Is Granite Cookware Safe? 7 Brands For a Forever Chemical-Free Kitchen Image by Carote #granitecookware #isgranitecookwaresafe #nonstickgranitecookware #nontoxicgranitecookware #granitestonecookware #bestgranitestonecookware #isgranitestonecookwarenontoxic #sustainablejungle
Image by Carote
Is Granite Cookware Safe? 7 Brands For a Forever Chemical-Free Kitchen Image by Michelangelo #granitecookware #isgranitecookwaresafe #nonstickgranitecookware #nontoxicgranitecookware #granitestonecookware #bestgranitestonecookware #isgranitestonecookwarenontoxic #sustainablejungle
Image by Michelangelo

Is Granite Cookware Safe? 7 Brands For a Forever Chemical-Free Kitchen

Molly Willows

Who wants a frying pan filled with chemicals when we’re cooking healthy for ourselves, right?

Granite cookware is trending for its supposedly non-toxic, safe, easy cooking and cleaning—but there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

First, it isn’t necessarily made of stone. It’s usually just aluminum coated with non-stick coatings that aren’t any different from dreaded Teflon. That’s why granite pans are not always safe and, even when they are, are overall less sustainable than other eco-friendly cookware.

That said, if you have your gastro-heart set on a speckled set of pots and pans, there are some safe granite cookware options out there to keep chemicals out of your stir-fry.

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The Best Granite Cookware Sets For Healthier Cooking

WaxonWare’s patented Stonetec coatings are FDA-approved and free of harmful chemicals (or marketing gimmicks).

Become a renaissance artist in the kitchen with Michaelangelo’s range of durable and beautifully crafted PFOA and PTFE-free granite cookware.

Since this is such a tricky issue, let’s first fan the flames of marketing smoke (and mirrors) to reach the molten core of whether granite non-stick cookware is safe and eco-friendly or not—after which, we’ll get a taste of our preferred brands.

Granite Cookware Safety: Everything You Need To know

Cooking on granite stone is trending everywhere from Tik-Tok to grandma’s galley to jetset restaurant destinations around the globe. But what is it?

Stoneware, ceramic, and granite stone cookware have become interchangeable terms in the industry, which complicates the matter since they all mean many different materials. Granite cookware is really just a type of enamelware that includes:

  • enamel coated cast iron
  • glass-ceramic composite “stoneware”
  • nonstick ceramic stoneware
  • aluminum with a PFOA/PTFE “granite” coating
  • porcelain (kaolinite clay over aluminum)
  • 100% stoneware (100% clay)

It’s called “granite” because of its speckled appearance. It originated in Germany in the 1700s. Fusing metal and glass together at 2000°F, German innovators found they could create an enamel coating for pots and pans, though its high heat conductivity and relatively even cooking has led to a resurgence in popularity.

In reality, there is very little difference between stoneware and graniteware. Sometimes stone or glass is fused onto the pot or pan surface, making it “granite stoneware” or “granite”, but a granite pot can also have little to no stone in its composition whatsoever. Calling all cookware “stoneware” or “granite” is a useful marketing gimmick (AKA greenwashing) to make it sound natural and durable, distract from possible toxic coatings, and to come across as toxin-free.

Finding PFOA-free granite cookware is easy, but finding PTFE-free granite cookware is another story. But WTF are these acronyms, and why are they important when considering a granite stone cookware set?

PFOA Granite Coating

Part of the PFAS-chemical family, PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid, is a carcinogen linked to numerous health issues and never breaks down in the environment. It’s the “poison found in everyone”, including unborn babies.

By 2020, this “forever chemical” became forbidden in 186 countries—including the US—as part of a global health treaty. It’s no longer used in kitchenware manufacturing.

PTFE Granite Coating

PFOA-free cookware may be the norm, but that doesn’t automatically make your frying pan fall into the category of non-toxic cookware. That’s because PFOA is usually supplanted by some other “GenX” PFAS-family chemical coating.

The most common is PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene, or Teflon® (today anyway, as they switched from PFOA to PTFE in 2013). It is a man-made hydrocarbon based polymer (i.e. plastic). PTFE is generally considered safe at low temperatures, but fumes toxins beyond 400°F that are considered equally dangerous to PFOAs.

By 536°F, you’ve got trouble. The resulting released colorless and odorless toxic particles and acidic gasses can cause flu-like symptoms in humans and are lethal to birds.

Because it’s just a coating, using metal utensils can cause granite pans with it to scratch, leaving more room for chemicals of the coating and what’s underneath (usually toxic aluminum) to leach into food. 

