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9 Online Clothing & Dress Rentals For Circular, Sustainable Style Image by Nuuly #dressrentals #rentdresses #dressrentalonline #formaldressrental #clothingrentalonline #onlineclothingrental #sustainablejungle
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9 Online Clothing & Dress Rentals For Circular, Sustainable Style

Deidre Maene

Ready to step into designer dresses without leaving a carbon footprint?

Say goodbye to fashion FOMO and hello to the world of dress rentals online.

If you’ve ever experienced buyer’s remorse after splurging on an outfit for a single event or season, you’re not alone. 

The fashion industry’s wasteful practices and the growing environmental impact of discarded clothing have become increasingly hard to ignore.

But fear not, because the realm of clothing and dress rental online is here to save your style and your conscience.

No longer are you faced with the dilemma of choosing between a diverse and minimalist wardrobe.

Instead, you can rent designer clothing, including gowns and dresses, all while minimizing your environmental footprint and wallet impact. 

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The Best Online Clothing Closets To Raid

For a staggering selection, user-friendly website, and sustainability mission, Rent the Runway takes the lead. Whether you’re prepping for a wedding, getting ready to dazzle in designer items at a gala, or simply looking to keep your everyday look fresh, they have an array of options.

By Rotation’s fashion-forward app is more than just a rental service; it’s a gateway to conscious fashion and a thriving community. 

Nuuly offers a convenient and sustainable approach to keeping your style fresh, with an extensive collection, budget-friendly pricing, and effortless maintenance.

1. Nuuly

9 Online Clothing & Dress Rentals For Circular, Sustainable Style Images by Nuuly #dressrentals #rentdresses #dressrentalonline #formaldressrental #clothingrentalonline #onlineclothingrental #sustainablejungle
Images by Nuuly

Nuuly’s Online Clothing Rental

Price Range: $98 / month 

Looking for a fresh fashion fix that won’t break the bank?

Nuuly’s is your one-stop shop for clothing and gown rental, featuring a killer lineup of over 300 top-notch brands. 

For a flat monthly rate, you can snag up to six items every month. That means your closet’s on a constant style rollercoaster without making your wallet cry.

Now, let’s talk selection.

Nuuly’s got it all, from the latest streetwear trends to timeless classics—sustainable plus size clothing, included.

Whether you’re looking to rent gowns—like an elegant sequined midi dress from Anthropologie—or a pea green faux fur lined peacoat to keep you warm on the walk home, they have it all.

About Nuuly

Nuuly is a subscription-based online clothing rental service that empowers you to choose any six items from a selection of over 300 brands, including exclusive picks from Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters.

They handle the cleaning and maintenance of your garments, eliminating the hassle of dry cleaning and repairs.

The Nuuly Thrift section means they also double as an online second hand store.

2. Gwynnie Bee

9 Online Clothing & Dress Rentals For Circular, Sustainable Style Images by Gwynnie Bee #dressrentals #rentdresses #dressrentalonline #formaldressrental #clothingrentalonline #onlineclothingrental #sustainablejungle
Images by Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee’s Clothing Rental Online

Price Range: $49–$199 / month 

When it comes to online clothing rental websites, Gwynnie Bee tops the charts in terms of diversity.

They cater to any look, any color, and any size. If you’re in need of a plus size online dress rental, Gwynnie Bee can make it happen.

From denim and pants, to shirts and blouses, or even jackets and outerwear, any outfit is possible through Gwynnie Bee’s subscription service. 

Looking for a cocktail dress rental?

You might find the perfect sleeveless wrap shirring dress with a flattering, asymmetrical tie-side design that suits the occasion.

Members are able to raid Gwynnie Bee’s virtual closet whenever they want, with free shipping and unlimited returns.

If you fall in love with any of your formal dress rentals, members can just buy it at a discounted price instead.

With sizes up to 3X or 22W, it’s the perfect plus-size clothing rental online service, too.

About Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee has taken the circular wardrobe world by storm.

Featured in the likes of Glamour and Cosmopolitan, people are really buzzing about this online clothing rental market.

FINALLY a brand that’s giving busty, curvy, and plus-sized women all the fabulous choices smaller sizes are privy to. Ethical fashion means inclusive fashion!

The company was formed to provide all the fun fashion has to offer—without all the stress. 

3. By Rotation

9 Online Clothing & Dress Rentals For Circular, Sustainable Style Images by By Rotation #dressrentals #rentdresses #dressrentalonline #formaldressrental #clothingrentalonline #onlineclothingrental #sustainablejungle
Images by By Rotation

By Rotation’s App To Rent Dresses & Clothing

Price Range: Varies

Looking to slay in sustainable style and be part of a fashion-forward community?

By Rotation has an app that brings it all together by way of a peer-to-peer platform where anyone can list their clothes for rent.

It’s like having a treasure trove of styles, designer clothing items, and top brands like Ganni, Rixo, and Reformation right in the palm of your hand.

Got a special event?

They’ve got short-term rental ball gowns—like an oh-so-adorable blue ruffle gown with tasteful side cutouts.

Need everyday chic?

Longer-term rentals are available, too.

Their diverse catalog allows you to rent prom dresses, wedding dresses, or just everyday sustainable work clothing, all at wallet-friendly pricing and a zero-stress experience.

About By Rotation

Meet the London-based fashion rental platform that’s turning heads and turning the tide on fast fashion. 

Founded by Eshita Kabra-Davies, By Rotation is on a mission to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone.

Because by renting instead of buying, you’re helping cut down on fashion waste.

Plus, they partner with eco-friendly clothing brands and encourage secondhand fashion on their platform.

4. Armoire

9 Online Clothing & Dress Rentals For Circular, Sustainable Style Images by Armoire #dressrentals #rentdresses #dressrentalonline #formaldressrental #clothingrentalonline #onlineclothingrental #sustainablejungle
Images by Armoire

Armoire’s Clothing & Formal Dress Rental Online

Price Range: $79–$249 / month 

Who says being fashionable is hard? 

Take a style quiz. Have a professional stylist curate a selection. Rent your favorites. Look and feel great!

With Armoire, it really is this simple.

It’s nice to brighten up our wardrobes every once in a while, and with Armoire’s monthly subscription options of fun florals and bright sateen blouses, we can do just that…without the hefty price tag typically attached to such variety.

How does getting $5,000+ of clothing every month sound?

Whether you want to rent designer dresses online or something casual like a French Connection cowl neck sweater dress for the fall, Armoir’s curated range has a little something of everything.

About Armoire

Armoire starts the fashion journey with a quiz—you input your zip code so that they can pair you with weather-appropriate looks. Renters can choose from a variety of looks and designers to get exactly what they need.

They even make wearing worry-free if you’re prone to accidents and wearing your lunch. Minor damages are totally covered and Armoire offers complimentary dry cleaning.

Going beyond the environmental benefits of fashion rental, their service gives back in other ways.

Once garments leave the rental cycle, they’re donated to Dress for Success Seattle, which helps support financial education, job training, and employment for women.

5. Vince Unfold

9 Online Clothing & Dress Rentals For Circular, Sustainable Style Images by Vince Unfold #dressrentals #rentdresses #dressrentalonline #formaldressrental #clothingrentalonline #onlineclothingrental #sustainablejungle
Images by Vince Unfold

Vince Unfold’s Luxury Clothing Rental Catalogue 

Price Range: $175 / month 

Raiding “Vince’s” closet might sound a little strange—until you see everything that Vince Unfold has to offer.

With lovely neutral tones, genderless cuts, and “relaxed sets that make quite a statement”, their slacks, skirts, jackets, blouses, and suit sets are especially great for creating a look that you can wear to the office feeling like it’s Casual Friday any day of the week.

