5 Bamboo Pet Products For Sustainable Pet Parenting #bamboopetproducts #bamboodogproducts #bamboopetsupplies #bamboopetaccessories #sustainablejungle Image by Love Unique Personal
Image by Love Unique Personal
5 Bamboo Pet Products For Sustainable Pet Parenting #bamboopetproducts #bamboodogproducts #bamboopetsupplies #bamboopetaccessories #sustainablejungle Image by Beco
Image by Beco Pets
5 Bamboo Pet Products For Sustainable Pet Parenting #bamboopetproducts #bamboodogproducts #bamboopetsupplies #bamboopetaccessories #sustainablejungle Image by Catopia9
Image by Catopia9

5 Bamboo Pet Products For Sustainable Pet Parenting

Pet ownership is no walk in the park (even though it involves lots of them!).

While raising a zero waste dog (or cat) is pawsibble it means digging for the most sustainable pet products out there.

Bamboo pet products can be the answer to many polluting doggy dilemmas!

Being largely compostable and sourced from one’s of the world’s most sustainable plants, bamboo makes for a quick walk in the park toward more sustainable pet ownership.

If you already have your pet gear sorted, don’t go out and buy more stuff needlessly. Only opt for bamboo pet supplies to replace things as needed.

We’ve sniffed out some of the best bamboo dog products and cat products so you can zero in on your pet parenting pawprints.

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1. Bamboo Pet Collars & Harnesses

5 Bamboo Pet Products For Sustainable Pet Parenting #bamboopetproducts #bamboodogproducts #bamboopetsupplies #bamboopetaccessories #sustainablejungle Image by Wagging Green Pet Shop
Image by Wagging Green Pet Shop

Every dog should have a bamboo dog collar.

Bamboo dog collars are just like normal collars, except the soft and comfortable webbing is woven from bamboo fiber that has the added benefit of being odor resistant and hypoallergenic. 

As far as bamboo pet supply brands go in this department, Wagging Green Pet Shop is king.

Using USDA-certified organic bamboo, they hand sew collars in a huge variety of prints and colors—from solid-single or double-layer collars to heavy-duty Martingale bamboo dog collars (which are also sans plastic clip).

For extra active dogs, they make eco friendly bamboo harnesses made to accommodate growing dogs so you won’t need to buy a new bamboo harness as your doggy matures.

With their recycling program, you can send your old leash or collar (even if they didn’t make it) for reuse in exchange for a “wagging green replacement” 25% off.

Tribal Creations offers a huge variety of mola and macrame dog and cat collars, but these are mostly made of cotton and vegan leather.

But for bamboo dog products, they offer bamboo dog harnesses made from 100% organic bamboo webbing and zinc-alloy hardware.

They only come in medium and large sizes, so they’re less suitable for smaller dogs.

2. Bamboo Dog Leashes

5 Bamboo Pet Products For Sustainable Pet Parenting #bamboopetproducts #bamboodogproducts #bamboopetsupplies #bamboopetaccessories #sustainablejungle Image by Tribal Creations
Image by Tribal Creations

Your set of bamboo dog accessories would not be complete without a bamboo dog leash.

An essential among bamboo pet supplies, they’re a training necessity as well as the best way to safely (and legally) take your dog into public settings, such as hiking trails and city parks.

Wagging Green Pet Shop also offers bamboo dog leashes in all the fun prints. Make them match with the collar and harness or mix and match.

Tribal Creations also makes tail-wagging appearances here. Their harness-matching purple or black leashes feature 100% organic bamboo webbing and zinc-alloy hardware.

Attach one of their handmade dog poo bag holders and you have a complete recipe for a stylish and sustainable walk with your best friend.

3. Bamboo Pet Bowls

5 Bamboo Pet Products For Sustainable Pet Parenting #bamboopetproducts #bamboodogproducts #bamboopetsupplies #bamboopetaccessories #sustainablejungle Image by Beco
Image by Beco Pets

Not only is bamboo sustainable and easily replenishable, it’s also versatile. It can be hardened into bamboo fiber, tough enough for a sturdy dog bowl.  

Compared to other zero waste pet bowls, like ceramic and metal, they’re superior, being lighter than stainless steel and less breakable than ceramic.