What’s more, PTFE breaks down into PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), which are toxic to humans and the environment.

In other words, being PFOA-free is a given, but you also need to look for PFAS-free AND PTFE-free cookware. But unless you know what manufacturers have replaced the PFAS with, we can’t say for sure a pan is toxin-free (and honestly, it’s probably not.)

Unfortunately, granite cookware safety is largely contingent on your own brand-by-brand research—made even more difficult by so much faulty marketing out there—since sometimes granite pots are the same as Teflon, while other times they’re not, as with safe ceramic coatings.

When it comes to ceramic vs granite cookware, ceramic cookware is likewise an enamelware, but unlike PTFE, nonstick ceramic coatings do really come from sand or clay, so they are an actual type of stoneware, and they have no potentially toxic fluorinated compounds.

The main setback for any cooking pan with a coating is that they require careful cooking and care and (even so) typically have a short lifespan. Thus, eco-friendly granite cookware isn’t really a thing because, even if you’re using the safest granite coating around, it wears away and is deemed non-repurposable or recyclable.

The Full List Of Non-Toxic Granite Cookware

1. Cooker King

Is Granite Cookware Safe? 7 Brands For a Forever Chemical-Free Kitchen Images by Cooker King #granitecookware #isgranitecookwaresafe #nonstickgranitecookware #nontoxicgranitecookware #granitestonecookware #bestgranitestonecookware #isgranitestonecookwarenontoxic #sustainablejungle
Images by Cooker King

Cooker King’s Healthy Granite Cookware

Price Range: $30–$150

If your kitchen is your kingdom then Cooker King’s extensive range of non-toxic, non-stick granite pans will fit right in. Since the 1950s, Cooker King has been one of the top three Chinese cookware brands, with 300+ patents and cookware products sold in more than fifty countries.

FDA-approved and holding numerous manufacturing certifications like SGS, ISO9001, BSCI, SEDEX, and SA8000, you can be sure their products are safe, durable, and ethically made.

For easy cooking of multiple items in one frying pan, check out the 3-Section Divided Frying Pan. It has a hyper heat efficient aluminum alloy body and a coating that’s 100% PTFE, APEO, and PFOA free.

They also offer other materials such as carbon steel and ceramic free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium.

2. Koch Systeme CS

Is Granite Cookware Safe? 7 Brands For a Forever Chemical-Free KitchenImages by Koch Systeme CS#granitecookware #isgranitecookwaresafe #nonstickgranitecookware #nontoxicgranitecookware #granitestonecookware #bestgranitestonecookware #sustainablejungle
Images by Koch Systeme CS

For nearly forty years, German makers Koch Systeme CS has created some of the best affordable and classy graniteware, thanks to centuries of prior making in founder Carl Schmidt’s family lineage. Today, the brand is celebrated for how they intersect aesthetics and performance, by making attractive cookware that works just as well—while remaining long-lasting and non-toxic.

We especially like their small-but-mighty 11-inch Granite Marble Coating Skillet, which is large but not too big, too shallow, or too deep—just right for all your skilleting needs. Paella aficionados especially love it!

It uses their German-designed multiple pan layers, all free of PTFE and PFOA to improve durability and user friendliness. Reinforced with die-casting technology, this ensures it can resist breaking and warping and also comes with a shatter and heat-resistant glass lid.

To top it all off, these come with a lifetime (limited) warranty and are packaged in eco-friendly packaging.

3. WaxonWare

Is Granite Cookware Safe? 7 Brands For a Forever Chemical-Free Kitchen Images by WaxonWare #granitecookware #isgranitecookwaresafe #nonstickgranitecookware #nontoxicgranitecookware #granitestonecookware #bestgranitestonecookware #isgranitestonecookwarenontoxic #sustainablejungle
Images by WaxonWare

WaxonWare’s Non-Stick Granite Cookware

Price Range: $30–$150

Granite cookware proves to “suit your taste” better than non-stick with WaxonWare. Their cookware is made of high-grade 3003 aluminum and coated with patented Stonetec non-toxic, non-stick coating.

All products are PFOA and PTFE free and inspected by both the FDA and a third-party testing agency to ensure they’re free of any harmful chemicals or lead.

Their Granite Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan comes especially highly reviewed for its even heat distribution, easy use, and easy cleaning.