If cashmere sweaters and minimalistic linen dresses are your fashion cup of tea, Vince Unfold is for you.

They specialize in sleek professional wear and casual clothing, but you can also rent formal dresses online with Vince.

Providing an affordable and flexible option for Vince brand fashion enthusiasts, Vince Unfold allows members to benefit from an ever-evolving wardrobe of four styles at once.

Vince Unfold does, however, have a limited size offering (XS-XL and jeans in sizes 25-31 only).

About Vince Unfold

Vince is a Los Angeles brand that creates everyday pieces that are both elevated and understated. Inspired by California living, the warm and effortless style is loved by people all over the world. 

Vince Unfold is the brand’s offshoot project, aimed at providing more people with more Vince pieces while still promoting minimalist consumption.

They’ve got “endless layers to discover,” so check out their website if you’re interested in receiving a new mini-wardrobe every month.

6. Rent The Runway

9 Online Clothing & Dress Rentals For Circular, Sustainable Style Images by Rent the Runway #dressrentals #rentdresses #dressrentalonline #formaldressrental #clothingrentalonline #onlineclothingrental #sustainablejungle
Images by Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway’s Formal Gown Rental

Price Range: $94–$193 / month 

Rent the Runway is the original superstar of fashion rental services, and they offer everything—activewear, dresses, tops, sweaters, outerwear, pants, skirts, gowns, jumpsuits, maternity dresses, and so much more.

They even have kids rental clothing!

Rent the Runway’s formal dresses on offer are extensive, whether you need a wedding dress rental, prom dress rental, drop-dead gorgeous designer rentals, or a pink frilly mini dress with a sweetheart neckline that screams “thirty and flirty and thriving” for your impending 30th birthday party.

Shopping this vast range is easy thanks to their categories—including Nighttime/Daytime (lol), Black Tie, and Wedding (dresses)—of narrowed-down choices chosen by professional stylists for that particular occasion.

Renters can also choose between a few different monthly membership packages or just go with one-time rentals. 

About Rent the Runway 

Well aware that the fashion retail industry is one of the worst in terms of pollution and that 82 pounds of clothing from the average woman’s closet end up in landfill each year(!), Rent the Runway was launched in order to change how we get dressed. 

No wonder they’re one of the best online dress rental companies.

Most Rent the Runway competitors just can’t compete with their thoughtful practices.

From reusable garment bags replacing plastic mailers to old clothes being sold or donated, Rent the Runway goes the extra step to ensure no garment goes to waste and to promote sustainable fashion.

7. Le Tote

9 Online Clothing & Dress Rentals For Circular, Sustainable Style Images by Le Tote #dressrentals #rentdresses #dressrentalonline #formaldressrental #clothingrentalonline #onlineclothingrental #sustainablejungle
Images by Le Tote

Le Tote’s Rent-A-Dress Online Service

Price Range:  $59+ / month

Want a fashion-forward wardrobe without the clutter? 

Le Tote’s your answer!

This online clothing rental sensation offers a diverse catalog for women, and they’re all about making style easy and affordable.

Get ready to rent designer dresses and other chic outfits from top brands like DKNY, French Connection, and Vince Camuto.

A wide range of sizes and styles in designer rentals are available for any occasion, whether you’re after a snazzy short-term look or long-term everyday vibes in the form of a classy double collared blazer with a flattering, flare waist.

About Le Tote

Founded by Rakesh Tondon and Brett Northart, Le Tote’s been on the fashion block for over a decade hoping to make wardrobes a little lighter on the planet.

Renting instead of buying means less fashion waste. 

But here’s the real deal: 

Le Tote takes the hassle out of fashion. No more dry cleaning or repairs (they cover that) and their secure payment and delivery system mean your dress rental online experience is smooth sailing.