They’re also BPA-free unlike plastic pet bowls (and far more chew resistant than plastic too). 

Perhaps the most popular and widely available bamboo pet bowl on the market is the Beco Bowl, with different depths–for small cats to big dogs.

Made from bamboo resin, it’s completely biodegradable and dishwasher-safe.

Not just one of the best bamboo dog brands, Beco also offers eco friendly dog food so your pooches’ diet is as sustainable as their crockery.

If a bamboo pet bowl stand is more of what you seek, check out Love Unique Personal’s personalized pet “snack station”.

It features a bamboo base and two removable stainless steel bowls for easy washing.

4. Bamboo Pet toys

5 Bamboo Pet Products For Sustainable Pet Parenting #bamboopetproducts #bamboodogproducts #bamboopetsupplies #bamboopetaccessories #sustainablejungle Image by Catopia9
Image by Catopia9

Anyone have a dog that’s chewed up (and devoured) a toy?

The better question is, “Who hasn’t?”

Eco friendly dog toys may not necessarily stop that from happening, but they are at least a safer consumable when it does—making them one of the best bamboo dog product swaps.

And once that happens, they can be composted right in your own home. 

Of course, the best bamboo dog toys, however, are those they won’t immediately destroy.

Like the durable bamboo chews by Forever Paws. These Bam-Bam-Bones are “made to take care of your dog and look after our planet”.

Available in both a wishbone and traditional dogbone shape, they combine natural bamboo with non-toxic polypropylene (PP) in an artificial flavor-free chew.

Designed to last for weeks of chewing, these bamboo dog supplies are excellent for teething pups and chew-happy dogs.

Bamboo cat toy options include Catopia9’s catnip-infused crochet critters, made of a blend of wool and bamboo yarn.

5. Bamboo Pet Brush

5 Bamboo Pet Products For Sustainable Pet Parenting #bamboopetproducts #bamboodogproducts #bamboopetsupplies #bamboopetaccessories #sustainablejungle Image by Zefiro
Image by Zefiro

For owners of both dogs and cats, especially breeds with longer hair, a bamboo brush is one of your key bamboo pet supplies.

1% for the Planet member Zefiro brings bamboo to the pet preening party.

Their bamboo pet accessories consist of cat toys and a bamboo brush for either dogs or cats. It features two sides of sisal or stainless bristles attached to a natural rubber and bamboo base.

Juturna also offers dual-sided brushes made of the same materials—plus an organic pet shampoo bar to clean them up before their brushing.

If soft bristles are your pet’s preference, Alcott Store’s Bamboo Groom palm-size bamboo-handled brush features rubber bristles. We’re not sure what the hand strap is made from and will be reaching out to ask.

If you’re retiring these bamboo dog brushes, be sure to disassemble any metal pins and bristles first. 

The natural rubber bases, while biodegradable, also take a long time to break down in a home composting system.

Why Bamboo Pet Products?

But why bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most renewable and fast replenishing resources on earth, growing far faster than trees because you don’t need to kill the core plant in order to harvest it.

It also uses less water to grow and converts more CO2 into oxygen than most plants.

From a consumer standpoint—especially when talking about our favorite little furballs with a penchant for destroying things— bamboo is safe and, being 100% compostable, has a better end-of-life story. 

Although the bamboo may have been treated so bear in mind you may need to remove any coatings before composting.

With so many bamboo pet products online these days, making the switch is actually incredibly easy (just be sure to avoid Bamboo brand pet products, as these aren’t actually made from bamboo).

Choosing to shop bamboo pet supply brands is just like making any other easy zero waste swap, but for our furry friends!  

Final Thoughts on Bamboo Pet Products

Despite being a relatively new low waste pet solution, bamboo pet brands are taking off.

While there are still gaps in eco friendly pet products, they’re eco-credentials are swiftly improving.

In the meantime, making one or two (or a few) of these swaps when needed can drastically decrease your pet’s eco pawprint. 

With bamboo leash in hand, help walk some fellow pet parents in the right direction by passing along this list of bamboo pet accessories.

5 Bamboo Pet Products For Sustainable Pet Parenting #bamboopetproducts #bamboodogproducts #bamboopetsupplies #bamboopetaccessories #sustainablejungle Image by Beco

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