4. Michelangelo

Is Granite Cookware Safe? 7 Brands For a Forever Chemical-Free Kitchen Images by Michelangelo #granitecookware #isgranitecookwaresafe #nonstickgranitecookware #nontoxicgranitecookware #granitestonecookware #bestgranitestonecookware #isgranitestonecookwarenontoxic #sustainablejungle
Images by Michelangelo

Michelangelo’s Granite Cookware Sets

Price Range: $25–$140

Paint your kitchen with the help of Michelangelo, whose stylish blue graniteware is all the gastronomic rage. We’re not talking about the Renaissance artist, but considering Michelangelo’s granite lineup boasts sleek aesthetics and sturdy designs, they’re close enough.

Especially perfect for your next culinary masterpiece is their bold Blue Nonstick Frying Pan with Lid, which boasts an ultra non-stick and non-scratch stone ceramic coating that’s PTFA, PFOA, lead and cadmium free, and a modern and sleek design.

Based and made in Germany, the company’s craftsmanship and inspection is as you’d expect—top-notch and thorough.

5. Carote

Is Granite Cookware Safe? 7 Brands For a Forever Chemical-Free Kitchen Images by Carote #granitecookware #isgranitecookwaresafe #nonstickgranitecookware #nontoxicgranitecookware #granitestonecookware #bestgranitestonecookware #isgranitestonecookwarenontoxic #sustainablejungle
Images by Carote

Carote’s Granite Non-Stick Cookware

Price Range: $20–$150

You’ll want to sauté a lot more than just carrots with Swiss-made Carote’s line of gorgeous granite pots and pans that are suitable on any type of stove—including induction, thanks to the stainless steel magnetic bottom.

With a glass lid, an aluminum base and coated with five different materials using “DURIT Granitec,” this cookware has top-performance, durability, and non-stick, thanks to a coating that is SGS & EUROFIN-approved and PFOS, PTFE, and PFOA-free.

Their granite range features single pots and pans in many sizes. Or you can outfit your whole kitchen at once with their 10-piece set.

6. GraniteStone

Is Granite Cookware Safe? 7 Brands For a Forever Chemical-Free Kitchen Images by GraniteStone #granitecookware #isgranitecookwaresafe #nonstickgranitecookware #nontoxicgranitecookware #granitestonecookware #bestgranitestonecookware #sustainablejungle
Images by GraniteStone

GraniteStone’s Safe Granite Cookware

Price Range: $17–$160

Affordable, non-toxic, and effective for perfecting all your culinary creations, the aptly titled GraniteStone makes durable cookware with a hard anodized aluminum exterior that’s dense, non porous, and durable, and great at conducting heat. In their own words, “We are not a flash in the pan cookware company. We’re seasoned pros.

Their ultra-nonstick ceramic coating is reinforced with titanium while remaining PTFE and PFOA-free, plus these are all stackable and dishwasher-friendly. They can also withstand oven heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to satisfy your baking needs without owning special fancy bakeware.

We especially love their ever-so accessible-priced Five-Piece Cookware Set, which comes complete with a wok, saucepan, frying pan, skillet, and lid.

7. Eslite Life

Is Granite Cookware Safe? 7 Brands For a Forever Chemical-Free Kitchen Images by Eslite Life #granitecookware #isgranitecookwaresafe #nonstickgranitecookware #nontoxicgranitecookware #granitestonecookware #bestgranitestonecookware #isgranitestonecookwarenontoxic #sustainablejungle
Images by Eslite Life

Eslite Life’s Non-Toxic Granite Cookware

Price Range: $17–$140

Eslite Life will lighten up your meal duties in life with their ultra non-stick, smooth range of granite saucepans, pots, pans, grill pans, and woks.

Eslite’s 11 Inch Saute Pan comes highly rated and reviewed because of how easy cooking is made. Even with an induction stovetop, customers report eggs sliding off the pan effortlessly.

Eslite’s entire cookware line is 100% free of PFOS, PTFE, PFOA, and SGS approved. They’re also smokeless, healthy, simple to wipe clean, and come with a one-year warranty.

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Is Granite Cookware Safe? 7 Brands For a Forever Chemical-Free Kitchen Image by Carote #granitecookware #isgranitecookwaresafe #nonstickgranitecookware #nontoxicgranitecookware #granitestonecookware #bestgranitestonecookware #isgranitestonecookwarenontoxic #sustainablejungle
Is Granite Cookware Safe? 7 Brands For a Forever Chemical-Free Kitchen Image by Carote #granitecookware #isgranitecookwaresafe #nonstickgranitecookware #nontoxicgranitecookware #granitestonecookware #bestgranitestonecookware #isgranitestonecookwarenontoxic #sustainablejungle

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