's health. Image by Bogema Mommy Lingerie #organicmaternityclothes #ethicalmaternityclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Bogema Mommy Lingerie
About Bogema Mommy Lingerie

Even though Bogema Mommy Lingerie is barely over a year old, the Etsy shop is growing faster than your bump after the pop.

They now have over 500 sales and an average five-star review. 

Satisfying a different need in the world of eco friendly organic maternity clothes, Bogema Mommy Lingerie sells things for both pre and post birth, including organic bras, nursing tops, maternity panties, and maternity friendly sleepwear and ethical swimwear

Bogema Mommy Lingerie’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Many of the garments are made with pure OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton. Organic cotton, being both breathable and hypoallergenic, is a great choice for sensitive breasts and is perfect to wear in the early stages of breastfeeding.

Other garments are made with conventional cotton and “eco-friendly polyester.” We’ll be reaching out to find out what exactly this means but in the meantime, stick with the organic cotton options.

Elastane is added in small amounts for some additional comfort.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Everything is handmade where the shop is based in Latvia. 


All nursing bralettes and maternity panties are available in S-XL (38-44). For their regular sculpted fit nursing bras, they have a ton more sizes (34B to 40G) to accommodate your ever-changing breast size. 

Available: Etsy


Before your bundle of joy arrives, invest in ethical and organic maternity clothes designed consciously for you and your baby's health. Image by Isabella Oliver #organicmaternityclothes #ethicalmaternityclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Isabella Oliver
About Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver puts people and the planet first in everything they produce: “We don’t want to profit from fast fashion, when it’s the planet paying the price.”

Through sustainable practices and an ethical supply chain, they curate timeless and elegant garments that support women’s empowerment. 

This brand really has sustainability dialed in, A through Z and currently have their B-corp certification pending. 

UK based, Isabella OIiver is entirely dedicated to sustainable maternity clothing—which means it provides the widest array of choices of the brands on this list.

While you carry a bun in the oven, they carry dresses, knitwear, tops and tees, jeans and pants, skirts, jackets and coats, lingerie, nursing garments, and accessories.

Isabella Oliver’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Isabella Oliver is proud to report that 90% of their collection is made from responsible fibers.

They prioritize natural, biodegradable fabrics like Lyocell, Merino wool (non-mulesed), by-product leather, Econyl recycled nylon, EcoVero, and viscose from certified and sustainable sources (which they are still working on phasing out). 

Recognizing room for improvement, they plan to include more organic cotton, recycled polyester, and other eco-friendly fabrics in the future.

Some garments are digitally printed, which minimizes ink consumption, energy usage, and water pollution.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Knowing the providence of the materials they use, Isabella Oliver aims to minimize waste by keeping their supply chain small and localized. This also means they know where every stage of the garment’s life cycle takes place and have a simple logo system to help shoppers know, too.

Their garments come from factories that have signed on to their code of conduct and meet high ethical standards—like safe conditions, regulated working hours, living wages, and no child labor.

To support women in every way, 76% of their team are women and they partner with women-owned and run factories.

They are also starting to use blockchain and AI technology to optimize their supply chain and are a Living Wage employer.

Green business practices:

Fighting for a better world, Isabella Oliver produces a quarterly impact report that demonstrates how they’re meeting some of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In fact, as of 2020, they are totally Carbon Negative across their supply chain! 

They achieved this by reducing the miles their garments travel by 63%, using 100% renewable energy in their warehouses and offices (on track to be 100% renewable across all entities by 2025), reducing the use of synthetic fibers by 42%, and supporting carbon-sequestering projects through Carbonfootprint, for the rest.

Additionally, they have a pre-loved collection that makes use of old maternity clothes. Aaaaand 50% of the sales from these are donated to a range of maternal charities. How’s that for ethical maternity clothes?! 

To further promote circular fashion, their Pass the Parcel movement encourages you to pass on old maternity clothing in exchange for a $20 voucher to their sister brand Baukjen. All you have to do is capture the moment and tag #iopasstheparcel.

As a Zero Waste company, they never overproduce or throw away garments, use 100% plastic-free and biodegradable packaging, and are on track to be completely plastic-free through the entire supply chain by 2025.


Their maternity sizes run from US 2-14. Their clothes are modeled by women who are actually pregnant. 

Community & charitable giving:

Before checking out, you have the option to add a planted tree to your purchase (for free!) through Isabella Oliver’s partnership with One Tree Planted. They focus on planting mangroves and trees in areas with rich biodiversity. 

After the order is placed, you’ll receive an email certificate that can be customized with your baby’s name. A birthday tree is a beautiful way to welcome a baby into the world.

They also donate clothing to Smart Works to support unemployed women in need and donate at least 10% of profits to various other charities.

Available: Isabella Oliver


Sustainable fashion means a lot of things for many different people, but when you have another human growing inside of you, you want to expose it to safe materials (ideally organic baby products, organic baby toys etc.) and ensure it will have a habitable planet to grow up in. 

Start off motherhood on the right (swollen) foot by considering some of the following when looking for eco friendly maternity clothes. 


Natural materials are better for you and better for the planet. We’ve aimed for mostly organic cotton in this list but many of these brands also use fibers like Lyocell and ethical wool

Additionally, synthetics are used in moderation (like elastane) or sourced responsibly, like from recycled plastic water bottles or deadstock fabric. 

Supply chain and labor practices:

We all want future generations to grow up in a just and equitable world. That’s why we look for brands that go the extra mile to ensure their supply chains truly support their workers.

This means absolutely no child or forced labor along with a promise of fair living wages and safe working conditions.

Green business practices:

Aside from materials, ask, “What else is this brand doing to minimize its impact?”  

Many opt for renewable energy or practices that minimize energy and water requirements. Some use special technologies in order to avoid chemicals, while others use exclusively recyclable and compostable packaging.


Size inclusivity is obviously important when you have a growing belly. Still, we want ethical maternity clothes that not only fit bigger bellies but bigger bodies even before pregnancy. 

We also love to highlight price inclusivity with more affordable maternity clothing options and of course, diversity in advertising and ownership. 

Community & charitable giving:  

Accepting clothing donations, donating funds themselves, planting trees, partnering with local organizations: there are so many ways these brands are creating a world you want your baby to grow up in. 


Bending over might be a struggle, but shopping for cute organic maternity clothes can be fun and uplifting. 

It can also be one of your first official commitments towards raising a zero waste baby and creating a more sustainable future for your child. 

We get that you might not want to drop more money on sustainable maternity clothes than you have to. Especially since you’ll only be wearing them for a short period of time.

If that’s the case, consider looking for something second hand at an online thrift store.

In fact, buying used is the most sustainable way to join Mother Earth in the eco mom’s club.

Before your bundle of joy arrives, invest in ethical and organic maternity clothes designed consciously for you and your baby's health. Image by  Christy Dawn #organicmaternityclothes #ethicalmaternityclothes #sustainablejungle

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