8. Fashion Pass

9 Online Clothing & Dress Rentals For Circular, Sustainable Style Images by Fashion Pass #dressrentals #rentdresses #dressrentalonline #formaldressrental #clothingrentalonline #onlineclothingrental #sustainablejungle
Images by Fashion Pass

Fashion Pass’ Dress Rental Online

Price Range: $89–$149 / month

Why are style mavens across the web whispering about Fashion Pass like it’s the best-kept secret in fashion?

Get ready to join the conversation by getting access to some of the best formal dresses for rent online—and much more!

With a diverse range of styles and brands, budget-friendly rates, and seamless upkeep, Fashion Pass presents a stylish and eco-conscious approach to keeping your look forever fresh.

From hip hugging floor length gowns to eco chic cowboy boots, there’s surely something you won’t be able to (fashion) pass up.

Many options come from partnerships with eco-savvy brands like For Love and Lemons, Free People, Blank NYC, and MinkPink.

Members get exclusive benefits such as purchase discounts and early access to the latest arrivals. 

About Fashion Pass

Fashion Pass isn’t your typical subscription clothing service. They’re all about keeping your style fresh while giving Mother Earth a high-five.

They offer the flexibility to rent 12–24 items per month, allowing you to curate your ever-evolving wardrobe effortlessly.

When you’re done, they’ve got your back for cleaning and maintenance—no dry cleaning or laundry drama.

9. Hirestreet

9 Online Clothing & Dress Rentals For Circular, Sustainable Style Images by Hirestreet #dressrentals #rentdresses #dressrentalonline #formaldressrental #clothingrentalonline #onlineclothingrental #sustainablejungle
Images by Hirestreet

Hirestreet’s Clothing & Gowns For Rent UK

Price Range: Varies by item

If you live in the UK and party dress rental online is what you’ve been scouring the internet for, save some time and check out Hirestreet.

We’ve all been there: the prom, a wedding, movie premiere, or charity event is quickly approaching, and figuring out what to wear is an absolute nightmare.

Between the painful retail price tag and the knowledge that you’ll likely never wear the costly piece again, it’s really hard to actually settle on something that won’t fill you with regret the day after the event.

With Hirestreet, it doesn’t have to be that way.

They have a range of some of the most beautiful dresses available for rent. Whether it’s a prom dress rental online or a last minute need to rent a bridesmaid dress, you’re sure to find something that will drop jaws and make you feel gorgeous.

Choose from options like floor-length, sequin, evening, and open-back to get the exact look you’re dreaming about.

Plus, unlike subscription dress rental online, they offer one-time rentals for affordable by-item fees.

About Hirestreet

Hirestreet’s is “committed to making style and sustainability accessible for all women”. 

With a dream to make premium fashion accessible to everyone, the pieces offered on Hirestreet include dresses, playsuits, jumpsuits and ethical maternity clothes.

Featured in magazines like Vogue and Grazia, Hirestreet has been well-recognized for their ability to turn fashion daydreams into reality…while removing the utterly nightmarish parts of shopping for high street fashion! 

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Final Thoughts On Online Clothing & Dress Rentals

Stop searching for “dress rental(s) near me”.

Thanks to these websites, it’s easier than ever to rent wedding dresses, prom dresses, and much more, all from the comfort of your couch.

They’re flipping the script on fashion FOMO, steering clear of wasteful fast fashion habits, and ushering in a new era where high-end clothing enjoys a longer, more meaningful existence.

All of this comes at a manageable monthly fee, making your fashion choices not only planet-friendly but budget-friendly too.

Thanks to these innovative fashion and dress rentals, you can refresh your wardrobe, feel fine in designer items, experiment with your style, and even uncover newfound favorite brands. 

The cherry on top? 

You get to do all this while minimizing your environmental footprint.

So, don’t just keep these fashion secrets to yourself—share this list with your friends and fellow fashionistas. 

It might just be the nudge they need to embark on a stylish and eco-conscious fashion journey, all while snagging incredible deals compared to retail prices.

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