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Deidre Maene

Experience & Interests:
Art and Graphics Educator, champion of Eco-Friendly Art, and a practicing sustainable artist. Melding traditional artistry with sustainable methods and digital innovations, upcycled crafts, digital art, and contemporary culture, always with an eco-conscious heart
BA in Fine Arts, Honours (University of the Witwatersrand). PGCE in Arts Education (University of South Africa), TEFL Certificate (i-To-i)
More About Deidre Maene
Currently based in London, UK, but with roots in South Africa, Dee's enthusiasm isn't just confined to her art. She's deeply passionate about education and the evolving landscape of art techniques, from green printmaking to digital explorations using platforms like Procreate. Always in tune with contemporary culture, Dee is both aware of and fascinated by its shifts and nuances. This dynamic blend of traditional, sustainable, and modern art interests, coupled with her diverse cultural experiences, positions Dee as a versatile and forward-thinking figure in the art world.

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